New Course-Series

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88 Decoding Exercises

for Prophetic Dreamers


• In-Depth Focus on Learning-by-Doing

• Applicable to All Dreamers

• Some Content Includes Personal Testimony & Perspective

2-Course-Series Details

Prepare yourself to dig in like never before. This 2-course-series was crafted to provide you with a  fast-track to bring your interpretation skills to a whole new level! You will scrutinize 12 dreams through 88 exercises in order to learn how to think when it comes to understanding dreams. And over the course of these dreams and exercises, 70 dream interpretation principles are presented which directly apply to the individual exercises.

88 Decoding Exercises was initially intended to boost the skills you’ve already built, but you can take this first if you’re ready for in-depth, fascinating and profound content. If you’ve taken 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers, you’ll be building on that foundation. If not, when you DO take 15 Keys, several concepts presented here will make more sense.

And for those of you who seek interpretation ministry training‒ while remaining relevant for any student‒ this course-series introduces and repeatedly applies a number of principles that focus on interpreting and managing the dreams of others. Sound daunting? No worries… we give you the quiz answers in the lessons! Also, though personal testimonies may be presented from a Christian Perspective, this course-series is perfect for dreamers of any kind.

About the 70 Principles

Over the past couple of decades, I’ve learned more about making sense of dreams through the school of life than through all the interpretation training courses I’ve taken.

Having interpreted tens-of-thousands of dreams sent in from around the world, I’ve received an enormous amount of feedback about how dreams have played out in real-life─ so I KNOW my methods work.

And my goal is to transfer as much of what I’ve learned as possible to you… so in making more sense of your dreams, you too can be more and more blessed!

You will scrutinize 12 dreams through 88 exercises in order to learn HOW TO THINK when it comes to understanding prophetic dreams.

Additionally, over the course of these dreams and exercises, 70 dream interpretation principles are presented which directly apply to the individual exercises.

These principles provide guidance on both personal dream interpretation and dream interpretation ministry, so ministers… this is for you.

About the Course Structure

• 88 INTERPRETATION CHALLENGES centered around 12 dreams
• 86 EXERCISES with interpretation challenges administered through 32 AUTO-SCORED QUIZZES
• 5 opportunities to compose your own interpretations and COMPARE them to previous student interpretations
• 5 FORUM TOPICS— chat with others by briefly responding to a relevant question
• LEARN BY DOING APPROACH (Socratic Method)— test your perceptiveness, common sense, and thinking skills BEFORE video explanation lessons
• Unlimited Quiz/Exercise Retakes
• Interactive
• Certifications and Awards

About the Socratic Teaching Method

As you will see in the first course, dream interpretation is both an ART and a SCIENCE. This series focuses on the SCIENCE aspect. Additionally, I’ve factored in that we learn better through “experience” than we do by being lectured. That’s why I use a version of the Socratic method. It’s a short-cut, if you will.

We start by presenting a dream, and asking you a series of questions about it. Out the gate, you’re not expected to get the exercises all right, or even half of them right. Instead, when you finish the exercise series, you go directly to a VIDEO LESSON where the exercises are “sorted out.”

After watching that, in order to reinforce what you’ve learned, you’ll see the exercises once again offered in several “quizzes.” This time you can get them all correct. Referring to your notes is acceptable, but testing yourself is better because you can take the quizzes until you get 100%.

About the Course Features

• Over 6 Hours of video teaching by the instructor
• Main Focus— the dream interpretation process
• Zeros in on the “science” aspect of dream interpretation
• Centers around the step-by-step dissection of dreams
• INSTRUCTOR DISCUSSION VIDEOS for each of the 12 dreams and all 88 interpretation challenges
• 70 INTERPRETATION PRINCIPLES presented within the contexts of specific dream exercises
• Power-point-based instruction
• Unique and exclusive content

88 Decoding Exercises for Prophetic Dreamers