Not Biology Again!

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Sometimes a dream might sit well for another dreamers, but for you, it’s scary. Here’s PART A of a dream story and how it was fulfilled. Let’s talk about scary dreams.


This dream took place in a college setting among other students. I was a full-time student but only two of the classes were emphasized: writing and biology. Within the biology class was a chemistry course as well. Unsure of where to go and when to be there, I just hung out while everyone else came and went from the first day of classes. That day came and went, but I was determined to get to those classes the next day.


Yikes! The last time I dreamed about biology class was in a FEB 2007 DREAM which prophesied that I would be learning about biology at a high level.

In that dream, I was to take a college biology course. The semester was starting; I was late for the first class, and I didn’t know where the classroom was located. On top of that, I didn’t know how to get my hands on the required textbook! Ever had a dream like that? Lost, late, and unprepared? And of course, in the dream as in real life, biology is one of the last classes I would select.

Anyway, the other class I was supposed to take along with that was a choir class. In this dream I couldn’t understand why I would be taking choir since in real life I had graduated from college in 1974 with a degree in choral music education and had directed choirs in schools and choirs for many years. But in the dream I moved into the room and took my place in the choir.

The dream ended but I had a mini-dream where I saw for just a moment a man in a ladies room peeing in a toilet. My dreaming ended for the night.

The reason I say “yikes” now is that the 2007 dream was fulfilled prophetically that very week. To make a long story short, the “peeing” part took place literally the next morning as my father who was ill, devised a way to urinate by his bed without walking to the bathroom. I found that out when my mother and I walked by and unexpectedly witnessed it. (He was peeing right out in the open in front of all the ladies who occupied the residence at that time.)

At that point, I knew what the entire dream the previous night meant… college biology prophesied me witnessing my father’s death. And the choir director symbolized the GREAT CHOIR DIRECTOR guiding me every step of the way. I will provide more details on this amazing story later.


Again, I pondered last night’s dream of being late for college biology with a chemistry chapter. After thoughts of the death of my father flashed through my mind, I felt a peace as if this time the biology education I would be receiving would be the opposite, that it would be about something positive like healing this time. Maybe the inclusion of chemistry tells me that. I can’t see how chemistry education can be in death, but I’ll have to ponder that.

This dream said that I would be gaining higher education related to the human body and the chemistry related to it. This could include medication, diet, chemical therapy, or supernatural healing…

As you age, health issues do arise, but current the most devastating is the De-generative Osteoarthritis my husband was diagnosed with in April. In just several months, he had gone from an active bike-riding x-athlete to a hunched over man struggling to use a cane. If this is the focus of the dream, I will see the healing of my husband’s severe osteoarthritis symptoms.

But the fact that I missed the first class tells me to be patient, that this won’t come for a while.

And the writing class in the dream may refer to the written testimony I will be sharing with you right here on this site. So stay tuned…

October 31, 2015

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