Seen War Room?

Toe BrokenIf you haven’t read my post, Promises and Prodigals, I suggest you find a couple minutes to do so because it includes a very encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness in answering prayer, and also of God’s clarity in directing a dreamer how to pray.

If you HAVE read it, you may have noticed an image of a woman in prayer. And if you’ve seen the movie War Room, you recognized the woman.

If you haven’t seen the movie —or maybe you haven’t heard of it— I wanted to bring War Room, a movie produced by the makers of Fireproof, to your attention.

War Room Screenshot
The Kendrick Brothers have taken movie production to a whole new level on this one! Every aspect has been stepped up… the script, the actors and actresses, the videography, sound mixing, music, etc. Clearly, War Room has set a new standard for “Christian” Movies.

The characters, both realistic and endearing, have no problem bringing tears to your eyes, yet interject delightful unexpected humor.

The movie’s message is needed and powerful! If you’re a believer, this is a must-see, and it can be life-changing! One of our daughters invited several of us to a matinee showing, and each of us was moved… and not just for the moment.

Whether concept expressed in the movie is a new to you, a wake-up call, or a reminder— utilizing it in your own life can bring you to a new level of peace and joy.

It’s also a great tool in ministering to a friend or loved-one who is struggling with something!

War Room is still showing in some theaters and in some dollar theaters, and is available now for pre-order of Blu-ray or DVD.
If you’ve seen the movie, please share your comments on it! If you haven’t, WATCH THE TRAILER.

March 26, 2016

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