Report from Colorado

So the suspense ends tonight. America speaks today as the votes are counted. It’s quite an experience to feel like you know the outcome in advance!

With only 9 electoral votes at stake, Colorado is surprisingly vital in this election. In the past couple of weeks, Presidential Candidates, Vice-Presidential Candidates, and their spokes-people have visited much more frequently than we expected. By attending 7 of these rallies and meetings, we have listened to plenty of speeches, spoken to many Americans, and learned some interesting things.

Here’s the report.


lift-the-vote-sqOne gentleman from Nashville represented the ministry, and passed out stickers saying, “I’m Christian and I’m voting” at Colorado Events. At the last event, he told us, “8 weeks ago, only 10% of the event attenders would take the stickers, but now it’s like 90%, including Catholics.”

Our experience at these events was that no matter where we were, we were surrounded by Christians. There were always believers to talk with, and always other believers closeby listening in, and then chiming in.

No matter where we went, everyone was more informed on the election issues than I expected, and many were well-informed on Christian perspectives and prophetic insights. It was like being in a big church, and you could feel the Spirit.

One bearded man at the National Western Arena shared a vision he experienced, and what he was shown God is up to at this time, in preparation for what’s coming next to America (coming post).

This reinforced what a Christian named Rick in Golden, CO, shared- a vision from a founding father (coming post), and his own dream about corruption being stopped as 4 black SUV’s overtook it [4 representing the 4 corners of the US].

nebraska-for-trump-plate-98-x-200Based on a disturbing dream, Calvin and Nancy took 2 weeks off work and came from Nebraska to Colorado to attend every event including Bill Clinton’s. I wasn’t able to share it’s meaning with them earlier, so I hope they read this.

Calvin dreamed that he was on the secret service team for the Presidential Candidate who was good for America. They hovered over the ocean and then the team went down!

Interpretation: God has chosen a President in secret. But the secret will no longer be a secret as the people [ocean] vote.

One young woman, who went to the same Christian University as one of our children, spoke in Colorado Springs and asked the entire crowd to “pray for Mr. Trump, a baby Christian having given his life to the Lord this summer” [via Paula White’s ministry].


ben-candy-carsons-usWhat an exceptional treat to hear Ben Carson and visit with his wife Candy. I was even able to get her my card and share a quick thought. Candy assured us that Ben was not seeking and had no interest in an office. I took it that he wants to make his impact in a more free way.

I videoed his speech which included a good deal of interesting and relevant history; he’s clearly a courageous man who will be blessed in much greater ways (posting the speech soon).

penceHere’s Vice-Presidential Nominee Mike Pence as he suggests that the US Supreme Court Nominees are the single most important issue in the election, saying that they should be chosen not for their positions as activists; but as intended, for their stance on defending the constitution.

He was applauded especially enthusiasticly when he mentioned the importance of defending the santity of life as provideded in the consitution.

Particularly impactful was when Governor Pence reiterated how Abraham Lincoln had responded to the question, “Is God on our side?”

Lincolin wisely replyed, “I’d rather concern myself more with whether I’m on God’s side!”

karen-and-mike-runningI had the fortunate opportunity to speak personally with Karen Pence! I show a picture of Mike and Karen running because one of my dreams revealed that Mike Pense would eventually be running for President. A dream of a pastor from Charleston depicted him AS President.

I will never forget the look on Karen Pense’s face when I shared that God had told some of us of the Trump-Pense victory, that they actually would make America Great again, and that she would one day be the First Lady!

Her expression spoke that she was taken by surprise having never thought of that, but that she took seriously what I had said and was pleased, but humbled at the idea! She gladly took my card to get details, and from the look on her face, I doubt she got much sleep that night!

Moments later, I was able to share the same information with her husband. He froze at the words as if I’d hit him from an angle he wasn’t expecting.


Here’s a shot of my view of Donald Jr. while he spoke to a small group of Colorado Outdoorsmen. I learned that he’d spent summers as a kid in the Czech woods and Colorado. After college, he returned to Colorado just to get away to enjoy hunting and fishing for nearly 2 years. Came off as a great guy and lover of all Americans.

I was able to speak personally to him as well. When I told him that God had told some of us that his father was going to win, he wasn’t surprised and replied, “I’ve been hearing that all over America.” Hmm, I wonder why.


mcdonalds-orders-sqOne of my 2015 dreams depicted Donald Trump in a McDonald’s- working behind the counter.

God showed me during this season that what’s going on in support of Mr. Trump is truly a movement. And there are purposes not obvious yet.

Donald Trump didn’t originate this movement, though. The people of America with their prayers for America, ordered changes in America; a restoration of moralality, a return to the constitution, a new strength and respect, and an end to corruption. God listened… and chose an unlikely candidate. No Sunday School teacher, but someone who could be used by God.

The Lord showed me that the prayers of believers were like orders at McDonald’s. And God was going to answer those prayers through Donald Trump. Mr. Trump was chosen by God just as the Persian Kings- Cyrus and Darius I- were chosen by God to release the Jews from Babylon and rebuild the Jerusalem Wall and House of God.

Decree of Cyrus- Ezra 6:7-8

Prophesy of Cyrus- Isaiah 44:28

Decree of Darius 1- Ezra 6:1-8

I can’t say how Colorado will go tonight. I can only guess. But I once again predict a Trump Presidency, and most likely this time around.

I might mention that I am unaware personally of prophetic dreams pointing specifically to a 2016 Trump victory, however; Mr. Trump’s stance and personality point to a one-time campaign, which is now.

Coming posts will share more election-related dreams, add spiritual perspective on the outcome of the election, and speak of what we feel is NEXT for America as it relates to the entire world and end-times.

FYI- If you haven’t read our other posts and the comments below them, take time to do so. Our original predictions based on prophetic dreams are explained, and spiritual perspective introduced.

November 10, 2016

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