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Ever wondered if those crazy dreams have any meaning? And if so, what do mine mean? Are they prophetic dreams? Where do they come from, and why are they so bizarre? Some say they originate from the soul and reveal hidden repressed feelings. Others say they contain messages from heaven. Or maybe hell. And there’s the theory that when we sleep our brains do not; they review the things we have seen and heard recently and produce random videos we call dreams. Some believe that several of those are possible; and others think they are all options depending on the dream. Many say that a dream from God is possible, but rare and would have to be straight forward like the angelic visitation to the virgin Mary.

You are most likely browsing this website because you have had impressive dreams, the kind that stick with you. And somehow you feel they may be prophetic. Maybe you’ve experienced the supernatural personally in some way before. Maybe it’s a part of your theology. You’re searching this topic out because although some people in your life regard dreams as strictly the pizza, your gut tells you there may be another explanation. We’ve created a place you can begin to understand dreams free- like never before.

Throughout the ages, multitudes have discovered that at times their dreams have proven to provide them supernatural insight about the past, present or future. Cultures have traditionally considered dreams sacred. Kings kept spiritual consultants nearby  to interpret dreams, stars, and the like. Though many today, including the religious, discount signs and wonders as superstitious, many of us know through experience and natural intuition that there must be explanations for what appears unexplainable.

And that’s the reason for our Prophetic Dreamers Community. If there is a way to access this 4th dimension, it could prove valuable to you. It certainly has made a dramatic difference in our lives. And for a bunch of examples which may be informative to you, read the “I KNEW IN ADVANCE” article.

All that said, where do you begin? Our courses will help you explore and come to your own conclusions concerning topics relevant to dream interpretation.

We address questions like these:

Where dreams come from?
Which ones do I pay attention to?
What does the Bible say about dreams today?
What about early Christian figures like saints?
Why do so many Christians today dismiss the legitimacy of dream interpretation?
Why would God want to speak to me through dreams?
What historical examples are there for prophetic dream legitimacy?
What about other signs and wonders?
What’s the difference between a psychic reading and a prophetic word?
Is interpretation an entitlement?
What does a dream within a dream mean? Repeated dreams?
Colors and numbers in dreams? People, places, animals, and activities in dreams?
What about multiple dreams in the same night?
What about the universal acceptance of the value of dreams from various more ancient cultures regardless of their religious beliefs?

And we cover topics like these:

The 4 components of dreams
9 pathways to obtaining interpretation
The 3 origins of dreams
9 steps to determining if a dream is from God
10 keys to interpretation
The language of dreams
Determining if a dream is intrinsic or extrinsic
Determining if a dream element is primary
The 6 categories of dream elements
The 6 radio button dream elements
Biblical dream elements
Dreams of the Bible
When to expect dreams
Dream types and purposes
Increasing your dream life
The 8 categories of signs and wonders
Vision types
Audible voices
Choosing your voice of choice
Dream seasons
Dealing with nightmares

Our courses provide information on these and many more questions so that you can come to your own conclusions. And you can take as many or few as you like. Along the way, you’ll explore the meanings of your own dreams and the dreams of others. And you’ll gain access to our on-line dream dictionary.

Before registering for a course, get started by exploring the articles and featured dreams where you’ll gain quite a bit of insight.

Propheticdreamers.com is a faith-based ministry.

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23 responses on "Let's Get Started"

  1. I’m just beginning the process of looking into my dreams. For years I have been interested & yet never really taken the time to look deeper. I am a strong lover of Jesus & the life he has in store for me, my journey. I’ve had some dreams of snakes lately which is disturbing to me & last night of actually drowning. I’m excited to read as much as I can about this & have a better understanding. After looking at your site I am excited, I have at times in my life had very vivid dreams. They are beginning to come back, even in tiny snipets! Thank you for this site. I would love to talk to someone & learn more of how to dig in!

    • We’re so excited that you’re stirring up your prophetic gifts and that you’re found us! Dreams are like riddles. I’ve made many mistakes. That’s one big reason why we’re here for you. Hope we can be a blessing to you as our resources expand this spring!

  2. I have dreams that comes to past next day in my life and dreams that going to come in news next day.

  3. I was a former muslim.It all started last year when i got saved and got baptized.dreams of Jesus voice of God.visions,sense of warmth feeling on my body,traveling to places in my dreams,when something happens to people I was in them it’s like it’s happening to me,their feelings emotions.We are one.And many supernatural experiences.I don’t know how I share this with someone else.I didn’t even know who is a prophet,I don’t know where to start.My church they don’t even want to listen to me because I saw their son who had died soon after he has born.so i keep quite.God wants me to do something and I don’t know where to start,Last night I saw an unusual dream,it’s different symbolic I don’t usually dream like that often.A giant size golden snake head raised up in my room staring at me it wanted to attack me,but i did not panic I was speaking the word”Behold I have given unto you power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” I was very calm.closed my eyes and went to sleep.then I felt the snake was moving toward my bed and stood at my feet,it tried to bite my heel,but the snake got weak and just lightly sucked my heel like it had no teeth.when I looked it was not there snake it has vanished.

  4. sorry for my english,it was not snake it was a cobra.

  5. is it biblical to see someone’s painful past and future like I saw in our pastor’s life and his family.they love me and they are worried,I can understand them.

    • This comment is in response to all of yours. The cobra is clearly a negative dream element. The gold head shows that represents a serious demonic authority which appears to be God, but is a counterfeit. Sucking from your heel indicates that the plan is to quietly remove some of your ability to bear a load.

      All put together, it sounds like God has called you to prophetically hear from Him and that this calling is important, so much so that your spiritual enemy is determined to interfere… to send dreams and visions which are counterfeit in order to overwhelm and confuse you so that you are unable to know in confidence the content God is sending.

      1) You need to begin to discern what is coming from God and what is not. This will be addressed in our upcoming on-line course (hopefully made available by summer’s end). Meanwhile, know that God does not speak through showing you the pain of others in a personal way (that is one of Satan’s techniques… you might call it a form of torture).

      2) I have no doubt that victory over this is attainable, however, there most likely is a root cause, a spiritual opening. Seek diligently what that or those might be. Since you are new follower of Jesus, this is mostly likely related to your spiritual past. I’ll bet some things need to be repented for and renounced to clear this curse/opening for the demonic. Your pastors sound wise. Maybe share this with them so that they may help guide you. Stay in touch. Prayers go out to you from Denver to Sri Lanka.

  6. thank you very much.Yes I can feel their pain like It was happening to me.few months ago I saw some people entered into my house by force I saw a woman they were abusing her.I heard her emotions her thoughts helpless,hurt because treating her like something unworthy,her thoughts saying why did you do this to me?then I saw she was taken away by water a river a man was on her.I was so terrified,next day news came she is christian woman her family went to church she was alone at home.she was a journalist.some men broke into her house and killed her.that was my first dream about News.I din’t know what to do.my church said they don’t understand and asked me to read the bible and find out more about this they said Holy Spirit shows things in advance.The dream I saw about my pastor was a girl like a daughter he was telling her not to go further he was angry but she dint listen and went she got very upset at God and said you took my son now you did this then I saw a young boy it was his son he grabbed him shot him and shot himself in his head and got disappeared in the air he was in lab like place he was mixing chemicals together in bottles,fumes. in the air,daughter came back tried to help him but he did not listen to her he was so upset.They had a son who died at child birth but when I saw his son in my dream he was a young nice boy with dark black hair,and now they have two young daughters no sons. But,in some dreams when I pray to stop in Jesus Name it happens.I saw two train crashed faced to face it went over people killing them,I woke up and said No one dies today in Jesus Name! and then I prayed in toungues.Just like was my dream news came that morning,two trains clashed face to face full of people who are going to work that morning and little children and rolled into a paddy field,no one died.four people were seriously injured,but they din’t die.then I said no unsafe train be allowed to travel in Jesus Name!because our government is not concerned about the safety of people,something wrong it’s an old system has to repair,because the railway department has no control over the trains.they need a new system.but,that was not the what the media and journalist were saying.And there were train delays and cancellations or few months.Government blames the workers but it’s not their fault.Then no train accident,some hit but no on dies,some reverted on the last moments.And also another one same day face to face collided in another country I have shared that news also no one died.then I saw news again and again about train in a row women fell from the platform but she was safe.A man drunk.And stood before a train to delay the train.this all happened in a row.Like the trains are now my subject.Oh there are lot of dreams like that I prayed.I cannot count them.when that state police officer fell down from that bridge bridge[US] and got hurt bad in his abdominal are I was there,I saw he was jumping I saw and feel how can I explain I was in his friend,he was in pain saying have to save him somehow I saw his two little children,painting the Lord woke me up.I prayed I knew someone’s in trouble then I went to see abc news,the news was there.doctors were saying it’s impossible like i saw in my dream.But,the Lord saved him.Glory to God!this muslim man who is so angry with me because I have insulted their allah and prophecied about our government.He is a prophet of Satan they,threatened me.

  7. I am a believer of Lord Jesus Christ for more than 7 yrs.I had a intimate relationship with him all those years.Went through lot of difficult situation in my Life.But never gave up on Him.more the enemy tried to attack me the more I got close to yeheshua.
    I got baptized last year and everything changed,then everything worked together for my good.I have this Peace.I know Holy Spirit is with me and God’s angels.”No weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus Name.” Love you.God bless you.praise the Lord!

  8. what is a demonic opening? because about three years ago when I was sleeping I saw some creature came out of underground ,so dark in my Spirit I have sensed it is not a place for human being it was so dark,like hell no one one wants to be there.creature with their skulls like the back of an electrical fan,long pointed.They hold my head tightly to the bed so i couldn’t move.one of them was sitting on my bed.they did not let me go.Then I cried out God help me! then they suddenly disappeared.Light came in,and I knew they will never come back again.few Months ago I saw Jesus standin in front of a sea,in His kneel grounded firmly in sand,it was a surprise I was Him,I couldn’t find me because I was Him,I looked at His hand felt them I was Him…so…wonderful.I was in Him,no more me.He was holding his hands up and controlling the big waves coming toward with His hands,it was like tsunami.I felt zero fear.I felt Power.to the depth of my being.I usually afraid of big waves.but this time it was like I was controlling the whole ocean without any fear.then the waves passed but He[I] was there it din’t took us.then another set of waves came then I suddenly looked at my body I began to fear.

    • I love that God is sharing with you what’s on his mind concerning you. The first dream you describe indicates a demonic opening at that point. What I mean by that is an official and legal reason in your life that allows the demonic realm access to you. These are associated with the concept “curse” which is spoken of much in the Bible. Thank the Lord they can be broken by actions such as repentance and renouncing.

  9. I don’t understand how can it possible for the demonic realm to have a legal access in my Life.I was thinking back and forth to see if their is any left unrepented sins.I couldn’t find any.Any way I Am righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! And I know that I know that I know that I Am free from the Law of sin and death through the blood of the Lamb.curse cannot rule over me.I have a new Spiritual DNA now.There is no place for generational curse anymore! Glory to God!Thank you Jesus! God bless you.

    • You are most assuredly covered by the blood of the lamb and free from the law of sin and death. In this world, the devil still roams about seeking whom he can devour; and we still wrestle not against flesh and blood.

      To understand how these statements can all be true at the same time, we highly recommend your reading the book Blessings and Curses. I would love to hear your comments after reading that book. May God bless you mightily!

  10. Thank you very much.I must read that book.I really appreciate your help Lyn.Love you.May God bless you beyond measure!

  11. Hi,I am so excited to know more details about the prophetic dreamers online course as a beginner.

  12. Stay tuned. I am coming down the home stretch in getting this course posted after a sabbatical to take care of other business! I’m confident you will find the course very helpful!

  13. My dream was not very interesting. I dreamt that I had a $2 bill and a 50cent coin, which are not very common. I didn’t think nothing of it. Throughout my day, later, my colleague justs pulls out a $2.00 bill. Later in different setting with someone else, someone pulled out a .50 cent coin. I just thought it was the weirdest thing. Wish it was something more meaningful, unless this may have some meaning.

  14. I had a dream of a bunch of asparagus that was bound together with thick blue elastics at the top and bottom. I had the bunch in my hands I went to rinse them off in the sink and some white worms started to come out of them. I tried to look up what it meant but I can’t find any of it in the dictionary.

    • Asparagus can cause a powerful and disagreeable smell in the urine; this is a well-known fact and distinguishing feature about the vegetable.

      A related point of interest is that urine in dreams depicts something leaving which does not belong; left within the body, it its toxic but not as toxic as feces.

      White worms which are repulsive point to something which appears to be pure or good but is not and which has worked its way in where it doesn’t belong and multiplied.

      I hope that helps.

  15. I was repulsed by the worms?

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