Activities in Dreams

The activity you find yourself doing in a dream (activities in dreams) may reflect how God sees you, or may be directing you to actually do what you experience in the dream. In contract, it may warn you of what your spiritual enemy wants you to look like. Interpretation depends a lot on the context of the dream, and the standard factors must weigh in as well. Below are some examples from our dream experiences.

And note that a prophetic dreamer’s activity in a dream can be carried through the dreamer’s prayers. My husband dreamed that he had to get my father alone in order for some important spiritual business to take place. The dream was fulfilled when my mother became temporarily bed-ridden and I had time alone with dad.



Dream Description: So you are being chased, most likely by bad guys. They may have you cornered temporarily, but you get away to run some more . . . around corners, down alleys, through tunnels, up flights of stairs. You may even take off and begin flying higher and higher. But those bad guys are still behind you. You have trouble losing them and you may awaken before you do.

Interpretation: For some reason, you are a target and your enemy wants to incite fear. Fear not!

Details: This may be a spiritual enemy or force rather than a literal person. Or both since a spiritual enemy can be influencing or working through a literal person. And you may know just who that is. But take heart. If darkness has you targeted, it’s because the light in you is a threat to it.

Personal Experience: This dream theme was repeated regularly after a couple of years of marriage. It turned out to be a significant life struggle- not with my husband, but with dark forces (further details in our EXPLORING DREAM INTERPRETATION course).


Dream Description: Without the aircraft. You are the aircraft. This may be in conjunction with the fleeing dreams where you run and then eventually take off into your own personal flight (the breast stroke works but it’s quite a struggle to get air to do what water does and you don’t move very fast).

Interpretation: Congratulations! You are learning to soar over the circumstances! Or you are called to higher spiritual levels.

Details: It might be tough going, but you’re ahead of the game if you’ve moved from running to flying!

And, if no one is chasing you, that’s different. You are being told that you are called to soar in the spirit. So do it. Seek out places that stimulate that, train you in it, empower you.

Personal Experience: Fortunately, the fleeing dreams always turned into flying dreams for me. The bad part was that those guys could fly too so we were just taking it to another level. Decades passed before I understood what these dreams meant followed by more years of the struggle.


Dream Description: You are falling or someone you know is falling. (And then there’s the age old question: if it’s you, do you die if you hit bottom before awaking? Who thought that one up?) It may be falling down stairs or into what may be a bottomless pit. These dreams are especially disturbing.

Interpretation: The person falling may be facing a loss of support.

Details: Remember, we fall here on earth because of a thing called gravity. What we are standing on serves as support for us.

Personal Experience: I dreamed this about my daughter who was 2000 miles away at the time. It was a dark dream where she was in the back seat of a car with 2 guys in the front. The car simply backed up into a massive hole and was absolutely gone! I was unable to adjust my viewpoint and look down into the hole. I awoke very disturbed.

I guessed it may have referred to a loss of college financial support and that we’d overcome it somehow. I was way off. A highly devastating dream like that carries a heavier meaning. I should have taken to prayer like never before. Unfortunately it was fulfilled with the sudden and complete loss of support from her boyfriend who was killed on a motorcycle months later (further details in our EXPLORING DREAM INTERPRETATION course).


Dream Description: So you dreamed you were lost, couldn’t find the place you knew you were supposed to go. Maybe there were detours, too much traffic, or a river between you and that place. Maybe you tried various streets only to find you just did not know how to get from where you were to where you were supposed to be.

Interpretation: There is a place you are supposed to be. Identify it. Move toward it.

Details: If you were trying to get to a new job, then know that a new opportunity will present itself to you and you belong there! If you are considering a new church and you dreamed you were persistently trying to get to a church with an identifying factor in the dream, that’s where you belong- at least for this season.

The “place” you are supposed to find doesn’t have to be literal either. It can be a school meaning you need to or will be learning something.  It can be an attitude.

Personal Experience: The most impressive dream I remember was a dream where I could not find my way home. I’m talking about the place I grew up. By the time I had the dream, the home had been sold. Since home represented a safe and secure place for me, it also represented a place I belong. I was being called to be a peace with something that also was in the dream beyond the stream me and home.


Dream Description: It’s an Alice in Wonderland dream. You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date!

Interpretation: If LOST dreams mean there is a place you are supposed to be, LATE dreams mean there is a time you are supposed to be there.

Details: LOST and LATE dreams tend to go hand-in-hand. When you dream one, you may dream the other. This may be to emphasize the point. Don’t miss this place and time!

LATE dreams may also be given to encourage you just when you are feeling discouraged about something in your life not coming about in the timing you think it should. Not to worry; there is a set appointed time for this in your life.

Personal Experience: I dreamed I was in college taking a couple of courses. I was particularly frustrated since I knew I was late to science class, lost the book, and didn’t know where the class was. It was made clear the next day by the literal fulfillment of another scene in the dream that the science class was biology, specifically the biology of death. And after it was too late, I realized it would have helped had I read the hospice book.

These dreams indicate a need for education in an area of your life involving maturity

You will be learning some foundational issues that you should have already learned

High level learning

A test will provide an opportunity for promotion, but may be longer and more difficult than you’d like

Your spiritual enemy is working to ensure your failure. Don’t get discouraged.

The end of this educational season is in sight


ROMANTIC ENCOUNTERS may concern an attraction to something that may or may not be good for you, but that something may not be a person.

PAST ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS may refer to a coming temptation in an area of past failure

SEX WITH SPOUSE may indicate a need for increased intimacy or communication


The primary meaning of this is biblical, having to do with unfaithfulness, but most likely not to a spouse, because this is a more literal interpretation that God generally uses.
This is unfaithfulness to a COMMITMENT. The first possibility is one’s commitment to the Lord, for this is the most important commitment.
Additionally, adultery may have to do with someone or something a person is partnered with or a business or ministry partner.
This symbolism, for instance, has been used by God to urge a person to keep up their financial giving at church.

Something new is under construction either in an earthly or heavenly sense.

Concerning creativity, cooking up something, new ideas, new plans

1. Covering as in protecting from harm as in keeping warm or keeping an activity going
2. negative such as hiding something
3. Covering the face- what is on the face is what can be seen by others.

Craftiness, scheming

Processing Information

Dreams of dancing may have to do with joy. One person, who dreamed of giving dance lessons, was later called into ministry to teach the joy of the Lord.
The meaning of dancing with a partner depends on who the partner is, what kind of dancing, and how well they are doing at it.
A woman dreamed that she was slow-dancing with her beloved deceased father, which meant that her Heavenly Father was very close and joining her in every move.
Another dancing dream depicted a couple stepping on each other’s toes. Clearly, they needed to focus on their marriage.

Processing Information

Removal of something

Be sure to focus on this

Attending to something that has been neglected

Taking in information

Expect promotion

Good news! The birth of something new is eminent. It could be a new job, project, hobby, website, relationship.

Your spiritual enemy wants to inactivate you

Two things will collide. A conflict will reach a peak. Someone may be hurt or put in their place.
Not necessarily to be avoided; some folks need this kind of adjustment to awaken them.

This indicates behaviors that are out of bounds or breaking the rules. Discontinue them as continuing them will not serve you well.

This symbolizes either a celebration OR someone caught by surprise.

This person is or will be involved in a situation that includes a lot a waiting

You are in a season of battle. Find out how to get the victories.
Basketball tells you that this type of battle involves a lot of back and forth conflict, that is that the ball changes hands rapidly.

This is a contact sport– you are in spiritual battle. Find out how to get the victories.
This also may indicate that you and your enemy each have the ball for longer periods of time.
A good example is a legal battle where there may be various motions filed over a period of months.

A rebuke or correction is coming

Discomfort ahead, but don’t fear, you’ll make it. Notice you haven’t driven off a cliff.

Skating in a dream indicates smooth easy movement as in “skating by”.

ICE SKATING speaks of smooth and easy movement on something that is not ready yet or it’s time may be for later. A person doing this in a dream indicates the person is either ahead of schedule or preparation of something that has a long way to go to achieve the goal.

SKATING ON THIN ICE is different, simply meaning the your activity is dangerous.

ROLLER SKATING OR ROLLER-BLADING are positive elements indicating that progress is being made in a smooth and easy fashion.

Skating in general indicates smooth easy movement.
Skateboarding, then, symbolizes this type of forward movement, but EFFORT is continually required to keep it going. Therefore, skateboarding in dreams may be speaking of the “maintenance” of something, keeping something going.

Clearly, however, the main feature of skateboarding is the TRICKS one can do, so alternatively, this element in dreams can have to with tricks being play on a dreamer or by a dreamer.

Being unable to speak or scream indicates that your spiritual enemy wants to incite terror

If you wake up from sleep but weren’t dreaming, this symbolizes being unprepared or not alert about something

Expect easy and fast forward movement in an area of your life

Your spiritual enemy’s plan is to slow you down. Don’t allow that.

If you are going over the limit, beware of getting ahead without looking for signs.

Your behavior deserves a reward. Expect to see it or take it by force.

If the water is clear, the swimmer is not just led by the Spirit, but immersed, dominated or overwhelmed by the Spirit.

If the water is murky, the swimmer is not just led by the Spirit, but immersed, dominated or overwhelmed by the Spirit.

Discomfort ahead, but don’t fear, you’ll make it. There’s no crash on this ride.

Indicates discipline, strength, and stamina of spirit.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


You may submit brief dreams as COMMENTS for other dreamers in the community to respond to on the Open Discussion post or an appropriate dictionary page.



Be aware that community interpretive-comment-replies come from a wide-range of interpretation perspectives, experience and training, and there may be quite a wait.

For faster and more reliable responses, submit your dreams for Professional Dream Interpretation Assistance.


Searched this category and don’t see the element you’re looking for? Request new element information by submitting a request on the corresponding dictionary topic page.
We will add your element to the dictionary. 50 WORD LIMIT; SUBSCRIPTION TO COMMENTS REQUIRED.


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April 17, 2019

84 responses on "Activities in Dreams"

  1. What does it mean if I am hoovering dirt of someone else’s carpet? Thank you

  2. Firstly thank you for getting back to me despite the many submissions you’ve dealt with

    The name of my friend is Randy, and we’re on the soccer team together. I don’t remember the type of car, as I didn’t feel led by the Spirit to detail that when I wrote the dream down. Also, when we got to that middle eastern place, we crash landed and drew a lot of animosity thanks to the destruction and rude entrance we made.

  3. Had a dream where I was in the front passneger seat of a car my parents own, a friend of mine that currently goes to the same college as me was driving, and he was quite intoxicated. He was under he impression that this was normal, and that I knew he planned to drive drunk. Toward the end of the dream we ended up in a really strange destination, that seemed like another part of the word, somewhere in the middle east. Any ideas as to the connotation?

  4. Hmm nothing directly science related.

  5. Would like to see “saluting the flag” as a defined term. Two-part dream. Part 1: Someone describes a big expensive mansion (I’m picturing two stories) called “Greystone”. They are trying to tell me I’m going to live in it. I said “no way, I can’t afford anything like that.” Part 2: In the audience in an auditorium. Stage is empty except lots of US flags – a few on the left, more on the right. No people on stage. I go up on stage and physically salute one of the flags, saying “I salute you, America!” I then looked out from the stage and ALL the people were GONE!

  6. Sorry for the late response.My server couldn’t connect to your website. ..Praise be to God-I am back:) Yes, I believe its literal. A lady from the leadership at church.I haven’t met her yet as I am still sheltered away ‘in the room’/ refuge waiting upon deliverance.God has been working on my character and heart.

  7. Thank you Lyn. I really appreciate your help. Its so encouraging that it won’t hurt me.The following night I dreamt that I saw her again and brought her Lots of sweets. She was very quiet.This is still the situation that I am currently going through with.x

    • So I take it you get that sweetness administered to this person will change things. That sounds logical anyway, but so good to know that God says to love on her…. So you know who the Lord is referring to, then?

  8. Dear Lynmarie, I dreamt I was walking into a building where I surprisingly met one of the church elders working there. I greeted her and walked away. I was out of her sight and she started speaking negatively about my current situation to a co-worker. She seemed confused too but the words didn’t hurt me.

    • This seems to be someone literal in that someone in a setting or workplace you are involved in who is in higher authority than you is gossiping about you due to not being informed on the details and therefore misunderstanding. It won’t hurt you. Move on this only as led by the Spirit.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for your reply. This dream is like Jon that I’ve ever seen. I am not keen on evangelism. I share dreams about others with them, share my testimony in a book I’m writing, but that is it. I was thinking maybe it’s a heavenly vision about my son since the clouds are under me. I’m looking from a big window. Perhaps evangelism is his future? The stumps of the trees sprouted up, like baby trees, the beginning of new life. I don’t know. I want to know. Thanks!

    • Yes, you would have a sense of whether this is about him literally or something you have started. Interesting that you’re writing a book with your testimony. It may be that if will be more effective than you think. I have to tell you that as I was responding, I did see a book rather than public speaking.

  10. Hi Lynmarie,

    I’ve had reoccurring dreams about swimming in a very big swimming pool. The theme is always about me swimming and going to the deep end but am always careful and I stay close to the sides for fear of drowning because IRL I can’t swim. The water is always clear blue and am calm and am also able to swim perfectly well at the shallow end.
    I have an idea what these dreams could be all about but I need more insight especially on why the dreams are reoccurring. Thanks.

    • God is taking you into a much deeper place in Him, especially in His Spirit. This may seem a little unnerving IRL as it is new and you may have some concerns about it. God is telling you to relax and enjoy as you navigate this new level of communion with Him. This surely includes understanding more clearly his voice.

  11. Btw…had this dream around 5 am on July 4th. Just love God’s timing.

  12. Hi Lynn,

    Wow! Excellent news… that’s exactly what I thought, just trying to sharpen my interpretation skills. And it’s helpful to look at previous comments to gain insight. What’s the next step, if you don’t mind me asking? Never had a dream like this before.

    Thanks for your help.

    • It seems as if the business is done in the heavenly realm. Just keep watch with praise. If God needs you to do or understand anything else, He will let you know. Keep in touch with dreams and testimony. God is good. I’d love to hear how this plays out!

  13. Thanks Lyn. Prayer coming your way for your family.

  14. Thanks Lyn. Went to a prophetic conference last week where I was told that God is moving obstacles, which include men and women so that I can walk in the call he has on my life…i made a decision a few days ago to no longer attend this particular church. Thank God for direction!!

    • Yes, He is faithful to confirm! And nothing will inhibit you from reaching your destiny. Perhaps moving will connect you to someone special, the relationship God has prophesied. BTW- for me and daughter, great prayer is needed right now. Appreciate you.

  15. Lyn, it was a female that pressed up against me. The car I drove in dream is my actual car. In reality I have been feeling uncomfortable being at the church; feeling ignored; tolerated but not celebrated. I have decided to go on a sabbatical. One woman n leadership at my church shared with me that she went on a retreat and stood on a mountain where prominent prophets are buried desiring there anointing….REALLY!!!! What’s going on reminds me of earlier dream, where things began to unravel…… Thanks

    • OK. So was the retreat “from the church” or “a church retreat” or “a vision or dream”? How does this relate? I do see in your dream a big connection to the earlier dream. Wishing you could come to my church. You would be celebrated! God has spoken well of the pastor.

  16. GM Lyn! Dreamed was at my church. While there I thought “I have to get out of here”. At 1 time I was lying in a bed and 1mbr of the church got n the bed with me and pressed up behind me; I noticed 2 that pastor ignored me. I left and while going now steps 2 get 2 my car, 2 the left I saw 3-4 guys walking down the st, I knew I had 2 get 2 my car quickly. Next I was surrounded by the men, they were threatening me. I drove off 1was hanging on 2 car. Next I am out of car swinging a large plastic bag with 1 of the men inside. I did damage to him.

    • This dream reveals what is going on as you struggle over whether to stay or go. The fact that you are feeling threatened in the dream may mean that the force wanting you stay is not of God. It also shares that you are able to isolate what appears to be the ring-leader stopping your destiny.

  17. Hi! i saw a dream where i was trying to cook same food than one iraqi women made me before and suddenly lot of people come to eat my food but i was so angry because i didin’t know that people are coming to eat it. I was angry because i was worried that food is not good enough and because i couldn’t prepare for it. Then i asked people to go away but still some of the people stayed there and ate my food. One girl sayed to me: you are so angry because in your past people havedone something to you that you didin’t know or behind your back. What could that mean. ?

    • It sounds like God is providing a picture of what’s going on in an area of your life, like a parable. What is in your heart will come out your mouth and others will take it in. Allow the Holy Spirit to take your anger from you and purify you, because God will handle those people personally. Trust Him to do that for you, and let this go. Easier to say than do. Here I am relaying what I feel God is saying, but still struggling over the same issue. LOL. Make sense?

  18. I’d like confirmation on this one when you have the time. Dreamt that I was standing outside on the steps of a rather large house. Standing there also were the two owners, complete strangers, who were being arrested and handcuffed by the police. I went inside to discover that their house was packed from floor to ceiling with every type of merchandise you could think of. I was told to put my name on what I wanted, then it was mine to keep. I spent the rest of the dream making numerous trips from the warehouse to my home.

    Thank you!

    • My sense is that the Lord is telling you that much has been stolen from you by Satan. This season is over and a season of blessing is on the way. You have been freed from the oppression of the enemy! Is this good news or what?

  19. Hi Lynmarie. I am not in prophetic art but I was involved in prophetic ministry but some things have happened and its been a season of waiting & not being sure of the step forward. There has been much prophetic revelation & much dreams. Thanks for the encouragement.

  20. Hi Lynmarie. Thanks for your reply. My friend’s name is Joseph.

    • God is telling you that He is going to show you INCREASE. You are going to see it. He has chosen you and will use you. Would this be in the “art of prophetic ministry” or “prophetic art ministry”? (Please reply to this message to keep the thread together.)

  21. I watched out of the window as white clouds were on the ground. brown tree stumps started sprouting up. Next a procession of people was passing by. There were hundreds of them & they were all in white. It was the parade of the dead, they were all on their way to heaven. I didn’t recognize anyone. half way through, I saw the top of my sons hair, then I saw him, dressed in a white suite. He was in front of one of the groups of people, He was 1 of 3 drum majors. he was in the middle of the two. the three drum majors did an jump & turn 360 degrees. It was an amazing sight.

    • Sorry that I missed this one… just noticed it. The first possibility is that God is telling you that he will bless something you have birthed with regard to evangelism! God says “do this”! Are you keen on evangelism?

  22. Dreamt that my friend was dancing on the stage with a few other people and I was on the floor watching. Next thing, there were 4 of us sitting on a table facing the stage and we were drawing prophetic art. My friend was sitting next to me shoulder to shoulder, very close, touching each other. I drew something and the judge came to take a look, he seem really please with the drawing and he took it away. He only took my drawing.

  23. Hi i dreamt it was my birthday, I want to buy myself a birthday gift. I went to a shop and see many shoes on the floor. I tried to wear a shoe that fit me but it was too small for me as I put my feet in, the shoe split at the back.

    • I am going to assume this is a positive dream. It seems that you are thinking about or attempting to do something, but God is telling you that you are capable of much more. Wait for something that allows you to use your capabilities, experience, or gifting more fully. Any idea what this activity might be?

  24. Thank you Lynmarie for all you do you this community!

  25. I was in a classroom, looked like science lab. It was time to go home & next day I was entering the same room. As I was approaching seat, this unknown woman waved me close to speak. She said, I saw you signed up to sing–when I saw this I thought to myself she’s not called to sing, she’s called to serve Gods people (x2). I thanked her and agreed, I guess I singed up to sing to be a part of but not necessarily invested in or passionate about.
    I don’t understand the science lab or symbolism of singing.

    • This sounds like God is giving you a heads up that Satan would prefer you keep quiet. This may not be a big matter, but it looks like God wants you to speak out. This is in a context of God having you in a situation to learn something, and something about science. I have seen science to mean anything from health matters to personality tests. What are you involved in that could be described as associated with a science?

  26. Yes! This is good! I literally spent all that next day with God in His presence! It’s an amazing feeling to be engulfed! Thank you!

  27. Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were in the pool. The weather outside was not hot but mild, the sky was blue. He thought we’d be cold but once I got inside the pool, it felt amazing.I could feel the warm water all over me. The babies were in the pool too.

    I looked back through my dreams blog and saw that I’ve seen pool more than once. But this is the only time I have actually been in it. Any thoughts?

  28. Thank you, Lynmarie! I’ve been struggling with what I’m writing and wondering whether I even have what it takes to finish it. This is such an encouragement – I will keep this nearby as a reminder to myself when I write 🙂

  29. Here is the dream:

    J.K Rowling was asking no one in particular for funding for a cause. At first, it’s to help dogs, but in the next instant, I stand near her and its now to keep her mansion. I’m moved by this and find my purse is open in my lap with several $1 bills. At first, I intended to give her just a few, but she reaches inside and takes out a $20 bill. Immediately, I’m anxious, feeling it might be too much. Seeing this, she offers to give me back $10, but I feel I should stretch myself. I tell her no (i.e she can keep it).

    • Since you are an author, this looks to have a VERY positive message! I’d say that the Lord is encouraging you to continue in your pursuit because you WILL have great success and the time you have put in WILL be redeemed. This appears to be because you have the favor of God as your motives to expand the Kingdom are pure.

      Confirmation is always important, and I’m sure you have the promises of God, or you will. How exciting!

  30. Yikes – that definitely does not sound good! I will post the dream D:

    For life context: I write fantasy stories and am an aspiring-author. For obvious reasons, I don’t write about magic, witches/wizards, or witchcraft. Even so, Rowling’s rags-to-riches story has always given me hope that I might be able to not just live off my writing one day, but live free from financial anxiety at the same time.

    • Got it. This is why the dreamer is the best interpreter- the dreamer can match up real-life applications. That’s why we are “teaching” this. Let me get back to you on what we see in the more detailed dream submission…

  31. Hello, Lynmarie! Could you tell me what a celebrity (J.K Rowling) asking people for funding or donations to keep her mansion symbolizes?

  32. I was trying to have sex with a woman who used to be a childhood friend. (I’m a straight female). She wasn’t interested, but I kept pressing in. In the process, I discovered she had a long, thin “male part” that had been surgically attached. She said she had it done to win over a man she loved. Her name means: ” from the meadow on the ledge” or “clearing on a bank” sometimes truthful and pretty. Last name means “supplanter,” a derivative of Jacob.

    • First, be sure this was from God as Satan loves to send dreams as well. Sure this was weird, but was it creepy feeling?

      If from God… I would ignore the name meaning and go with long-time woman friend. Why just these couple of facts in this dream? One may explain the other. She may not be as zealous to be intimate with people because her values are more masculine (leadership and courage which she admired in her father) than feminine (relationship and security).

  33. I was walking w/my best friend. A young man started walking w/me. He had long hair braided upwards resembling feathers of banny rooster. He picked me up to take me flying. Finally we landed in front of a wall. Two men were standing on ledges of the wall; 1 higher 1 lower. They were jumping to imitate the flying young man. He took me there to watch outcome. The 1 one jumped & died. The 2 man jumped and at first looked ok. The judge told him to raise his arm. Blood gushed. The judge had him killed in mercy.

    • Good to hear from you! Hope all is well. I plan to set up the system you suggested this coming week. It’s been a little difficult lately as I am finishing up watching twin grand-babies full-time and I broke my wrist… still in a good deal of pain.

      This looks like an extrinsic dream to me… God showing you what’s going on with someone or something else. It would be a good dream to work backwards on, that is, determine the application first by the clues in the dream. Do you have any ideas on that? What things are going on around you that this dream could be speaking of?

  34. Hi Lynmarie,
    I dreamt I was in a swimming pool with my daughter and it was overflowing. We were at the shallow end but we were neck deep into the water because of the overflow. I was on one side and my daughter was on the otherside. I got scared we might drown so I got out and asked my daughter to get out of the pool too and I went round the pool to get her out. The floor around the pool area also had water because of the overflow. The water was a deep blue and it looked that way because it was deep.
    Any insight on this dream please?

    • This is a beautiful and very good dream. Here’s how it looks to me. Your daughter most likely symbolizes the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in this dream which focuses on that very thing.

      It looks like you will find yourself in the midst of a strong visitation of the Holy Spirit within a service. It also looks like this depth of His presence is new to you and somewhat uncomfortable as you question its authenticity. Know that this one is totally authentic, and receive what the Lord has to give. Coming from a mainstream denomination, I’ve been there for sure.

  35. Hi Lynmarie
    I assumed England because I saw something like the Union Jack hovering above the continent. My husband just pointed out that the English flag is white with a red cross. Could this be another continent like Ireland, New Zealand or Australia? We have NO connection (business or family) with anyone from England etc. Why I am coming back, I am not sure – is that bad? We live in Namibia

    • The Union Jack is the Cross of Saint Andrew counterchanged with the Cross of Saint Patrick, over all the Cross of Saint George. Perhaps looking up what’s outstanding about those saints would be helpful. Of course, sometimes God surprises us and brings the meaning in time.

  36. Thank you for reading.
    I swam – an ocean. No tides, just straight forward swimming from one continent to the other – with a backpack on my back. I know I swam to England, got out, gave a message, put my backpack back on and swam back home.

    My husband burst out laughing when I told him this – says it is only me who would dream crazy stuff like this.

    • A sure sign it’s from God! Swimming forward if of course moving forward while engulfed in the Spirit. The backpack I assume is positive, so you are delivering something… the message you spoke of.

      Why England? You tell me. Will you or are you involved with English people or English/England in some way? I am English, for instance. Also, you return. You may have to see this play out when you’ll laugh to see it.

  37. Amen! This makes sense, may the will of God prevail. Thank you so much Lynmarie.

  38. Hi Lynmarie. I’m so glad that I subscribe to this site, you are helping me so much.. Thank you.
    I had a dream that I was at my Uncle’s house (where I grew up), mobbing the floor at the Kitchen, as I went outside I continued to mob the outside floor (black rubber floor) .. I saw a group of people coming towards me, now I was no longer mobbing the floor but I was carrying a box of new shoes. These people wanted to rob/grab my shoes, as I realized that, I tried to get back to the house but one of my cousins closed the door so that I don’t get inside… she was with the rest of my cousins including my late Aunt. As I was frustrated outside and the group getting closer, I ran… while I was running I started to fly(without any assistance) but one of them, looked like my late uncle, flew too but he couldn’t grab me. The more he got closer my speed was increasing and I couldn’t see him any more, I then landed to another place (more like another planet) There was a man standing and I fell on his feet. I was very scared to look at that man on his face, I kept looking down as I was kneeling on his feet. What could this dream possibly mean?

    • Quite a bit here. Here’s my take. God seems to be saying something like this: There’s a place you are intended by God to get to, not a literal place but a state of being or situation. God has need of other things to take place first, before you can get there. You will go through a struggle. The enemy is threatened by what you have going for you as related to activities, and wants to steal those from you. You, however are able through your relationship with God to soar above to a higher place of power. Remember it is Christ who will protect and empower you as you journey to a destiny God has for you.

  39. Lynmarie, I’m so thankful, with the tears in my eyes. Your interpretation brings peace to my heart. I was very confused, because couldn’t understand which choice is right – in a line with the will of God. Now I understand. Thank you very much for interpretation and prayer. God bless you.

  40. Thank you Lynmarie for such a quick answer. I don’t know is it really about daughter, she is believer and lives in holiness I think (maybe I don’t know everything). But our family is in big danger, we are walking on the edge. And it lasts over 10 years. Lynmarie could this dream be literal? That enemy is hunting us because of some acts of my husband enemy could see us and might kill as a family. And I’m provoked to divorce, but this is not God’s will, because daughter wanted brought me back. Could it be such a interpretation, or not?
    Thank you very much for your efforts, it’s so helpful. I live in a country(former soviet union, one of the Baltic states-Lithuania)where we haven’t ministries on dreams. So all resources are only on the internet. Your site helps me very much. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

    • Yes, the father may be literal… and this obviously affects the meaning. The dream is definitely a warning dream confirming your situation and providing guidance. That right there is comforting- to know God is with you and aware of your situation.

      I feel that the bus station part is depicting your thoughts of leaving and going to what you perceive is safety, but God says that “safety” is deceiving; hence the stranger with the mother, you, at the bus station. Your daughter went to a durable door leading to another room- apparently the safe place God has in mind. God is saying that He has another way to safety, a way where you stay together. We will join you in prayer asking Him to lead you to that.

  41. Sorry, I forgot, that dreamer run quickly to her mother. The dream ends.

    • Remember that the dream is like a parable. It’s elements are symbolic. Here’s one possibility.

      It sounds like this is a warning dream from God to your daughter concerning something she has gotten involved in. The father in the dream likely symbolizes what she has gotten involved in that is like playing with fire. She has temporarily lost the Holy Spirit’s wisdom (you, the mother), but she will come to her senses and reject involvement with this. Let me know if this helps or helps you brainstorm the meaning of the dream. Please.

  42. Hello:) My youngest daughter (15) had a dream this night (we all are believers). Dream: An apocalypse is taking place. The scene is played on the surrounding of our real home. Enemy is hunting people. The horde of them is hunting our family. We are the target. We need to hide, but father of the dreamer(my husband) is acting careless and because of that enemy could kill all of us. We fleeing from the enemy. The dreamer found the durable door and we come in into this room. Then she noticed, that they lost mother (me). Through the window she saw mother (me) on the bus station, there is no enemy, only a some man was on this bus station.
    Please help us with the interpretation. Especially about the bus station. What does it mean, that mother was lost? Thank you very much.

  43. DANCING with a partner. Dream: walking through the desert and there is airliner wreckage all around me (wasn’t onboard). See the mercenaries who shot down the airliner trying to be make it look like an accident. Hide under some wreckage but they find me, drag me to their camp and decide they’re going to kill me. However, a friendly unknown female with tattoos, light hair, and wearing dark clothes/spaghetti strap tank top walks over and starts dancing twist style. I get the hint and start dancing with her (awkwardly and neither is leading BUT sense I am supposed to) and this saves me from the mercenaries.
    My dreams have all been pizza dreams since this one (desert). Get all the dream but DANCING (joy? partnership? grace?). Hoping it may indicate whether the female is someONE or someTHING, and whether this thing/person will find me or I will find it/them. Thanks!!

    • Typically, she would symbolize a “spirit” in a figurative sense, such as a “spirit of joy” or “spirit of hope”. Lyn once dreamed of dancing with a woman we know named Hope, and once about teaching others to dance (apply the faith).

      And somehow this is connected to the accident and mercenaries. Sounds like she was dancing the twist as an indication to “twist” your thoughts around a bit toward joy, hope, etc. Curious to know what you think about the rest of the dream. Very parabolic.

  44. I get it! “Pushed” as in pushed around. You nailed it. That’s just what I’d expect. I’m sorry to her she hasn’t changed, but this tells me how to respond her, and to warn the sibling I know she would go to next, and I know specifically how to pray for her. Thank you soooo much! By the way, why the tree house?

  45. I am 30 years old, but I dreamed I was in a tree-house next to my family’s large home. One of my sisters came up the steps and pushed me on the shoulder. I told her she couldn’t do that anymore, because I now had a child. She proceeded to go next door to see if she could spy on us from there.

    In real life I have a large family, a troubled relationship with my sister, and the home in the dream was unfamiliar. What do you think this means?

    • This sister may be literal or representing another sister if you have one. She has apparently pushed you around in the past, that is, controlled you in some way, most likely through lies. Now that you have a heads-up through this dream, you will no longer allow that. Warn another family member, as her plan will be to try the same tactic on another sibling.

  46. I just posted another dream under transportation. After that dream I woke up and asked God for more info. Then I went back to sleep and dreamed I was standing in a (horizontal) line of people and picked out by the instructor. I heard the words “trigger games” but I was doing work on active shooter scenarios yesterday. It seemed more about “triggering” some kind of race – the starting gun, if you will. Light shown on me and I stepped forward.

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