Master of Divinity

Sword & Spirit Seminary’s Master of Divinity program equips students to work in full-time professional ministry.

Course work encompasses in-depth study of essential topics giving students the understanding and skills paramount to ministry in today’s world.

Our program is comparable in content to those from brick and mortar universities —totaling 72 credit hours— yet can be accomplished conveniently at home in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

You will enjoy the diverse guidance of a variety of the most outstanding and respected scholars and curriculum authors in text-based, video, and power-point formats.

Doctor of Ministries

Completion of a Master of Divinity Program, here or elsewhere, qualifies students to most easily earn a Doctorate in Ministries.

The Sword & Spirit Seminary Doctorate of Ministries Program allows students great flexibility among available online graduate programs.

The 60 credit-hour program consists of 15 required credits including a Doctorate Dissertation, plus 45 credits accomplished most expediently, affordably and conveniently!

Elective options include Sword & Spirit Seminary electives courses which serve as electives for both MDiv and DMin programs.

Master of Divinity without BA

Courses Listed as LINKS are Currently Offered

Courses Difficulty Rating System― E= Easy, C= Comfortable, R= Rigorous

Course Credits― Courses Range from 1-4 Credits


• Non-Accredited Course or Life Experience‒ up to 20 credits

• Accredited Seminary Course Transfer― up to 30 credits, per compatibility

Required Coursework― 40 Credits

Biblical Interpretation & Preaching‒ 7

• BIP501‒ Biblical Interpretation: Hermeneutics‒ R-4

• BIP503‒ Biblical Preaching in Practice‒ E-3

Theology & Church History‒ 6

• TCH501‒ Introduction to Eschatology‒ C-3

• TCH502‒ Introduction to Classic Christian Theology‒ E-3

Biblical Knowledge‒ 8

• BK501‒ Old Testament Panorama‒ E-4

• BK502‒ Christian Origins & The New Testament‒ C-4

Apologetics & Evangelism‒ 9

• AE501‒ Comparative Religious Systems 1‒ R-3

• AE502‒ Comparative Religious Systems 2‒ R-3

• AE503‒ Introduction to Christian Apologetics‒ C-3

Leadership, Ethics & Citizenship‒ 4

• LEC501‒ Ministerial Leadership & Ethics‒ C-4

Counseling, Transformation & Spiritual Power‒ 3

• CLSP501‒ The Perpetual Voice of God‒ C-3

Degree Completion‒ 3

• DC501‒ Masters Thesis‒ R-3


• Non-Accredited Course or Life Experience‒ Up to 15 credits

• Accredited Seminary Course Transfer― up to 20 credits, per compatibility

Required Coursework― 27 Credits

Biblical Interpretation & Preaching‒ 6

• Select 2 BIP Electives― 6

Theology & Church History‒ 6

• Select 2 TCH Electives‒ 6

Leadership, Ethics & Citizenship‒ 3

• LEC601‒ Contemporary Social Issues & Ethics‒ C-3

Counseling, Transformation & Spiritual Power‒ 8

• CTSP601‒ Christian Counseling Theology & Methods‒ C-4

• CTSP602‒ Deliverance Counseling Foundations & Practice‒ E-4

Degree Completion‒ 4

• DC601‒ Doctoral Dissertation‒ R-4

DMin Elective Coursework― 33 Credits

• Select electives from the general elective list below.

TRANSFER STUDENTS with MDiv’s from outside seminaries
may take MDiv Required Courses as electives for SSS DMin,
(some may be REQUIRED depending on credits transferred in).

• DC602‒ Doctorate Practicum Internship‒ E-3

Master of Divinity & Doctor of Ministries

Elective Coursework

32 Credits for Master of Divinity ― 33 Credits for Doctor of Ministries

Electives Apply to Either Program

• Required DMin Courses are also offered (*) as MDiv Electives

Biblical Interpretation & Preaching

• BIP502‒ Jesus: Teaching Methods & Messages‒ E-3

• BIP504‒Expository Preaching‒ R-4

• BIP505― New Testament Exegesis‒ R-3

• BIP506‒ Old Testament Exegesis‒ R-4

• BIP507‒ New Testament Greek: An Overview‒ R-3

Theology & Church History

• TCH503‒ Overview of Church History‒ C-3

• TCH504‒ Jerusalem: The Contested City‒ C-3

• TCH505‒ Historic Premillennialism‒ R-3

• TCH506‒ God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Free Will‒ E-3

• TCH507‒ Catholicism Under the Hood for Protestants‒ E-3

Bible Knowledge

• BK401‒ Books of the Bible Survey‒ C-3

Apologetics & Evangelism

• AE504‒ Defending The Faith With Confidence‒ C-4

• AE505‒ Practical Evangelism‒ E-3

• AE506‒ Archaeology and the Bible‒ E-2

Leadership, Ethics & Citizenship

• LEC502‒ American Citizenship Essentials‒ C-3

Applicable to US Residents

• *LEC601‒ Contemporary Social Issues & Ethics (DMin required)‒ R-3

Counseling, Transformation & Spiritual Power

• CTSP502‒ Freedom in Christ‒ E-5

• CTSP503‒ Redemption from Tyrannical Inner Roots‒ E-3

• *CTSP601‒ Christian Counseling Theology & Methods (DMin required)‒ C-3

• *CTSP602‒ Deliverance Counseling Foundations & Practice (DMin required)‒ E-4

MDiv Bridge Program

‒ Master of Divinity without BA‒

Required Coursework- 12 Credits
Elective Coursework- 0 Credits

Courses Must Be Completed Prior to MASTER THESIS Registration

• BK401‒ Books of the Bible Survey‒ C-3

• BRIDGE401‒ Critical Thinking Essentials‒ C-3

• BRIDGE402‒ Clarity & Power in Written Expression‒ C-3

• BRIDGE403‒ Structure & Conventions in Written Expression‒ C-3

Sword & Spirit Seminary features a BRIDGE PROGRAM for students who have not yet earned a BA but would like to earn a MDiv.

Similar programs are in place at institutions like Loyola University, Boston University, Penn State, Pepperdine and Johns Hopkins titled with terms such as Integrated, Accelerated, Dual or Combined with additional course requirements and some courses earning dual credit.