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January 13, 2017

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  1. (4) surrounding instruments or musicians. not sure what any of it means. Hoping for some insight. Thanks.
    Sorry for the Length!

  2. I dreamed I went to our worship leader’s house to help out as his mother was in the hospital (in real life, that woman is his aunt, not his mother.) First I was at the kitchen sink washing their dishes. Next, I sorted their laundry before I washed it. It seemed there were a couple of washing machines there to use. I went over early in the morning because I wanted to get over there to help them & didn’t even take the time to put on any makeup. I told him that not many people see me without any makeup on, usually just my hubby. There were several other men from our church there working on something, but I don’t remember any of them. Any insight would be appreciated. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Greetings. Thanks for helping with this dream
    Dreamed I was in a room with people; recognized my actual daughters Britney & Shatia. Suddenly, while standing I let out a screech. I then found myself on a table having labor pains and I could visibly see the movement of the baby. It appears that the baby was reaching/stretching out with a arm. There was lots of movement in my stomach. My daughter(s) was staring intently. In the dream it didn’t even look like i was pregnant. I know that pregnancy can imply “newness,” but I am not sure about this dream. I am currently in college and I have to make a decision about a research topic. I’ve been praying a lot about this topic, and then I had this dream.Thanks

    • Hi Babs – Psalms 136:12 is a song of thanksgiving for His love never quits – God delivers His children “with a strong hand and with a stretched out arm; for His mercy endures forever”. Sounds like a prophetic call over your life of God gifting you with birthing something for Him that will reach out with mercy… a ministry of compassion & love? You will be surrounded by witnesses who will see the goodness of El Shaddai! & it may come as a surprise in a way which you would not expect. He can be sneaky in His set-ups by gifting us joyful surprises through His lovely creativity… could there be a possible connection in this toward the research topic?

  4. I had a beautiful dream: I was laughing and running up the stairs with a guy and he extended his hand to me and we continued running up with holding hands. It all felt so pure. As we got to the top he kept on looking at me and patiently waiting. I was nearing myself to him and gently kissed his mouth a few times. I then said to him to hold on for me as it’s still too early. He totally respected it.

  5. Small correction : …as it felt it was going a bit too fast….he totally respected it.

    • Hi Angela – Sounds like a stairway to Heaven which is going toward God! You’re advancing in the things of the Spirit & toward your life’s journey. There will come God’s divinely appointed timing in his plan & purpose for your life to manifest this plan. As Amos 3:3 points out, “can two walk together unless they agree?” Your laughter brings to mind the joy of the Lord – the placement of His gladness in your heart with no sorrow added; a fulfillment of a desire in your heart. The Lord will use this time to equip & prepare you for what is ahead. Pray into it while you wait… it’s a virtue that’s being developed as you surrender to God’s greater plan… all for your good, for His glory! Beautiful dream… Blessings!

      • Thank you Marigold! Yes God has promised marriage to me and has been showing me that we both aiming for the same goal. Along this journey I believe he is going to propose and as we reach what God has in store he is showing me that it will be good and not what my past looked like. Thank you 😊

  6. I dreamt of someone i know, a Sister in Christ. And I saw jer walking by and her pants were falling or slipping down. Pehaps pants ro big, maybe something not secure . Im not sure also she jas a little boy and he came running to me as glad to see me. Shes a single mother of 3 trying to make it but having a tough time. I am a very Blessed Dreamer. I know its a Gift of God as well a way He speaks to me.

    • Hi Craig – Since pants speak of fulfillment of calling/purpose, it falling down may represent an inability at this time to fulfill this purpose completely, perhaps facing loss of support of the purpose?… Perhaps she may have overstepped a boundary or authority on some level? Either way, embrace faith in prayer for her recovery of support & the ability to fulfill her calling. The meaning of their names may allow for more info. Sheba… are you there? I welcome your thoughts. 🙂

  7. Is there a place to post dreams that are normal length like at least 1500 characters long. My dreams are quite detailed and I wouldn’t want to scale them down by taking out anything that may be important. Thanks.

  8. Here is my dream: I was on a school bus that I didn’t need to be on. I believe I was a teacher. It was a bus of students and teachers going on a field trip. The first stop was our local visitor information center. I figured I would just get off the bus there and walk back home or to the school. Instead, I went inside the visitor information center. I went to the area the staff used for talking to the visitors and it was dark and empty, I found the bathrooms but didn’t find the staff, I only saw the people from the bus.
    Thanks for any comments

    • Hi Wayne – Seems to me the Lord is directing you to seek Him for guidance. Through a youth ministry or involvement somehow with the youth, there is certain to be a time of spiritual growth, a passage from one stage of development to another. Bathrooms are a place of spiritual cleansing & repentance which is happening in the place of seeking Him. Is there a choice you’re having to make in your life currently? Is there info. you need to make a choice about something? He’s urging you to seek Him for the answer to it. Blessings!

  9. I dreamed that my room was dirty then a rat came from under the bed and ran out and then looked at me but had the face of a raccoon. Yesterday I dreamed that I was running from an angry person who was trying to beat me but entered a room and locked the door then again I was running to enter another room to lock it but the lady who was with me in the previous room said it’s fine I should open the door. They were 2 Sudanese men who held me down because I was fighting them. One said they want to give me money and I relaxed and asked if to buy diamonds for them? he said no to invest, he removed money in Euros 12 or 120 and I converted to my currency and thought that’s not enough to invest. The other removed my bundle of money from my pocket.

  10. We had been held hostage in my former primary school then soldiers came and rescued us and one of the people was trying to shoot me but found his gun had run out of bullets and when I tried shooting him with the gun I picked I found it was also out of bullets and one of the soldiers came and shot him. They told me that they are sparing me and I should take only what belongs to me so I took a couple of my books my water bottle and in the bag I had a muffin cake and they confirmed that all I had carried was my stuff then they told me to hurry up and leave and I was grateful that they had spared me and I left walking very fast until I came out of the school gate.

  11. I asked God to show me in a dream if a curse was upon me, to show me signs/person behind it. I
    dreamt I was in my mother’s old house & standing face to face with someone. A bird darted directly towards me & attacked/nagged the top of my head. It didn’t hurt me, but I panicked in fear and the person standing in front of me who faced me didn’t help me, she stared at me in a daze/trance.I realize the person in front of me was my mother. I woke up & wondered if God sent me that vision? The bird symbolizes a messenger or witchcraft. The bird nagging me could be God telling me to pay attention & look at the person standing in front of me. Me shifting my focus to see who that person was, could be God showing me who is behind the curse.

    • To add a few more points; even though the bird was sqwaking and persistently jabbing on my head, I knew in my dream that I was dreaming, but knew to shift my focus to who the person was in front of me. I do see into the spirit realm and feel this is a vision/dream. I asked God to show me what I needed to see. That night I didn’t dream for some reason. but the following afternoon I took a nap and the dream hit. I don’t know what to think. I am seeing astral/spirit spiders and demons while i’m wide awake and my life is constant suffering. Was this dream a vision from God showing me what I asked to see?
      Thank you. (The dream starts at the first comment above. Sorry)

      • Hi Franco – sounds like trauma or an issue having developed from your actual past. The enemy is trying to attack you in the area of your mind which can be a lot of different areas: pride, fear, anxiety, mental frustration… as is indicated by the pecking on the head. Spiders can mean a stronghold, and the mother standing in a daze in front of you may be the church, unaware of your current spiritual issues/needs. Speak to a trusted source in the church for guidance, agreement in prayer & deliverance.

      • God does not have any defeat for you. He has given you the victory through Jesus & every believer has been given authority over all the power of the enemy – they are under you feet! Seek Jesus first & foremost and make Him your priority, as enlargement comes in the areas of our focus. Every blessing to you in the name of Jesus!

  12. I had 3 dreams the same day. One I already posted above the other I was walking along the corridors of a hostel with my bedding looking for a place to sleep they were full then at the end I met a handsome man I usually see in church and we started chatting and laughing we were sitting under a tree then he gave me a kiss on the cheek then I left and had to go sleep in the living room on the carpet. Dream 2: in a queue, I’m fetching water from a tap in 2 buckets, and pour on my big bed but it doesn’t get wet. Then I jump on it and it’s like a water bed and I’m so happy then I spread it and enter to sleep and it feels so soft and white and nice and I wake up smiling

  13. I have recently had so many dreams about beds, bedrooms and being with people in the bed. I don’t know what it means. Today I was in my bed in a house we used to live in. My ex was with me in the bed though he looked abit different his name is Mecca. We kissed and I told him it cannot go further till we get married and my close friend was on the bed next to us. He got out of bed and my friend told him to cover up. Please help? Thanks

  14. Thank you Marigold. Interesting, because I recently moved to NC and I believe that I am to start a 501c3 agency (I am a social worker) but I am waiting for further instructions (also been confirmed prophetically). Also, my initial research topic for my dissertation is “rejection from the womb.” Very interesting, indeed. Thanks again!!

  15. I have a few dreams plus the one I posted on March 6th above that I would love some help interpreting, please. I dreamed that my son was calling me on my cell phone, but my cell phone read: Calling Larry Pyle. I thought in the dream that my number must have belonged to a Larry Pyle before I got it. Then I saw the numbers 6727. That was all of that dream.

  16. I dreamed I was helping my Pastor & wife with their laundry, only somehow my bedroom was theirs. The washer & dryer were in their bedroom. I folded a pair of jeans from the dryer & then a huge pair of boxer briefs. They were navy, but faded a little orange around the crotch area. I folded them in quarters & laid them on the bed on top of the jeans. My friend was folding a towel, but I felt it was still a little damp & needed to be dried longer. Then my Pastor came in from taking a shower & needed a towel to dry his hair. I realized that was their only towel & wondered if he needed new underwear. I thought this was a chance to see what size jean & underwear he wore in case my husband & I wanted to buy him some new ones.

  17. I dreamed my husband & I took my friend, Debbie, to a church service. She & I each had a Dasani water bottle with us. After we got her there, I grabbed the bottle in the door of the suv & took a drink. The top of the bottle broke off & I realized it was her bottle. While we were waiting for her, we were standing in front of a table full of food. They had a buffet & we were told to take some food home with us. We filled a platter up with food & then I put some huge thin ham slices on top & placed them so that you couldn’t see any of the food underneath. They had so much food there that when people went up for a slice of pie, they just gave them the whole pie, so there wasn’t any dessert left.

  18. The second part of that dream is then we saw a man there who used to be our pastor many years ago. He was with his wife & I noticed that she had lost weight. I asked her what she was doing to lose it & she said the Physician’s Diet. Not sure that is relevant, but thought I would share it. 🙂 Thank you so much for your time & prayerful interpretations! God bless!

  19. I dreamt that I was out shoe-shopping. I eventually narrowed my choices down to 2 pairs. I tried one pair on to compare with the other but as I looked closely at the shoes, they changed and looked like snakes, with eyes and tongue. I walked around a bit on the snake shoes thinking i was probably just imagining that they looked like snakes but they stayed the same. I then told the saleslady, no thank you and chose the other pair and left the shop. I would appreciate some help interpreting my dream as i don’t know if this dream could be connected to my situation wherein I am engaging in spiritual warfare standing for my marriage and also waiting for a court case to be decided upon (not related to marriage). Thank you in advance.

  20. I dreamt I was sitting in my car parked in a car park. A security guard shot a man across from me and he instantly died. He had walked out from his car.Then the scene moved to me driving my car. There were bullets flying around my car. Helicopters/ planes were coming from all sides dropping things onto the car. I was holding the children’s faces but nothing got inside the car, nothing hit us. It all was so intense

  21. Dream-like I was in the church (in a service in a local language which has started recently in our church in real life ,though very few ppl come) and i was doing announcement in dream. Didn’t know who was gonna preach the Word ,so went to Pastor sitting at front row to ask and I felt he said noone there. Then I felt one of my upper lateral incisor tooth broke and felt gums also got loosened. I closed my mouth n saw dad was lying down on a desk at the end of the church n sleeping (Felt awkward he never does that in real life). Woke him up n told him about tooth. And Pastor was also there. I got up from sleep.

    What could be this ?pls help.

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