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January 13, 2017

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  1. What does it mean in a dream that 1) people took my handbag without me being aware but couldn’t take any money and returned the bag to its original place. 2) Another person in the same dream kept inquiring about their rights to vote whereas I inquired with the bank that no money was stolen. Thank you

    • The enemy is wanting to steal your favor with God but the good news according to your dream is that the enemy will return your favor somehow.
      I am not sure what it means about – the rights to vote. although it could be to do with your choices – whose report will you believe?

      • Hi Sheba,thank you for your interpretation. Would you be able to expand on what you mean by choices please.Thank you

        • Just wondering if this is to do with something that you have to make a choice about just like in voting you choose someone. It doesn’t have to be someone it could be a thing that you need to choose and it may even not be happening right now in your life but when the time comes to make a choice God is saying you will not loose your favor and you’ve been given this dream so it will not become a cause for concern in your life. Makes sense?

  2. I had a dream, found myself in a church building (a church I grew up in but left over 12 years ago) and service was on, and there was either a fundraising or offering was to be collected. And I had a strong desire to give tithe of a money I just received in the dream (same amt I last received in reality), but later had a strong urge or desire to give most of it (10000 out of 12000) and it was like a commitment to keep paying my tithe there while trusting God over my finances. But I didn’t know how the giving session passed and service was over, so I took it to someone that seem to be the secretary at the church office, she collected it and I requested a new tithe card and was asking for the church account number so I could continue paying. In reality I currently live in another city and state with my family very far away from this church I dreamt of and I have also had concerns abt were to be giving to, especially my tithe. Pls help me out.

    • Hi David! Looking at the dream, you requested a “new tithe card”. Also, the giving session passed and the “service over”. So I believe that the new church that’s been feeding you, you can pay your tithe there. With the offering, you can decide to give any amount you of money to your former church if you feel led by God; but your tithe should remain in the new church you go to because you’ve moved to another city. Does this make sense to you?

  3. Thank you for the first dream, but I had another recently that may answer some questions about the first. I dreamt of a lion furiously chasing after me (in fact I woke up worn out by the dream). It chased me into a place where my wife was and I kept defending myself and my wife from it. It then looked like that place became an office of a ministry (we were attending in the current location we are now but I have been avoiding going there due to lack of peace abt it’s doctrines). The overseer’s wife was the one on sit, and surprisingly the lion stopped attacking but stood there still threatening but seemed to hold back because of her and it finally transformed to look like a man and walked away from the office on two legs. It looked acquitted with her and that environment. She spoke and told me she was giving me to a man in the ministry to guide me. That man for a guide walked in and sat while I was leaving. In reality I know this man, I saw him a day before and I also avoid him because of his double standards in doctrine. I general I fear the ministry and its overseer is occultic although he is well respected in my country by other ministries even internationally. I have been confused about the church to attend here and it had been so for over a month now, it bothers me too.

    • Hi David, sorry but I laughed when I read this dream. Yes! It seems like an answer to the first dream and the interpretation. You need to have peace in your heart towards your church. You may have heard some bad things about the ministers or feel uncomfortable, but you need to ask God why He’s put you in this new church and what He wants you to learn. You need to let fear out, and ask God for His perspective and learn as much as you can. I think this is what usually happens when we get to a church for the first time and the teachings are things we’re not familiar with. In my experience, when I first told my friends that I’m learning how God speaks through dreams, some of my friends supported me, and others said that I’m deceiving myself and deceiving people. But to the Glory of God, I’ve seen people get physically healed, emotional freedom, spiritual direction and even gotten financial provision all because God gave understanding of a dream. I hope this helps. Does it make sense to you? Please I will want your feedback on this. God bless you David!

    • Hi David and John – I popped in today and saw these couple of dreams, have some thoughts to add. The question is, what do you mean by “occultic”, David? Is this ministry moving in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit and you don’t know what else to call it besides occultic, or are there dark and evil things going on? The lion was chasing you and threatening, so would seem to be a spiritual enemy, so if it morphs into this man, he must be in alignment with it… Him being a good guy doesnt seem to fit this morphing element. Perhaps the dream about your childhood church and feeling committed to it is the Lord telling you to stay committed to the sound doctrines of the faith that you grew up with.

      • Hi Karen! Before I attended to David’s dream, the way he types seemed familiar to me. I grew up in Nigeria before moving out. So the stuffs he tried to explain with “occult” were some scrutiny towards some churches in Nigeria. Growing up there, there’re a lot of arguments on the topic of religion and there’s been a lot of problems that people want to be really careful about what they receive. It’s just something with the way that there’s been some bad examples of leadership. So I believe David’s been discerning and asking God about the leadership and hoping that he’ll not be given false doctrines. Plus, there’re many rumors in the country of leaders in church going to demonic powers to draw people. So it’s just something of the rumors and scandals around. That’s why I see these dreams as answers from God.

    • Also, the lion not bothering the overseer lady and being familiar with the place could be another indication of satanic involvement, although those elements could also be indicative of authority through Christ over the lion, who regularly attacks this ministry BECAUSE it’s of Christ. Another question: what do you mean by “double standards in doctrine” that this man has? I feel strongly that real discernment is needed here, as this could be a warning dream from the Lord about this ministry. I think the questions I raised may be key. What do you think, David?

    • I just re-read the dreams and realized that the man the lion morphed into was not the same man as the one who was to guide you, but still, when I read these 2 dreams, red flags just jumped out at me. Ask the Lord for clarity. The fact that He’s giving you dreams about this church means that this issue is important. God bless you as you seek His will. 🙂

  4. Hi

    I dreamt that my girlfriend and i were in the church that we are attending. in the dream she brought me to see another lady who i do not know and both of us have not seen here before. my parents are there as well with the lady stranger and i introduced the lady to my parents. My mum said that the new girl is better girl than the current girlfriend who i am dating in real life. Afterwards, my girlfriend left.

    I am not sure what this dream means as my girlfriend and i are in the same church and have sought advice from my pastor regarding our relationship. He has advised to us that 2 years to get married.

    • Hi Sean
      This dream may or may not be about your girlfriend. Early days – Hope you journal your dreams and if you don’t- it might pay off to do that so you can keep track of whats going on.
      So coming back to your dream – generally dream elements have symbolic meaning therefore I think your girlfriend may/ may not( in which case she is literal) represent something you are partnering with in your life – e.g your job, ministry etc. Mothers normally symbolize Holy Spirit so this dream is telling you that the Holy spirit is available to you to counsel you just rely on Him He will guide you into all truth about whatever this dream links to in your real life. Please do pray about this and ask God to reveal more to you through dreams or in other ways. May God bless you Sean. Hope this helps….

  5. Mini-dream

    I was in my apartment, cleaning and frustrated, when I started to pray and invite the presence of the Lord to saturate the apartment. Then, out of no-where, the power started going out. Room by room, the power went out. I grabbed my phone and walked towards the window to see what was going on outside, but the battery was not in the phone. I started to fumble with the phone, and then, something said lock your front door. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything, so I felt around. I slid the latch and in my haste to make sure the deadbolt was on, I accidentally unlocked the door and a split second later, two big men tried to muscle their way in. I remember trying to be as quiet as I could while trying to lock the door, so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself. The only thing stopping them was the latch. I could see the arm/fist of one, trying to lunge for me and another was right behind him. I was in such shock, I gasped and woke up gasping.

    • Hi Mel! This looks like a fear dream to me. That the enemy’s trying to instill fear that he’ll launch an attack you the more you call upon the Lord. The opposite is actually the truth. The more you invite God’s presence in your life, even in moments of frustration, He will come and protect you, nothing will harm you. Pray the opposite. Does this make sense to you? God bless you!

  6. Dream 1. I dreamed I was looking in a phone and I saw an obituary with the name “Anne” in it. I then woke up.

    Dream 2. I dreamed God was talking to me in my dream and he said something like “Mount Sinai shall be your more” and he allowed me to see from high up the top of a mountain and city area. In the dream as I was gazing down over the area it looked ancient looking like Jerusalem or something.

    In my dreams I’m always conscious that I’m dreaming. If a prophetic word is given to me in real life, whenever I dream, I’m always thinking if the dream has anything to do with the prophecy that was given to me.

    • Dream 1 – Anne meaning = Favour or grace, in an obituary means announcement about death. Phone = don’t miss the message
      Dream 2 – Mt Sinai = place where ten commandments were given, Jerusalem = holy city
      God has great things in store for you as opposed to what the enemy wants to do to you – he wants to steal your favor. Keep believing and trusting in the Lord and He wants you to know that you are dearly loved and His grace is upon you. Do leave your feedback please, I would love to hear from you. Blessings!!

  7. Wooded area, but trees cleared – was working on a project. Real life, work in architecture/construction. Office manager (Mabel) from job was in clearing, and suddenly a construction crane/ladder began to break and fall from sky. Mabel hit by 2 huge pieces, but she did not fall. I began to scream for someone to call 911. I looked for phone (did not find) then I ran over to her. Men came. She shook her head as if ok, but I wasn’t sure. Before confirming, man in bright yellow uniform put arm around me and whisked me away. I felt rescued.

    • Hi ilHOO
      God is bringing hope into a situation where something that you love/have loved will be or is being removed which will make it look artificial. God is really good and He is there to rescue us out of situations that seem difficult. All Glory be to God. Let me know if this makes sense Blessings!!

      • Thank you, Sheba. Amen! God is indeed good! I will pray about what is being/will be removed, but what do you mean by “will make it look artificial?” I won’t believe it or discern it?

        • All I can say at this point is that although it might look unreal God always wants us to keep on believing in Him. He has given us a free will and it is up to us to make a choice that is pleasing in His sight.

  8. I was driving a car with a passenger and noticed a square patch of rubble/stones I was about to drive over. When I did I realized it was a huge mistake and the car went flying into the air. I was certain we’d die in the crash when it came down. Stadiums of people below were watching and I was terribly embarrassed.

    Instead of crashing I was jettisoned outside of the vehicle and was flying. At some points I could see gorgeous landscapes that spread for miles.

    My arms were stretched out in front of me, and I noticed my pinkies and thumbs were injured and could not move but the rest of the fingers were fine. Nothing actually hurt.

    • Reverie this dream ties in well with your current situation where God is encouraging you to persevere. This dream is about you in which you are feeling negative about things going on in your life but God wants to reassure you that He is in control of this situation and as you are doing your best in every way to get through this time He is showing you that He is there for you. Do not focus on the detail of this situation keep focusing on and have faith in how God is bringing you out victorious out of all this.

  9. Thank you Mr John …i agree with you. More anointing sir. Here is another dream i had, i waited for reply of posted ones for posting another this, In this dream my dad gave me some money which i kept so long that i dont even remember where i kept until i later found it one day i found it , i went out with the money so on my way going i met my female friend she was among her church member for evangelism as we were talking , part of the money fell from me unknowingly but i was called back to get then i press forward ….Getting to another place a laptop engineer shop i asked him about my friends laptop issues but he asked him to pay huge amount of money that is even greater than the money i have,,leaving this place that same money got lost again but i found it again…the next place i found myself was an office like structure..i misplaced the same money in that office main hall again which was the third time and went in to the office , i was called upon again for the money i.e i found it again . Getting into the office i saw my youth pastor seated and another man but in dont know him but he was that marking test of people..then my youth pastor called him Bro Ezekiel, i have been wanting to ask you questions, i replied am here sir then he asked me what is exothermic reaction i gave me the answer and he corrected me and award mark , he asked another what is monogram i said i dont know about that then two guys there with me one his my friend in real life they said aah” prophet” you dont know this ….i stylishly stop them i said” Dont speak profane words against the holyspirit for he will remind me of this if i had know it before now he his not a magician “so they keep quiet and i woke up. DREAM {2} i saw revival very mighty and powerful an much so to say bcos people are even renting another church for revival everywhere is full of revival then i saw myself after a church program in my assembly my friend’s mum asked for pastors permission that my friend is going for a ministration in his brother’s church in real life he his a chorister and my pastor accept. After this i saw few members of our choir with my pastor’s wife singing worship while some people were outside chatting suddenly, i heard one of them speaking in tongues as i saw her i went to her i was filled in spirit i started speaking in tongues in questions and response to what she his saying in tongues… then my brother started imitating me speaking in tongues, then she said to my brother i mean she voiced out “who did i called who is answering?” so i cautioned my brother and she interpreted what my brother was saying in tongues “that my brother was saying “he his hungry and he wants to eat” and she said that moment Jesus Christ was in our midst…i woke up i even remember the worship song they sang. pls interpretation.

    • Hi Ezekiel! Took me a while, but I think the 1st dream has become clear to me. I believe God has given you favour for certain things in His Kingdom – like evangelism, communication with people, and official things. There may have been times that you didn’t recognize this, but God in His grace and favour upon your life restored all. The part with the Youth minister and the questions is like God asking you questions to remind you of who you are and the things He’s put inside you. I say this because of the nature of the questions: Exothermic reaction means giving out heat – Fire of God burning within you… this you’ve recognized. Monograms are made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos ( . So I believe there’s something more in you that God wants you to recognize. Does this make sense?

      • yes sir…it makes sense. Thank you sir.

        • i had this dream i saw myself in the congregation with my church member for a seminar …then we set to pray and our general overseer led a prayer point “the grace and the power to finish the race to the end well that God should give us”….as we were praying our General overseer now called my name among them BRO Ezekiel pray that prayer very well..i woke up.

          • Hi Ezekiel! Thank God is makes sense to you. I saw your comment below, “just that I don’t know steps to take.” God knows your good heart and intentions and that’s why He wants you to pray that prayer. Take the first step with God and trust Him. Everything may not be clear at first, but because this is something God’s put in your heart, I know He will take you to the end. God bless you!

    • The second dream looks like an answer or a continuation to the first one and it’s more of a night vision. So God’s showing you what is available to you, your church and your family. Revival is like a reawakening of something that seemed dead spiritually. The part of your brother refers to the Hunger of people around you. People are hungry for more God and God’s showing you this, and I believe you may be used to feed them with The Word of God. Does this make sense?

  10. Thanks John. Meanings of those elements i wanted to know..
    Thank u 🙂

  11. BIG SHOES:
    I was in my house, well it looked like my house. This older white man was there. He liked me in a good way, no funny business. He was telling me about this place / company he gets his shoes from. He wanted me to order a pair and he’d pay for them. I remember his shoes were honey brown colored and they were big and heavy! For some reason I was carrying them. I thought to myself, these are some big shoes. I also thought, I will contact the company about getting a pair of shoes. EOD


    • Hi Tee ,
      This is a dream to encourage you about your spiritual walk. You are being shown by God himself how you can walk in humility and compassion which will lead to a pastoral role for you. This dream is also showing that you are very willing to follow God’s example and in exchange He will graciously provide for you all that you will need to continue this walk. I will wait for your feedback on this 🙂
      Dictionary reference => Shoes – speak of the condition of your walk. Too Large – Beware of overstepping your boundaries, authority, or calling. You may be stepping into something you are not called to do or to a level you are not ready for! Honey brown colour – Humility, compassion, pastoral color

      • Hi Sheba,

        Thank you sooo much for responding to my dream. I am definitely on a spiritual journey that at times seem very difficult, which causes me to wonder, “What have I gotten myself into?” God has been faithful and gracious enough to guide me by showing me when i’m getting off course and what to do to stay the course. Thank you again for responding with this encouraging word.


  12. “Blue Zone”
    I was riding a bicycle onto a highway. I began to lift up. I was no longer on the bicycle but sitting securely in a seat. I’m speeding straight into the sky. On my way up I past different objects like big birds, and I saw the word “test” as I passed by it. Now I’m speeding so fast I can see earth. I jetted straight up into the sky through the clouds and into a blue zone. It was quiet and there was nothing but blue. The ride was amazing and exhilarating. Still in the seat, I hovered in this blue zone. I saw a huge piece of aluminum foil that was set on fire on the left side. Before the fire could consume the aluminum foil, the foil crumbled and went away?? Now I’m sitting in a bus terminal completely naked and waiting. A man stepped on my left foot and I said, “You can’t say excuse me. He never apologized. Then John Gray – a christian comedian / minister sat down next to me. I was still naked. EOD

    • Hi Tee
      you have a ministry that is small at the moment but God wants to take you higher and give you a bigger one but there will be a time of testing as you move higher and as you go through that period, close communion with God himself will be yours and as a result anything that comes in the way will be taken care of. John Gray – he ministers in a jovial way to people who have areas of brokenness in their lives – could this mean that God sees your pain and it is not very long before you will have healing in this area and as your soul prospers he will prosper you in every area of your life.

      • Sheba,

        Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my dream. What you’ve shared is correct and bears witness with my Spirit. I am moving through a time of testing and the healing is both physical and emotional. Communion with the Father is sweet. Even though the Teacher is quiet during the test, He does see my pain and He’s been gracious and compassionate toward me. Blessings Sheba. You are a gift.


        • One more thing Tee, Left foot represents walking in your own strength – So you are trying to walk in your own strength and God wants you to totally commit all your cares on to Him and He will take care of you. Some one has either betrayed you or done something to you that is not right and God wants you to fully forgive this person or people if more than one.
          This is happening only because God wants you to go higher
          Blessings x

  13. Thank you Mr john.. God bless you more grace to function in Jesus name.

  14. 31 year old male, married with 4 children (3 boys and daughter)

    My recent dream: Riding on a horse and jumping over barb wire. I jumped over barb wire a few times. Then I felt fearful and somehow came off the horse and was caught in the barb wire. Second dream right after this one: I was out somewhere and it was cold. My wife was there too. Saw a person wrapped in clothes and blanket trying to keep warm. They had warm food (sausage patties) and fed us both. They smelled and looked so so good.

    • Hi Sj
      Horses are to do with significant power or move of God. So you started off amazingly well in the dream but got caught in barbed wire because of fear. God is encouraging you to remove all fear from your heart and trust in Him totally. He wants you to take refuge in Him for he wants to provide for you abundantly with something that will be very appealing to you.

  15. Hi.. Anytime i prayed about my academic pursuit, i do dream seeing myself ministering to people [crowd] though i had it again and again i prayed about academic career but now am having this strange dream. Presently am processing my admission though i have a National Diploma just completed last year…so am praying concerning my admission this year for a degree but i do dream seeing myself with my previous this morning i saw myself with my previous fellowship member in our secretariat in the room of their present president, i saw him and some of my friends that went back to that school to proceed for their HND, i saw cooking for myself as a visitor and they were asking me about the friend i had back then when we were there then i answered them that he has now changed that he his now an Evangelist. …

    • Hi Ezekiel! I believe the dream you have ministering when you pray for your academic pursuit is a reminder of the fire God has put inside you. As God continues to bless you in your career, you will remember.
      Cooking refers to preparation. So I believe that there’s something you’re preparing something for yourself, but God is reminding you of people (and preparing them) that could be of good help to you. You said, “that he has now changed…”, so maybe these were people who you didn’t flow with before. Like the previous dream, “grace to finish the race well”, I believe these are people God will bring into your life as you run, instead of being alone. It’s like the popular statement, “Alone, I go fast but not far. But together we go far”. This is what came to my mind. Does this make sense to you?

  16. I dreamt that my boys returned back one with a tattoo, I think on his head and the brother with a piercing near his lip….any ideas… is it an attack on the boys?

    • Hi Angela ,
      This looks like a warning dream so you can lift your children up in prayer against the attacks of the enemy. All will be well so long as you stand in the gap and pray for them. God is sooo good he forewarns us against the impending attacks of the enemy.
      meaning of TATTOOS from dictionary
      This person is being labeled/marked by others or their spiritual enemy

  17. Hi! I have two friends with dreams, but I felt confused when they finished talking, so I just told him what the elements could possible mean and told them I’ll pray about it. I have some thoughts but I want to hear your contribution, it’ll be of great help, Sheba, Karen…

    1st Dream: I saw a very large airplane crashing down just outside the compound of my church. Then there were a group of people wearing red and they were constructing a road to cover up the airplane accident and construct the road on top. My husband told me to look at what they were doing. We followed them to where the road led to. It led to a corridor full of doors and we understood there was nothing behind the doors. So we turned back and left. Then I woke up.

    • Large airplane = Large Corporation, organization, school, college, hospital, entity, or even household may be involved Red = Blood atonement, sacrifice, Power, anointing, wisdom for battle , Anger?? Red often reveals that a spiritual battle is underway; Construction = repairing making new again, Corridor = transition, Doors = Choice, opportunity, pathway to a new place Church = A school of thought or mindset, possibly a religious belief, Having to do with God’s work, An organization or gathering of people
      1st dream – could I ask some questions about their church please? Is it stable and are they being nourished at that church? Could this dream be about their church?

      • Hi Sheba! Yeah, we both go to the same church, it’s a large one. I have been very grateful for the church; and she too. Her whole family goes there and they love the church. She serves in a ministry within the church. I don’t know how she feels about her ministry. I also feel it could be about the church in general because “large airplane” and large church or that the dream is about the connection between her and the ministry she serves just like you thought. She told the Head Pastor about the dream. So it’s also getting me worried in a way.

        • John this dream is not to get you worried about this situation but to pray for it so nothing disastrous happens. God’s intention is never to get His children worried but he gives dreams as you would already know for various purposes ; in this case it is to forewarn you and this other person so your church or that particular ministry she is involved in doesn’t get ruined by the attacks of the enemy. Makes sense? Personally I know when the dream is about me or something connected to me it gets me all tangled up and I am not able to think straight but of late I am trying to calm myself down and think about it and ask God to help and He comes through.

  18. 2nd Dream: A rich man thought to himself that he can kill anyone because he was rich. He just had such thoughts for fun. However, he killed my step-dad by mistake in a house. When my mum saw this, she felt it was beneficial for her that her husband (step-dad) was dead. As she left the house, a woman outside asked her, “How long will it take you to get there?” but she replied, “I am going home”. My mum got into my car with me, and while I was driving, I was distracted by her. So I missed a turn I was meant to take. Then I woke up.

    Thanks you guys 🙂

    • The Holy spirit is with this person and it may seem that they have missed an opportunity but God is clearing the way by taking out that which is not of God. So this dream is to encourage this person to not feel lost or off track but to keep on trusting in God. Let me know what you think John?

      • Hi Sheba! Yeah I had similar thoughts, but it was the “rich man” and his mom feeling that the death of her husband (step-dad) was beneficial to her. Plus the “I am going home” sentence. So had double thoughts, prayed about the dream and still feeling stuck on it.
        My friend identified as a muslim but now is skeptic of all religions. I began to tell him about how God’s love is manifested through Jesus and how he heals and speaks in a personal way. And it led to the topic of dreams. For a while, the dreams he’s been telling me, I told him what it means and he said it confirms what’s in his heart and it helps him. This has enabled me to pray for him several times, so now he’s more open than before.

        • John what I said is based on the following connotations , have a think if this resonates with you – rich man = rich man and Lazarus in the bible. Step dad is not the real dad so someone other than God the father . The mother is the Holy spirit and going home sentence along with her hopping into this persons car = HS is coming into this situation. That’s how I got my interpretation

          • Hi Sheba! Yeah it does make sense now!!! The previous dream he had pointed to some decisions he took and it could make him feel down. He agreed because he’s made some changes in his business and he felt he made a mistake. So we prayed together and for his business, and then this dream came up. So Yeah! I can see a picture of God’s leading and answer to our prayers. Thanks a lot Sheba! God bless you.

  19. We Had A Church!
    My husband and I had a church (irl, we don’t have a church and have not discussed starting one – also my husband was not in the dream). We had a good amount of loyal followers. I was the First Lady and felt I had a great responsibility. People were coming to me for help on different things. I remember helping two young men who were riding bicycles. The church / ministry was held in a well-lit unfamiliar basement. People were sitting at round tables eating and enjoying themselves. I thought to myself, “Wow, this is a lot of people, more than other new churches”. People voluntarily gave offerings. The offerings were kept in a paper gift bag. It was always filled with envelopes. The envelopes were white or blue. Even if I forgot to take an offering there would be envelopes in the bag. I was amazed. One woman decided to leave our church. There were no hard feelings. We hugged and she left. EOD

    • So the elements from your dream mean this – Church = A school of thought or mindset, possibly a religious belief,Having to do with God’s work, An organization or gathering of people, two = covenant, Bicycle = individual ministry, round = circle of life, offering = people, envelopes = message, white = purity, blue = communion, revelation, basement = hidden issues , or beneath the surface
      From looking at your previous dreams this is my take – I believe that God is wanting you to know that he knows how you have reverence for Him in your heart and although he seems to be quite during this time he knows your thoughts and is pleased with you and you DO have favor with Him upon your life and when it feels like where is God in all this, He is right there beside you helping you stay pure and not only that wait there’s more – He is desiring to have communion with you. Also I believe He is helping you to mature in His love so you can trust Him more no matter what or who stays or leaves.

    • This is a calling dream. God is showing that you are called to an area of ministry (church) in which you give wisdom & counsel to those who are making efforts (bicycle) to grow & move forward in the things God has called them to do. This ministry will emanate the glory of God (well lit); a place where unity (round tables), fellowship and love abound, although it is not evident at this time (basement). God will send those who will offer (offering) an abundance of spiritual gifts, which are pure (white), and revelatory (blue) in nature. And although some may choose not to stay under your tutelage, (woman who left), you graciously display the love of Christ. Great dream!

  20. last night I dreamed that I was in a room with several people in it. I was sitting on a couch with someone, not sure who it was, but I think we were friends in the dream. The Evangelist, Perry Stone, comes out from the group of people and points towards us and starts speaking about what God was going to do. All I could think of was if he was talking towards me or the guy sitting next to me. And I’m not sure what he said or I just don’t remember it. Then he said”Bret, your time is coming, focus on what you have in front of you right now!” Then I either went into a different dream or it just transitioned, but I was on a bike and some man who was suiting people came to me and knocked me off of my bike. I remember seeing a cop or a security guard just watching doing nothing. Then I believe he ran off, later he came back and tried to do it again. There were people like him all over the place, it was almost like a mob full of crazy people. I tried to run away but this other other man tried to keep me from leaving the area, he was trying to hold me there and he kept saying “it’s dangerous out there, you could get sick,etc.). I tried running from him but I couldn’t out run him completely because I was running so slow, but I was leaving the area.

    • Bret – I believe God is a good good father. In this dream you are being reminded of your calling ( just like in your previous dream a few months ago) that He has placed inside of you. You started off small in your own individual ministry but because of the attacks of the enemy you are going slow but heading in the right direction. Keep your eyes focused on God that’s the message for you and do not believe the lies of the enemy for God has great plans for your life

  21. Last September I dreamt that I looked down and was suddenly full term pregnant and about to burst, i felt the pressure in my abdomen like the baby was coming, I was pacing wondering how to have the baby, via c section or natural birth, I then saw myself asking my older sister who is well off to take me to the hospital so i can give birth, and she asked me why I wanted to have (she named a man I had met in real live who was a friend of mine) his baby when he hasn’t married me, To which i confidently answered, Because we will raise this baby together (when i said the word raise, I immediately saw a quick flash image of the man and I herding a small child between us walking and the word SHARE in white capitals and heard and felt the word he is a Good Father) and I continued to say and God will put us together through it or because of it. . And then i woke up.

    Earlier this year in June I had another dream I was pregnant about to give birth and i was in thr operating room about to be given a c section and i woke up.

    On the 3rd of September this year 2017, I had another pregnancy dream , this time my phone was ringing, and i looked at the caller and it was Lana Vawser the prophet, calling my phone, I answered and I was suddenly sitting in her office with her like she was a doctor and i was in her consulting room, she told me to brace myself, that she doesnt know how to tell me this, but I am pregnant, i was shocked and told her i was having my period so i couldn’t be, but she told me to trust her and that Im pregnant, then I woke up.

    On that same day i told this same male friend of mine id resigned from my job and he immediately told me he had a project he thought i will be good to spearhead, he gave me his office to work from and his assistant to use as my own , he told he he will act as advisor and co partner for the projects we work on and i can have his office and assistant all paid for already. I have since been developing 2 concept stage projects with him. But even as he does advice and give guidance on the projects, he doesn’t take them on hands on, i have been praying dor The Father to shed more light as to what to do as i cannot do these projevts y myself i need the man to be more involved with them so things can move forward better. Please help me intepret these dreams and connevt with what has transpired.

  22. Hi Lady, this is a very positive dream that is confirming that this partnership with the guy you mentioned IS going to be fruitful and that this male friend of yours is the one you are going to be partnering with – I don’t know if this is only in friendship terms or beyond that. Could I ask you if this guy is just your friend or you are dating him or anything close to that? Whatever it is – he sounds like a keeper !! Have you thought of sitting down with him and discussing how you need more of his involvement in this project, if you haven’t you should try that alongside praying about this situation of-course and God will work in his heart as the dream conveys that this guy is a good father, SHARING is another one that was shown to you and herding this child together with him is the third good sign. This whole thing seems to be in gestation stage and will bring good result. Lana Vawser is a prophet so I believe it is being prophesied over you that this is going to happen but when you receive a prophecy it is important to receive it and also pray through over it so it will come to pass. Makes sense? I would love to hear your feedback.

    • Thank you Sheba,
      This Friend of mine wanted to date me last year around the time I had the 1st Pregnancy dream , I was also praying for my Destiny partner , my boaz . at the time he was seeing someone, he also is her manager as she is a singer in my Country, I didnt want to be in the middle of that situation so I opted out as I didnt want to mess up The Father’s plans for my life, coincidentally around that time in November a new friend I made told me she sees me being mentored by this same man and she wanted to introduce me to him so he can mentor me in PR and Public speaking engagements as that is his background, she was surprised when I told her I already knew him but At the time i didnt think it would be good for her to introduce us as we already knew each other, I figured God would work it out himself, I also told him when he asked me out that I didnt want to be in the middle of his situation. We stayed friends, but suddenly he offers me his office and That same day before he made the offer, i dreamt that early morning about Lana Vawser telling me to brace myself and that Im pregnant. I work in his office, as his partner on these projects, he pops in for meetings and advice and i know he is still managing the artiste, and seeing her too so I’m leaving that part to God and I’ve been praying saying “Father In Jesus Name let it be onto me as YOU purpose, and He will be what YOU have purposed him to be to me amd I will be what YOU have purposed me to be to him” I too haven’t fully understood what the Lord plans the “putting us together” to be or the SHARE bit. Previously I’ve received prophecies that my career is tied to my marriage. I am still praying for my Boaz. I continue to pray the dreams and prophecies into being., He is not there hands on, he is very busy with managing the artiste even though the dream does speak of his “raising and SHARING the baby” with me. But I feel The Lord has positioned me where He wants me to be, under this man’s guidance for the projects, I feel the rest will Follow according to The Father’s plans, whatever they may be.
      He is indeed a good man and a good mentor and advisor and yes a keeper of a man.

  23. Thank you Sheba,

    This Friend of mine wanted to date me last year around the time I had the 1st Pregnancy dream , I was also praying for my Destiny partner , my boaz . at the time he was seeing someone, he also is her manager as she is a singer in my Country, I didnt want to be in the middle of that situation so I opted out as I didnt want to mess up The Father’s plans for my life, I always write down the dreams I get and keep praying them into being. coincidentally around that time in November a new friend I made told me she sees me being mentored by this same man and she wanted to introduce me to him so he can mentor me in PR and Public speaking engagements as that is his background, she was surprised when I told her I already knew him but At the time i didnt think it would be good for her to introduce us as we already knew each other, I figured God would work it out himself, I also told him when he asked me out that I didnt want to be in the middle of his situation. We stayed friends, but suddenly he offers me his office and That same day before he made the offer, i dreamt that early morning about Lana Vawser telling me to brace myself and that Im pregnant. I work in his office, as his partner on these projects, he pops in for meetings and advice and i know he is still managing the artiste, and seeing her too so I’m leaving that part to God and I’ve been praying saying “Father In Jesus Name let it be onto me as YOU purpose, and He will be what YOU have purposed him to be to me amd I will be what YOU have purposed me to be to him” I too haven’t fully understood what the Lord plans the “putting us together” to be or the SHARE bit. Previously I’ve received prophecies that my career is tied to my marriage. I am still praying for my Boaz. I continue to pray the dreams and prophecies into being., it’s hard sometimes because physically He is not there hands on, he is very busy with managing the artiste even though the dream does speak of his “raising and SHARING the baby” with me. But I feel The Lord has positioned me where He wants me to be, under this man’s guidance for the projects, I feel the rest will Follow according to The Father’s plans, whatever they may be.

    He is indeed a good man and a good mentor and advisor and yes a keeper of a man, but I don’t want to think ahead of God’s plans so I keep praying for more revelation.

    SITE ADMIN: do not reply. This dreamer will be re-posting a shorter version.

    • Although dream #1 may have a natural meaning, I believe dreams 2 & 3 have spiritual applications. In those dreams, God is revealing that you are “pregnant” with a calling of a prophetic seer (C-section= “See” section/spiritual vision), and you will birth the ability to see into the realm of the Spirit for others as well as yourself. And although you’ve been made aware of (prophet consultation) the gift that God has placed inside of you, you still find it shocking. Just like the responsibility that’s involved in completing the projects at work, you may find it hard to believe that you are gifted in this way. You are currently in a season of spiritual purification (menstruation) & consecration, as God prepares you to do what He’s called you to do.

    • Hi! We have a 100 word (700 character) limit. You apparently caught us between updates. Could you comment again with a condensed version of this?

  24. I was praying about whether I should be with Him. He is a Christian.
    He always had a dream About a blue gate just there in his dream even years before he was saved.. He had a dream that we were in a field and we saw the blue gate. I walked towards it and I said “It’s okay we can go ahead” the gate swung open as I gently pushed it open. Then it changes colours to a silvery shiny and stronger gate.

  25. I had a dream that I walked into a church. I had my eyes fixed on a yellow runner down the center aisle. I looked around to see that no one was in the pews. I looked up and on the communion table there were two bottles. They were cleaning bottles. Both had substances that my guardian used to clean with, miracle 2 and theives. (I researched miracle two and it had some occultic ingredients like eloptic energy) I took the miracle two off of the altar and headed out of the church. Then for a moment there was blackness. Then outside of this church, a person with black hair was walking oddly over to me. His eyes were spirals of green, red, yellow and blue. I tackled this thing in my dream and his eyes went gray. God seems to be revealing some of it to me. Thoughts?

  26. My boyfriend Now had a dream before he was saved (10 years ago) about a woman with long blonde hair (he couldn’t see her face) playing house and cuddling with him. He said that he had the reoccurring dream (happens that I have long blonde hair) and the unknown woman was me. Is this a dream confirming our relationship? Is it from God

  27. Seven years ago when I was 18,I had a dream of a man with black hair in the back seat of a truck with me, I woke up and he was staring at me. I sensed I was being kidnapped (someone else was driving the truck) they took me to a place I couldn’t see the outside, but the inside looked like a store like Walmart. I saw a friend of mine from church and some people I didn’t know laying on the floor with their faces down, being forced to stay there by hostiles. I was shoved into a hallway that reminded me of a church I used to attend. I was walking down the hall and took a right turn into a room. I walked back out and tried to run down the hall where the door was slowly closing, I was screaming “It’s demonic, it’s demonic!” Then my dream ended.

  28. My friend had dreams about witches in my church. In one dream there were three in the sanctuary. Then, One on the stage that says that she “eats babies.”

  29. I dreamt driving my car in a car park and started to speed up and also reverse at full speed without looking. No accident happened but I was frustrated how long things took. Then someone told me not to turn as they thought it wouldn’t go well but I turned anyway and it went perfectly well. I was amazed. Please help as I am in a situation totally stuck like in this dream. Thank you

    • Hi Angela! I think you have already interpreted the dream. It was talking about a situation of being stuck or staying in the same place (car park). So I will pay attention to the “turn”. I want to ask, was it a left turn or a right turn?
      Also, because you said, “they thought it wouldn’t go well”, I think that the dream is talking about taking some risky action in order to get outta the stuck situation, something people wouldn’t easily agree to. What do you think? Does this make sense?

      • Hi Oforkanji John, so nice to hear from you. Yes it’s totally making sense and I have been stuck in a situation for more than a year. In the dream it was a right hand turning. Does that mean a physical action in the natural is required?

        • Hi Angela! I asked because right usually refers to Divine, spiritual, faith, in the spirit or from God’s perspective, the power of God revealed. It may require a physical action or not. But looking at the dream, it’ll be something people will think will fail, but by the power of God, it’ll turn out well.

  30. Hi. (Shorter version of prev dream)
    Scene1- Saw a tall,huge GUAVA Tree in front of our flat in an apartment (not present house). Some men came in a crane sort of vehicle to cut the top branches of this tree.
    Along with those cut down branches were big riped guava fruits(size was bigger than seen in real life). So i collected few guavas for family(parent n brothers), i too tasted it & those men who came to cut also asked ,so i gave them too.

  31. **continued Scene2-saw i was sitting at balcony of house(same like previous scene felt was in much height from ground floor) along with few teenagers from my church.
    & suddnly appeared a man standing in air in front of my balcony ,he was wearing a blue costume(like superman) ,but only blue color&no cape. I was thinking in my mind how he is flying/standing in air.
    He throwed a chocolate towards my balcony & said smthng. Dont remember what he said but felt he was inviting us for some EVENT.
    I took the chocolate ,the cover was like that of DAIRY MILK ,& shared it with the children wth me. The top n bottom few rectangle parts of chocolate was dark brown in color n middle light brown.***

  32. **Scene3- Saw i was at a railway station & a large crowd(young ppl) waiting for train to go to some EVENT.
    There was some rule based on which the crowd was deciding where to go for the event(i culdnt get it/forgot it).
    Then 2 trains came in two different platforms one after the other. One train was going to beach side & the other to zoo. ppl boarded one of the train & station was empty. Except
    Me along with few teenagers were left in the station.
    [Regarding BEACH n ZOO- they are located at the opposite ends of my present city famous for tourist spot.]
    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Queenie – So in the first dream the fruit that represents the fruit of the spirit being massive in size is a very good sign. And you are partaking of it and keeping it for your family and also for people other than your family which shows you will be instrumental in helping people taste the fruits of the spirit by being a good example to them ( tasting guava yourself) Dream 2 shows you have a high calling (balcony high above the ground) and I believe you are involved in a ministry that is to do with young people. and the man in blue ( JESUS) is inviting you to OR is encouraging you to continue to bestow pastoral care (brown color) on these youngsters. In your third dream one train is going to the beach ( where man meets God) and the other is to the Zoo ( wild untamed people , pagans ) and the people are taking the train to the Zoo ( concerning pagans) I presume ? you are left on the station along with young people which means you are on track with God’s will. It is to encourage you that your ways are pleasing in His sight!!

  33. Hi Tee and Monica,
    After reading all your other dreams it looks like this is a calling dream like Monica said above. God HAS been showing you in the past that He has a greater ministry for you. May God bless you to that end Tee.

  34. A friend of mine had this dream….she said she was presented two sandals as a gift but both sandals are a bit bigger than her size. she said the people that presented her this gifts are their customers at her place of work in{ real life }so when she bid them farewell they presented her those gifts. when she put it on seeing that its a bit bigger than her size she decided to accept it since its just a bit bigger size…pls IOD

    • Hi Ezekiel! Sorry for the late reply. The dream shows that your friend has been a very good and faithful person. Because of this she’ll be given bigger things to walk into or walk in a bigger way, bigger measure than before. Seems like a very good dream. Does this make sense to you?

  35. i had this dream this afternoon. i saw myself with my close friend and some set of people i know in real life together in a place {we all attended same fellowship when i was in school then}. The place look like that of my previous dream{the secretariat of my fellowship} having a program with some set of MOG after the program i saw other people but i dont know them all gathered in a different compartment to rest. i and my friend with those set of people i know in real life with the MOG were together in same room. One of us happened to be my successor in real life i handed over a post to her at my fellowship, so in this dream she was lamenting to me and my friend with the other person except the MOG that i left her , i dont care about her spiritual life….she continued over this while we tried to settle with her before i woke up.

    • Hi Ezekiel! This dream got me thinking. The latter part got my attention. But I think that it’s is trying to call your attention to something that you were doing before, but you’ve left it. And God wants you to continue to do it. Does this make sense to you?
      For readers, MOG = Man/Men of God.

  36. I’m walking with Min. Catherine (woman of God in my church). She’s raving about these ice boat rides. The small boats pass by us but after a while there’s less and less people on them. The boats are silver/metal and filled with solid ice. I asked, do you sit on top of the ice? She said yes. She said she always comes prepared to put something on her butt. Now it’s our turn to get on the boat but we don’t. We end up getting into a huge black truck. The seats were plush inside. Catherine and her husband were in the front seats. Her husband was driving. Me and Pastor Greg (Pastor in my church) were in the back.

    • Redemption( Silver color) in this situation has been put on hold (Ice) and it feels like you have been cut short of an activity ( butt) but the time is coming when this will be resolved (less and less people) and Instead of waiting for that to happen in the meantime you will be involved in delivering something formally (Black plush Truck) that is being led by Catherine and her husband and Greg might be involved in this in some way if the people are literal
      BUT if they are not then You will have clarity (Catherine) in this situation as you keep being alert (Greg)

      • Hi Sheba, thank you for responding to my dream. I didn’t want to go on the ice boat ride. it looked very uncomfortable. I’m glad we didn’t lol! I’m still trying to make sense of that part and why Catherine was raving about it. I agree the last part seems to be about ministry. Thank you for helping me sort some of my dreams out. Blessings!

  37. Hi Sheba. Sorry for late reply.
    Thank u so much for taking time to give the insights. As i was reading ,God is so Good n Faithful was my thoughts.
    Sorry ,the scene 3 i didnt give the details properly. The crowd was in 2 different platforms -so one platform the crowd gets into the train going to Beach n the other platform crowd towards Zoo.
    Does ths info has any more thoughts to be added?
    God Bless.

    • Hi Queenie,
      Two different platform are just to say that there are two different types of people – one on God’s side and the other group of course is ungodly. So you are not going with the people going to the zoo ( pagans) is clearly a good thing showing you are waiting for the train going to the beach (where man meets God). Not much difference in interpretation I guess. Blessings x

  38. Thank u Sheba.
    My concern is i m not gettng into either of the train. Both trains leave wth the crowd,i m left at station. Does it shows some warning sign?

    • Oh ….if you are not getting into any train then it looks like a warning dream telling you that you have to make up your mind to get into the train that will lead you to the correct place where God wants you to be.

  39. I dreamed that I was observing the celebrity sister gospel duo group “Mary Mary” whose real names are Erica and Tina Campbell. I believe I was watching their reality show on television or just observing them in a vision in the dream. Erica had just given birth to a baby boy who was circumcised and she was at home talking on the phone to her sister Tina. At some point Erica told Tina that she had to get off the phone because their was a lady at her house coaching her on what to do with the baby after the circumcision. I remember Tina saying something about being lonely.

    • Hi Aj
      You may be finding it hard in your walk with God just like many people do but this dream is to encourage you that there is something very powerful being birthed in your life that will compliment your pursuit of God. And God is saying that this is a covenant that He is setting up with you and that you need not feel all by yourself as the Holy spirit will be your guide and will lead you in what you need to do . Blessings!!!

  40. I dreamed that I read on a piece of paper the words
    “Ferrari Ferrar” which was the name of a lady in my dream. She confirmed her name by pronouncing it in the dream. The lady in the dream is a former neighbor of mine in real life, but that is not her real name that was shown in the dream.

  41. I dreamed I walked into the church I’m currently attending and in the foyer are two racks of clothing. On the end of the rack on the right is a long floor-length dress/tunic. It has a deep v neck trimmed with a beautifully detailed design. I thought it was so beautiful, but not something I normally wore. And that I’d need something under it too. It was also like a soft denim fabric, light blue. I knew it was for me and had to go try it on. I took it in the bathroom to try it on, and while I was in there I could see the pastor was walking around the church sanctuary wondering where I was and why I wasn’t there yet. Any thoughts?!

    • Hi Katie
      This is a very lovely dream to remind you that God is watching over you and waiting for you while you are in a time of transition so hang in there.
      There is a covenant ( Two) between you and God and there are choices (the rack of clothing) set out before you, your job is to choose carefully so it’s in your best interest therefore your choices must align with God’s will for you. God wants to completely fulfill ( full length dress) your calling which will lead to a deeper beautiful communion ( Blue) with Him. It looks like you are in a season of preparation where one of the things that is happening in your life is cleansing ( bathroom) and God ( Pastor) is waiting for you to get ready to work in His Vineyard ( Church)

  42. Hello there i have been having dreams of snakes big snakes killing them and rebuking demons or evil spirits off of people.. yesterday i too dream t i was killing a big snake don’t know the type but its a big snake and i was holding it by its neck chocking it with my arm not hands and it was hocking spiting out black liquid or so.

    • Hi Berlin! I believe that dreams of you casting out demons refers to God showing you your God-given authority over the demonic and works of the enemy. Snakes generally refer to lies, rumors, false tales. Overcoming snakes means you’ll overcome lies with Truth. Black = something mysterious, unable to see, unknown. I feel that God may be releasing a grace to overcome lies that try to make truth seem like a mystery. Does this make sense to you?

    • Hi Berlin
      I believe this a good dream showing you that you will have victory over lies of the enemy through our Lord Jesus Christ! This is concerning you using all your strength and might ( arm) to stop the big lies (big snake) of the evil force that have been around you for a long time in great measure as a result evil from that situation will have to depart because of the One who lives within you is greater than the one who is in the world 1 John 4:4

  43. Back in childhood home. Neighbor across street says girl is pregnant. Went outside and drug dealer pulls up in all black car and starts fighting me. I fight him back.

    • Hi Sj
      Looks like what you had learnt about God in the past is beginning to take shape and the enemy is being threatened by it. But you will come through victorious – This is the message of the dream. Does this make sense to you?

  44. Hey recently had two dreams, I partially understand them. So I want to ask for your help and thoughts and ideas about it.
    First: Watched a performance of the crucifixion and resurrection on Jesus on a basketball court. It was performed by 4 teams. All of them a white robe. Each team acted simultaneously, so I was watching 4 acts at the same time. When it was ended, we applauded. Scene changes – in my Youth Pastor’s house, everyone was drunk in the Spirit. I had little time and needed to go…there was a projection on the projection screen was a message….

    • contd… the message was in another language. I asked the wife (Emma) of my Youth Pastor to translate. She said, “It’s a message from the National Postal Organization. It says that the car ordered will not come to the delivery address, have to go to some points to be able to pick it up.” My Youth Pastor (Igor) took a red marker and drew on the projector screen some triangle to explain where the car can be picked up. The triangle he drew looks like the “thinking outside the box” puzzle (connecting 9 dots with 4 lines). I’ll drop a link…

      • Hmm there is more to it than my previous interpretation I believe!! The car( ministry) was not getting delivered to the delivery address but you have to pick it up meaning you have to make a move to pick up this ministry. Igor( warrior of peace) there is peace available in this situation along with wisdom and anointing(red) but you have to think outside the box to get to the desired result. Sounds like a good dream!!!!

    • BASKETBALL – You are in a season of battle. Find out how to get the victories.Basketball tells you that this type of battle involves a lot of back and forth conflict, that is that the ball changes hands rapidly.
      NUMBER 4 = earthly things, EMMA = universal or whole RED = Power, anointing, wisdom for battle TRIANGLE = you need to think outside the box CHAIR = an attitude or position/opinion you take

      So you are in a season of earthly battle and the problem is being caused because of an attitude or opinion you’ ve taken but their is power and anointing available to you and God is asking you to think outside the box to solve this.

  45. Second (two days after the first): I was in front of a church. Saw my uncle driving a car around. I said to him, “I can drive too. Let me drive” He agreed. I think the car was a right-hand steering, can’t really remember this. So I began to drive. I noticed something strange – whenever I slow down because of traffic lights, or when making a turn or trying to avoid hitting another car, I begin to slip off the driver’s seat (in a forward motion). I asked my uncle why this happened and suddenly, the car became invisible…

    • I looked downwards to see what was under the car that was making me slip off the driver’s seat. I saw the foot of the chair would touch the road whenever I hit the breaks, producing a slight spark and friction. This caused me to feel an extra force that made me to be slipping off the driver’s seat. Then I woke up.

    • So the car represents a ministry that you want to carry on and this ministry is a bit different because of being right hand steering. Whenever you are slowing down to avoid hitting another car ( ministry) you slip off the chair ( your attitude or position) Is there something in your life you need to fix pertaining to your attitude that will help you not slip off the chair?
      And by the way the uncle seems to be God himself in this dream. let me know what you think about this John, Blessings !!

      • Hi Sheba! Thanks a lot. Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. But the foot of the chair touching the road, producing sparks and friction is what I don’t understand. Maybe it’s a hint to show me what I need to fix? What do you think about this?

  46. Dreamed I was in childhood neighborhood across the street at neighbors house who is getting ready to move. Opened his garage and got black paint and painted antique corvette. He was going to fix corvette to sale for $100,000.

  47. i saw myself walking around a big garden the garden looked like institution settings but no one seems to know me at all ,as i was walking round i saw some vomiting ,some complaining of one thing or the other but not to me. what i saw next was that i was able to see why people were having issues,those involved in causing it,what to do to set those .people free from the covenant everything was revealed to me like a movie. Next scene was breaking evil covenant of those that cause the crisis ,deliverance of those possessed and healing of those vomiting..

  48. cont…..This scene last long bcos they were so many that i can’t count the number of people then it got to some point names were to be written down [those already set free and those am yet to get to] and they asked me if they are to write it departmentally [electrical dpt, accountancy dept] i said NO but they should all line up and write down their names bcos they were so much.when i woke up surprised it was a dream bcos i felt it on my body as if it was real life scenario. pls help

  49. Hi all,
    I dreamt that I gave my son money to buy himself food. He came back with beautiful white and pink flowers instead but didn’t bring any change back as instructed by me. I wanted to return them to get my money back but as I was doing this, I lost some of the pink flowers and others started to pick them up. The white flowers turned brown and lost life…what could this be as I want to accept and not loose it?

    • God is urging you to stay close to Him no matter what and follow in His footsteps at all cost and to stay away from worldly ways.

      • Hi Sheba, how did you get to the interpretation of worldly ways? I felt more that God is giving me favour but in my own capacity I am only seeking him for the necessity rather than him blessing me laviously? I wanted my son to buy himself a sandwich but then came back with a beautiful bunch of flowers? As they cost more, didn’t want to accept them?

        • Hi Angela
          First of all let me say and I’m sure you know that elements in dreams are symbolic. So I looked at the meaning of each color (both positive and negative) and for money which is favor and summed it up as worldly ways. Check out the meaning of the colors from the dictionary on this site and let God to speak to your heart about the actual meaning and He will come through, this is what I want to say at the moment. Blessings !! xox

  50. Hi. Thanks for helping with this dream.
    Dreamed I was in the passenger seat of a friend’s car (Leslie was driving). I had just purchased some new blouse’s; 1 stood out; had a belt with layers- I really liked it. When in car with Leslie i asked her to turn left and after turning left I asked her to back up so I could go to Fashion Bug to buy new pants. 2nd part; I was reading a letter that said i should report to the location on the letter at 8:15, but meeting will start at 8:30; I woke up late at 8:30 am, and realized I needed to get a cab to the meeting. Thanks

  51. Dreamed a gangsta had a small orange and I had a large orange. He gave me his orange and it had a hidden grenade. I noticed it and threw it back. Then I emptied a bag of weapons, grabbed two grenades, pulled the pins, counted to two, then threw them at them and they exploded.

  52. Greetings
    I am currently in a relationship but I had a dream about my ex who I’ve just started communicating with (didn’t break-up under bad circumstances)
    In my dream, I saw a small green snake next to him and he said that he was looking after it for me.
    Please shed some light on what it could mean..

  53. Dreamed I was in my childhood home looking out backdoor into backyard. A lion hoped over the fence into the backyard. It was not aggressive, but walked around and came up to the backdoor. I was keeping the door closed ensuring it was locked to not let him in. I constantly kept checking the door and it cracked open and I hurried up to shut it to not allow the lion inside the house.

  54. SJ – it seems there is something (a situation, a person, etc…) from your past which is (or will be) a situation to intimidate you. Although non-aggressive, the lion intruded on to your property by jumping the fence. It clearly is not respecting your healthy boundary of privacy, attempting to gain entrance into your life on the “sly”. I would classify this dream as a warning dream. Pray against it to cancel its plans & power. Ask the Lord for His clarity, protection, & peace. Praise the Lord that He is our rear guard! And that He warns us, hallelujah!

    Isaiah 52:12 (NLT) – You will not leave in a hurry, running for your lives. For the Lord will go ahead of you; yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind.

  55. Hi.
    Saw Dad wanted me to work in a tailor shop. It was small shop,in a small locality. I was not happy. Salary was 2000Rs/month but added to it whenever i wil leave the job they wil pay me amount according to the time i worked there. (So,i calculated in mind if i will leave after 10 months i wil get an amount of Rs20,000).
    Nearby that shop,a house for my staying was there. Saw a bed with red floral bedsheet on it.
    What do tailoring symbolise?Pls help

    • Dad = God the Father
      Tailor = hemming to be kept safe; new clothes being prepared for new season
      10 = testing
      20 = redemption, holy, approved
      1000 = maturity; reigning with Christ
      Bed = intimacy
      Red = blood of Jesus
      Flower/Floral = good fruit; harvest

      Queenie, God the Father is calling you as He wants to [tailor] make you for the purpose and calling He has for you. Your flesh is not happy but your spirit is able. God will reward you for your labor. There will be testing along the way but God will see you through as He has approved you. He is calling you into a intimate relationship with His son Jesus to produce fruit through you.

  56. What does it mean in a dream when you loose your son. I looked everywhere for him and wanted to ring the police. I was told to give up as he was most definitely dead. I carried on. He appeared and I was so grateful and didn’t leave him out of my side

    • Hi Angela
      This dream is showing that the enemy wants to incite fear in you that – something you have birthed is not going to survive but that will not stop you from doing the right thing because you carried on in your dream. So what you think you’ve lost will miraculously appear back again. Please do ask God to shed more light on this if you are not clear what this could be about. Blessings!!

  57. Dream 1- Dreamed about a prophet who told me he had a dream about me being in jail, prison or in a grave. He was concerned, and said when he went to go check on me to see if I was okay, I came walking out with hips!! and he started laughing as if oh she’s fine. I responded to him “and I have hips too!! We both started laughing.

    Dream 2- God spoke to me very clearly. I don’t think I was dreaming but I was sleep I believe. I heard him say to me clearly ” cry out thru a young weeping prophet”.

  58. Hello. I had a dream about my husband, two snakes, one red and the other black with big heads. I walked pass the living room, and I saw two snakes on the carpet watching T.V. the black snake did not move. However, the red one tried to attack me with an open mouth, it was ferocious. I moved my head and it flew passed my shoulder. My husband then grabs the snake and he’s laughing telling me, it’s okay, it won’t hurt you. I’m yelling at him to get it away from me and I wake up.

    • Hello Debra, a few things…
      Snakes = demonic spirits and/or demonic strongholds. These are comfortable and have made their home here. The black one is not intimidated at the moment hence why it doesn’t move but stays in its place. The red one is striking out at you to defend its territory. You loved you head and it flew passed your shoulder meaning it cannot harm you…use your head = God’s wisdom will prevail and keep you. Your husband is in covenant with the snake i.e. demonic curse/stronghold. Pray in the Spirit and the Lord will show you how to gain victory. Be blessed.

  59. Thank you SJ . I m going thru a preparation time i beleive .

    Though i thought since i had to work in a tailor shop, it may be something tht God wants me to do!

    I m blessed with new season, new clothes- since i am praying for a new season in my life..

  60. Hello, I had a dream last night that I was at a girl’s house whom I used to like and still kinda do. Her family was there and ameverything and we were all just hanging out. I remember asking what she was doing for lunch tomorrow because I would be going through her town and I would like to take her for lunch. She said she was busy but then said the next time you come to town she would love to hang out. She ended up leaving in the dream and I didn’t know where she went.

    • The dream then transitioned to a dog being chased by a bunch of puppies, like 100 or so. He was like terrified of the puppies I think. I believe they were all the water and I was amazed of how fast the puppies were swimming. I don’t believe they ever caught the big dog however. I woke up not thinking much of the dream but now I’m thinking otherwise.
      Thanks for reading.

      • Hi B! I’m experiencing in my own dreams that more often than not, some dream elements are very personal to the dreamer. What do dogs & puppies mean to you? Have you had a bad experience with a dog in your past that possibly makes you afraid of them? Or, did you grow up with that specific kind of dog & you have feelings of love & care? Do you remember what color they were? Do you remember what type of dog & puppies they were? These can all be clues as to what was happening. God gave me a dream of a blue dog once which spoke to me personally.

        • The dog was actually my parents dog! He has some pit bull in him but he really is a sweet and loving dog. And never attacks any other dogs if anything maybe a bit skiddish.
          I’ve never had a bad exoierence with dogs or puppies. Their dog is white and brown.
          In the dream I remember it being night time if that means anything.

          • definitely no sure, but Just some ideas…
            *dog could be seen as your brother or yourself? usually, for us, the family dog is the little or baby bro/sis to the children *puppies can signify the amount of time it can take to mature, train, or develop an idea; playful; carefree; dependent *dog was frightened, could be too much of any of the above? Really interesting dream, I’d be interested to hear what a real interpreter of God’s dreams would say. If you’d like, contact They have a dream team & give free interpretations. Blessings!

  61. Dream: I was supposed to be at someone’s house at 5:00 & it was already 5:30 because I was getting my hair cut by my niece (who I don’t trust). Then I went & had to pee. The bathroom had white paper torn into little pieces all over, even on the toilet seat. I sat with the man & his friend out front & his face changed into another man’s face which gave me a lot of comfort, then it changed back into his face (he is someone who deceived me). Then a brown horse fell from way up high in the sky & landed on its feet on the street in front of us. His wife was riding the horse & she said the horse is sick… any ideas? Thanks!

  62. Thank you SJ for the clarity, I really didn’t understand why the black one didn’t move and It caught my attention. I will be calling on extra help for prayer on this one. Thank you so much! Be Blessed.

  63. Hello I have a two dreams I need little help with. They both have a Debbie (Deborah) in them
    1. I was at the airport and saw my ex he was with someone and I was mad God told me not to worry and a lady named Debbie who was with him as me to file her taxes. My ex had 3 pieces of cake with him.

    2. Debbi Allen & her husband were telling me their testimony of how they met and are still in love. They then started talking like an audio bible same tone and accent. Debbie looked at me with tears in her eyes and said don’t give up on GOd it’s worth the wait God will show up..while holding her baby.

    Who is Debbie??

    • Tatisha, Debbie is a form of Deborah which means “bee” in Hebrew. In the Old Testament Book of Judges, Deborah leads the Israelites when they are threatened by the Canaanites. She forms an army under the command of Barak, and they destroy the army of the Canaanite. Not only are the names connecting the dreams but the airport and the baby. You are transitioning to a new place (airport) and for a new thing the Lord is birthing in and through you (baby). Read Deborah’ s account in book of Judges for strategy to defeat the enemy. Your [fleshly] past (ex) that was stimulated by sugar (Cake i.e. carnality) will not hold you back as your debt has been paid (taxes). Owe no man nothing but to love them. Feed your spirit on the Word.

  64. Dream 1- Dreamed about a prophet who told me he had a dream about me being in jail, prison or in a grave. He was concerned, and said when he went to go check on me to see if I was okay, I came walking out with hips!! and he started laughing as if oh she’s fine. I responded to him “and I have hips too!! We both started laughing.

    Dream 2- God spoke to me very clearly. I don’t think I was dreaming but I was sleep I believe. I heard him say to me clearly ” cry out thru a young weeping prophet”.

  65. I was in familiar city at apartments. The apartments was by a stream of water. I was pushing a hotel cart. Pushed it through the grass onto the concrete making my way through parking lot. I saw moose in water at first and then I noticed it was a white wolf. It saw me but I kept walking. I saw an older woman putting things in her car. Then the wolf appeared out of nowhere to attack me. I pushed the cart at him. He was growling. I growled back. I stood my ground. He tried to come close and I threw punches and him. Kept growling I growled back. Pulled a white hankerchef out my back pocket. Was using it towards the wolf. Came close and I threw punches to keep him back. Remember old lady watching and supporting in some way.

  66. I was laying in bed after waking with eyes closed. I was in the woods. There was a pile of leaves in front of my feet. I scooped the pile up in my arms & took a few steps. I saw a snake wriggling near the top of the pile, so I flung the pile away from me. Then many snakes were crawling on the ground around my feet. A walking stick was in my right hand & a larger snake was winding around it to get to my hand at the top of the stick. Then a flash of a bright blue Ford Escape! The Escape bothers me. Is it a warning that I need to flee/escape something or someone? Or saying that I will escape harm from whatever the snakes represent? The trees, leaves, snakes were dull brown, but then that flash of bright blue.?

    • 6 days later, I dreamed I was asleep in bed & woke up with a woman’s face near mine. She said “your marriage is in jeopardy.” I asked her name. She said Gail w/a last name. I knew a woman w/that name years ago, but this wasn’t her. I said you’re a friend of Sue’s (friend of mine) aren’t you & she said yes. I kept asking why/how is my marriage in jeopardy, but she just kept telling me that it was. My husband was asleep next to me. Then I heard an electric razor in the other bathroom & I knew she was in there. Then my husband got up & I heard them & my adult son talking. Do you think this dream is connected to the vision from 6 days earlier? They are both disturbing to me. Please help me understand them.

    • leaves ( signs of new life ) Snake ( lies) right hand ( divine perspective / relating to faith ) Feet ( walk of life) blue ( communion, revelation ) dull brown (Compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective)
      You were trying to do something new and there sure were signs of new life but you put this away because of the lies of the enemy that you got caught up into. Your walk of faith in God is under attack. But fear not as you wait on the Lord He will give you fresh revelation and that is the plan God has for your escape from this situation where you are being attacked by lies.
      I suggest you hold fast to God because it doesn’t matter what is happening around you He is there to rescue you !!! Blessings!

      • Thank you. The interesting thing about that vision is the night before, a woman and I spent several hours working with another younger woman who needs deliverance. We are planning to meet with her a few more times, but that vision with the blue Escape plus our schedules have postponed anything further. Then a few hours after the vision I received a call from someone asking me to help “pastor over” a group of people, but again that vision has me hesitating. Am I being too cautious/sensitive? Both happened within hours of having it, one before and one after……

        • I should probably also add that my husband and I have had a ministry to poor and homeless people for the past 6 years, but I have recently felt that season coming to an end. We have scaled it way back, but I am still unsure whether we are supposed to continue on any level at all anymore. I feel that the Lord is preparing me for something new, but I am not quite sure just what that is yet and I am trying to wait patiently for His leading. Thank you so much for all your time, Sheba!

          • Hi Kathy
            I am sure God has a plan for revealing things to you coz you saw the flash of blue ( Revelation , communion) Blessings!!

  67. In the dream, I was inside an elevator of a residential building. I had apparently pressed the number 30 (as in 30th floor) accidentally, if I remember the number correctly. When it reached the 30th floor, I realised that it had gone way past the 10th floor that I had wanted to go to.

    To be continued…

  68. At the next scene, I realised that the elevator had gone down, apparently to the 1st floor. Upon realising that, I wanted to press “10” immediately. Then I heard a young child’s voice outside the elevator. He was apparently talking to his mom. And so I waited for them to come in, instead of pressing “10” immediately. I remember pressing on the “open” button while they were coming in. They entered the elevator with another young child (apparently a girl, if I remember correctly). The mom was carrying a baby in her arms. The two young children seemed to be about five and six years old respectively.

    To be continued…

  69. I asked the mom which floor she would like to go to. Then she told me “4”. I remember saying the numbers verbally(1, 2, 3 and 4) while my index finger was pointing at the buttons showing the respective numbers.

    Could someone help to interpret this dream? Thanks a lot!:)

    • elevator ( quick movement), 30 = ( utter completion) , 10 = testimony arising out of a trial, 4 = creativity, earthly

      You are racing towards completing something in your life quickly but wait there is more there will be a testimony arising out of your trials and the Holy Spirit is making a covenant with you where grace and earthly help is available. you will allow Him to do the work which will result in the birth of something new in your life. Makes sense?

  70. Early this morning the 24th of November 2017, I dreamt I was holding a chubby, bouncy baby boy in my arms , he seemed about 3 months old or so, and he was laughing and smiling and waving up at me and I was supposed to name him, he was my baby, I was thinking of baby names , my mum told me to name him properly as his name would be his identity ,and I woke up.

    • Hi Lady
      You are going to birth something new – it could be anything to do with you ministry Or work Or some situation. It is going to be a healthy situation (Baby bouncy and chubby) but the Holy spirit is reminding you to name it the way you want it to operate. It may not have played out yet but if it has let me know. Blessings !!

      • It is a work project I’m about to launch this week that I will be MC ‘ing ,this will be my first project to MC, it has undergone many changes and now i have felt i need to take away a lot of the elements and keep to the initial identity i had for it, i started planning this project in September first week, so its been 3 months in the making, I have been praying for Financial provision and for God’s favour so i execute it properly on the day with my public speaking, and also to put on an outstanding event.

  71. 21st November 2017, I dreamt I was in an office, sitting on a desk, the person in the office with me was my partner, but he was a Nigerian man, i felt i didn’t trust him completly, i received a fat brown A4 envelope with my name on it , inside it was lots of money, and lots of documents and a map of Africa i think, the map had green markings on it, like how land is marked out, the map had a big wad of fresh bank notes beside it, there was more money in cheque books and property documents in the envelope as well, each document had money in it, all were fresh bank notes, I felt it was payment for some things i had signed or done in the past., that someone had delivered to me, …continued below…

    • This dream concerns a venture or enterprise you are involved in – possible ministry (Brown) and God is promising you a huge amount of favor – I don’t know if this favor is financial or not but there are some cultural perspectives involved in this that may hinder the relationships forming with others – is that correct? Are you Nigerian? But God is allowing for some pruning to happen in your life so you can attain full maturity so He could align you with the big breakthrough He has in store for you. 🙂 Sounds like a good dream to me. Blessings !!

      • I have been partnering with a friend of mine who is good and successful in PR and media, he is supposed to be my mentor in this partnership, but it’s turned out that I’m going it alone, he does not participate or try to get involved in the projects, just from an outsider perspective and lately I’ve felt i dont know what to make of him , Not a distrust but an uncertainty as to the partnership if I’m alone on the workings of it, I’m Ghanaian and so is he, we both live and work in Ghana, Nigerians are generally not trusted in Ghana in Business circles so maybe thats where the not trusting him dream analogy comes in…continued below

      • Continued reply…i entered this partnership with him because i dreamt a pregnancy dream about it last september where he was the father and a good father, He is good at PR and a Brand Icon here, and I wrote about it on this page up above, i got a reply. In that dream we were supposed SHARE the baby, i saw the word share in white ccapitals and i saw us raising a todler between us. Since then a year passed and in September he offered me the partnership on projects, and has been preoccupied with his other ventures and left the workings of thes two projects to me with the help of his assitant so basicslly I’m acting as both mother and fatber to these projects, ie, continueing below ….

      • ….continued…the one I’m about to launch which he doesnt help on at all, and the bigger one we need to source financial investment together to move it forward, also i have begun to wonder if I made a mistake in walking into this Partnership, i have also felt that when i successfully launch this first venture on thursday, as there will be industry people attending, If its God’s will to move on from here I will get another offer from someone who sees how i MC this event, .the one I’m about to launch which he doesnt help on at all, and the bigger one we need to source financial investment together to move it forward, also i have begun to wonder if I made a mistake in walking into this Partnership, …

      • ….contd..have also felt that when i successfully launch this first venture on thursday, as there will be industry people attending, If its God’s will to move on from here I will get another offer from someone who sees how i MC this event, maybe book future jobs as a  speaker as i was given a word in a dream about companies seeking me out on ways to prosper their busineses just like Joseph,  amd also a pastor gave me a prophetic vision of God placing a microphone in my hand book future jobs as a  speaker as i was given a word in a dream about companies seeking me out on ways to prosper their busineses just like Joseph,  amd also a pastor gave me a prophetic vision of God placing a microphone in my hand

        • Hi Lady
          Sorry this is late, have been busy but I think God is reminding you time and again that He IS with you no matter who deserts you and he is working behind the scenes to pull everything together for a happy ending to this situation but I want to also remind you that God is allowing for you to mature before He can bring about that breakthrough you are looking for. So let patience finish its work in you that you may be complete and mature lacking in nothing. James 1 :4 Blessings Lady do let me know what you think about this

  72. Continued…….the envelope came at the time i needed money the most, the first thing i thought of was i needed a haircut,( i have short hair so i cut my hair regularly) i also felt i must keep the contents of the envelope from my partner. I also felt like this money will go a long way, In real life i have been praying fpr supernatural provision and financial release as things have been tight financially. Please help me understand.

  73. hello I had a dream that I saw a river with 4 animals inside and 2 people.
    I saw a frog being chase by another animal as a very big snake was about to chase the frog 6small animals pin it down and the snake bursted. I shouted Jesus . A frd of mine was asking me if I was OK and I said I am. he was asking for he to see my feet

    • How was the water in the river – clear or murky ?

      • Hi Sharon
        This dream clearly indicates there is demonic move happening in your life where a spirit of lust and lies of the enemy are involved in some way but the ending is happy as you saw the snake (lies of the enemy) burst and what you are trying to do will not be affected by what the enemy is trying to do. Also there appears to be some significance of numbers 4 and 2 – the attack seems to be coming from all four sides and putting you under pressure to make a covenant but through your efforts (number 6) you will prevail.

  74. I had a dream about 3 snakes and one bit me 3 times on my right hand. My husband came in from walking dogs and somehow 3 small baby snakes where on the floor one was chubby and brownish. I told my husband to either move the dog or get the snakes and I will move the dog. He did nothing so I moved the dog because I didn’t want him to get bit…..well the fat brownish snake bit me 3 times on my right hand. I know I didn’t kill the snakes but I don’t know what happened to them. I sucked the poison out of my wounds. What could this mean?

  75. 3 ( utter completion) right( By divine strength, spiritual empowerment/gifting), Hand (relating to your relationships) Dog (your pet) Brown (Compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective (human perspective disregarding divine perspective)

    There is something in your life that is like your pet habit or even your perspective and you are trying to protect it. Also this pet perspective of yours is not aligning well with the divine perspective . This could be due to the lies of the evil one that confuse us sometimes. The lies from the enemy want to overtake your mind and cause confusion thus not allowing for God to do His work in your life. God wants you to leave it to Him and simply believe in Him. Blessings !!

  76. I dreamt of a hall with lots of people giving things away. I went to a stand with a lady customising clothes with a sewing machine. I picked a white T shirt for myself and cut out little delicate flowers from another material for her to sow on. The material was very shiny and elegant. I then picked up lots of rubbers for the my boys up.

  77. I was driving with my boys and at a turning decided to reverse to change my direction. Another car turned in so quickly as I reversed and we bumped. I first thought that my bonnet was dented when the bump was at the back of the car. I then realised the car was fine. I went over to the other car and driver was busy washing off the marks. He was friendly and situation resolved with no conflict or money involved

  78. Hello Again! I have a dream that really stuck with me today and wanted to share to get some insight.

    I was taking/sitting next to a man at a dinner party. The waitress brought our plate we both had chicken. The guy started deboning his chicken I took a piece of mine and realized that I was on a fast of no meat and spit it out. The waitress brought our tickets and while paying our credit cards got mixed up the waitress said you guy will be husband and wife and I said no but the man did not object.

    The strange think about this dream is I have been fasting meat for my future husband in real life. I have no had meat in 2 years–but lately it has been really hard I miss my meat!!

  79. Hi, I hope someone could help to interpret two visions. In the first vision, I saw a boulder or a rock that was dark gray in colour. And on it was the number 24, which was either red or orange in colour. And in the second vision, I saw the words “Ezra door”. Thank you so much!

  80. I dreamt I was hanging out with Trump and Melania in their bedroom. I got there by climbing up the white house thru their window, permitted by them and secret service. I left and brought back a guy who was delivering their new furniture. He was so happy even tho they weren’t present. Later, it was me and trump and Melania on their bed. We were going to go on a really smooth virtual rollercoaster ride on their mattress. It was super cool. We shot down targets with our hands. The dream ended.

  81. Hi , I had adream thats been stuck in my head for days . I believe God is giving me a message. Here’s the dream : I was walking on a 4-lane highway. The highway was neatly paved and painted. It had a small pedestrian lane to the left of the road. On the road was a tornado . As I was walking, I got caught in the tornado. It lifted me up about 200m in the air. As it passed me I began falling back to the ground. As I was falling I saw 4 oncoming semi trucks on the highway. I had to dodge them because they were going to hit me as I fall to the ground. When I hit the ground, I ‘bounced ‘ and managed to roll to the pedestrian lane. I was safe with no injuriies or pain whatsoever. Hope you can help with the interpretation. Thanks.

  82. Hi REV LYNMARIE, more grace.
    I had a dream that i was in particular place were people gather and was praying for particular person, and suddenly i was called to pray for the person and as i was praying for the person i saw something like a creature left that person, after which i now call some people to give praise and i went on my kneel thanking God.

  83. This morning I had a dream that I was sitting around a table with a group of people and A guy came up to me and I guess he was trying to sit on top of me or pushes me aside or something. I kept resisting him by pushing him off of me and I eventually started to gouge his eyes out trying to get him off of me. Then there appeared a fishing pole in my lap and I drug his face across the fishing pole. His lip ended up getting pierced by the fishing hook on the pole. We both started to freak and my only thought was what am I going to do to unhook him.

    • So in the dream I believe the guy’s name was Rice but in real life the guy in the dream looked like a guy that I know named Jordan. Jordan has fiery red orange hair and has always been extremely hyper.

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