Prayers Appreciated – 2 Taken, 1 Left

jared-gen-pic1Just got back from a trip to our seminary and on to see cousins in Illinois. This morning I awakened to the startling news that our daughter’s husband’s brother and his wife were killed last night in an automobile accident. Thankfully, their 3-year old daughter survived.

We don’t have many details yet, but our son-in-law’s family could use prayers. Our son-in-law is a wonderful man of God and model husband. He has a sweet and deep spirit, was hit unexpectedly and hard by this, and could use the ministry of the Lord at a whole new level right now as he begins to even process the reality. Death is difficult for us to comprehend and to process, so your prayers are truly appreciated.

Our daughter lost a fiance to a motorcycle accident at a very young age, and knows the sting of death. We are confident she will be led by the Spirit as she ministers to him and his family.



Interestingly, our daughter conveyed to me about a month ago of a DREAM of our family all gathered together (which would take some doing in real life) as a Tsunami approached. At the time, I was concerned about my husband’s mother who just turned 96.

Jordan has been praying for years for a spiritual awakening in her husband’s family. We pray this will somehow lead them to the saving grace of our Savior and Lord. We also lift up in prayer the surviving child’s future, that is; that without family division, she would be taken into a loving Christian home.

We thank you so much for your prayers.

By the way, stay tuned. We have some important posts coming soon as we share what we’ve heard from God over the past 15 months concerning the upcoming US Presidential election. Yes, the Holy Spirit has informed several of us of the outcome.

September 17, 2016

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    • Update. My daughter and husband have pulled back from the fight for the child as led by the Lord. My sense is that they will still eventually get the child.

      Prayer now is for the child, staying at a different grandmother each week for 6 months as the battle just begins to enter the legal arena. She will be scarred by long-term confusion when she finally gets “home”. I pray the end of the resolution will come sooner rather than later.

  1. Update as of this minute. Our daughter and son-in-law at this point plan to join the fight for custody of the child. This would be good for the child, but might require TOO GREAT A PRICE (his family doting over this child- wanting excessive time spent visiting them, possibly being more fond of this child than the one in our daughter’s womb now).

    Prayers appreciated that the Lord will make His will clear to our kids, or that the will is found!

  2. I feel the same as Karen does. I will be remembering this whole situation in my Prayers too. Take Care!

  3. Lifting u guys up in prayer right now

  4. Hi – I’m so, so sorry that this tragedy has hit your family, and I will definitely be praying about the overall situation. I feel like I know you all personally, you’ve become so precious to me, and i appreciate so much how you’re willing to share and be vulnerable with this community. We love you!

    • I feel the same about you! And thank you. Around 1500 came to the funeral Thursday night. Our son-in-law’s family has searched everywhere for the will that they said they had done a month ago or so… to no avail. The child will be fought over if they don’t find it soon. We pray she goes to the right home. God has a plan.

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