LEC501‒ Ministerial Leadership & Ethics

LEC502‒ American Citizenship Essentials

Required for MDiv or DMin― 3 credits. No Prerequisite.

LEC601‒ Contemporary Social Issues & Ethics

Required for MDiv― 4 credits. No Prerequisite.

Every pastor today would do well to take this course. We tend to form opinions on contemporary issues by our traditions and feelings, as well as whatever media source we follow… passing quickly-formed personal views on from the pulpit as gospel and influencing the body of Christ.

This course helps us understand the six ethical system options employed in decision-making around morality, and discover which are biblical. We then look at virtually all arguments for and against social controversies today: abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, biometric issues, capital punishment, war, civil disobedience, sexual issues, homosexuality, marriage and divorce, ecology, animal rights and more.

Equipped with an ethical foundation and with the contentions from each side, you are prepared to form your own conclusions.

Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues & Options, Norman Geisler, 2nd edition , 442 pages, Paperback, Amazon Prime $20.26, used from $12.25 + shipping.