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From Atlanta, GA, Jamila asks- What if you dream that the wedding was canceled?

OUR RESPONSE. This is a simple one— someone or something you are planning on partnering with will not end up in a partnership with you.

It’s less likely to be a literal wedding than another type of partnership such as a business or ministry partnership, or anything you plan to link with, fasten with, attach to, combine with, associate with, or join.

From British Columbia, Ray asks about- Person hugging from behind

OUR RESPONSE. The two most likely possibilities could function separately or in combination.

1. This depicts a person receiving great encouragement and support. Think of a person receiving a pat on the back… accompanied by “at a boy”. A hug from behind could symbolize a very large pat on the back.

2. Things behind a person my symbolize things unknown to the person… things which might be a surprise when revealed. Since we’re talking about hugs, this element is most likely positive. It could be hidden support of some kind prayer, such as prayer.

From British Columbia, Ray asks about- Ring on said persons wedding finger with big diamond

OUR RESPONSE. Whoever the said person is, whoever the person symbolizes, or whatever the person symbolizes is apparently engaged in some way.This element indicates a commitment.

Keep in mind that one person may actually be depicting another person. If you know the first name, it could be another with the same first name… or someone similar in some way. Another possibility is that the name of the person may be a clue as to what this is about… try looking up the first name.

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