7 Dreams/9 Election Revelations

Why is it so hard for some of us to comprehend that God can reveal the next US President?


    • • A- The Holy Spirit, like God the Father, is omniscient; knows everything… past, present, future.

No one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. I Corinthians. 2:11 NKJV

• B- The Holy Spirit dwells inside God’s children. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16 KJV

• C- The Holy Spirit speaks to us personally (we must sensitize our spiritual ears, of course). he [the Spirit of Truth] will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. John 16:13 KJV

• D- So we might end up hearing amazing things in advance! Even regarding international events!

Remember, most of the dreams of believers are prophetic rather than soulish… encoded messages from God— not always recognized as such because the majority of dreamers haven’t learned about the reality of this phenomena, or how to break the parabolic code.

Followers of the Savior rarely dream “an inner hope or desire” (and if we do, there are ways to identify those soulish dreams). Rather, we are recipients of letters from God, sent in living color, and in the parabolic language of Jesus!

Because of my belief in and experience with prophetic dreams, I post the following at great risk. This will take a while to read. So here goes- my take on 7 dreams from 3 dreamers.

Setting the Stage: The 2000 US Presidential Election

In the fall of the year 2000, as that race to the White House was in full swing, I was just learning these facts about how God speaks to us.

gore-bushGeorge W. Bush was running against Al Gore when one October afternoon, I slipped away from my responsibilities and reclined on my bed. Almost immediately, an “image of what looked like a television screen reflection” appeared out in the open-air about 15 inches from my eyes!

This was the second open-vision I had experienced, so I was more pleased than freaked out.

I saw a video of George Bush stepping up to a platform, walking to a podium with the President’s seal was on it, and standing before it.

God was sharing with me that George W Bush would win the election!

Why would He tell little old me a thing like that? Three reasons I can surmise. 1) I’m fascinated with American history and care deeply about our country. 2) I was just learning about the ministry of the Holy Spirit through the prophetic, so why not give me an experience I wouldn’t forget? 3) a little kiss from heaven is just the kind of thing our Father loves to give.

hanging-chadsWhen the election was so close that American citizens were literally left “hanging” the day after the election (by “hanging chads”), I ALREADY KNEW THE OUTCOME. That’s an amazing feeling! No suspense for me! Such an honor!

That was 16 years ago, and though I’ve had a few more open-visions, none showed the future at such a grand scale… that is, until June of 2015!

Dream Timeline


DREAM #1- Before everyone had even officially announced their candidacy, I was shown 1) WHO THE NEXT US PRESIDENT WILL BE and 2) WHAT CANDIDATE TRAIT WILL BE REWARDED.

FALL 2015



DREAM #3- Months before the primaries were over, a dream divulged 4) WHO THE NEXT US VICE PRESIDENT WILL BE and 5) WHAT WAS IN HIS FUTURE.


DREAM #4- I was directed through my pastor-brother to connect with Pastor Gordon in Charleston, SC, whose prophetic dreams CONFIRMED THE IDENTITY OF THE NEXT PRESIDENT, and 6) MAY HAVE REVEALED THE FOLLOWING PRESIDENT (unconfirmed prophetically). and 7) HOW TO PRAY FOR THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.


DREAM #6- In a September 1st dream, God showed me 8) WHAT 2 SPECIFIC THINGS WILL TAKE ONE CANDIDATE DOWN.

FALL 2016

DREAM #7- On September 22, the Lord released me to begin sharing these prophesies.

April, a woman from the Los Angeles area, responded by sharing the dream she dreamed the night before, which CONFIRMED SEVERAL OF THESE REVELATIONS, and added enlightenment as to 9) WHAT’S IN STORE FOR AMERICANS UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE NEW PRESIDENT… an era of unmatched economic strength for America.

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October 2, 2019

10 responses on "7 Dreams/9 Election Revelations"

  1. Hi Lynn,
    I just wanted to share with you what my husband and I have been receiving on this topic.
    It is unfortunate what has transpired over this past week. I agree that Trump is the man for
    God in this hour of history, but Satan is hard at work for sure. This election is so incredibly
    critical for God’s people; most don’t even realize the things that are at stake.
    First, last summer, in a night ‘dream’ I asked the Holy Spirit, “Who will be the next president?”
    He answered, “The Queen.” I was confused. I asked the same question again. And got the same answer.
    My husband and I discussed it, and decided we really needed to start praying hard for Trump, believing that the Lord was
    showing us what the enemy’s intentions were. Also, revealing what type of leader Hillary would be.
    Next, I got about a month ago, Hillary standing in the oval office wearing a black leather biker outfit. She had her
    hands on her hips, with a very defiant stance and look of obstinance on her face. A wind blew and it puffed up her jacket .
    Next, I was praying just a few nights ago for the country and saw the partially torn down Sadam Hussein statue but it was Hillary.
    My gut tells me that even though it was when it was falling down, God just used that because I would recognize it for being a symbol of dictatorship. Hopefully, though, it also means bringing her down.
    I got about 2 months ago that Trump needed to get himself together in respect to his relationship with God. God showed me very clearly that the presidency was up to Him. If Trump did not get in alignment with God, Hillary would be the next president. I feel that Trump will only be able to do what God intends for Him to do if He has truly been born again.
    My husband has gotten several dreams this week that Trump is going back to some familiar spirits and his plane was flying sideways.
    I am very disheartened by what has happened this week, but I still believe that God has not changed His mind. He was aware of all of this long before He put Trump in this position to run, I just hope and pray that we will see a true miracle
    of the next several weeks. Definitely a time of much prayer for sure!!

  2. In a dream, I’m in a motorcade with Hillary. At the podium they are getting ready for her to speak. She isn’t able to grasp a chair (which I believe indicates the seat of Presidency). In the car later, there are two people behind us and three in the middle seat (with Hillary in the middle of the middle seat) and the driver. She said she thinks she’s having a heart attack and then she collapses down/laying on her back. I start praying for her and telling her that God loves her with an everlasting love and an abiding love…I want her to realize the love of God. After I say “amen”, she disappears/is translated (the word that came to me as I was dreaming it. The translation was faster than the blink of an eye, and what was left of where she was lying (lying down when having the heart attack) is an empty, black space.

  3. I had a Trump dream last nite… I was saying to someone (I think my friend G – Giovanni – meaning “God’s gift of grace”), “You’re going all the way to Florida to get 1 duck??!” Scene changes to a small turquoise house w/wh trim, empty, no lights on, night. I say “it’s empty, what’s the point?” Mr. Trump says “it won’t be when the lights come on.” Thoughts?

  4. Yes, makes sense. Sounds like the dream is probably about me. Discouraged. Started out all on fire and was given great promises from the Lord a couple of years ago, but the opposition has been so intense and there have been so many setbacks and delays, I’m just barely hanging on by my fingernails. Your interpretation is in keeping with other dreams I’ve been having lately about my spiritual state. I feel I’m at a complete standstill and don’t know what to do other than wait on the Lord.

  5. Thanks so much for the encouragement! You are SUCH a blessing in my life! This dream has been very educational to me and I hope also to others who have read this thread. By the way, I do plan to finally get back to the dream course in the next week or so. Life has just been too crazy! But I need to have those interpretation tools under my belt, so I’m going to make it happen. I’m still praying for your situation too, Lyn. God bless you and yours!

  6. TruNews on YouTube Trump Chosen by God to Stop America’s Destruction- Astounding 2011 Prophecy. I found this when I looked up John Hagee and found this. His son-in-law is Dr. Don Colburn

  7. I listened to the YouTube prophecy segment last night – VERY significant!

  8. I wanted to ask you about a dream a lady had that totally contradicts what so many of us have received from the Lord about Donald Trump. I posted my dreams on YouTube about DT and someone sent me what I believe is a “false” dream. The problem with this is that it causes very much confusion in the body of Christ and I believe satan is using the woman to mislead and cause confusion.

  9. I teach people to check their dreams with scriptural truth and I always look for unscriptural elements in dreams and hers definitely has many. She said satan chose both Trump and Clinton and Jesus will reject anyone who voted for either. Clearly scripture declares that authority comes from God and He raises up kings and removes kings. (Rom 13:1-3, Dan 2:21, Dan 4:17.) Satan has used her to do a number on truth and Gods will. Poor lady

  10. I am sharing my link to my video and a link to hers. Let me know what you think of her dream, I already know mine were from God.
    My dreams:
    The “false dream”:

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