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A Word From Pastor Lyn

If you’ve come to PropheticDreamers.com before, you will notice that it now looks different… the home page has changed, there are no comments on the dictionary pages, and there is no open discussion page with hundreds of comments.

FEAR NOT! We continue to have your best interests at heart! Your comments may have been archived (over 5000), but we will still be posting responses to as many as we can.

It’s been clear for some time that ONE ASPECT of our original “model/vision” for the site is no longer feasible. Clearly, the number of dreamers seeking to make sense of their dreams GREATLY OUTWEIGHS those trained and confident to respond.

Since this site was founded, my husband and I have earned our Masters in Divinity, Doctorate in Christian Ministries, and served in an inner-city ministry and as ministers in an African-American church. In early 2019, we were called to pastor Spirit of Hope Christian Church, a 22-year-old church in need of rebuilding. It has been─ and continues to be─ busy and difficult to keep up with those seeking dream help.

Recently, the Lord shed some light on the structure of this site; so the subsequent changes are by His direction.

Our MISSION remains the same! We are committed to helping you access and understand this 4th dimension and apply it to your life.

The only effective way that dreamers can do this is to LEARN TO MAKE SENSE OF THEIR OWN DREAMS, rather than turning to others for help. It is to that end that we continue this mission.

Please take the time to read below about these changes and how we can serve your needs.

Because of the overwhelming response to this site─ and the ratio of those requesting interpretation assistance to those providing it─ we have modified dream submission.

Rather than submitting your dream by way of comment on a dictionary page or for open discussion, please submit it to the WEEKLY INTERPRETATION POOL or PAID ASSISTANCE.

Dreams submitted as post comments will no longer be addressed and will be removed & archived, so please use the pool submission form.

Continue to learn more about making sense of your dreams through Enlightening Articles, Dream Stories, Interpretation Postings or Your Dreams Featured.

Look up the elements from your dreams in our Categorical Dictionary, or our Top 50 Dream Elements page. And be sure to request dream elements not yet listed.

Better yet, boost your interpretation skills by taking our initial course, 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers offered on TheDreamersInstitute.com, our sister site (additional site registration required). BTW- exciting NEW COURSE to be released this fall!

Each week, all dreams submitted via the free interpretation request form will be entered into a WEEKLY INTERPRETATION POOL.

POOL WINNERS— From this pool, 5 or more will be selected and posted with interpretive comments the following week. Pools close Tuesdays at midnight MST.

PREVIOUS DREAMS SUBMITTED BY COMMENT— If you posted a comment hoping for a reply before 10 1 2019 (we have archived over 5000 comments), use the archived interpretation request form to alert us that you would still like us to address your most recent dream (your username will enable us to find it). We will do our best to address these and post them as well.

IDENTITY PROTECTION— In order to protect your identity, our posts addressing your dreams will NOT include usernames, but will be identified by general locations. If you live, for instance, in a small town, we will NOT name that town specifically. (Locations are automatically visible to us with submissions).

● We currently offer PAID ASSISTANCE— on-demand forum assistance where dreamers correspond with the site founders by way of personal threads dedicated to helping them make sense of their dreams.

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October 10, 2019

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