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passport - 50s

passport 150sDREAM

Dream within a Dream: I dreamed of seeing myself asleep in my bedroom facing my bedroom door and I hear someone enter my apartment and I tried to wake up but unable to do so. The person laid down a chair on the floor and made it a point to open what I thought was my passport but the name listed was “Irene”. I wake up thereafter. In the dream-I could not lift up my head or wake-up to see who entered my apartment. I remembered the bedroom and apartment doors remained open during the whole time. I never saw the person’s face.


In this dream, you see yourself asleep. This is a reflective dream as God is telling you how He sees you in a particular area of your life. It’s as if you are being allowed to look into a spiritual mirror. It’s different from a dream within a dream, by the way, where you are actually dre44aming a second dream.

Waking up or wearing pajamas in a dream indicates that the person will be caught by surprise. Actually seeing yourself sleep for an entire scene is similar. God is saying that you are completely unaware of something. Through the intruder, God is giving you a heads up as to what you’re missing. He is telling you that peace is totally available to you. It’s yours for the taking, so grab onto it.

Since you have not included details on the woman, we cannot tell you who or what she symbolizes. Women are sometimes a church or ministry, but she may represent a new friend or co-worker. Falling represents loss of support, but this sounds more like stumbling to me.

God is telling you not to be concerned, that though you and others with you may trip up a bit, you’ll get through it just fine.


I have been filled with anxiety concerning life issues and the end of a relationship. God is reinforcing through my dreams that I can walk in peace knowing all things will work for my Good in the end. God used a complete stranger in a airport security pre-screening line this past Tuesday to walk up to me and speak words of encouragement for 2014.

I will take the PEACE of God and apply it to every area of my life. I know God has my best interest at heart. May the Lord continue to pour His abundant blessings and favor over your life and ministry.

big-door - 50s


I was in a dark hallway with doors all labeled Calgary all down the hallway. I started walking down the hallway turning to the left and the right trying to open doors labeled Calgary, but each door was locked. I got very frustrated. I finally came to what appeared to be a dead end. I remember saying, “great… I am at a dead end with no where to go”.

From behind me a voice said… “Turn on the light switch. “I said “I don’t see a light switch… all I see is closed locked doors and it’s very dark”.

Again the voice came from behind “Turn on the light. My word is a light to your path and a lamp to your feet.” Instantly I saw myself open up the Bible to Psalm 119. The reflection of the open Bible, illuminated a big door labelled San Francisco.

I then heard myself say, “Great… I’m at the end of a dark hallway with a big door that I can’t even open. It’s way too big”. The voice came from behind me saying… “I know you can’t but I will open this door for you. Follow me.”

I saw a figure in white take a golden key from his hand, unlock the door and start walking through the door. I followed into what looked like the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of summer. Everything was beautiful.

I then remember seeing a US customs and immigration officer sitting at a desk before I could enter the beautiful land. I remember again thinking with dread that I had to deal with US Customs and Immigration because they had been notorious for being quite difficult.

Again the figure in white said. “I will go before you.” The customs and immigration officer looked at me and asked for my passport and requested to know my purpose to enter the USA. The figure in white said to the officer “He is about my fathers business.” The immigration officer pressed me for if that was the case.

I replied “Yes, I am about his father’s business”. He grabbed my passport and other documents that were in my hand stamped the passport with authority and said….”Go about this man’s father’s business and welcome to the USA.”

Then the voice of the man in white said, “Go forth into the land you have been promised and stop looking back. There is nothing back there for you.” I kept on feeling that it was too good to be true and any minute I was going to be found out to be an imposter.

The voice came again. “There is nothing back there any more. This is your new place. Enter into the land of promise and know that I am with you.” I remember looking at the beautiful Northern California landscape realizing nothing was back behind the door I had come through.


If the other dreams we received were this clear, we’d be ministering in another way!

The dark hallway speaks of the season you are in, a transition marked by a lack of insight. Until now, you couldn’t see what was ahead. The doors symbolize the jobs you have applied for, potential opportunities in your geographical location locked/closed to you.

San Francisco/Northern Colorado in your dream seems literal; God doesn’t want you to miss this. The voice in the dream says, “I will open this door for you. Follow me,” and “I will go before you.” God will surely do as He promised. So when the opportunity arises, know it is from the Lord. Don’t worry about finding it yourself; He will lead you to it.

God has plans to position you to broaden and deepen His Kingdom. He has ministry plans for you, and possibly soon. How exciting! Let us know how this plays out!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read and pray over both my dreams. I believe you are right about both dreams that God does not want me to miss the opportunities and to give me relaxed confidence.

I believe that God is highly invested in my future and does not want me to miss the opportunities that will present. Please pray with me as there has been a San Francisco business opportunity presented with an old friend. I will keep this board in the loop of what happens.

snail mail box closed - 50s

snail mail box closedDREAM

In my dream I was handed five envelopes of mail, three of them were bank statements from a bank in Colorado called Mise (I do not think this is a real bank) addressed to me but the last name was Orsey.

The other two letters were personal letters. One of which I cannot remember anything about only that it was a personal letter and the other personal letter was from a worship leader named Harvest Bashta (in real life though she just got married and her last name is now Parker) I did not open any of the letters just had them handed to me, looked through them and woke up.


It seems that the Lord is going to be showing you something, shining a light on your path. I would suggest that God is telling you that he will lead you concerning something that you have to offer ( a resource, skill, knowledge, calling, etc.) I would expect that He’s going to show you how to utilize this in a way that will bring reward.

One element is a challenge, but may refer to woman’s ministry or something involving women more than men.

The numbers may or may not be a detail. Three may be speaking of UTTER COMPLETENESS or something else such as 3 steps. Two can mean CONFIRMATION, but like the number 3, may literally refer to 2 of something.

So I suspect some things in your life will unfold through circumstances/events, and that’s how God will lead you. I would also expect to hear from God in more detail, and we welcome looking at another dream for you.


The interpretation definitely sounds like it’s right, shining light on to my path and through circumstances but still wish I knew whether the numbers or place was significant or not. Maybe they’re just not though, it’s more the message being delivered. Thanks so much for your input!

bus-guy 50s

bus guy

I dreamed I was on a bus with my ex-wife and a woman I also know in real life. I went to my ex-wife then stopped and turned around and hugged the other woman.

Next dream I’m on another bus with the other woman and three unknown people. My ex-wife is not on the bus.

The scene changes and me and this woman are standing in front of a crowd and I am praying for her sick grandmother who is 106 years old. I believe we kiss or something but the scene changes again.

This time I’m at my grandmothers house; who is deceased in real life and I ask her can I go with this woman to see her sick grandmother, and my grandmother gives me her approval wrote on a white sheet of paper. For some reason when she puts the paper on a table she puts it in a wet spot.

I go outside to tell the woman I can go. When I go outside the woman is in the drivers seat of a car, but smiles and jumps in the passenger seat when I get to the car.

The scene changes again and this time we’re on a bicycle. I’m peddling and the woman is with me. We have some small talk about plans for that night and we laugh then I wake up.


Your dream seems to be about a victory available to you. It’s yours for the taking.

We suspect that a temptation that has successfully seduced you in the past and worked against you has

victory returned. The battle may be one that prior generations in your family have fought. This is an attack from your spiritual enemy and is related in some way to corruption, vice, or falling short.

Look at it also as a large responsibility allowed as a test and intended to show off your victory. Liken it to a boxing match; God has given you the ability to make that knock out punch.

The Lord in His love for you has set up a victory for you, but you have to believe this is possible and has been provided. You have to walk this out personally as God cheers you on. The spiritual authority God has given you over the demonic realm is a beautiful thing but until now, undetected by you. Now you know.


I was looking for confirmation to make a decision and prayed over the situation. The interpretation felt right. Thank you… I’ just wanted thank the ministry again. I’ve been looking for confirmation to make a decision for a while.

badger 50

badger 150DREAM

I dreamt I had about 3 brown empty boxes.. my co worker Mrs. Franklin had about 4 empty brown boxes..

Next, I seen the date Aug. 10th..dream changed where I dreamt I was riding a bicycle at my old college Florida State Univ.. there I saw old college friend Teresa.. As I approached her she said she was stressed out.. I prayed and took authority over issue.. Next, she walked away with a friend..

Dream changed where I went back to my old childhood home…Some weird looking animal.. looked like a badger tried to attack me as I was opening the door of the house…I stood my ground and rebuked the animal.. It flew into the air and disappeared as its body changed.


Our take on this dream is that the Lord is sending you a prophetic message to assist you through this distinct season of your life.

The season can be identified by the destruction of a stronghold. You will find a way to gain the spiritual authority required to get the victory. We anticipate through experience that God will guide you in positioning yourself into this higher authority.

One of the elements in the dream seems to reveals that the time has come for this deliverance and the fruit/gifts of the Spirit to shine in you. You are being given the responsibility to minister to yourself in order to come out of this bondage with a testimony.

He is preparing you for the blessed and prosperous future He has in mind for you by helping you gain a new perspective, insight, and wisdom. The dreams indicates that what is going on will effect your inner thoughts and personal actions. You will be getting some major epiphanies which we expect will effect your entire outlook and this outcome.


Thank you for the interpretation…It gave me hope. i will continue to seek God for his instructions concerning my spiritual walk with him.

purse 50s

purse -In my dream my mother and I went shopping. When we came out I realized I didn’t have my purse. I thought maybe I had left it in the car, so, I looked on the backseat under some jackets and there was a purse, but not the one I was looking for.

I decided that I would call home to see if someone could look in my room to see if I had left it there and put it up so no one would get it. I was having difficulty dialing the number at first. I was panicking and nervous. I finally got the call to go through, but no one answered the phone. When we got to the house, I popped the trunk and looked in. There were two purses back there but not the one I was looking for.

Up on the porch my uncle is standing with his friend. They are holding up a brown envelope saying something about money. I was telling them that might be my money.

I walk into the house and when I get to the my room, there’s a key already in the keyhole and the door is slightly opened. A man answers my knock and says my name. Behind him is my purse sitting on the floor. I open it up and look in my wallet and I’m so relieved and happy that everything is still there.


I believe this may be related dreams that I have where I’m searching and finding a lost item. I am searching for my parked car. I’m in a parking lot using the remote key hoping that the lights will come on indicating I’ve found my car. I come upon one car but it is not the one I’m looking for. So, I keep looking.

Another related dream is where I walk in the band room and I must have my band instrument setup by 12:00. The wall clock says its 11:50, so I have 10 minutes to find it. I’m not sure where it is so I look in different places. I come upon a box with chairs in it and I say that’s not it. I keep looking. I eventually decide to look on the computer, but it says its 11:59 and I know that I don’t have time to look it up. This man pops up and I ask him to look it up for me and he tells me box 58. So, I get the box and I open it up. I’m very happy and relieved.


These dreams are about your search for a position which will bring purpose, significance, and provisions.

The Lord is telling you that though this journey is tedious, He has not forgotten you and will surely be faithful to fulfill your needs and hopes!

The dreams also reveal that He has specifically ordained the right time for this to occur. He says also that there IS a PLACE for you.

Keep on track in your search and you will be rewarded IN HIS TIME AND IN HIS WAY! You can count on his GRACE FOR A NEW BEGINNING (58) at what seems like the eleventh hour! Praise God! Shout in advance for the victory which is on the way!


First off, thank you for taking the time to read and interpret my dream. I’m glad that I found your website. I really appreciate your wisdom and insight. It was very helpful and comforting.

I have been in this situation for a long time and have been praying for direction and insight. Your interpretation really confirms what God has been speaking to me. I know God is good and will bring me through. This brings more reassurance from God. I will let know when this manifest in my life. Once, again thank you.

Is_there_a_Doctor 50s

Is_there_a_Doctor sqMy Father-in-Law (now deceased) and I went to sit down, it seemed we were in a hospital, I thing I had on my nightdress and house coat, as we sat down he gave me a card.


So the father-in-law symbolizes something resurfacing.
The hospital says that this dream has to do with a medical issue or something needing treatment.
The nightdress suggests this is unexpected.
The housecoat tells us that God is protecting you personally in this.
The card is most likely an invitation to go and do something about this (like see a doctor).


Thank you. My oldest grandson caught scabies and I think he came to tell us all, as my whole family had to be treated. God Bless you abundantly.

shower drain - 50s

shower drainI was having a shower in a bathroom with multiple faucets, one of the taps had very dirty water in it but I turned to another, whilst I was trying to use it I noticed a big yellow snake with red rattle tail coming out of the drains and the head of the married women’s fellowship I belong to [name given] seemingly came to call me away from the bathroom.

I eventually was aware of 3 snakes, one in my secondary school which I left years ago and another I cannot recall now… Over the last 2 years I have constantly dreamt of soiled toilets and particularly of being at either a train station or airport, the last of such dreams was last week,where despite getting to the airport early I still missed the flight,I saw the plane on the tarmac and explained to the duty station manager that I shouldn’t be missing the connecting flight for any reason, he still went on to deny me boarding. Other occasions over the last 2 years I will either get on the train/plane just before the doors close or wait for the next one.


God wants to see a season change for you, to position you in a higher place of impact for the Kingdom of Light. So He’s providing you insight concerning just how you can get there.

Your Creator designed you very specifically to do the work He has for you. He has given you experience, resources, and desire. You have it going on, girl! What is holding you back is the age-old common-to-man battle against fear.

None of us ever totally conquer this, but I believe that the battle diminishes as our faith builds through the Word and personal experience. Unfortunately, we often suffer from spiritual Alzheimer’s, and for every couple of steps we move forward, we find ourselves falling back one… often without noticing.

What helps me in this struggle is to remember that worry is actually faith as well, only the faith is in the power of our spiritual enemy rather than the power of a loving God. In challenging times, I think of the 12 spies sent into the Promised Land. All but two had faith in the size of the men they saw, rather than in the size of their God… no comparison! You and I need to be those two!

God is showing you a pattern, a cycle he wants to break. For every time the yellow snake with the red rattler appears (the battle against fear), there are multiple opportunities to wash it off, to resist it, to rebuke it… to cling to the promises of God. And when the lies come whispering in our ears, we must be careful which voice (stream of water) we listen to.

Of course, you already knew this, but knowing and doing are entirely different. I pray we both move to higher levels of faith in God as it applies to our challenges, even this very week as we move into the new year. Use as a weapon what you already know:

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Isaiah 54:4
Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed; Neither be disgraced, for you will not be put to shame.
Philippians 1:6
Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.
2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.
Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


I am indeed grateful for your interpretation and words of encouragement. It is 4:28 am and I have been up since 3am once again worried about what seems like a 3 year career siege but reading your comments really offered strength and perspective.I am most grateful and pray God to reward you abundantly. I will return with a testimony of turnaround this quarter to His glory.

alligator - 50s


alligatorHi, recently, I’ve been asking God to talked to me through dreams and God has shown me this one guy who I don’t know at school… In my dream, he was stalking me, following everywhere I went. My dream felt so real! Around him in my dream, I noticed that there were many yellow snakes around him. Another dream I have had of him is were he was fighting with his wife and I could feel his anger. There were alligators and I saw a rattlesnake.


The majority of prophetic dreams are intrinsic, that is, about you, the dreamer, or directly about your life. There are a couple of possibilities in this dream. The guy may represent A) a spiritual attack on you. (Find out his name and check its meaning for symbolism) B) another guy in your life (very common possibility), or C) literally himself.

The elements in the dream indicate C may be the correct perspective. This sounds like God showing you that He CAN reveal mysteries to you, and a call to pray for for the fellow, with the dream giving you insight that he has underlying anger rooted in lies and fear, and resulting in verbal abuse. Minister to him only as led by the Spirit.


I really appreciate everything you do reaching out to people, to show them and guide them into a deeper understanding of what the Lord wants to show them.

I had been praying for revelation of my dream and never received it. I just stopped worrying about it and thought ..the time will come when He wants me to get clarification. Boom, I found this sight!

I will continue to pray that your love and your wisdom will guide people in the truth and I speak blessings over your ministry now in the name of Jesus! Thanks so much! With a grateful heart.

green car 50s -


green car 300sThis dream is very short. In the dream, I saw my youngest brother with a new car. This car wasn’t brand new, but it reminded me of one of the classics–may be from the 80s. However, this car was the color kale green and he was cleaning it. The fabric on the seat were emerald green. There he was, with the door opened, cleaning and shampooing this beautiful, green fabric.


I believe this dream may be encouraging you in your preparation for a significant positive season where the Lord will most likely bring restoration connected to the past. it seems that the Lord is saying that He is pleased with the progress you are making in allowing Him to cleanse you and cut undesirable things from your life. Again, your attitude will produce a new season/venture/activity which will be greatly blessed.


When I read the interpretation, I was completely touched! The road that I am currently on isn’t an easy one… God has proven to me that He indeed is the author of His wonderful plans!

what to do 5249


what-to-doDREAM 1- I submitted the dream about the 2 trees falling (see “Uprooted Trees”). I recently had a dream about my mom (now deceased). It seems as though she was living with me and my family (husband & daughter). It was a very colorful dream; she was lying on the couch. My family and I were running around the house getting ready to go to our various destinations. I stopped and kissed her on her chin and ask her how she was doing she said ok with a smile and that was the end.

DREAM 2- I also had a dream I was on my way to a helps meeting for my church home. I didn’t know how to get there. I ask a sister who actually goes to my church name Darlene how to get to the helps meeting and she took me there. Once inside it the building I saw people sitting around very quietly not moving around. I looked up toward the front and my cousin was sitting at a table alone watching over the rest of the people with a stern face. I got the impression they were being punished and were not allowed to do anything except to sit at the table they were placed at. I turned around and said “I’m not staying for this meeting” and left. That was the end.

I have been struggling with staying at my church for some time. I recently submitted another help ministry form indicating I would serve. Then I had this dream 1 week later. thanks so much for whatever you believe GOD may be telling me through these 2 dreams.

DREAM 1- The Holy Spirit is pleased with you and letting you know that the revelation you are seeking will become obvious to you. The understanding you seek is very near you or within you. This insight concerns an family activity or activities‒ whether they are profitable or just business; wisdom or foolishness; gold or wood, hay, and stubble.

DREAM 2- The word affectionate accurately describes your Heavenly Father’s feelings toward you, so He doesn’t want you to be in the dark about what’s going on in the spiritual realm with regard to your church. In order to protect you, he is showing you the spirit of total bondage that is over this ministry. Your leaving at the end of the dream could prophesy your leaving the church as that element wouldn’t be necessary otherwise (the dream could have just ended).

In my experience, this demonic spirit of suppression (forceful restraint) is allowed to operate over the congregation in connection with the leadership. Several years ago, I experienced a similar situation in a church. After the first lady (pastor’s wife) stopped attending , she contacted me to ask about a dream. Apparently her husband of 20 years had put her out, thinking he could do better.

Her dream indicated (among other things) that a spirit of stagnation was over the church. That is, no one attending would be moving forward personally, nor would the church be growing. After that time, the church body decreased at the same rate as it increased; my husband and I were told through dreams to leave; the rent was raised; and the basement flooded. Four months later, the pastor suddenly closed down the church and headed back to the streets and addictions he’d been delivered from.


Thank you and your husband for the interpretations. I do believe its time that i step out and trust the father about the path that is before me. I know i am in his loving care and that nothing can separate me from him or his love. So i must obey and stop being fearful about the move.

empty_nest - 5249


empty_nest - 5249I am flying high over main street. Objects below to right and left are blurred, so that only street is focus. I reach the end where I fly through an enormous thriving tree. As I fly through I am in a vibrant orange colored sky. I am quickly thrown into reverse, back into the tree. A voice asks me, “What’s in the nest?” As I suddenly notice the empty nest I wake up in a panic. “Why was there nothing in the nest?” I ask myself. This dream happened fast-in a matter of seconds.


In this dream, the Lord has a lot to say about how He sees you and how pleased He is with you. The dream is about your ability to soar above your circumstances, persevering and persistent for a long season. On top of that, your focus on what’s important is exhibited in your priorities. The tree, then, may well represent YOU- thriving and prosperous spiritually- which will manifest (if it hasn’t already) in other ways. We see a couple of possibilities on the meaning of the nest. 1) Your actions have been responsible for the building of something good on your behalf which is not yet fulfilled by God OR 2) your actions have been responsible for the building of something good on your behalf which is not yet fulfilled by you.


Thank you very much for getting back to me. The information you gave me … is definitely helpful and makes sense… I believe that you are on to something, as something in particular you said was prophesied to me a few years ago. It could be one of two (or both) things I am thinking of right now. I really believe something is going to be revealed … God bless!

palace 5249


palace2 SQJanuary this year I cried to Yah concerning my situation. That night I dreamt that my X sent a note to the kids asking them to see him urgently for he is leaving tomorrow. The note he wrote also advised the kids that his house is the one with a very old black car parked in front of it. We do not live in the same city. The Lord allowed me to view the house and the car in front… was as this man had written on the note, only the car was sparkling and did not look old at all.

A few weeks later another dream of a Grand opening of an orphanage….I am invited to join the grand opening and served with food. A man appears and thanks and praises Yah for the orphanage, stating that he has been praying and Yah has answered. It was a white man, we are black.

The President of our nation is there, I choose to ignore him and sit far away from him because he is worldly and I view him to be an anti-Christ. My firstborn then appears out of nowhere next to the host of the opening and announces that a prominent man of Yah will look after us for 3 years. In a different dream a few days ago Yah announced that I and the kids are 12 km from South where we used to live. We had to go back to the house to lock the kitchen door and fetch our phones. Then we lived in our current home for 3 years.


These prophetic dreams bring exceptionally good news! Jesus has been interceding on your behalf and you will shortly be set free from the grip of your spiritual enemy! The wisdom and strength you have gained to resist the devil have caused him to flee from you. And the assignments against you to kill, steal and destroy have been cancelled!

No longer trapped in the enemy’s territory, you will soon be moving from the “prison” to the “palace”. God will be treating you as a princess, with all the privileges of a daughter of the King of kings. And this will be completely (not partially) accomplished! As you enter this season of peace and prosperity, know that your prayers will be heard and answered, for the Father has seen your tears.

Take care of the unfinished spiritual business you have in order to close the door to the enemy, and be always aware that your intake of the Word of God is an important key in maintaining this “promised land” season. This will manifest in worldly blessings that you will shortly experience. Expect your see your Heavenly Father’s love for you in practical ways.


God bless you mightily and mightily. Mine has been a long and painful journey. I embrace your counsel. Thank you for making time for me yet you do not even know me. I am very very grateful and will keep you updated. My husband has filed for divorce. I have been praying for God’s direction. I feel lost and alone because my circumstances have isolated me. I must respond to the divorce nissi by the end of the week. I cannot afford a lawyer, but Yeshua is with me. Your ministry has been very helpful for me. .. Many blessings to you as you pray for us. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

sheets 5249


sheets FRSQ1. This morning I dreamed I was in my bedroom with a male Asian co-worker named Joey who was removing white comforters and sheets from the bed. I said, “Are they dirty?” I walked over to the head of the bed when he was taking the white comforter off, I stood close to him, hoping he would look up, make a move, to show me he care, he was looking down, I help him take the white comforter off. I said, “What I need is a mattress pad”. He said, “You can get it from _ store” (I don’t remember. He was leaving the bedroom with the bedding to wash them.

2. In an older dream the same male co-worker came to my house, but not my present house. I went outside the front door to greet him. We seem to be standing on a balcony walkway outside like my old apartment. He was wearing a black wool coat. I was happy to see him, I proceeded to kiss him on the lips, but he turned his cheek for me to kiss. I was a little disappointed and knew something else was up.

He said, “I’m glad I had the accident, because I would never had found this”. He was holding a big black bible, with the words The Holy Bible in red. I said, “It’s the Bible, the most important book of all. We were now standing by a bench (outside, daytime). I stood as he sat down on the bench. He said, “I wrote you something, I couldn’t write with Vicky’s pen (probably his girlfriend). He opened the book and begin to say, “I wish you health….. I stood smiling teary eyed. I awakened from the dream.

3. In a previous a dream, Joey was living in my house, I asked which towel he used in the bathroom. He came and pointed to a dark green bath towel that was hanging on the shower door.

4. Another dream; I had to use the bathroom. I notice the doorknob was broken. I looked through the missing doorknob hole, Joey was cleaning, sweeping the floor, moping. I put tissue paper or cotton in the missing doorknob hole, so he wouldn’t see through it.


Some of the most common dreams we hear include someone of the opposite sex. These dreams of x-husbands, x-boyfriends, or potential boyfriends really get the attention of female dreamers. Often times the messages, however, are completely unrelated to the male figure. After receiving the entire package of Joey dreams, we are of the opinion that when taken together, these dreams reveal an important new beginning and expansion for you! Prosperity! Victory! Increase!

This foundational change will affect every part of your life. Your ideas about your Heavenly Father are about to be fundamentally transformed as you receive an endowment and enlargement of the Holy Spirit’s power in your life. This will involve a spiritual cleansing which may seem uncomfortable at first, but will penetrate your emotions and possibly your body. A new love of the Word of God will arise in you as you discover nugget after nugget of truth and wisdom.

This new season in your life will bring you to a new level of spiritual stamina and agility. You will be able to experience love and joy even when it makes no sense. We would expect that you will know this is coming to pass when you experience an accidental encounter or accident of some kind. You are now ready for this .

in_memory 5249 border.jpg

We post this dream with special consent of the dreamer in loving memory of her mother, Jesse, in hopes that this might be of help to others.

in_memory 140 x 150Today, I dreamed a huge plane crashed, but I wasn’t on it, and I could see all the people in it, it was awful…

Please get back to us with more detail on the airplane dream.

No more clues in that plane dream…

My mother died today… there’s so much that went on. It was a tragic bus accident…

We researched the accident- at least 53 dead, the largest road accident in the history of Zambia, it collided with a truck with two trailers. An urgent prayer request went out to our team and fellow dreamers. We compiled the responses, emailed them to the dreamer, and waited.

Spectators gather at the scene of a crash after a Zambia postal service bus carrying 74 passengers collided head-on with a heavy goods truck on February 7, 2013 in Chibombo, police say. Sources say the death toll is believed to have risen to 59. Zambia Army and police officers helped in the rescue efforts at the accident scene 45 kilometres north of Lusaka.  AFP PHOTO / STRINGERDREAMER’S RESPONSE- FEB 15
(personal correspondence)
I feel like I haven’t slept in a week… do feel that someone is helping me carry the load… because the 1st few days I was so fragile… but it’s better… I keep asking myself what happened, but I don’t seem to be finding answers.

(more dream details)
• I discarded that dream thinking it was nothing, but when I sat down, it came to mind, there were clues, I never thought were clues.

Nyama bus comparison

    • Firstly, I thought it was a plane because it was so huge and it actually fell from the sky, but it was rectangular, like a bus, rather than spherical like a plane.

    • What I really don’t get is how when it fell, it broke in half, from top to bottom, but in reality as the diagram shows, the floor of the bus gave way.

    • The people were seated sideways next to the part which was cut.

    • I was outside my mum’s shop, just looking at this horrific site.

    • It was one of those blurry dreams. I never recognized anyone and the crash was almost 100 meters away. Now, I know I have prophetic dreams, but those dreams are usually clear, this one was blurry, how was I supposed to know? and if this blurry dream about the accident can be based on fact, what can stop the crystal clear dreams from being based on fact too?

    • I also had an another evil dream, and woke up at 3:30 and prayed. In the dream there were 2 demons acting crazing and working magic I couldn’t overcome even by prayer.

    zambia-bus-crash - 2OTHER DREAMS, VISIONS, & PREMONITIONS

    Here’s what other people experienced about this same event. We all had these bad feelings, but couldn’t do anything about it.

    She saw someone lying there bloody.

    She kept seeing a dark cloud and then someone being wrapped in white.

    She kept seeing the same demon which was in my dream at 3:30 that morning.


    Let me see if I can begin to make some sense of this. First let me say that I too have been given supernatural insight concerning the death of others, and like you, disregarded it or missed the message.

    One “falling dream” foretold the death of our 3rd daughter’s fiancée. Earlier I was also given a specific divine knowing of it which I disregarded. I didn’t put the two together and so didn’t even pray about it. I was totally caught by surprise with the 3 am phone call from my hysterical daughter.

    The second situation involved a dream prophesying that I would be caught by surprise when my mum died (sleeping and in my nightgown). She was 3000 miles away. Three years later, when she was taken to the hospital with a serious stomach bug, I waited two days to call figuring it would take that long before we saw improvement anyway. By the time I called, I was told she might not make it through the night. I was stunned.

    Why doesn’t God speak more plainly so we can’t miss it? Big question. Let’s get back to that and address your dream specifically.


    language-icons-21. PERSPECTIVE- where you are positioned in the dream, whether you are participating or watching

    2. CLARITY- can the dreamer see clearly? Is the dream vivid and colorful or black and white? Is it dimly light or hard to see or blurry?

    3. MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- in this type of symbolism a dream element symbolizes something with similar traits. A monkey represents mocking or foolishness. A storm cloud represent a trial or challenge. Bread represents the Word of God. The moon represents our mother.

    4. MATCHED PAIR SYMBOLISM- this type of symbolism can be described like a pair of jacks in a deck of cards- a jack of clubs symbolizes a jack of diamonds. David Anderson symbolizes David Burns. A father represents our Heavenly Father.

    5. QUANTITY OF BLESSING OR CURSES- dreaming of a group of relatives or loved ones may indicate a level of blessing (but a family may symbolize church family); a group of unfamiliar people may indicate a curse. The size of the group symbolizes the size of the blessing or curse.

    6. LITERAL-something which is not symbolic in any way. By “based on fact”, I assume you mean the literal elements.


    • A bullet means this option was an initial possibility
    √ A check-mark means we can now see this option applies to your dream

    • MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- it could have represented a large entity doing well (huge plane soaring high; it once got off the ground and is now actively functioning in its purpose)

    √ MATCHED PAIR SYMBOLISM- the “aircraft” symbolizes a mode of transportation, a vessel or vehicle of some sort, train or watercraft .

    √ A DETAIL OF MATCHED PAIR SYMBOLISM/LITERAL- The rectangular shape is a clue that the “plane” symbolized a rectangular vessel

    √ MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- we fall because we have lost support beneath us. The force keeping us up is no longer in effect. Behind everything there are spiritual forces at work. The symbolism works even if it weren’t an airplane.

    √ MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- coming to a sudden stop or violent end

    √ MATCHED PAIR SYMBOLISM- another vehicle or mode of transportation crashes

    √ LITERAL- this means that the focus of the dream is on the people,; what is important about the dream is how the people will be affected

    √ QUANTITY OF BLESSING OR CURSE- beyond the literalness of the people, an additional implication may apply since a group of strangers may indicate a curse.

    √ MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- a dividing line all the way across a house, building or vessel indicates that it will not stand. Have seen this across a ceiling depicting divorce.

    √ MATCHED PAIR SYMBOLISM- The complete break you describe here also symbolizes the complete breaking/division of the vessel itself. As you said, the floor completely disconnected. God was also saying that there was a flaw in the bus.

    √ BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM- This is deep. Remember what happened to the veil in the temple when Jesus died on the cross? Matthew 27: 50-51 reads, “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.”

    The tearing “from top to bottom” signified the discontinuation of the Old Covenant (the law and sacrifices) and beginning of a new covenant (the sufficiency of atonement on the cross) Hebrews 8:13; 9:8-9. In this dream, it might also signify the end of earthly life and beginning of eternal life!

    √ MATCHING TRAIT SYMBOLISM- It is as if the people are lined up in the direction they would to exit.

    √ PERSPECTIVE- Where the dreamer is located in a dream can be significant. In this case, your position indicated that this had something to do with your mum.

    √ CLARITY- My take on the blurriness and your distance from the accident is that God in his grace wanted to spare you the pain of experiencing this trauma up-close-and-personal literal element of the dream.


    I believe that the above notes are sufficient for interpretive comments, but you brought up two other issues.


    You are asking: why doesn’t God speak more plainly and consistently? and how do we know whether to expect literal fulfillment of a dream?

    If you absorbed our notes on the elements of this dream, you will see that actually very few of the elements were strictly literal. Out of the 9 elements listed, only a couple of them incorporated literal dream language. It clearly was not God’s plan for you to fully understand the meaning of the dream in advance of the accident. It’s always easier to make sense of a dream after it has been fulfilled (I’m sure you noticed all those bullet possibilities which ended up not applying to this dream).


    In my experience God truly knows our hearts and how much we can or cannot take… and in His grace, He sometimes holds back. The words of Jesus as recorded in John 16:12 apply to our dream life today, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.“


    A second principle which applies to your questions is found in Proverbs 25:2, It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings. As children of the King of Kings, we are the kings spoken of here. This is simply the way God has set it up. And one reason is that if He told us everything in detail, we wouldn’t need a relationship with Him.

    Then there is the reality of the age we live in that Paul expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:12, For now [when we have the Holy Spirit within] we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then [when we are with Jesus] we shall see face to face. Now [when we have the Holy Spirit within] I know in part; then [when we are with Jesus] shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

    2. THE CURSE

    You mentioned an evil aunt who is into witchcraft and she hates you all and cursed your mother saying she would die in a road accident.

    I can’t even begin to understand why God would allow such a horrific tragedy that struck so many and you personally. Death robs us of so much. I often relive happy memories with my parents, but they generally bring tears to my eyes. I don’t think I will ever stop deeply missing them until I see them again.

    Herb & Helen 2What I have learned in my experiences with the deaths of each of my parents and the dreams- surrounding their deaths- is that although the affects of death are monumental to us, permanent, final, catastrophic… God sees death as the natural order of things, and delights to take His beloved home. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants. Psalm 116:115

    As for the curses and the demonic possibilities you conveyed (some not mentioned here), we agree that such things can be real. It’s scriptural. The word curse and its derivatives are found more than 200 times in the Bible. That many passages can’t be ignored. Thankfully the word blesings is found more than double as often.

    Are presidential nicknames like “King Cobra” of any spiritual significance? God only knows. Could your aunt curse your mum through witchcraft bringing so many down with her? It’s doubtful that she had that much spiritual authority, however she may have heard of this diabolic plan through the real perceptive powers provided by the dark side.

    The Bible reveals that things happen for many reasons. Tribulation here on earth was confirmed by Jesus, “These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

    There are no words for what you and many others in Zambia have suffered. Though your mother is now happier than she ever could have imagined, God is especially compassionate to those who are grieving- the widows, widowers, and orphans. We are confident that He will show himself mightily in the coming days and weeks of your life. After our 22-year-old daughter lost her fiancee, she entered a long very sweet season. Always blessed.

    We will all continue our prayers for your strength, peace and new blessings.

Fruit of Unfaithfulness - link


177001_10100208065646822_355145472_oI dreamed that the man I love slept with someone I know and she got pregnant. I don’t see her at all and he doesn’t know her either.


I can see how this dream would be disturbing! Fear not. The dream does not indicate the unfaithfulness of your husband. You are being informed that there will be fruit from something he has partnered with! It’s my guess that the meaning of the name of the woman will tell you exactly what area of his life God is talking about.

For instance, if the pregnant woman’s name is Kelly, the dream would mean that your husband has connected with a brave warrior that will be successful in battle. If her name is Hailey, his heroic actions will be rewarded.

Please get back to us with the name! We’d love to help you more specifically and also to be encouraged by what God may be doing in your life.


Her name is Jana.


So with that added information here’s our comment:

It would appear that your husband has partnered with the grace and mercy of God! That’s wonderful! Expect a gift from the Lord, and in particular, a gift requiring responsibility. This makes me think of you becoming pregnant, but the gift can be anything. Are you in need in some way of a gift from God? We’d love to hear.



Car on Street


car-on-street - SQLast night I dreamed that my husband I am separated from came to my house because he saw a vehicle out front and acted like he had clothing for my children, but I could tell he was just snooping, and he actually had his own shirt in hand. He got mad and started yelling asking who was at my house. I said one of my friends, he left and came back with a suitcase full of my kids things still yelling and arguing.

We were outside and I looked up and saw about 5 tornadoes coming. I yelled to my mom to grab the babies and get to the basement. We went down there and made it safely but my husband didn’t make it down. This is the second time I have dreamed of storms and everyone making it to the basement but my husband. The first basement was at a church we found. This time it was in my own home.


The dream is surely a prophetic message from God, and your confusion concerning whether your husband is supposed to be part of your future will soon come to an end. The dream reveals that you will get real clarity, but he will not. Most likely a series of events will break this apart for you so you can see clearly.

The segment about the clothes indicates two things. 1. Lack of sincerity about provisional responsibility (a Biblical mandate for a father). 2. What he has to offer you don’t need.

The other dream you mentioned seems to bring insight into your husbands lack of revelation concerning spiritual things. Basically, it says that he doesn’t get it. This only becomes your burden if the Lord gives it to you.

The Lord seems to be telling you that He has prepared a future for you and it awaits your initiative. (the car awaiting you on the street). Our interpretive comments on this may be controversial to some, but we stand by them. Life is sometimes messy, but God can redeem it all.


That interpretation was exactly what I thought it would be and more. I am struggling to let go of my husband because of the family aspect involved and the kids. I know God has a Godly man in my future; it’s just the letting go part that has been so difficult. I am always taken back from my spiritual progress by this man, and it shouldn’t be that way. I want my kids to be raised knowing Christ as their everything, and he prevents this from happening. I thank you so much for what you have done for me today! God Bless!

P.S. Another aspect of the dream I forgot to mention, because I didn’t give much thought to the car outside until you mentioned its meaning, was that it had red stripes. I feel now this was important as well, can you tell me what the red stripes on the vehicle might have meant? Thank you.


I’m so glad you shared this piece with us. The car is on the street available to move you ahead, into the next season of your life. If you weren’t supposed to move ahead, it would have been in the garage. It represents your activity- what you are going through, with the stripes describing the process.

It’s as if God is showing you that he has been applying clean bandages to your wounds as you keep receiving new ones. During medieval times a barber might perform tooth extractions, bloodletting, and other minimal surgery in addition to giving a shave and a haircut.

The red and white colors on the barber’s pole are symbolic of bandages: white for clean bandages and red for blood-stained bandages. The stripes are a beautiful image of God attending you like a nurse during this season. I can identify with what you are going through. Two of our married children have gone through a similar season. What was interesting was that the Lord gave us advance messages through dreams. As things unfolded, these dreams comforted us and let us know that he was purifying our family, removing what didn’t belong in the long run. Concerning divorce, it was as if He was saying, “OK, you had what you asked for. Now it’s my turn to give you what I want.”


Thank You so very much Lyn! God led me right to your site after this last dream and I am so blessed b/c of it. I am so overwhelmed with the affirmation God has given me through you! One thing your said really struck me, because I know God knew how badly I wanted this man when I was younger “OK, you had what you asked for. Now it’s my turn to give you what I want.” I have heard that same thing in my head many many times!

Cash up my Sleeve


Cash-up-my-Sleeve-150x150I’m 42 years old I dream all the time. Last night I had a dream about preachers and one came down from the pulpit and sat with me. Another preacher which was a women spoke to me and said with her finger pointing towards me do you know how much God loves you at that moment I was standing right in front of her.

Then I was back at my seat next to the preacher and it was time to give an offering and I wanted to give but I didn’t have anything to give. The preacher asked me if I had any money; I said no. When I wasn’t looking, he put quite a bit of money in the sleeve of my sweater for me, and he went back to the pulpit and I was thanking God and the preacher. I placed my hand in the left side of the sleeve to count all the money; it was thick and I woke up.


Not surprised you wrote that you dream all the time. This one seems to be an everyday type, the most likely scenario that God is sending you a message of comfort and encouragement to give you a boost.

It’s my guess that you’re going through a struggle with doubt– perhaps both in yourself and in God. While your faith in general may be in tact, you may be questioning whether God is really there for YOU. The Lord is saying that although you may not see Him, He is definitely there behind the scenes and loves you more than you can fathom. He still has an awesome plan for your life, and while you may be feeling like you have nothing to offer, you are actually richly blessed and before long you will see the manifestation of that favor.


Good morning. Thank you so much. Everything you said is true and it all makes sense. I’ve been going through and now on disability and it’s hard. I know God loves me and will provide. God bless and keep you. Have a wonderful day.

Staircase from Hell


Staircase from Hell FBI dreamed that I had arrived at a hotel and as I approached the counter to be checked in I was told that my room would be on the 100th floor. As I begin to go to the elevator the clerk shouted out to me that the elevator was broken and I would have to take the stairs. I begin to walk up the stairs and as I was going up I begin to see so much wickedness on every floor. Spirits with their name embedded on their foreheads, anger, immorality, lust, adultery, fornication, offense. I continue to climb the stairs and it started to rain in the staircase. I woke up the next morning with Deut. 31:16 and Judges 2:12 in my heart.


This dream appears to be about your coming opportunity for personal testimony arising from your response to a significant test.

Hold firm to your faith and expect a noteworthy struggle against evil of all sorts. Deliverance is the goal, and deeper spiritual understanding and authority the byproduct. Your testimony after this experience will impact others, but more importantly, it will move you to a whole new level of faith.

This makes me think of a person entering jail or inner-city ministry. Don’t concern yourself with the magnitude of evil; it will be judged out of your sight. The experience may cost you something, but stay focused and be encouraged knowing that the duration of the challenge will be short.


God bless you for bringing clarity my dream for I am grateful to God for allowing me to find this site. So I do agree with what the Lord has given to you to share with me. What you have given me has brought so much encouragement to me and I am so so thankful.

accident car link


accident car SQI keep having this same dream, in color & very real. I dream that I find out that my Dad faked his death (he died in a car accident when I was 14 & we spoke hurtfully before his death). In the dream I was fiddling with my feet and talking to a cousin, Treeva (who was sitting far away from me) about him really being alive. I told her in the dream, “I don’t believe he is alive; he has been dead for 6 months and eleven days”. In the dream I am angry & hurt that he faked his death because he didn’t want to be with us anymore, that he didn’t love us. The strange thing about this dream this time is the numbers. They never appeared in the dream before. In reality he has been dead 6 years & eleven months. Not 6 months & 11 days.


This dream is about long-needed resolution concerning a deep spiritual conflict. The vividness, impressiveness, and repetition of the dream, as well as the cohesiveness of the element symbolism, are sure signatures that this message was sent from your Heavenly Father rather than your soul. As you seek to face the turmoil inside you, you will find the peace you are looking for concerning your relationship with your father and the circumstances surrounding his death.

In the dream your father was said to have faked his death; this is because this man (6 is the Biblical number of man) is very much alive in your heart and causing confusion (11 is the Biblical number of confusion). You are searching for peace (feet depicts peace here). The resolution seems far away right now (the name Treeva or Treva means great settlement), but is nearer than you think. You didn’t believe he was actually still alive because you are unaware of the extent of the open wounds inside you stemming from his rejective behavior and his death prior to resolution.

This is clearly affecting your relationship with your Heavenly Father who also seemed to have abandoned you in allowing such trauma at such a young age, but the peace you are seeking is found in Him who is nothing like your earthly father. The one who thoughtfully created you has never forsaken you and has planned a bright future for you. He is there to wash away the illegitimate guilt and shame, and redeem what you have gone through. You may find this BOOK helpful.

We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me. Proverbs 8:17

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:13-14

Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice. Psalm 51:7-8

How beautiful on the mountains are the FEET of those who bring good news, who proclaim PEACE, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your FEET fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of PEACE. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:14-17

velvet antlers link


velvet antlers sThis was in color, like watching a video. There was no sound but you could hear the silence. As this vision appeared I saw a set of horns. They looked like deer antlers and they were still attached to the skull cap. This wasn’t an entire deer skull. They just hovered there for a few seconds then the where the skull cap was became a molten rock glowing bright red it even had the crackly black areas that you normally see on molten rock that is cooling or hasn’t reach a high enough temp. The vision faded and I just laid there amazed of what I just witnessed.


Unless you are married, this is about you– a call on your life to prophetic ministry. In true parabolic fashion, this simple vision reveals details about how you qualify and the extent to which you are being equipped for such a calling. The 3 elements come together perfectly.


Lyn, thanks, so much for your encouragement. I suppose I am going to have to accept my gift and stop doubting it and get the training I need. I am so glad you will be offering these classes online. I am really looking forward to taking them.

Thanks for all of your help, Lyn. You don’t know how much my heart has been healed because of your help. God Bless.

Uprooted Tree Link


Uprooted Tree SQThere were 2 large trees uprooted. One that is actually on the side of the house we live in fell on the house. The other tree that was uprooted was across the street from where we live. I said to my husband i knew the trees would fall the ground was too wet.


We want to get these interpretive comments to you right away since this revelation may be fulfilled shortly. This dream is about someone who is significant in your life, and close to you as well as others who are also close to you. The time is at hand for this person to be uprooted and removed from position. This will directly and significantly impact you as well as others you are close to, so prepare your heart for what God is doing.


Thank you for your response to the dream I submitted. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. The interpretation you gave… I believe I understood what was said.

When I had the dream my mom had begun to have serious health issues. She had surgery today and is in recovery. God is in control and I know I must trust him to show me the way. God bless you and the ministry.


When the dreamer replied mentioning that her mother had taken ill, we replied with a discrete email hinting that the dream might be related to her mother’s situation. She passed away within a few days.



tornado blueSince I was a little girl I have this recurring dream of tornadoes. I am from South Fla. & we rarely have tornadoes there. In some of these dreams there would be two or more tornadoes side by side (this was before I ever knew there could be more than one tornado). In these dreams I am the only one who is paying attention & I try to warn my family & neighbors but they all move so slowly or don’t listen until the last split second and usually the dream ends & I never know who survived including myself. Another strange thing that may not be relevant is that I have a white birthmark on my stomach that looks like a tornado/strange cloud.


We feel confident that these dreams reveal the type and level of your spiritual gifting. You have been given exceptional double portion of prophetic abilities to see detail. Whether through dreams, inner visions, open visions, impressions, unexplained knowing, or auditory revelation, God speaks clearly to you providing you with divine insight not only concerning your own life, but concerning others. And you can count on Him to provide you this helpful information at precisely the right moment as you minister to others.

You have a strong calling as a prophetic minister, and this is your strongest spiritual gift, your main calling since the dreams began in your childhood. In junior high, I repeatedly dreamed that I was chewing a piece of meat which kept getting larger and larger. I kept spitting them out, but there was immediately another piece in my mouth. This revealed my main spiritual gift and role: teacher. Find a place to develop prophetic ministry and administer it appropriately or continue to do so.


Wow! Your response about my gifts is a validation & a revelation of a great struggle I am having. I am aware that I have these gifts but struggled believing they are really from God. I have had many visions & I “get” things in my spirit that I am always reluctant to share because I am afraid of speaking falsely or out of my own imagination. One of the last visions I had was so awesome, but I ended up doubting my own sanity because it was so surreal.

The thing that amazes me most about your response is that I get things in detail. I do right down to smells.

turquoise-heart-pendant 8


turquoise-heart-pendant - Copy - CopyI was going to meet Amanda (my sister) & my mom at some sort of fair so I headed down to meet them & when I arrived I only saw my mom & we were talking & she showed me a necklace that she liked she held it around her neck, it was a sterling silver drop necklace w/ a turquoise heart, she asked me to put it on her.

When she turned her back to me, I noticed that she had a tattoo on her upper back between her shoulder blades, the tattoo was a square & it had writing but i don’t recall exactly what it was. As soon as I saw the tattoo I asked my mom about it & she got really uncomfortable & said that it wasn’t real as she was walking away from me.

During this time I knew that there was a man standing behind me as if he were in the conversation w/ me & my mom but I never saw him & as my mom walked away it seemed as though he also left.

After this happened, I noticed my surroundings & there were a lot of animal/pig pens, there weren’t any animals around but the ground was dirt & it was as though we were at a ranch or farm of some sort. I heard a lot of commotion in a pen about 200 feet away from me, I noticed that there were a lot of younger males & females (18-20’s) that I did not know in the pen & they were looking at something & trying to move out of the way.

It was then that I heard a strange noise like a pig & I could see a young female w/ dark hair moving in an unnatural way & she was making her way out of the pen. She started running but was hunched over making that weird noise but in her regular voice she was yelling for people to get away, as she was running out of the pen I looked over to see where my mom was & she was standing in an empty pen that had a few open gates, I saw that this girl was running into the pen that my mom was in so I yelled at my mom to run & get away from her but the girl ran by my mom & started running towards me.

I started running away from her down a long dirt road, I stopped to look back & she wasn’t running but she was making that noise & walking very awkwardly so I stopped & started praying & rebuking the spirit that was in her. She started running toward me again so I turned to run & I woke up. I never actually saw this girls face.


As I always say, dreamers are the best interpreters of their own dreams because the message has come directly to them and they have background insight. That’s why our ultimate mission is to equip you to interpret for yourself.

After our team met last night to scrutinize your dream, we were left with the feeling that a key to unlocking it was missing. This morning, as I was coasting in bed, I felt that it came to me; and with that revelation, it all seems to make sense, and the symbolism so divinely typical.

I suspect that this dream is about the resolution to a significant spiritual conflict in the life of the dreamer. Let’s say the mother in this dream represents the originator of a situation in the dreamer’s life, and the dark-haired woman is an undesirable element departing from the dreamer. The symbolism, viewed this way, brings a positive message of hope and encouragement, and prophecies the dreamer moving to a new level of inner freedom.

Continuing in that vein, the roots of the inner struggle apparently go back to a word curse (tattoo). My guess is that there is a force in place locking in instability, abnormality, homosexuality (or something else related to the symbolism associated with the opposite of square). And this state carries embarrassment, shame, regret, and the feeling of disconnectedness through the expectation of relational rejection.

Mom says the tattoo isn’t real because curses can be broken! Our team, having experienced and overcome them ourselves, take the view that they are real, and we recommend the book BLESSINGS OR CURSES by Derrick Prince, a study of the hundreds of times the terms are used in the scripture.

It seems that additional insight is provided in the dream concerning the origin, nature, and resolution of this spiritual battle. I suspect that the young people in the dream depict the dreamer’s current environment or possibly the one this battle originated in. Emotional healing is trying to catch up with the dreamer who will get the victory as the Holy Spirit (the man) is standing behind her whether she is aware of Him or not.

This amazing and life-changing dream is telling you to stop running from this conflict and to face it, for the time has come for you to receive the healing, restoration, and love now available! (Turquoise, silver, heart.) We see a huge breakthrough coming and great joy!


Thank you so much for your insight & support! I have been struggling with a feeling of instability and disconnect in certain areas of my life so I definitely welcome a good change! I’m really looking forward to your on-line courses do you have an idea of when they might be available?

Dragon 1


dragonI was in my old House in New Jersey and I was in the second floor bathroom with the door shut praying with my friend Ezekiel (who lives in Nicaragua) and when we finished praying i knew the devil was coming but was not going to harm us so i told Ezekiel here comes the Devil and we opened the door and in the hallway was a large dragon that was red with Gold whiskers (looked like a Chinese dragon). It flew right passed us and busted through the roof and flew away. My friend Ezekiel was amazed and wondered how I knew that was going to happen.


No worries; this is not a warning dream! The purpose, rather, is to reveal the exceptional and amazing prophetic gifting and spiritual strength of the dreamer! Because of your extraordinary pursuit of the Lord through prayer and humility, and because you have removed all grounds for the enemy to attack, your armor is fully in place and you can be confident that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

God sees you as fearless in the face of the enemy whose power can’t match what you have in the Lord. The symbolism indicates that the adversary does have exceptional discerning and perceptive abilities, but his glory is false. He who is within you is greater, and you are able to send the enemy back to where he came from.

The dream is intended to encourage you by confirming your power in spiritual warfare and your strong prophetic gifting. Go forth!


Thank you for taking the time to read my dream and for the interpretation of it. I was wondering when is the next Training Class you have in the near future close to Colorado Springs?

Landscaper 5249


LandscaperI was in a past house upstairs. I hear my Dad calling me from downstairs. I feel irritated and jump down the stairs to see what he wants. My Dad is smiling and happy, at the doorstep is a man I recognize as the owner of a landscaping company. Seems he has fixed something for my Dad and is holding out a brand new silver key. Behind him it is bright daylight whilst in the hallway where my Dad and I are, it’s quite dark. It seems this man has fixed my Dad’s vehicle and put on new tyres. (I don’t see this vehicle, but know this in the dream). My Dad then tells me to take the key and put it away.


Sometimes we have to maintain a couple of interpretation possibilities. My first inclination is to suppose that dad in the dream represents the Heavenly Father with the landscaper representing the Holy Spirit because the pieces fit well together this way.

With that scenario in mind, the dream would be revealing to you that although the Lord has been with you, you have been in an uncomfortable transition in which you have had to simply hold on to blind faith because it looked like nothing was going to change for the better.

I suspect that the dream is bringing good news: Things WILL change, and you hold the key!
It may be that God is telling you that 1) humility, 2) moving in a direction that seems backwards, or 3) reaching downward somehow will take you where you want to go- bringing a desired redemption in an area of your life.

What’s exciting about this dream is that it seems to say that the Holy Spirit has been working behind the scenes to bring you strategic revelation and power for a positive and active future as led by the Holy Spirit! You now hold the key to a new life!


Thank you for the interpretation, I did believe it was also a message of hope and I have been in a place for some time where it seems I am not moving forward anywhere. There have been many times I have doubted God is doing anything but this dream does give me back hope that I need to continue trusting the Lord even though I don’t see much changing in the natural. Thank you for taking the time to interpret this dream, it makes a lot of sense now.

steep escalator 5249


steep escalator squareThe other day I had a dream that I was going up a very steep escalator ride-reminded me of the kind of roller-coaster that goes straight up to the sky- once reaching the top I was still standing and I found myself gripping the wall to the right of me, trying to hold on and prevent falling-then the next thing i know I was lying flat on my stomach on what appeared to be a conveyor belt. This space was very narrow and my head almost touched the ceiling as I rode through this tunnel like space; once leaving this space I found myself walking down the street in a suit, but without shoes. I have no clue!!!


This dream is classic. Notice how short and succinct it is. Only a few symbols. They easily fit together. Like a parable. Had to feature it! Here goes:

There is no doubt that God will be taking you to a higher spiritual level through a series of quick steps. You learn a magnitude in a very short time. This has been established by God; it is His will; it will happen.
The result will be that a personal ministry of yours will be more formalized or certified in some way. The warning, however, is that even with this new understanding, you are lacking protection because the initial training is just the beginning of what is required for effectiveness in this particular ministry.


OK. So when you put it all together, it’s saying that after moving quickly to a higher level, I will not be ready initially to “take on the world” in that particular ministry area, because the initial training is just the beginning of the understanding I will need for effectiveness. In other words, continue growing in that area before stepping out too much. Thanks! That makes sense!

Basement apt 5249


Basement apt sqMy son came to me and said, “Mom, the apartment is ready; we can move in now. Let’s go”. I said, “We need to give notice before we move”. He said, “It’s ready now; let’s go!” and left our place in my white car.

The apartment was a two bedroom basement suite. I had never wanted to live in a basement again ever, so I was not too excited about this. We went through the side gate to the back sliding glass door. The gardens were beautiful and we had full access. We realized that there was also a one bedroom suite available for $250 which my 31 year old said she would take (even though we didn’t want to live in a basement).

The door was opened for us by my friend who said, “Come in, let me show you around”. As we walked through, the room was bigger than we’d thought, huge with lots of furniture, sofas, and chairs. She said they were not ours but we would have our own. I was then led up a winding staircase to a concave balcony. She said to me, “We live behind that wall along the staircase. That is our place; there was no access to us from the staircase.

When we got on the balcony, she showed me this great expanse of land that was so green. There was a lake covered with lily pads and other greenery. I sensed there was life under the water. On the banks were dark brown trees without leaves or branches. She said, “This is the view you will have. It becomes even more beautiful”. I was amazed and felt I was going to cry at the beauty and potential of beauty. In my side vision the walls of the house were covered with green moss and the furniture was brown metal. I stood in awe. The cost for the two bedroom apt. was $900 (for a total of $1150 including utilities. I was going to have to give 3 months notice, but was moving at the end of this month.


This dream seems both impressive and vivid. I believe it’s intended to bring encouragement concerning a COMPLETE NEW BEGINNING! Seems as though you have been at the bottom in the muddy pond so to speak, but are rising above, a hard time that is now being overcome. I would suggest that this new season will be either be taking place in more than one area of your life or your daughter will be involved. Through the symbols, the dream speaks of divine finality, forgiveness, fullness of time, learning, and fruitfulness.

I would suggest that your friend is leading the way but is not intended to be a literal partner. Expect also to be initially unseen (basement) and lacking in areas such as experience, resources, funds (furniture, trees) in this winter-like season. But don’t be discouraged because the time is now for you to start moving toward this wonderful prosperity!

Since this dream seems to be referring to a major change and investment of some sort (time, money, emotions, etc.), we highly recommend that you pray for confirmation before making decisions based on this dream or our interpretive comments. Praying for more insight would be suggested.

Thank you for your prompt response. I have been mulling over this dream. I felt God was speaking to me as my level of uncertainty rose. I felt very out of the loop as to what God is allowing me to experience. I Know He has not abandoned me but I cry out to Him moment by moment. You have confirmed that He sees me. I am In the midst of Him. Thank you again. May God continue to bless your family richly. You have a beautiful family.

PS. The background moves too quickly it is dizzying, gorgeous pictures very inspiring.

To pause background image rotation. click the pause button in the gray header. Thanks

astranaut 5349


astranaut framedI had a crazy dream. I was in a restroom with a bunch of toilets lined up, but there were no walls so everyone would be able to see each other. The idea of utilizing the facility seemed pretty uncomfortable to me. What was really strange was that there was an astronaut in his full suit beside me with a doctor examining his poop! I definitely dream prophetically, but is this a pizza dream?


Notice that the dream is succinct; only a few elements and somewhat bizarre. The restroom element is classic and the space theme not unusual. Within our team’s dreams, we have seen a brother orbiting the moon without the space suit (which ended up symbolizing his hovering around his widowed mother in order to extract funds), and family members stuffing rocks from the moon in their pockets (which revealed judging attitudes originating from the 2nd heaven/hell).

The big question here is who or what the astronaut represents. Do you know anyone particularly brilliant, in outer space in some way, or flying extremely high in the Spirit?


Actually, when you put the question that way, the astronaut symbolism is right on when it comes to my husband. He could be described as particularly brilliant and in outer space in some ways. So what would that mean?


Expect the two of you to be involved with a counselor, support group, or small group of some kind with a leader who fixes things. This leader could be a pastor, counselor, or even God himself working through the group. His crap (things which don’t belong) will be examined by the doctor and this will be a good thing for the both of you. Keep me informed.


We heard from the husband. Just as the dream revealed, the couple went for several marriage counseling sessions. Unfortunately, the wife did not follow the guidance of the dream and only went through the motions with the counselors. Instead she chose to walk away from the marriage.

gold coin 5249


gold coin framedIn the dream I had October 17, I came upon a conex or two. My wife was with me and as we looked through the stuff, we found tons of ancient gold coins. They amounted to $100,000,000! To say I was amazed was an understatement! It was all ours! Not as if we were stealing it.

Also, someone was offering us $5000 for each coin (only 50-70 of them). I said, ”no way” since they were worth so much more. We are now rich!

Is this going to happen? The dream was so vivid. What are your thoughts?


Money represents the favor. If you are receiving it, that’s a good thing! The amount here is great so expect full blown favor, no half-way stuff! The ancient coins are to point you to the Ancient of Days where this blessing is coming from.

Sounds to me as if you are in some rather complicated situation/battle where you need God’s blessing in a number of ways and times, but all related. You will get total grace (5) and victory with no compromise! And also remember that this favor is so massive that it most likely flows beyond that particular situation to every situation in your life at this time!


Just getting back to you now. I’ve gotten a new job better than I ever dreamed possible! I love this career change and potential for advancement. I think this is just the beginning of what God has for me. He is so good.

Chiffon - 5249


Chiffon - 200x200Last night, Thursday, I had dream. Here it is. There was a ring which was mine or important to me. It somehow became lost in the ocean. The ocean looked normal covering thousands of miles, except it was only about 15 feet deep. Someone found the ring on the other side of the world. When I got there I saw my family’s cat (who has actually been deceased for several years now, but came into the family when I was 6). The cat died before my eyes and I was sad.

A couple of things you might want to know. The cat’s name was Chiffon. I admit I was watching Lord of the Rings before bed. Also, I was invited to go to Brazil recently, but the event got postponed. Yesterday, it was rescheduled and I got re-invited. I wondered if I should dismiss the dream on account of the movie having a ring in it, but the dream was pretty impressive.


I used to think if I dreamed something that I had just been exposed to, it meant that thing was now in my soul or mind and I was just processing the things in there during the night. Experience has told me that if it’s God talking, He can speak any way He wants. I have found that sometimes it’s as if He says, “Hey… you know that ring you were watching in the movie last night? That’s like something in your life and here it is…”

1). The dream does seem to have a divine fingerprint because it was short, parabolic, and impressive to you. It should be taken to heart.

2). This is a perfect example of why the dreamer is the best interpreter of the dream. The real-life information you provided me was quite relevant.

Since rings represent commitment and it was found across the world, the dream is prophetically preparing you what you will experience after you travel across the world. You lost the ring (commitment to travel) and then regained it. The ocean was not deep because its reappearance would be quick and no problem. In respect to that part of the dream, since you knew the day before that the trip was back on, the dream is not prophesying you will be re-invited. You already were the day before.

Instead, the focus of the dream is on the cat. Two things stand out. The fact that you have known this cat almost since you remember, and perhaps, that this cat is actually deceased. The dream seems to be prophesying to you that something you love which has been a part of your life for a long time will resurface (become a focus) and end after your invitation to travel is reaffirmed or while you are on your trip. It could be a skill, hobby, personal desire, or even a relative or friend of the family that fits that description.

Ponder this and prepare your heart. This will not catch God by surprise, or you. I believe the dream was intended to bring comfort that this loss is God’s will. And remember, ends must come before new beginnings.


As my family and I pondered your comments, we wondered if my grandmother who is in her 90’s would pass away at that time, so my mom made sure everything was in order. As it turned out, prior to my trip, my sister-in-law unexpectedly walked out on my brother. Just as in the dream, I was sad. But somehow this dream is bringing comfort. At least God let us know that He knew it was coming.

head in locker - 5249


head in locker - SQYou helped me a few weeks ago concerning a dream I had. Well, I had that dream again today, except this time my vehicle was parked on the street covered in dust and stripped. In the earlier dream my vehicle was in the basement covered in dust and stripped. The only thing I can recall about the newer dream is that the head only of a man was in my car speaking to me, while I stood outside of the vehicle . When I approached my vehicle in the dream, I said, “Oh no! Not again.” At that time a man w/o a body, just a head responded to me, but I can’t remember what he said.

After the first dream I did what you suggested as well as what I deemed necessary to move forward, but perhaps deep down I fear that what I did didn’t work or won’t produce positive results. I am not sure. Thanks for your help.


I was delighted to receive your latest dream submission, especially since it brings good news. Though we didn’t feature the earlier dream and correspondence, this one is must be shared.

For the benefit of readers‒ In your earlier dream, your car was parked in your neighbor’s backyard, and then you found it in her basement stripped, covered with dust, and minus its license plate. I told you that your neighbor represented someone near you that had blocked you from moving forward in fulfilling your purpose (what you are supposed to be doing and desire to do). After you provided more details about the dream, I provided you with a strategy to break this block.

Your latest dream reveals that what you did worked! Notice that your car is now on the street in place for you to utilize! Ok- so it’s not looking real sharp yet, but it’s available! And your jumping in the driver’s seat will begin to change the look of your future.

Concerning the head without a body. It didn’t take me long to visualize a similar dream I experienced and how life played out. It’s just a “talking head”. I’m sure you’ve heard that term before- someone just talking and without any authority! Your spiritual enemy has just been stripped of his power! He can only try to intimidate you, to bluff you. Knowing that, arm yourself with confidence. Begin to move ahead with your dreams as the Spirit leads. You will be blessed this time! And please let us know how the journey goes.

Wow!! What you shared is a confirmation. Thanks sooooooooooooo much. I will let you know how things go as I continue on.

Plumbing 5249


Plumbing FRSQI am 10 and a 5th grader and I dreamed two men came over to help with our plumbing. One of them was Italian, and looked like Freddy on Cake Boss. (He was tall, from New York, and heavy-set). Then, while the men were there, a lot of people came over for a party and stayed a long time. Then, we went to an old park where we were breaking up pipes. Then, my mom put me and my brother in a huge box. She drove us to the mall in the box. Once we got to the mall, we rode this roller coaster with sparks flying on the tracks. Then I woke up.


First, I applaud you for paying attention to your dreams at such a young age. This shows spiritual maturity and will serve you well.

Most of the time in dream interpretation, we have to work to stop linear thinking; that is, dreams are not often chronological. One of my kids had a linear dream this very week. Like yours, it was a summary of a particular area of her life. The dream told her that a season had concluded in her life with the desired result, since for some reason, she needed to be confident in that.

Your dream initially sounds like a pizza dream because it seems to ramble on, but it truly is a revelation describing from God’s perspective seasons in your life.

The dream is for the purpose of strengthening you and confirms to you in 4 ways that the situation being addressed has to do with obtaining what is desirable and removing what is undesirable (probably applies on more than one level). That is the theme of the dream. That is the challenge and the issue that God is using to develop your character and relationship with Him. But know that it will resolve at some point.

In that context, God is showing you a season of rest and relaxation, a cease-fire with regard to resolution. During this period, it seems as if the objective is in sight. But this season includes or ends by your mom’s attempt to hide you to protect you from something. The lesson for you in this is that you are your best advocate and it is in your best interest to step forward as a man when necessary.

God wants you to be aware also that a new season is coming which can be summarized in two ways: financial well-being, and additional conflict. The conflict, which will be allowed by God, would normally trigger emotional ups and downs, but you will learn by trial that in Him you have the ability to stand up for yourself and yet maintain inner peace.


I think it’s really cool how you knew everything that was happening, and how you could sort of tell the future. And it helped me a lot to know what was coming. Your words were very accurate and amazing. And it was amazing how you were able to tell my life when you barely know me.

It’s really interesting about the plumbing and how it says that I’m getting all the bad stuff out and putting all the good stuff in. And what you said about the party was also accurate because there has been a stop in fighting and a celebration started which is still going.

Your comment on the breaking the pipes gave mom great hope, that we won’t have this struggle with dad forever. And what you said about the box is true. What happened is that Mom tried to hide us, and she tried to fight our fights, but that ended up not working at all.

This will serve me by knowing my future and my surroundings. It will help me learn how to prepare. It tells me how much God is watching over me. I think He’s doing it (sharing this information) because He really loves me, and it helps me know that he really cares for me.

crab_orange 5249


crab_orange FRSQI dreamed that I was in my old apartment in my old bedroom when I saw a bug on the bed and out of nowhere a crab ate it and then my mother appeared in the doorway and the crab attached itself to her left hand, afterwards I woke up.

Related Dream 1

I dreamed that I was with my mom when we stopped at night to ask a lady to give my mom change for 7.00 dollars. The lady gave my mom seven dollars in quarters; we then asked about directions and the stranger said to make a left hand turn and take I-70.

Related Dream 2

Next dream; my sister and I were helping my mom move boxes into a new house. When we entered the home the first thing I saw were men renovating the kitchen and in order to get to the kitchen we had to walk up a few stairs.


The Lord in His grace is providing you a fresh opportunity for healing and restoration in your relationship with your mother. These dreams confirm that your mom’s perspective needs adjusting; but she will become enlightened, and put what she learns into practice! Mom needs things broken down for her, but only in a minimal way. Your role and approach (and your sister’s) will make all the difference!

God is also aware that you have been hurt and trust has been severed. If you ask, He will give you the strength and strategies. Something will trigger this season of healing, but God is instructing you concerning your approach. The default route is easy, and ‒if you had not been warned‒ you would naturally take it by quickly REACTING to the familiar trigger that will be coming up.

The wiser and more beneficial route will appear to be difficult for you because it will require humility, patience, and self-control as you RESPOND rather than REACT to this trigger. The difference is that you will not proceed through your natural instincts and emotions, not through your wounds; but rather, you will stop and allow the Spirit to work through you, to love through you. Respond in love and your relationship will not only be mended, but deep emotional issues will be healed all around.


Thank you so much for taking the time to assist me with this dream, I appreciate you. I can relate to the interpretation of the dream. Since moving back home with my mom I have been dreaming a lot about the two of us and I wanted to see if what I believe God is saying can be confirmed.

My mom and I, along with my sister went through a series of counseling sessions a few years ago at which time things hidden were revealed. We were told that there are many layers that needed peeling away and we are all willing to go through the process. Again, thanks. I am excited and can’t wait to see how Father God will bring more healing and restoration. Bless you and those who assisted you.

bluebird 5249


bluebird FRSQI dreamt I was in a past home and was following my father through the garage to see something. It was raining and it was night time. As I walked through my father walked on ahead but I noticed an exotic blue bird small like a budgie lying on the floor. Its leg had been ripped out of its body and it was dying. Its mate hovered around but this bird could not follow him because her leg was damaged and unfixable. I then realized it was me who stood on this bird’s leg; I realized I must not have noticed I stood on her. I felt complete surprise at what I had done as I really had not known I had stepped on her. I couldn’t believe I was responsible for damaging this bird’s leg. I also didn’t want to be seen as responsible and kicked the leg away from me still feeling surprise this was my fault.


First, eliminate the possibility that the injured bird is you and that you are hindering your own ability to fly. If so, correct this in your own life.

If not, heed the warning in this dream! Looks like you are safe now and have not hurt anyone (hence the garage symbolism). However, if you move forward in an area of temptation, you will have initial success, but will severely harm another woman. The Lord wants you to see what the consequences would be from her point of view, and resist coming temptations in this area. And know that another path in your life will lead to the place/person God has planned for you.


Thank You for your correspondence and patience in helping me to make sense of this dream. Yes, I also felt my father represented our Heavenly Father… and you are correct in saying a place of inactivity. I think temptation in an area in which I have been before seems to fit this, and I awakened with a strong impression as to who this was about. I believe it is a warning like you said it could be and I feel more confident in making the right choice.

truck in river 5249


truck in river FRSQI had a dream in which I saw an new blue eighteen wheeler with shiny chrome trim (front view of truck). It was on top of a river, and when I saw it, I thought it was too heavy and was going to sink. All of a sudden I saw metal things flying over it, and it started sinking. I heard someone say, “Let’s drain out the water from the river; we need to pull it out”. I then saw the river drained of its water, the truck at the bottom, and all around were rusty old trucks and cars. And I saw a man who was looking down through large windows like airport gate windows and he said, “Why can’t I have one of those old trucks? I need one.” I was sitting there in that area covered with a blanket with my supervisor. He took his blanket off and walked away. I stayed covered. The big truck looked the same: no rust. Why did this man want the old truck is my question?


The focus of the dream seems to be commerce of some sort (labor, employment, or engagement in activity). Something large such as a corporation or organization may be in trouble and headed in the same direction as others who were unable to continue their activity. This, though negative, is a move of God. How the flying metal relates to the corporation or organization you may be able to ascertain better than I.

To your question. Whoever or whatever the man represents is expressing a humble need/hope to be engaged in job or activity (perhaps this is a suggestion provides to you as an example of wisdom in this situation). At any rate, know that you are protected, but not your supervisor or whatever he may represent. The corporation or organization represented by the 18-wheeler may be able to survive.( This dream actually makes me think of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.) Please let me know as soon as possible if any of this applies, of the outcome. etc.


Thank you so much. Yes this is very accurate, I work for a huge ministry, and people are being laid off now almost every week.

Also, I kept having dreams of computers disappearing, and I had another dream that my computer would not start and all of a sudden I saw the blankets I use on my bed next to the computer. Can you comment on those?


So as you probably knew, computers disappearing would be jobs disappearing. Your computer not starting also indicates unemployment coming for you as do the blankets stacked next to your computer.

Since you had a blanket on you in the other dream, I believe God is saying that you are protected in general, but not at this organization.


Since your last comments, I have resigned as I thought it was best. I am staying home now. I really believe God does not want me there anymore. Thank you for the response on the last email. God bless you in your ministry.

Gold Nuggets 5349


Gold Nuggets FRSQIt was back in 2010. I had a dream and saw my late grandfather and I climbing a chimney type of house and we are climbing towards the roof, my grandfather was going first and removing the dust particles and I followed behind till we reach the top where we found out that we are at our old backyard garden back home were I was brought up. My late grandfather took me to a certain spot in that area and gave me a spade and told me to dig in that spot. He said, “Dig here; there are plenty of gold nuggets underneath”. Once he said that, I woke up from my dream.


Since the dream is from 2010, the situation has most likely played out some time ago. But look back to see if this makes sense. The dream was telling you that something that your grandfather represented would resurface. Whatever it is, its purpose was to lead you upward in order that you might see something more clearly gaining better perspective. Arriving at the “place” you belong (can be spiritual or attitude), or revisiting your early years should prove profitable leading you to needed wisdom.


Thank you for your prompt response. True am experiencing what you have just stressed and your comments make sense.

eagel with cat 5249


eagel with cat FRSQMy dream is simple. In real life I have several cats and my mother breeds exotic cats for a living. I dreamed I was one of my cats, and an eagle was chasing me. Not sure how I felt about that, but I was running from the bird.


God is attempting to convey the depth of His love for you. He loves you like you love your pet cats. As a cat in the dream, I’m sure you could feel the love of your owner. The eagle symbolizes the prophetic; it’s chasing you. This may be new and a little uncomfortable, but the Lord is saying He is bringing it into your life because He loves you! Embrace what is coming!


This dream was spot on, I can’t believe how God has reveled himself to me lately, he has brought me so close to his heart, and I am truly hearing his voice. It was really scary at first to let go of myself and surrender to God, but now he is working in my life in such a new and exciting way!

I can’t wait to know the Lord more closely like this. I have started prophetic ministry training since this dream and starting it was really scary because I didn’t know what to expect, but now, I feel God’s love in a way I never have before.

snake up sleeve 5249


snake up sleeve FRSQMy recent dream was simple. A woman whom is very trusted stretched out her arm and a small snake slithered out of it. I knew that the only person who could get rid of it was that woman.


Who or what that woman represents is vital in applying this dream to your life. Any idea?


OK. I am sure she represents me. My current situation is that I have moved to a new city and am looking for work.


The symbolism is obvious, then. Like all men, you are tempted. In this case it is to trick someone through a small lie. If you are seeking employment, be honet on the applications. Sounds like the Lord wants to set up up so you are in position to be blessed. The truth will work for you.


I get it… a fib up my sleeve. And I will be applying to a particularly promising job this week and would probably be tempted.


So a friend referred me to a temporary job in a neighboring suburb. The only catch was that I had to reside in that city. I asked a friend if I could use her address but remembered the dream before applying. Why was it important that I didn’t tell a little white lie? Because another job awaited me. I am now happily employed in the job the Lord had for me!

Ghost Friend 5249


Ghost Friend FRSQI had a dream that my friend died and then I was able to see him as a ghost? I wanted to know what this meant I spoke to him as a ghost and told me how does it feel to be dead.


This may be taken a couple of different ways depending on your life situation. One is that the person in the dream is literal. Another is that he or she represents another person. Third is that this friend is symbolic of something else. Let’s address three possibilities.

1. MOST LIKELY- If the friend is literal, the dream indicates a serious severing of your relationship, and it is a warning dream. I myself have experienced these kind of dreams more than once, and a major severing of the relationship followed. If this application is true, be on you toes for an event to take place which could lead to this. Then adjust your response accordingly.

2. If the friend symbolizes someone else, it’s the same warning, only it will be another person with the same name or feature. See PEOPLE IN DREAMS

3. If the friend is symbolic, and we can figure out what the person symbolizes, we will mostly likely have the interpretation and maybe even the application. Questions which may lead to decoding this? What about this person is not good (a habit, an attitude, etc.) What is this person’s most outstanding feature? Profession? Relationship to you? What is the name- it may have a meaning?

This type of dream is telling you that the thing this person symbolizes will die or distance itself in your life. If the person has something in common with you that you are trying to get delivered from, this can be a really good thing!

ballerina 2 - 5249


ballerina 2 - FRSQI dreamed I had numerous T-shirts on and began peeling them off until an old ballet costume was revealed. (I am a ballerina.)


In a number of weeks (possibly months) you will re-enter a passion which you were previously involved in. I’d say you will return to a life of dancing.


About 3 months after the dream I returned to my hometown where I will again be dancing and teaching ballet.

twelve-children 5249


twelve-children FRSQI had a strange dream that my husband asked me to be the guardian or foster parent of 12 children.


Don’t worry. Dreams are generally symbolic, spoken like a parable. I doubt you will actually have to manage 12 children. This dream indicates that you will be taking on a management task which is somehow related to 12, even if it’s the symbolism of 12 (governing).


That number 12 came true in two ways. I was asked to direct the processional for my niece’s wedding on my husband’s side. So there’s government AND there were 12 in the wedding party!

cruise ship wedding 5249


cruise ship wedding FRSQI dreamed I was on a cruise ship like the Titanic, and someone I didn’t love asked me to marry him. I said yes. A friend of mine with my same name was the wedding director. Attendees were sparse and not dressed well.


You are allowing something to be a part of your life which should not be in it. Clinging to this will not lead to a positive outcome. Do not continue to compromise, but hold out for what you need.


You are so right. As I changed my heart, it was revealed to me that the guy I was dating was not who I thoughT he was, and I had the courage to break it off.

graduation 5249


graduation FRSQThe night before last I had a dream… I believe puts many of my dreams into context (including the ones I submitted to you): I’m graduating high school. But there is a meeting being held in the large school auditorium. On stage… a prophet spoke prophetic words specific to my life two times and in two different cities. (It was amazing to me.) In that meeting being held at my high school, an old friend prayed for me and my dilemma in my dream was being so tired and even weary.

The next scene was me going out to look for a graduation wardrobe. I went to a little boutique that really wasn’t impressive. An older woman was recommending I purchase a formal looking dress jacket. I explained how I liked it but that I would choose something else. I looked around the store and picked a green cardigan sweater, a gray small straw looking hat(in my dream it looked pretty shabby but I still bought it) and I chose a necklace the accent color being green.

Just as I brought what I chose to the counter I noticed that the prophet was going to ring me up. I was awestruck thinking “I didn’t know she worked here. Why would she come work in this store? I’m going to play it cool even though I’m right in front of her. Oh no, what if I don’t have enough money to pay for this? Should I put something back?” In my dream I only had $100 cash. It turned out after she rang me up at the counter I had enough and I went on my way. We had no conversation. The following night I had a dream I was shopping in a mall. That is all I remember.


The last dream you describe seems to indicate that the Lord sees you as completing a stage of training and moving more directly into ministry. He is providing you details on how to proceed. Although the Lord has gifted you abundantly and crowned you with anointing, you are to proceed in ministry in humility. That would mean- no titles, maybe no formal position in a church or ministry yet.

What He is saying is that if you accept this humble calling to make yourself available to Him in a humble way, his promise to you is in the area of growth and prosperity. This will be a season of testing for you, however, which will lead to wonderful testimony and to increased strength and faith. You simply cannot be promoted without going through this stage.

The other dreams you describe indicate the level of prophetic gifting you have…


Hello, what a great breakdown of all those experiences in my dreams. I have to say it really resonates with me because it confirms what I knew in my spirit about what is unfolding. Thank you sooo much. I surely will keep you updated. If I want to send a love gift where can I send it to support your ministry? This is a very exciting time in the Lord for me and I thank you for your insight. God bless you.

Truckload of dirt 5249


Truckload of dirt FRSQAny idea what a dream of a truckload of dirt well/neatly place/dumped on my green lawn can mean?


Dirt can be a good or bad thing. Crops must be planted in fertile soil to produce a good harvest. Dirt in the context of this dream doesn’t sounds like something desired. You might want fertilizer thrown on your green lawn, but not dirt.

Assuming this is your front lawn (since the truck most likely came up the street to your property), this dream provides you insight concerning God’s intentions for your future. His plan includes growth, maturity, and prosperity (beginning with prosperity of the soul). Hallelujah! Relax. Your future is bright.

Someone or some force, however, will attempt to hinder this bright future by throwing “dirt” on it. And unfortunately, its impact is either widespread or influential. So it has to do with your reputation.

The fact that it is neatly placed gives the impression that this bad-mouthing is delivered strategically. It may come somewhere like Facebook, a reference for employment, gossiping to a boss, etc.

So, how do you respond to the dream? I might suggest that first you pray about and consider where this might be coming from. Use both spiritual and practical weapons to combat it, and you should get the victory. Press on!


I wish I had told you the dream the minute I had it! What you said is totally happening. I won’t give details, but his is a mess. Thanks, your insight is always invaluable.

indy-race 5249


indy-race FRSQI had a disturbing dream this week: My father was racing a red Cobra race car on a speedway. Next thing we knew, a phone call came with news that dad had died. We were all sad. Dad doesn’t race in real life. I have had prophetic dreams before. What do you think this means?


I would suggest that your father has gotten involved in something which is moving forward very fast, so it’s probably something new. Things appear to be going well, but this dream is advising that the whole thing is based on a lie and won’t work out. In fact, I believe it will soon end. No worries. Your father will be fine and is being protected in this situation.


I was aware that my folks were involved in a new venture with a partner. By the time I relayed the interpretation that you gave, what you had predicted had already come true. They found out that the partner wasn’t what they thought he was, and aborted the whole thing! Fortunately, they hadn’t invested much before their eyes were opened. Thanks!

Lammy sheets 5249


Lammy sheets FRSQI only dream about once in a blue moon. I dreamed that the sheets on my bed badly needed to be changed and I was struggling for some time to put them on and did so. That’s not the case in real life.


This dream is to encourage you. The Spirit is telling you that you can rest easy as your situation is going to change for the better and you’ll be getting a fresh start. You will be entering a new season of your life. Expect to find yourself in a new situation and know that this change is coming from God and is for your best.


I have been in a difficult situation for some months now and lately it’s been feeling like God has abandoned me and I will be left out in the cold. This is encouraging… LATER- I moved from living with my family to having my own apartment! It’s like Christmas. They’re brought me all my things, the things I had in storage.

snakebite 5249


snakebite FRSQLast night I dreamed that I was in a forest walking through a stream with someone (can’t remember who), and a medium-sized snake came up and bit me square in the calf, and I started to bleed a little. My friend or whoever it was chased it away, but then suddenly there were a bunch of little snakes, and I began to dodge them, thinking I could still keep trekking through the forest/water as long as there weren’t any more. But then out of nowhere, a huge snake with a fat body came at me, and my friend said “let’s get out of here” and so we fled before it could bite me.


As you are attempting to find your way and walk in the Spirit, the enemy is trying to hinder your progress with a lie concerning redemption. And there are more lies where that one came from waiting to intimidate you. The big lie is that not only does the enemy have the power to hinder your progress and intimidate you, but to even take you out! This is an expose’ dream from the Spirit showing you what the enemy’s strategy for you is right now. It shows that you have the ability to reject the lies by what you believe and what you proclaim.


Thank you for responding and for taking the time to analyze the dreams. They make a lot of sense and seem appropriate for what I am going through right now!

boxing_gloves 5249


boxing_gloves FRSQI am 12 years old and recently I keep dreaming that I am in a boxing ring boxing against someone.


The Spirit is giving you advance notice of a warfare situation which will seem to go on round after round. When you feel tired, wishing it was over, and wondering why you haven’t knocked the enemy out by now, remember that God wants to show himself off through you with a dramatic climactic ending, and that you are in important spiritual warfare training. He wants to use you as a warrior, but you’ll need practice.


This really helps. It’s telling me to hang in there concerning my battle with my father who is crazy and divorced from my mother. I guess this will take a while but eventually I will be the victor.

scary bridge 5249


scary bridge FRSQI dreamed I was on a highway just at the entrance of a bridge over a large river. I wanted to take the off ramp to avoid the bridge, but it led to nowhere. I found myself crawling on my hands and knees at this entrance, then dangling over the side of the bridge at risk of dropping into the river.


You are in a life transition and very uncomfortable with the insecurity of it. Fear not and pick up your pace markedly to get through this unscathed.  A path has been set before you.


I am between employments and ministries right now, and I am unsure of what directions to take in several areas of my life, and as a result, not moving forward at all. Thanks for the insight. I’m not going to allow the enemy to immobilize me.

Kitchen_Drawer 5249


Kitchen_Drawer FRSQI dreamed that when I opened a kitchen drawer, I found several plastic pitchers, empty because they were turned sideways and water spilled out and leaking away below the drawer. My husband had put the pitchers of fresh clean water there and turned them sideways to fit them in. I rebuked him; then he did it again.


You are being advised to encourage your husband as it Looks as if he has been undergoing or will undergo a test, and will become quite discouraged setting aside God’s promises he knows. You are being called to remind him of those promises at the first sign of discouragement! Restore him to a position of power by encouraging him and continuing to encourage him until he recovers from this time of doubt.


You were right about an ongoing test. So I looked for signs of discouragement from him and later that week, I saw them and tried to encourage him. Again, you were right, he pulled out of it in two days.

brick wall 5249


brick wall FRSQI was in my literal office in the dream. On the east side of the building, construction was going on. They were digging and lifting soil out. It was so aggressive that it began shaking the whole building until some bricks of my office wall (literal) fell out onto the floor. I went to my boss to warn him of the impending doom and he did nothing.


The company you work for is unaware that they are in jeopardy. Something new that relates to the industry is or will be shaking them severely, possibly technology. You will be allowed to be shaken personally first as a protection. Know that is it of no use for you to warn your boss. You must take that into consideration as you make your choices there. Also know that the company is unstable and plans for a future there may be futile.


This describes exactly what is going on at my workplace. I appreciate receiving a heads up concerning my boss.


The negatives and pressures at work continued until I made plans to quit in two months. The letters I wrote to the boss to enlighten him ended up in my trash can as I came to grips with the fact that the dream was true and that he would receive nothing from me.  One day, a month sooner than I had planned, I received a sign that it was time to quit. I did so gracefully and all is well, including that other income sources have surfaced which should make up for it.

new floor 5249


new floor FRSQI dreamed I received new flooring in my home. Next I was telling someone that I was a singer. When they asked what kind of music, I said chamber.


You will be getting the attention of a judge and pleading your case to him.


The very day after I dreamed that, I was made aware of a default ruling against me because I was not aware of a court date. I was motivated as I wrote and delivered a plea to the judge to reverse the decision even though I had missed the appeal deadline. Awaiting the decision.

wolves 5249


wolves FRSQThe dream I had was about a man that I am dating. I dreamt that I was in this room and there were vampires outside, and inside the room with me were wolves, but they were in their human form and they were protecting me from the vampires outside.

Then this little wolf came in the room through a small door and it was a little wolf in his animal form. As he came through the door, he changed to his human form and he was my boyfriend.
The leader of the wolves was in the room with us and he was laying on this table; the other wolves brought this young girl to the leader and he began to what looked like have sex with the young girl, but it also looked like he was almost climbing inside of her. I said “stop what you are doing” and the others just looked.


Yes, this dream is disturbing and quite negative, but you can praise your Lord because it is just what you needed to hear right now. I believe God is giving you critical insight and has used very explicit language because it’s His will that you fully receive this warning and then take appropriate action. My impression is that your enemy, Satan and his forces, have made arrangements to use your boyfriend to get to you‒ first, to gain demonic access to you, and then, to eventually suck the strength and life out of you.

They know that the promise of protection and security is alluring to you, but the good news is that you tell them to stop. Notice, however, that they only stop and look at you and you mention nothing about a change in the leader’s activities. It may take more action on your part than just saying “stop”. I can relate to what is going on in your life and will be lifting you up in prayer. Please send some feedback and let us know of the victorious outcome!


This is truly confirmation that I made the right decision when I broke up with him. I sensed that something wasn’t right. I’m more sure than ever now.



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