Flying in Dreams– A Christian Perspective


Universal Dream Element

Flying without the aircraft! You are the aircraft! Flying in dreams may be in conjunction with the fleeing dreams where you run and then eventually take off into your own personal flight (the breast stroke works but it’s quite a struggle to get air to do what water does and you don’t move very fast).

Or you simply may be enjoying the ups and downs of taking to the air!

Flying dream experiences can be fun, interesting, exhilarating or scary. The dreamer can experience hovering or levitating as a means of escaping pursuit or as an adrenaline-charged
escape from a predator.

The ability to levitate to a height which may be as high as a rooftop, tree top or telephone wire is usually gratifying because the dreamer has foiled the enemy. The enemy cannot reach them, they’re too high. And the amazement and awe of the ones pursuing when the dreamer rises above the chase, is pure chewing satisfaction.

Other types of flying might include flying at altitude comparable to a plane, helicopter or drone. The ability to rise higher, go lower, or do acrobatics is also fun and enjoyable.

The dreamer might just enjoy the view or get pleasure from the fact that they are actually performing like a plane or helicopter. Whereas, if we were suddenly able to fly by ourselves in real life at these heights would be a total freak out. But in a dream, the dreamer may feel safe and untouchable, and the ability to control the flight at will can also be invigorating.
Flying in an aircraft carries a different meaning, of course- see airliner dreams.

READ ON to explore a Christian Perspective on flying in dreams through the air without an aircraft.


Congratulations! You will be learning to soar over your circumstances! This often means that you are undergoing circumstances that are less than enjoyable… circumstances that must be dealt with.

Flying dreams also indicate that you are called to higher spiritual levels than you are presently experiencing… or possibly are even aware of.

Dreamers who fly in dreams are called to understand spiritual things at higher levels than most, and therefore will most likely be passing what they learn to others by way of teaching, preaching, or counseling.

And, by the way, many who are looking to the New Age for spiritual solutions have flying dreams! This dream theme is common among those who enjoy or seek spirituality and the supernatural, no matter the religious belief.

Flying dreams are a significant sign that the dreamer to connect with God on a personal and intimate level. Ephesians 1:3- Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places

LEVITATION is a different dream element… as even thought one could note that the dreamer is not moving forward, they are going UP! Going up is a very good thing. It prophesies moving up. This could play out in a new level of spiritual insight, a higher position at work or in ministry, or perhaps being seen by others more easily.


These dreams reveal what’s going on in the spiritual realm, which will become apparent in the physical realm.

The speed and level of success of a flying dreamer indicates the status of the dreamer in the situation the dream is addressing.

So if the dreamer is flying with ease and enjoying the flight, he or she will see such success in real life, even though it doesn’t seem like this will happen.

If the dreamer is frustrated and having difficulty getting anywhere, then the dreamer is not making enough progress in the real life situation this applies to, even if he or she thinks they will. This dreamer is receiving a head-up from the Lord that something needs to change.


From Pastor Frank

In my early life, as a young boy, I often had flying dreams. In the majority of my flying dreams I was usually attempting to get away from a person or group of pursuing persons and many times I felt threatened to the point of discovering in the dream that I could actually “self-will” myself into the air just by concentrating and mentally making it happen.

Once I began to fly and could see that I was escaping the pursuit of those who wanted to do me harm, my feelings about everything changed. I was suddenly happy and elated and excited, feeling that I accomplished something that others should and would be envious of, and that others could not do.

Being able to fly up to the top of a tall building and then take off and go forward at a fast clip was absolutely fantastic. It was invigorating and made me feel empowered. And to realize that I was doing it by just thinking and making it happen added to the joy.

I was bullied as a young boy in my neighborhood, and I was fairly small in stature until I reached about 15. I was also pushed around at school because I wore black horned-rim glasses.
Early on I started to develop an inferiority complex.

Others made me feel “small” and unimportant. At about age 12, I had saved enough money to buy a Joe Weider barbell set that was available through my Boy’s Life magazine in Boy Scouts.

I diligently started pumping those things and soon started to see a physical transformation happening. I was building my upper body envisioning myself looking like a bodybuilder, and eventually, at about 17, I did.

Not yet a believer in Christ, I had an active God conscience. God was preparing me to eventually see that I was good enough for Him by what He did on the cross for me.

I went on to be involved in sports in college and made my way through school through an athletic scholarship. I had grown from weighing 175 lbs in high school to 235 lbs in college. I had achieved my personal goal, but it wasn’t until I accepted Christ that I came to know and love God.

I set a school record in my event that lasted 11 years and was honored many years hence to revisit my college and be the keynote speaker at “Sports Letter Day”, speaking and encouraging young college athletes.

God used, for His purpose, my struggles and problems as a youth, to show me that I could achieve things in life with Him as my coach.

The flying dreams foretold that I would learn to fly above the “bullies” in my life. The dreams prophesied more than athletic victories- they prophesied great spiritual victories… over a very real enemy, the devil.


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