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Imagine a newspaper’s front-page- headlines and paragraphs here and there, but mostly blank space. And, it’s written in a familiar but foreign language. Now imagine the newspaper is tomorrow’s newspaper, but arrives at your doorstep today. VIEW CATEGORY

Though some Christians are taught that God stopped speaking after the Bible was closed, He has continued to bring encouragement, comfort and insight through the centuries to those open to hearing his voice. Sound hermeneutics & historical evidence confirm. VIEW CATEGORY

If you’re not sure dreams can be insightful and divine, read these amazing accounts of how God-given dreams have been game-changers. God is no kill-joy, because living the spirit-led life couldn’t be more exhilarating. It’s uplifting, even in the rocky times. VIEW CATEGORY

No one is exempt from feeling discouraged from time to time, and even forgotten by our Heavenly Father. We sometimes need a boost, some empowerment, and a spiritual strategy to help us navigate successfully through what life has presented us with. VIEW CATEGORY

Understanding the symbolism of an element in your dream isn’t everything, but it’s important.


“Your Dreams Interpreted” Categorization

This new and ongoing platform brings interpretation teaching to dreams from the pool. MONTHLY WINNERS are posted expediently, while RUNNERS-UP and QUICK-PICKS are posted randomly. All are crafted to boost readers in Christian dream interpretation. VIEW CATEGORY

Eavesdrop on interpretation ministry to 39 dreamers from around the world. Most posts include dreams and interpretations only, providing readers straight-forward Christian dream interpretation models. Makes for fascinating reading! VIEW CATEGORY

Travel back beginning a decade ago to visit dreams from the US and across the globe. Each of the volumes includes several remarkable dreams sent in by dreamers. Enjoy our interpretive comments and the dreamer feedback! VIEW CATEGORY

There are a few posts which fall outside of the perimeters of the “your dreams interpreted” subcategories. These interpretations continue to be posted, and tend to be highly detailed. Well worth exploring if you’re serious about interpreting dreams. VIEW CATEGORY

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