Diamonds Over Gray Velvet


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Let me take you back in my life to a time when all five of our children were still in grade school or younger. Such happy memories… in this shot they’re headed off with my parents. It was a fun and busy season, a season of love and hope.

One Saturday morning a life-time ago I stood in the kitchen preparing breakfast, my husband and eldest son assisting.

Seasoning-Hamburger P
For some reason I had taken off my wedding ring and laid it on a hand towel just next to the sink. Maybe I’d dirtied it while converting ground beef to sausage with my bare hands. With the girls busy setting the table, I remained at the stove tending the eggs.

The high-pitched clink I soon heard seemed of no consequence… my son, drying his hands, had apparently sent my ring across the floor. I heard it bounce and roll. “Oh, well.” I thought, “I’ll see where it landed after”.

Diamonds can be literal in dreams, and especially in visions. I know, because I had an open vision of a diamond ring years later while pondering if I should finally give my husband permission to replace that ring (which apparently had crossed over to the “Twilight Zone”).

twilight-zone - P
Believe me, we scoured behind every crack in the floorboard, under the refrigerator and stove, and even removed baseboard. We used flashlights and mirrors, and remained mystified, even as we made our final exit years later after leaving hidden notes in the kitchen.

About that open vision two houses later… I’m talking about a vision where you’re wide awake seeing something that looks like a television screen within inches of your eyes. It’s not in your mind’s eye, but before your baby blues (or browns). That’s why we call it an open vision; it’s out in the open.

gray box PThis vision, like the majority I’ve experienced, was short and right to the point- a white-gold diamond ring floated upward through a gray velvet cloth as if it were coming to me. Though long ago now, I can still see the array of smaller diamonds surrounding the main jewel.

“A prophecy about the replacement of my wedding ring!” I perceived, “God will handle this; I’ll tell Frank to hold off”. Somehow I knew that the vision wasn’t confirming our finding a place in our budget for a new wedding ring, but rather, that God was going to take care of it, so we didn’t have to!

And by the way, that’s a truth you can stand on. If God tells you that you’re going to conceive a child at age 90, you don’t have to initiate a meeting with Hagar. Sometimes taking initiative carries detrimental consequences. For us, it would simply have been using up funds we would later need.

In this case, I was right. About a month later, during my parent’s annual visit from across the country, I was
3010 - Pgiven the precious wedding ring set that my mother’s father had given to my grandmother at their 50th anniversary. I hadn’t known of it and was thrilled! Once again, God’s prophetic word was true. Now I knew why in my vision, the ring floated through the gray-colored velvet… because it would be coming to me from beyond the grave. How special! And an amazing provision.

Surely I would wear this treasured keepsake for the rest of my years. I could count on it. After all, the Lord had showed it to me in advance not just in a dream, but in a vision!

What followed the next year demonstrates the length our Heavenly Father will go in order to prepare us for what he has planned for us. Yes, I can tell you from experience that Abba will lovingly and in grace set up elaborate plans to mold us into the children He desires us to be. He is relentlessly at work to purify us.

700_stream 2PSix months passed before the next diamond dream. Vivid, colorful, impressive, and disturbing- a white horse galloped across the stream I was standing in and knocked the diamonds right of my ring into the moving clear waters, never to be found. I awoke startled. I had no idea what this meant, but it remained with me, disquieting my spirit as it flashed back through my mind from time to time.

The diamonds in the WHITE HORSE DREAM would once again be literal and for the sake of my development as a precious daughter of the King of Kings, give me the BLUES.

Stay tuned… next post: WHITE HORSE BLUES, the embarrassing post I prefer you don’t read.

October 31, 2015

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