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Institute Logo - 40x100We’re excited you’ve found us! Not for our own sake, but for yours.

We hope you’ll benefit mightily from the resources on and courses we post on

Seems like we’ve been blindsided so many times, made so many mistakes, gone through so many trials and overcome so much that it just wouldn’t be right if others couldn’t learn from our triumphs and tragedies!

Our blog,, is filled with informative and testimonial articles and posts on dream interpretation and related topics, and includes a dream dictionary and hundreds of dream submissions, interpretations and feedback.

Our first course, available on, –15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers– was born out of demand… time for us to stop interpreting your dreams and provide you a fast-track to understanding your own.

This course─ consisting of 4 modules─ is one in a series yet to be offered, but will provide you a significant foundation in making more sense of your dreams. Includes over 9 hours of video instructions, forums, and a certificate of satisfactory completion.

May God richly bless you as we journey together!

Why Prophetic Dreamers?

Institute Logo Icon 30x75Because of you.. you who find yourself wondering if your crazy dreams have any meaning? While your front lobe says the idea is loony, the back of your mind seems to intuitively know that the dream you suddenly awoke from last night carries some kind of a message. After all, it was so real. You can still replay it your mind. You can see the colors and hear the sounds even days, weeks, or months later.

We ask ourselves where dreams come from, why they’re so bizarre, and if they contain secrets that could be valuable. People from every millennium in every culture asked the same questions: Do dreams originate from the soul revealing hidden repressed feelings? Do they have spiritual supernatural origins? Do they contain heavenly messages? Do dark spiritual forces speak to us in the night?

As cultures become more intellectual and less superstitious, their beliefs concerning dreams shift as well. Many Christians today say that a dream from God is possible but rare, and would be identifiable by its straight forward style similar to the angelic visitation to the virgin Mary.

And yet, many today —regardless of religious affiliation— have discovered that at times their dreams have proven to provide them supernatural insight into a present situation or into the future. These dreams seem to give direction, understanding, or encouragement.

And that’s the reason for our community. We have personally experienced thousands of those unexplained and prophetic dreams. We have been provided strategic insight that when followed, made all the difference. We have misinterpreted or misapplied such dreams and found ourselves in trouble. And then repeated that same mistake too many times letting our hopes and desires cloud our understanding.

We are committed to helping you access this 4th dimension and apply it to your life. After all, what can be more valuable than gaining divine or strategic insight? Though many Christians argue that dreams are not prophetic, they’re the ones who haven’t searched out the hidden meaning of their dreams to notice that they coincide with their lives. These well-meaning folks haven’t experienced the satisfaction, the victories, the inner peace that can be provided through dreams.

For those bold enough to make the journey, we welcome you, but we publish a warning as well: interpreting and applying dreams, if handled improperly or incorrectly, can have disastrous results. It can damage relationships, cost you your job, or send you across the world where you will not prosper.

But, if handled properly, dreams can lead you to the right spouse, the right job, the right activity, the right home. Dreams can bring hope and comfort even in the most difficult situations. And best of all, they can encourage you to become the person you’re intended to be.

To get started on this journey, we suggest you take the course “15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers” and then join the DREAMERS KEY FORUM to discuss dreams in this community.

Sweet Dreams!

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