Superbowl 50 Dream Implications

Ok. I have toiled over whether I should share this particular information that I’ve gotten from 3 prophetic dreams. Why? Because it’s incomplete and could therefore be misinterpreted.

But bottom line, I just can’t resist the fun on this Superbowl 50 morning since these dreams carry an implication about the outcome of the Superbowl.

I’m going to give you the short version.

First, let me make it clear that I don’t believe we have the kind of God who gives us more information than we can handle. And he doesn’t give us irrelevant information. That is, God almost always gives prophetic dreamers information that somehow, pretty directly, concerns us personally.

And I’m not talking about His helping us win a sports bet. Several years ago, I had a flash dream of a San Francisco 49’er standing there in full uniform. I was told “winner”. Did God want me to make some money? No. The purpose of the dream involved personal confirmation concerning direction in a completely unrelated issue. And the dream turned out to be important and reassuring when it played out. You can read about it in “My Favorite 49’er”.

With that said, let me share that God has used Peyton Manning in a couple of dreams a while back. And now this week, John Elway. These NFL legends symbolize something very positive in the dreams. And being a winner is part of it.

superbowl 50If you’ve been following Peyton Manning’s career and his challenges with the Bronco’s, you see what I’m seeing about him in terms of what specifically he might symbolize. What stands out about him?

Manning has secured numerous all-time NFL records and he is no-doubtedly a winner. Some say he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. That, of course, depends on your assessment criteria.

But what else stands out?… That’s right. He endured a number of neck surgeries and then came back into the NFL to the Broncos to continue to break records. That right there makes him a comeback kid. Notable for dream symbolism.

Then there was that disastrous Bronco’s Superbowl defeat 2 years ago. But Peyton came back and has kept fighting.

Then Manning suffered a foot injury this year, tried to play while injured- which was a disaster my husband endured from the stands. Peyton was out for 6 weeks and replaced by a younger Brock Osweiler who did well enough to create a talk-radio controversy as to whether the Broncos should bring Peyton back at all. This must have been humiliating… but also motivating.

Manning returned and did well as the playoffs approached. That right there, another little comeback.

A couple of playoff games later, Broncos head to San Francisco.

Now, if this great quarterback ends his career with a Superbowl 50 victory, that would make him a POSTERCHILD FOR AN OVERCOMER. And a perfect subject to be used in prophetic dreams as a comeback kid.

So I wonder whether those dreams we had about Peyton Manning a couple of years ago before the Superbowl disaster prophesied a comeback… for us. It fits our scenario, matches other prophecies, and sound likely to me.

What I’m saying is that God, knowing the future, may have used this Bronco’s quarterback as a symbol of success after much tribulation. A symbol of an overcomer. And to put the frosting on the cake, wouldn’t you think he’d need to win this, his presumably last Superbowl?

On top of that, why did the Lord give me a dream this week involving someone giving advice to a contestant to tout that they had been coached by John Elway. If that’s something to brag about, why would the Bronco team owner loose today?

I can’t say that I understand all the mysteries of God… not even close. But from my 16 years of dream interpretation studies, I’d say these dreams have Superbowl implications and specifically Superbowl 50 today.

We’ll know in a few hours, but I’m predicting this will be a suspenseful game all the way through with a comeback from the underdogs at the end. Wouldn’t that fit? I hope you watch with interest this afternoon, no matter who you’re rooting for.

OK. Time to get busy making those appetizers and desert!

March 26, 2016

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  1. What can I say? I was right on about the Superbowl! So I have a similar dream scenario which tells us about an important matter affecting the USA. When the Lord releases me to share it, you’ll be the first to hear… given that you subscribe to follow the posts!

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