Waves of Destruction Prophesied Over the US Last December


In this post, we look at a 2019 prophetic dream submitted by a physician in OREGON.


I dreamed on December 27, 2019 that I was on beach with about 15-foot wave coming in, I stepped behind a concrete wall about 6 x 6 feet to avoid direct contact but I wasn’t too concerned.

The wall fell over towards me (slowly) and I easily stepped out of the way.

A moment later, a giant 150-foot wave was coming in fast. I was scared, and I happened to be under an interstate highway over the water when the big wave hit. The bridge collapsed into water (where I was submerged).

I thought I would die but I didn’t, in fact, I felt protected, safe and at peace.

Then on May 7, 2020 I woke with the image only of the giant wave approaching the highway again and strong urge to pray.


Here’s my take:

This God-given dream received by an American doctor last December prophecies two extremely sobering waves of destruction coming to the United States. The dreamer himself is protected from both, but feels the effects. The second wave— sent by Satan as well— is intended to collapse a national transition, and to have 10 times the impact of the first. Prayer for healing in America is urgently called for immediately!


First, what in this dream suggests this is about the United States?


INTERSTATE HIGHWAY- The word interstate is used to describe the highway. The dictionary definition of an interstate is “a national system of expressways connecting major population centers in the United States.” INTER-STATE! This dream is speaking about the STATES… the United States!

BRIDGE- That the interstate was a bridge reveals something else. The structure has a double meaning. A bridge in a dream symbolizes “a transition taking people from one place to another.”

Since we already suppose that the this highway represents America, that it’s a bridge tells us that this much larger wave will be sent to disrupt and collapse a national transition.

Are you seeing this? What NATIONAL TRANSITION is upcoming this year on November 3rd? Hell’s intention is to weaken the 2020 Presidential Election so that it can not function as it would have otherwise.


What do the WAVES mean in this dream and other dreams?

WAVES- Waves carry a variety of meanings. First, in general, they have to do with movement, as in the waving of hands or flags.

And then waves describe water movements as in ocean waves.

Then there’s a wave of emotion or panic. I get these from time to time, and call them “waves of doom.” I’m confident they come from hell, and over the years have learned to disperse them quickly.

You might think also of sound waves or radio waves, which like ocean waves, involve “patterns in which some types of energy, such as sound, light, and heat MOVE.”

The term making waves comes into play here- “to do things that make people notice you, often in a way that causes trouble.” Certainly the waves in the dream were noticed!

The most applicable definition though, is this one: “a larger than usual number of events of a similar type, often bad, happening close together in time such as a crime wave, or wave of protests.”

So, are WAVES always bad?

Waves in dreams ARE generally negative and having to do with destruction.

So it’s important to remember that WAVES are most often a “move of Satan” rather than a move of God.

But it’s also important to know that the symbolism connected to waves depends on the context of the dream, and what other dreams and prophesies you have received.

If you don’t mind my sharing, I dreamed a while back that I was standing on the beach when I became aware of a coming massive wave with no time to react in any way other than to take a deep breath. I was overtaken by the wave, at its mercy, and submerged hoping I would come to the top before that breath ran out! I awoke while still underwater!

I am confident because of other dreams that this is speaking of a sudden influx of dreamers. So, here’s an example of a “move of God.”

The waves in the dream sent from the physician in Oregon, is clearly negative, even though the dreamer is protected and feels safe personally.

What do the other elements tell us?

UNDER- That the dreamer is under the bridge simply describes the dreamer as under the authority of the interstate. He, like many of us, is under the authority of the US government.

SUBMERGED- “I was submerged” speaks of the fact that the dreamer, though not harmed, is effected by this.

What about the FIRST WAVE?

That the SECOND WAVE was 10 times larger than the first doesn’t diminish the significance and power of the first wave.

CONCRETE WALL- The dreamer took cover behind “a concrete wall about 6 x 6 feet to avoid direct contact.”

Notice that the wall was considerably smaller than the wave, and slowly gave way to the wave. This speaks to the POWER of the wave. It was coming for sure and would have a significant impact, even though the dreamer himself was not harmed.

TO AVOID DIRECT CONTACT- this language precisely describes what all of us are trying to do amidst the PANDEMIC… avoid direct contact with the virus!


We are so blessed that Dr. Don sent in this dream, because it applies to all Americans as well as you all around the world!

Dr. Don pointed out, by way of the background information that he included, that after his flashback of the second wave on May 7, 2020, he did some research to check on his suspicions concerning what this dream might be addressing.

He was astounded to find that the DATE of the dream was the exact date the Chinese doctors reported the new CORONAVIRUS to Wuhan public health!!! It was December 27!

Interestingly, this wasn’t publicly reported because doctors reported the unfortunate release of the virus in social media on December 30. Their 12/27 initial warning went unpublished.

So the pandemic had just been discovered the day of his dream, leaving no possible way he could have known about it at the time. Now, that’s a testimony to the preciseness of God!

Sometimes the dates dreams come can be significant, so recording them is a good idea. My first warning of the coming pandemic was on July 16, which when reviewed later, ended up also to carry a meaning.

Keep reading for another instance of this principle connected to the flashback of this dream.



This dream prophesies TWO DESTRUCTIVE WAVES overcoming America… the first wave is being fulfilled with the outbreak and spread of the CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC and America’s reaction to it… the shut down!

BTW- Though this virus significantly effected many many other countries, this dream is speaking of America only.

Concerned about the second wave— presumably an outbreak next fall— Dr. Don submitted this dream to us May 10.

I find it remarkable that as I write this, a different kind of wave has swept through the United States! I’m speaking of the wave of riots, looting and anarchy in the streets of America.

This notion is not solely based on what I see with my earthly eyes.

The timing of Dr. Don’s flashback of the SECOND WAVE appears to carry its own prophetic memo. It took place exactly 18 days before the death of George Floyd… and the number 18 biblically symbolizes BONDAGE! This revelation is HUGE! Do you see America’s bondage in the streets? Do you comprehend that America is being held hostage?

If you know me, you know that my husband and I have an immutable call to the black community. For the last 2 decades we have worshiped with African Americans. Look at our bio. We are appalled and infuriated at the brutal death of George Floyd.

But what we’re seeing on the US streets is not the solution, and much or most of it has nothing to do with him and doesn’t honor him. Lighting up St. John’s church? Defacing the Lincoln memorial? Destroying and looting businesses? Assaulting random citizens? Shooting police?

The injustice inflicted upon George Floyd was just an excuse for these anarchists and thugs to do what they do best. But they apparently fail to see that they are inhibiting the rights of peaceful protesters by making the streets unsafe.


I’m convinced that God sees THIS WAVE as having an EXPONENTIAL IMPACT ON AMERICA as compared to the pandemic. And that’s MONSTROUS, because we thought the pandemic, with all it’s lock-downs, was enormous, even ushering in dangerous governmental precedents!

This 10-TIMES GREATER IMPACT may not depict the length of time this wave hits, or even how widespread it will be as compared to the pandemic in the US. But it is intended to do 10-TIMES THE DAMAGE TO OUR COUNTRY.

In particular, disrupting a Presidential election (the interstate bridge) is an enormous scheme! But when the devil is immensely threatened, he goes big! The world has seen it before, and will see it again in these end times.

Let me just go ahead and say it: Hell wants Trump out! Why wouldn’t it? According to Scripture, hell’s top agenda in the end times is ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT… while President Trump promotes AMERICA FIRST… not to mention his ardent work on behalf of religious freedom and freedom in general─ not only in the US, but in the world─ his stance the saving of unborn babies, and his commitment to the nation that the Bible calls us to bless. And if you don’t think these commitments are biblical, your Bible needs dusting off!


We are promised, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”2 Chronicles 7:14

There is power in numbers (as we are reminded by the current atrocities perpetrated by mob rule in the streets). But we believers have MORE POWER… the POWER OF PRAYER AND FASTING!

Five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight; your enemies shall fall by the sword before you. The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Leviticus 26:8, Psalm 46:7

TOGETHER, WE CAN DEFEAT THE DEVIL! We can loosen his grip!


Dr. Don shared about the fulfillment of the prophecy concerning his personal protection in the dream: “the day before my vision, I was promoted at work and given a raise. I see that as fulfillment of the personal aspect of the dream. My hospital was not significantly harmed by first wave of COVID.

Praise to God!” Fear not. Look to the Savior; He will protect you!

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READERS: Comments welcome below.

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of PropheticDreamers.com

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March 24, 2021

8 responses on "Waves of Destruction Prophesied Over the US Last December"

  1. Dear Rev Lyn,
    Thank you so much for receiving my dream, your amazing interpretation and thank you for publishing on this platform. I felt a strong urge after the 2nd image to pray and encourage others to pray regarding this second wave of the dream, which occurred well before the death of George Floyd, as you noted. I feel on my heart our country has two issues to pray for: eradication of racial injustice and eradication of COVID (without a second wave pandemic). And for our election in November of course! Thank you again for publishing this dream and interpretation, I encourage all who read it to pray, as our God is mighty to save and will respond to his people united in prayer in Jesus name.

  2. Hi Lynmarie and Don.
    Thank you for sharing this. It was especially of interest to me because two nights ago I had a dream I was on a balcony overlooking a busy, multi-lane highway and then of a wave suddenly washing up over the edge of a very large pond (in L.A. according to the dream). Then the next day I saw this posted on your site probably very close to the time I was having the dream! (Being in Sydney Australia, I’m 15 hours ahead of Oregon time).

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you very much for sharing your dream in this post–reinforces the message (another witness). Interesting your perspective (the balcony) and the setting (US) supports Rev Lyn’s interpretation of my dream. Please join me in praying for a move of God across US–and world–to heal the land. Our God is greater!

  4. I was so encouraged reading your dream, Dr. Don, and yours also, Carolyn! I’m so thankful for the Lord’s confirmation, and as you said, Don, “another witness”.
    I too had a wave dream on 3/12/20. In the dream, I was looking out a large window while I was standing on a ship. I saw a dark storm of ocean waves building, and then rockets fired at us but they fell short of the target. I’m thankful that the Lord confirms His message to us. I have another dream to share but I will post it in another comment.

  5. On 10/28/19, I dreamed I was on a large white cruise ship that capsized. I saw a diver, wearing a backpack with a medic red cross on it, dive from the top of the ship as the ship was flipping over. A voice behind me said the diver was trained for this, that he had spent his whole life training specifically for this. Then, at the precise moment, the diver, being deeply submerged, tipped the edge of the ship w/his foot, giving it the slightest little nudge that began turning the ship up-right.
    This spring, when I heard the words “tipping point” the Lord would bring this dream to mind. I believe at the precise moment in time, the Lord will bring healing to our country.

  6. God bless you Dr. Don and Carolyn! Thank you, Dr. Lyn for providing this forum for us! I thank God for you and your ministry!!

  7. Thank you for posting MTOW, another witness. I found your dream with the diver righting the ship to be very encouraging. I agree with you, the Lord will heal our country at just the right time. He won’t give us more than we can bear, then we will be ripe for the “waves of revival”! With more water will come a more abundant harvest! God bless you, Don

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