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January 13, 2017

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  1. Hello, what is the spiritual connotation of chicken as food or dreaming of eating fruit with chillie?

    • Hi Doreen – many apologies on the late reply… we’re just volunteer dreamers here helping out with interpretations as we’re able, so sometimes posts get missed or don’t get answered for a while… Chicken in general refers to fear, so eating it would probably mean ‘taking in fear.’ Fruit with chili… hmm… Eating fruit is good, taking in the product of the fruit of the Spirit or of fruitful people. Chili is meat or beans, spicy; so deeper spiritual concepts with lots of flavor. Something along those lines. Ring any bells?

  2. Not forced but I gave in and let myself fall – fell on left side and hit my forehead. “Awoke” in a white hospital gown, on an IV, drank medicine from a cup and signed a paper with my right hand. A past minister questioned if I was really sick. No longer – because of the medicine AND the IV. Next an angelic woman and I got on a bus. She went to the back. I sat in the front. Two more people boarded. We were waiting for one more before going to a friend’s house. I awoke at 3:33.

    • Hi April. Very interesting dream… here are my thoughts:-
      There was a time in your life it seemed like you lacked support and this made you down. God got you and took you through a healing session and you probably made an agreement with God (signing a paper) in this period. Now, you’re getting into a ministry or church and you’re still waiting for the right time to be fully launched. And God will back you up in all you do. Don’t be afraid. God is supporting you in this.
      Make sense?

  3. Yes it really makes sense. Thank you so much John. It has just started playing out and I have been feeling so uncomfortable and in emotional pain due to the lies and things that have been spoken from authority. Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Glad God used me to help you Angela. Sad to hear what’s happening. I advice to pray the opposite of the dream -> bless the person in authority, and declare the justice of God upon the spiritual enemy. Speak peace and love into your heart and emotions. I see this as a period God will promote you in authority with Him. God will bless all you do especially because you’re honest. Stay strong. God bless!

  4. I was standing outside my room with the door closed (In real life, the room is actually my father’s.), and there were two young children who painted part of the wall opposite. There was a brightly lit passage way between my room and the wall. The wall was originally white in colour, and the strange thing was that the children only painted the part that faced my room and left the rest of the wall opposite untouched. After they’d finished painting and left, I walked to the other side of the wall and noticed that part of that side wall was also painted gray.

    • Hi Annie! Here’s my thought on this part (I will comment on the second part as a continuation)…
      You’re standing from a position close to your intimacy with God. So from a place of intimacy, God is showing you something… Walls usually may mean protection. Gray, in a negative sense, it refers to weakness (because you said it was originally white). So God is showing you some issues (children) that made you feel weakly protected.

    • Hi again Annie! Let me share the new thought that came to me…
      You’ve stood with God and in righteousness (white), and God is adding on top of it maturity or honour (gray). In the next part, I feel your mum referred to the Holy Spirit. So God is favoring (money) you. Red refers to Power, anointing and wisdom. I believe this is for a new partnership. Marriage usually refers to the coming together of two things. So maybe it could be a business-partnership, job, ministry, etc. Things you join yourself to.
      Does this one make sense? Annie and Karen?

      • Hi John, it kind of makes sense. But I don’t understand why my late mom could be referring to the Holy Spirit. And there’re two things I don’t understand about my dream. Why did my father’s room become my room in the dream? And why did my late mom appear as a younger version of herself? If my late mom actually refers to the Holy Spirit, is there a need to show her as a younger version of herself in my dream? What do you think? Thanks a lot, John. Really appreciate you for taking the time. God bless you!:)

        • Hi Annie! Thanks for your feedback.
          – Father referred to God as a Father. So the Father’s room refers to intimacy with God. So it’s yours
          – In the bible, the Hebrew Word for Holy Spirit is “ruach hakodesh” – this word is feminine. This is why mothers in dreams may refer to Holy Spirit (not always, depends on the context). In the book of proverbs, wisdom is addressed as a “She”. And the bible tells us Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Wisdom.

          • Hi John, I get what you mean. I’ve thought that God would use a living person to represent the Holy Spirit rather than someone who has passed on. But anyway, what you’ve said makes sense. Thanks, John!

        • – Yeah, your mum was someone who cared for you. So just as the Holy Spirit cares for you, God can use it symbolically to represent Him.
          – About your mum being young seems to be some generational blessings that are very active. And the traits are curly hair and dark brown hair clip. Hair refers to Glory, anointing, wisdom. I think curl refers to resilience (because curls recover back to the shape after stretched). And it’s put together with humility and compassion (hair clip). So these are some traits.
          I hope these make sense. Waiting for Karen’s take on this too.

        • These were the thoughts I had that resulted in the other interpretation
          And God bless you too! I am very interested to know how it turns out. Plus, God is using you to help me have a better understanding. So thank you too!

    • Hi Annie – sorry for the delay, it’s been quite a week! Lots of blessings though. 🙂 I’m going to address each of your dreams or segments of dreams separately, hoping that the posts will appear in some kind of logical order. Ok, the elements: outside of room that is yours/father’s, brightly lit hallway, children painting, the color gray. The color or colors the children painted could also be significant. The first clue. The first clue to me that this was a positive dream was that the hallway was brightly lit. (cont. below)…

      • (Annie’s dream re hallway, cont)… Hallway is transition, the bright light is righteousness and God’s favor. The children could be something new or young in your life during this period of transition. They’ve “left their mark” (color?). The gray indicates wisdom and maturity have become apparent. The rm seems to be a deeper experience of your inheritance thru Christ that you’re about to enter. On to the next segment of the dream…

      • Hi Karen, thanks for taking the time to respond to my posts despite your busy life. Happy for you that you’ve lots of blessings.:) What do you think is the symbolic meaning of the colour ‘gray’, Karen? Why gray and not some other colour? Thanks, Karen!

        • Hi Annie – I pretty much go by what the Categorical Dictionary on this site gives for element meanings. I’ve found over the 2-1/2 yrs or so that I’ve been using this site that the info here is incredibly accurate in terms of my own dreams and those of all who post. Gray stands for wisdom and maturity, comes from the Bible as in gray hair and also as a universal element – it’s logical.

      • Hi Karen! Thanks a lot for your insight! Now I see where I missed out. I didn’t pay attention to the brightly lit hallway. I thought she just observed the kids from the door. Thanks a lot!!! God bless!

  5. This is actually a continuation from the earlier post…(100-word limit) In the next scene, my late mom was sitting in the living room with her back facing me, and the living room was quite dim. In the dream, she’d very curly hair and a dark brown hair clip on her hair. She looked like a younger version of herself. She quickly put some money into a red packet for an upcoming wedding. I asked her how much she had put into the red packet, but she didn’t respond.

    • (continuation…) and now what made you feel weak is shown here. Brown, negatively means compromise. I think there’s a situation that there’s been compromise and favour, wealth (money) was used for to partner with something else (wedding) because of certain issues, possible anger (red). Your late mum may represent something generally negative that results in compromise because of anger or may literally show that she did this to you that made you feel unprotected.
      This dream got me thinking. What I said Make sense to you? God bless you!

      • Hi John, thanks so much for the interpretations. Honestly, I don’t get you. What do you mean by ‘favour, wealth (money)…? No, my late mom didn’t do anything to me that made me feel unprotected. So, the past issues were referring to what happened during my childhood days? John, could you please clarify? Thanks a lot!

        • Hi Annie! Thanks for your feedback. This got me thinking, and seems I missed something and looked at it from a wrong perspective. I will pray, ask God for more insight and look into this dream again. I hope Karen will see this post and help me on this too. God bless!

          • Hi John, thanks a lot! Really appreciate you for taking the time to respond. God bless you!:)

          • Hi John – I did see these posts and have a different take on things. I won’t be able to fully address things till Saturday, but see my short reply to Annie’s questions, in the meantime…

        • Hi Annie – I won’t have a chance to address these dreams until Saturday, but I see them from the positive view of the elements rather than their negative meanings, and that favor, anointing, and good things are coming your way. I’ll explain why later… 🙂

          • Hi Karen, thanks a lot! Appreciate that.:)

          • Thanks Karen! I just got back here, and had this same thought too. Most of the dreams I’ve come across, dead people referred to bad stuff. But when Annie mentioned in the comment that her mum didn’t do any wrong stuff to her, I noticed I missed it. I prayed about it, today a new fresh thought came to me. I will share it, please tell me what you think. It will help me. God bless!

    • (Annie’s dream re mom part)… Someone dead coming back to life would usually be about what they represent (or meaning of name) having been lost to you but now coming back. The Holy Spirit is almost always represented by my mom in my dreams! He’s the comforter, the nurturer, the one who stands alongside. Hair is wisdom, hair clip could mean adornment like a spiritual gift, or control as John said. It’s brown = humility and compassion. I like John’s insight about curly hair being resilience. (cont below)…

      • The dimness of the room could also refer to transition, that it’s all not clear yet.
        Altogether, this dream seems to be about something spiritually significant having been lost to you in the past, perhaps because of a lack of wisdom, maturity, and control of the spiritual gift; but now youre transitioning back into it, having grown significantly. It sounds wonderful! What do you think?

        • Hi Karen, what you’ve said so far makes perfect sense to me. I’ve gained much knowledge just by reading your interpretations and those of John’s so far. Just wondering…you were saying that you took a course on this site…does it equipped with so much knowledge that you’re able to give such insightful and profoundinterpretations? Or is it that plus something else, if I may ask? Because honestly, I wish I could interpret my own dreams accurately. Thanks, Karen.

          • Hi Annie – The info on the dream course is on the Home page. I’m probably only about halfway thru due to lack of time! Actually most of what ive learned comes from studying the Dictionary element meanings, following all the posts people submit, and reading all the articles on this site before I even started the course. I’m a prolific dreamer myself, and by using all the info here plus trial and error have honed my skills over time. The impressions the Holy Spirit gives are also key.

      • Hi Karen, I often dreamed of my late mom. So, is it safe to assume that my late mom USUALLY represents the Holy Spirit? Thanks!

        • There are other possibilities for what “mother” could represent, especially with the added element of death. Look up mother in the People section of the Dictionary for more info, also look at the Death category. Your late mother might have an even more specific meaning for you than what I put. Each dream you have is a jigsaw puzzle, and each dream on the same subject is a puzzle piece of a larger picture. It all takes shape as you go along. Ask Him to clarify what your late mother means for you and then look for His clues in your dreams that follow.

          • Given the entire context of your dreams, I took your late mother to represent something spiritual you lost that is being returned to you, not necessarily specifically the Holy Spirit. I was just pointing out the logic for the Holy Spirit to be represented as female or a mother. Whatever your late mother represents, that recurrent element will most likely mean the same thing each time.

          • Hi Karen, thanks. Will check out the dictionary on this site later. Btw, there’s no reply button for your earlier reply…Ya, I’m aware that info on the course can be found on the Home Page. Thanks once again and God bless!

          • Hi Karen, you mentioned in the reply below that my late mom represents something spiritual which I lost that is being returned to me. Something spiritual? What could that be? What do you think? Thanks a lot!

  6. In the 2nd dream, there was a person who told me that he/she was going to give me a promotion. In the next scene, I went into a meeting room with an ex-colleague during the day. The room was quite bright. We sat down diagonally opposite my ex-supervisor. There was a man who was seated at the head of the rectangular table on the far right. My ex-supervisor then told my ex-colleague that another ex-colleague would be returning to work after her medical leave. I could sense my ex-supervisor’s hostility towards me. My ex-supervisor seemed oblivious to the presence of the man.

    • Hi Annie! Here are my thoughts…
      God is telling you know that He will promote you. But there are issues from the past, maybe past failures or disappointments or situations that the enemy still brings to you in a hostile way. Plus there’s one more he plans to add. I believe God is reminding you that by His grace, you are promoted and not by issues of the past.
      It seems kinda similar to the dream you posted above in relation to “past issues” and God is giving an answer in this dream. And the vision you posted below is a reminder of His Plans for you. Makes sense to you?

    • I’ll try to address this one and the rainbow dream tomorrow eve. They all seem to be parts of the same picture. Sweet dreams tonight!

    • Hi again, Annie – this dream is a hard one for me, but I’ll share the insights I have. Person telling you about promotion perhaps unseen? Thus, a spiritual being, angel or Jesus. Man at the table on far right probably same spiritual being watching meeting (right is the heavenly direction, see Nature & Earth). Rectangle is an expanded square so refers to possibility of expansion, fits with promotion and moving to a new spiritual level. (Cont below)

      • Ex-supervisor… a supervisor is someone who watches and has authority over you, so could represent something that used to have power over you but no longer does. Ex-colleague??? Someone or something that was a part of that previous scenario? Not sure on that one… Ex-colleague back from medical leave = no clue at this point. I think this will all become clearer when you put all the dreams together. Now on to the rainbow vision…

      • Ya, I don’t remember seeing the face of the person who told me about promotion.

  7. In a vision I had, I saw two rainbows in front of me, on my left. They intersected near the lower end. Thanks a lot!:)

    • Hi Annie! I believe this vision is reminding you about the promises of God upon your life (because God used a rainbow to make a promise/covenant to/with Noah). And two usually represents multiplication (Bible says two are better than one). I believe God is encouraging you to hold on, He hasn’t forgotten His promises towards you. Plus He’s reminding you of them. And you will get there.

      • Hi John, I get what you’re saying here. But I don’t understand why the two rainbows intersected? I believe there’s more to it. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks, John and God bless!

        • Hi Annie! Yeah, it is very interesting. I didn’t mention my thoughts on the intersection, because I wasn’t sure. But I pictured “intersection” as a meeting point, or combination. Also had a different thought. The bible mentions that Rainbows are around the throne of God. These were the thoughts I had. However, visions are less symbolic than dreams. But this it’s very promising. God bless!!!

        • Hi Annie! I shared it in the post above. Where you wrote the first part of the dream. Please tell me if it makes sense to you. Thanks

    • What jumped out at me on this one was that the rainbows were on your LEFT, which would have to do with the earthly realm rather than the spiritual. Also, the fact that they intersect LOW DOWN, as in near the earth. Rev Lyn’s dictionary definition of the number 2 is “confirmation, agreement, covenant.” (Multiplication also fits). We know that rainbow = covenant, so this seems like double confirmation from the Lord of whatever the promise is. Also seems like “things are coming together” for you now. “Ahead” = near future. (Cont below)…

      • Is there some promise or promises that you felt the Lord had given you sometime in the past, perhaps both spiritual and earthly, that seemed like they died and were never going to be? What has been the desire of your heart? Perhaps you came under some type of bondage or oppression that got in the way that is now being removed? You’ll need to discern what the picture looks similar to in your life. And maybe John and I are completely or partially off-base, but hopefully these thoughts will point you in the right direction. (Cont below)…

        • The fact that the Lord gives you dreams means He has gifted you in a special way and wants you to know His will more specifically. Be patient with yourself and the process of learning dream interpretation. We’re allowed to make mistakes! It’s kind of like following a map: you do your best to spot the landmarks and follow the directions given, but you might make some wrong turns or end up on some detours. But the Lord delights in us when we seek Him, and He’ll see us through. Rest in that.

        • Ya, you’re right, Karen. I don’t think John and you are completely or partially off-base. In fact, somehow your (yours and John’s) interpretations resonate with and make more sense to me than interpretations I’d previously got elsewhere. So, thanks a lot to both of you!:) And of course, also thanks to this website that I’ve chanced upon. All of you have been a great blessing to me. God bless!

      • Hi Karen, thanks! Makes sense to me.

  8. Hi had this dream june 2 I looked under a bush and there was some silver and money currency but there were snakes there also so I went to my house were my step son who is called Stephen was and I knew he was going to go and bag these snakes

    • Hi John! It seems to me that this dream shows that you found favor or provision or spiritual riches. Something interesting. But this is hidden and surrounded by many lies. And God wants to use your step son to help you get rid of the lies around what you’ve discovered or noticed. I believe this will help you receive what you’ve found (as the bible says, seek and you shall find). Does this make sense to you?

    • I also want to add that your step son’s name may be a metaphor in some way. Stephen in the bible moved in great wisdom, faith and signs and wonders. So it not literally your step son to help you remove these lies, it will take the wisdom of God, faith and the Power of God to remove them and get a hold of what God has revealed to you that’s hidden.

  9. I dreamt walking with family on a beach.Warm, white sand everywhere. The sun was hot.We sat down after being far away from the shore. Suddenly, the tide was back and the water very deep. I remember swimming and pleasantly surprised. I discovered my bible that the tide had brought in and pulled it out,two journals appear.They were for someone else. I saw my handbag and was afraid of loosing things. I grabbed for it and realised that I had only lost some make up.My son said that they were boring.I felt I could buy new ones.

    • Hi Angela! Seems to me that this dream is a continuation or an answer to the previous dream…
      It shows that in your walk with God, there was a time storms rose in life, most likely from people with influence (ocean tides). You were caught up in this but God is still with you and you’re still moving and living in the things of The Spirit (swimming). Journals record daily proceedings. So I think the Word of God is showing you that you’re not what’s recorded or said about you.

    • … continuation… make up is put on the face. So I think this refers to the mark on your reputation, identity or self. So I believe in the midst of all these, and as you read God’s Word, there’ll be a new mark God will put on you. I believe it’s a restoration or a new reputation, identity. It seems like a good dream to me.
      Does this make sense to you?

      • Hi Oforkanji John, that’s interesting. Yes, it was a good dream and felt in the now as the items in the dream are recognisable as my current belongings. It also felt that I am fully equipped and yes I agree with God bringing a new identity or mark forth through his word.Yes the word played a significant role. Again very encouraging as I have been moving forward in the spirit. Thank you really appreciate this. It was a colourful dream and it does now make sense as an answer to the previous dream.Thank you

  10. …. continued……The significance of the items appearing with the tide is that they are already in my possession

  11. We drove two houses away to a hall where Jimmy( my son) went upstairs to get changed.Then my father in law is driving us away in the car Jimmy is next to driver and I am in the back seat. My FIL is still driving inspite of being told by me that you can’t drive coz too old when car stops two tiny weird looking people attack me to take his jacket of but cant so scratch my chest then leave with just his sweater. I take control of the car and drive and see pleasant water on both sides

    • Hi Sheba! Sorry I got to this one late. This dream is a dream of hope. Let me share my thoughts…
      House generally refers to person or family; ministry; church, things established, built on a foundation. So you’ve moved past two things you were involved in and finally get into a period of transition. Your son in this case may mean something you’ve birthed that’s moving with you and it’s going to undergo a new transition (changing clothes)….

    • Your Father-in-law may have been controlling or influencing you in terms of what you’re called to walk in. You’re in the back seat, and your son is in the front seat, so you’re in an observer position. And because of this, the enemy tried to steal the anointing or gifting (jacket). Your chest scratched – I think this refers to the emotional injury this warfare caused (because the heart is at the chest).

    • And Finally, you take control of everything and God is showing you that when this happens, He will lead you to find rest and peace and joy in Holy Spirit (water). Because it’s on both sides, I believe that it will be both in the spiritual and in the natural aspects of your life.
      Does this make sense to you? God bless you!!!!

  12. Had a dream about cooking beef roast in a crockpot. The first beef roast I cooked burned and dried out. The second beef roast I cooked did the same. The third beef roast I put in came out perfectly done. Please tell me the meaning of this dream. I’m new to seekING to understand how God speaks through the dreams He shows me.

    • Hi Celestine! It seems to be that you’re a teacher or someone who likes to generate new ideas. “Cook up new ideas” or plans, events, etc. Someone who enjoys decoration and organization. Beef – Cow’s Meat. Cows usually mean abundance, provision, resources, subsistence (see Genesis 41:1-4). Meat – deeper concepts; something meant for spiritually mature. You’re preparing stuff, God is showing you that you should keep going. Don’t give up and from your mistakes, you’ll make the perfect plans for deep concepts of abundance in your life.
      Makes sense? God Bless you!!!

  13. Greetings! Thanx with this dream.I recently moved to NC. I am staying with family. I’ve been told that there is no rush. Last eve dream I was living with someone. In dream I was annoyed because people were coming and going through the front door..the window. It looked like they were doing renovation or updates in the house. Lastly i saw 2 men in the kitchen replacing the old frig with a bigger newer frig. In the dream I thought, “I hope it doesn’t get back to the home owners that I was so cranky because I don’t want them to ask me to leave.”

    • Hi Babs! how was your ordination? It’s good to see your comment one more time. I will get to this dream…

    • Did you see the person you were living with in the dream? It could indicate something. House generally refers to person or family; ministry; church, things established, built on a foundation. So you’re in this. So there’s a “window” of opportunity and chances (doors) that God is showing you. They’re coming and will cause changes. May be a little uncomfortable because things (and/or people) will come and go. But in every situation, you will get stronger and better.

    • Finally, there’s a fridge replacement. Fridge is used to preserve stuff, so I think it’s some preservation, setting something aside for later. Kitchen is a place of preparation. In this case, I think 2 means multiplication (Bible says two are better than one). So even with the awkward feelings that may arise, God is showing you that in this process there is a double portion set aside for you. And it’s in preparation. It’s a good dream to me.

    • and your statement, “I hope it doesn’t get back to the home owners that I was so cranky because I don’t want them to ask me to leave.” came after you noticed the upgrades. It seems to me that it’s our reaction when God surprises us with promotion or an upgrade and we didn’t expect it because the process may have not been funny for us. But I see it as a good dream. And God is encouraging you to stay calm, and understand there’s double in preparation for you as you stay in His Presence.
      Makes sense to you?

  14. Greetings! The ordination service was beautiful.
    Thank you for asking. Haven’t been dreaming lately, but i am sure this dream i posted has to do with where I am physically and emotionally. Thanks for responding.

  15. Thanks
    That makes sense. In the dream i didn’t see who i was staying with but i believed it to be a lady.

  16. I was going to ask about the frig..
    . That makes sense too. I realize i am in a new season and that at times i am uncomfortable but i am determined to stay the course because of my Fathers love for me…..

  17. Pretty nice….. appreciate you!!

    • Thanks a lot for your feedback Babs! God bless you! I don’t know, but I just feel in me now that you can checkout this youtube channel, “Dreams and Mysteries”, started by John Paul Jackson. There are videos there that will encourage you. They did a new video about Times and Seasons. And I remember your previous dream very well. So I think there may be some very interesting information in that Channel. God bless!!!

  18. Thank you.
    I will check out the YouTube. I am very familiar with John Paul Jackson. I used to watch him on the Christian stations. I also have his dream manual which I downloaded from the web. I have also attended some dream interpretation workshops over the years. Thank you so much for your help…

  19. Hi I just watched the YouTube video….
    times and seasons… it was very interesting to know that the times and seasons are circular just like summer spring winter and fall they come around again and again and again so looking at Ecclesiastes I can tell what time and season I am. Thank you very much for sharing about that video.

    • Praise God! You can watch all the videos in that channel, it’s very interesting. Plus, they also show some tips about dreams during their commercial breaks. Personally, that channel has been a big blessing for me. Thank you too Babs!

  20. Hi again…I believe this dream is part of the two previous dreams…The children and I manage to hide for shelter in our own home. We are looking through the windows and see people shooting with guns in a swimming pool. We manage to pull the blinds down so they don’t notice us.There are lots of lighting and bombs going off around us but it cannot touch us.

    • Hi Angela! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and preparing for a trip. Spending the summer in Minnesota.
      About the dream… I believe the dream is showing God’s protection upon your life. God is showing you of an upcoming danger or spiritual warfare (windows -> vision, spiritual light). And it’s because of a corrupted spiritual condition amongst people(if the water in swimming pool was dirty). But God is blinding the ability of the enemy from getting to you. Like Psalms 91 because you’re hiding in the secret place of the most high. Makes sense?
      Good dream. God bless you!

  21. I experienced this dream at midday at an airport in the Middle East in mid May 2017. I sat on a seat as I waited for a connecting flight. I dreamt about a lady sitting on a desk busy doing with some paperwork. Below her coiled around her desk and feet was a fat green snake whose head was very small compared with its body. I am not sure it was me or someone else because I didn’t see the face.
    I woke up after observing the foregoing. I recall I was anxious when I woke up.

    • Hi Sunny! Here are my thoughts… I think God is showing you some lies of the enemy that will be possible in some work concerning business (desk). So what kinda lie is it? It’s a lie because of jealousy, envy and pride (negative green). It’s fat because it’s been fed with much jealousy. And the head was small because it’s trying not to be so noticeable. at the same time, not funny. Does this make sense to you? God bless you Sunny!
      Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and preparing for a trip. Spending the summer in Minnesota.

      • Hi, thanks a lot. I have thought deeply about this. Your interpretation makes a lot of sense to me. I have perceived veiled indications of this phenomen arising from my race, faith and performance as well as a bitter former close relationship. However, I didn’t think it was so insidious. Over 20 years ago, a prophet spoke a word of knowledge over my life about a blessed time and this has been confirmed in reality. Christians please stand with me in prayer for deliverance and victory at my workplace and home. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you.

        • Hi Sunny! God bless you! Be safe and pray to God for more revelation. Also pray that God’s truth and Word will continue to be your light. Trust God to lead you. I advise also not to mingle much with people who have such jealousy or pride because it will explode into something else. When you with them, just bless and pray with/for them. Just my thoughts.. I understand it’s not so easy. I will pray for you Sunny. God bless you! Thank Jesus that He used me to help you.

        • I don’t know why I’m saying this… it’s just a thought that came to me as I read your feedback. I just felt that if your relatives or friends or close family also have dreams, they could tell you or you can refer them to this website. Or to some Christians who understand dream interpretation to help them. I may be wrong, but this just came to my mind. God bless you!

          • Thank you very much.. I trust the Lord for protection and guidance. Certainly I will refer. I had a dream some years ago. I dreamt that I was going to meet Jesus. A being was with me and told me that it was time. I was happy and did not feel I would die. We went through a brightly lit tunnel very fast and arrived at a very dark room. I was alone. Through the darkness I saw a clay jar on a beautiful pedestal. It was cracked on the upper edges and I wondered why anyone would choose such a jar.
            I did not see Jesus. I woke up at that point. Thank you

        • Hi Sunny, please could you post your newly posted dream below, as a fresh and entirely new comment. So that I can write my thoughts below and keep track effectively. Thanks!!
          God bless you!

  22. Hi, can someone help to interpret another dream I had this morning? In my dream, I saw something that looked like a board with thick white and gray curves on it. If I remember correctly, there were 3 of each. And if I remember correctly, there was as if an invisible hand that placed it above the headboard of my bed. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Annie! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and preparing for a trip. Spending the summer in Minnesota.
      This is my thought… I think it’s more of a night vision. (Daniel 5:5 -> hand writing on a wall). It was placed in a place of intimacy, something close to you (bed). And so, what did the hand put? White = righteousness, holiness; gray = maturity, honor, wisdom. The number 3 refers to fullness, completeness.
      Does this make sense to you? God bless you Annie!

      • Hi John, hope you had enjoyed your trip. 🙂 Thanks for responding. Makes sense…but I don’t understand something…why did you say below that God is showing me that He’s going to restore something to me or preparing me for something? From which part of the dream or which symbol did you get these? Hope you don’t mind clarifying. And I don’t understand something…Why was it that the board (or frame?) moved by an invisible hand or something in my dream? What is the significance of that invisible hand or something? Any thoughts? Thanks a lot, John and God bless you too!:)

        • Hi Annie! Thanks for your feedback! Yeah, I enjoyed it. So glad to be here These are my reasons for such thoughts:
          – I pictured board as it was something that the teacher writes on in a school that’s why I said preparation. And it was placed above your bed (place of intimacy), that’s why I said restoration.
          – The invisible hand is what I made reference to in Daniel 5:5. In the bible, it was the hand of God writing something to the King of Babylon (on a wall. You’re is on a board. similar right?). So it’s possible the hand of God.
          God bless you Annie!

          • Hi John, I get what you mean now about the board and the invisible hand. But I still don’t understand why you say that the board being placed above my bed means restoration. So could you enlighten me, John? Thanks a lot!:)

        • Hi Annie! The stuff with restoration was an extra comment. Like what I thought God may be adding to it. And I had this thought because the board wasn’t on your bed before, but then it came.
          Wasn’t so sure on this point. Maybe it’s something different. “above” may show something that God is putting at the crown of your intimacy with Him. I wonder if that makes sense? And out of this, there could be something else coming up I believe.

          • Hi John, I get what you’re saying…’there could be something else coming up’ is what got my attention. I believe so too. Overall, it makes sense except the part on restoration. Thanks once again, John. Appreciate you for taking the time and your interpretations so far. God bless you!:)

        • Hi Annie – I’m finally getting a chance to comment on this dream… I think John’s interpretation is on track except for the part about restoration also. I just think the bed is about a personal area of your life and/or your relationship with God. I’ve been puzzling over the significance of the curves, and the Lord gave me a dream after I read yours where a curve was involved, but I haven’t figured that one out yet. I feel that curves have a definite meaning so hope the Lord will give more insight on that. I may post my dream to see if anyone has any ideas.

          • Hi Karen, thanks a lot! Hope that everything is going well for you.:) Would love to read your post on your dream.

    • Just to add… I think God is showing you this dream maybe to restore something to you. Or to endue you to prepare you for something. The “curves” were not clear to my understanding. But what I think is that it shows some flexibility or teachability you have. I hope Karen comes here soon to help me.
      Please share your thoughts! Thanks and God bless!

      • Hi John – I gave my thoughts on Annie’s dream in the post above. Hopefully I’ll have more time soon to contribute more here; I’m being freed up from one major ministry obligation and will thus have more time and energy. I have been reading all the new posts, though. I’m so glad the Lord has brought you here to minister and that it’s bearing fruit! You are sorely needed. I’ll try to jump in whenever possible (and maybe even get to your dream about the prime minister of Israel!).

        • Hi Karen! Thanks a lot. I am just seeing this comment. LoL. Thanks for your encouragement and that you’re here to help and watch me. Yeah. the dream about the president of Israel was one that I can never forget. I pray you more strength from the Lord, and may He bless everything you do. God bless you Karen 🙂

      • Hi John, sorry I just realised that I’ve not responded to your comment above. I think you could be right about the curves. I’m definitely flexible, as in I’m open to others’ ideas/views, and I’m open to new ways of doing things, etc. As for the teachability part, I guess it’s better for people who know me personally to comment. 🙂 Thanks, John. And I agree with Karen’s comment below that you’re sorely needed here. I think you’re a godsend to minister to those of us who have sought for interpretations here. Be blessed!:)

        • Hi Annie! I just saw this comment. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. I’m still gaining experience. And your questions, dreams and visions help me. Plus Karen comes to help me. I think I am to say thank you to you both. I pray for more wisdom to be of help more effectively. God bless you! 🙂

          • Hi John, thanks for being willing to help us with interpretations. I appreciate all that you’ve done to help with the interpretations. God bless you too, John!:)

    • Hi Annie! You’re welcome. Thank God that I could serve you. And it’s also helping me with my experience. I learn when I miss something. God bless you!

  23. God bless you! I had a dream about giving birth to twins, a boy and a girl, they were about 5 months old…but as I had them I was pregnant again with another set of twins that were girls. It was a brief dream but felt significant.

    • Hi Alexa! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and preparing for a trip. Spending the summer in Minnesota.
      This dream is wonderful!!! God is showing you that you’re about to release new responsibilities or ministries or beginnings. God will anoint each of them. They may seem a little diversified. But God will be in control. The 5 months may mean two things -> Either this has already began 5 months ago. Or when it starts and will have a 5 month width…

    • Continuation… so because you are doing something with diversity, it will release something new into your life with double anointing and double blessing. (twins with all girls). It may be a new responsibility or beginning or ministry, but the sign will be the double anointing and blessing God will give.
      Does this make sense? Please update me if this comes to pass, to keep me in check.
      God bless you!

      • iage in July and my husband is an evangelist, way before we have gotten married. I am also always ministering with him along with our 3 girls (who are 4 yrs, 2yrs, and 10 months old). I minister in singing and in prayer as well. Our daughters come with us, sometimes the oldest may sing with me or want to pray with me….they are very interested in instruments, but do not play yet…. in my dream my 1st set of twins was a boy and a girl and they were 5 months old…and as they were 5 months old, I was 5 months pregnant with another set of twins that were girls….

      • Well…. i will celebrate 5 yrs of marriage in July and my husband is an evangelist, way before we have gotten married. I am also always ministering with him along with our 3 girls (who are 4 yrs, 2yrs, and 10 months old). I minister in singing and in prayer as well. Our daughters come with us, sometimes the oldest may sing with me or want to pray with me….they are very interested in instruments, but do not play yet…. in my dream my 1st set of twins was a boy and a girl and they were 5 months old…

        • Continuation…and as they were 5 months old, I was 5 months pregnant with another set of twins that were girls….

        • Hi Alexa. Thanks for your feedback. It’s very interesting to hear what God is doing in your life and your family. It’s very wonderful. But does the interpretation I gave relate to you in anyway? Or does it make some sense?

          • I haven’t seen anything as of yet occur in my life…. I am in ministry, but there are promises that God has made I upon my life that have yet to be fulfilled. these past 3 yrs have been difficult and I have had a lot of spiritual warfare during this time. I was trying to see if that had anything to do with what you were saying as of diversity or ministry…. I did have another dream that I purchased a home that needed renovation and it was a huge home, as we renovated it, I saw many rooms and walked into one that looked like a ballroom

          • Continuation…. and I saw a celebration and members of my church were there, my husband and I were the hosts of that celebration. All I have are many dreams… I am waiting for fulfillment of God’s promises

        • Hi Alexa. Thanks a lot for your feedback. It seems that I missed something about the differences in twins. (boy and girl). I need to review and pray about it again. I will get to the other dream you posted afterwards. God bless! 🙂

        • John O. asked me to share my thoughts on your twins dream. The number 5 seems very significant, and I would go w/Rev Lyn’s definition of 5 as “the responsibility of man as the recipient of God’s grace.” You’ve been going thru warfare, you’re promised victory. You’re pregnant w/the good things coming, you’re very FERTILE. I think the dbl anointing/blessing part fits. (Contd)…

        • (Alexa, contd)… The dream about the house w/many rms also fits the concept of fertility. When all that’s being prepared comes to fruition, there will be great rejoicing (ballroom), and then will come your opportunity/test to give God the glory and move forward in His will (as if there’s any doubt you will…). Rev Lyn mentioned boy & girl possibly being to do with completeness (“male and female He made them in His own image”). I have questions myself re the significance of boys and girls, can’t find much about that anywhere…

        • … But this all seems to be the Lord encouraging you to persevere and know that the fruition of all the difficulties you’ve been thru (like the pain of labor) is near. Not sure how or if your dream about the car accident and you dying might fit. Maybe just more about the death of the old and the birth of the new, or it could be about a different area of your life. Does any of this resonate with your spirit?

          • Yes. I thought maybe it has to do with my marriage and ministry, as well as my finances…. since at this time it has been difficult in those areas… I am also going to complete 5 yrs of marriage on the 7th… I remember a woman in my church telling me that she dreamt about my husband and I..she told me that she saw the Lord prosper us financially, and she said it was a great properity…

  24. Greetings. I had a dream that I was riding in my car with my daughter Brittany she was the driver. a yellow school bus was in front of us. it wasn’t moving so I think it was at a stoplight. suddenly the bus flipped over on its top and we were startled. Britney got out of the car and someone else got out of their car to assist the bus driver and passengers. they removed a part of the bus and the passengers were sitting upside down but it didn’t appear that anybody was injured. Thanks

    • Hi Babs! Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and preparing for a trip. Spending the summer in Minnesota. My thoughts… you and your daughter are observing a ministry (bus) while moving in your calling. And it seems like this ministry got stuck and finally literally flipped. Your daughter and others (possible angels too), went to help them. And God is showing you He will save these that these people that you’re trying to help spiritually. The situation with the ministry will not hurt their relationship with Him.

    • Please tell me if this makes sense to you. I remember most of your dreams usually talk about you rather than others. Also, I remembered about your dream with the “New and bigger Refrigerator”. When I moved here to Minnesota for the summer, I noticed my family here got a new and bigger refrigerator. I immediately thought about you and your dream. LoL
      God bless you Babs! Waiting for your feedback.

  25. I heard the words ‘Refresh’ from the Lord..I then dreamt being in a bathroom and my bare feet got wet. I stood over the toilet to urinate.As I urinated, the stream was strong and washed out the hiding snails under the toilet bowl. The three ugly snails got wings and flew up in the air. I moved away so that they could not touch my exposed bottom part of body. I then was ready to kill them.

    • Hi Angela! Wonderful dream. It seems like all your dreams have progressions. This dream is showing you in a position of cleansing from the Lord (bathroom). Feet represent your walk. Water refers to the Holy Spirit. So now your walk with God has been saturated in the Holy Spirit. And this will cause a strong purging of impurities (urine) from your life. The process will be so powerful that the unclean things that are stubborn to let go off you will fall off from their hiding spots…

    • continuation… and finally, even if the enemy doesn’t want to go down without a fight, you are well equipped and ready by God to take down all his unclean vices. “I moved away so that they could not touch my exposed bottom part of body”… I think this shows that you’ll not fall down for the same tricks the enemy did before. And God has given you grace to finish it off.
      Makes sense to you?
      God bless you Angela!

      • Hi Oforkanji John, Thank you for interpretation! I am concluding a chapter in my life by going through the last Court hearing. The process been over 1 year. It has been a tough journey and previous dreams to do with people in church leadership not seeing for what it is. Yes, with the help of the Holy Spirit things will be removed but also I see me birthing new life and a beginning ( exposed bottom half) that the old will not be able to touch. Praise God! Thank you for your encouragement and the hope that you carry!

        • Hi Angela! Your comment touched my heart. I Thank God that He used me to be of help. Please, if you don’t mind, I will really want to hear your testimony of how it all turns out to celebrate with you. Yes and Amen, new beginning and I see the Lord is really purifying you like gold. I believe you will become precious to many people.
          God bless you Angela!

          • Absolutely, I would love to. What you said was very confirming. I had a dream a while ago of a ministry or calling that God has for me amongst his precious people. Thank you and enjoy your summer! Bless you:)

  26. Greetings John thanks for responding to my dream again.. I can tell that you truly enjoy interpreting dreams. the Lord has been speaking to me n dreams since 1990’s and though I have gained a lot of understanding about dreams especially through this website I still have difficulty interpreting the dreams, but anyway thank you .

    • Hahaha Yeah! I really enjoy dreams. Last summer I received a prophetic word that God is going to revive my dreams because they were dead. And in the last week of January this year, God introduced me to this realm of dream interpretation. So I really want to develop it. It takes time and experience. And God is really teaching me even as I help others. So I think I need to thank everyone in here who posts their dreams. It brings a lot of freedom and sometimes I see it activates other spiritual gifts.

  27. Your dream interpretation it makes sense now because last year I had a dream I was working with Donald Trump. Lynn interpreted the dream to tell me that I was going to be a part of somebody’s Ministry or Endeavor and that I would be able to share my testimony.. so where I’m living at now my cousin just started a new organization and it’s kind of in limbo right now and so her friend saw me the other day and said I’m glad you’re here and you can help her get on track get unstuck so yes makes sense…

    • Thanks Babs! I am glad for your feedback. It’s a great honour that God uses me to serve you here. You’ll be very good in what you do! This I know. As you know in the bible, there are prophets, seers and dreamers. In New testament we summarize them all as prophetic gifts. But you can invest in your dreaming gift because it seems to me that you’re a dreamer. God bless you Babs!

  28. I was dreaming being in a classroom, I went to the toilets, they were all open and very filthy so I looked for a less filthy one to pee, I felt disgusted. The next day I took anointing oil and prayed for cleansing, I dreamt that I went to visit my sister.I had to use her toilet and was relieved that it was clean. The bowl was small so I struggled to pee inside. I felt relief as if I was pressed and peeing in real life, I woke up and checked if I had actually relieved myself in bed, I hadn’t-kindly help me to interprete this, thanks

    • Hi Ishara! Here are my thoughts about your dream… while you were in a learning session, you wanted to remove impurities or something unclean from your life but you found that you couldn’t because even the place you wanted to cleanse yourself wasn’t even clean…
      And the second dream confirms your prayer for spiritual cleansing. Impurities and the unclean were removed from your life, but it will be a little tricky or uneasy. But eventually, you will feel relieved and God’s presence will refresh you after everything.
      Makes sense to you? God bless you!

      • HI John, thank you so much for your interpretation. In the first dream about cleansing, it definitely makes sense I had a problem with my stomach and I believed I was healed-the bad feelings I had are not there anymore. Moreover, I prayed for emotional, mental, spiritual cleansing and everyday I wake up I feel better in myself..I hold no negative thoughts, I decided to forgive and I am happy, God be praised!

  29. This morning I had a dream that I got a baby boy and could not remember having any pains giving birth. I was living in a restaurant/catering school. There was a group of young people having a meal, I went on the balcony carrying my child and talking with him and somehow he is talking back to me and below the group of people are now in the backyard singing and playing. I see the child’s legs are hairy, I think the father is probably a hairy man. Then I tell a waitress that I will need a job in the restaurant now that I have a child. The dream felt real and I felt love for the boy.

    • Hi Ishara! This dream means God is going to birth in you a ministry or responsibility which involves feeding people with the Word, it will happen while you’re learning. You took this responsibility from God to the Vision from within the ministry of situation (balcony) and you can see people rejoicing from that standpoint. Legs refer to the mobility and walk. And hair refers to wisdom or Glory. It means this new activity you’ll get involved in will involve wisdom or will be characterized by wisdom…

    • continuation… finally after you see the vision (which says people will rejoice because of your ministry or responsibility), you will see the need to start it in real time (the job). AT the moment, you’re learning, but then you’ll see the importance of it and then you’ll take it up. It will be something you will love so much. Very good dream!
      Does this make sense to you? Please let me see your feedback.
      God bless you!

      • Hello John, this is so great, you have brought the components in the dreams so well that it has made much sense…but is a bit challenging to comprehend parts of it and the relation to my life. Like you said it is something God will do and so I may nbot be able to see it now. I have been seeking God and desiring to be stronger spiritually. I have also been looking for a job for a while now so it could be related? I think that this is also something that I need to pray about for revelation. God bless you for this understanding.

        • Hi Ishara. Yeah, maybe it could be connected to the job. Time will tell. But in general, it’s a responsibility you will take hold of. It could be job, ministry, family, etc. Please tell me when it comes to pass. And yeah, because you have been seeking God and desiring to be stronger spiritually is what will cause you to give birth or release something new.
          I thank God that He used me to help you. God bless you!!!!

  30. Thank you. I intend to take module 1 of this class…. investing in the gift!!

    • Amen! It will be very wonderful. I personally learnt from this website and from John Paul Jackson. And I believe that as you learn, if there were details I missed in interpretation, you will grasp them in a deeper level. Blessings!

  31. HI John, thank you so much for your interpretation. In the first dream about cleansing, it definitely makes sense I had a problem with my stomach and I believed I was healed-the bad feelings I had are not there anymore. Moreover, I prayed for emotional, mental, spiritual cleansing and everyday I wake up I feel better in myself..I hold no negative thoughts, I decided to forgive and I am happy, God be praised!

  32. Hello John, this is so great, in the dream about birthing a baby, you have brought the components in the dreams so well that it has made much sense…but is a bit challenging to comprehend parts of it and the relation to my life. Like you said it is something God will do and so I may nbot be able to see it now. I have been seeking God and desiring to be stronger spiritually. I have also been looking for a job for a while now so it could be related? I think that this is also something that I need to pray about for revelation. God bless you for this understanding.

    • Hi Ishara. Yeah, maybe it could be connected to the job. Time will tell. But in general, it’s a responsibility you will take hold of. It could be job, ministry, family, etc. Please tell me when it comes to pass. And yeah, because you have been seeking God and desiring to be stronger spiritually is what will cause you to give birth or release something new.
      I thank God that He used me to help you. God bless you!!!!

  33. Hello All!
    I received a message via dream that I need help understand.

    While sleep I sleep this sweet beautiful fragrance like cookies and perfume mixed together and it was right under my nose. I remember being sleep but up enough to know that no one was around me-I keep saying where is this smell coming from. I then heard clear as day”THE TEA IS READY” at that moment I said Jesus is talking to me and i instantly woke up…the smell was so good I didn’t want him to leave
    Has anyone had this experience before..—and what does The tea is ready mean? Anyone please jump in

    • Hi Tatisha! Let me share my thoughts…
      Firstly, this is more than a dream. You had an encounter or a night vision. I have heard stories of miracles, signs and wonders of people experiencing fragrances, supernatural oil flowing from their hands, gold dust and sapphires appearing, also diamonds and other precious stones. So perhaps you had a similar encounter.

    • We use tea to relax or to soothe ourselves. So I think Jesus was speaking about a moment of peace, soothing or slowing down He has prepared for you just for you to come into His presence and delight in His Love. Maybe there was a previous season in your life of moving too fast or of unrest. So I think God’s calling you into His presence and peace. This is what came to my mind. Makes sense to you? In General, it’s a very good one. God bless you Tatisha.

      • Thanks John for responding!

        I do agree that it was an encounter because I felt that for the next couple of days and kept thanking Jesus for coming to visit me. I’m stumped on the tea part —Im in a waiting season & not busy season.. Im a avid tea drinker I have tea pot on my stove and I love the high whistle noise it makes when the water is hot-I sometimes let it whistle for 5 mins and say the water is ready.

  34. Thank you very much.. I trust the Lord for protection and guidance. Certainly I will refer. I had a dream some years ago. I dreamt that I was going to meet Jesus. A being was with me and told me that it was time. I was happy and did not feel I would die. We went through a brightly lit tunnel very fast and arrived at a very dark room. I was alone. Through the darkness I saw a clay jar on a beautiful pedestal. It was cracked on the upper edges and I wondered why anyone would choose such a jar.
    I did not see Jesus so I resolved to go back home. I woke up at that point. Thank you

    • Hi Sunny! Sorry for getting to this one late. These were my thoughts… I see this dream showing you that you’re invited to come into the presence of God. To share in deep intimacy. This is what you want, but for some reason you’re in a different place of darkness. 2nd Corinthians 4:7 mentions that “we have this treasure in jars of clay (KJV says Earthen vessels) to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.” So to have a higher encounter with God, there’s a treasure that God first led you too that’s hidden in darkness.

    • The Pedestal shows that it’s something raised to a level of recognition or honour (because statues and trophies are placed on such). It’s cracked because it’s not something God requires, or something God intends to fix.
      So I think the time you had this dream many years ago, God was showing you that as you’re chasing a more intimate relationship with him, there’s some hidden treasures, maybe in you or not, that are broken and needs mending.

    • It may refer to people around you because God treasures people and asking you to love them. But there shouldn’t be a reason for you not to go deeper in God. These treasures could mean other things that are precious to you. Discovering it may have made you feel that you’re unworthy or not able. But God’s invited you to a deeper love relationship with Jesus.

      This was my thought. Does it make sense to you? Please I’ll like to hear your feedback. God bless you!

      • Dear John. Many many thanks. I serve in a very dark place, where the Gospel has been hindered, akin to deep darkness. I think that obedience to serve in love, though we are imperfect, to intercede for people who do not know the Lord is akin to meeting and being with the Lord. I should not be disappointed if I do not see the miraculous and out of this world experiences because the Lord is also in the daily service and prayers we lender to people He loves deeply.

        • What do you think? Pslm 18:11 says that the Lord has made darkness His hiding place, a secret place or retreat. Was I in the Lords secret place? Do you think the same about the imperfect earthen vessel on a pedestal? Why would it be in the Lords secret place? I am serving. What more can I do? And yet John, in spite of the years passed since that dream, my yearning has not decreased, rather it has increased.

        • Hi Sunny! Praise God that I could be of help. About the miraculous and experiences, I advise to learn from preachers who teach about the supernatural of God: Healing, prophesy, encounters with God, etc and remain hungry for it. I believe it can help. I believe when God’s power flows through us, it works with love and it’s a way to show the love of God.

  35. Hi, I need help with another interpretation. In my dream, I dreamt of a particular cabinet minister. (Incidentally, I have a lot of dreams pertaining to the PM and some of the cabinet ministers.) If I remember correctly, it was like I was watching a TV programme on the minister. He was with his wife, apparently in a kitchen. His wife was sitting down while he was standing beside her on her left. Then a thought came to my mind: She looked different from two previous photos and she looked young too. If I remember correctly, the minister was smiling happily as he looked at his wife. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Annie! This one was a bit tricky for me. But let me give my thoughts.
      Television = Tell a Vision. So I think you were seeing something, a vision or a thought or impression from God; Spiritual sight or insight. Kitchen = A place you prepare food; place of preparation. Politicians are influential people. So it may mean some preparation for something influential? Photos could mean impressions or memories…

      • Hi John, what you said reminds me of what another Christian told me. She told me last year that I’d be influential in leadership, as in I’ll be able to influence leaders. Just to clarify, when you said ‘preparation for something influential’, were you referring to me, as in God’s preparing me? Anyway, the first thought when I read your reply was what the other Christian told me. Thanks a lot, John! May God continue to use you powerfully and bless you abundantly for being a blessing!:)

    • From these, two thoughts came to my mind.
      1) God could be showing you something about the cabinet minister you saw in your dream. That there’s something he and his wife may be preparing that will make them look different in public standing and affairs. Make sense?
      2) Or God may be showing you a vision you had or have to prepare yourself to be influential for His Purposes (leadership?). And it’ll be different from how it’s been before. It may involve some partnership (husband and wife = marriage). Maybe you and your husband, or with a friend that shares similarities with you.

      • Hi John, pt 2 seems similar to what the other Christian told me last year. Pt 1 makes sense too, because around late last year, I had a dream about this minister, who’s a godly man. And my interpretation of this dream (of course I could be wrong) was that he would be taking over from the current PM. So, if indeed it’s going to be the case, then he and his wife would definitely look different in public standing, as you’ve mentioned. Thanks a lot and God bless you, John!:)

        • Interesting… sometimes people in dreams may be literal or symbolic. And because you were seeing a vision (television), it could be either of you, or the PM. Either way, prepare for both 🙂 It’s wonderful to have godly leaders. However, in my opinion, looking at the way you ask questions here, it’s some sign. Personally, I just noticed part of it.
          God bless you too Annie!

          • Hi John, sorry I don’t get you. What do you mean by ‘It could be either of you, or the PM. Either way, prepare for both.’? And what do you mean by ‘looking at the way you ask questions here, it’s some sign.’? Could you clarify, please? Thanks a lot and God bless you too, John!

        • Hi Annie! Oh sorry it’s not clear. Let me clarify…
          – Either the dream referred directly to you or the PM, you may pray towards what God is doing.
          – Was my personal observation. It’s often said that people who love asking questions are great leaders. And when we talk about your dreams, you ask questions. So it looked like a sign to me that the dream may be referring to you in an influential position.
          Makes sense? God bless!

          • Hi John, thanks for being so encouraging!:) People in my culture, especially those in positions of authority and people who are older, tend to view the asking of questions as negative. It’s more like a taboo. So thanks, John! Ya it makes sense. Really appreciate you and your interpretations and explanations so far. God bless you!:)

    • Please give me your feedback on this. Will really appreciate it.
      God bless you Annie!

  36. I dreamt I was offered a job by two different people who were very accommodating of my needs as they only wanted to hire me.I then walked into a room filled with rows of chairs.People were sitting down and clapping to cheer me on.Most of them wore bright red clothes, some wore dark blue.They congratulated me for acting in a movie.

    • Hi Angela! It’s nice to see your dreams again. This dream looks very good in the making to me. So, I think you have a good feeling about it already. Here are my thoughts:
      Job Offer: New Responsibility, from generous people accommodating your needs. Sounds like angels from God to me (Hebrews 1:14). God’s releasing angels to help you in this new season in your life.

    • Red Clothes = power, wisdom, anointing mantle. Dark Blue = Revelation, Communion (high, thick level). God rewards you and sends angels towards you for how you have persevered (looking at your previous dreams), there’ll be people who are anointed by God that will recognize this and will celebrate with you. I see it as a consolation and comfort from Heaven as well as a reward from Heaven. Movies are not real, it’s temporal. How you persevered in the temporal trials of life for the real and eternal rewards of heaven. Makes sense? God bless you!

  37. Thank you Oforkanji John! After you laying it out , I can now see it….there is a new season of favour and authority coming with a new responsibility that is tailored and only fits me. God is rounding up the old season with honour and recognition of my faithfulness yo him.This totally confirms another dream and prophetic word I had received. Thank you so much for helping me see this.

    • Hi Angela! Praise God that He used me to help you. I’m happy to be part of it and to follow you up in it. It’s exciting for me too. I enjoy writing my “Moments with God” in a book. I write down encounters, and miracles in my life and that God has done through me. I haven’t done this before, but I want to ask. I am just interested, because I’ve followed you up, can I write down your dreams and story and my responses in my book too? I want to remember this. But need your consent 🙂

  38. Following on, I dreamt of a meeting about to happen.The worship leader was already in worship but people hadn’t arrived yet.I went to find a spot and to lay before the Lord.After a while of soaking,I sat up and saw a bible opened up before my eyes.It had lots of highlighted scriptures in I laid my eyes on it, a well known Healing evangelist came from behind me and laid his hands on my lower back praying.

  39. ….continued…I felt the Holy Ghost strongly and manifested under his presence on the floor.I left the floor and still felt the pain.It was only when I stepped into another room and I bent down-I had been healed!I then sat with the person that caused me this pain from the past season and with the elder from the church (prev dreams) who caused pain.I looked at both and told them that I was healed.They gave me a glance,looked away and couldn’t say anything

    • In this part, it seems to me that God had already healed you long ago, from the first moment you gave into the Word and Prayer and Persistence. However, the pain was still felt until you had an action (Faith goes with action right?). So it’s “Bending down”, I see this as some form of humility. Maybe humility to accept what God’s done, or doing or something else. And when this was done, the healing was made manifest. Makes sense? God bless you!

  40. What do you think? Pslm 18:11 says that the Lord has made darkness His hiding place, a secret place or retreat. Was I in the Lords secret place? Do you think the same about the imperfect earthen vessel on a pedestal? Why would it be in the Lords secret place? I am serving. What more can I do? And yet John, in spite of the years passed since that dream, my yearning has not decreased, rather it has increased.

    • Hi Sunny! The bible in several places refers to “dark clouds”(Psalm 97:2, Job 22:14, 1 Kings 8:10-12) surrounding God. It’s a metaphor that’s used to represent the secret hiding place of the Most High. At the same time, in a negative sense, darkness could refer to the things of the enemy. It could be that you were in the Lord’s secret place or not, but the idea was that it represented something hidden that God was putting up as you were hungering for His Presence.

    • God was just showing you something that probably making you to backoff from meeting Jesus. The main idea I feel you should pay attention to is that you are invited to more with God. And yeah, as you said that your yearning has increased, it shows that over the years you probably prayed against such obstacles that will try to hinder you from being in God’s presence. I believe you’re in the right track with God. Don’t feel that you’re doing or have done something wrong.

    • Keep serving as you’ve always done. God will reward you. Keep moving on. As you said that we’re all imperfect, God is always refining us. Until we finally meet Jesus on the last day. God bless you Sunny! It’s been a great honour that God used me to serve you!

  41. Hi, can I ask for 2 more interpretations? In the 1st dream, I was talking to an ex-colleague & I was telling him that I wouldn’t want to get involved with a married person. I was smiling happily as I talked to him. It was daytime. In the next scene, another ex-colleague appeared. He told me that I’d be starting work ‘next week’ (in his words). (In my dream, I sensed that he was the current PM of my country, although he didn’t look like the PM.) Then we walked towards a bright walkway & passed by a Malay man. He smiled to me & told me that I would be starting work the day after CNY.

    • Hi Annie! Feel free, this website is all about dreams. This dream got me thinking…
      But it seems to me that there was an opportunity for some sort of partnership you got that you turned down. So now you’re going to be starting in a field of influence. So you’re undergoing training and in a period of transition for this task. I believe you in this period you will meet someone/people from Malaysia or get in contact with something Malaysia is known for….

      • Hi John, I didn’t turn down any opportunity for partnership. Why did you say I’d meet someone/people from Malaysia…? My country has Malays too. Incidentally, Malays seem to be nicer to me than people of my own race, both in dreams and in real life. Oh ya the Malay man in my dream was wearing a uniform, like that worn by a soldier or a security guard. Is this of any significance to the interpretation? And also, John, could you clarify why you said that I’d be starting in a field of influence? Thanks a lot, John!

        • Hi Annie! Oops… missed that part of the partnership. Interesting… I need to give deeper thought into the uniform he wore. Yeah, people in dreams could be literal or a trait they have. So you may be very have a pattern nicer than the traditional way, or it’s literally getting involved with them. I’ll update on this, I need to think and pray about the uniform, because it could refer to something else.

        • Yeah, about the sphere of influence is because the PM was the one that invited you. It was the first thought I had. But I began to rethink this in a different way when you spoke about the uniform. Some leaders could refer to Jesus in a dream. Bible says “Government shall be on His shoulders” (Isaiah 9:6). So maybe the PM could be Jesus giving you authority after a period of transition for a purpose.

        • Hi Annie! hahaha. Thanks a lot. I need to stop my word mixing. LoL 🙂

    • Hi Annie – Here’s my input on your dream. First, 3 questions: Did the ex-colleagues have names in the dream (meaning of name could be significant)? Was there anything else about them that stood out, like type of clothing or the color or…? Was the first ex-colleague married in the dream? They probably represent some activity/ministry/vocation you used to be connected to. The ex-colleague who was also the prime minister was an EX, so probably not referring to a calling for you involving influence. Not sure yet about the significance of him being a prime minister… (Cont below)

      • Hi Karen, one of them is called Francis (but he wasn’t given this name at birth) and the other only has a Chinese name, Siow Huee. Francis was wearing a white shirt whereas Siow Huee was wearing a white t-shirt. Both my ex-colleagues are married. Since they are my ex-colleagues, they are definitely connected to my last job (vocation), isn’t it? The thing that stands out is that all of them are very good with computer. Regarding the 2nd ex-colleague being the PM, something stands out, but it’s not convenient to put it here. Thanks, Karen! 🙂

        • Hi Annie – I got interrupted last night and wasn’t able to finish posting my thoughts, will try to do that tonite…

        • Hi Annie, I’m finally back! Re the ex-colleagues being to do with past job, keep in mind that prophetic dreams are parables, so the people that show up are rarely literal but are a picture of something else. (This 100-word limit is the pits! So much to say…). Yes, to do with your past and some type of vocation, probably spiritual given the context of your other dreams… (cont’d)

          • Aaarrrggghhhh! My phone is going dead AGAIN. More tomorrow. Sorry!!!

          • Hi Karen, thanks! I understand about the part on past issues, but I don’t understand why you said it’s spiritual…I don’t see how the context of my other dreams shows that. Could you please explain? Thanks, Karen!

  42. Continuation…CNY (Chinese New Year), on 11 Feb. Then he directed us to the right. (P/s: The three of them share something in common.)

    • Continuation… after this, you got a more specific date. I’m not so sure about what I’m gonna say about it… but just have some thoughts… in the bible, “week” referred to a new cycle. 6 days work, 1 day rest = 1 cycle. So “next week” referred to the next season of your life. In biblical times prophecy, one day often refers to one year. So maybe the time this task will really begin will be after the Next CNY.

      • I personally have little experience in understanding times in dreams. But these were the thoughts that came to my mind. I hope it helps.

      • Hi John, thanks. Didn’t know that ‘next week’ could mean next season. Makes sense. But I don’t think ‘after CNY’ is literal, because I know or at least sense that my transition is going to be over soon. I’m just wondering if there’s any significance about my ex-colleague being the current PM and the fact that the PM’s birthday is on 10 Feb (11 Feb in my dream…1 day after)? Otherwise, why would I sense that the ex-colleague was actually the PM and why did the Malay man mentioned ’11 Feb’? Another thing…the 3 of them are all good with computer. Thanks!

        • Interesting. Oh, didn’t see the computer part earlier on. Computer refers to communication, or need to thinking things through. According to the dream dictionary “EX’s generally represent something in the life of the dreamer.” Probably something in your life (possibly God), because you sense it’s in a position of authority.

          • Hi John, honestly I don’t understand why the dream dictionary defines it as such. Oh btw, I’ve thought that the dream dictionary’s definition of ‘ex’ is referring to ex-Bf/Gf or ex-husband/wife. Anyway, do you understand the dictionary definition? Thanks, John!:)

        • Birthdays are days when we born, so I think it’s a timing God’s given that something will be birth. If the date isn’t literal, then let’s take a different approach… 11 – transition; number of the prophet in the bible. February is the last month of winter. Something birthing after a season of trials? “New Years” generally refer to something new beginning. So a day after it means it’s already begun perhaps? Makes sense?

          • Wow John, what you say makes perfect sense!:) The only thing that I find puzzling is why Feb? Because in countries with 4 seasons, the last month of winter may differ. And the other thing that is puzzling is this: Why did He use Feb to refer to the end of the season of trials? Because what if, for example, someone else from another country were to read my post and respond and what if this person’s country has a different winter period? The other thing is this: I’ve always thought that the number 2 (and Feb, in this case) refers to God’s confirmation. Thanks for being a blessing!:)

        • Hi Annie! Yeah, in the dictionary, EX’s made references to love relationships. I suggested that a similar meaning can refer to work relationships. Yeah, I understand the definition. There are other factors that tell the meaning of a dream before drawing conclusions. The dictionary helps for suggestion purposes.

          • Hi John, so could you tell me what you understand of the dream dictionary’s definition, because I don’t, as in what does ‘…in one’s life’ mean? What is that something that’s in my life? And why the use of ex-colleagues as dream symbols to refer to something in my life? Past issues? Or something else? What do you think, John? Thanks a lot for taking the time. Appreciate that!:)

        • Hi Annie! Thank God this made sense. In different countries, God will speak differently to pass the message. That’s why there’re a lot of factors to understand dreams. Winter refers to a season to trials, unfruitfulness, a season everything seems dry. Because in real life, almost all trees are dried up in winter season. So it’s the metaphor. Looking at the dream, a time frame is given, not a confirmation (number 2). In other dreams, it could be different.

          • So true…Btw, what do you mean by ‘not a confirmation (number 2)’? Do you mean 2 does not refer to confirmation? Because I’d read on some Christian websites in the past where it was mentioned that 2 means God’s confirmation. Thanks!

        • Hi Annie! I got a thought about the uniform. Clothes generally refer to anointing or mantle. The soldier or security guard refers to authority. As you said Malays are nice. So it’s good authority. Because you went past this man in the dream, I think that someone in spiritual authority will recognize what God is doing in you. Makes sense?

          • Hi John, there’s something I need to clarify…I only walked past the Malay man after he had pointed us to the right. We actually came to an area where this Malay man was sitting down. With this new information, I wonder if it would affect your interpretation? Didn’t know that clothes can actually refer to anointing or mantle. Thanks, John!

        • Hi Annie! The number 2 refers confirmation. It all depends on the context. But in the context of your dream, February doesn’t not refer to the number. Sorry if I didn’t put it out clear.

          • Hi John, thanks for the clarification. Now I know that I can’t assume that Feb is represented by the number 2 when doing dream interpretation. Thanks, John!

        • Hi Annie! Honestly, “people” in dreams is the area I have the least experience. And it’s tricky for me, so I often use the dictionary to help. Because you felt good and smiling, it’s a good sign. In this context, it could refer to as “God” or “Angels” in your life. So it’s not issues or problems. It’s practically something good in this context. That’s why I also added that the ex-colleague being the PM could be Jesus. Makes sense? God bless you!!!

        • Hi Annie! Just saw your reply. It doesn’t seem to me that it affects the interpretation so much. Instead, because he was sitting down… seems to me that he represents something waiting for you.

          • Hi John, I sense that you’re right about the ‘something waiting for me’ although I don’t know what it is. Just a sudden thought…could it be that something was what he was pointing me towards in my dream? Oh ya, talking about that…I just recalled something. I’m not sure if the interpretation would be different as a result. But whatever it is, here’s the correction I need to make: My ex-colleague and I didn’t walk towards a bright walkway, but rather we walked and got to a place where we saw the Malay man. Then he pointed us to the right, which was rather bright. Thanks, John!

    • Continuation… “right” direction refers to authority, power; the strength of man (flesh) or the power of God revealed through man; accepted, place of favor (Matthew 5:29-30). So after this training, you will find favour with God to do what’s required. You will have all the faith, power and authority and wisdom required.
      Makes sense? Waiting for your feedback. God bless you!

      • Hi John, I get what you mean. Makes sense. But I don’t understand why you mentioned training. Which part of my dream shows that? Thanks a great deal, John!

        • Hi Annie! I referred to transition. We often learn new things in seasons of transition; my thought about such season. That’s why when I feel it’s a season of transition, I add the word “training”, I believe something new could be grasped in the season. Sorry for the mixing up of words. 🙂 God bless you Annie!

          • Hi John, ok I get what you mean. Ya you’re right that seasons of transition are periods where we learn new things. At least it’s true in my case. I’ve learnt a great during this period of transition. Thanks, John. God bless you too!:)

    • Hi Annie! I like the way things are becoming brighter. I remember when I began, as I ponder on the meaning of the dream, forgotten details often come to light. So I believe God is bringing a straighter picture into it. What you said about pointing could be a possible. Walking is getting from one place to another. So it’s a walk of faith. The meaning of the ex-colleague seems different now to me. Because you are given direction at the end. And it leads to light. Will ponder and pray more about this.

      • Hi John, thanks! Yup, true about the part on forgotten details. Didn’t know that walking could mean a walk of faith. I can see I’ve lots to learn with regard to dream interpretation. Thankful that I’m learning new things from you and Karen. God bless you, John!

    • Hi Annie – I’m replying here because we keep running out of options to reply after a certain number of posts. I’m going to post a series of new separate posts at the end of the Open Discussion just so I can get through what all I have to say without it being so chopped up. So I’m going to do that now…

  43. In a vision, I saw a hammer, which was black on top (the head and the claw) and dark brown below (the handle). The head was tilted towards the left. Thanks a lot!:)

    • Hi Annie! Wow! This one is interesting… let me share my thoughts…
      – Jeremiah 51:20(ESV)- “You are my hammer and weapon of war: with you I break nations in pieces; with you I destroy kingdoms”
      Jeremiah 10:4 – “They decorate it with silver and with gold; They fasten it with nails and with hammers So that it will not totter.”
      Jeremiah 23:29 – “Is not My word like fire?” declares the LORD, “and like a hammer which shatters a rock?”

      • Hi John, are you saying that the hammer is referring to the Word of God? Thanks!

        • Hi Annie! Yeah, it fits much more.

          • I see…But what do you think is God’s purpose in showing me this vision? If it’s simply reading the Word of God, why would He use a hammer as a dream symbol? He could simply show me a picture of the Bible, isn’t it? I just feel that there’s more to it. What do you think, John? Thanks a lot!:)

        • Hi Annie! I believe that you should begin to read scriptures of breakthrough. Because you’re breaking into something new, plus you got the Hammering Word of God. So that’s what I believe God is saying. Focus on such scriptures and pray and declare them. God may show a picture of the bible, but most times, God is specific. There may be more to it, but these were my thoughts.

          • Hi John, ya you’re right on the part about breaking into something new…At least that’s what I feel…I know that I’m entering into something new, as in not just a new season. Thanks a lot, John! God bless you.:)

    • Black – refers to mystery in a positive sense. So it’s something hidden.
      Dark Brown – refers to Humility, compassion
      So it’s like a mystery supported by humility that God wants to use to destroy some plans of the enemy. Or to fasten something together.
      Left: Weakness of man; Human effort or strength, worldly; natural rather than supernatural. So maybe this is what God wants to deal with.
      Makes sense? I hope Karen also adds on this one.

      • Hi John, I understand what you’re saying, but honestly, I don’t see the connection between the 1st part of your interpretation (black and brown) and the 2nd part (left). So, could you please enlighten me? Thanks, John!

        • Hi Annie! Yeah, I wrote down the possible meanings of the details you input gave. sorry didn’t make a final conclusion. This is my thought… Many Hammers IRL are generally black and dark brown. So I may ignore the colours. I think God is showing you a higher revelation of how His Word is powerful in our weaknesses and to destroy the works of the enemy.

          • Hi John, I get what you mean. But like I’ve just mentioned (in response to your earlier post), I just feel that there’s something more to it. Thanks, John!

          • … We’re only spiritually powerful as the life of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit flow thru us, of course, and the Word is our weapon, but I think this dream also refers to how the Lord is shaping YOU into a weapon. The black is probably the deeper mysteries God is teaching you, and yes, the brown would be humility, a necessity in being able to handle His mysteries. Awesome!

        • Hi Annie – I think John’s thoughts are definitely on the right track. What came to my mind was Isaiah 41:8-16, esp. vs. 15-16 about God promising His people to make them into a new, sharp threshing sledge to crush mts. and hills, etc. Refers to all His promises to use you as a mighty weapon in the Kingdom. The whole passage is very special.

          • My posts seem to be out of order… The one above was the first one in response to your vision about the hammer…

          • Hi Karen, thanks a lot for taking the time to interpret this vision. Appreciate that. But there’s sth I want to ask…John was saying that the colours (black and dark brown) of the hammer in my vision are commonly the colours of hammers. So, from what you said, can I take it that the colours are significant in this vision? Thanks!

          • Wow, Karen, thanks! I’ll check out the passage in the book of Isaiah…Oh Karen, there was actually sth that I had wanted to ask for both your & John’s permission since early Jun (or thereabout)…& I was actually thinking of asking you guys for permission privately…but I realised that there was no pte msg board or pte chat on this website…so I hesitated…contd below…

    • Oh my gosh! It just hit me! “… how you HANDLE the mysteries of God…” With humiliry (brown handle of hammer). 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • This is a good example of how the Holy Spirit will use a play on words, a sort of pun. Also is an example of using the precise words the Lord gives you to describe a dream, interpret a dream, or to prophesy. It could make all the difference in meaning.

      • Hi Karen…contd from the previous post…until I came across John’s post asking one of the dreamers for permission directly on this open discussion pg…so my guess was John would probably give me permission…But I wasn’t sure if you’d give me permission. Then early this morning, as I was trying to check back on my posts (for John’s interpretations, for the purpose of my book which I’d told John abt), i saw your interpretations and I was silently wishing that I could use yours too…And surprisingly (was pleasantly surprised) you posted in response to my hammer vision…

        • So, Karen, I’m wondering if I could have your permission? It’s ok tho if you’re not comfortable abt that. Thanks! Oh your post abt how I handle the mysteries of God…interesting…didn’t see my vision that way…thanks a lot, Karen!:)

  44. Yes, God has been showing me that I have Persevered by looking up to his word whilst being in the secret place with him. God has already healed me from the betrayal of the past season.(back pain) and pain, even though the ache often reoccurs. He has done it.

  45. Sorry, first part is at the bottom of the page…yes faith comes by action!Its interesting. ..when you get healed of something and you check the part out that was affected by pain…If you have back pain you will have great difficulty in bending down. In the second part , I felt nothing had changed until I walked into the other room full of people and I tested it out

    • Hi Angela – I just want to add a thought on what you said about feeling that nothing had changed until you TESTED IT OUT. That is such a profound truth! In the story in Matthew 5:1-15 about the lame man at the pool of Bethesda it says (vs. 8), “Then Jesus said to him, ‘Pick up your mat and walk.’ AT ONCE THE MAN WAS CURED; [then] he picked up his mat and walked.” He was instantly healed, but it wasn’t until he acted on that fact that he EXPERIENCED his healing! What if he had just sat there wondering if he had been truly healed?

    • Although sometimes, like with the blind man in Mark 8:22-25, we need a second touch from the Lord to be completely healed, and that’s ok too. It’s encouraging that so many variations in how God deals with individuals are included in scripture, lest we try to create “formulas” and judge people according to those. We are each completely unique!

  46. The back pain refers to the pain of betrayal.It might be the new responsibility that God is giving me, certainly opportunities to step out and trust again. There is a restoration of trust coming but requires faith in action

  47. It might be the new responsibility that God is giving me, certainly opportunities to step out and trust again.(doing that what was difficult when you are being betrayed-back pain) There is a restoration of trust coming but requires faith in action.I am healed and its time for action!

  48. Hi so sorry, I have another dream that I need interpretation for. In my dream today, I came out of a car and there were two ladies on my left with umbrellas over their heads. They seemed to be waiting for me. I was carrying an umbrella over my head as well. It wasn’t raining or drizzling, Neither was it sunny. In fact, it seemed to be early evening, just before sunset. If I remember correctly, I was wearing a formal white dress and I was wearing heels too (though I don’t wear heels in real life). To be continued below…

    • Hi Annie! I got to this one late. This dream seems like it’s showing elements of transition. I say this because you were coming out of a car, and the sunset. It’s like the sun is going down on the current movement (car), so you’re coming out.
      Umbrella refers to protection. Formal dress refers to a call to something formal. White means God has made it Holy and righteous. Because the girls were on the left, I think it refers to 2 people who are waiting on the new things God is doing in your life.

      • Hi John, thanks a lot! Two people are waiting for the new things God is doing in my life? What do you mean by that? And why did you say ‘new things’? Which part of the dream shows that? Could you clarify? Thanks a lot, John!

    • But just as an alternative; 2 refer to covenant; agreement; multiplication. So I think the 2 ladies could represent a “Protected agreement”(umbrella) in the natural; earthly realm (left). Left sometimes refers to the Will of God (because left is often a body side of weakness. And when we weak, God is strong). Whatever it refers to, it’s protected. So it’s God’s will waiting for you as step out into something new. Makes sense?

      • Hi John, I don’t get you here. Earlier, you mentioned that the 2 ladies were waiting for the new things God’s doing in my life…But here you said that God’s will is waiting for me…Sorry, John, could you kindly explain? Thanks!

        • Hi Annie! Sorry for the little confusion. After I posted the earlier comment, I had a different thought. So I posted the two (because I couldn’t remove comment) so that you may relate to which one made more sense to you. that’s why I posted, “But just as an alternative”.

  49. As I walked, I saw two rows of men in black suit on my left. Then I climbed a short flight of steps. As I reached the top, I saw one man in front of me on the right. In my dream I sensed that it was a formal occasion though I had no idea what it was. Thanks a lot!:)

    • Continuation… just like the first part, the black suit refers to something formal too. Climbing steps refers to you being lifted up into position. Like a promotion, an increase in authority. About the man you saw, what were the clothes he was wearing? I may need more details to get a clearer picture. Thanks. God bless you

      • Hi John, the man was wearing a white shirt with a black jacket over it, if I remember correctly. And if I remember correctly, I didn’t expect to see the man in the dream. Thanks, John and God bless you too!

  50. Hi, sorry…I just recalled something. I wasn’t wearing heels in the dream. I was wearing a flat bottom shoe (something like a loafer) on my right foot, but I wasn’t wearing any shoe on my left foot. Thanks!

    • Shoes generally refer to the nature of your walk. The bible refers to it as the Gospel of peace. But if I may ask, do you remember the colour or something? Right refers to faith, anointing, and gifts from God. This walk will be a walk totally dependent on Faith.

      • Hi John, I just know it’s not black or any dark colours. Probably white or off-white. There’s something I don’t understand: Why was I only wearing one shoe? Any thoughts on this, John? Thanks!:)

        • Hi Annie! Yeah, I was wondering too, but it seems to be in a positive sense to me because you still climbed the stairs. Since you can’t remember the colours, then it may not be a weighty detail. Can you remember your emotions in the dream when you found out that you had shoes only on your right foot?

          • Hi John, I only remember feeling puzzled. And the strange thing is I still managed to walk without a limb despite not wearing any shoe on my left foot. Thanks, John!

      • Hi Annie! When I read “puzzled”, what jumped up inside of me is a feeling of not being completely ready for this walk, but God still allowing you to walk by Faith (right). And maybe this is why earlier you wrote “I sensed it’s a formal occasion though I had no idea what it was”. I believe God will open the picture of the occasion more for you. As you keep on walking by Faith and not the emotions of not being ready. Makes sense?

        • Hi John, sorry for the super late reply to your response… just saw your response to my post. Didn’t receive any email notification on this. Ya, what you’ve said makes sense to me. Thanks, John!:)

  51. I dream that we are in another country on a tall building on the roof with a glass frame and beautiful green plants and flowers and I can see the city below. Another scene there are oriental people, a Tibetan/monk says come and we follow him. I am with two other people and I am behind them and we are on a steep hill and I have to hold on to a plant to jump over the stream so I don’t fall but it’s easy for them and they wait for me on the other side. Contd…

    • Hi Ishara! This one is very parabolic. It got me thinking. Please tell me if it makes sense to you. This part looks like a some sort of journey to me. You’re having a view of something foreign (another country), from a different perspective that is precious to you. God is calling you to take on a journey. I think it may be religious (monk). Steep hill refers to the big obstacle and you need a leap of faith (jump), to get to the other side. There’ll be Godly leaders, church, mentors and people to help you (plant).

  52. …We are in a glasshouse preparing, looking outside at the street, It’s raining outside and pple have umbrellas but not on the house or the surrounding compound, there is also someone standing in the cpd. There is a question howcome it’s not raining on us. I say we are in South Africa so on top of the world that’s why it’s not raining on us. I say this because in the dream I have a vision of a beautiful earth and the African continent and then it turns so that SAfrica is at the top. I fasten the doors and windows as its cold. I am happy and laughing. Thanks

    • Continuation… Glasshouse seems to me like a transparent establishment, something with honesty. And become of this, when the troubles of life come, it will not come near because you’re transparent and honest. SAfrica turning to the top reminds me of “The Lord lifted me up”. Cold refers to inactivity, things that could hinder progress. And because you love what the Lord is doing, you shut down any openings the enemy will want to have to hinder.
      These were the thoughts I had. Looks like a very good dream to me. Makes sense?

  53. I had a dream I was getting married to someone I’ve been dating about 9 months. I was wearing a white dress and he was wearing a white suit. We seemed really happy. When i awoke I was smiling and was hopeful. However, in real life we have had a roller coaster type relationship. A lot of highs and lows to have been dating less than a year. What’s the meaning of this dream?

    • Hi Denise, I’m not here to interpret your dream, because that’s not my forte. I just suddenly recalled that I saw your post before or after one of my posts. I’m just hoping that either Karen or John would help you with the interpretation, and l believe they would. God bless you!:)

    • Hi Denise! Sorry, I got to this one late. I may need more information on this… what’s the name of the person? Just to be sure. God bless you!!!

        • Hi Denise! Okay, I got it. I’m so sorry for the late reply. This dream really got me thinking because I was wondering if it’s a soul dream or a dream from God. However, I will give my thoughts below.

        • Hi Denise – I was thinking along the same lines as John’s second option and I thought God would bring you both together finally in spite of your roller-coaster ride but only after he has made you go through a process of cleansing and making holy as what the color white goes with.

          • Thanks Sheba God has definitely began to do that. Although this cleaning processes is uncomfortable at times I know that it is necessary. Please keep us both in your prayers. For he working on his sobriety and strength for me to continue support him.

          • Denise -surely will remember you in prayer also I have been listening to Katie Souza on healing of the soul – and strongly recommend you watching it too you will be blessed

      • Still waiting for the meaning, his name is Jimmy. Hoping someone can help me.

        • Hi Denise! This is my thought… I believe God is taking you into a connection with something in the corporate world (suit) and it’s going to be a holy and righteous thing. Makes sense?
          I had a second thought of maybe God’s bringing you both into a relationship more right/holy….not really sure about this one, but makes sense?
          I’ll like to hear your feedback. God bless you Denise!

          • Thanks John, yes it does make sense. Well recently broke up but remain friends. I felt in my spirit God was telling me to pull back. He has been cleaning us both from somethings. I don’t feel he will bring us back together thanks and God bless you as well.

          • I meant I do think he will bring us back together after this cleansing process. Thank y’all again and be blessed

        • I hope Karen and Sheba will be free soon to give their thoughts on this.

        • Hi Denise – I agree with John and Sheba that the dream most likely refers to God bringing the two of you into a holy and righteous connection. It’s possible that that connection might be only as friends but the dream does seem to point to more than that. I’ve been thru the same thing as you, having to break up with a guy until he got sober and right with God and I’ll tell you, God is mighty to bring about transformation!! I’m living that miracle right right now! (cont’d…)

          • Hi Karen! There’s no reply button, so I replied here to your comment below…sorry to hear about what happened. I believe God’s already done it…the enemy just wanna steal the testimony you shared. I clearly understand it’s not easy, and that’s why I’m joining you in prayers here…May God’s peace and joy fill your hearts. Praying for you…hope to see you back soon. God bless you 🙂

        • This process began 2-1/2 years ago, and after much spiritual warfare on his behalf, cleansing on my own part, and many many prophetic dreams about our coming together, it is now happening this summer. So be encouraged! In my case, the fulfillment of the dreams was supposed to happen a couple of years ago, but I took some wrong turns from the instructions the Lord gave me, and I also sometimes flat-out disobeyed. So everything got tangled up and the fulfillment got delayed. (Contd…)

        • … I thought we had actually forfeited the fulfillment and it was dead and gone, but the Lord was incredibly gracious and brought it back to life! What I learned from all this was to pay very close attention to what the Lord reveals to me, and to obey FULLY and QUICKLY. God bless you and your friend, and may a testimony for the glory of God be born out of this situation. HALLELUJAH! I will remember you in prayer, Denise.

          • Thank you so much Karen. Your testimony has really encouraged me to keep hopefull. Thanks for your prayers cause it’s trying supporting someone as they walk through sobriety. Thanks for your prayers God bless you!!

          • Wow Kate Congratulations!
            Is it happening this summer.Surely God is good all the time amen!

        • Praise God Denise! 🙂 I’m happy we didn’t miss this one. Thanks Karen for your story, it’s wonderful. And it gives me hope too…at least for my future. Thanks for your help Sheba! 🙂

          • Hi John and Sheba – Well, I guess I spoke too soon about everything was turning around with my guy… At the very moment I was writing those posts, he was betraying my trust, out getting drugs. This last weekend was his first home visit from a Christian rehab ranch. He is growing in the Lord, that’s true, but I can’t have him back in my life at this point – if ever. He’s put me thru too much. Please pray for me. I’m completely devastated and there’s truly no one I can turn to in this…

          • I probably won’t be on here for a while, I’m completely flattened and have nothing left to give anyone.

          • Hi Karen – I am using John’s reply button as yours does not have one. I totally understand what you are going through but want to sincerely encourage you to not give up I strongly suggest listening to Katie Souza on healing of
            soul it’s blessed me and will bless you too love you and bless you heaps in this journey Karen keep your chin up knowing God is with you

          • John, I’m also using your reply button to answer Sheba’s post to me. Heh. Thanks, Sheba, for your encouragement and love. I’m not giving up, but once again I won’t be in contact with him for many months, if ever. This betrayal goes really deep. Something fragile and beautiful was starting to grow between us, and he has destroyed that. I won’t put myself in a position to be used and hurt again. I’ll be ok eventually.

          • Hi Karen and Sheba…your comment touched my heart and reminded me of a lot of things…”I’m completely flattened and have nothing left to give anyone”, especially with family. I can really relate to that feeling right now…but, you can always give because you’ve freely received from Daddy God. This is one thing I know about you Karen. Praying for you. God bless you!

          • Thank you so much John. Right now I can’t even receive from God, but I know He’s there and will see me through. I do trust Him.

          • Hi Karen – Please know that my thoughts go out to you and that I am praying for you. Bless you heaps! 🙂

  54. Thoughts for Annie and John… Annie, there are clear similarities in all the dreams and visions you’ve posted over the past several weeks. What I would suggest is that you try my approach to my dreams, which should simplify your process of interpretation. Here it is: 1) I write down the dream in a rough bulleted format to make it easier to see the different parts of the dream. 2) Then I go back thru the dream and underline in red the elements that are distinct (people, clothing, colors, numbers, activities, objects, etc. (Cont’d…)

    • Hi Karen, thanks! I don’t see similarities in all the dreams/visions I’ve posted (as in I do see similarities in some dreams but not in all). I wonder why you said that? Anyway, about your suggestion…Honestly, I’ve been recording my dreams since 2015. It’s just that I didn’t do it in bullet form…

  55. (Annie/John)… 3) I look up each element in the dictionary and write its possible meanings down in red either above the element, in the margin with an arrow, or at the bottom of the page. 4) I mull over the jigsaw pieces I’ve thus gathered and try to see how they might fit together, what picture they show. Whatever I can’t figure out right then, I leave it and think it over during the day. Sometimes you’ll get sort of “flashes” of part of the dream, feeling as you did in the dream, seeing parts of it with new insight, or other impressions that come to you. (Contd…)

    • Hi Karen, I do look up the dictionary in this website. In fact, every time I have a dream or vision, I’d look up the meanings, mainly on websites. Other than this website, I’ve been checking the meanings on other websites (Christian & secular). The reason why I’ve been asking for interpretations is because I think it’s not sufficient to know the meanings of individual dream symbols. It’s important to look at the contexts of the dreams too, isn’t it? And the other reason why I do so is because it’s important to hear from other Christians too, isn’t it?

  56. (Annie/John)… When you get a chance, add these new thoughts to what you’ve already written. 5) Look at other dreams you’ve had and the subsequent dreams or visions you get (and as you go forward keeping a log, that’s easier to do), and pay attention to similar or repeated elements. The Holy Spirit will keep speaking to you on any given subject until you’ve gotten the message, so expect more revelation to come. 6) Ask the Lord to clarify elements that are particularly puzzling to you. 7) RELAX. 8) WAIT.

    • Hi Karen, , thanks! The problem is I’ve so many and so frequent dreams, and it bothers me because before I could understand the meaning behind a dream, another appears. And I know they have some significance, rather than just ‘junk’ dreams (Of course, I do have ‘junk’ dreams too, but I can tell when my dream is a ‘junk’ dream).

      • Thanks a lot Karen! The first step of writing down in bullet points is cool. I will try this. I sometimes draw diagrams to help me. But I wanna try this one. Annie, I learnt from John Paul Jackson that even if you don’t recall all the dreams, the one you can remember and the elements that are most remembered usually carry more weight. I hope this helps. God bless!

        • Hi John, thanks for the information. Appreciate that. And Karen, I just want you to know that I appreciate you for all your interpretations, comments and suggestions. I might have sounded like I wasn’t appreciative of you by my most recent responses, but I’m really thankful to have your comments/suggestions. Tbc below.

          • Hi Karen, it’s not that I’m not open to your suggestions (if my previous post has given you that impression), it’s just a ‘me’ problem. I tend to give up halfway if I find something a chore, unless it’s something that I’m really keen. And b4 I get to start doing what you’ve suggested, I’m already like ‘that’s too much work’. But I promise I’ll at least give it a try.

      • Hi Annie! You didn’t sound like you’re not appreciative to me. I think it’s okay to judge and discern prophecy, as the bible says. So I welcome asking questions because it helps us, especially me with just a few months of experience. And don’t worry, you’ll not give up. Because you’re eager to hear God’s voice; through dreams, visions or prophetic words. The desire is wonderful. Keep it burning. God bless you Annie! 🙂

  57. (Annie/John)… Further thoughts: In the dream course Rev. Lyn discusses right brain versus left brain thinking. Most people are dominant on one side or the other, the left brain being the more analytical, linear side, the right brain being the more artistic, intuitive, conceptual side. In dream interpretation you have to look at things from a more right brained approach, intuitive, look at the concepts rather than exact logical meanings. I’m naturally very right brained, so dream interpretation tends to come fairly easily for me. (Contd…)

    • Hi Karen, I think I’m more right-brained than left-brained, although I like to think through and analyse things. I’m basically a very creative person, and that is supposed to be characteristic of a right-brained person, isn’t it? But I still have difficulty understanding most of my dreams.:(

    • Hi Karen, this has been bugging me…and so I need to clear things up here. I guess you’re right about me being left-brained. But I’m only left-brained or tend to use my left brain more where certain things are concerned, for example, where accuracy is concerned. I guess that’s why I’ve been asking John and you questions. Now, I’m definitely not doubting the accuracy of your (and John’s) interpretations. Like I’ve said b4, I feel that your (incl John’s) interpretations make more sense to me. Tbc below…

      • Hi Karen, I normally don’t ask questions if I sense that the interpretations are off (even if the interpretations sound great) or if I sense that a person’s not open to questions. I’m thankful to God for sending you (and John) to help with interpreting my dreams/visions. God bless you, Karen! You’ve been a blessing to me.?

        • Hi Annie – please forgive me if I gave the impression that I was criticizing you in any way. Like my uncle said, both ways of thinking are equally valid, they are each needed. I was just going with an impression based on the limited communication we can do here. If any of what i said was helpful, good, but if any was unnecessary, just disregard! I wasn’t implying you shouldn’t ask questions, just trying to help you with the goal of interpreting your own dreams more easily. 🙂

          • (Annie)… My imp ression was that, like – Jen you have a large painting, if you stand too close to it you can’t make sense of it, but if you stand back some and look at it from that angle, the painting suddenly makes sense. Your dreams seem to have in common that you’re in transition from a past spir. vocation to a greater one, and some of the same elements show up.

          • Hi Karen, don’t worry. i didn’t think you were criticising me. Neither did I think you were implying that I shouldn’t ask questions. Thanks, though, for the clarification. Appreciate that.:)

          • Hi Karen, there wasn’t any reply button your post below. I get what you mean. Thanks, Karen. Appreciate you for your insight and explanation. God bless you, Karen!:)

      • Hi Annie! I was in Eastern Europe. There I began to understand dreams. People thought it was very weird. However, some of my friends encouraged me. That was when God led me to this website. I learnt from previous dreams, testimonies and John Paul Jackson. One day, I felt led to apply what I knew and help to get experience. Your questioning is good for me, and it means you’re smart. I believe Karen was talking about helping you understand your dreams too 🙂 God bless you!

        • Hi John, you’re such a blessing! Thanks for being one to me. Appreciate that. I can tell you’re also a peace-lover. 🙂 Thanks, and don’t worry. I know Karen means well. 🙂

  58. (Annie/John)… You appear to be quite analytical, left brained. I think you may get bogged down trying to understand things too literally and logically. i know we all tend to think how we think, but maybe just knowing about the right/left brain thing will help you to lean more on your intuitive thinking than the analytical. Ask the Lord to develop this more in you. And of course, the most important part of the interpretation process is PRAYERFULNESS as you go thru the steps I outlined. I know you know this, just thought I should mention that for completeness’ sake! 🙂 (Contd…)

    • Hi Karen, I’m already very intuitive (seriously). Yup, I agree on the prayerfulness part. Thanks, Karen!

      • Hi Annie and Karen! Thanks for your input Karen it’s of great help. Annie, I think Karen is referring to me on this. I study programming in College. Will finish up next year. I heard John Paul Jackson talk about this too, and since then, I’ve been working more on my intuitive thinking which I was more inclined to before I got into college. My course required more analytical, so I often have this clash. I noticed it’s the reason why I usually have double thoughts on a dream. Right vs left brain

        • Hi John, I’ve guessed that you’re still a student…Wow, programming…So, you must be very good with computer/IT. Great future for you, seriously. ?IT is a field that’ll always be in demand (at least that’s how I see it). May God prepare you now for the workforce. Blessings!:)

          • Thanks a lot Annie! Amen, I receive it. It’s something you can keep praying for me please 🙂 Future and ministry. And I pray for wisdom of when to switch brain sides. Hahaha. 😀

          • Hi John, there’s no reply button at your post. Ok, I’ll pray for you. Continue to shine for Jesus! God bless you.:)

      • Especially when the dream involves people. I plan to learn Graphic Designing online. And Pray that it creates a new loop and way of thinking. 🙂

        • Wow, graphic designing! I think graphic designers are generally creative. You’re so teachable. I’m sure God’s pleased with you.:)

          • Yeah, they’re so creative. I’ve been planning it and really need to start digging into it. I’m not so teachable always 😀 . But I have learnt something: Information changes situation. Even in the things of the spirit. So revelation from dreams, visions, the Word of God changes situations. That’s why I enjoy this. No wonder Paul said we should desire prophesy the most, and pray to receive interpretation.

          • Hi John, again there’s no reply button. You certainly have wisdom beyond your years. 🙂

  59. (Annie/John)… I would also highly recommend that you invest some time just looking thru the dictionary, noting the different categories of elements for future reference, and going thru each category to familiarize yourself with the types of things listed, which will give you a better idea of what might be “elements” in your dreams. Like I’ve said before, I’ve found this dictionary to be the most accurate, clear, and easy to use of all the dictionaries I’ve come across so far, including John Paul Jackson’s, with whom I’m very familiar and of whom I’m a great fan. (Contd…)

    • Hi Karen, I’ve been going through the dictionary on this website. But I must admit that I don’t go through it enough.

    • Hi Karen! There was a dream Alexa posted on June 16th, 2017. It’s a dream about twins. I think I missed something about a set of twins -> one a boy and one a girl. Could you please help me on that one. I told her that I’ll get back to her, but haven’t had something fresh on that dream yet. Thanks a lot and God bless!!!!

      • Hi John – certainly! I’ll take a look at it sometime today. God bless you for your work in this ministry, you truly have a gift! May He increase it ten-fold!

        • Hi Karen, I happened to see this post that you addressed to John. There was a post by Denise, I think, on 30 Jun, either immediately b4 or after my post on the same day. I’m just concerned that she might feel troubled by the dream or sth. And since I can’t interpret my own dreams, I can’t help her with her dream. Hope that either you or John would help her. Thanks a lot!:)

          • Hi Annie, I saw your post to her… VERY sweet of you to reach out to her. We’ll definite make sure her dream gets a addressed. Thx!

        • Hi Karen! Thanks a lot! Amen, I believe and I receive it! And thank you too. For your help, and keeping an eye on me. I sometimes feel I need some guidance from someone with more experience. God bless you Karen!!! 😀

      • John, there are also several dreams in the Snake Trio Doubled thread that are awaiting help with interpretation. Rev. Lyn jumped in several weeks ago to let them know that their dreams would soon be addressed. It’s not in the list of regular dictionary categories, it’s on the home page where it mentions that comments are closed for categories other than the Open Discussion thread and the Snakes one. I’ll try to get to some of those soon too, maybe you could also? Thanks! 🙂

        • Yikes! I was just scrolling back looking for Alexa’s dream you mentioned, abd noticed that there are multiple dreams apparently flagged by Rev. Lyn with a little finger pointing to the dream at the beginning, and DREAM NEEDS ADDRESSING at the end. I guess we’ve got out work cut out for us!! I hadn’t noticed those before! I’m glad you seem to have a good amount of time to devote to this ministry! I work full-time, but I’ll do my best…

        • Hi Karen, thanks a lot! God bless you.?

        • Hi Karen! Wow, I saw the category, but didn’t pay attention to the dreams. I thought that the open discussion was the only place Rev. Lyn allowed us to post, and she handles the special ones. Maybe I didn’t read the instructions for that page. I could improve my experience with the snakes. LoL 😀 Thanks, I will check it out too.

      • This flagging seems to be mostly in March and April of 2017…

        • Hi Karen! I was part of, but didn’t start commenting on this website actively until May 2017 I think. I started with the latest dreams because I felt all of the others were attended to. Well, good thing Rev. Lyn pointed them out. 🙂

          • Hi John – i think it was around Nov. when Rev Lyn was no longer able to address dream posts due to new increased ministry obligations. I wasn’t able to contribute much at the time, just here and there, so a lot of posts just went unanswered. That’s why you are so appreciated now! My available time has increased gradually over the last several months. I wish Sheba was able to help out more, she’s a gifted interpreter and has expressed a desire to minister more here. Maybe eventually.

  60. (Annie/John)… How about if you try this approach for a month or so and see what you discover? You obviously are a prolific dreamer, and since they all seem to be related, a broader approach than posting and analyzing each dream individually might work. I feel like there is so much detail, so many words, and it’s getting kind of tangled up. Step back a little bit and look at the overall picture. Give it some time. Youre not going to miss God’s will. Does this make sense? I hope my suggestions help. Of course we’re here to help if needed. 🙂 I’ll be praying for you!

    • Hi Karen, I’ve to admit that I don’t have the discipline to commit to something for a month, because I find it such a chore. If I stop having dreams/visions for the next two months, probably I’ll find it easier to commit to that. I’ll try your approach though, though I may give up halfway. But before I do that, I actually have one last vision that I hope either John or you (or anyone else) could give me an interpretation for. Thereafter, I’ll try your approach and hopefully, I don’t have to bother or trouble either of you again. Thanks, Karen, for praying. Appreciate that.:)

    • Hi Karen, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t see how the dreams/visions are all related. Your suggestions are helpful; the only problem is that I’m not exactly a disciplined person (as I’ve mentioned). But that’s my problem, and I’ve been trying to work on this area of weakness. Still far from being the kind of disciplined person I want to be, but I believe that it’s only a matter of time before I achieve this goal. And thanks for praying and the offer of help here. Really appreciate people like you and John, who have been such a blessing to me. Thank God for that. 🙂

      • Hi Annie – I totally understand about the “problem” of having too many dreams in a short amount of time and trying to keep up with them. I generally have at least 1 dream each night, usually more like 2 or 3. My schedule varies and I’m not the most disciplined person either 😉 …
        I took Rev. Lyn’s suggestion to just jot down the main elements and other quick things to trigger memory for when I have the time to get back to my dream log. That may not be for several days. I fill in the ones first that seem the most important. (Contd)…

        • (Annie)… I really appreciate what John said about John Paul Jackson’s view on this, that when you can’t remember every dream or all the details, it’s the dreams and the elements that stand out most that are the most important. I’ve always felt uneasy when I can’t remember dreams or details, cuz I worry I might be missing something important God is trying to say to me. So this was reassuring to me. (I’m going to continue at the bottom of the discussion again or we’ll run out of Reply options again)…

          • Hi Karen, thanks for the reassurance. Appreciate that.? I thank God for you and John. Oh btw, I tried your approach for a vision that I had yesterday, but I was only at Step 2 b4 I felt like, ‘Oh…!’ But I’ll definitely try to complete the eight steps, at least for this vision.?

    • Thanks Karen for remembering me in your previous post. I really do want to be helping out more on this site but have been feeling so snowed under by work commitments and generally in life. Also under the weather on and off as it’s winter in this part of the world. But please do pray for me – feels like I am going to be back in action soon as feeling much better recently 🙂

      • Hi Sheba – I know you’re going thru a LOT! I actually have been praying for you, you come to mind frequently. I know the Lord has a powerful ministry in store for you, but the spiritual warfare that precedes it is sure miserable. Having gone thru so much of that myself, i feel for those who also have to undergo it. But God is mighty, praise His name!

        • Thanks so much Karen!! 🙂 it is so wonderful to know that even though you don’t know me personally you have been lifting me up in prayer. Thanks again and blessings. 🙂

  61. One more thought about right/left brain thinking and the possible connection to tge element of computers and the elementof curves. My dad was an electrical engineer, completely analytical in his thinking. I’ve always been the opposite. My dad thought I should think like him. I had a psychiatrist uncle who said to him, “Ches, you think in straight libes; Karen thinks in broad, sweeping curves. They’re both valid ways to think.” Maybe this explains the curves in your dream, get it? God is giving you wisdom in a new way of thinking.

  62. And that’s my spiel for the night! Goodnight, all!

  63. Hi, I have a vision that I need interpretation for. I saw a security camera above me on my left. It was facing up. The lens was blue in colour while the other part was white. I was lying on the floor when I saw this. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Annie – I was just reading through the latest posts and saw this one you posted about the security camera. Here’s what came to my mind: The structure or body of the camera is holy (white), and the camera lens (focus, view, vision) is revelatory (blue). It’s looking heavenward (upwards). It’s above you and its purpose is security. Possible meaning: This ministry is the camera, looking heavenward for revelation to help give that doublecheck scripture tells prophets to do, which provides more security for us! What do you think?

      • Hi Karen, wow…Definitely makes sense and I like the idea of ‘doublecheck’. I agree with that. Thanks, Karen, for your insight. I’ve thought that the vision was meant for me, concerning possibly an area of my life or something, though…But whatever it is, thanks!☺

        • Annie, yes, the dream was definitely meant for you, showing you that there is security for you in doublechecking your dreams with other dreamers. God’s got your back! It’s also affirmation from the Lord that you’re doing the right thing in coming to this ministry as you have been. You’re following the scripture about testing prophetic words that is for all prophets. Cool!

          • Maybe there’s more to it than that, though, and/or a more personal meaning for you. This was just the picture that jumped to my mind when I was considering the elements.

          • I see. Thanks, Karen for clarifying. Appreciate that.:)

          • Hi Karen, there’s no reply button 4 your post below. Ya, I get what you mean. I guess it was just me hoping that the vision had a more personal meaning 4 me. Whatever it is, thanks Karen! God bless you!:)

  64. I feally need hep with this one
    very weird dream in which I saw a baby that I had and am nurturing that is talking so much from birth and is so well formed and is able to keep up the neck straight and all that. then I see it’s tongue flowing out with the water very faint picture of it and I am saying – this is not good then I find out that the baby has not lost the tongue

    • Wow, Sheba, the meaning of this dream seems pretty awesome to me! The baby is the new ministry that the Lord is bringing you into (we know this is happening from your previous dreams), and it’s something that will be well-developed and mature from the start. In other words, you’re going to hit the ground running! Water refers to the Holy Spirit, tongue is your words, so what you have to say will be flowing out of you in the Spirit. But you still have your tongue; the flowing out isn’t referring to losing the tongue, just the “flowingness” of it. Does this make sense to you?

      • WOW Karen I did not think about it like that ….coz I did not factor in the water part . I mean this is really really uplifting as the ministry I was previously involved in is not materialising. Thanks for your help with this one so grateful bless you heaps Karen!!

  65. I really need hep with this one
    very weird dream in which I saw a baby that I had and am nurturing that is talking so much from birth and is so well formed and is able to keep up the neck straight and all that. then I see it’s tongue flowing out with the water very faint picture of it and I am saying – this is not good then I find out that the baby has not lost the tongue

  66. (For Annie re so many dreams, so little time)… You should see my dream log – it’s a mess! Scribbles all over the place, crossing out, filling in blanks, arrows, etc. If it seems like a particularly signifIcant dream i might rewrite it… But I’ve noticed that frequently by the time i get back to a dream in my log, I’ve had 1 or more dreams that clarify it. That’s why I suggest stepping back to allow time for the Lord to give you more pieces of the puzzle. This is actually the EASY way, not a rigorous disciplined one. (Contd)…

    • (Annie…) I know what John is referring to when he mentions J.P. Jackson’s method of diagramming a dream. That could be very useful too, but it would be too time-consuming for me. Maybe if I had a VERY significant dream, but the way I’ve worked out works for me. Everyone develops their own method. I just wanted to put out on the website what works for me, not just for you but also for others who follow this site and wonder how to manage their dreams.

    • Hi Karen, thanks. I understand what you mean. Isn’t it easier to get interpretations from people who are gifted in interpreting dreams?? Seriously…but I know the importance of waiting on Him to give me ‘more pieces of the puzzle’, as you’ve put it. Thanks, Karen!

      • I didn’t know how to interpret my dreams at first either. I just developed my ability over time thru reading stuff on several Christian dream sites, especially this one and J.P. Jackson’s, watching his Dreams and Mysteries TV program, and posting my own most puzzling dreams here and having Rev. Lyn’s help with interpretation. I also read how she interpreted other people’s dreams in all the Dictionary categories, so over time I started to get the hang of it. I’ve made lots of mistakes and have learned from those (still happens, always will, probably.) (Contd…)

      • Dream interpretation is a skill that can be learned. It’s easier for some people than for others, but everyone can learn how to do it. Over time you’ll discover that you need less and less help, and that’s the goal. Especially for those of us who have a lot of dreams, it’s just not possible to get help with all of them. Scripture tells those who have the gift of tongues (public prophesying type) to pray that they may interpret, and I think it’s the same principle for dreamers.

        • Hi Karen, ya hopefully I’d need less and less help with my dreams. And I agree that for those of us who hv a lot of dreams, it’s just not possible to get help with all of them. Thanks, Karen. Appreciate what you’ve shared.:)

      • Just to Add Annie… yeah, it’s possible to simply get interpretation from others. However, gifts of revelation and prophecy are very contagious. In other words, if you hand out around people who flow in such gifts and interpretation, the same gift may come upon you. This happened to Saul in the old testament twice when he came around the prophets. So as you hang around here and learn more, it’ll come upon you to help others. Keep asking God, you will get it.

  67. Hi John, thanks. I know that I can get help with dreams here if I really need to. As for your dream, it seems that only Karen can help you. Btw, I wonder if it’s ok to use some of your interpretations for a book that I’ve been writing since the beginning of this year? It’s basically a compilation of some of my dreams and visions. It’s ok if you’re not comfortable though. Thanks, John. Appreciate you and Karen for helping with my dreams for the past few weeks.☺God bless you!:)

    • Hi Annie! Of course! Yeah, I am also writing a book of my dreams, visions and moments with God. I am currently in my 4th book and there are many stories I haven’t written. It’s been in a span of 3 years. Just my moments with God and in some areas my emotional downpours LoL. Angela, a member here, allowed me to write her dream timeline in my book too. I will also like to write your dreams, to remember my journey in understanding dreams if you allow)

      • Hi John, thanks a lot! I’ll indicate your name b4 the interpretations by you. I suppose it’s ok, right? Yup, sure, you can use my dreams in your book. My only concern is: What if it so happens that readers purchase both our books and see the similarities? Just a trivial concern though. Shouldn’t be an issue, since we have each other’s permission. Wow…you’ve written 3 books already!? Amazing!☺

        • Hahahaha! Annie, I don’t plan on publishing. It’s like a personal thing for me at the moment. If the Lord wants some publication in the future… I think it’ll be fun that the world will know we were connected somehow. Hahaha. Sure, indicate my name 😀

          • I see. Isn’t it a pity to write books and not getting them published? Anyway, it’s your decision, which I’ve no right to interfere. Thanks, John and God bless you!:)

        • Hi Annie, your words are something I have actually thought of. Maybe there could be people who our experiences with God can encourage them. I do watch a lot of testimonies from other Christians, so I will give it a thought. Thanks a lot Annie for this reminder! God bless 🙂

  68. Today, my mother and I had dreams about fruits. I feel it’s related, I have some understanding but want your input.
    Mum’s Dream: I saw a coconut, and I heard a voice telling me to go and find the coconut. The voice also said, “When you find the coconut, open it and then drink some of the water. Use the remaining coconut water to shower to clean yourself”. Then she woke up.

    • Hi John, I happened to see your posts on your dream. Just want to say that your dream seems interesting. God bless you!?

    • Hi John – ok, I’m ready to take a shot at this. I looked up ‘coconut’ in Wikipedia to see what was distinctive about coconuts, and the meaning of this dream jumped out at me when I saw/was reminded that a coconut is the fruit of the PALM tree, Palms symbolize PRAISE. So the voice (God) was telling your mum to focus on praise, to seek that out, and to take in the Holy Spirit that is in the coconut milk (“The Lord inhabits the praises of His people,” Ps. 22:3). (Contd…)

    • (John’s mum’s dream)… As she ‘partakes’ of praise to the Lord, the consequent nearness of the Holy Spirit can’t help but bring about a cleansing and healing flow thru her being, and she is to surrender to that flood and allow the Spirit to do His work in her. Does this make sense to you, John?

    • So the dream is about seeking the ‘fruit of praise.’

      • Hi Karen! Thanks a lot for the research and the insight about coconut! Now, it completes the picture I had. It makes perfect sense to me (and definitely to her), because praise is something I see my mum doing often. Now I see God is calling into something deeper. God bless you Karen!

  69. My Dream: I was in an apple farmland very huge and full of apple trees. The apple trees were different. They were the height of barley trees (similar to high grass), and were up to my waist level, but each tree was full of apples. It seemed the farmland was indoors. The lighting was very bright and I could see all colours of apples: Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink apples. Two cowboys were with me and they said, “I’ll show you how to steal apples”. I was like, “Why don’t you just pluck it out, put it in a bag and run away?”…

    • Hi John – I’m finally back… guess I shouldn’t commit to answering dreams on work nights… Here’s my take on your dream. The apple farm is the world of people, and the harvest is ripening. Horses represent spiritual power, and I think J.P. Jackson’s idea of horse as spir. warfare fits here. The negative meaning of brown is compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective. Cowboys would be those who have spir. power, either pos. or neg. (contd)…

    • … Different colored apples = all types of people. Barley = blessed or blessing, abundance or provision. Bright light = presence of God, holiness. Stealing or plucking fruit makes me think of Jude 1:23, snatching people from the fire (Satan’s clutches). So there’s spir. warfare going on, fleshly perspective vs. God’s holiness, and the good guys (cowboys) are helping you to learn how to do spir. warfare to save souls. 3 = completeness; with ‘bags’ means you’ve ‘bagged them’ completely or perfectly in God’s eyes…

      • interesting… I never thought of the different apples referring to all types of people. I am a people’s person. So this really fits! The “stealing” part was what got me thinking! I was like, “stealing is bad”…but now you reminded me of Jude 23, now I see the clarity! Thanks a lot!

    • … Gun = spir. weapon. Green chemical = ripener = Word of God and/or Holy Spirit or the cultivating work you’re doing with what God is growing in people. The man & woman, owners: I frequently dream of a couple who represent Jesus (man) & Holy Spirit (woman), so that’s what I’m thinking here. You eating green fruit = taking in spir. sustenance for abundant growth.

    • … One alternative thought is that the farm is believers who are already bearing fruit, ‘indoors’ being already enclosed in the house of God, with the blessing of God upon them, but Satan’s forces are around them to try to destroy, damage, or disrupt the harvest. With this view I’m not sure what the cowboys stealing the fruits would be, unless they’re bad cowboys… Any of this seem to fit?

      • I agree with you…totally! Because of the 100-word-limit, I didn’t add this…At the end the cowboys told me, “That’s how you take/harvest apples. You can do this anytime”.
        The next day…I had a dream of two pastors giving me an impartation of anointing especially for influence amongst the younger generation…The dream has a setting of a christian conference and young people were being prayed for..I was amongst them.
        Thanks a lot Karen! You added much more details and insight to mine…God bless you!!!

        • John, that’s awesome about the dream of being anointed to influence the younger generation! I can believe it. You do have wisdom beyond your years, and i can tell you have deep knowledge and understanding of scripture as well. You are so blessed to have started walking in your calling at such a young age, too. You will be a force to be reckoned with in the hands of our Savior, to defeat the enemy and “snatch” souls! God be praised!

          • Hi Karen! I’ll be 21 in August. Thanks a lot for your encouragement. You can please remember me for this reason in your prayers. 🙂 God bless you Karen!

    • … and the silencer on the gun is our spiritual weapon’s (Word of God, blood of the Lamb, and our testimony) power to silence demons. Paralyzing them goes along with this = our authority to bind them.

      • Now this is looks like a kinda prayer I should pray more often. Paralyzing and binding the enemy. Hehe, sounds like fun and victory in Christ Jesus! 🙂

        • One of the issues that burns in my heart is how much more power and authority we as believers have to deal with demonic forces than most Christians have any idea of. I did a several month long teaching series at my church on intercessory and warfare prayer, and it was incredible how much there was in the Word about that. The more I delved, the more opened up. We need this knowledge!! It is imperative!

          • Hi Karen, I’m really interested to hear what you learnt about this. I think I need more knowledge about the authority of the believer. I often study topics of healing and revelation. Will really appreciate it. God bless.

        • Hi John – I couldn’t reply to your reply cuz we only have the option of replying a certain number of times. But yes, I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Re our authority in Christ, John Paul Jackson has a DVD-ROM out called ‘Recapturing Your Spiritual Authority’, and also did an episode on Dreams and Mysteries called ‘The Mystery of Power and Authority,’ explaining the difference between the two. You can find these on the internet. (contd)…

        • … Also, I would be happy (and honored) to send you a copy of the study notes I typed up for the students of the warfare series, if you wanted. They’re sort of a distillation of scripture on the subject thru both the Old and New Testaments, as well as what I learned from reading a number of books on the subject. Deliverance ministry is a special interest of mine.

          • Hi Karen! Thanks a lot! It’ll be an honour to receive them! Yeah, I have watched the mystery of power and authority… was nice. Thanks a lot Karen! 🙂

        • … It would be very hard to summarize what I learned here, but key is to know the scriptures about our power and authority so that we can STAND ON those promises with confidence when we fight the enemy. Also key is understanding the principles of intercession and spiritual warfare and how they operate in the spiritual realm. We are called to be warriors for the Kingdom of God, and we have all the resources of heaven at our disposal. We just have to learn how to use them and not shoot our own feet off (or others’!) in the process.

          • Got it clear Karen! Nice. I feel like I’m on a new journey. Had a 5 day conference we finished today, So I’m very optimistic about what God wants to do. God bless you 🙂

  70. contd… they said, “No! If you do that, you’ll make noise and horses will come, attack and may kill you.” I raised my head above and saw many horses around. They were brown and very big. They gave me a gun and 3 bags. The gun was a silencer. When it shot, it paralyzed the horses for a long time. The gun was also able to shoot a green chemical and when this chemical touched the apple fruits, they ripened very quickly and fell off, or were easy to pluck. They showed me how to take fruits and paralyze the horses. The owners of the farm were in the middle.

  71. contd… they didn’t seem to notice anything. The owners were a man and a woman, they seemed to be on cowboys clothes. I paralyzed some horses, nearly filled up one bag to the brim, and the other 2 bags had fewer fruits. The woman began to walk towards me. I was scared if she’ll raise an alarm. At the same time I was hungry, so I took a green apple and took a bite. Took my gun and bags full of apple and left the farm. She didn’t say anything. She just looked at me. Then my lil bro woke me up. 😀
    Karen? Anyone? God bless you!!!

  72. Dream set up hospital ward, an angry woman with a knife continually stabs and tears at my mother’s dress till we say it’s enough accusing us of allowing Jessica to take her position and declares revenge by stealing my baby. I grab the my baby and cry out and groan for that baby and inform her that we have nothing to do with Jessica for over 10 years now since our values could not agree. I walk out with my baby through a house that is under construction and being painted white and there is a rough terrain outside.

    • Hi Winnie! Here are my thoughts about the dream… It seems to me that there’s been someone backstabbing you and the anointing you’ve been given from Holy Spirit because there’s a belief that you were the cause that someone else took her place. The baby refers to ministry, responsibility. Hospital usually refers to church or ministry.
      White refers to righteousness. There’s something being established that will bring about holiness, however, it will be a rough ride. I see hope in this. Makes sense?

      • Hi John thanks for the insight.Will pray more and seek clarity about the issue.I have had so much warfare around me both physical and spiritual.infact after this dream my next dream was some people trying to steal my handbag but they did not succeed.Another dream i almost fell into a pit latrine but i managed to jump to safety.I have alot of dreams around hospitals and inside hospitals not sure why?

        • Hi Winnie! If you’re having a lot of dreams regarding hospitals, take a very close look at your church or ministry. Keep loving them, but I hope no one is having someone bad in their hearts against you..Your dream about the library and this dream seem to have some connection. Maybe the dream about the library is a continuation or clarifies this one. These were my thoughts as I read your dreams. God bless you Winnie! 🙂

  73. Sorry i posted this dream earlier today under the wrong link…..

    Greetings. I have an idea about this dream…but dreamed I had a new car parked in a driveway, someone said “No one else has a car like this-it’s one of a kind.” Next dream I said, “I am going to get my PhD, my daughter Tia said, “How come?” I said, “God want’s to honor me.”
    In real life I’ve been prophesied to a few times about getting my Doctorate and I was told it’s because God wants to honor me.

    • Hi Babs! Nice to see you again. Here are my thoughts…
      – The Car is “parked”, so it refers to a new vocation, ministry or movement that God has already given you but it’s inactive at the moment. And It’s indeed “one of a kind”
      – The second one refers to you going to undergo a time of deep, high learning and research. Bible says, “study to show yourself approved” (2nd Timothy 2:15). So God’s honouring you and approving you. This may be referring literally to your Doctorate, or something else.

    • However, looking at the two dreams, I will give an advise to start moving into the things God has spoken into your life. If not, they may continue to sit down waiting. Access them, and see God move. God spoke the promise land into Israel. However, it took them 40 years before they finally moved into it. I say this because you had the two dreams in one day. And yeah, may God bless your Doctorate degree Dr. Babs 🙂

      • Something similar happened to me, I received a prophecy in 09/2016 that “God will awaken my dreams” and it sounded very strange to me. God had to allow a difficult situation to occur before I finally came across dream interpretation. I moved into this 02/2017. Took a while right? Well, now here am I.
        Not all words of prophecy requires us to take action of stepping into it… but your dreams make me think that God wants you to take some action so that the car doesn’t remain parked.
        Makes sense to you?

  74. Hi John. OMG! Yes, I’ve been somewhat frustrated the past few days. I moved to NC because of my love for my Savior; He said He was going to do a quick work. Happy to say God opened the door for me to get a job; starting in 2 wks. John, I’ve had this dream about a PhD before over the past 3 yrs, but didn’t want to go back to school.

  75. Today Lyn saw my dream post and she asked what school would I be attending. 3 yrs ago I had a dream about Regent University, but …not sure they are a good fit. Being parked caused more frustration, but I do agree with the 2nd comment u sent. When waking this a.m I heard the Beatles sing…for everything Turn..Turn..Turn..there is a season…Turn Turn..straight from the word in Ecclesiastes!!
    Had a dream a month ago where my cuz husband was having Bible study here (where I currently live) with us, and yesterday he stated that he will start that pretty soon.

    • This sounds very interesting. Things are shaping up for you Babs! Keep moving so that you’ll be ready and not being caught up by surprise. I like how God is getting your attention. May God bless this new step of Faith. And may you have godly fun and peace and joy. Amen 🙂

    • Hi Babs – As I was reading your dream post here, the thought occurred to me that maybe “Regent University” was used symbolically about studying to be Christ’s “regent” here on earth until He returns to set up His kingdom. A regent is a person appointed to rule for a time in the place of a monarch, carrying all his authority and power. And getting a literal PhD could be part of that, as John said. This would also fit with your dreams about the impartation of spiritual gifts. But i don’t know how literal the details of the university were in your dream. Anyway, just a thought…

  76. Am returning a book in the library and it’s torn from reading. I wear my shoes but realize those entering are not removing theirs. I approach the gate and look up to see a horse flying and it comes down and two people embark a man and woman. I clap but realize others aren’t but the man cheers me on and others join in. He begins speaking blessings to me by name but as he draws near I realize he has an injection and some liquid which he plans on injecting the crowd with. By now he has captivated everyone.

    • Hi Winnie! Your dream is very interesting… please tell me if this makes sense to you…
      Library refers to place of learning. So you are full of knowledge and ready for your walk (wearing shoes). Because of this, you things that are dangerous trying to disguise itself as good, even if you’re flattered… you will recognize it’s root and secrets… (continued below.)

  77. Cont’d..Fear grips me and as I look at the lady I realize she is very improperly dressed and I am like this is not right. I run away and go to the library and get into the office of the manager and tell her there is danger outside but she doesn’t believe me. A lady comes in and shows us her palm and where she has been injected. She says the man said that once the area swells they will also be able to fly and ride horses in the sky just like the man who was injecting them.

    • continuation… clothing generally refer to mantles or anointing or gifting. So you realize it’s improper, something God doesn’t a counterfeit and it draws a lot of people’s attention. Flying refers to understanding the things of the spirit. So this counterfeit God is showing you is most-likely referring to practices or teachings that God considers improper. Beware, but you will notice it because you are well-learned. Does this make sense to you?

      • Hi John thanks so much for the insight in the dream.I feel its accurate since that is also what i had in mind the whole issue of counterfeit but trying to look real and people being manipulated but through it all i am able to see through the deception.And yes I also felt its something to do with teachings.I will keep my spiritual eyes open for whatever it is.Also thinking it could be speaking about the times we are in and the deception that surrounds us but if we are well grounded in God we are able to see through.

  78. Will do. Thanks John. Classes starting soon!?

  79. Hi all, I have been to the Court hearing and it was very tough. I have had consecutive dreams for the past two days about people not sure what hair they are carrying. The first night after the hearing, I dreamt the judge lost his hair.

    • Hi Angela! Hair usually refers to wisdom and Glory. So if people are not sure of the hair they’re carrying, it’s a sign of confusion because they don’t know the kinda wisdom they have. The judge losing his hair refers to him losing wisdom. Makes sense? This makes me believe that there may have been a sense of confusing in the court hearing. I advise to pray against every spirit of confusion, let the manifest wisdom and truth from God bring freedom.

      • Hi Oforkanji John,
        Thank you for getting back to me so swiftly Yes, there has been much manipulation and confusion.The judge was saying hurtful things and threatened me publicly. The dreams are encouraging. I have also had visions of a pure golden star and a white horse riding towards it-almost through it..Any ideas? I am holding on to previous dream of the Holy Spirit shedding the old and exposing for what it is. I am blessed and grateful for your help

        • Hi Angela! I believe Karen can help you better with the vision. Revelations 19:11 was the bible passage that came to my mind as I read your vision. So white horse usually refers to Salvation..rescue. Gold refers to purity..glory..sometimes finances. In the bible, stars often referred to a person..I believe God is showing you that rescue is coming. Makes sense?..Will like to hear Karen’s take on this.

    • Hi Angela! Just to update you… I have finished writing down our comments and stories. Took 12 pages from my notes. So I just want to declare the number 12 upon your life which signifies the perfect government of heaven; upon your life and let God’s perfect rule and promises be made manifest. In Jesus Name. Amen. God bless you 🙂

      • Hi Oforkanji John, Wow that is significant…Yes and Amen… I had the same impression on Rev 19,11 and it states: That Jesus judges fairly….It’s his battle and right in this pain there is a destiny and calling. How timely and true. Thank you:)

  80. God bless you. I just thought I’d share a dream I had…I do not feel as if the dream is for me personally, as I have experienced other dreams such as these. Here it is: last week I dreamt about America.. I saw America as a map, but was only focusing on the upper eastern and part of the middle of America, the states around the great 5 lakes, and New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, Pennsylvania, etc…I saw water from the Atlantic flood this area of America…

    • Hi Alexa! When I first read this I was a little anxious as Minnesota is part of the states around the 5 great lakes. Haha. Floods refers to judgement or attack… I believe God wants you to be a watchman and intercessor for America more than ever. I hope Rev Lyn sheds or Karen sheds more light on this dream. God bless you!

  81. ..the weird part was that, I saw the coastal states (new Jersey in particular) raise up out of the water….when that happened the states under the 5 great Lakes were still under water and a whirlpool appeared there. Then I awoke. Let’s keep America in prayer, I personally do not understand this dream, but I know that it is from the Lord.

    • Just to comment on this… seems something will happen in New Jersey because of praying people. Thanks for sharing the dream. Will join in prayers. God bless 🙂

    • Hi Angela – First of all, I’m wondering about the significance of the whirlpool. Did it seem like a destructive force, sucking down everything it encountered, or was it like a whirlpool that appears above the drain in a bathtub when you let the water out. I noticed that the whirlpool appeared AFTER the coastal states rose up, so if the raising refers to prayer, I’m wondering if the whirlpool was a result.

      • It seems as if the whirlpool was like a drain. It happened after the states rose up….

        • Ok, excellent! I googled the slang phrase “being underwater” to see if that would shed any light on that part of the dream, and it says that refers to the value of your property dropping beow what you owe. So maybe those states will have financial disasters? Or the symbol could be something else… anyway, we should all definitely pray about this. It will be interesting to see what plays out.

          • I got chills today when looking at the weather channel and seeing what they believe the path of Irma will be….when I saw where it ended, it ends exactly on the states under the 5 great lakes, exactly where I saw the whirlpool appear in my dream…. have you seen the news? What do you think?

      • I got chills today when looking at the weather channel and seeing what they believe the path of Irma will be….when I saw where it ended, it ends exactly on the states under the 5 great lakes, exactly where I saw the whirlpool appear in my dream…. have you seen the news? What do you think?

  82. Dreamed I woke up to a phone light on floor.I saw it was my husband whom Im separated from. He’d sneaked in house & was sleep on floor. The power was out in my room & husband went to garage to check breaker & a thin cougar was outside the garage pacing & it attacked me. I was able to fight it with mop handle. I saw a gray house cat & my husband threw it to get rid of it. I saw a white fridge that had beer in it & I knew my husband (alcoholic) put it there.

    • Hi Rochelle! Just to be sure, the husband that threw the cat away and put the beer in the fridge, was it the separated husband or another? God bless you!

    • Hi Rochelle! This dream got me thinking…seems to me that something you were connected to/involve with in the past wants to make a return (ex-husband). Cougar=witchcraft, occult activity, demonic. Garage=a place to rest/refreshing; or protection. Cat= independent spirit. Gray=maturity, honor, wisdom. I think beer refers to worldliness. Fridge= place things are preserved for emergence later.

    • With these, I think it’s a warning dream. God is showing you the plans of the enemy to cause warfare, and sneak in worldliness into something that’s for holiness (white). Pray the opposite, and against the plans of the enemy. Makes sense to you?

  83. 3 days later I dreamed I was in bed sleep & my daughter came in the bedroom & woke me up. When I woke up we smelled a foul smell from the bed. When I pulled back the cover, I saw a couple specks of blood on the sheet near me. Then when I pulled back the cover on my husband’s (whom I am separated from) side of the bed and saw a pool of dried blood.

    • Hi Rochelle! This dream got me thinking! Bible says where there’s blood, there’s life. So blood refers to life-giving substance. Bed refers to place intimacy. Just wondering is there anyone who is sick close to you? Or who has some conditions with health?

  84. I had a dream I went to a jeweler with my mom to pick up her new wedding ring that I helped her pick out. The jeweler gave us this ring that was a raw and rough orange rock (it kinda reminded me of Himalayan salt rock)with a gold band. I was so angry because I thought we had picked out another ring and thought the jeweler was trying to deceive us. He showed us this ring that was sliver with a diamond shaped as a heart. cont…

  85. I was thinking oh I think that was what we picked out. I guess we picked out a heart diamond? But he didn’t give it to us. He said we had picked out this other ring. I went inside the jeweler and started arguing with the people inside. They were kinda laughing at me. They insisted that that was the ring we picked out.

    • Hi Kayleigh! Greetings. I ‘ve started by lining up the dream elements first as follows = Jeweller – God himself , Wedding ring – commitment, Rough orange rock – Positive-Perseverance, persistence, Himalayan salt – adds flavour, Gold band – Purity, holiness, glory, prosperity Silver – Next to gold in value, diamond shaped as a heart – already shaped up, diamond = not essential but to enhance contd……

      • I see hope in this situation because God’s message to you in this is to hang in there and persevere in what you are committed to OR partnered with – e.g your job,ministry. And as you do this you will be surprised by a greater victory than you ever thought of. Bless you as you wait upon the Lord in this and please will you tell me if this makes sense to you as it will help me know if I am interpreting well or not.

        • Yay Sheba! Excellent! So glad to see you here interpreting! 🙂

          • Hehe thanks Karen I finally made it, you are such a great source of encouragement to me and I feel truly blessed to be connected with you, Bless you !! 🙂

        • Hi Sheba! Thanks for helping me interpret my dream. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly this dream is referring to. If it has something to do with something I am committed to or partnered with, I am not sure what that would be. I am in a big transition stage in my life. I am ready for a change in jobs so I want to start looking for another one, I am not currently involved in a ministry, and I am not dating or seeing anyone right now. So I’m not sure what the dream is about. That’s why this dream stumped me. Maybe it has to do with a job search?

          • Yes Kayleigh this dream could surely be related to your job or job search and you are the best person to know what’s going for you at the moment in your life as it’s often in response to your real life situation you get dreams from God. So God is saying to you that you are looking for Silver but HE has Gold in store for you how amazing is that!! May God bless you in your Job search and keep going for the gold Kyleigh no giving up 🙂

  86. I had a dream today that my husband has cancer. I only discovered this because 2 doctors came to our home to discuss this with him. In the dream I said to myself I wonder why he didn’t tell me.i noticed 1 of the drs was a female one male. Thanks

  87. I had a dream that my husband had cancer and did not tell me.. I found out when 2 doctors came to our home to talk with him about his condition. There was a male and female doctor.. while the male doctor was in the room with my husband the lady dr. WAs standing outside the door. When I woke up I felt like the female dr.was someone I really had seen b4. I do work in a dr. Office

    • Hi Mary. Cancer is a disease that spreads and affects other normal cells. So I think it refers to something negative that’s growing and could affect other areas of your husband’s life..maybe a habit or thoughts. The doctors seem to me like healing angels sent by God to help him. I advice to declare the promises of healing and restoration in all areas of your husband’s life and family. Makes sense?

  88. Please help with interpretation- newbie:
    I was shopping for shoes but somehow found myself at Bethel Church when someone announced the Spirit is here- in the dream I fell over and had a vision. I saw lots of traffic signs- direction?. In the confusion, all of these different traffic signs went into a device that looked like a meat mincer. On the other side of the mincer came what looked like smarties and the first few were yellow- super excited? then I got 3 red- okay with that? and then all the colours started shooting out.

    • Hi Claudia! This seems more like an encounter or a night vision to me. Shoes represents nature of walk, however, God is leading you to an encounter first. Meat refers to God’s Word, something for spiritual mature; mincer grinds things…seems like teachers. Yellow=Hope…Red=Wisdom..power..anointing. Bethel means “Gate of Heaven”. Church refers to mindset, or things in regards to God’s work.

    • With these…I believe God is ensuring you that even if you’re not so sure about your walk in something, He wants an encounter with you. And after this, you will be led to teachers that will bring hope to you. Also, 3 refers to Completeness. So after hope is released, there’ll be a release of Wisdom, Anointing and Power of God upon your life. Very good dream. Makes sense?

  89. In a room full of people my pastor comes and greets and hugs people around me and I begin to feel left out. Finally he turned to me and gave me a warm hug and greeted me and pulled me aside to talk. He asked me when I can be available if someone wanted to speak to me, I replied between Monday and Friday. He repeated the question and I gave the same answer. He asked me to follow him to his office. I began walking behind him as I followed him and he went greeting and chatting with others .

    • Hi Winnie! This dream got me thinking…I think you’re feeling others are encountering Jesus in a special way, but somehow you feel left out. So Jesus is letting you know that you are loved as He loves others, and He’s inviting you to have a special meeting with Him. In my experience, if Jesus repeats something again, then it’s serious for him…Office usually refers to business or, vocation, or enterprise, or venture. I see Jesus leading you to an encounter with Him. Makes sense?

  90. Hi Karen thank you for your response I do believe Regent University was symbolic after looking at what they offer there I would have to go on campus if I wanted to attend that school and that’s not possible at this time in my life so I’m asking God about the University I’m willing to go I’m willing to do what He wants me to do I am seeking him about where if at all he wants me to attend a university.

  91. I had this dream a few months ago. Would love interpretation. Me and my dad were chasing around an eagle that had lost feathers off of one side of its wings. We locked it up and nurtured it. Then we let the eagle go and it flew away.

    • We were at my dad’s house and I specifically remember is being in the front yard out by the road.

      • Now lets look at the elements front yard = future, eagle = prophetic calling or anointing , Father = heavenly father
        Bret – This looks like a great dream to me – your prophetic calling is going to take off in the near future and God wants you to know that you are doing a good job nurturing it. Isn’t God good ? and let me know if this makes sense please……….

        • It makes perfect sense. Since January probably 5 people who move in the prophetic have prophesied over me. All the propechies pretty much go on alignment with each other that I have a call for ministry, il be an evangelist, and il do great things for the glory of God. I have never really considered myself the type to be in ministry and I have never thought about it until these words of knowledge.

      • Hi Bret – it also looks like you have had a prophetic calling for a while and started walking in it, but then something happened that hindered it, and since then you’ve been pursuing it with the Lord’s help but so far have not quite been able to get hold of it. But as Sheba said, the Lord is encouraging you that victory in this is near. 🙂

        • Like I told Sheba I never knew I had a calling until some prophetic words people spoke over me told me I do have one. Now that I believe I have one I am pursuing the prophetic but I am struggling to break through the wall it feels like. I’m trying to listen to Holy Spirit in what to do now since my college football career is over and I’m honestly not hearing anything.

          • Bret – I still think like Karen that the calling that God has already placed within you that you were probably not aware of needs fanning so it can catch the fire of God. You sure do have some hurdles there by the looks of it and however small your side of effort may seem but with God on your side you can do mighty things. Enter into God’s rest and do what you can and God will do HIS part after all it’s HIS work and HE is to receive all glory!!:)

          • Bret, I should amend my comments a little. Since you & your dad were chasing the eagle in the front yard and front yard refers to near future & that is when you see that the eagle is missing feathers, that dors change the time frame some from how i described it. But the losing of feathers will have haopened at some point prior ti this “near future.” Clear as mud, right? Lol!

          • So keep your eyes open and ask the Holy Spirit to help you not to “miss” anything along the way as you wait on the Lord. And yes, like Sheba said,REST and don’t be anxious, it will all come about in due time. How exciting!

          • I keep finetuning my thinking on this dream… hehheh… I guess it’s a question of whether the eagle HAD all it’s feathers at some point and thenLOST some, or whether some feathers were MISSING in the first place, like maybe they hadn’t all grown in yet. In any case, nurturing it does get it flying, so praise the Lord!

        • Well I’m the dream I noticed the eagle running around trying to fly in the yard. in the beginning the eagle never had feathers on the one side. Together me and my dad nursed it back and the feathers grew back until it could fly.

          • Ok, so it sounds like the running around in the yard trying to fly is what’s happening in the present, and thru nurturing the needed feathers will grow in the near future. So now you just need to discern how best to nurture the budding gift. There’s your more specific prayer project! 🙂

  92. Hi Megan – I just wanted to let you know that you must have hit the Reply button to one of my posts rather than the actual dreamer’s, so I got the email notifying me of your response. Not sure who you meant to reply to, but hope you two can connect. That’s great that you jumped in to help out in interpretation, feel free any time!

  93. My pastor had come from a mission. The church had a staircase and people were standing in rows in the staircases .I was on the side with a very big packet of milk and feeling self-conscious when he held my hand and brought me up in front of everyone else up the stairs and hugged me.
    He gave me his big bottle of drinking water that was on the pulpit, removed some money in form of a note, KSh 200 and gave it to me. I was hesitant in taking the money though I did and said thank you

    • Hi Winnie! Nice dream! Congratulations! This seems as a continuation from your previous dream. Climbing stairs refers to promotion. Milk refers to spiritual nourishment. Water refers to Holy Spirit..Word of Life…refreshing. Money refers to favour. 200 (the number 2 stands out) refers to multiplication and double portion. God will promote and approve you infront of others, plus there’ll be an infilling of His Spirit. I believe this is to help nourish others too because you were holding milk in your hand.
      Makes sense?

      • Wow this makes a lot of sense now.Had the dream some months ago and wrote it down.several months later I found myself in a leadership position in charge of a group of people. I had not seen it coming at all.but it seems God had shown me all along its only that I could not interpret this dream.Thanks so much.

        • Praise God! I know the feeling right? When I began to understand dreams, I noticed God told me things to happen in my dreams but I had no idea. I just enjoyed and wrote down the dreams…months later, I found out God had already laid it down. LoL. God bless you!

  94. Visited Phyllis. She was living in a transparent shack built with polythene paper in the garden yet she owned a wonderful house. My husband said when they were getting married she agreed with her husband she would further her education. When her husband brought up the issue she got annoyed and left home. Her sister brought her food in a hot pot. She took only a bit of the food and returned the rest insisting on paying the sister for the food. I told my husband maybe she wants to prove to everyone she can make it on her own.

    • Wow! This dream shows that she’s got more but settling for less. Husband refers to Jesus. So after she became saved, Jesus wanted her to know more of Him. Food refers to something she’s partaking in, or spiritual nourishment. Because she took little nourishment, she may pay the price for it. I think God is showing you someone that you need to pray for, encourage and help not to reject what God has placed before her and His plans for her. Makes sense?

      • Thanks John. It makes a lot of sense. This is a lady in a group I am in charge of who needs a lot of encouragement to come up and partake all that God has offered to her. I will commit to praying for her and engaging her more. I think am beginning to get this impartation of interpreting dreams. It’s really amazing what God can reveal to us am awed……

        • Praise God Winnie! You can take Rev Lyn’s online course, or learn from great men of God who talk about dreams. I personally learnt from this website and from John Paul Jackson. I think this can be a good supplement to your ministry. God bless you!

  95. Hi. I recently had a dream that I was on a boat running and couldn’t keep my balance and fell down. When I did get back up I was running and ended up falling off the boat and there was a man on the boat. I was not afraid of this man and when I fell over I grabbed his hand and he fell in the water and I was sinking and the man kept holding my hand sinking with me.

    • Hi Alisa. I think the dream is showing you the importance of being dependent on God so that you’ll not fall. However, God is using your falls to do a good work in your life. You will be submerged in His Spirit and keep going deeper in him. God will be with you in this whole process holding your hand, so don’t be afraid nor discouraged. Makes sense? God bless you!

  96. In a classroom with the wife to Morris, her 3 handbags were on the floor and my big rucksack. I requested for dustless chalk, a girl goes to pick downstairs. She put her 3 handbags inside my rucksack and escorted me to class. She introduced me and told them I would be teaching them today and using the blackboard. There’s a lot of disorder in the class in the way desks are arranged. I asked the nearest boy what time class begins and ends. Class begins at 8:11(I knew this meant 2:11 in the afternoon) and ends at 4.05 pm.

    • Hi Winnie! The dream is a continuation of the previous dreams. The wife could refer to Holy Spirit, or signifies a responsibility that Morris has partnered with. 3 refers to fullness. So I think you’re given a task from God to teach and it may be similar to what Morris does. The disorder may mean it’s somewhat unexpected or you feel you’re not ready to bring order.

    • 8:11 = It’s a new beginning that will result in a transition, requiring Faith. And you may get prophetic (blackboard & 11).
      2 Refers to confirmation, agreement or multiplication. So if 8:11am meant 2:11 pm, I think you will know the new transition will mean a confirmation of something you’ve asked or expected God for. Maybe prophetic gifts?
      However it has an end-result in an outpouring of Grace from God to Help God’s chosen Creation (4:05pm).
      Makes sense?

      • Oh my God ! this is interesting.Actually the wife to Morris is a teacher . and yes I have been seeking God earnestly specifically for the prophetic Gifts. yesterday I received a message I have been chosen to attend a prophetic seminar that I had really desired to attend but so many people were also interested.I knew my chances were 50/50 but when I got the confirmation I could not believe. I am excited and praying this is the beginning of a beautiful journey with God.Thanks so much John.This makes a whole lot of sense.

  97. Hi I had a dream a couple nights ago that a girl fell down some stares in a building or an arena. In the dream that she was died and also both hips were broken. I remember running to her ang praying for her 3 times asking Jesus to give her breath and heal each hip and all 3 things happened. When her last hip was healed we hugged each other and we both cried.
    For some reason I saw that I looked like the evangelist Todd White praying but I know that it was me doing it. Any interpretation?

    • Hi Bret! Breathe refers to Holy Spirit. Hip refers to support. 3 refers to completion. I believe God is showing you that when you keep praying…for people, situations, etc He will work to complete what you asked for. He’s a good Father. I believe this dream is in regards to serving people especially evangelism because you looked like Todd White, so it’s a trait God’s showing you that you already have. Seems to me you have a passion for the gift of healings. Makes sense?

      • It actually does make sense a lot. I have had a passion for healing that has been stirred up lately. I haven’t acted it out yet because I’m knew at the knowledge of it. But I have gotten prophetic words spoken over me that Il have a powerful ministry and I would be an evangelist.

        • Praise God Bret! Start studying the gift. I advice to listen to any healing evangelist, especially Todd because he’s in your dream. So there may be some traits that the Lord is showing you that he has, and wants you to grow in it.

    • Just as an addition. Todd often operates in Words of Knowledge, so it’s another trait. I have had dreams in the past I saw myself praying for people who got healed, emptied hospitals and even someone who had an amputated leg…God grew it back. It was incredible, just to wake up and find out it was a dream 🙁 . Fast forward now, I see such dreams are sometimes a sign of God showing the power working inside of you, and wants to work through you in healing. Its not limited to physical healing…emotional, mental, etc are all included. God bless you 🙂

  98. Got into class, it was full had to sit at the back near the entrance. The lecturer was already teaching and students were taking notes. I also began taking notes. The lecturer said he was almost concluding the entire course probably on that day or in another one lesson. He had drawn 3 diagrams of new house designs which all had triangular roofs with many tiny circles in the roofs which explained we were moving away from the regular designs. I began copying the designs of houses from the black board. A student alerted me we had an assignment.

    • Hi Winnie! I see this dream as a continuation. Lecturer refers to Holy Spirit as one who reveals/teaches (blackboard). 3 refers to fullness. House refers to an establishment; ministry or church. So it’s a fullness of ministry that will be properly covered and protected (roof). It’s moving away from regular designs means it’ll be different from what’s normal to you. God’s teaching you something new to you. After taking it down, you need to test what God has imparted unto you (assignment). Bible says be a doer not only a hearer. Makes sense?

    • Now with the shapes, I am not so sure because of my level of experience. I hope Karen or Sheba can add to it. However, I had some thoughts…
      Triangle = 3 angles. So it’s a full protection and covering from any angle the enemy may want to do something crazy.
      Many Circles = Many Cycles.
      So God will teach you all of these. How to establish and protect it. It may take a while, and many cycles learning many things, but you will get to it. Makes sense?

  99. I dreamed of chipmunks one was taking a test the other was sneaking around the classes going to the main room where the test answers was and waa somehow calling out the answers and there was the 3rd who was the look out but look out ,then the one who was snooping around and stealing the answers a light was shined on him , before i woke up i heard i saw them cheating off your paper they was copying your answers.Anyone have any clue what this means?

    • Hi Lakesha! The dream is showing you of a demonic attack that looks good in someway but it’s not. Test refers to trials in life, so it’s showing you that the enemy literally wants to steal the answers and try to destroy the ones already received. God is showing you the plans of the enemy, so you can stop it. Pray the opposite. Declare the blood of Jesus against the devil and speak miracles, blessings and answered prayers. I do this a lot…after praying, lift your hands and say, “I believe and I receive”. 🙂 Makes sense? God bless you!

  100. Hi, I need help with interpreting a vision (tho I’d been trying to interpret my own dreams/visions over the past two weeks, I still can’t figure this one out). I saw a cylinder-shaped lantern hanging from a ceiling, which was white in colour (if I remember correctly). It had a white background, and there were other colours which were lined vertically over it. And if I remember correctly, there were basically three colours on the lines, starting with red on top, yellow in the middle and orange right at the bottom. Thanks!

    • Hi Annie! Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t gotten any thought about the vision. But what came to my mind was the part the bible says that the word of God is a lamp to our feet. Red = wisdom, power and anointing; yellow = hope; orange = perseverance. I believe these are things you’ve been asking God for or that God had been communicating with you. Makes sense? God bless you!

  101. Hi oforkanji John. i was with my husband whom i am seperated from now. As we are talkin i change 2 a beautiful blue/teal dress&began usin my phone.he accuses me of talkin2anoda man who he had seen usin his phone,but i didnt see dis man bcos he was in anoda room. He tels me d mans name(dapo)i knowhim. My husband wuld run out , check on the man&then on me. I was unbothered by his doins&kept bein on my phone lafin,bcos i knew i was not talkin 2 a man.We Then move to the other room&i see the guy wearin the bottom of our girls highscul uniform with heels.I was shocked&dream ends.

    • Hi Perpla! Sorry for the delay to reply. The dream is showing you that God’s going to transition you to help you receive revelation from Him. This will be because of situations or people that you were involved in before; which may bring suspicions. But you will not be bothered because you’ll know the truth…I think High-school-uniform may mean it’s something happening in a place of learning; or something you’re familiar with already; or something in an official sense. So that’s why you’re surprised. Does this make sense to you? Will like to hear your feedback. God bless you!

    • Just to add, I realized why you addressed this dream to me. From your typing pattern, I can tell we’re from the same country. And you used my name to get me. Hahaha! It’s nice to see you here! When I travelled, it’s been a while since I last typed using shorthands (because I began to use Google translate often). I hope everything is good with you. God bless!

  102. Hello Sir, The the Spirit of the Lord be with you.
    I had a dream, a snake was mistakenly beaten by a stranger. Immediately the name bit Me, my wife and my child. Though I have been praying over it, but I still need full interpretation of the dream. Thanks Sir.

    • Hi Faseru! The good Lord is with you too!
      The dream snake refers to tales and lies the enemy throws at us. Because the snake bit your family and a stranger, it shows that there’s been a lie the enemy put up against you that has caused hurt to you and your family (and possible you’ve seen it hurt other people). Your response is good, continue to pray for God’s truth and light to shine in all situations. Makes sense to you? God bless you!

  103. Hey has anyone had a dream with dating in it? I know weddings and marriage can symbolize a commitment or partnership and engagements can symbolize a waiting period. Would dating symbolize a trial period, or something not serious? Curious to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Kayleigh! It all depends on the context of the dream. Just like marriage and weddings, dating involves relationship. So it seems like something that’s in your life, something tied or in contact to you. Could be a literal person, situation, spirit or thing.

  104. I dreamed I was discovering that my boss’s business had many connected and vacant rooms. The were only accessible by going from one room to another, but by going down a hallway. They were unused, and even, perhaps undiscovered. I was excited to tell him that were was lots of places we could expand into if used properly.

    • Hi Marcus – I feel you have a great desire to be fruitful for the Lord and Boss refers to God himself; that being said it would mean that you are discovering many opportunities that are available to you in God’s kingdom but the rooms being vacant means that you have not started off yet but God is wanting you to know that when you start operating in one of the gifts then the other gifts will also start to manifest in your life as they are all interconnected. A lot of rooms undiscovered means God wants to reveal to you great and unsearchable things like the Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3

  105. Wearing blue dress, going to lower part of church. Felt pregnant. End of stair, couldn’t get up…not sure how I got down. When I did, some woman told me I look filthy. I responded, “I am not the one who has to do the work.” Walking, three women ahead. A and B sitting at table, C (Nancy) standing, facing them. Nancy, not nice. Continued walking, but turned around at doorway. Called Nancy. A says, “Are you going to pray for her?” “Yes.” But Nancy turned, walked away. Tried to share testimony, but speech slurred. Then said, “Jesus Christ,” dream ended.

  106. blue dress = communion, revelation,, church = ministry,God’s work, pregnant = will birth something new, stairs = downward potential , table= concerning partaking of spiritual food, You will birth something new in the area of revelation but there is an attack coming from the enemy in the form of some resistance from within the group of people in your church/ministry? but God is confirming that so long as you depend on Jesus He will carry you through in what He has called you to do so do not be discouraged by what it may look on the outside. Does this relate to your real life situation?

    • These people in your dream may or may not be the ones bringing opposition to your plans . It will be interesting to know what their names are or at least what their names mean coz sometimes it can get clearer with the meaning of names too.

      • Thank you, Sheba! The only name I knew was Nancy…and I only witnessed her being mean to the women sitting.

        I had this dream almost a year ago, and its stuck with me…so I (for whatever reason, it came to mind and I decided to ask about it. In current events: I have had tension with a ministry worker but not outright opposition. Usually, I feel like I’m in constant battle with my own mind.

        • Hi JLH00 – I have experienced having slurred speech in my dreams too while rebuking evil in my dream and it was the time when I was not so grounded in the Lord but as my inner man is growing in the Lord I am experiencing more victory even in my dreams = no slurred speech. What you said about constant battle with my own mind could relate to this I suppose? So the main message for you is to cast your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you and allow your soul to heal. Katie Souza has done some excellent videos on you tube re healing of soul ( mind,will, emotions)

        • Hi Kay – correction please – organizing your thinking not your choices

  107. Went into a grocery to buy carrots. Few remaining and small in size compared to what I wanted. They were going for 3 KSh per carrot. Only 9 were available and I knew I had to buy all of them for 27 KSh. Saw Winnie she had also come to buy but she got bigger carrots apparently they had been reserved for her on a shelf . Winnie was telling me how she asks God to minister to her in dreams but nothing comes. I was explaining to her that God cannot be manipulated he sends dreams when he wants.

    • Hi Winnie! Is this your dream? Or the dream someone else had about you? Just asking because you used your name in this one. God bless!

      • Hi John,Yes this is my dream.The Winnie I have mentioned in the dream is a friend who shares my name not sure what the meaning behind dreaming with someone with my exact name is?

        • Hi Winnie! Sorry for the late reply. We prepared and had a very long road trip to Calgary Canada. It’s been long and tiring. I will get to this as soon as I get to our hotel. Or maybe Sheba can get to this before me. God bless you!

          • Hi John
            Is that what you were up to cuz I was wondering where you were all these days. God bless I will see if I can interpret Winnie ‘s dream

          • Hi Sheba! Yeah. We had many preparations, plus my job duties. I usually come online here in the evening… but had things to do and I read through the dreams and kept procrastinating because I was tired. We just got here, I will share my thoughts now. God bless you.

    • Hi jlhoo
      I am factoring in what all the colors in your dream mean.
      Two options-
      This dream was for that time telling you that this was to do with your beliefs at that time and that there were some anger issues involved that did not allow for your relationship to happen with Ryan, although you had a crush on him? I think you were being notified that it is not going to happen at that time.
      Or something you liked very much at that time was not going to come to fruition because of the same reasons above
      Ring any bells?

    • Hi Winnie! Grocery refers to a place of provision. 3 = Fullness; 9 = Fruitfulness; evangelistic. 2 – Agreement, confirmation, 7 – perfection. I’m not so sure of what the carrot refers to but carrots are vegetables and I think it refers to the fruit of something.
      To buy refers to bearing the cost, because you pay money. I’m still praying and figuring out the thing about having the same name. Winnie means “peacemaker; friends of peace” One question, are there any traits your friend has that she’s known for?

      • Hi John and Winnie – I went through the dictionary and I thought the other Winnie could mean the original Winnie whom we are addressing now and I am wondering if the dream means that Winnie is willing to buy what is available in front of her but God has reserved bigger things for her and that she needs to wait on God for what HE really wants her to do instead of hurriedly paying the cost for seems quickly available and He will keep his covenant that HE has made with Winnie and bring it to completion perfectly. He that has called you is faithful!! Amen Bless you both heaps

        • Aha! Thanks a lot Sheba! I also thought the same. It was the part about the dream that got me a little tied up. And it makes sense because God has reserved bigger things for you, you may not be seeing them through dreams or other ways God had spoken to you. But they’re there and God will lead you to it… Waiting for your feedback Winnie. Hope it makes sense. God bless!