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January 13, 2017

2,086 responses on "Open Discussion Page"

  1. Hello All,

    Well, a few years back I dreamt or had a vision of a beautiful blanket half was pink and next to it was light blue with a White-colored number one straight down the middle. Everything was so perfect because the colors did not overlap and the number was straight in the middle. There were a nice feeling and bright light.

    I have been celibate for several years in wait for my God-given husband and praying for God’s His timing to be done.

    What do you think it means?

  2. Hello All,

    Well, a few years back I dreamt or had a vision of a beautiful blanket half was pink and next to it was light blue with a White-colored number one straight down the middle. Everything was so perfect because the colors did not overlap and the number was straight in the middle. There were a nice feeling and bright light.

    I have been celibate for several years in wait for my God-given husband and praying for His timing.

    What do you think it means?

  3. I dreamed I was all dressed up on Valentine’s Day & went to see my love. I think we were engaged. He was making a special dessert for us. He was laying his hand flat in the bottom of the skillet as he stirred the oranges in sauce with his other hand. I didn’t understand why he needed to lay his hand in the bottom of the cast iron skillet while he cooked the sauce or how he wasn’t burning his hand, but he assured me it was fine. It seemed he had made a dough base to pour the orange mixture on. Then he put on a Valentine shirt & we were getting ready to spend a romantic evening together. I think we were going to be heading to the bed which was close to the stove.

  4. Had this dream recently. Saw the garden at the back of our house where lot of cucumbers were grown but not properly,it was all in one place. Next scene ,saw my dad sitting n working on the garden. He planted many different vegetable n flower plants .He showed one plant n told that’s lotus plant but wen I saw the flower it was a white flower not lotus. Any thoughts! Thanku.

  5. Good Morning. My name is Petro and i’m From South Africa Western Cape.. Please help me with this dream. I dreamed i was standing in front of a Show Window (but there is no glass in front of it) and i saw the Most beautiful snow on the Mountain tops and it was sunny , it was really stunning and at the bottom it looked like a block of clear ice water and someone says to me the water is Frozen and i Climb into the Show Window and the 1st rock i step on i noticed is little bit slippery but i did not slip then i went down to the Ice Frozen water and i stuck my point finger in it and i notice the water is moving and I said to the Person , The water is not Frozen! end of dream but it was really like the most beautiful dream..

  6. Hi! My name is Alice and I am from the Philippines. August 25,2019 around afternoon , I dreamed of God. He has a curly hair, and he wears the same robe in the movie. He took my hand and wash my face with water and my shoulder. There is another man who talked to him, and he thank him. He has an angelic face, he is wearing robe like the monk wearing. I am not sure if it is black or brown. GOD called him in his name, it starts with letter V and a Ra on it. I have searched for prophet names and angels, I am not really sure what is it. I hugged that man and he took man hand. Then I woke up. This is the first time I dreamed of him. 2 years ago , I dreamed of Mother Mary. Please , give me what does my dream means.

    • My take: The identity of the man in the dream is important, yet you can’t remember it fully… you are not supposed to, but will understand as this prophecy plays out. He is “with God,” taking his hand, and thanking God (the greatest thing we can thank him for is eternal life). This sounds heavy, and it looks like you may need comfort concerning this as God cleans up your face and prepares you for the governing/authority role you will be playing.

  7. Went to visit a former co-worker. She got a text from a woman at her church to thank her for carrying a 5 gal bucket for her & for treating the older women w/Tropical Snos. Then she told me she had surgery to remove all the skin from the bottoms of her hands & feet. She said you can live w/o the milk ducts on the bottom of your feet, so they took them off, too. I said that must have been very painful & she said it wasn’t bad, you just had to be careful not to get a splinter in your foot. Then she held her foot up for me to touch & said now her feet were as soft as a baby’s bottom. I said it must have been so hard to not be able to use her hands since she used to work sorting mail, but she said not really, it gave her a rest.

  8. A few nights ago I had dream that my friend Zahn was in a hospital. He is not looking forward to being there as he had previously had a bad experience there. After he is placed on a gurney he is given a sedative. The doctor then walks out briefly and comes back to give an injection of codeine. Even though Zahn is unable to move and feels no pain he is able to hear the doctor’s voice and feel a tube being passed through his nose into his stomach. Through the tube an antibiotic is given.

    I feel that the Lord is showing me how the Holy Spirit is working in my friend but am not sure how.

  9. Hi, my friend dreamed that he and his friend were escorting me as I was travelling with a suitcase. I was in front and there was a baby girl walking behind me in a navy blue sleeveless dress with white flower prints and a white shirt inside. They were behind the girl and my friend was in shorts. We arrived somewhere and I was selling to him from a shop where I was talking to his cousin called Carol (never met her) and he was outside with Carol’s sister Winnie. Then he and I were outside sitting on a bench conversing and drinking soda. Then we were passengers in a taxi on the back seat. The passenger seat next to the driver was his cousin who is his current roommate. His cousin had turned back and was talking to us and we were both laughing

    • Hello again my friend had another dream that he had moved in as my roommate and hadn’t even settled in. I had done laundry and was folding the clothes, I was complaining about something and there was a lady around too helping in the house and when I came with the clothes she sat on the floor while my friend had just woken up and was still in bed watching us. both our beds were in the same room. I feel these 2 dreams are related and concerns me and him. I told him that God communicates through dreams, he used to ignore them. We are both praying for a revelation. Be blessed for your help. Thanks

  10. Hi guys, in my dream two married girlfriends told me that they are getting divorced. One spoke very confidently that her values and life direction have changed. In real life, both couples are great & I would say have wholesome marriages. One couple is Christian ministry. I was very confused. (I had a dream one of these couples almost divorced previously). Would love any help!

  11. Hi, I had this dream two years ago,

    but was reminded about it a few days ago and it’s been bothering me ever since…I was in the car with a friend and her older brother was in the driver’s seat (Right side). His younger sister (back right) and I were sitting together. I was holding her and I was on the left. I was rubbing her back and comforting her. She had her head on my lap while I was rubbing her back like a mother. She then got up and told her brother I was leaving on Thursday and she will leave on Sunday. He didn’t say anything just looked at us both.

  12. Hi, I had a dream last night and i think the Lord is speaking to me. In this dream, it seems i was telling my senior sister that i worked for some people and I haven’t been paid by them. Instead, the people I worked for, have some how disappeared. Then suddenly, i saw the man i worked for, he had returned, to steal my car. I ran out of the house, jump unto the windscreen of the car, preventing him from driving off with it. Then I reached inside the car and grapped hold of a broken unbrella with my right hand and i was poking the man who was in the driver seat with it. Please help me to understand this message from the Lord.

    • God is speaking to you about something you about something you have “invested in”, but not been rewarded from. The plan instead is to steal what you are intended to do. You, however, know you are protected and speak that God the evil force has no power over you, which is truth. Keep your faith and peace when you see this manifesting, and speak it!

  13. Kristen’s Dream – Part 2

    I then go back to the kennel where a worker is leading the greyhound to a play yard for exercise. I go to another kennel to take a brown and white basset hound mix out to the play yard. As I exit the building a black and tan Yorkshire terrier mix comes out from a hole dug underneath the door area and follows me into the play yard. Once I reach the play area there feces scattered about the yard and a dark grey pit bull mix waiting to play with the other dogs.

  14. Kristen’s Dream – Part 1

    Last month I dreamed I was volunteering at an animal shelter in the kennel area. When I first arrive at the shelter I spot a beige colored greyhound dog in the back kennel. It is someone’s lost pet that has been found. On its collar is an ID tag indicating that its owner lives in Islamorada, Florida. (Islamorada means purple isle in Spanish) I go into another room and read a page in a book about Florida that says “Islamorada is 114 miles from Tampa.”

    • I believe God is talking to you about someone who prefers speed to accuracy, quick info rather than truth. The truth of the Kingdom of Light is found in salvation which is nearby. Go for it! Share the gospel!

      • I’m guessing this may be related to my employment situation. I am a Certified Veterinary Technician so I work with animals for a living. Two months ago I worked briefly at a large veterinary clinic with a fast paced environment and was let go because I lacked sufficient training and experience as a technician with it being my first job out of school. This coming week I will be starting a kennel assistant job at a smaller clinic that will enable me to train to work my way up to being a technician at my own pace.

        I also happen to have four friends I was praying for salvation for at the time which could be the four dogs in my dream.

  15. I dreamt last night that I was in our living room and there was a bird (child’s movie UP) flopping about dying. We put it outside. Suddenly a koala bear ( I’m a prophetic apostolic Canadian living in Australia) came up to me. It put its arms out to be picked up. Australian hubby says ” careful they can be vicious” I hold it but it starts clawing my face. I hold it out and put my two thumbs up to stop it from reaching me. It then starts biting my thumbs. I try to take it outside but I’m worried what it will do to the bird, Hubby gets overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to do. I’m standing at our back glass door holding the koala asking someone to please open the door. Hubby gets annoyed when I ask him to open the door.

    • This is quite a riddle, but here’s my take. I believe that God is telling you that your need to feel you are in the right place is about to be resolved. Apparently, verbal attacks on you are planned and intended to result in your desire to leave Australia. Your apostolic power will stop this demonic plot, yet you find yourself wanting to leave the country. It looks as if leaving is not God’s will. Be at peace with remaining.

  16. I walked thru a school. Then I walked thru a clothing store & a girl hit my left arm. Then I walked thru a mall. I had hubby’s black slippers on. At first they were too big then they fit my feet perfectly. I looked down & each slipper had a black bow on top instead of the Nike symbol. I walk outside. It’s sunny. I see a strong Royal Blue Horse. It was moving around quickly. I was amazed. I wanted a picture on my phone. I had a winter glove on my right hand. I ripped it off with my teeth but the Horse ran off. A lady told me a man tried getting on the horse. She demonstrated how the horse was jumping not wanting the man on him. We laughed. She said Jesus – meaning the horse was so majestic and breath taking.

    • The black bow instead of the Nike symbol tells me your focus is on making something look good which is slowing you down (sounds like me!). I get that! But the Lord says place less focus on that and more on the functionality. What you are doing or creating is spiritually powerful! Go ahead and get it done.

      • Hi Rev Lynn thank you for responding. Ive been on a long painful journey of standing and believing for hubby to come back to the Lord. I’m stumped on the walking in his slippers part. At some point the slippers fit perfectly on my feet. Is The Lord saying keep doing what I’m doing? Standing, declaring and walking in love? Just Do it? Lol

      • I had a dream of a moon falling or at least it felt that way.. that same day I was going through so much and feeling emotional and I felt like I was under attack… I have no idea what this could represent. Can someone help?

        • This is an interesting challenge. Generally, this looks to be a very good dream. The moon in dreams generally represents the second heaven. This term in scripture speaks of the demonic realm. So, if this concept applies, the dream prophesies victory for you and defeat for the darkness.

          What complicates this is that your first name originates from the “goddess of the moon” in Mythology. So, the dream could prophesy a “fall” for you. God, however, never intends to bring harm. Everything He does for His children is for good… at least in the long run. Take your current life situation into consideration and stay alert.

  17. My nephew phoned me this morning worried about a dream he had about me and my family and here goes the dream:
    My wife and kids were in a black car surrounded by black pigs and the place there were was muddy and I had left them there but I was driving a white fuel tanker truck and that was the dream. He thinks it may mean that we will have relationship issues in the near future or some enemy will cause us to have this.
    What would be the interpretation of this?

    • Most likely, this dream is not about you and your family, but your family represents a situation in your nephew’s life. Black can be darkness or formality, but black pigs indicates the dream is a warning. Pigs and mud go together well. This is describing people! The white fuel tanker is most likely positive, symbolizing fuel (something that keeps things going such as funds). The key is to discern what you symbolize to your nephew, assuming you are not literal. What does your name mean? What is his relationship to your family? What stands out about you? He should also look to other dreams and see if there’s a connection. God Bless!

  18. am Elijah by name, i had a dream and saw a woman and a man cloth in scarlet colour red, pointing their hands towards me. what does it mean?

    • This could be positive or negative, but more likely a warning. Sorry. Red indicates battle, and the dream seems to suggest that you have been targeted. Usually when we see this, there is an animal… typically a bird or squirrel. God is giving you a big hint, in that the demonic force is represented by a man and woman. Perhaps you can connect that clue with a couple in your life. Jesus old us there would be challenges in this world. They must come. But the Lord is most likely giving you a heads-up so you can combat it effectively. Remember, “we battle not against flesh and blood.” Look for the Lord’s further guidance.

  19. Can’t quite figure this out- I left my phone charging in a communal toilet/ bathroom. As I returned it was stolen and I verbalised my loss.A lady owned up to it but offered me her old phone instead. I really wanted my phone back but didn’t ask directly

    • Yes. This is clearly from God and pretty straight forward. Let my ponder on it and pray today. I’ll have comments shortly.

    • This dream is about communication. There is a plot to replace the newer technology you have been using with older. This is connected to a “place” where people get refreshed or recharged, as you were doing. This could be about a job, a sport, a church or ministry. You will have to put this together with the areas of your life to see where this applies, and when it happens, approach it strategically.

  20. Hi! I’m praying about a relationship with a man that I think I need to walk away from.
    Dreamt last night that just he & I were on a commercial airplane and HE was piloting it. I was afraid & said he didn’t know what he was doing & we’d crash. Ee taxied down the runway & took off, flying in clouds & he wanted me to sit in cockpit w/him. I was afraid he didn’t know what he was doing. He put it on autopilot, came to where I was & said he had a pilot license, takes courses often to keep his license etc everything will be ok. He landed us safely at the end of the dream.

    • Hi Stephanie. God seems to be speaking to you about your doubts concerning the relationship. I don’t know what it is about this man that is concerning you, but God is letting you know that you are safe, and not to fear. Hang in there for now. The dream doesn’t necessarily prophesy a long-term future, but it does indicate you will not be harmed. It sounds like God has a purpose in this, and you are strong and to trust God and watch what happens for now. Blessings!

  21. I was babysitting three other children besides my five year old. Their ages were teenager, elementary school and walking toddler. I was left with no instructions. In the middle of babysitting I was supposed to be at a mega church conference. I was juggling between this conference and the children. I grew tired so I took a break. I was supposed to have someone helping me but they left me to do all the work. Then the parents came into a messy house and put me under review. They criticized everything and I wanted to justify myself

    • The dream seems to be speaking about a situation where you are taking complete responsibility of something that is fairly new. This is somewhat of a burden for you, however, and you are feeling somewhat abandoned in this duty. The dream seems to be giving you a heads-up that you will be misunderstood. God wants you to be prepared for this criticism when it comes. Seek Him as to how to respond by the leading of His Spirit.

      • Rev Lynmarie,

        Thank you for providing interpretation to my dream. The criticism reminds me of the recent dream of swimming with polar bears, they were a threat but didn’t harm me. Also of being stung by a bee and wasp, spiders covering a gate I was trying to get through. I believe God is showing me something that is pertaining to a book I am currently completing. The book was inspired by a divine visitation in which God revealed his heart for the people. In this book, there are some controversial subjects such as abortion, miscarriage, sexual sin. I have the best intentions of wanting to share the truth so that others can go free but I realize that this opens me up to others disapproval and criticism.

  22. I was in a nice hotel. A church event was taking place. I had Strawberries in my hands. One strawberry was Huge like a big apple. It was ripe & looked juicy. I was supposed to serve in this service but didn’t feel like it. I wanted to enjoy my fruit! I went into the ladies room to wash the strawberries. I entered the door & dropped some of them. I was annoyed they fell on the dirty floor. I grabbed the huge strawberry hoping it wasn’t damaged and it wasn’t. An acquaintance of mine named David was in the doorway of the bathroom. He’d picked up the rest of the strawberries and handed them to me. He was looking at me with great attraction toward me. I took the fruit and began to wash the huge strawberry thoroughly.

  23. Good day everyone, I posted the following dream on May 8. I am reposing it more accurately .I would like to know if anyone can help with the interpretation.It would be really appreciated. DREAM:In this dream My family and I was in our car driving.The car was white.The car (our current car) was half filled with water with us inside.

  24. CONT….I worry about how we would cross over to the city without passports as they remained in our house truck only to see the truck arriving after us and crossing the streets. With excitement, we all go find the house, take showers change clothes and I said to the kids, lets go and deliver this lady’s present/message. By then we are with the minister friend again and excited to deliver this message.

  25. CONT….I check my children and I see them all safe and sleeping and now we are with my brother in law only. My son pets the wolves and they do not bite us as I thought. Just when I thought it would be a long night, we reach the land. My husbands nephew is waiting by the beach area with one of my husbands friends and they are next to white lions and tigers. I get scared again but the animals walk away. I look up and realise we have reached our destination as I saw city scrapers, and city buildings on the main land surrounded by fencing from where we were by this bushy beach.

  26. Hi. Please help me understand this dream i had 3 years ago. My 3 kids and I are driving on tarred road crossing the bridge in a truck, that is carrying us at the back in our physical house structure and everything in it. We are with a minister friend and being driven by my brother in law. All of the sudden, when we got to the bridge, the truck turned and fell over the bridge into a tumultuous dark tornado and clouds. I call the name of Jesus, the truck lands safely on the ocean water below which I realise is now an inflated life boat.The ocean water is very dark and I am scared especially when I saw us surrounded by white wolves.

  27. Hi, I’m wondering if someone could help to interpret a dream? Thanks!

    In the dream, I was in what looked like a multi-storey carpark.No vehicle was in sight. I was seated at a table, with my right hand at 90° (if I remember correctly) facing myself. My index finger was pointing upwards. And I was holding a thick book using my left hand. It was opened to a white page with a Chinese word, meaning “down”. Next, I saw a Malay. She had just entered through a door on my right, and she was walking towards me; however, she didn’t stop at where I was sitting. Instead, she simply walked behind me and continued walking towards the left.

    • This dream seems to be about something in your life having to do with direction, and there seems to be confusion. While you thing “up” or “north” (what looks promising) is the best direction to take, the opposite it true. God may be telling you to do the opposite of what you are thinking or you will be passed by in whatever this is. I had a dream once which provided the same message, and I did as instructed, and it worked out.

  28. Good afternoon all.
    It is my 1st time on this forum. I seek clarity on a dream I had last night. I dream that I was pregnat and my water broke and I was in labour pains. What could be the Christian interpretation of this.

    Your helps is appreciated.

  29. Good morning

    This is my first time here.I’m looking forward to know more about biblical dream interpretation.This page has been already so encouraging. I have a dream that I would like some help with.My family and I was in our car.But the car was white. we were heading left.The was half filled with water.

  30. More grace to everyone. I was supposed to lead a bride into her traditional marriage.Someone put a huge silver necklace on my neck and as I danced into the gathering of people,I realised I am the briddance.I was traditional clothed,a blouse and a wrapper and danced with some children.

  31. Blessings to everyone. I was in a 3 seater bus.The bus is used for selling drinking water.I noticed the driver was sleeping and I woke him up to watch the road,all of a sudden I realised the driver wasn’t the one driving but a different man who was fully awake,saying it was a test for me.He drove me safely to my destination which was a church and we all laughed. I realised I was with some children when he dropped me.I am currently trusting God for an apartment for business,I don’t know if this has anything to do with it.

  32. I recently had a daytime”inner vision”.
    I was flying, in a private jet. Seated in the cabin that had 3 rows of seats with 4 seats each row (ie. total 12 seats). I was alone in the cabin. Seated in seat #5. IE at the left window in the middle row.
    The flight started close to where I live, in Sweden. And ended in the northwest part of the USA. At the end of the flight, I meet a person. I saw the face of two persons that was “melted together”. One of the faces belongs to the President of the USA. The other one I could not identify. The face(s) disappeared after a few seconds.
    I think I have found big parts of the interpretation.
    Need to know that it comes from God.
    And also to get it seriously confirmed.

    • The elements of this vision indicate it is from God… vivid, impressive, detailed. look to the symbolism for further interpretation. Remember, Donald Trump is most likely not literal, but may symbolize one of several possibilities… the leader of a nation or large group, one of whom much battle is fought. North is of God, and west, an ending. Faces melted together most likely depict a person with the traits of both. The jet indicates a larger entity as well. God bless.

      • Thanks Rev Frank!
        I’ve looked into the symbolism thru the resources at this site.
        While praying, and I think I got a detailed message from God thruu that.
        It’s spot on in details from things God spoken, about, to me before. Both directly to me, and thruu others.
        It’s something that comes with a very big responsibility before God.
        That said. I’m praying that God will confirm it, in a very clear way.

      • Blessings i recently had a dream of my stepmother and stepsister coming to my place of residence through the basement entrance. Me and my partner we welcomed them with a sense of warmth and joy to see them,we were just finishing up on cleaning the house and i advised them that my fiance had made everything ready for their arrival and that he had fixed the toilet too , they had two big black suitcases with them and i asked them where my son could be but they told me he had stopped over to play or something like that with his friend. Our current living situation is that am a single mom and my son resides with my extended family and my dad. As of me i live with my fiance.

        • This one may not be prophetic. If you can’t still see it in your mind’s eye, it is most likely not. If it is, the focus is on what the son likely symbolizes… something “birthed” on account of you. In that case, black may mean formal, and fixing the toilet is likely having the ability to flush unwanted things away (as in not getting upset).

  33. 4/2/18 I had a dream that I woke up from sleep and it was completely dark in my room. I stumbled to the front door it was almost pitch black outside. I looked to the right and I saw my best friend Carson sitting/rocking in a rocking chair. Someone else came up in the dream too but I don’t know who it was. Carson said it hasn’t started raining yet surprisingly. I woke up thinking that it was 3 because, I was thinking that I’m going to be late for work. But then I realized it was only 11.

    • I looked at the weather on my phone and it showed this huge storm coming from the Atlantic (EAST) The dark cloud over is was almost grey compared to how black the part of the storm that was headed towards us. And in the middle of the darkest parts there were red images on the radar showing powerful storms in that part of the storm. I believe that the radar said the bad stuff was going to barely miss us a little North.

      • This dream clearly speaks of a coming storm which you may or may not be expecting. It seems that the Lord is showing you an image of it, in that you need not take great concern about it. God will direct this storm where it belongs, which is near you, but not with you. Praise Him.

    • This dream seems to suggest that you were expecting blessings to already come and you felt they were late. God was wanting to encourage you that He is never late. God’s timetable is not ours. His ways are higher than our ways…Isa 55:8. We tend to learn more when God’s answers take longer. Remember, it’s not our convenience God cares about, it’s our character.

  34. At the end of February, I dreamt my husband was in a room beside me. He was quiet and to my surprise I noticed a few objects lined up outside that I believe was his.

  35. (I was not standing up front the stage but there was a stage up front, and I stood in the crowd)

  36. I was standing in a crowd of people. Up front a stage. Through the crowd I could see two women guiding people one by one to the stage. I wondered why there were to women guiding people. One of them took a person and followed them half way up to the stage. The other woman then took over and followed the person the rest of the way. That goes on and on.
    Standing in the crowd I knew I would avoid looking in one specific persons eyes and pay no attention to. When I looked to my right, I saw my sisters face smiling big at me while we look in each others eyes.
    Right away waking up, the name katherine kuhlman was very loud and clearly in my head.
    (I did not have the feeling that I should too walk up the stage. I was observing)

    • Hi Victoria
      Do you know the names of the ladies that were guiding others and what is your sisters name ?

      • Hi Sheba
        My sisters name is Charlotte. I do not know the names of the 2 ladies.

        • Hi Victoria
          You will see a big spirit filled move of God where the people will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Does this make sense?
          Blessings !!!

          • Thank you very much! what a wonderful interpretation of my dream.

          • I am amazed that this dream was my real life experience in mid-March! My sis-in-law & I went to a Healing Conference. It was in a public auditorium with a big stage up front. Two women guided people up a ramp on the right side of the stage. Then, one took the next person in line to a vacant spot on the stage to be prayed for/ministered to. There were prophetic words, healings, manifestations of the power of the Holy Spirit. It went on for hours. It was amazing!

          • Waow amazing kathy! fits with the time of my dream i think. And it was the right side too. Amazing what you have experienced. What a encouragement. I have never been to a meeting where it goes like this. I live on the island Bornholm in Denmark. I read a prophesy from a woman in Denmark over the north countries few days ago, such an outpouring og Gods love and gifts that we dont know where to put it all. I am looking so much forward to Gods move here too. Thank you for your posting.

          • I am hungry for an all-over outpouring of His Spirit, too, Victoria. Something else that I found interesting from your dream….I looked up the meaning of your sister’s name, Charlotte. It means petite and is also the female derivative of Charles. My sister-in-law who was at the conference with me is petite and her husband’s (my brother) given name is Charles. Any chance you can describe the two women in your dream who you didn’t know??

          • I got goose bumps when I read your new message :D. I asked God for confirmation and it just goes on. It seemed coincidental that I found this site, but it was not! You were here too ;D. I have no word for it. Just thank you Jesus!
            Unfortunately, I cannot describe the two women. They are not clear to me.

  37. I dreamed I was helping a man carry things up a ladder, possibly to the attic. I could only reach so high, so he had to take them the rest of the way. Another girl said we would only work so many hours today, then finish the rest the next day or 2. She said it would probably take 3 days to get it all up there. The man & I were wearing red, white & blue bandanas on our heads. Not sure, but it seemed like we were carrying wooden boards up the ladder. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Kathy
      God is alerting you to the fact that you may have issues like anger and depression due to some disappointment you have had in the past and that you have this stored up for a long time. He wants to set you free and and when you open up to Him, He is sure to reward you.
      Does this make sense? Bless you !!

      • Wow, Sheba! It amazes me that you could see all of that from that short dream! But you are right on target and that is just what I needed to hear! I realized there were some things that I hadn’t fully released. God is so good! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for your Holy Spirit inspired insight! You are a blessing! I also posted a dream back on January 4th that I would love your insight on as well if you are able to sometime. Thank you again!

  38. Thanks for responding. Dreamed I was in a house with a 5 yr old lil girl. Someone started knocking on the front door, then it turned 2 banging. I wouldn’t answer. Looking out the front window I saw several men. I didn’t recognize them. Banging became intense. I took the lil girl upstairs to the bdrm with me. Looking out the bdrm window I saw several men with weapons trying to enter the home. I felt something pierce my right arm, like a dart. I pulled it out. They never got into the home.

  39. I got off of a big delivery box truck and helped move giant sized meat that was larger than a human from delivery truck on cart into a a grocery store. I helped cut/prepare the meat in back. Left the store and was back on the truck but it was heading somewhere. Others were on the truck who weren’t familiar to me. Sat in back while looking out window and saw another moving big boxed truck on the road headed in the opposite direction of the truck I was on. Saw the words “BOWIE STATE UNIVERSITY” on the side of the truck. I said to others on truck “that’s my sweet spot” or “that’s my soft spot”. Felt an emotional feeling of missing someone.I wanted to go in the direction of the truck.

    • Hi Aleshia
      Wonderful dream!! You are going to be used to provide deeper biblical concepts to others and anything coming against you will have to bow down as God Himself will be there with you and help you in all this. He wants to you stay focused on the job He is giving you to do and not be confused as His presence WILL go with you and guide you. Blessings !!!

  40. Dreamed about a woman in a navy blue skirt suit who asked my sister how does she feel about an international ministry? The dream took place in the backyard of my deceased grandmother’s house in North Carolina.

  41. A female asked me something,couldn’t hear what she asked. Had to repeat herself.Eventually I heard her and she asked me something about a former female classmate named Shawnkia. Responded no and told her sorry she had to repeat herself since couldn’t hear due to interference in ear. It was noisy in background. Had on black shirt that I own in real life and told girl that my shirt was on backwards so I switched it around. She wanted me to tie my shirt,told her this isn’t the kind of shirt for that. Had a cast on my left hand,it began to catch fire.literally felt the pain from fire on my flesh.Tried patting hand it didn’t work.Asked former high school sweetheart to help me but he couldn’t. Put hand in a fish tank to stop fire.

    • There is a situation in your life in which you are trying very hard in your own strength to win but God is saying there is victory in store for you in this – leave it to God and you will not be disappointed.
      Blessings !!!

  42. I told my mother, sister, and cousin that those were the type of flower I want at my wedding, then I hesitated and said, well—in my imagination, since there is no one who has asked me to marry them at this point. I then called the florist to ask them about this flower but they had no clue what I was talking about. I looked out the window at the tree again—and there were 5-6 women painted in red and wearing read clothing on the tree and close to or around the remaining buds on the tree. They felt like they were protectors, not aggressive at all.

  43. The bud landed on the table and it opened immediately. The bloom was a large chandelier of white flowers-they reminded me of magnolia flowers. The arrangement of the flowers literally looked like a chandelier, it was the most beautiful arrangement of a flower in nature or even human made that I had ever seen. The pedals were trimmed with gold. I picked one up to smell it and it was lightly scented. I went inside to ask my mother about this tree in the backyard–had they ever noticed it or the flowers? She said she had never paid much attention.

  44. I dreamed I was sitting underneath a gigantic tree in the backyard of my parent’s home at a picnic table. As I looked up at this enormous tree, there were several huge buds that hung from it, heavy, ready to fall or bloom. Initially when I looked at it, I was afraid of what may be inside of those buds–a giant insect or weird animal, but then one started to fall and I ran from the table afraid I’d get hit or what would come out of it.

  45. I dreamt I was so excited I was pregnant and called the midwife. She said to come and see her. The scene changed and I found myself in front of a house. The owner had left but outside the house huge fruits of watermelons and mangoes were lying around. I picked up the huge green mangoes as I was unsure if the owner was going to collect them or not. I then paused as I knew that the owner was going to return and would be at loss.

  46. I carried a stack of freshly washed & folded men’s underwear & maybe a few t-shirts from the parking lot into our church. I walked around the sanctuary doors & back out to the foyer instead of just walking straight thru the foyer. I think I wanted to be seen carrying them. I went into a big room the men met in & the Sr Ministry Pastor & another man showed me where to put them. The underwear were put on shelves according to year. I put the 2019’s on their stack, then the 2018’s & then the 2017’s. I think I had a couple of shirts on hangers as well, one that my hubby wears regularly. The men kept their room clean & tidy. I was surprised as it was cleaner than I expected it to be. Any idea what this might mean, please?

    • Hi Kathy
      Underpants symbolize small responsibilities so it means God has some small tasks for you to do in your church community and these may appear to be small but will result in you being used to deliver people from bondage and oppression through your faith and there will be victory in the end. Blessings!!! Let me know your thoughts if this lines up with what is happening in your real life.

      • I’m not really involved in our church very much right now and honestly don’t really know what the Lord is leading me to in this new season I am in. However, I do feel compassion for those who are oppressed, lonely, hurting, broken, etc. The Pastor in my dream is the minister to the Senior adults. I have been feeling much more compassion for the elderly lately, especially those that are unable to get out. I have been planning to “test the waters” in that direction by doing some visitation, but not necessarily through the church, though. Thank you for the interpretation, Sheba. Bless you!!

  47. Happy new year everyone.A father came to a school which to address a the bully situatsituation of is daughter.I seemed to be a minder in the school.I went downstairs with a lady who came with the father of the girl.While we chatted, a man gave me a $1000 note from the girls father.On my way upstairs to say thanks to the father,I found a $2000 notenote on the floor. I showed both money to the father,he looked at them and gave them back to me.

    • Happy New Years!
      I had a dream that my ex husband came to my house my son was there also. Someone was at the front door and he opened front door and a friend of mine was at the door and she fell on him. I thought they were falling but he was falling and I caught him on his way down. On his way down we could see he was passing out and she blew one breath into his mouth and I pumped his chess like cpr he came to and then he was taken away in an ambulance for further care. Please help me to know what this means!!!

  48. Hi I had a dream that I was at a gas station and went in to pay for gas when I came out a man was trying to boost his car with my car without my permission. I started getting on to the man and all of a sudden my car caught on fire and my entire car was burned and the man drove off. I was very hurt and disappointed.

  49. I left a comment about my dream a few minutes ago about the pumpkin dream. I forgot to say that after I saw all of the pumpkins outside, I was suddenly in a house, in the kitchen at a double silver sink washing dishes. Please interpret the meaning of this dream.
    Thank You

  50. I have recently moved back to my home own due to horrific circumstances that cause me to lose my living arrangements and transportation. Temporary I’m living with a relative in a small room. The night I came back to my home town I had a dream. It was so many things going on in the dream but I do remember this part of the dream: It was dark and I was outside. I saw a perfectly orange shaped pumpkin hanging in the air over me. As I continue to walk, I saw another perfectly shaped pumpkin hanging in the air that was orange and silver, then I saw another pumpkin that was silver in a long oblong shape. I don’t know what is means but I know that this dream is from God. Need meaning of this dream.

  51. HI there,

    Please help me with the interpretation of this dream i had a while ago. I saw myself hanging out with a group of a forum of Pastors somewhere in Isreal and we were all wearing Pastoral Robs and this robs were different in colours. Mine was yellow and the Apostol lady i was with hers was purple.

    Can you please help me with the meaning of this dream?

    • Hi Pearl.
      You are being given the confirmation that all that God has promised you will come to pass and that God is giving you hope faith and strength in this situation. This Apostle lady will be of great help to you in your journey with God because of the position she holds in the courts of heaven. Blessings !!

  52. I had a dream where some friends and I were walking up to a carnival to have some fun. I then realize I step into a dirty puddle of water. So I ended up taking the shoes off and changing into a clean pair. We start walking towards a lake, one of the guys I’m really close to…. threw both of his shoes into the lake then he dived into the lake to fetch them. When he dived in I noticed the lake was muddy and dirty and he kept diving deeper to obtain his shoes. I yelled to him and told him to come out of the lake, then he came out with both of his shoes and an old rubber boot. What could this mean?

  53. I had a dream about having dinner at a restaurant with a well known young Prophet who is also a pastor. We sat beside each other at the table and the waiter asked if I was his misses? The prophet said no and then said we will possibly be more than just friends.

    • RESTAURANT Concerning taking in or dispensing information,Can symbolize a school, church, ministry, or Bible study

      Hi Aleshia
      You are in that phase of gaining information about this situation with the prophet and contemplating on a relationship that you would like to get into but not quite sure at this point in time. It feels like this relationship has a potential to go ahead. Does this make sense? would love to hear your feedback. Blessings !!

  54. Had a dream about someone telling me I look Asian specifically Japanese and Hawaiin.

  55. I was in our backyard tending to our chicken as usual then I looked up on the tree I saw a komodo dragon, I got so scared and ran to the house and was fumbling to close the back grill gate and as I looked again behind I saw a leopard coming down from the tree and thought maybe I saw wrong before. The leopard just got down and lie on the ground looking at me. I told my mum we need to call the wildlife service, she was calm but I was in panic. Earlier she had called me to the house to see s’thing on the television. Thanks or your help

  56. I had a very short dream where someone told me I look like I’m Hawaiian and also look like I’m Asian, specifically Japanese. Just wanted to share and get any feedback. Will like to add that I’m an African American woman.


  57. Good day,
    My mother is late, father is his old and fragile days.

    I had a dream were my mother is alive and my dad has just passed on. while we are still processing his death my mother decides to have a white wedding and I only see one of my siblings and even talk in the dream with her. In the dream I’m supportive as usual to my mother – by her side yet quite. When she enters the chapel/church I decide to sit at the back of the church feeling humbled. I don’t see my mom’s face no the man she is marrying.

    I’m not sure how to interpret this but what I know is that my mom and dad did not have a white wedding and my mom always felt cheated on a white wedding. Not sure if this links.

  58. In my dream my friend was driving the van that we drive at my work place, I was sitting in the front seat. We were on the way to my work place, she was my work friend (she is not in real life though). I notice from the van window on the right a huge snake. That was rare to see, so I was like ”wow, look! A huge snake! Stop the car so we can look at it!”. But we continued driving and then on both sides of the road, there were many, many smaller snakes. There were so many, which was disgusting to me, so I threw up in my mouth.

  59. Blessings. I always dream of me and my boyfriend in church praising and worshiping the Lord or sometimes being part of congregation. recently i have consistent dreams where he is either brushing my hair or playing with it. I have been praying for revelation.

  60. Hi. my Pastor n wife came to visit our home(felt for dinner). The house was not the present one. Dad had prepared the dinner (meat ) for them. But he was not at home. I started preparing scrambled egg. The kitchen light was dim.scene2- Pastors showed their concern that y we drink chilled water.(in real life too we drink chilled water). Pls help.(note: dad not being in home had been a concern in the pattern of my dreams which I had to pray abt n has come in real that Father God was not in that)
    And wht could photos in a photo frame mean? Saw Dad showing my childhood picture kept in a photo frame.

  61. Hi,I dreamt I was seated outside my former house with my mom and a friend Chidi(God is here)l had N10000 in my purse given to me by my mum.I went inside the house and returned to find the purse torn under(2 places possibly with a knife) and my phone and the money was missing.I started accusing my friend to have stole the money but he said he wasnt the one.Soon we found ourselves in a bus,i have no idea where the bus was heading

  62. Hello, was in a church service sitting and a baby girl was walking row by row prophesying/praying over people loudly then she came to me and looked me directly and I thought what a beautiful face. she took my right hand with palm facing down and stroked my 4th finger gently and it was hard like forming a callous and just where the fingers starts on the palm was blue she then brought my hand close to her face like she was talking to my hand and she prayed/prophesied in a whisper that i could not hear what she was saying. I was fascinated by her. Any ideas?

  63. I was holding an orphan boy at church. My friend Josh was going to women’s restroom. It wasn’t the men’s room I pointed to the sign. On top of the women’s sign a sign said “men”. I laughed “u should look more closely next time” He saw the boy and I told him the boy’s story. Josh was holding a clipboard with a single check written out. He said he was now going work with the little boys, instead of ministry to girls, because the orphan had changed his mind.

  64. Hi,I woke from sleep at noon and found a child hiding near my bed,I touched her hair and asked her what she was doing there. I spoke in tongues and asked her to leave,she ignored me but ran to hide under my bed instead.I asked her to leave in Jesus name,she ran behind me and hit me on my back with her elbow.

    • Sounds like it’s ‘high time’ or ‘about time’ for you to wake up to something or to face something. You may have been rejecting or not coming to terms with that which will bring glory, anointing, &/or wisdom. Seems the Lord wants you to recognize/acknowledge this now. He has it right there for you to receive, vying for your attention. Sounds like a wonderful gift… blessings!

  65. What would a dream in sepia color mean please I need help with this one –
    I was watching this train go by from a high rise building and the dream was in Sepia color.

    • Sepia can be seen as a ‘preservative’ by aiding in slowing down of a photo’s aging process. Their chemical properties help them behave as a ‘shield’, though most are more than likely utilizing this option to ‘warm up’ the tones of their photos – to enhance the look for an ‘antique’ feel. The darker, the ‘warmer’. Also, the name Sepia is what ‘cuttlefish’ produce = ‘cuddle’ + ‘fish’ as a word play possibility which may fit well with ‘warm’ ?… just some thoughts for you… hope they can help! Blessings!

      • Thank you so much for taking time to reply Marigold. I checked cuttlefish on the internet but did not get the idea of the word cuddle . That’s quite heart warming to hear!!! Thank you so much and every blessing to you !!!!
        We are in the process of getting involved with someone who has a ministry that is based on a format that is very old in our country .

        • Ahhh! Confirmation at its finest, as only our God can do. It makes sense now that I hear what is happening in your life. The overall Sepia light as a covering of “cuddling” with the “fish” of “antique” style… wow! It truly is heart ‘warming’. Every blessing for your fruitfulness & in your harvest as you go for it, sister! I send love to your nation.

  66. There was an earthquake in my house. My grandma and I went to level 2, my aunt’s room (friends in room too). Could see big cracks in ceiling. Got on my knees and prayed. Suddenly we were in a ship. A voice told me might have to swim. Ship overturned. Grandma and I swam to the shore. Grandma, unbeliever, prayed to Jesus too to save us from earthquake. She said would have believed in Jesus of the ship did not overturn. Felt like I should have told her abt the small voice.

  67. I was getting married. Not sure to who. I was in a room in a building putting my makeup on. My mom kept complimenting me on my make up. She said I did a good job, better than she could do it. My childhood friend Stacey was waiting for me. I went outside (it was daylight). There was a woman that was angry with me. She turned into a man and he was yelling and threatening to kill me. I grabbed some pepper spray from my bag and sprayed a bunch of it in his face. It took a few minutes for the spray to work. He grabbed a gun and started shooting at me. It was spraying fire. I hid until the pepper spray kicked in. When it did I grabbed the woman’s bag and went back to the place I was getting married.

    • Warning of impending danger! You are gaining enhancement in preparation for an upcoming partnership which will be productive & fruitful. The enemy is going to try to come against you – there may be malicious talk/gossip in attempt to persecute/judge you but fear not! God is gifting you strategy against this enemy – disable him by blinding him to what God is doing through you. You will have the victory & continue forward on the path toward your God given partnership. Yes! Glory to God!

      • Marigold, Thank you for responding to my dream. I agree with your interp. I thank the Lord for warning me. Right before I had that dream I had this one: “I was at a church conference or service. A woman on an intercom or mic called my first and last name. She told me to get involved in ministry. She said it a couple of times. Not sure if she meant in church or outside of church.” I wonder if what i’m about to partner with is some kind of ministry?? Thank you again. Blessings!

        • 1. calling out your full name 2. on a loud speaker 3. repeated mssge of “get involved in ministry”… this is what I would call a “straight up” command. He’s really trying to capture your attn here to be a ‘doer’ of His Word. Sounds like this is the upcoming partnership He is talking to you about… exciting! I would think the ministry would be inside the church or under the church’s covering if outside. Every blessing to you Tee!

  68. Friends & I tried to go to some big church event, but weren’t admitted. So we went & served at a homeless shelter. I was wearing a blue skirt with a white top, & later teal scarf. A black toddler wanted my help but change back & forth from a striped cat. This was from fear as others were listening, including her abuser. Later she was an adult standing in line to go into a different church & asked me to hold the door open for her. We went in & my friends & I immediately went to work, cleaning the bathrooms. I called in a plumber to unclog the sink drain. Other members appeared & were grateful we had already started the clean-up.

  69. I greet you all. Please I need help as regards some dreams. I have been praying to God about His assignment for me on earth for a while and i have been having couple of dreams daily. In one I was at a river with many fishes but i had nothing to fish with, i later borrowed a spear from someone and used it to catch a very big fish. In another, I went to buy bread and i found out that some people were waiting for me to buy so they could eat. There are still others, thanks.

    • Hi Sunday – Others eating from your purchase of bread (the Gospel) could imply teaching them. “Buying” into the idea by “spending” more time in the Word… people are waiting on the other side of your obedience. Does it make sense? Blessings!

  70. I greet you all. Please I need help as regards some dreams. I have been praying to God about His assignment for me on earth for a while and i have been having couple of dreams daily. In one I was at a river with many fishes but i had nothing to fish with, i later borrowed a spear from someone and used it to catch a very big fish. In another, I went to buy bread and i found out that some people were waiting for me to buy so they could eat. There’re still others, thanks.

  71. I greet you all. Please I need help as regards some dreams. I have been praying to God about His assignment for me on earth for a while and i have been having couple of dreams daily. In one I was at a river with many fishes but i had nothing to fish with, i later borrowed a spear from someone and used it to catch a very big fish. In another, I went to buy bread and i found out that some people were waiting for me to buy so they could eat. There’re still others.

  72. I was in my car behind a large, huge truck. The truck was stopped near people dressed in pit stop uniform and collapsed to the side. People started working and rescuing. We were unharmed in my car and I was examined to make sure I was ok. I was allowed to go and drove of.

  73. I was having a conversation with John Paul Jackson about his white hair and beard the new he said he looked different younger and showed me a photo of him older and younger but I thought he looked the he same. While looking at the photo he came behind me and hugged me. I’ve had 3 dreams about photos.

    • Hi Beryl
      Wow !! that sounds amazing. Now what stands out about John Paul Jackson is his gift of dream interpretation and how he focuses on the supernatural. So God is giving you the ability to do the same , keep believing and trusting in God alone to help you interpret dreams and visions and He ( God ) will keep his side of the deal. Blessings !!!

      • Hi Sheba, indeed this is a really wonderful dream 🙂 praise God. Thank you for interpreting the presence of john Paul, I was focused on the photos because I had consecutive dreams about taking, looking and showing photos. Any idea what photos symbolize? Be blessed

  74. A father is digging and coating a collection of 10 bars of gold with chocolate and packing them away. It seems urgent like he’s hiding and in a hurry it is evening. Each time he’s packing away the 10th coated bar I see a small white girl watching over it.There is a final meeting of a group of 10 people taking an oath for the protection of the bars. They all look different, big and sturdy. I am with them seated at the end of the table. One looks at me, he’s face is painted white.

  75. In my dream lastnight, I was at the apt of my significant other and we were watching movies while laying on the couch. In reality, we did this lastnight as well. In the dream, it seemed we were the only ones up by indication of our lights on. Then all of a sudden a small child, maybe 6 or 7 enters through the balcony area (we are on the 3rd floor). He comes with a blanket around him and some things in his hands. I did not seem surprised and allowed him to walk in and he seemed very comfortable. He then went to the fridge, opened it and placed something inside and closed it. Then smiled and walked back out. I have no idea what he put in the fridge but I had no ill feelings about it or him….just curiosity.

  76. A female asked me something in the dream but it was very hard to hear what she asked. She had to repeat herself and asked me something about a former female classmate named Shawnkia. I said no and told her sorry she had to repeat herself I couldn’t hear due to interference in my ear. There was a lil noise in background. Had on a black shirt that I own in real life and told the female that my shirt was on backwards so I had to switch it around. She wanted me to tie my shirt up but I said this isn’t the kind of shirt for that. Had a cast on left hand in dream and my hand caught fire and I literally felt flesh burn. Patted hand asked former high school sweetheart to help me but he couldn’t. Put hand in fish tank to stop fire.

  77. Hi. Had this dream where I went to parent’s home for vacations which looked like a hill station( in real life I m staying with them in plain). Received a call from an schoolmate whose name means ‘The Lord of Truth’ ,he asked me to visit Mount Everest since it’s near to the place I m staying(in dream). I told him I can’t take the headache of travelling alone the hills(I feel nausea on uphills in real life). He told ,yes. He asked me what do I do in free time. I told him I read Christian theology books.(but I don’t read any theology books specifically).. Any thoughts on this will be helpful,thanku!!:)

  78. I had a dream where it was me and a guy I’ve been getting to know. We were planning on going on a tour of NY. We got the keys to the car, the guy said to me: I know you’re worried about the future but don’t worry, everything will be handled. I know you’re worried about finances, don’t worry about that right now everything will be fine. On the drive,I began to notice that he was becoming frustrated with the traffic as he drove he then transformed into a bird and started flying over all of the cars in traffic until he reached the final destination. But I noticed, I saw him and I actually wasn’t in the car with him. He and I meet up later at the destination and I asked if he was ready to start touring. Any idea what this could mean?

  79. I had a dream where it was me and a guyI’ve been talking to were planning to go on a tour of New York. We had to stop buy a friend’s hotel room to get keys to the car er needed to drive around. Once we got the keys, I freshened up a little and we w==

  80. My friend invited me to a show. We sat in the balcony. I wanted a glass of wine. She asked me to buy her French fries. I’m thinking can’t you buy your own fries. I brushed her off and bought a glass of red wine. it seemed expensive, $5? I got distracted from the wine. When I remembered, the glass opening was covered with Saran Wrap and wasn’t as full. My friend sat at the table eating her fries. Another girl was there. The table seated 3 but it was tight. I was annoyed so I got up and left. Then for the rest of the dream I was accidentally knocking things over and spilling the wine. I no longer had a glass but a teaspoon of wine. I was so frustrated.

    • Hi Tee
      God is giving you a vision from the inside and this is related to a ministry situation. The Holy spirit is available to you and He wants to fully complete what He has begun. Your part in this is to stay tuned in to His still small voice and follow Him carefully so you can grow in the power of the Holy Spirit that God wants to impart to you in spite of your shortcomings. Isn’t that wonderful !!! Bless you !!!!!!

  81. Next, I was climbing a ladder & poked my head through a small opening. I saw my grandkids horsing around on the roof of the building. Their arms seemed soapy. My granddaughter had hold of my grandson & flung him by the arm & he fell off the roof! I started screaming & climbed down as fast as I could. It was a long way down & I just knew he would be dead. His mom got there first, but his dad/my son just stayed in the garden working. He sat right up & wasn’t hurt at all! We made him rest all day anyway & I offered to stay with him while they attended the event.

  82. I dreamed my son & DIL & I were in a big kitchen where a lot of food was being prepared for some event that night. A woman was cooking hot dogs in the oven, but the pan was very full & they didn’t seem to be heating well. This was bothering my DIL & she wanted to cut them up & make something else out of them. I told her that they had a lot of hot dog buns that would just go to waste then.

  83. Thnx 4 aiding me. Dreamed I was n restaurant with unknown young lady sitting at the bar. Excused myself and went 2 the bathrm but couldn’t find my way bk 2 the bar. I went around n circles. ran n2 2 men and we all searched 4 way out of restaurant. Came 2 a door that had a chain on it. Turned around and 2 the right was another door. Opened the door which led 2 street but couldn’t decide if i wanted to take that route 2 get bk 2 the bar.

  84. I saw the man who ministered to me in a sozo setting flying a little red plane. There were a few passengers inside and it had these big tricycle looking wheels. It was going up and down, flying in a circle. It kept bumping into the ground trying to land and it happened about 3 times, really bumpy. I was standing on the ground on the railroad tracks that ran in front of my childhood home. (So I could see my home to the left and I was on the tracks watching this happen). He keeps flying around me in circles and trying to land. I recognize a passenger as a guy that was in my youth group (20 years ago!) looking at his phone oblivious to the bumpy ride he was on. Then I saw the back of a crowd standing watching this happen and laughing.

  85. I had a sozo session with these two people at my church, and this was a while ago, so I wasn’t sure how to interpret this dream! There is one other dream I had regarding my experience I would love to have some help with also, I will post in next comment. Thank you so much, for any insight!

  86. At my church, looked different, big brick building feel of old college campus, noticed dark skinned people walking by. Meeting with 2 leaders. Met the Pastor on way up the stairs, he was coming down with coffee and said something about a movie. Inside, I asked for directions and saw a sign pointing to staircase going down. I saw the man I was going to meet with walk by but he seemed mysterious, hard to find his office, in an odd little nook, avoided eye contact with me. The woman directed me downstairs to a room had windows all around and a kids class was going on. We were going to meet behind a curtain partition next to the class. I thought it was odd, not very private, and the church was so big. is this a negative/warning dream?

  87. I continue to have a recurring about trying to lock a door. In my dream I repeatedly try to lock a door that keeps unlocking and usually there is a man at the door that I’m trying to keep out. Eventually I give up & the man is able to come in & the dream ends.

  88. What does it mean when you are ringing someone up in a dream. They answer on the other side but can’t hear you. You on the other hand can hear them but don’t know what to say?

  89. I was a passenger in a cab (don’t know the driver), seated in front. I can see the road before me as he drove. Then something like a table or bench appeared on our left causing driver to swerve. I saw 2 women who may caused it and I reached to honked at them. An angry hairy man (black beard) who seemed to be with them gave me a face; got mad. He got on a motorcyle with a blade/knife (something sharp) and pursued us. He then overtook us on the right (my side; passenger side) and was ready to ram the vehicle; to hurt me. I woke up disturbed. I’m the chief of staff (admin) in our church and I have had so many dreams. This one was 10 days ago and I pray to hear clearly regarding this; a scripture will be much appreciated.

    • Hi Agnes
      This dream seems to be warning dream in which the enemy wants to attack you through someones words and doctrines
      ( knife) and make you pay the price (cab). The verse that comes to mind is Revelations 12:11 that has been extremely helpful to me recently. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

  90. Hi Lynmarie, I dreamt I was home. For days on bathroom floor piling up are sheets & clothes. I expect mom to comment about it but she doesn’t. I start to wash the disgusting mess. Sheets in the tub water had all over it stuff like poop growing on them from laying there for days. I washed it, the stuff got on my arms the more I removed, the more they grew. Was very overwhelming & unpleasant. My deceased sister, who Always is alive in my dreams comes & we argue. Someone let the water out of the washing machine & I accused her. Please help. Also why do I dream of my sister as alive. It scares me as in Africa we are taught that dreaming of deceased people is evil and the spirit of death masquerading as your deceased loved one.

    • Hi Nosipho
      You have choices to make that you have postponed for a long time. There seems to be some sort of anger issues involved that are trying to drain your strength. It is also to do with something that will resurface that you sister represents, see below for dictionary meaning. So the message is to make a good choice that is aligned with Gods will for your life and all will fall into place.
      deceased person alive = Generally, these dreams mean that: Something this person represents will resurface.

      • Hi Sheba, oh my word, I just saw your reply this morning and replied and thanked you for your response, but I don’t see it on here perhaps I did not hit the post comment button. I went through my emails and re-read an email on which I was supposed to receive a reply on but did not get, so I resend the email again and the reply came. Come to find out that I had to make a decision and whatever I decide submit a very very very document for which the deadline is tomorrow and did not realize it. Your reply is so on point and I do have some work to do. I am trusting Heavenly Father that His grace is sufficient in this season. Thank you again.

  91. Last nights dream – I saw I was cooking something in a big pot (the size was slightly big) and a lady came and tried putting some lentil soup like liquid into the pot but it spilled over and made me slip and I rolled over in it. Then I stood up and said to her don’t worry it is alright. While she was trying to put the soup in I saw another lady and she did something and I felt that made the soup to spill over.
    In another dream on the same night I was pouring out milk from the milk bottle

  92. Taking off in a plane, next to the pilot who Is refusing to give information to the IT people. Suddenly I am sitting above passengers and avoiding hitting their heads with my legs. He kept turning things off and on to avoid IT pple, which made the plane tilt and fly low and touch the tarmac. I was enjoying, swinging and laughing while everyone was scared but I trusted the pilot so wasn’t afraid and I said if we die we die. We kept going higher and we could see the small water bodies below. Then I fell backwards and woke up.

    • Hi Beryl
      You are in a situation that seems scary but your trust in the Lord will see you through, not only that but will take you higher and higher in your walk with God because you did not care as to what will happen to you as a result of this situation. Seems to be very straightforward and hope this helps. Blessings !!

      • Hi Sheba,
        Thanks I had an idea that’s what it meant but got confused by the falling back from my seat which I assumed meant the dream wasn’t positive after all as I lose support. Any thoughts?
        Be blessed.

        • Oh loosing support adds more insight into it. I think although the enemy has plans to remove things from your life that support you God has a better plan and all of the enemy’s plans will be thwarted, be encouraged and keep on trusting God alone !! Blessings

  93. I need some help please, What might a face full of wrinkles represent. Actually the person is a very pretty young girl in real life and she was being very kind to me in the dream.

    • Job 16:8 – “And you have filled me with wrinkles, which is a witness against me: and my leanness rising up in me bears witness to my face” = Hardship

      Eph.5:27 – That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish = opposite of glorious (offensive, etc…) or sin (opposite of holiness)

      Difficult to interpret without knowing the entire dream on this one… it could very well mean that she is beyond her years somehow (good as in wisdom or bad as in abuse which would indicate hardship)

      Hope this helps shed some light… blessings!

  94. I dreamt I was fully naked, seated on a bench. One man sat behind me(he was introduced as a fashion designer) , two others sat besides me. One of the men by my side introduced himself(his name I can’t remember), he said he is 38yrs old and my aunt gave him my number.Then he gave me French kiss.

    • Sounds like the Lord is connecting you to something new that He’s opened you up & made you ready for – perhaps something may be coming to you for the glory of God. How wonderful is He! Blessings 🙂

  95. Seated at a table, I’m helping a man select a wooden wardrobe to purchase from an ad page displaying 3. The one highest up on the page & to the furthest right is the most beautiful, as it’s adorned with white cloth of a pink scrolled pattern. Gorgeous. The other two are painfully plain. All wood. Period. I suggested he buy the one I chose. This pretty one is the one I would buy for myself! They are also quite thin so I said I didn’t think he would be able to fit much of his clothes into it. He said he can get rid of some jeans. A prophetess across from us said she bought hers for $49! What a good deal I thought since these cost much more.

  96. I have to make an important court decision on a situation that has had lots of delay. I have dreamt of sitting in my car in a car park. I tried to reverse out of it and bumped lots of cars until I had a major crash. I am wondering what it means as it could apply to one of the decisions that I have to make. Really appreciate the help

    • Hi Angela! Sounds like a place of waiting on the Lord. To reverse & crash sounds like a wrong direction. Don’t look backwards – keep a forward focus & don’t retreat in fear & don’t back up to correct a wrong decision or missed opportunity (possibly?). The Lord will take care of that. Hope this helps. Blessings!

  97. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be fastening together, but that’s all I could come up with, other than maybe I need to learn more about something as well. Your comment about relationships is interesting. A gifting in fastening/holding relationships together? Or relationships in general? Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. God bless.

  98. I dreamed I was taking some kind of class. The Professor gave me a 2 gallon Ziploc storage bag with an assortment of small & medium size staplers in it that only filled about 3 or 4 inches of the bottom of the big bag. She gave me a new bag with more staplers in it every day. One day, I tried to give the bag back to her at the end of class so she could just give that bag of staplers to me the next day instead of giving me another new one. She & a man that was there assured me that they were very cheap staplers & wouldn’t last very long anyway. So I kept them & was thinking about what I was going to do with so many staplers or who I could give them to.

  99. These are from the same night:

    I dreamed I was in an elevator going up one floor, I think. My husband & son were there with me. I was holding a casserole dish in my arms.

    Next, I saw 2 strawberries. One was much larger than the other one.

    Then later, I saw a quick flash of me taking a sideways step to the left. My left knee buckled, but I’m not sure if I went all the way down to the floor or not.

  100. I dreamed I went into a Ladies bathroom. There was a long line. All the women were standing side by side facing the stalls with their backs to the sink. I walked past a few & asked if they were in line to use the bathroom. They said no, they were just waiting. Then I saw a table with 2 or 3 people sitting at it. One was my old boss, Scott. He asked if anyone wanted to go & work at the (name started with a B, I think) Post Office to help them for a few weeks & my friend, Becky & I both said we wanted to. He said we would both be a joy for them there. Any idea what that could mean, please?

  101. I had a dream. I was in my garagw getting rid of spiders and in my front lawn a big translucent/brown scorpion was eating a lizard. I thought about rescuing the lizard but realized it was too late. The lizard was screaming. I went inside and closed the door. Felt disturbed and sad. Thank you for help.

    • With reference to someting that is “on hold” in your life (most likely God’s doing), you do well to remove sll connections to the occult. It looms like God will be putting a stop to the well-known deceptions in you life. What say you?

      • Thank you so much Rev Lynmarie for your help. My husband and I pastored together almost 20 years, then he left me for another woman almost exactly a year ago. I keep thinking God is speaking restoration (through a few dreams, prophets, and a unique reoccurring sign) but he hasn’t returned. I asked the Lord “why isn’t he home?” and this is the dream I got. I don’t understand it. I had strayed far from the Lord, but over the past year have indeed removed all evil connections. Please let me know if you have any further insight. That lizard scream was intense, by the way.

    • More insight. You are hearing from God in your dreams. Consider this. Thru this dream, God is urging you to no longer be paralysed by the past, but to prepare to become active again. No longer look to the past. Time to move forward. He will bless this.

  102. I had a recurring dream. In the bedroom looking for what to wear, I kept changing clothes and finally settled on a blue dress which matched exactly with my blue shoes. Saw I was late for church it was 10.10 on the clock. Added an orange woolen coat and left. 2nd dream I work in a bank and I’m asked to go and serve people in a different booth and I am so busy so I don’t go there and my tailor gives me a bright royal blue outfit for that position and it’s written Carol with a year.

    • The dreams seem to indicate transition relecting some confusion about a personal matter. But it looks like God is telling you to be persistant and know that it’s your time. God intends to use you and give you responsiblity… and it looks to be in the area of communion and/or the prophetic or Spirit-led life.

      • This is a wonderful surprise Rev Lynmarie, to have you interpret my dream on the open forum, thank you. God told me recently in a dream that he would do strange things, I consider this one among those :-).The meaning is true, God has been speaking to me a lot especially in my dreams and had been wondering what it all means and had suspected it is in these areas though was not sure or know what to do then….be blessed.

  103. I dreamt that I showed my handbag to some people and realised that the bottom of my handbag was dirty. I pointed it out to them and said I will clean it up.

  104. Had this dream where I was teaching computer subject in school (it was my previous worked school). And I saw I was teaching computer language n I said- computer understands the language of 0&1 which stands for ON &OFF. I was trying to covert 2,4 in that language but was struggling felt I forgot everything. Saw a student (name means- big at heart) n another student who had laughter/smile on face!
    Any thoughts on this (the city ,the children r from a different state then mine)

  105. I was in someone else’s kitchen with 2 little twin boys who were hungry, so I heated up leftovers from lunch for them. They ate the entrée, but didn’t want their vegetables, although they ate one bite of them for me. They were still hungry, so I told their mom they needed a sandwich or something. She made them a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with green leaf lettuce on it. I gave them each a half of their sandwich….the half with the least lettuce on it so they would eat it. I called them into the kitchen to get their sandwiches. Their names were Scott & Steve & they took their sandwich half & ran outside to play.

  106. A friend came to pick me up so I could go with her to take her daughter to the doctor. Her daughter was sitting in the front seat, so I was going to sit in the back with her daughter’s friend. I was standing in our driveway talking to my friend through the car window when I noticed the girl in the back had a pile of those soft striped peppermints for us to share. I was wondering how I was going to resist eating them during the day. At some point, the daughter got in the back seat with us & my husband was there then, too, & she layed her head on his shoulder & fell asleep.

  107. Dreamed I was in a huge arena filled with people. An announcement was made that some people there had bid on diamonds and won 3 trillion dollars each. They were 5 people across the arena from me all sitting next to each other in a row.

  108. Had taken a public van with a friend. There was traffic jam so I said let’s walk since we aren’t going far. She refused. We sat at the back, her on my left and a lady on my right. Someone gave a warning and I tried hiding my purse but couldn’t since the van was squeezed. Someone pulled my black bag through the open window on my right, I tried holding on but he was strong. No one reacted. I still had my national ID and felt relieved. I wondered about my passport. Upset I said, we should have walked.

  109. Dreamed I was part of a group picture. I came home, wrote an article about it, then called the courthouse in the afternoon to see if there was enough time to get it in the newspaper. A woman answered, then another woman asked my name, then said they could get it in if I could get it right up there. It was in the paper a few hours later. I couldn’t believe it. My son came over & couldn’t believe it either. He read the article & said people always talk about how well I write. I was surprised. My husband, son & I tried to think why it came out so soon. We named people who worked at the courthouse who knew me & would work to get it in so quickly. I finally thought of someone, but can’t remember her name now.

  110. Hello Sheba, I dreamt I was with a man Rotimi (stay with me),he is one of the leaders in a small group I’m involved in. We went to a Navy barrack, He took me to his locker and brought out a treasure box. I tried opening it the way that says open but it wouldn’t open. He said the trick is to open it the way that says closed, I did has he said and the box opened. Then he said we can now fill the box up. Thanks for your help so far. God bless yo

  111. Hi Beryl,
    You are in a teaching /learning situation and God is equipping you with godly wisdom to reach out to the people around you in your country – particularly your race . He is making a covenant with you that the holy spirit himself will guide you in this area. Fabulous dream !! Many Blessings !!!

  112. Hi, I am looking for a place to lay my head and I find a place to sleep in like a room or classroom where people are singing praise but it’s not disturbing me. Then the motherly lady I see in church comes and sits next to me on the couch and she has bread with chocolate drops and she offers me a slice to eat and I’m surprised she did. The bread tastes so sweet then I wake up.

  113. I’m straddling a high wall placed on top of a hill which made the left side much lower than the right. I’m down on my belly, hugging it. On my left side is Mexico & my right is home (America). Speaking to a bicycle tour operator on the left way down there, we found out we missed the bike ride. 1,000 or more people already left. Then I noticed how high up I was & became fearful. If I scoot back to where the wall is lower, I’ll feel better. …..

    • …. Behind me stood mom who threw folded cash down to the woman employee of the bike tour & I thought it was a lot, especially for mom to give two $5’s & three singles ($13.00). She may have thrown in another $5 which then would make the total $18. Perhaps I didn’t think she should give the third $5.00 (don’t recall). They will not be offering this bike ride again for a long time.

  114. My husband dreamed we were at a vacation spot/hotel. We drove a 4-wheeler out to our van, where both our cars were parked in a lot, and found it up on blocks–the tires had been stolen! The key was stuck in the axle/where the wheel goes. He wondered why no one just took the van. He was then arguing with the hotel/park owner over whose insurance was going to cover it since we were parked on her property. Thank you!!

    • I think this dream has to do with a situation in your life that seems to be going nowhere – you feel stuck in this situation but the answer is right within your reach. So pray about this and ask God to show you how you can get going again. Hope this helps. Blessings !!

  115. Another dream starts, and I was with some friends. I saw an ex boyfriend, but he felt more like a brother my brother in the dream. He was with a girl, I told the girl not to relax in the relationship even though he seems sweet. Later I was eating some groundnuts and he came to me. All I felt was deep love, he asked for some and I gave him but he took almost all or all.

  116. Blessings to you. I dreamt my neighbor was peeping at me when I was dressing up and I quickly covered up. Later we both were in the bathroom, he was naked.He asked me to show him my nakedness, I refused. He started to take a shower and I climbed the wall to look at him. So I asked he show me his genitals, he did and it was so small. I told him I am in a relationship,even if it’s has ups and downs. We will always be together.

  117. Greetings. Thx n advance 4 helping. Dreamed of Sharon. Don’t know her n real life but I do listen 2 her YouTube channel often.
    Dreamed I was at Sharon’s house and she along with others were gathering for time of fellowship. A man ministered to sharon and told her the Lord said go get a bldg. And she said yes. Also in the dream I had to use her bathroom n the basement and there was a tan cat who moved swiftly out of my sight.

  118. 30/5/18 2nd dream conclusion…if I didn’t assert myself I felt they knew i was their age, I changed tactics and went straight to instructing them , I told them they were responsible for their own behaviour, I told them they could call me Lady, or Lady-Karen, my full given name, but not the second half Karen alone, when someone asked what they should call me. They were listing raptly to me and writing down everything i was saying studiously and I woke up.

  119. 30/5/18 2nd dream cont..I told them to ask me whatever they wanted to know since I didn’t know what they would like to know about me, the 1st girl i recognised as well, asked me a question, she said, its 9.14 now so what does Genesis 9.14 say, to which I replied I am not here to do a bible quizz, I am a born again christian if you must know, a bible beleiving Christian, and I moved on and said next question , realizing thag they might play games if I didn’t assert myself I changed tactics and went straight to instructing them ,,continues in next post

  120. 30th May 18 2nd dream ..The second dream was that I was introduced into a lecture hall of sorts, when I walked in it was filled with stidents who were my peers, I recognised them from my school days, a mix of them, I was then surrounded by the faculty who told the students that I am their new lecterer/teacher, I was told to introduce myself to them, I told them My name is Lady-Karen and I am 37 years old, I and going to be your teacher, continues in next post

  121. 30th 05, 18 1st dream cont…A nice man looked through our passports and asked a few questions, he saw I already had 3 tickets and I was a frequent traveller,he issued the visas, I went back to the boarding gate, followed the last batch of ppl entering, As I went through the gate, I saw a Banquet was laid out and everyone was seated, I joined my brothers at the table and they asked why I had kept long in coming, I replied I went to get the visas. Then I woke up.

    • Hi Lady
      God is asking you to get geared up to get to a place where you can have the privilege of being a mother to other younger people and guide them. And as you make an effort in this direction it will pay off and God will bring it to completion.
      Blessings !!

  122. 30/5/18 Dreamt I was at the airport with my 2 brothers and I had tickets to the UK, we were in the queue to board, we got to the boarding gate were told we didnt have visas so needed to go to the visa desk to get them, the gate keeper said he would hold the gate for us, my brothers stayed to hold the position in line and I went to obtain the visas, the visa desk attendant, nice man ..,continues in next post

  123. Hello, I had a dream where I can’t remember what happened before but the last part of the dream that I remember distinctly was putting foundation on my face and then when I looked up at the mirror the reflection was still made up but it wasn’t my face. The dream has stuck on my mind but I don’t want to speculate, kindly help as the holy spirit leads. Thank you.

  124. Thanku Sheba. Much needed encouragement. Glory to God. God Bless .

  125. Hi. Had this dream where I was at the church offc where there are few rooms. In one room Pastor’s wife was there & she asked me the measurement for a top that she wants to get me stiched. Wen I measured it was 9. & thn she askd wen my dad is travelling & she herself replied 9th. Thn she told that Daniel is staying in one of the rooms n Nancy also. She told Grace Immanuel had been enquiring about me.[all church members].
    Next scene-Pastor again asked wen dad is travelling and he replied 9th. He told to pat on dad’s back n to show some warmth towards dad.
    Pls help me with any thoughts on this.Number 9 stands out and Dad too.

  126. Then it progressed to another dream where I was being begged to let him settle with another woman. Early this year, we got into a relationship but broke up after a month. He stopped taking my calls, I prayed and had a dream where I was a bridesmaid and was sprayed perfume by the bride,and given a purple dress. I eventually stole the perfume in the dream

  127. Hi yal- I had a dream and its seem important-

    I was walking to a big body of water that was pretty and blue. I saw a big fish standing in the middle of the water and as I came close he starting swimming like a dolphin. I then saw two more big fish laying side by side like they were sleep in the water and once I said hi they starting swimming to the shore and once they got on the shore they turned into debbie Allen and her sister Phylicia Rashad when they were young and pretty. I felt peaceful and happy when I woke up

    • Seems like there is a move of God in which the people are being touched by the power of the Holy spirit and He is wiping away the allegations made against you … Makes sense??
      Bless you heaps !!

      • Hi Sheba! Thanks for always replying to comments❤️….but I sorta understand. Was this dream about the church together or just me..? I had the same dream again this time I saw a pretty golden big fish and a pretty hummingbird eating out of my bird feeder

        • HI Tatisha
          I think the dream is surely about you but the move of God is to do with the church. The golden fish would mean that you are gaining spiritual provisions that are of immense value and will last forever and that you will get busy ( humming bird) providing spiritual food for others. Blessings !!

  128. Hi, about this time last year, I dreamt, a male friend proposed marriage to me with ring, and surprisingly, I agreed. I woke up shocked. Since then,we became closer as friends.I also dreamt we laid together on a bed. Some women were knocking at the door, I went to open it, but he quickly closed it. I had another dream, where I was forced to sign a document not to have anything with him.

  129. With that in mind, I might add that my nephew when he was born, a prophet prophesied into his life saying by the age of 10 he will be a remarkable person.

  130. Hi, I had this dream which has been on my mind for a while now. In this dream I was in this house with my older brother, his son (my nephew who is 4) and my aunt. I was leaning in and talking to my brothers son while in the background my aunt was frantically searching for something. As I looked into his eyes I saw scripture written in his eyes. I quickly looked to my brother and laughed saying this is what you’re doing now in a sarcastic tone and automatically my aunt stopped searching and she came to me and said, ‘that’s it, you are his oil, you are his olive oil’ and with that she grabbed both me and the boys and walked us out into the field to look for an olive tree.

  131. I was sitting in my car & saw a wedding across the field. I saw it was my best friend’s wedding. I was hurt I wasn’t invited & didn’t know the groom. Met him & asked for her. She was drinking & smoking. I was surprised & asked her how she went all day w/o smoking when we went shopping together. She said her coworker injected snuff under her back molar so she would have it all day w/o me seeing it. Then I called her back over & held her tight for a minute & told her goodbye. I knew I couldn’t be friends with someone who went to such lengths to deceive me & keep her real self from me. My heart was breaking at the loss of such a close relationship. She is like a daughter to me in real life & her name means Pearl.

    • I woke up very sad & disturbed today & yesterday morning from the above dreams. I felt such loss. I hope you can give some insight into these dreams, please. I always pray & look up the dream elements before I post the dreams I have, but still need help interpreting them. Thank you.

    • Hi Kathy
      You are worried about something that is really precious in your life, it could well be about things that pertain to the kingdom of God. I feel there is kind of a tussle going on between the spirit and the flesh and you are unsure of why this is happening. Rest in God and let Him take control. Bless you heaps !!

      • I am very concerned about many of my family members who don’t know Jesus and need Him so desperately. I trust that the Lord is working in their lives, though & am waiting in hopeful expectation for their salvation! Thank you for your time, Sheba. Bless you!

  132. I dreamed my younger brother died. I found out about midnight & was alone in his house. I went home, but started crying to my husband that I needed to be there for his girls when they found out, so I flew back out there to console them. I was going through a stack of papers In his house. Some looked like things he was going to write a complaint about, but one was a paper he wrote about Don Pyle (knew in real life, now deceased, but my brother never met.) He wrote about his life & the illness he had before he died. His paper said he had a hard time getting diagnosed & then it was a serious illness he didn’t recover from. I was surprised my brother remembered Don & June from when he was a young child & that he wrote a paper about them.

    • What does your brothers name mean Kathy ?

    • Don = mighty, Pyle= stake,javelin, born of fire handsome
      Something in your life maybe some hard circumstances are going to disappear. This is my take , let me know if this makes sense to you. Blessings !!

      • Thank you, Sheba. I appreciate your interpretation. Would you have time to look back at a few dreams that I posted on April 9 & April 16, too, please? I would like to hear your thoughts on those as well. Maybe they all tie in together somehow…..?

        • Sure I will have a look at them Kathy 🙂

        • Hi Kathy
          I had a look at your other dreams and I can see that there is a similarity running through these dreams where you are concerned for your near and dear ones. I think God is giving you these dreams to encourage you to keep up the good work for He sure is pleased with your efforts and as you stand in the gap, He will do His part. BTW I am in the same boat as you at the moment and I am seeing a lot of changes in people around me as I have seriously taken up praying for them. Praise God for His faithfulness and Bless you Kathy !!

          • Thank you so much for your time, Sheba! I appreciate the encouraging words. I was somehow hoping for more of a breakdown on the dreams I posted on April 16th. I feel like the Lord is trying to tell me/prepare me for something specific, but just what still escapes me. Then the one about the little children in winter coats on April 9th….do you have any thoughts about that one in particular? It is encouraging to know you are seeing changes in the people you are praying for. I know how much that must mean to you. God bless you, Sheba. I will pray for you and your loved ones, too.

  133. In my dream I heard a woman audibly say “perfect love drives out fear” from 1 John 4:18. I was in various school/work-type settings and ended up at a clothing store trying on clothing with people I went to high school with. I tried on a very fashionable floor length dress resembling a wedding dress. It had layers and layers of ruffles. As I tied it on and looked in the mirror, I realized I had never seen myself as a bride. The dress was backless and revealed pants (maybe jeans), it was less formal on the backside but still very fashionable. I asked various people for their opinion on if it was okay to wear the dress. I ended up having to wear the dress outside the store and walk down the street with it on.

    • Holy spirit wants you to know that you are in a time of learning in your daily life and that you have a lot of beautiful choices (clothes) and that things will be changing for you and you are being asked to get on board. Your full calling is aligning for you and you are being called into a more formal role . And this new transition can cause daunting feelings for you but allow your mind to be filled with the love of God that He wants you to have in full measure so you can pass it on to others. Sounds like a great dream Jacqueline, Blessings!!

  134. Hi, I had frustrating recurring dreams about my car. 1- took back my car but when I try starting it nothing happens. I’m with my younger sis. 2 – someone parks my car badly so I try to correct it but family members are pushing the car instead of letting me drive it and i’m pushed off the parking into the grass and I get annoyed. I keep pressing accelerate instead of break but someone is in front of the car. My cousin is directing me and it keeps getting scratched and entering holes in the grassy area then I turn around out of the grass and he says I don’t appreciate. My younger sis parks parallel and too close to the wall instead of diagonal, my car in real life is silver grey but after my sister parks, it is now pink in color.

    • Hi there, new to the forum. From my experience, cars usually represent your life with themes of “ownership” and “authority.” Are you attempting to move on from something in the past that you keep getting sucked back into or even the influence of sin… feeling unable to defeat? You’re pressing the accelerator, but instead are braking in your dream. Who has authority over your life, God or Satan (scratched up car, holes in the grass)? Your dream may indicate that currently you feel helpless like a child (represented by car turning pink). Our Father wants us to come to him as his children and give him authority over our lives.

    • Hi Beryl
      Your church family or people in your life are playing a major role in your life? and that is becoming like a hurdle in your pathway and not allowing you to make decisions in your life so you can move forward. And there is a warning for you in this to become wise and take control of this situation because God wants you to redeem you out of this situation
      I hope this helps, Blessings!!

  135. Hi am Elijah by name, i had a dream, i was on the line about the fetch water from the tap i hold a bucket in my hand and the bucket contains water in it was half water and i was on the line to fetch the water to full up the bucket as soon as it get to my turn to fetch the water i fetch the water up to the level of the bucket and as soon as i carried the from the tap i put it on the ground and from there my dream was diverted to another dream in the dream i saw my younger sister in a white garment church and the pastor of that church ask her to pull off her cloth and pant and when i get there i ask them what was going on that is how i wokeup.
    could you please explain the meaning of this dream
    Thanks God bless you.

    • Hi Elijah
      You are wanting to get hold of what will satisfy you but something has stopped you from attaining it. But all will be made clear to you and something that looks pure will be actually exposed and you will find out what is stopping your move. Does this sound appropriate? let me know please Blessings !!

  136. What does it mean to be given a portion of chips from Mc Donald’s?

  137. Wife is driving our family van. I am in passenger seat without a seat belt. Kids in back. Cop see’s me without a seat belt. Pulls us over and gives me a warning. I felt like I did not have my seat belt on cause I was busy concentrating on the kids.

  138. Scene1- Saw I was in hospital with something wrong with my right ear and they were doing something with my left ear to fix the right ear. Then a doc injected an injection on my neck.(I was wondering how this wuld help ear)
    Next scene- saw I was accompanying a lady with her kid from my church (Shiny,kid- Jeremiah)to pastor’s offc. But he was busy on a call. So left the offc with phone.
    Next scene- Saw I was in a big dining hall ,sharing a table with sm renowned ppl (felt from movie industry) of India.
    Any thoughts will b helpful. Scene1 – couldn’t get anything.

    [Marigold,i will consider replying with reply button]

  139. Hello, My names Astra. I have been looking for a biblical website to help me find out what my dreams mean. I had one on 4.22.18; I keep hearing dig deeper. I feel God telling me something but can’t figure it out.

    • HERES THE DREAM I am walking in this mall type place I own a shop in. This guy (dark skin, maybe 18, faceless (very blurry can’t make out details)) walks over looks at front my face says she 12. I responses no she 16. I start to walk fast cutting through private section for workers. He winds up cutting me off at a dress shop, I don’t see him this time just hear Oh, so that how it is. I respond yup and keep walking. I walk down to my shop which I knew was passed down from my mother (I felt like she passed because I felt sadness in the dream with the thought.)

      • I than walk next door to a woman shop she had lots of clothes and two little girls one maybe 6-8 and other 10-12 maybe ages they looked. I talked to the mother and was explaining that the youngest girl acts very different around her than she does when she come in my store I say I see signs of grief and tell her I know this cause I am studying phychology. I see the little girl laying on the floor tears on her face and I believe she in a pink dress;she has blonde hair and blue eyes. I sit down and apologize for making her upset. I than hear in my head that her father passed.

        • I quickly pull out my friend bisuness card and write on the back I think it say Mas Amos which is Portugueses for but master. I don’t speak Portugueses (in real life at all). That was the name of my shop that my mother previously own and I never changed the name it was a tattoo shop but I added clothes and other things to it. I know this is a lot of information and I am doing my own research as well. I just really lost on it all I really feel drawn to this dream and normally forget about it the next day but no this time I cannot stop thinking about it Let me know what you think Thank you and God bless. I had to do more than one because you cant go over 750 words sorry.

  140. Husband’s dream. We are in vacant house with many compartments. Each compartment assigned to family members, his sister & husband, nephew & girlfriend, deceased parents & us. Sister makes breakfast for everyone & hands my husband big plate of bacon. Husband notices our compartment doesn’t have a bathroom, says we need 2 since his parents will live with us. There’s a long hallway with little door that opens into a theatre with theatre chairs. Husband finds oak cabinets without fronts or shelves but wants to show everyone what he’s found. Thank you.

  141. Dreamed my ex picked me up on his back and started walking he then told me he wanted to be with me. God told me to tell him no sex before marriage and he agreed.we then both sat in a small old bath tub that. Was little but we both fit. He started bathing him self and I just watched him. Any thoughts..?

    • Hi Tatisha – It seems you may be in agreement with something or someone who seems attractive & positive to you but may not be good for you. It also seems like something that stems from the past which is in need of cleansing (old bathtub). Blessings!

  142. Hi SG, Not normally. I am a reflective thinker and do consider conclusions or decisions carefully in prayer. The person I paid the money back offered and bought it first but indicated indirectly that they do expect me to pay them back?

    • Hi Angela – it seems you’re on the right track with favor of birthing something & SJ has a good interpretation also. But if it’s not that, it could be that there may be a situation or a person/people you may need to forgive… possibly even yourself… just a thought. This sounds like a message of correction. You were given favor via teaching of the Word of God which helped you birth some things & as a result, …

    • you valued it by acknowledging it & paying the cost for it. Now you want that offering of value back, possibly not wanting to give them or it credit? … as in well, God is the One who’s doing it all as the gift of His incredible grace, not the people or the situation. Reminds me of Luke 6:35 that says lend without expecting anything back. Does it make sense? Hope it helps. Blessings!

  143. Dreamt of paying someone back money who bought my kids dinner. I realised later that it was already on the house and that they could get back a refund. They received money back but didn’t pay me my share back. Any thoughts? To do with something I birthed receiving some favour?

  144. Hello Marigold. Thank u so much for Ur insights. I am amazed by the timing of Ur reply (I believe it’s God’s timing) . If I would hv recieved Ur reply the next day, I would not understood.
    I am just affirmed by ur intrepretation. Last two weeks have been experiencing the feeding on God’s word on the area for which I m praying. It’s breaking n submission of inner life by the Word of God.(Actually it’s been 2 months I had been seeing dreams on food).
    2nd part- yes I need to invest more on God’s word.
    Thanku so much .. Truly blessed. N it’s timely..
    God bless You.

    • Queenie – God is so good! It sure is His timing. BTW – would you click on the “reply” button when responding… this way, your message will be put into my email which will help a lot. Thanks & blessings to you!

  145. What does it mean to step on the gas and reverse back really fast with the car to avoid any collision? Is there something I have overlooked and needs to be addressed to avoid any conflict?

  146. I am wondering about a dream that I had last night that keeps nagging at me for interpretation. It was short and really just a glimpse of something.
    In this dream I looked down and lifted my pants leg up. I saw my left knee bandaged with a white bandage, but peeking out all around was a severe bruise that was very red. It had some purple in it but what stood out to me is how red the bruise was.

    • Hello Jen, hope this helps…
      Leg = man’s strength/support of the body
      Pants = uncovered or vulnerable
      Left = spiritual/God’s strength through man
      Knee = submission
      Bandage = covering wounds that need healing
      White = pure spirit of the Lord
      Purple = + authority/royal – false authority
      Red = anger, hatred

    • You have exposed an area in your lif (lifting up the pant leg), this is a spiritual issue (left) that requires you to submit (knee) it unto the Lord; you cannot do this in your own strength (leg). It has been covered (bandage) for quit sometime = severity redness. It’s time for the Lord to heal this area (white) through the purity of His Spirit. Red = anger, rage/wrath, hatred. Purple bruising = another less severe issue that needs spiritual healing. White negatively = religious spirit. Pray and seek the Lord and He will bring healing.

  147. Early the next morning, I saw a quick flash of people sitting around a long table. That’s all I saw, then I woke up. Many of my dreams seem to have to do with tables, washing machines, bedrooms & bathrooms. I would love any help you can give with the above dreams. There are a few from April 9th as well, if you have time to look back at them. I especially would love to hear your thoughts on the one about the little children in the winter coats. Thank you all so much for your time & sharing your gift with me! God bless!

  148. More of dream above: It seemed we had extra time after teaching the lesson. We passed out papers for them to color on as they were sitting at a long table. I got several packs of crayons down from the shelf for them. They were in long clear plastic packages like markers usually come in, but they were crayons. I didn’t take the top few packages because the tips had been worn down & some of the crayons were smaller. I took several of the newer unused packs for them. I was wondering if the kids were too old for a coloring activity, but decided they would like it if they had enough time to be creative & do a good job. Then we were surprising them with the meat & they were all wandering around choosing which piece they wanted.

  149. I was teaching 10-12 y/o kids. Two women were w/me. It seemed like it was our job. Then it was a Sunday School class. We were surprising them w/a reward for doing well. They got to choose a cut of meat so we could cook it for them. One boy was carrying a steak almost as big as he was. Another boy was looking at a piece that said rump & asked what that was. I said it was like our butt, but we can eat a cow’s butt. So he chose that. Then I saw we only had 20 mins left so we didn’t have time to cook their meat. One woman said that was good news bc that meant they didn’t have to eat the cabbage either. I said we would have a cooked breakfast next Sun. I was thinking I could cook bacon, sausage, biscuits & gravy for them.

  150. I dreamed that someone came to our back door, but I wasn’t dressed, so I went into our bedroom while my husband went to the door. Then a good friend of ours, who I thought was the man at the door, was in our bedroom & I heard my husband in the kitchen talking to another man. Our friend was getting ready to put on a new pair of underwear that I think we had bought for him. I couldn’t leave the bedroom because I was still in my nightgown, but I couldn’t stay in my BR with him in it, either. So I told him to wait until I went into my bathroom before he changed clothes, but he got under the covers on our bed & said he would just do it there. I was headed into my bathroom when the dream ended.

  151. I dreamed my son & family were moving to a house in Indiana. My husband & I went to church, then went to their house to help them load everything up. I was concerned that they hadn’t asked any other men to help them. I was in my granddaughter’s bedroom & needed to go to the bathroom. There was someone in the one next to her room, so I went to the one down & across the hall. It was occupied, too, but a woman came right out. I went in & saw she had filled the toilet, but hadn’t flushed it. I spoke to a couple of other women in there & then saw that her feces was in a brown paper sack inside the toilet bowl. I picked the bag up & threw it in the trash can. Then I put a clean sack in the toilet so I could urinate in it.

  152. My husband has had the same dream 3 times. He dreams that he’s near water, sees a snake, backs up and thinks he’s safe, but the snake jumps out of the water and bites him. He’s very concerned.

  153. I’m not sure if this was part of the same dream or not, but I was sitting at that table with my DIL & then her mother was sitting with us along with a woman that I think was supposed to be her mother’s DIL. That woman got up after a couple of minutes, and my DIL & her mother started talking about how that woman was unable to get her children to go to sleep at night. Then my grandson was talking about it as well & how bad it was because they had tried to help her before. This dream & the two above all happened in the same night. The first one with the little children all bundled up in winter coats was disturbing. I appreciate any insight you can give. Thank you.

  154. I was sitting at a long table in a pizza place. There were so many people there we had to wait a long time to put our order in. Then I was sitting w/my DIL & she was looking at pics on her cell phone. Then she handed me her phone & asked me to send the pics to her, so she could have them on her phone. I wondered why she couldn’t just send them herself, but then seemed to realize she couldn’t. Next she needed my help with something. I’m not sure why, but we went into the men’s restroom & I was trying to take the seat off of the toilet for her. A couple of men walked in during that & I asked them if they needed to use the toilet because it was the only one in there. They said no & walked on by to use the urinals, I guess.

  155. I had just barely fallen asleep & saw a small group of children, maybe 6 or 8 of them. They looked to be only 2 or 3 years old. They were standing together all dressed in warm winter coats, hats & scarves. Then I heard a loud whoosh kind of sound & then all I saw was black. Complete darkness. It startled me awake & I jumped, kind of like the sensation you have when you are falling in a dream. The whole thing must have only lasted a couple of seconds. It was very fast. Any help interpreting this dream is appreciated. Thank you so much!

  156. I was in a department store looking for shoes. I saw a pair that were cute, but my mother told me they were old. She said they were between 60-80. Then I noticed a different pair I liked, but they weren’t in my size. Then I decided that I would go find a pair of Timberland Boots. I rode the escalator upstairs & saw I didn’t have any shoes on. I was looking around for the Timberlands. I saw a pair I liked and started taking them off the shelf & they were baby Timberlands.

    • Hi Wisern
      This dream is talking about the condition of your walk with God in which he is encouraging you to walk more closely with HIm because He has good plans for you – to take you to newer heights quickly and give you a new beginning but He wants you to play your part and that is – being totally surrendered to His will. You need to totally lean on Him and not strive in your own strength. Let me know your thoughts …. Blessings!!

  157. I’m admiring a lady’s long braids made of banana leaves sisal. At a basement parking with a man and his kid, we are talking about how well the car has been restored, an old classic car maybe a pink Cadillac. 3 people come and I wonder as they helped repair the car. I think they see the car is good as new and valuable and now they have come for it. They remove machine guns. The man took the kid and ran and the lady and I enter the car just as they began shooting at us, the windows are bullet proof. She almost crushed into a pillar but only scratches it and I thought she is such a professional driver. They kept shooting and as we emerge the watchman swung open the gate and I saw the man and the kid run outside the gate as we approach. Tnx

  158. In the second dream, I was floating on a beautiful blue river, at the bottom of an amazing red rock canyon, the sky was clear blue, with no clouds, and there was nothing else except me, the river, the clear blue sky, and a hawk which was circling above me. I watched it for a while, until it dove down towards me. i don’t really know if it was attacking me or just flying down to perch on my shoulder, but the moment it got to my shoulder, I woke up. I know these dreams are short, without a lot of story, but they felt so specific, and my heart felt stirred in the morning, so i thought I’d share. Thank you all!

    • Hi Ben
      You are in a situation where much help is needed and the enemy is targeting you to cause destruction in your life through anger being projected towards you but rest assured in God because the move of God will keep you afloat and God is saying that He is there with you to bring revelation to you about what needs to be done and at the right time he will bring you to the place of honor and reward you with authority.

  159. Hello, I had two dreams back to back last night. In the first, I was just outside a large aquarium, and in it were three large king cobras, each of different color. I didn’t feel threatened or afraid, and they weren’t aggressive. There was a large branch in the aquarium (more like a piece of driftwood) and the three cobras slithered up the wood together, slowly, with their hoods basically in alignment and sort of on top of one another. I watched them slowly do this and that was essentially the whole dream. I was just staring at them, for a while, but again, it wasn’t scary or threatening. I seem to remember feeling in awe as i watched them, aware of what they were capable of, but not worried.

    • Hi Ben – There are three people in your life that are being restricted from hurting you and you know what they are capable of like you said but God is with you in all this . Makes sense ? Blessings !!!

  160. Nxt Scene of above dream- Saw again sm basket kind plane landed from sky n a stranger came out to sell a product which could changed the color of clothes n can be used to remove wrinkles from clothes also.Saw a guy Stephen wearing white shirt who used that instrument. Saw lot of ppl too..

    Any thoughts on these?thankyou.

    • A basket is provision & blessing, should you make the investment in your destiny (an investment in the Word of God) which will produce righteousness (wrinkle-free), promise, favor, glory, prophetic anointing (multi colored coverings). Stephen means victorious! Blessings!

  161. Today’s early morning dream-
    First Scene – Saw I was at the terrace of our house with a frnd (meaning of her name’ Blue Sapphire’). Saw a round hydrogen balloon kind flying high in sky. Then saw it appeared towards me n came on my lap. Wen opened there was lot of food to eat . Lot of rice n other indian cuisines. I started eating as I had just finished fasting n was hungry n asked my frnd also to eat.
    (In real life also me n my another frnd (her name means fragrance) ystrday took fasting for smthng specific in our life where we want to c the Hand of God to work) .

  162. Greetings! Seeking confirmation.
    Dreamed a co-worker (in real time-my actual superv at work )was driving a golf cart at a country club setting I believe. When seeing me on the open lawn, the person she was driving around asked me where I had been. He looked like a dignitary. I don’t remember my response to him. Next scene I Was sitting with Morgan Freeman; I think I was his caregiver. He asked “Do you know what Apartheid is?” I was about to answer his question when he interrupted me and said “I am going to write Nelson Mandela. Last wk dreamed I was moving into a trailer; next day dreamed about Pres Obama, he was on TV, he shared his story about getting around in a mobile trailer.

  163. Vicious thugs that looked like brutal men (but were likely demons) were coming at me with fists clenched determined to smash my face in & shatter my skull. However, I had no fear & simply stood still & raised an arm. They “smashed” the back side of my wrist, but I was not hurt & they bounced backward & shrunk like air going out of a balloon. Reminded me that Christ has already won the battle, & per Ephesians 6 we are merely to stand (v.13) & raise the shield of faith & the sword of the Spirit (Truth, Word).

  164. I was taking care of, and PROTECTING, 2 unrelated people, a man & a woman in a 2-story home. They kept leaving doors open & I kept shutting them. May parallel my real life concern about the souls of a couple of people who need God. I think they keep leaving the door open for the enemy & perhaps this is symbolic of me warring on their behalf through prayer.

  165. One more dream to add, I saw myself at an event as a middle aged woman, maybe 30s, and I was a minister or preacher (Not sure which), preaching about God in front of a crowd. It was a religious event. I think people were applauding with joy but I cannot recall that part of the dream. Can someone help me interpret this? Thank you.

  166. A repeated dream in my life: I am in a dim lit underground cave, dressed as a catholic/pope priest, with the pope hat and white wardrobe with crosses. Two men are on each side of me dressed in black. All three of us have bibles. I am performing an exorcism on a possessed woman in a white gown. I am praying the “Our Father” prayer. Every time i have this dream, this prayer is the one i am using, and in every dream it becomes louder and louder. Please help me understand this. Thank you

  167. I had another dream a day later where she started talking to me again like before. I went to another room in this place and this strange giant woman with an elongated head started trying to make out with me. I said no because belonged to my ex fiancée. Later it shifted and I was outside in this grassy place and was millions of snakes of all sizes everywhere. Sry for 2 posts just couldn’t fit in one.

  168. I was engaged. I was so kind to her and trusted her so much she knew all my secrets and everything. Well She made vows to me before God and 3 days later left me for another guy without cause. She used everything against me. I helped her so much when she was down. She acted like she was demon. Well the night before she left I dreamed she left and went to this old house. I then looked for her. I was on a scooter and heard a ratteling sound. Then a huge rattlesnake with a tail that looked like a can. it came after me. I was terrified it was about to bite me. She later sent a breakup email and did me evil and horrible. The dream is connected. I was deceived by her I feel. If anyone that has gift of the spirit could tell me about this dream.

  169. I had a dream where I was in my workplace (mcdonalds). I was walking through my front counter area. It was busy day a lot of co-workers and people. It was a very rainy and stormy type of day. All of the sudden lights grew dim. It became very quiet. Then I felt water rushing in from my feet. Within seconds the restaurant was filled with murky gray water. we had no time to get out. All of the people in restaurant drowned. I was barely afloat to the surface. My face was the only thing not covered by the water. What does this all mean?

  170. This is my 13yr old daughter’s dream;
    I came downstairs to the kitchen and mommy was on the phone. There were lots of loaves of meatloaf on the kitchen counter. There was also lots of cornbread loaves on the counter near the kitchen sink. The cornbread was sooo sweet. The only light on in the kitchen was the light that is over the table where our family eats. EOD

    • HI Tee

      This dream indicates that there is an abundance of deeper concepts in terms of spiritual food ready for you and your family All that you now need to do is to partake . Blessings !! and let me know if this makes sense.

      • Thank you Sheba! My daughter said that I made the food and told her that I was giving it to some people that needed it. Does that change the interp? Is this about a family ministry of ours? Blessings

  171. Thank you Marigold. Will b praying about that. Yes had been praying for the transition.

  172. Public building. Rooms down passage to left – open quads both ends of passage. Enter room and sense a lot of people, only see a woman. An evil spiritual ‘hand’ comes for us. Hand grips me around chest and back. Pain in my body. I yell to the lady to proclaim and claim. I proclaim I am daughter of the Most High God, thanking Him, covered by the blood of the Lamb etc. Grip loosens. Exit room. In the hall I look right and there are 2 black giants sparring in the quad, see their legs. Door opens to left, I look in hoping to hide. See a lot of men on floor in white shirts, ties, ‘slain’. I say, “No, I am not going a second round with that”. I know the spirit from the first room is lurking around the second room.

    • Dream week later: Bad sleep – felt like being dragged to dream. Standout parts: Saw late sis-in-law approaching me, saw the body belonged to a man, muscular and tall, off colour tint. Sis face melted away. Saw 3 children looking out of a window – locked in the room, I’m with them. Last part I stepped into a room with a large circular pit in floor. Hanging around wooden walls of pit are huge black chrysalis (like flies before hatching). One wriggles and I can see a black haired huge pig in it. I notice a HUGE dog (like pitbull) turn and watch me. Camouflaged into the wood – I can now see the other dogs in the pit between the chrysalis. I think, “Nope” and step out.

  173. Hi Queenie – Incisor teeth are known as “eye teeth”. For them to become loose, break, or fall out can indicate that you’re lacking spiritual vision & gums can be a matter/issue of the heart. This may be revealing a God inspired desire deep within you that you may not have fully acknowledged or come to terms with yet; in addition to opening doors of opportunity. He is showing you to go to Him about a vision to serve Him (your assignment) & make it known. Run after Him & find out what your purpose is in this place right now. Listen to the still small voice of Holy Spirit. He is getting ready to turn the volume up within you so you do not miss the demarcation line, or crossroad, or important transition in your life. Blessings!

  174. Dream-like I was in the church (in a service in a local language which has started recently in our church in real life ,though very few ppl come) and i was doing announcement in dream. Didn’t know who was gonna preach the Word ,so went to Pastor sitting at front row to ask and I felt he said noone there. Then I felt one of my upper lateral incisor tooth broke and felt gums also got loosened. I closed my mouth n saw dad was lying down on a desk at the end of the church n sleeping (Felt awkward he never does that in real life). Woke him up n told him about tooth. And Pastor was also there. I got up from sleep.

    What could be this ?pls help.

  175. I dreamt I was sitting in my car parked in a car park. A security guard shot a man across from me and he instantly died. He had walked out from his car.Then the scene moved to me driving my car. There were bullets flying around my car. Helicopters/ planes were coming from all sides dropping things onto the car. I was holding the children’s faces but nothing got inside the car, nothing hit us. It all was so intense

  176. I dreamt that I was out shoe-shopping. I eventually narrowed my choices down to 2 pairs. I tried one pair on to compare with the other but as I looked closely at the shoes, they changed and looked like snakes, with eyes and tongue. I walked around a bit on the snake shoes thinking i was probably just imagining that they looked like snakes but they stayed the same. I then told the saleslady, no thank you and chose the other pair and left the shop. I would appreciate some help interpreting my dream as i don’t know if this dream could be connected to my situation wherein I am engaging in spiritual warfare standing for my marriage and also waiting for a court case to be decided upon (not related to marriage). Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Ann – Sounds like you may have contemplated a decision that could’ve bitten you, which would’ve cost you since for “a bit”, you were walking in denial about lies/deception, not being able to see clearly. The Lord is unveiling your spiritual eyes to behold the truth because the truth (Jesus) will set you free – always continue in His Word (John 8:31-32)…

    • It also appears you’re paying for a new spiritual walk. What is the cost? However it is to be made, ex: with fasting & prayer or turning on our meekness & humility (the opposite of pride in THE snake), etc… it shall open your eyes to the truth & freedom will come. Be encouraged! We serve a mighty God who is bigger than any situation or circumstance – there really is nothing too difficult for El Shaddai! I pray for your victorious outcomes & for the peace of the Lord to envelope your heart. Blessings.

  177. The second part of that dream is then we saw a man there who used to be our pastor many years ago. He was with his wife & I noticed that she had lost weight. I asked her what she was doing to lose it & she said the Physician’s Diet. Not sure that is relevant, but thought I would share it. 🙂 Thank you so much for your time & prayerful interpretations! God bless!

  178. I dreamed my husband & I took my friend, Debbie, to a church service. She & I each had a Dasani water bottle with us. After we got her there, I grabbed the bottle in the door of the suv & took a drink. The top of the bottle broke off & I realized it was her bottle. While we were waiting for her, we were standing in front of a table full of food. They had a buffet & we were told to take some food home with us. We filled a platter up with food & then I put some huge thin ham slices on top & placed them so that you couldn’t see any of the food underneath. They had so much food there that when people went up for a slice of pie, they just gave them the whole pie, so there wasn’t any dessert left.

  179. I dreamed I was helping my Pastor & wife with their laundry, only somehow my bedroom was theirs. The washer & dryer were in their bedroom. I folded a pair of jeans from the dryer & then a huge pair of boxer briefs. They were navy, but faded a little orange around the crotch area. I folded them in quarters & laid them on the bed on top of the jeans. My friend was folding a towel, but I felt it was still a little damp & needed to be dried longer. Then my Pastor came in from taking a shower & needed a towel to dry his hair. I realized that was their only towel & wondered if he needed new underwear. I thought this was a chance to see what size jean & underwear he wore in case my husband & I wanted to buy him some new ones.

  180. I have a few dreams plus the one I posted on March 6th above that I would love some help interpreting, please. I dreamed that my son was calling me on my cell phone, but my cell phone read: Calling Larry Pyle. I thought in the dream that my number must have belonged to a Larry Pyle before I got it. Then I saw the numbers 6727. That was all of that dream.

    • Hi Kathy – This sounds like a calling on your life, letting you know that your post during this season is in victorious love for the leaders of your church via humble covering, protecting intimacy, keeping things private & protected (intercessor comes to mind). Through your love of spiritual assistance, the work of God in you will be made manifest as a faithful witness to divine completion = the Lord has let you know He has given you the victory. This is why you’ve been seeing a lot of yourself helping them spiritually cleanse by way of laundry, dishes, etc. There may be a time of adjusting to a transition period upcoming (the “only towel”). Remember to consider the cost (Luke 14:28). Hope this helps. Blessings!

      • Thank you, Marigold. Would you mind breaking that down a bit more, though, please? Is that interpretation a compilation of the last several dreams I posted recently? Are there specific details that pertain more to one dream than another? Can you explain what “the work of God in you will be made manifest as a faithful witness to divine completion = the Lord has let you know He has given you the victory” means or how you see that? Also, why did you mention to “Remember to consider the cost?”

        • A couple of the dreams have similar themes, but with different details, such as no makeup on, extra large underwear, the table full of food, whole pies given instead of slices & the top of a water bottle breaking off. Do those details seem significant at all? Thank you again for your insight. Sorry for all the questions!

        • Hi Kathy! First I looked up the names & it felt right in my spirit with the theme of the cleansing & all. Pyle = “post” or “stake”. Larry = laurel leaf (wreath) given to winners of the Olympic games, representing love & victory. And it was the Son of God calling to give you this message, so it came across as your son to give you this clue… it’s where I got your “calling” from the Lord. Then I wrote the meaning of the 4 numbers separately since they just seem so random, …

        • & when I did, it came together with what was already in my spirit for the dream (intercessor): (6) = the work of God through man (you), (7) = divine completion – the presence of God, (2) faithful witness, (7) divine completion again. For something we buy, there is a price tag & it seems you were reminded to consider the cost in the dream since “in case you wanted to buy him new underwear/jeans”. Does it make sense? If anything drops in my spirit about the other details you mentioned above, I’ll be sure to come back to it. Isn’t this fun?! Blessings to you & your husband!

          • Thank you so much for all your time! Yes, it is fun…..but would be more so if I could put it all together better. 😉 Do you think this calling could extend beyond church leaders possibly? I think I’m feeling more that it may be referring to interceding for our Nation’s leaders. Do you see any indication of that in any of my dreams? I have also felt for awhile that the Lord may be leading me into deliverance ministry on some level, but am not completely sure about that yet.

  181. Thank you Marigold. Interesting, because I recently moved to NC and I believe that I am to start a 501c3 agency (I am a social worker) but I am waiting for further instructions (also been confirmed prophetically). Also, my initial research topic for my dissertation is “rejection from the womb.” Very interesting, indeed. Thanks again!!

  182. I have recently had so many dreams about beds, bedrooms and being with people in the bed. I don’t know what it means. Today I was in my bed in a house we used to live in. My ex was with me in the bed though he looked abit different his name is Mecca. We kissed and I told him it cannot go further till we get married and my close friend was on the bed next to us. He got out of bed and my friend told him to cover up. Please help? Thanks

    • Hi Beryl – beds & bedrooms are a place of intimacy; a place of privacy. Sharing a bed with someone is to be in agreement. And again, a kiss is agreement/covenant. “… till we get married” = desire & expectation of union. Mecca speaks of a place of attracting people with a particular/similar interest – this is the area of spiritual agreement you may be in – do you know what it is? ….

    • The Lord is showing your intimacy with Holy Spirit (waterbed) & how you love being with Him & lying on the carpet on the floor is your foundation, Jesus. It seems you go back to them at the end of the day, no-matter what’s happening – so good! He is encouraging you to continue to do so & He will be the One to confirm these areas to bring you out & to bring you in. Hope this helps shed some light. Blessings!

  183. I had 3 dreams the same day. One I already posted above the other I was walking along the corridors of a hostel with my bedding looking for a place to sleep they were full then at the end I met a handsome man I usually see in church and we started chatting and laughing we were sitting under a tree then he gave me a kiss on the cheek then I left and had to go sleep in the living room on the carpet. Dream 2: in a queue, I’m fetching water from a tap in 2 buckets, and pour on my big bed but it doesn’t get wet. Then I jump on it and it’s like a water bed and I’m so happy then I spread it and enter to sleep and it feels so soft and white and nice and I wake up smiling

  184. I asked God to show me in a dream if a curse was upon me, to show me signs/person behind it. I
    dreamt I was in my mother’s old house & standing face to face with someone. A bird darted directly towards me & attacked/nagged the top of my head. It didn’t hurt me, but I panicked in fear and the person standing in front of me who faced me didn’t help me, she stared at me in a daze/trance.I realize the person in front of me was my mother. I woke up & wondered if God sent me that vision? The bird symbolizes a messenger or witchcraft. The bird nagging me could be God telling me to pay attention & look at the person standing in front of me. Me shifting my focus to see who that person was, could be God showing me who is behind the curse.

    • To add a few more points; even though the bird was sqwaking and persistently jabbing on my head, I knew in my dream that I was dreaming, but knew to shift my focus to who the person was in front of me. I do see into the spirit realm and feel this is a vision/dream. I asked God to show me what I needed to see. That night I didn’t dream for some reason. but the following afternoon I took a nap and the dream hit. I don’t know what to think. I am seeing astral/spirit spiders and demons while i’m wide awake and my life is constant suffering. Was this dream a vision from God showing me what I asked to see?
      Thank you. (The dream starts at the first comment above. Sorry)

      • Hi Franco – sounds like trauma or an issue having developed from your actual past. The enemy is trying to attack you in the area of your mind which can be a lot of different areas: pride, fear, anxiety, mental frustration… as is indicated by the pecking on the head. Spiders can mean a stronghold, and the mother standing in a daze in front of you may be the church, unaware of your current spiritual issues/needs. Speak to a trusted source in the church for guidance, agreement in prayer & deliverance.

      • God does not have any defeat for you. He has given you the victory through Jesus & every believer has been given authority over all the power of the enemy – they are under you feet! Seek Jesus first & foremost and make Him your priority, as enlargement comes in the areas of our focus. Every blessing to you in the name of Jesus!

  185. We had been held hostage in my former primary school then soldiers came and rescued us and one of the people was trying to shoot me but found his gun had run out of bullets and when I tried shooting him with the gun I picked I found it was also out of bullets and one of the soldiers came and shot him. They told me that they are sparing me and I should take only what belongs to me so I took a couple of my books my water bottle and in the bag I had a muffin cake and they confirmed that all I had carried was my stuff then they told me to hurry up and leave and I was grateful that they had spared me and I left walking very fast until I came out of the school gate.

  186. I dreamed that my room was dirty then a rat came from under the bed and ran out and then looked at me but had the face of a raccoon. Yesterday I dreamed that I was running from an angry person who was trying to beat me but entered a room and locked the door then again I was running to enter another room to lock it but the lady who was with me in the previous room said it’s fine I should open the door. They were 2 Sudanese men who held me down because I was fighting them. One said they want to give me money and I relaxed and asked if to buy diamonds for them? he said no to invest, he removed money in Euros 12 or 120 and I converted to my currency and thought that’s not enough to invest. The other removed my bundle of money from my pocket.

  187. Here is my dream: I was on a school bus that I didn’t need to be on. I believe I was a teacher. It was a bus of students and teachers going on a field trip. The first stop was our local visitor information center. I figured I would just get off the bus there and walk back home or to the school. Instead, I went inside the visitor information center. I went to the area the staff used for talking to the visitors and it was dark and empty, I found the bathrooms but didn’t find the staff, I only saw the people from the bus.
    Thanks for any comments

    • Hi Wayne – Seems to me the Lord is directing you to seek Him for guidance. Through a youth ministry or involvement somehow with the youth, there is certain to be a time of spiritual growth, a passage from one stage of development to another. Bathrooms are a place of spiritual cleansing & repentance which is happening in the place of seeking Him. Is there a choice you’re having to make in your life currently? Is there info. you need to make a choice about something? He’s urging you to seek Him for the answer to it. Blessings!

  188. Is there a place to post dreams that are normal length like at least 1500 characters long. My dreams are quite detailed and I wouldn’t want to scale them down by taking out anything that may be important. Thanks.

  189. I dreamt of someone i know, a Sister in Christ. And I saw jer walking by and her pants were falling or slipping down. Pehaps pants ro big, maybe something not secure . Im not sure also she jas a little boy and he came running to me as glad to see me. Shes a single mother of 3 trying to make it but having a tough time. I am a very Blessed Dreamer. I know its a Gift of God as well a way He speaks to me.

    • Hi Craig – Since pants speak of fulfillment of calling/purpose, it falling down may represent an inability at this time to fulfill this purpose completely, perhaps facing loss of support of the purpose?… Perhaps she may have overstepped a boundary or authority on some level? Either way, embrace faith in prayer for her recovery of support & the ability to fulfill her calling. The meaning of their names may allow for more info. Sheba… are you there? I welcome your thoughts. 🙂

  190. Small correction : …as it felt it was going a bit too fast….he totally respected it.

    • Hi Angela – Sounds like a stairway to Heaven which is going toward God! You’re advancing in the things of the Spirit & toward your life’s journey. There will come God’s divinely appointed timing in his plan & purpose for your life to manifest this plan. As Amos 3:3 points out, “can two walk together unless they agree?” Your laughter brings to mind the joy of the Lord – the placement of His gladness in your heart with no sorrow added; a fulfillment of a desire in your heart. The Lord will use this time to equip & prepare you for what is ahead. Pray into it while you wait… it’s a virtue that’s being developed as you surrender to God’s greater plan… all for your good, for His glory! Beautiful dream… Blessings!

      • Thank you Marigold! Yes God has promised marriage to me and has been showing me that we both aiming for the same goal. Along this journey I believe he is going to propose and as we reach what God has in store he is showing me that it will be good and not what my past looked like. Thank you ?

  191. I had a beautiful dream: I was laughing and running up the stairs with a guy and he extended his hand to me and we continued running up with holding hands. It all felt so pure. As we got to the top he kept on looking at me and patiently waiting. I was nearing myself to him and gently kissed his mouth a few times. I then said to him to hold on for me as it’s still too early. He totally respected it.

  192. Greetings. Thanks for helping with this dream
    Dreamed I was in a room with people; recognized my actual daughters Britney & Shatia. Suddenly, while standing I let out a screech. I then found myself on a table having labor pains and I could visibly see the movement of the baby. It appears that the baby was reaching/stretching out with a arm. There was lots of movement in my stomach. My daughter(s) was staring intently. In the dream it didn’t even look like i was pregnant. I know that pregnancy can imply “newness,” but I am not sure about this dream. I am currently in college and I have to make a decision about a research topic. I’ve been praying a lot about this topic, and then I had this dream.Thanks

    • Hi Babs – Psalms 136:12 is a song of thanksgiving for His love never quits – God delivers His children “with a strong hand and with a stretched out arm; for His mercy endures forever”. Sounds like a prophetic call over your life of God gifting you with birthing something for Him that will reach out with mercy… a ministry of compassion & love? You will be surrounded by witnesses who will see the goodness of El Shaddai! & it may come as a surprise in a way which you would not expect. He can be sneaky in His set-ups by gifting us joyful surprises through His lovely creativity… could there be a possible connection in this toward the research topic?

  193. I dreamed I went to our worship leader’s house to help out as his mother was in the hospital (in real life, that woman is his aunt, not his mother.) First I was at the kitchen sink washing their dishes. Next, I sorted their laundry before I washed it. It seemed there were a couple of washing machines there to use. I went over early in the morning because I wanted to get over there to help them & didn’t even take the time to put on any makeup. I told him that not many people see me without any makeup on, usually just my hubby. There were several other men from our church there working on something, but I don’t remember any of them. Any insight would be appreciated. 🙂 Thank you!

  194. (4) surrounding instruments or musicians. not sure what any of it means. Hoping for some insight. Thanks.
    Sorry for the Length!

  195. (3) then came out and greeted me and started to talk me with but I didn’t understand why he didn’t address what I had seen in the room. Before the dream ended the doorbell rang and two females were at the door dressed in really loud dresses. They told him they just stopped by to check on him and asked him where the party was. He let them in but told them he wasn’t sure where a party was. I have had a few dreams involving him showing emotions to me in social atmospheres with or without people present and also

  196. (2) and noticed two chairs. There were two people sitting in the chairs. I got a little closer and noticed that one of the persons was my friend. He was very snuggled up against the other person which was a guy he used to work with. Seeing him this close to another male made me feel very uncomfortable and I didn’t understand why he was so close to him. I also noticed it was a younger version of him. He had a low haircut and was clean shaven. I left the room and went back into the living room. My friend

  197. (1) Hello, I keep having dreams involving the same person. I had a dream that I was walking my niece into this house. I noticed that my niece had on very raggedy clothing. I was concerned. I also noticed wording on her clothing, fear and God. We entered the house and I made her take a seat on this couch. I walked around the house to find someone. I seen a room and walked closer to the room. once I got closer, I noticed very nice equipment that you would see in a recording studio. I got closer to the room

  198. part b) …cont
    He was very much wanting me to come along with him and his wife. It was as if he still liked me, was pursuing me, and thought she was too young in her mind. Another girl, his sister is the only one who stood out to me from the crowd ( name = pure). She was sitting with others on a couch, inside a building – watching tv etc. I did not want to come with him and declined. I felt very sick, uncomfortable from his attention. He had a tiger with him – I said thats dangerous – he laughed and waved it around – it was a toy with plastic ears.

  199. Part a) Does ex boyfriends in dreams have to be a current person and romantically involvement irl, or can it symbolize a present situation, or friend whom you should avoid?
    I dreamt I was at a large gathering/youth group or the likes – recreational. Down a hillside road came a past boyfriend (name = eagle tree ) and his 12 year younger wife ( name = stone ). cont….

  200. I just read my notes on this and realize prior to the dentist event I dreamt I was in a hotel trying to take a shower but being afraid someone would break in. A lot of ” noise” in the dream at this point that I do not remember. I recall there being a pet puppy I wanted to buy but some men were trying to stop me. ( unknown men ). Then I was in the shower but my brother and parents flicked the hook off that was keeping the door locked. I was upset/on edge.

  201. As I woke up I thought it was peculiar that I was depending on my dad to take me when I am grown and married, have a car and capable of taking myself.

  202. 2) As I went inside I went from garage through laundry room into the kitchen to find the address to the dentist, and call the dentist office to tell them I was late – they said the dentist had died. And I realized it was the young man from the news that choked in the restaurant. ( dentist last name IRL means watchman). Prior to finding this out I was terrified of being late and loose my appointment. After he died I did not know if there was another appointment.

  203. 1) In this dream I saw myself in the garage of our current home. The Garage door was open – I was waiting for my dad to take me to the dentist ( just regular checkup ). I was upset because a painter came to paint the living room grey, and I was afraid to miss my appointment. I went into the kitchen and told my mom ” I am going to take myself to the appointment”. The painter was in the living room. At the same time we discussed news that a young man had chocked and died in a restaurant.

  204. In my first dream I am sitting in a dark movie theater holding a little girl who is wearing a white dress. The whole time I am very aware of the fact that I am supposed to be getting on an airplane to England soon. I take a stop by my childhood home, but I never dream to the part where I actually get on the plane.

  205. Hello! I had three different dreams in a row and this was the second one.
    I had a dream where I was swimming along a calm stream looking for something. There was a man swimming next to me (someone I didn’t recognize) and I was following three colored, glowing orbs in the water. They led us to a waterfall and I willingly go towards the edge and jump over. I get up and I am fine.

  206. My ex, a lady and I are in a foreign country running to catch the train but everyone else is just relaxed. Turns out there was no hurry so we sit waiting. I am talking to the lady and I’m surprised that my ex now wants a baby with that girl yet he has a girlfriend. They just laugh when I inquire. My ex is not really him he has the face of someone I’ve seen in church. I decide to look at what’s in his bag so I go to a room and inside are a lot of feet or people sleeping and all I could see were bare feet and some funny looking white bald people with black eyes looking weird and two are looking at me. I don’t find my exes bag so I turn and close the door.

  207. on a journey to somewhere then i made a mistake like transgressing to their law , i was about to be punished when someone seems to be their leader stopped them. After this i decided to wait at that point to rescue others to come behind me from making such mistake i made, i was weeping bitterly.

  208. Thanks Marigold. God bless.
    Definitely blessed with Chemistry meaning.
    Just one thing want to know- does Sports could symbolise spiritual warfare??

    • Only because you’ve had reoccurring dreams of having to take chemistry tests. Exams can be trials of life, but of course not all tests are warfare but can seem like it if you don’t see it coming. When one plays sports, it’s usually to win, therefore also displaying your talents/abilities & exhibiting cooperation. This can also be indicative of test taking (proving your knowledge, giftings, abilities). You may be searching the heart – looking into the life & affairs of someone? – according to Acts 28:18 & 1 Cor.9:3, hence “chemistry” tests? Hope this helps. Blessings!

  209. In real life I had a 2-month temporary residence in a horrible unit owned by a couple who committed fraud & other illegal acts. They then also refused to return my full security deposit for outlandish reasons. I dreamt I was talking to someone who I called my “boss” (female & friendly) who said “I’ll take care of it.” Does that mean I should NOT take them to small claims & simply trust God to make it up elsewhere, or am I being urged to “tell about it”, which I first had to do in the dream? Is the “boss” symbolic of God or a judge?

    • Hi April
      Yes, you are right – Boss can symbolize God or judge. Now you need to check out your situation and see if you are on the right track with all the rules and regulations and if you think you are you could take them to the small claims court but if you are not sure leave it to God and He will take care of this situation. This same thing happened to us a couple of years ago.
      Blessings !!!

  210. 4) Lastly I saw myself in a very large eating area. It was rows and rows of tables on concrete flooring – white covering, with white poles holding it up – no walls. My husband ( noble ) and my son were sitting at one table, my sister and I were sitting at another facing them with a table row between us. My husband came over and put his hand on my head – he said, ” this is good – this is God”. As he did flashes of lights were all over my head/mind. I left for a minute and said, dont let anyone take my coke. When I came back my coke can was gone but someone handed me a big red plastic cup with coke in, so I got more then I had before.

    • Hi Camilla
      So Justice is coming to you in some situation that you are partnering with. There will be cleansing first and then new ideas are going to be formed.
      And God is confirming and giving you a clear perspective on things so if need be you will be given the confidence to take what is yours and not feel guilty.
      And after you have been through cleansing you will be able to totally devote yourself to God and thus you will be exalted.
      And there will be provision of things that are pure and you will end with more than what you started at the beginning. What a wonderful dream!!! So is this what’s going on real life for you Camilla? let me know your thoughts.

      • Hi Sheba,
        Thank you so much for taking time. Yes I do believe that is what is going on.
        What made you think of ..” take what is yours and not feel guilty”?

        • Good question Camilla. 🙂
          Stealing refers to take by force and I tried to put it in nicer words I don’t know why I was lead to do that. Blessings !!

          • That is very interesting. I was so worried the stealing part in the dream was meaning someone was going to steal from us, or someone was not the good person they pretended to be. This is very comforting. Also, ” take and not feel guilty” rather than ” take by force” Will probably be important to me as the situation reveals itself. I am not a force person, and could feel guilty if my choice/taking would affect others.
            Thank you Sheba so much for your time interpreting! It is a huge blessing. I am learning so much from your input in this. Blessings to you!

          • I read the dictionary here and try to find out and apply meanings into my dreams – it is very enlightening. However it is still hard to sew it all together so getting someone else perspective and insight is so valuable. Thank you for doing this! Jesus bless you today.

  211. 3) I was in a bathroom stall in a large restroom facility like you find in an airport or place lots of people gather. Many sinks –
    A friend, Elisabet, showed up and it was great to see her after many years. I was very surprised but very delighted and happy. My sister showed up too ( her name meaning Exalted ) the 3 of us were so excited to be in the same place – we were laughing and hugging and so happy. We all said it must be the Lord since we had not orchestrated it. Elisabeths husband, John, and son Joshua came as well.

  212. 2) My husband and Trey Gowdy along with what I sensed as more men were standing by the woods on the riverbank looking to a river. 2 young women were walking towards river – one is good one is bad. As they enter the river they pass a cottage/shed building on their left. As they are In the river our understanding changes- their character is opposite of what we all had thought. The one who we thought was good was bad – had stolen things from her mothers bedroom – maybe jewelry? I could see her in the room scavenging for something.

  213. A dream in 4 parts – will write each part separate –
    1) I saw my husband and Congressman Trey Gowdy enter my parents home through the laundry room and going through to the kitchen. They were looking at me and smiling as they did this.

  214. Than you Marigold for taking time. Will look in my dreams again with this thought.

    • Some thoughts for you pertaining to your last posted dream…
      You’re in a time & place of training, equipping, & preparation. You’re being enlightened as to upcoming times of testing which is usually seen as spiritual warfare but not to fret… you’ve been given the victory so stay in faith & move in faith, always presenting each challenging situation to the Lord. He will lead you….

      • ……
        Be on the look-out to recognize these situations, keeping in mind to especially make note of anything pertaining to “chemistry” (the rapport between people/groups/etc.) that are testing your faith. Be encouraged, my sister! Times of testing come before a breakthrough/promotion! Be mindful to praise/worship the Lord in celebration through every situation. Does this make sense? Blessings to you!

  215. Bathroom Dream..
    My husband and I were standing in the bathroom of a husband and wife couple that I follow on you tube. Their names are Jessica and Jovan. This was not their bathroom irl. The bathroom was nice and very clean. There were red heart decorations covering one of the walls in the bathroom. I said to my husband, “Remember the video of the girl I was watching the other day? This is her bathroom.” He looked at me with a surprised look. We were both really happy for some reason. We also saw that there was more to this bathroom. It had another area where the tub was in and there was a television playing. Everything was beautiful and we were both very impressed. EOD

  216. Hi, I had a dream that I was dressed in a wedding gown to marry my brother in law (I have had a dream about preparing to marry him before, but both times I did not not want to marry him). My wedding was to be next, one had taken place earlier. I could see my relatives at the chairs excited but I wasn’t happy and I was telling people including some girl that I didn’t want to marry him. My in-law left to dress but then later the same girl told me he said he’s not coming back and I was very happy. Then the girl removed a legal document wrapped on a bottle that would stop any future suggestions of that marriage. 2 signatures were needed. One person signed then when I wanted to also sign she refused and called another person to sign.

    • Sounds like a warning dream to not go through with an agreement you’ve had with a fellow minister or the church on some level (legalistic believer). The Lord is telling you from the discerning of your spirit that this act will not be what is best for you if you go through with it or else you will be compromising yourself which may already be the case on a certain level. The church (“relatives”) wants the official union of this partnership to happen but don’t be afraid to decline….

      • ……
        Saying no will loose you from being adhered/bound & to be free – to be adjustable, flexible, stretchable – as in a new wineskin which needs to be able to speak out or else it will burst. Know that there is sure to be a change which will bring you peace. Does this make sense? Be encouraged! The signing of 2 other people signifies an established witness & testimony. Hallelujah! Come into agreement with the Lord to loose yourself from this thing as He has shown you & praise Him! You are VICTORIOUS in CHRIST!!

      • Hi Marigold, thank you for the interpretation. I figured the dream was about coming to an agreement but I don’t relate or can’t think of an agreement that I have had with a minister or with the church though I am trying to think if I have become a legalistic believer. The first time i had a similar dream, my sister was to be the best maid yet it was her husband and she was so excited.. I was unhappy and questioning and saying that the marriage won’t even be legal and we would need a minister to bless it and so it has to be in a church. God told me to see one of my pastors to pray for me. At the time I was attending Bible school. I am just trying to think if the agreement could be something I come into unconsciously.

  217. Daughters dream…
    Mom, dad, me, and my lil brother drove to Great Wolf Lodge. Mom said her and dad got new jobs as coffee people. I asked what me and my bro will do here? Mom said we will sit and eat muffins. G W Lodge looked like an apt. complex. The waterpark was gone. When we went inside, mom and dad put on hairnets and started selling coffee in the green and orange cafe. Me and my bro went upstairs to our family’s apartment. I left the apt. to explore. I went into someone’s apt. The door was wide open. I saw a purple crystal ball on a table. I touched it and thought it was cool, then I left. I went back to my family’s apt and saw a piece of cake sitting on the table.

  218. Saw a dream – I m a student in a school. And I had to choose one subject from Music, Drawing (Art n craft) n Sports. I was worried what to choose because I m not good in all the three. Entered a classroom ,saw Michael (drummer in my church) as my classmate along with some teachers/faculties. He suggested me to choose Sports (I was wondering how he knew music n art I m not good) .I enquired him what he chose- he told music.
    Any thoughts on this will b helpful.
    And what could Chemistry subject mean? Had few dreams where either I hv to go for chem class or chem test.

  219. I have been having dreams about an ex boyfriend for the last 10 years almost weekly -first I thought it was something i was doing but im over him and haven’t talked to him in years. The dreams are not sexual or demonic they are usually prophetic meaning i will dream about something with him and it will come to pass–or if he is not lined up with the will of GOD i will get the dreams daily and then i will start praying for him until the dream changes. Its like i have a look into his life.–.I am a dreamer and love my dreams I’m just slightly confused on why so many dreams about him it gets frustrating at times. Am I assigned to be an intercessor for him?? Has anyone experience this?

  220. My husband doesn’t very often have dreams that he remembers, but he has had 2 recently that I would like your help interpreting, please. In the 1st dream he was trying to get 4 white U-Haul type trailers (no wording on them) hooked to his pick-up truck. He wasn’t able to get them hooked up as 2 had bent tongues & were hooked together. 2nd dream: He had a bicycle with a basket on the back of it. He was trying to load his books & papers from the ground into the basket so he could get to his next class. He wasn’t happy because he knew he wouldn’t make it in time & would be late as his class was across the campus from where he was. Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Kathy,
      Some thoughts on this… I’m feeling that the Uhaul trailers are people of God who don’t yet have the authority to transport or deliver things on their own. They are dependent on someone or a ministry who does. So he’s trying to help them. But he can’t with the ones who have bent tongues = ungodliness/perversions of lies, gossip, deceit, & words that tear down….

      • …….
        He may regard his time &/or place of training, equipping, & preparation as leaving him inadequate on some level. Any of this make sense? I have a feeling that keeps coming back to me that you two are going to move on either literally or on to a new spiritual level (after also reading your dream above). Any of this make sense to you? It may take some time to become clear. Blessings!

        • Hi Marigold! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! My husband & I both feel that your comments relate to me right now, rather than him. Is that possible since they were his dreams and he was the only one in them? There are several people I am trying to help right now who need deliverance. I am also trying to learn all I can about several different topics in order to help them. I have also been praying to walk on a higher level spiritually. I want everything the Lord has for me! Do you have any insight into my dream above on Feb 20, especially about the denominations of the money I withdrew & the bills in odd amounts?

          • Hi Kathy!
            Yes, it’s possible since your husband is your “head”, which means he covers you spiritually. The Lord can be answering hubby’s prayers for you. Also, I’ve known of times He has spoken to the spouse first regarding a situation that the other one is seeking Him for. This makes you stronger as a team… (Deut.32:30) & it’s fun! God warned Pilate through his wife in a dream (not so much fun, however, compassionate in His love by gifting us warnings to preserve our lives). So let’s dissect a bit: your helping to deliver others = individual ministry = bicycle (hubby’s dream).

          • “Learning all you can…” = there are books that will be beneficial to you should you take note of them = being late for a class putting books/papers in the bike basket (also hubby’s dream)… certainly sounds like you are experiencing these symbolisms in your life right now.

            Your trip (journey) foretells of a spiritual time of growth; a passage from one stage of development to another. The Lord is revealing to you that He has gifted you with the grace for your new season ($58). There will be a completion of something into fruitfulness ($79). He wants you to take notice of these gifts, to know you have received them.

          • 500 – having measured & dividing the holy from the profane (Kathy, He is saying you are valued as 500 = you are counted as His holy people)
            100 – election; children of promise; 100-fold reward
            20 – redemption; crowning achievement; divine order & completion for spiritual perfection; waiting with expectancy


          • Testing… to see why I didn’t have a “reply” button on the previous posts to you…

          • Thank you so much, Marigold! I am in awe of how you are able to see all of that from my dreams! But I do believe my hubby’s dreams pertain to me and the things that God is preparing me for. It all just fits. And I also just had someone recommend a couple of books to me to help prepare me as well. 🙂 So that part really rang true when I read it. I appreciate your help & I am excited to see where God leads me. Bless you.

  221. I dreamed my husband & I were at a church function. There were a lot of people there. They were bringing out food for a meal & I felt bad that I didn’t bring a dish to share. I remembered there was a bowl of chili in the freezer at home. We thought about going go back to get it, but decided we didn’t have enough time before dinner. Next, I was going on a trip with my good friend. I stopped at the ATM to withdraw $500. There were 2 $100 bills, several $20 bills & then a couple in odd amounts. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but one bill was something like $58 & another like $79. I had trouble counting it because of the odd amounts & had to start over a couple of times.

  222. Hi K

    Some lies from the enemy are attacking you to take away your faith and to disturb your walk with God so you will loose your spiritual authority over the enemy. Keep trusting in the Lord for He is so good and He has made the Holy spirit available to you so you will be healed from the attacks. Do not be afraid. Blessings!!!!

  223. I keep having dreams of snakes (ive had several in the last 8 months). Last night, in the dream, I got bit on my right foot by a light brown cobra (close to my pinky toe). There were snakes all outside of the house. My mother doctored my foot but I felt vert scared and thought I would die from poison.

    Please help.

  224. Two quick dreams… both at work- one girl showing me on her PC her Xbox with both controllers and really fascinated. The other girl asked me if she can have her cup of tea from my kettle rather than from the rest of the team…

    • Hi Angela
      wondering what their names are? That might help….

      • Natalie-for the Xbox and Katie for the kettle

        • Hi Angela – Not sure regarding the xbox, but wanted to share with you what crossed my mind concerning the tea. From Rev.22:2 we understand tea to be used for healing. Tea also represents soothing, calming, a slowing down for a relaxed state, a state of peacefulness. It may be that Katie prefers drinking from your brew because she senses these attributes emitting from you & she is in need of it &/or she appreciates it. Being around you may offer her a break from thinking about the pressures of deadlines, contracts, phone calls, sales numbers, etc… Hope this speaks to you! Blessings!

  225. I was in a kind of auditorium with people seated and I was to have an interview (I have been expecting and praying about a certain job) but there was a snake like a viper where I was to interview and I was afraid then suddenly someone was on a bike riding away round the auditorium carrying the snake then I was sitting in the audience and apparently they were announcing the lady who got the job I think I heard the name Leah and I became sad and woke up hopeless because I really wanted this particular job.

    • Hi Beryl
      You are waiting for something and the message is that your time will come when you will get your much awaited answer because the hurdle will be removed. Somehow I am getting the feeling that this is similar to what happened in the Bible – just like Leah got given to Jacob first instead of Rachel. So hang in there it is coming . Blessings !!! Let me know your thoughts…

      • Hi Sheba,
        This makes sense. I have been out of a job going to a year now and I finally got an interview. I have been waiting and expecting a communication regarding whether I qualified for the next step of an interview process (I had done a pre-selection test already). I have been praying that the response is positive. I believe God’s will be done. Thank you and be blessed 🙂

      • Hi Sheba, just chewing on this again. In the Leah context could it be also that maybe this is not my job and just like Rachel had to wait longer then I will also have to wait longer and that is why I felt discouraged when I woke up?

        • Hi Beryl,
          Just a thought that ran through my head concerning your last post – lots of times when we wake up from a dream, we are in a state of emotions that are not necessarily what God is telling us. I believe the Lord is giving you a heads-up to be glad for the wait because the name “Leah” means weary & tired. Like Sheba mentioned, the right one is coming… don’t give up seeking Him first. He knows the plans He has for you… and He is definitely talking to you about it! Very exciting – Praise God!

  226. I was driving a red fire truck up a narrow hill where there were a row of houses. As I was driving up it, fire fighters were pulling up their ladders one by one to let me go by. I waved thank you as I rode by. Now, Me, my hubby and our kids were walking in the evening to a Pastor’s house. Hubby told us how the Pastor complains that no one comes to his church. I could see the Pastor in his house. The tv was on and he was cooking in the kitchen. I wondered if he was married. Hubby and the Pastor had an agreement that He can pick up his mail in the back of the house. Hubby jumped down into a deep ditch. I was afraid to jump so I stayed up top and tried to reach for the mail in the ditch. Lots of mail were in white boxes.

  227. I dreamt I was making a friend a cup of tea and she passed me some ingredients to include. Amongst them was a white seed that she said was a caterpillar. I included it and saw a green caterpillar later on walking along her kitchen surface. What does it mean please?

  228. Next scene: I got out of my car & handed my overnight bag, keys, purse, travel cup & water bottle across the passenger seat to a man in the driver’s seat of a semi-truck I was parked next to & them I climbed up into the seat. Then the driver’s seat was in the back of the cab on the passenger side & I had to climb up onto a shelf in the front of the cab—maybe just above the windshield? The shelf wasn’t very wide & I couldn’t understand how I could lay on it the whole trip & how he could see to drive from the back of the cab either. I reached back to hold his hand. It felt small & rough. I don’t know him in real life. He had dark hair & wasn’t overly handsome.

    • Do you think there is any connection between those two dreams? I forgot to mention that my mom & I were standing in her kitchen in the first scene of the second dream. Thank you for any help you can give in interpreting these dreams. I seem to be having a lot of them lately. I would love some insight on a couple of other dreams, too, but they are too long to post, I think. Thank you so much for your time! Blessings!!

    • Some ideas are taking shape ( kitchen) maybe in an area of relationship or work in your life ? God is in it but He is asking you to give your ideas to him so he can take over and shape them the way He sees fit. For His plans are always better than ours. Blessings Kathy!!

      • That was the 3rd dream I have had recently that took place in the kitchen. I have had 4 now. I’m not sure what ideas it all refers to right now, but I definitely want the Lord to have His way in everything I do and say! I will keep praying about this & be alert to whatever He is showing me. Thank you so much!

  229. I dreamed I was at my Mom’s, but getting ready to leave. It was a long trip home & I was in a hurry to get going. She gave me some ice water to fill my travel cup with, but it wouldn’t all fit, so I kept spooning out the ice cubes to make room for more of the water. I finally got all the ice except a few small pieces out & poured the rest of the water in until it overflowed & then tried to put the lid back on my cup. I also decided to go ahead & take a bottle of water as well so I would have enough water with me on the trip. I told her I needed to get going because it takes a lot longer to get to the exit for the main road to take me to St Louis, I think, than she realizes.

    • Hi Kathy

      Ice has to do with a wait period for something to happen and because you spooned it all out there won’t be a wait period for you to move in the spirit. Wow this sounds really good Kathy. Blessings !!

      • There were still a few little pieces of ice left, but not full cubes… maybe a little wait still? It does sound good, though. Thank you for your interpretation. I appreciate it, Sheba. God bless!

  230. I dreamed I was in a play. I was on stage with several other people in a large auditorium. The play went well and the audience enjoyed it and laughed during parts of it. I enjoyed being in it & hearing them laugh was fun. My hubby was sitting about 2/3 of the way back from the stage & I asked him a few times after it was over if he was able to hear me when I was speaking during the play. Each time he answered that he could hear me fine because there were many speakers around and they were able to direct the sound wherever it needed to go. I remember seeing the stage as well as all the seats in the big auditorium. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

  231. My friend Evert brought me a gift in a box. It was a light golden colored infinity neck scarf. It looked nice and comfy. EOD
    What could a neck scarf represent? Thank you!

    • Hi Tee
      I have copied this from Rev Lyn’s interpretation from clothing section –
      A scarf is really just a piece of fabric, right? You wear it all by itself. It’s an accessory… a symbol that is sometimes used for spiritual gift. Golden colour – Purity, holiness, glory, prosperity,Hence, of immense spiritual worth

  232. I gave notes to ex bf fabian who was in a class. I walked and saw my BF and asked him for a ride to 7th and Spring st. We started walking, the ground was flooded. A man called us to come inside McDonalds. he said if we ordered food, not only would it be free, but we’d also get a tip. A friend named Lorenz Arnell whom i recognized from 1 of the colleges i attended let us cut him in line. I ordered food, and my tip was $20. My boyfriend ordered, and walked over to me, He looked fatter, so i was surprised when I saw him. He ordered enchiladas and they looked delicious, and I said we should taste them. I tasted the first bite and they were soo good. I asked him what was his tip, he said $105, i said daang and woke up.

    • ^ this is my dream from 2 nights ago, the freight train dream I just thought about is from December I think

    • Hi Cass
      There is victory in this situation because of something you have partnered with in the past and it also involves great power. Also there is redemption being made available to you in this situation along with Grace. Wonder what this is all about but sounds like a very good dream , very encouraging. Bless you heaps!!

      • Thank You Sheba. It does sound very good. But I was worried about the McDonalds part. I think McDonalds is disgusting and not real food. I walked away from God for a long period because of some abuse that I experienced. But after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I became triumphant over the past, and was finally able to move forward with forgiveness. Could be that.

        • I dreamt I was going to hospital. As I got out , I found myself pregnant with my brothers baby. I was like a surrogate mother . The baby was 4 months old and I suddenly realised that I was going to give birth to this soon. I was wondering what others might think. I scootered away through the traffic effortlessly

          • It’s doubtful that the brother is literal, most likely a brother of somr other sort such as a brother in Christ. You will be “birthing” something new. Take no care as to what others think.

  233. Hi Sheba, God Bless you and Thank you for the last interpretation. I have another one i’m interested in receiving help on.
    I’m going under cover as there is a big conspiracy going on and criminals are on freight trains. I am walking through the freight train and my mission is to befriend the criminals on these trains without letting on who i am.

    • Hi Cass
      You are involved in a large movement of God that’s set on fixed track and you are doing your best to bring people into God’s kingdom. Does this make sense? Blessings !!

      • Thank you! I think so. I haven’t seen evidence of anything large, but I am passionate about bringing people to God. And I trust God to bring this about 🙂

        Wow Thank you for your quick reply. I thought I checked and didn’t see a reply yet. Blessings to you!

  234. cont….. i walked up to the pastor of the church i said how come this people entered into your church “what does light has to do with darkness?’ he said they are hi s boss at his place of work then i said you are fired for no relationship should be with darkness and light .

  235. i was told to sit down and watch the person talking i dont see but only voice behold i saw like a TV before then i began to watch like a film . i saw a church big church in a service i saw i entered and joined them, along the course of the service two people entered and they continue to blind peoples eye then i aroused,high in spirit speaking in tongues and i laid hands on the eyes of the people to regained their sight and this people blind it back then i turned back to them prayed against them quoting scriptures and they ran out of the church then i laid hands on the people they regained their sight.

  236. i entered a village with a revival very powerful deliverance ,healing after this i journey out of the village , then find myself in another city but this village and city are foreign lands some i dont even understand their language but the amazing part was that i saw things that those people are not seeing and i began to asked them that dont they see that this hand has been transformed to that of animal some to beast different kind of evil things on them but they couldnt see it . As i prayed for them they were transformed to normal and they began to bring more people of infirmities and challenges that i couldnt count heads of people.

  237. Last night, I dreamed that I was in an unfamiliar house with 2 of 5 sisters, saw my youngest sister on the floor playing with a big snake; my other sister sat in front of a snake unperturbed while it swallowed something huge, I then saw a yellow snake with dark specks coiled in front of me, non-threatening but I was staring a bit scared…then I suddenly said, “we need to get rid of these snakes”, as soon as I said this, my mom walked in, all the snakes disappeared, the snake that had swallowed the huge object immediately coughed up a live black & white dog, I then started looking for the snake that disappeared in front me because I did not want it to suddenly pop up & hurt someone but then I woke up.

    • Hi Linda
      There are people around you that are entertaining lies of the evil force and you are concerned about this situation and God knows that because when the Holy spirit arrives on the scene all of these things will disappear automatically. Simply trust in God alone !! Blessings 🙂

  238. Hi Kyra
    This sounds like a dream about a relationship from the past in your life that very much looks like is beginning to take shape or will begin to take shape. Kyra can I ask you if you are married yet ? If you’re not married I believe it is going to happen soon. This dream is surely to do with a joyful ending.

  239. I dreamed about an old acquaintance from my hometown Chicago named Jonathan. We were alone in a room. He lied on his back on this futon couch. I lied across his stomach. We both played like little kids with each other. Then, suddenly he pulled me in to kiss him. I was a bit shocked. We stared at each other and began to dance. He placed my bare feet on top of his shoes. I placed my hands around his acne-filled face. The skin on my hands was peeling. We stared at each other deeply. He kept replaying the music so that we could create a duet song to it. He continued to say something like “You are my gift.” We really loved each other. I remember finally hearing in my spirit something like “ the voice of God was in the quietest voice.”

  240. Hello
    So i had a dream, i saw 3 snakes all tied together. All struggling but they didnt harm themselves . But it felt like if the rope tieing them was cut loose they would definitely attack. This dream really got me soo worried

    • Hi Ayo,
      There are some lies of the enemy that have been affecting you but it seems like the enemy is being restricted in his attempts to attack you therefore he will not be able to carry out his plans against you to utter completion. Praise God !!

  241. Hi Bridget
    This dream is from the enemy to terrorize you I believe because that’s what the devil loves to do to us. Some evil force has been tormenting you for a long time wanting to cause spiritual darkness and separation in your life ( from God or in relationships) It is wanting to steal your wisdom and anointing ( on your head). My suggestion to you is to look to the Lord and Hold fast to Him please !! He is the only one who will not allow the enemy to do any harm to you. I also feel that there is a great calling on your life hence the attack from the enemy. Bless you heaps Bridget take care !!

  242. Hi.. last night I had a dream about being a bride..(Im married for a year now).. thats what brought me here.. In my dream, I was inside my parents house and getting my makeup wearing a soft green (and some soft purple) wedding dress..after finished my make up, i walk outside and see a lot of people i dont even know (im guessing, they are my guests).. it was a reception..And then, i saw my father and my elder brother were arguing about something.. after i see them arguing, im going back inside the house.. after that, i woke up..

    • PURPLE – Royalty, kingship. GREEN – Positive-Growth, prosperity, conscience; BRIDE – partnering
      HI Delvy
      God is calling you into a partnership with Himself where you will grow and flourish and there will be a great celebration. Before that happens there might be a few things that you need to be set in order in your life ?( argument)
      Is this true in your real life Delvy? Bless you !!

  243. Thanku Sheba. ?
    Very true God is so good! Sustained His grace alone.

  244. I had 2snake dreams tonight in succession. In the first I felt a presence n woke in my dream to see a double headed snake just coiled above me as I was resting on my couch . 1head yellow like gold the other black. I did not feel threatened but I did not want it there n I said leave. It vanished then I was in deep sleep but felt a man’s presence brush against the couch I woke suddenly as a blur of a black mamba retreated under the couch. I felt very threatened in my sleep although it did not threatened to attack me. I still can’t sleep.ive been awake for hours now.

  245. Had another dream in which I was going to a church meeting in open ground ,MOM also accompanied me .First I saw mom was sitting in front of the bike like a kid and later saw she was sitting behind the bike and kept her hand around my waist as I was driving. On the way at the gate met a guy from church named Barnabas.
    [To tell about my MOM in real life- she is a psychological patient n diabetic too. She needs to be taken care of]
    Any thoughts will be helpful. God Bless.

    • Hi Queenie
      Looks like your mom is literal in this case and I think it is not an easy task looking after her like you said and you sometimes find it very challenging because of the discomfort involved but there is a great deal of spiritual peace , power and maturity being made available to you through this situation by God himself. He is a good good God isn’t He? Bless you heaps!!

  246. Dream 1(few months before had this)- I was sleeping next to my mom (present house) n suddenly felt the bed shaking but the 2nd or 3rd time wen the bed shook I realised it’s earthquake. Quickly I woke up MOM n asked her to go out of house to open space in front of our house. And wen i brought her out of house from the front door I saw high rise buildings.(in real life ,we don’t have high buildings near by).
    [My concern is what could Mom symbolise in my case?]

  247. Hi, can someone help to interpret two visions? Thanks a lot. The two visions seem to be related. I had the first vision around Jan 2016 and the second vision today. In the first vision, I saw a brown kangaroo, which was in front of me and facing me (but I wasn’t in the vision). In the second vision, I saw a black kangaroo. It was facing left, and it was jumping in an upward movement. Thanks.

    • BROWN – Humility, compassion, pastoral color, BLACK – Mysterious, unknown, unable to see , Formal ; LEFT By human strength or effort; By natural gifting
      One very fascinating fact about Kangaroos is that they cannot walk backwards.
      So looks like you are moving forward in your life because of your natural gifting and you are doing well in growing in humility and compassion. Your gifting will be taking you into something formal . Does this make sense at all, please let me know. Blessings !!

      • Hi Sheba,

        Thanks a lot for the interpretation! Interesting interpretation. It has never occurred to me that kangaroos cannot walk backwards. Makes sense, but I don’t understand why you said that my gifting will be taking me into sth formal. Would you care to explain? Thanks a lot, and God bless you!:)

  248. I did wonder if this could be two dreams related regarding people not being who they seem, and strong deception, ambush, devastation is planned – like an attack. I did pray for my husband and his work situation, to be cautious, as well as the family, and the nation.
    Any thoughts? Spiritual beings or real people?
    Gary means hard or bold spear.

    • Hi Camilla
      I am with you on this one – I believe God’s protection is surrounding you ( Blanket) so do not worry about the attacks from the enemy God is there to protect you and the Indian people too. God is soo good he gives us dreams to confirm that He is there with us. Blessings !!

  249. In this same dream( about the teepee ) I heard the word deceive, I also saw a man, short with full beard , who had a pinkish purple knitted sweater top, and completely naked from waist down. He was dancing outside big window walls – not good atmosphere. inside the window walls ( like an office I guess ) were to young blonde girls having a good time, very happy, good atmosphere. He begged to come in – they eventually let him – he was a nuance to them, but they were not suspicious. He severely assaulted them. The name Gary stood out as well.

  250. I woke up and started praying for protection. After a few days I shared with a few intercessor friends and right away could roll over and fall asleep. I could see God laying a big blanket over us as I fell asleep.

    I am thinking the enemy wanted to bring devastation as we are in big transition times. I also did pray for the president ( chief ) and the government ( American Indians would gather in one teepee and discuss matters right?) that no one would come and bring devastation/ wipe out our government.
    Also my husband has Indian heritage – not sure if that is important? cont…

  251. Here is another dream. I have been unsure if it is national or for our family, so I pray for both for protection.
    I saw a teepee with a family inside on a snow-covered clearing in the woods. ( if it was a “nation” I would maybe see more teepees?) a relative came to the camp – bringing a stranger.( no face to him ) The stranger made a vocal signal and the camp was ambushed – completely. Then I saw the same scenario only the family in the teepee was alert and ready, they called the signal and the tribesmen came out from cover and ambushed the stranger.

  252. my friend is a homeschooler and is a part of a co-op. Our girls dance together so we are enjoying chats when we get together but we do not usually call each other. It was a joy to talk to her and it was a very peaceful dream.

    Thanks for any input. We have been seeking the Lord for the next step for our family for over a year. maybe there are some pointers in these dreams my husband and I had.

  253. I am very happy, at peace, feel rested and refreshed. A friend calls me. her name is Serena – ( from our current location. Born and raised here ) I am surprised that she calls as we never call each other. she asks me if the playground at the church ( the church in the dream ) will be big enough for her kids from her co-op. I go over and look at the hillside and exclaim yes, it is perfect – there is a location over here for the teens, and another over her for the little kids.I am so pleased and thrilled for her.
    Then I wake up. cont…..

    • Hi Camilla
      I believe you have heaps of ideas you have birthed and they are all waiting to take shape. There is lots to do in terms of ministry and God wants you to know that He is aware of all that is going on in your life. He will make it clear( Serena) to you as you wait upon Him. Blessings !!

      • Hi Sheba,
        Yes I do – I am an artist, and a homeschool mom. Right on – always something brewing in my mind. Actually thats what I did in Hawaii, took art schools with YWAM. Def. homeschool is a ministry – and very busy – 5 kids – ” lots to do “. Sometimes overwhelming! Right on.

      • I looked up Bates meaning, and found bate could be lush pasture ( see green lush green grass ) rich in land, as well as Bates name coming from Bartholomew. Bates is also a Shakespearean baby name meaning : Soldier in the Kings army ……
        We are raising our children to love and serve the Lord. Seeing anyone, and esp my kids fulfill their calling and flow in their giftings from the Lord brings me GREAT joy. I love seeing that. Hence the excitement over the concert int he dream?

      • Sheba, it is a true blessing to get your input – thank you so much! I did wonder if the Serena in the dream was the Lord/Holy Spirit actually showing me that I was concerned about our kids in the upcoming transition which will most likely involve a relocation. The fact I was excited to see the “playground” was big enough for teens and younger kids ( we have kids in both groups ) could maybe mean God is saying – your kids will be fine and thrive?
        The word co-op could maybe be a play on chicken coop – the kids in the co-op was referring the the kids in my chicken coop and they will be fine?

        • HI Camilla
          I guess you are the best person to judge your situation because you know whats going on in your life then relate the two things – your dream and your real life and the other thing is that because dreams are mostly symbolic it’s hard to be spot on sometimes but time will tell at least you know what the various possibilities could be with your dreams now I hope. Bless you !!

          • Thank you Sheba! I appreciate the input and your time. Yes I believe God will make it clear in time as we continue to seek Him. We will wait on the Lord. Blessings to you!

          • Hi Sheba, I have been pondering what you shared some more. It is hard to switch to symbolic meaning as it is still new. I see better what you were sharing about having ideas – children represent something birthed – not necessarily themselves!? Also, my friend ( Serena) is an artist – I just remembered. It is encouraging to know God sees all this which is so important to me but I have not had much time for. It can feel lost in the busyness of all that is going on. Just like you said.

          • cont….
            so instead of it being my kids, it could be my ideas that will be fine and thrive, and it is not forgotten by God. It is very encouraging. God sees the things of our hearts that no one else sees. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you Sheba!

          • Hi Camilla
            I want to believe that both your ideas and your children will thrive because God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him and looks like you are one of them. Bless you heaps !!

  254. sorry the first dream got posted twice…….
    second dream – a week later
    my two sons are going to do a worship concert, small event, and I get to come along.I am very excited. they are mid to late teens – looking like the bates kids from bringing up bates. ( our sons are only 5 and 13 )
    Then I am at a stone church situated on a mountain/hill overlooking a lush hillside. bright green lush grass is covering the hillside that ends in the ocean. Very blue and very spring green color scheme. there are people inside and outside but no one stands out. cont…

  255. the couples name is Marthe and Henrik –

  256. I did not have bad encounters with people at the ywam kona time – but a lot of people come there from my country of origin, those people I was concerned I would encounter. Also, the ywam base there is actually a former hotel.

    any ideas as to what this can mean?

  257. continued from above dream) After that I was walking under an awning to a hotel. I was unsure/afraid to enter as I was afraid to encounter people from the past who disagreed with our choices/ paths we have taken. I saw myself as a robot ( like the ones from the robot city cartoon ) being hidden under the floor boards in the foyer of the hotel and a larger robot of same looks was trying to pry things out of my chest. then I woke up.

    • so it seems like because of opposition you are facing you are becoming more mechanical . Let me know if this fits.

      • I looked up Bates meaning, and found bate could be lush pasture ( see green lush green grass ) rich in land, as well as Bates name coming from Bartholomew. Bates is also a Shakespearean baby name meaning : Soldier in the Kings army ……
        We are raising our children to love and serve the Lord. Seeing anyone, and esp my kids fulfill their calling and flow in their giftings from the Lord brings me GREAT joy. I love seeing that. Hence the excitement over the concert int he dream?

      • Hm – I am not entirely sure – maybe I am afraid to step out incase of reactions that could come? I actually in real life have thought ” I can never go back there ( to Kona ) in case I have to encounter people from my home country who will confront us about stands we have taken”. It always made me sad because I love the ministry there and the place. I do not like confrontation, and we had to stand up very strongly to controlling spirits when we were in ministry in the past. ( not in Kona but country of origin ) On both sides of family as well as friends. It was very very tough.

  258. I had a dream where I saw myself and my husband with a couple we knew from the past. I saw a bus- it was clear we were going to travel on it. I saw the word KONA. I saw a hillside ending in the ocean, and a cruise ship. My friends was in a pool. I saw myself pregnant but realized it was rather a large bag on my belly. I pulled stuff from it and gave to my friends.

    I have done schools with YWAM in Kona Hawaii. my husband also calls me Kona.

    • Hi Camilla
      So Marthe means – bitter and Henrik means – rules the home. Bus -church ministry, more word less spirit ; cruise ship – large impact; Pregnant – ideas forming
      maybe you should put these elements together and see if it makes sense
      Blessings !!

      • some of these make sense. not sure about bitter and rules the home. We have forgiven people – but I will ask the Lord for more insight. I know it would not be natural to take the bus ride with them in real life. the large impact fits w husbands current job, secular, as well as with when we minister together the impact is large in the spirit even though we minister to individuals in the quiet – not from a stage. Pregnant – yes – tons of ideas forming.
        Also, the couple in real life do lead worship together. Important?

  259. I myself had 2 dreams within a week of each other very recently. In the first one I see myself and my husband and a couple from my past – Marthe and Henrik. I grew up with her. I see a bus – it is clear we are traveling on it together. I hear or see the name KONA. I see a hillside ending in the ocean, and a cruise ship near the shore. I see my friend in a pool. I look pregnant but then realize it is instead a large bag on my belly. I am pulling items out of it giving to my friends.

    I have been to Kona with YWAM – and also my husband calls me Kona. It means lady.

  260. Hi,
    my husband had a dream where he was in a shipping line. He could not see very far ahead as fog was around him. He kept reaching for/putting his hand on the dock, at the same time kept thinking he needed to/wanted to get back in the shipping line.
    He had to pay very close attention as the ship come in and it needs to be timed perfectly to avoid collision. Location was an area he likened to the puget sound in the North West.

    We are new to this site, and although I have been dreaming for many years the symbolism in dreams is new to us. It would be nice to get some pointers as to what this can mean, and how to apply it.

    • So you are involved in something like a ministry that has the potential to have a large impact but there is something standing in the way I don’t know what it is that is not letting your husband see far ahead. Puget sound has two types of water mixing in it so maybe this could be the clue I guess. Let me know if this makes sense. Blessings !!

      • Hi Sheba,
        Thank you so much for your time!
        Actually we are not currently involved in a ministry – but have been in the past. Ministering to the body of Christ def. is something dear to our hearts and we love doing as a team. Especially in the area of prayer and deliverance. We do know we are in transition time. It was interesting that you pointed out two types of water in the puget sound. I did not think of that. I do believe there will be a choice between options. Could the fog be that its not revealed yet?
        Any idea of the the dock? I wondered if it could be step off current path and do something else?

  261. Hi Sheba. Thanku so much for taking time.
    Regarding dream1 – Few days back Pastor asked me about taking a volunteer responsibilty in church. But somewhere I don’t see myself able to do that work and even that’s not my area of dealing. Still I didn’t tell him “No” for it. I have told I will try.
    (In the dream I saw another lady taking the tea from my hand. I don’t know if I should b praying for the right person to come up to take that responsibility)
    Dream2- I m seeking God for a shift in my personal life n smtimes fear of unknown grips in ! I believe that’s an encouragement.

  262. I was also referred to by an ancient family name or so (I can’t remember what it was) but in the dream it had this feel that it had a better meaning than my current surname and I said in quote “why would anyone have wanted to change a name as good as this to settle for “current surname” ( I wish I could remember what it was but one thing I’m certain of is it had a better meaning) and the dream ends with me changing my name to Susan Benedicta *unknown surname* …. I woke up this morning to check for the meaning of BENEDICTA, turns out it means “Blessed”…. weird
    The fact that I never knew it was even a real name and I was called the feminine version of it fascinates me. Could you please help me out

    • Hi Susan
      This is a dream to encourage you I believe. I think God wants you to know that you are blessed in His sight and that He is well pleased with you. The kidneys refer to cleansing or purity therefore I believe God is happy about your attempt to cleanse yourself . Blessings !!

  263. I dreamt and I was called “Benedicta” in my dream by a distant uncle, in the dream, my sister was asking me to speak to him and let bygones be bygones and when i walked up to him, the only thing he exclaimed was BENEDICTA with a smile and i walked back to the house confused and when I confronted my dad about it, he said “you are kidney for your/the brains” (i dunno what that means),

  264. I stood up straight then I got the hang of it. It was a motorized sailboat. Then I got off and the “snake-man” said see I told you to get on the boat with me. I said well if I did I might have kissed you, like I was trying to flatter him, but I knew I didn’t really mean it. Then he turned back into a snake, and my sister and someone else were holding him and petting him and he was crying saying daddy, daddy, I approached, and he turned to look at me and said YOU, YOU Stay Back and continued being comforted.

    • Hi Cass
      There seems to be someone in your life who does not look pretty good on the outside but seems to be actually Ok. God seems to be at work in this person’s life so give that person a chance. And the message for you is to rely on God’s spirit and let him take control. Blessings !!

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to interpret this Sheba. I was thinking the snake had something to do with the enemy and deception. But with your interpretation, there is a situation that fits perfectly. I’ve reunited with an ex, and keep thinking it over and wondering if i can really trust him.

  265. He hopped on a boat, and there was another boat that I hopped in. He said you don’t know how to ride that so get on this boat with me, I said no, and got on my own boat. The living rm was now an ocean and there were random ppl. I did a bad job steering at first and ended up hitting 2 kids, a boy and girl, and the Mom told me to be careful and not run over her kids, and told me to stand up straight when I steer. cont…

  266. My uncle said wait, did that snake recognize me, I said yeah it totally did. He called him by name ( i cant remember the name), the snake started to come over and he began coughing and sniffling, excreting green snot as if he had a Cold. He said he was feeling sick. My uncle grabbed him, careful not to get bitten, and set him on the kitchen counter, and said he was going outside to get something to tie the snake. Snake then turned into a handsome young white man. cont…

  267. Hi,
    Here is one that I had a few nights ago that I hope someone can help me with.
    I was in between living rm and dining rm at my Moms house. There were vines hanging from the railing on the 2nd floor ( there is no rail or 2nd floor in real life besides attic). One of the vines moved and I saw that it was a snake. It came down and I ran through my sisters room through the hall to my moms room, and told my Uncle that there was snake. The snake was chasing me but when it saw my uncle it immediately hid. cont…

  268. Dreamed I was on a toilet in an open room, having a BM. I was embarrassed when I realized I wasn’t just urinating cuz there was an older man sitting in the room across from me. Then 2 women came in from the door to my right that led out to a cemetery, tourist attraction of some kind. They went in one of the 2 bathroom doors just before the open room where I was. I was asking myself in the dream why I didn’t think to use one of those instead of using the toilet in the middle of that room. I thought it would only take a few secs so I would get done before anyone came in. Met those women at the beginning of the dream in the foyer. Told them where to find what they came to see. 2nd bathroom dream in about 2 weeks. Any idea what this means?

    • Bathrooms in dreams generally have to do with personal cleansing to prepare the dreamer for promotion. The bathroom may also be in conjunction with a ministry, a career or job, a relationship, a church situation, a financial situation, etc… These are important and generally positive dreams since and purity and righteousness are critical for advancement.
      What is BM that you mentioned Kathy?

      • Hi Sheba. BM is bowel movement. Does that change the interpretation? I wasn’t actually in a bathroom in this dream, but it seemed to be about bathrooms & toilets, etc. Do you think the cemetery off to the right has any significance? I really appreciate your comments. I don’t always have enough room left before my limit to tell you that. 🙂

        • CEMETERY = an area of ground in which dead bodies are buried. DEFECATION IN TOILET –
          Appropriate and needed removal of the unwanted, unprofitable, or toxic
          Toxins could refer to wrong attitudes, negative emotions, or wrong actions, sin, curses, etc.
          RIGHT SIDE = By divine strength, spiritual empowerment/gifting, Relating to faith; Number 2= Confirmation, agreement, covenant (or possibly division, separation)
          So these are the elements in your dream and you might want to put these together to figure out what the message might be for you in this. Hope this helps Kathy

          • Hi Kathy it’s nice to feel appreciated many thanks!!
            To me it feels like there sure is some cleansing that is or will occur in your life to take you to a higher ground and through His divine strength you will be able to achieve it – that’s the covenant God is making with you. Let me know your thoughts on this. Blessings!!

  269. Then I drove her down a very narrow restaurant isle in between the tables but couldn’t make a right because the bus-boy left his cart right there with 2 tubs on the top for dirty dishes. One was a deep red. I knew I should’ve left my car parked in its original spot because I could’ve easily walked to this place from the other place. But we didn’t know it at the time we left the other place that it was this close. That’s why I was searching for Barrio which means “neighborhood” in Spanish. Now I have to go park my car outside.

    • Hi Marigold
      In your attempt to serve God you are being sidetracked somehow in some way therefore it is slowing you down. You need to develop more faith in this situation so you can have divine strength that comes from spiritual empowerment and then you can move forward easily – that’s what I can see in this situation. Does this make sense to you ? I would love to know how this applies. Blessings!!

      • Hi Sheba,
        Your interpretation is very much appreciated. The drinking straw wrapper threw me for a loop but I think I’ve got it. It’s a covering that’s not needed any longer. RIGHT ON ABOUT BEING SIDETRACKED!… thank you! Blessings!

  270. I’m driving a teenage girl who I don’t know in my old, large, long, white sedan. I am searching for “Barrio” on a white, flattened straw wrapper (using it as a phone to locate Barrio). This made for a slow answer because I cannot drive & do an internet search simultaneously. The girl is not interested in what we’re doing. She asked to help at first, but that really never happened. I showed her a bunch of people standing & worshiping King Jesus. For a second, I saw myself & a friend worshiping the Lord.

  271. Had a dream a few months back, after a really abrupt breakup that I could use some help with. My father was driving my car and I was in the passenger seat. We were driving down the highway, we weren’t speeding but we got pulled over. The cops said they stopped us because there was a problem with my car’s engine. I argued with them saying that there was nothing wrong with the engine and that they needed to let us go. They wouldn’t and said that if I didn’t commit to getting the problem fixed it would cost me $500 000. They insisted that I have the problem fixed and said it would be cheaper than paying the fine. I eventually yielded and agreed to get my car looked at. They then let us on our way and that’s as much as I remember

    • Hi Zuva
      So your situation seems to be out of your control but know that God is at the helm he is steering it all. It feels like you are being asked to make some changes – think carefully what these might be so you can avoid serious trouble. This seems to be a warning dream given to you ahead of time. Many Blessings!!

  272. This morning I dreamed I was walking through a park/resort with my husband and grandchildren. We were walking through & looking at the different courts so they could decide what game they wanted to play. Volleyball, dodge ball, basketball courts, etc. They played a game together & then I saw a fancy Japanese style building….bronze/copper in color & we walked toward it. I’m not sure if we went through the door or not. All I saw was a giant Payday candy bar. I seem to get the weirdest signs in my dreams. I have asked God to make things clear…lol…..but somehow I am still not getting it. 🙁 Thank you for trying to help me understand these dreams, Sheba!

    • Something from the past in your life that pertains to your dad is going to undergo healing and this will be an easy process. Let me know if this makes sense

      You are in a season of battle. Find out how to get the victories. Basketball tells you that this type of battle involves a lot of back and forth conflict, that is that the ball changes hands rapidly. It’s the same with volleyball and dodge ball you use dodging technique so a lot of that is going on in your life at the moment BUT hold fast , your payday is coming God has good things in store for you, Blessings !!!
      PS – It’s quite amusing to see how wordplay has been used in this dream

      • I love this interpretation! I really didn’t give much thought to the games at all! But the way you described them was so good. And I have been pretty awed by the Lord’s word play in my dreams lately, too. What do you think my husband and grandchildren represent in this dream?

  273. Dreamed I was at the hospital for my Dad. He was going to have surgery. He was in the hospital bed wearing a hospital gown. Wasn’t in any pain. I walked down hall toward entrance, Saw the daughter he never met. Asked her to go see Dad. He was happy to meet her. Started making plans for her to come for dinner next day or Tuesday? Reminded him he was going to have surgery & might not be up to that for a little while. (This is the 1st dream I have had of my Dad. He died almost a year ago.) Then a nurse/aide told me the surgeon usually took his aggressions out in afternoon surgeries, so I followed him down through some kind of cubes to make sure his surgery wouldn’t be in the afternoon. Seemed urgent to protect him from the surgeon.

    • I will pray about what that might be, Sheba. Thanks!

      • 4 days after this dream about my dad in the hospital, my aunt went to the hospital with the same symptoms my dad had before he died last year around this time. She reminds me so much of him & it looked as if she wouldn’t make it either, so exactly 1 week after this dream, I made the 450 mile trip to see her. I also took my dad’s widow with me to see her as well. Do you think this was what that dream was about? I don’t understand where the surgery comes in as she didn’t have surgery, or the daughter he didn’t know, but my aunt is recovering and things look good for her now. 🙂

        • Oh……and we left the very next Tuesday!

          • It’s interesting to see my interpretation from before which read – (Something from the past in your life that pertains to your dad is going to undergo healing and this will be an easy process.) Just wondering if this was about your aunt’s healing that she is going through now? and the day ,Tuesday in your dream could relate to you leaving on Tuesday?
            AS for surgery – I suggest you look up the meaning for surgery under anatomy and see if it relates. Bless you !!

          • Thanks, Sheba. Yes, your interpretation makes sense now. I just wish the dreams made sense to me BEFORE these things happened instead of after. The surgery meaning is interesting, but I don’t know how it applies here. I’m assuming it would be more applicable for my aunt since the dream seems to be primarily about her. Maybe that will become clear sometime, too.

  274. In this dream, I only remember someone saying they would refund me a check for $50 and some change. I did not see the person. Blessings

  275. Scene 2: I decide to go over to the leasing office to see the property managers and let them know the house is falling apart (the 2nd floor of the house also got damaged and another of my roommates fell through it but I was able to help her out). Strangely, on the way to go to the leasing office, I decide to stop by a restaurant/diner where I have breakfast. When I’m done, I asked for a plastic bag to take my food to go but the waiter takes forever to come back so I bag my food myself. The manager sees me do that, apologizes and offers me free food (fried chicken).

    • Wow Martha that was a very quick reply. I just wanted to remind you and encourage you that it is really important to Praise God in all things and as you do that your burden will come off light and you will be singing away your problems. I am having to make a conscious effort to do this recently and it has helped me a lot so thought of passing it on to you. Bless you heaps !!

      • Thanks Sheba for your encouraging words! I have been going back and forth between praising God and trying to solve things on my own. I will make a conscious effort to trust the Lord more, regardless of what is happening around me. Thanks again! Blessings!

  276. Hello! I hope someone can help me interpret this dream. Scene 1: I was in the house I currently share with 3 roommates. It started raining really hard outside and it started raining inside the house too. It was a few drops in the kitchen first and it started raining more. My neighbor came over with his 2 kids (not sure why), He was with my cousin who was the nanny (kind of weird since my cousin lives in Africa). Because of the rain inside, the fridge exploded and a hole formed in the living room’s floor and I could see the basement. I tried to call one of my roommates to let her know what was going on but it kept going to voicemail.

    • Hi Martha
      Please share the names of the people involved in the dream or at least the meaning of their name

      • Hi Sheba! Thank you for replying! My neighbor’s name is Stephen (I don’t remember his kids’ names). My cousin’s name is Prisca. The roommate I was trying to call on the phone is Alli (Allison). The roommate who fell through the floor is Mia.

        • Hi Martha, Looks like a lot is going on in your life for a long time that you are having to put up with.
          Something is going on in your family life in which the ideas you have had for a while and the ones that you had set aside for later are not able to go ahead because of some issues such as bitterness and rebellion maybe that you are battling with but there is hope for you in this situation. Let me know if this makes sense.

          • Hi Sheba! You are right, there has been a situation going on for a while in my family, and it has to do with my relationship with my boyfriend. My family has not been for it, even though God has confirmed to me through several different means (prophecy, word of knowledge, dream) that he was the one. Now we are making plans to get married but I don’t know how to move forward with my family. Because of what happened before with my boyfriend, he has also been reluctant to engage my family and I just don’t know what to do. I keep praying and fasting but I haven’t received anything clear from God as of now.

  277. Hi Sheba. (Jan9 post)
    Pastor name-” Jay”
    Cousin name- “Vasanthan”

  278. I was waiting on the platform of an outdoor train station. My husband was sitting on a bench not saying anything. I was standing either peeling or eating an orange. The smell was pleasant but very strong. I was afraid an animal like a bear or something would run out and attack me for it because the smell was so strong. I noticed across the tracks on the opposite side of where I was, there were hospital workers going in to a hospital to start their next shift. They had the light blue hospital pants on. Seemed like they parked their cars below the train platform, walked up some stairs and went into the hospital. Seemed like it was dawn but still a bit dark out. EOD

    • Train = ministry on set path, Orange eating = taking in information about fruit of the spiritual things
      Bear = sudden attack from your spiritual enemy Hospital workers = a place of recovery pants – full calling blue = revelation going up = ascending
      This dream is about your ministry that is set on fixed track and there are some good things happening in your ministry in terms of people being fruitful but the enemy is trying to stir up a sense of fear in you that there will be a sudden attack but that is not going to be the case as there will be revelation given to you and as a result you or your ministry will be brought to a place of total healing . Please do leave your comment and let me know if this make sense, Blessings !!

      • Thank you for responding to my dream Sheba. Yes, the interp makes sense. I feel I’m close to the end of a very long and difficult trial. God has been faithful but I’m ready to come out of this and be used for His glory. Thank you again. Blessings

  279. Hi. I had a dream last month as well as one that I posted Jan. 7th that I need help understanding. I had trouble cutting the one from Jan 7th down far enough so it would post, so I’m not sure it makes sense. But this one was very short. I saw the underside of my left forearm and a drill that drilled 4 or 5 holes in my arm. There was no blood, just perfectly round holes right through my forearm. Then I saw a sign that said WRONG WAY in all caps. I think the sign was in black and red. Does anyone know what the holes in my arm means? And how it would connect to the sign? Thank you so much for your time.

    • Hi Kathy
      Arms refer to “Outstretched arm”- strength and might reaching out Or An extension of something
      The enemy is trying to drain your strength and might because of something you are involved in? The sign is telling you to change your direction I’d say and warning you of destruction and spiritual darkness . Let me know if this helps

      • I think this might be tied to the dream I posted on Nov 24th. I awoke in that dream & saw a woman’s face & she kept saying my marriage was in jeopardy. 12 days later, we found out my husband had to unexpectedly go to another country for 3 weeks. This was the 1st time we were apart through the Christmas season & it was harder than I thought it would be. Do you think that could be what that dream was about? The arm dream was 4 days before he left. I do feel that the enemy has been trying to drain my strength….just not sure why & what all the warning signs in my dreams are about yet, but I have been having a lot of dreams lately.

      • Do you think this dream could be a warning from the enemy? There seem to be several people around me right now that are in need of deliverance…..

        • Hi Kathy
          We need to know what that woman might symbolise. Do you know her and her name? We might also need to factor in her outstanding traits if you know her.

          • I’m sorry, I was actually referring to the dream I posted on Jan 12th about the holes in my arm and the red & black warning WRONG WAY sign. Could that be a warning from the enemy? As for the woman with the “Your marriage is in jeopardy message, I knew a woman with her name, but it wasn’t her face. Her first name means Father rejoiced or Father’s joy & her last name means strength. I think that dream might have been about my husband having to unexpectedly be away for several weeks through the Christmas season as I posted above. Do you think that makes sense?

          • Sorry I have to post here as there is no button on your reply to post below yours
            Yes it could mean the way you are thinking Kathy.

          • Oh it did post correctly and also sometimes the message in the dreams can be interconnected.

          • Do you think both those dreams (the woman’s face w/the marriage is in jeopardy warning & the holes in my arm w/the wrong way sign) were about my husband having to be out of the country over Christmas for a few weeks & it being a challenging time for me? The wrong way sign is the only thing that makes me think otherwise. I was wondering if that one may be a warning from the enemy due to some people around me that are in need of deliverance? Does that sound plausible at all? I’ll keep praying for insight. Thank you!

          • How could it be a warning from the enemy Kathy because the enemy likes to attack you when you are off – guard is my only question
            I do think both those dreams could be about your husband leaving country because you did mention that it was harder than you thought it would be without him.
            if you are still unsure my suggestion is that you should wait upon the Lord – quieten your heart totally before HIm and He will reveal what it is clearly to you.

  280. I dreamt of someone who has hurt me in the past who in a dream opened his house door and invited me to come in. I stepped inside but didn’t want to talk to him. I walked up to a piece of furniture in the living room and started dusting it. Suddenly beautiful gargoyles appeared on the furniture and water flowed like a waterfall/feature from them. I looked at the water and was facinated how it flowed and the direction it took.. I saw him in another room cleaning up too. I then took a mixture of fruits-oranges,grapes and not sure I think it was pears to decorate the corners of that furniture.

    • Something from the past that has hurt you will re- emerge in your life and this is concerning your family ( living room ) but do not worry because you are trying to decorate your ideas around this with the fruits of the spirit which means the end will be good obviously because you will combat it with fruits of the spirit. Let me know if this applies to your life, blessings !!

  281. Hi. In a dream saw, I am waiting for train in a sation.My present Pastor came in early morning and gave me a cup of tea. But another lady(stranger but felt Pastor knew her) came and took it from my hand ,saying that she needs that cup of tea.
    In another dream saw I had ordered a long blue dress for my cousin’s wedding but when it came it was bright lemon yellow color long dress but very short in front,it was till my thigh. I was wondering what I will wear bcs I never wear bright yellow and short dress.
    (In real life too I m gonna attend my cousin’s wedding. Have ordered a blue long dress)
    Could these have some meanings?

    • Hi Queenie, Is it possible for you to mention the names of the people in your dream please?

    • Hi Queenie
      Dream 1 – So in your ministry that is set on fixed tracks, someone else that needs soothing or calming down is going to be given what was yours.

      Dream 2- So God is assuring that you can handle more than what you have right now. He is making hope faith and strength available to you
      Does this make sense at all? I would love to hear back from you. Blessings !!

  282. At a friend’s house-looked like one I lived in as a teen. Saw her hub, son and MIL. Her hub got my height on chart on wall-but showed me taller than I am. I asked if it was hung right. He said he needed a special tool to draw up plans for it. He showed me some other plans. I said my hub could help. Went to my car to leave-older loaner. A taxi was next to it-looked like it had scraped its side. Had 2 sets of keys. None fit. Needed to ask my friend about the taxi & where right keys were. She went in the bathroom-big like at her church. I went in a stall & told her not to leave. Saw women waiting to dry hands & water dripping from their fingers. Came out-she was gone. Looked in the house. Went outside calling her name over & over.

    • What was your friends name Kathy ? also her hub,son and MIL s names may play a part in decoding this dream Or atleast we need to know the meaning of their names , Blessings !!

      • Friend’s name means Pearl. Her hub: dog; faithful, devotion, whole hearted, bold, brave. Son: little hollow. MIL: grace. Extra scene: I left the bathroom to look for her. Went into LR. A woman, unattractive, came out of their BR (which used to be my parent’s BR when I lived there) wearing white bathrobe. Then friend’s hub came out, too wearing white bathrobe. He looked “caught.” When I asked where my friend was, he grinned big, said she was doing some inspecting for him. I thought that meant rocks in the ditch at end of long driveway. I went outside to look for her. Also, I knew her daughter was in the house sleeping but didn’t see her. Her name means Christmas Day. It was odd seeing my old house in the dream.

        • Also wanted to mention that the taxi was parked beside my car, but was at an angle sort of blocking me in. Thanks, Sheba!

        • Childhood home – a place of safety and belonging, Taller – TALL
          Elevated position in reality or in the dreamer’s perception BATHROBE – There will be a transition in your life which will bring cleansing, healing, removal of the unprofitable TAXI– You are Drive
          Doing something without heart or calling ROCKS, STONES – Obstacles, hindrances Something you throw at others , Jesus KEY – Focus on this
          There seem to be some obstacles in the way that God is in the process of removing and as you yield yourself to cleansing there will be healing and rejoicing like on Christmas day in your life. Blessings !! Does this apply at all Kathy? Please leave your comment I would love to hear from you.

          • Thank you so much, Sheba. I love your interpretation, although I need to pray about what the obstacles are and what needs cleansing in my life. The things that stood out to me were about the taxi and the bathrobe. Would they still apply to me if I wasn’t wearing the bathrobe & I wasn’t driving the taxi? The taxi had my car blocked in & had scraped the side of my car even. Also, two things I wonder about, do you think the 2 sets of keys that didn’t fit my car & the water dripping from the women’s hands in the bathroom have any significance? And what do I focus on about the keys? The fact that I couldn’t get into the car with the ones I had? I am praying for more insight. I appreciate yours so much!

          • Thanks Kathy I would like to do some correction here – the people around you are wearing bathrobes so it would apply to people needing deliverance or healing that you mentioned in your other comment.
            So taxi has to do with something you pay for and it is scraping your car which means damaging your ministry but not much. The keys not fitting could mean that you are not able to start your car ( ministry ) because of the hurdle ( taxi). Blessings !!

  283. Hello Sheba,
    Please can you help me understand these 2 dreams,
    On the 16th of december I dreamt that I was in a kind of dark waiting room along with other people , I received a video call from someone i know she showed me someone up above, like a boss taking all credit for the work i helped to do, suddenly the door to the room i was in burst open and in walked 5 people in white, they seemed like the bigger bosses, they walked in and sat down and called me and others by name, they told us that we will go on the trip and that we should prepare our passports for pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday, I had a thought to renew my passport on Monday and i felt it would be a one day process, then I woke up. Thank you so much.

    • 5 = God’s Grace , White = purity, Passport = takes you to a different place
      This dream seems to be quite straightforward to me in which we know from your previous dreams that someone else ( your boss) has been taking the credit for your hard work BUT God is reassuring you again and again that this will not be the case forever for He is a just God, He WILL vindicate your case when the time is right , so please do hang in there coz God IS at work behind the scene. Blessings !!!!!

  284. Hi K
    Sounds like a great dream that is foretelling of blessings coming your way because of something you have been connected with in the past. You will know what to do in this situation as you will have revelation from God about things to come. And I believe God is in it it and is making His divine strength available to you. Does this make sense in any way? Please do leave your feedback. Blessings !!

    • 6th Jan 2018

      Hello Sheba,

      Today I dreamt about being in a foreign land , it felt like South Africa, with my assistant, and I went into the washroom in the hotel i think , i looked in the mirror and I had long rich black hair that i was using water to shake out and slick back into a ponytail, i was then counting my money so i could get breakfast, i had enough for breakfast but not enough for my ticket home, so i felt that i could send for money from home ,(which is in a different country) and it would be wired to me so i could get the ticket, then I woke up.

      • South Africa = cultural inhibitions, washroom = Place of cleansing and moving toward perfection, Rich black hair = Glory, wisdom, anointing, essence, the real you, Money = favor,
        When I look at your previous dreams I think they seem to have a similar theme in which you have certain inhibitions because of your cultural differences and God is in the process of refining your character in which He is more interested than anything else and this seems to be working ( your black rich hair) It looks like you are short on favor ( money) but by looking at our next dream it tells me that God WILL make a way for you, keep trusting Him!! Blessings !!!!!!

  285. Dreamed I was at the library, naked; n some way I was assisting a couple seated behind a desk (i was posing) but not in the main section of the library. Was holding something n my hand, unsure as 2 what. Suddenly I see my brother-in-law approaching, he sees me standing there and he continues to walk towards the couple, but still looking at me. I was upset that he kept walking towards us. I turn away from him, but could still see him approaching. I then managed to or attempted to stop him from coming any further. Next scene, I am on the phone with Gail telling her about this dream and we spoke of angels and their meaning.


  286. Dreamed I was at the library, naked; n some way I was assisting a couple seated behind a desk (i was posing) but not in the main section of the library. Was holding something n my hand, unsure as 2 what. Suddenly I see my brother-in-law approaching, he sees me standing there and he continues to walk towards the couple, but still looking at me. I was upset that he kept walking towards us. I turn away from him, but could still see him approaching. I then managed to or attempted to stop him from coming any further. Next scene, I am on the phone with Gail telling her about this dream and we spoke of angels and their meaning.

  287. Thnx in advance for interpretation:

    Dreamed I was at the library, naked; n some way I was assisting a couple seated behind a desk (i was posing) but not in the main section of the library. Was holding something n my hand, unsure as 2 what. Suddenly I see my brother-in-law approaching, he sees me standing there and he continues to walk towards the couple, but still looking at me. I was upset that he kept walking towards us. I turn away from him, but could still see him approaching. I then managed to or attempted to stop him from coming any further. Next scene, I am on the phone with Gail telling her about this dream and we spoke of angels and their meaning.

  288. Greetings. Thnx n advance 4 interpretation:

    Dreamed I was at the library, naked; n some way I was assisting a couple seated behind a desk (i was posing) but not in the main section of the library. Was holding something n my hand, unsure as 2 what. Suddenly I see my brother-in-law approaching, he sees me standing there and he continues to walk towards the couple, but still looking at me. I was upset that he kept walking towards us. I turn away from him, but could still see him approaching. I then managed to or attempted to stop him from coming any further. Next scene, I am on the phone with Gail telling her about this dream and we spoke of angels and their meaning.

  289. What does it mean when you see a man with painted nails. I asked him how he managed to get them done and when I looked at his finger nails for the second time, his finger nails were unpainted and back to its natural state.

  290. called on to anchor a section of prayer in a program and someone i know in real life took over along the line with a prophetic move of which he his not called on to anchor that moment then i said to myself i will asked him why he took over when am not yet through with my section.

    • what is that person’s name Ezekiel ?

      • (Femi. for the previous dream)…..Also had this dream…. i saw myself with a lot of people mainly youth (students) in a strange land forest like but no path to follow out of the forest. i saw myself leading them moving up and down just to find a way out , breaking walls built and killing people who seems to stop us.

      • Hi Ezekiel,
        Dream 1. You are not able to accomplish something because of a situation or thing that has grabbed your attention and God has given you this dream so you can check this out and see if you can make changes.
        Dream 2. This is a situation in which your intentions are good in doing God’s work but you are doing things your way . God is asking you to seek Him for the path He has for you, Does this make sense? Blessings!!

  291. Dream 1- Dreamed about a prophet who told me he had a dream about me being in jail, prison or in a grave. He was concerned, and said when he went to go check on me to see if I was okay, I came walking out with hips!! and he started laughing as if oh she’s fine. I responded to him “and I have hips too!! We both started laughing.

  292. I had an argument with my dad. He sent me to my room to take a nap. I told him fine I dont care I will only be here two days,(visitation due to divorce). I was mad. I lay in the bed. The bedroom was the room my brother and myself and my dad shared in my grandmothers house over 20 years ago when i was a child. As i lay there i began to feel fear and a call to repent of all wrong. I stood up in a panic and put both hands on the wall and said forgive me forgive me (much like a person in danger saying God save me). I felt a pain in my back and turned around to see a Tiger on my bed. the tiger did not attack but acted defensive growling for me to stay away from it like a cornered animal. I approached the tiger and strangle the life from it.

    • Hi Michael,
      Something from the past is trying to attack your intimate relationship with God. God has seen how you are trying to do your best to strengthen your relationship with Him , you will surely succeed in your attempt. Do not be dismayed God is with you in this. Blessings !!!

  293. hello, i dreamt of receiving a proposal and an engagement ring from a man which i did joyfully . there i realised he is a man of God , a doctor and a not sure if this foretells another warfare or the mind of GOD because i dont know the man and am still single thanks

    • Hi Falasayo,
      This dream could be telling that God is bringing that person into your life that you are waiting for. God is soo good, isn’t He? He has given you this dream so you will know to wait patiently on Him with whom all things are possible !! Let us know when this plays out, many blessings to you !!

  294. I was sitting in the middle of the church at a table with 3 other women. The pastor/prophet was standing in front of the church. There were women surrounding him and calling his name. There was also one woman on his right that had on a red skin tight dress and touched him and called his name 3 times. As this was going on, he kept his eyes on me and I kept my eyes on him. I knew that he didnt want the women and he held his arms down tightly to his sides. A young man that liked me saw that I did not lust after the pastor/prophet and came to give me a hug. I did not respond to him like the women did to the pastor/prophet and the young man sat down and watched the pastor/prophet in jealousy.

  295. I had a dream where me and other people from my church were in a prison. This prison was in a basement in a building in the city. Our pastor/prophet said we will get out of the prison. It was a huge iron bar door that was locked and prevented us from getting out. He goes to the door and the door doesn’t open so he was like “I thought God said that the door will open?” So I began to climb the iron bar and I saw that the hinge looked different. I pulled out the long hinge and i realized that I was able to bend the door. When I pulled it out, I bent and pushed the door open and the prophet and the people looked at me. I got on my knees and thanked Jesus for giving me the wisdom to figure that out.

  296. Dreamed my son was sitting in the basket in the store when I noticed a man holding a knife looking confused.I felt something was not right so I pulled the basket closer to me and the man attacked my son and stabbed him 3 times before I took him down.I then attacked him and was able to put him in a choke hold and pulled him to the ground.I looked up and noticed my son pulling up his coat to see blood running down in a small stripe like.It didn’t look as if the knife had fully gone through but it obviously cut him.Once I saw the small stripe of blood I was able to fight and grab the knife from the man and I proceeded to stab him in the gut area making sure the knife actually penetrated his side.

  297. The peculiar thing is I have my RT hand on his RT shoulder, I was sitting somewhat behind him and to his RT with my head resting on his upper back, the RT side of his body was exposed, so his stomach, side, back, and a part of his chest was visible. Im unsure if I or he was holding his shirt up, or that side was just missing as I laid there. I’m ashamed/confused waking up like this & in public & I apologize but he laughs & seems to think its quite alright, amused, & seemed to enjoy the fact that it happened bc as I slept/even after I woke, he sat there just eating his food and talking like normal. He didnt feel familar to me but im not sure bc I dont think I either really saw his face or maybe I did but dont remember it.

    • Hi K
      Sounds like a great dream that is foretelling of blessings coming your way because of something you have been connected with in the past. You will know what to do in this situation as you will have revelation from God about things to come. And I believe God is in it it and is making His divine strength available to you. Does this make sense in any way? Please do leave your feedback. Blessings !!

      • Sheba, thanks for your reply. I thought so too but the way things are right now….so uncertain and unclear, I dont know what to think. Im not in a good place in my life, in my peace right now and more than anything else, that’s where I’d like to be.

  298. 2: Im in a cafeteria w/ past &present friends . A guy comes to the table interested in me, im polite & try to think a way out, as the guy says he’ll be back to take me out. next thing I know I wake up (in the dream) at the same table + a few new folk including a different, seemingly random guy I woke up cuddled up to.
    Continued on next comment.

  299. Dream 1: The dream was of a guy who I used to date and we do not communiate with eachother anymore.

    In this dream I was invited to his family’s gathering for a celebration. His parents, sister, brothers and a lot of male relatives of his were there. I was wearing a short red dress. There was a lot of music, food, and fun. We all sat at this long table for dinner, at which, I was at the head and he was to my right. In the same night/dream, there was another celebration similar in style and mostly the same people, But this time i was in a royal blue and white short dress, still seated at the head of the table and he was to my right. He and I seemed very close and happy in the dream.

  300. The dream seems to warn me of loosing some sort of favour but not sure what I need to do to stop this from happening: Dreamt my son woke up at night and needed the toilet. I walked him up the stairs and saw the CEO and Head of Department of my company tucked in bed.The CEO looked at me and started singing. Then the dream fast forwarded to the next day ahh to a meadow. I told the other Head about it and then left in a jeep. Whilst being driven I remembered that I had left my handbag behind. I went back and saw many abondaned handbags but couldn’t find my golden one. Any ideas?

  301. Thank you, Sheba. That definitely makes sense. I make the mistake of taking this person from my past literally. My emotional/mental reaction to this dream clouded the meaning of what the Lord was showing me symbolically, and I took it negatively. I believe you’re right in your interpretation and it matches up with other things I feel the Lord has been encouraging me with. Thank you so much!

  302. I saw a diagram in front of me with the word Gifts and 22k and an arrow pointing upwards and out. Then I fell asleep and I was driving my car that got upgraded. At first I had some time getting accustomed to the way the lights worked and it needed time. Once I got the hang of it, I felt safe and confident and my view became clearer. This meant that I started driving faster on my road and overtook all other traffic including a tank that was firing aimlessly.

  303. Hi what does a tornado on a 4 – lane highway mean ?

    • Tornado = Things are uncovered, laid bare, broken down or broken apart for you to see clearly
      4= The world, creation, universality
      Highway = a main road, especially one connecting major towns or cities.

  304. Also dreamed my husband Chris came to the front door smiling and had 2 Christmas ornaments to give me. I was surprised, saying “it’s too early! You can’t give me these yet!” He held up a small glass bell with pastel pink, blue, yellow ribbon on it (was one of my favorite ornaments as a little girl in real life). I was so surprised! I took it and was outside to hang it up on a tree. It wasn’t an evergreen, but a taller tree with branches bending down (like a willow). The wind started blowing through the tree as I hung the bell on a branch and I noticed my husband, smiling, peeking through the branches at me. I hung another one, but can’t remember what it was.

    • Hi Katie
      Something you are partnered with ( could be your job,ministry etc ) will bring you favour and joy in the future. God is making a covenant with you about how He wants to bring revelation to you because of your child like faith and he has strength, hope and faith in store for you.
      Please leave your feedback I would love to hear from you.

  305. Sure, their names are Melody and Lorin

  306. I dreamed I was walking around a college campus with 2 friends from college. I am feeling so lost and aching, like I’m searching, and alone. I’m very pregnant and can see the baby’s hand through my skin. I could even put my finger in the baby’s hand and feel it’s strong grip. I know the baby is my ex-boyfriends (who in real life left me with a shattered heart during my college days) and I’m hurting in my heart so much and think along the lines of ‘he’ll have to want me now that I have his baby.’ I go to find him and he’s laying in bed. I show him our baby and the baby in my womb responds towards him and he puts his hand in the baby’s grip like I did and said “My son, my son.”

    • what are the names of your two friends – or at least we need to know the meaning of their names if you don’t want to mention their names

    • This dream is about something you have partnered with in the past and although it is still in a state being formed( baby in womb), it will be brought to fruition and God will lead you to a place of victory and honor( Lorin) and you be singing away because of that. Good dream !! Let me know what you think.

  307. Hello . I keep having a recurring dream that I am feeding animals of all kinds. This has been going on for at least 6 months. The animals are literally begging me for food and when I give it to them they won’t leave. I never feel they are bad I just keep thinking why won’t they leave me. I in dream in particular I remember seeing 2 dogs in my kitchen I gave them meat they ate it but still wanted more. I feel like God is saying something to me. So far I think I have meat=the word??

    • Hi Tatisha
      Dogs have two meanings in the dictionary see which one applies to your situation and kitchen = is a place of preparation or birthing new ideas

      • Hi Sheba-

        Thanks for your reply. I thought about that but what has me mind boggled is I have been have this dream recurring with different animals and at different places–what remains the same is me feeding them and them being hunger for something from me

  308. I had a dream last night that I was at some type of fair and fell onto a canister holding paintbrushes. 4 of them went into my upper left thigh. I saw a piece of white wood in my thigh and the tips of these paintbrushes were sticking out of my leg. It was hard for me to walk and I debated on whether or not to go to the ER. I never actually went to the hospital because I ended up pulling out these paintbrushes. I know that this is kind of graphic but I am feeling like it means something. Can anyone help?

    • thigh = Regarding a person’s submission or independence , 4 = for corners, earthly creativity, fair = a place of fun and frolic

      You are involved in being creative in some way and this gives you a lot of pleasure but you have had loss of support in this area which has caused for your creativity to take a plunge and is taking away your independence. But God is saying do not worry you will be able to come out of this situation all by yourself as you seem to be quite capable of handling this situation well. You will come out of this unaided.

  309. This morning I had a dream that I was sitting around a table with a group of people and A guy came up to me and I guess he was trying to sit on top of me or pushes me aside or something. I kept resisting him by pushing him off of me and I eventually started to gouge his eyes out trying to get him off of me. Then there appeared a fishing pole in my lap and I drug his face across the fishing pole. His lip ended up getting pierced by the fishing hook on the pole. We both started to freak and my only thought was what am I going to do to unhook him.

    • So in the dream I believe the guy’s name was Rice but in real life the guy in the dream looked like a guy that I know named Jordan. Jordan has fiery red orange hair and has always been extremely hyper.

    • The enemy is like a fiery warrior bringing the attack on you through someones who is angry and is strong willed and this person has been saying negative things about you but God is giving you the victory. This person may even appear to be seeking comfort from you but you will know what’s actually going on and will not be deceived. Praise God !!
      Does this make sense let me know.

  310. Hi REV LYNMARIE, more grace.
    I had a dream that i was in particular place were people gather and was praying for particular person, and suddenly i was called to pray for the person and as i was praying for the person i saw something like a creature left that person, after which i now call some people to give praise and i went on my kneel thanking God.

  311. Hi , I had adream thats been stuck in my head for days . I believe God is giving me a message. Here’s the dream : I was walking on a 4-lane highway. The highway was neatly paved and painted. It had a small pedestrian lane to the left of the road. On the road was a tornado . As I was walking, I got caught in the tornado. It lifted me up about 200m in the air. As it passed me I began falling back to the ground. As I was falling I saw 4 oncoming semi trucks on the highway. I had to dodge them because they were going to hit me as I fall to the ground. When I hit the ground, I ‘bounced ‘ and managed to roll to the pedestrian lane. I was safe with no injuriies or pain whatsoever. Hope you can help with the interpretation. Thanks.

  312. I dreamt I was hanging out with Trump and Melania in their bedroom. I got there by climbing up the white house thru their window, permitted by them and secret service. I left and brought back a guy who was delivering their new furniture. He was so happy even tho they weren’t present. Later, it was me and trump and Melania on their bed. We were going to go on a really smooth virtual rollercoaster ride on their mattress. It was super cool. We shot down targets with our hands. The dream ended.

    • Hi Leslie
      You are going to reach the top of the ladder( Trump and Melania ) in your situation. The things needed for these will be delivered or will manifest. There seems to be short -lived thrills involved with this. (roller-coaster) . Blessings!! and please leave your feedback and let me know if this makes sense.

  313. Hi, I hope someone could help to interpret two visions. In the first vision, I saw a boulder or a rock that was dark gray in colour. And on it was the number 24, which was either red or orange in colour. And in the second vision, I saw the words “Ezra door”. Thank you so much!

  314. Hello Again! I have a dream that really stuck with me today and wanted to share to get some insight.

    I was taking/sitting next to a man at a dinner party. The waitress brought our plate we both had chicken. The guy started deboning his chicken I took a piece of mine and realized that I was on a fast of no meat and spit it out. The waitress brought our tickets and while paying our credit cards got mixed up the waitress said you guy will be husband and wife and I said no but the man did not object.

    The strange think about this dream is I have been fasting meat for my future husband in real life. I have no had meat in 2 years–but lately it has been really hard I miss my meat!!

  315. I was driving with my boys and at a turning decided to reverse to change my direction. Another car turned in so quickly as I reversed and we bumped. I first thought that my bonnet was dented when the bump was at the back of the car. I then realised the car was fine. I went over to the other car and driver was busy washing off the marks. He was friendly and situation resolved with no conflict or money involved

  316. I dreamt of a hall with lots of people giving things away. I went to a stand with a lady customising clothes with a sewing machine. I picked a white T shirt for myself and cut out little delicate flowers from another material for her to sow on. The material was very shiny and elegant. I then picked up lots of rubbers for the my boys up.

  317. 3 ( utter completion) right( By divine strength, spiritual empowerment/gifting), Hand (relating to your relationships) Dog (your pet) Brown (Compromise, humanism or fleshly perspective (human perspective disregarding divine perspective)

    There is something in your life that is like your pet habit or even your perspective and you are trying to protect it. Also this pet perspective of yours is not aligning well with the divine perspective . This could be due to the lies of the evil one that confuse us sometimes. The lies from the enemy want to overtake your mind and cause confusion thus not allowing for God to do His work in your life. God wants you to leave it to Him and simply believe in Him. Blessings !!

  318. I had a dream about 3 snakes and one bit me 3 times on my right hand. My husband came in from walking dogs and somehow 3 small baby snakes where on the floor one was chubby and brownish. I told my husband to either move the dog or get the snakes and I will move the dog. He did nothing so I moved the dog because I didn’t want him to get bit…..well the fat brownish snake bit me 3 times on my right hand. I know I didn’t kill the snakes but I don’t know what happened to them. I sucked the poison out of my wounds. What could this mean?

  319. hello I had a dream that I saw a river with 4 animals inside and 2 people.
    I saw a frog being chase by another animal as a very big snake was about to chase the frog 6small animals pin it down and the snake bursted. I shouted Jesus . A frd of mine was asking me if I was OK and I said I am. he was asking for he to see my feet

    • How was the water in the river – clear or murky ?

      • Hi Sharon
        This dream clearly indicates there is demonic move happening in your life where a spirit of lust and lies of the enemy are involved in some way but the ending is happy as you saw the snake (lies of the enemy) burst and what you are trying to do will not be affected by what the enemy is trying to do. Also there appears to be some significance of numbers 4 and 2 – the attack seems to be coming from all four sides and putting you under pressure to make a covenant but through your efforts (number 6) you will prevail.

  320. Continued…….the envelope came at the time i needed money the most, the first thing i thought of was i needed a haircut,( i have short hair so i cut my hair regularly) i also felt i must keep the contents of the envelope from my partner. I also felt like this money will go a long way, In real life i have been praying fpr supernatural provision and financial release as things have been tight financially. Please help me understand.

  321. 21st November 2017, I dreamt I was in an office, sitting on a desk, the person in the office with me was my partner, but he was a Nigerian man, i felt i didn’t trust him completly, i received a fat brown A4 envelope with my name on it , inside it was lots of money, and lots of documents and a map of Africa i think, the map had green markings on it, like how land is marked out, the map had a big wad of fresh bank notes beside it, there was more money in cheque books and property documents in the envelope as well, each document had money in it, all were fresh bank notes, I felt it was payment for some things i had signed or done in the past., that someone had delivered to me, …continued below…

    • This dream concerns a venture or enterprise you are involved in – possible ministry (Brown) and God is promising you a huge amount of favor – I don’t know if this favor is financial or not but there are some cultural perspectives involved in this that may hinder the relationships forming with others – is that correct? Are you Nigerian? But God is allowing for some pruning to happen in your life so you can attain full maturity so He could align you with the big breakthrough He has in store for you. 🙂 Sounds like a good dream to me. Blessings !!

      • I have been partnering with a friend of mine who is good and successful in PR and media, he is supposed to be my mentor in this partnership, but it’s turned out that I’m going it alone, he does not participate or try to get involved in the projects, just from an outsider perspective and lately I’ve felt i dont know what to make of him , Not a distrust but an uncertainty as to the partnership if I’m alone on the workings of it, I’m Ghanaian and so is he, we both live and work in Ghana, Nigerians are generally not trusted in Ghana in Business circles so maybe thats where the not trusting him dream analogy comes in…continued below

      • Continued reply…i entered this partnership with him because i dreamt a pregnancy dream about it last september where he was the father and a good father, He is good at PR and a Brand Icon here, and I wrote about it on this page up above, i got a reply. In that dream we were supposed SHARE the baby, i saw the word share in white ccapitals and i saw us raising a todler between us. Since then a year passed and in September he offered me the partnership on projects, and has been preoccupied with his other ventures and left the workings of thes two projects to me with the help of his assitant so basicslly I’m acting as both mother and fatber to these projects, ie, continueing below ….

      • ….continued…the one I’m about to launch which he doesnt help on at all, and the bigger one we need to source financial investment together to move it forward, also i have begun to wonder if I made a mistake in walking into this Partnership, i have also felt that when i successfully launch this first venture on thursday, as there will be industry people attending, If its God’s will to move on from here I will get another offer from someone who sees how i MC this event, .the one I’m about to launch which he doesnt help on at all, and the bigger one we need to source financial investment together to move it forward, also i have begun to wonder if I made a mistake in walking into this Partnership, …

      • ….contd..have also felt that when i successfully launch this first venture on thursday, as there will be industry people attending, If its God’s will to move on from here I will get another offer from someone who sees how i MC this event, maybe book future jobs as a  speaker as i was given a word in a dream about companies seeking me out on ways to prosper their busineses just like Joseph,  amd also a pastor gave me a prophetic vision of God placing a microphone in my hand book future jobs as a  speaker as i was given a word in a dream about companies seeking me out on ways to prosper their busineses just like Joseph,  amd also a pastor gave me a prophetic vision of God placing a microphone in my hand

        • Hi Lady
          Sorry this is late, have been busy but I think God is reminding you time and again that He IS with you no matter who deserts you and he is working behind the scenes to pull everything together for a happy ending to this situation but I want to also remind you that God is allowing for you to mature before He can bring about that breakthrough you are looking for. So let patience finish its work in you that you may be complete and mature lacking in nothing. James 1 :4 Blessings Lady do let me know what you think about this

          • 16th December 2017 this morning, i dreamt i had been working behind the scenes and doing all the work and hadn’t been appreciated, someone at the top had taken all the credit and was standing at the top of a high rise balcony wearing black and looked like a disney witch, with her cloak blowing in the wind, she was looking down at the work i had done that was a show or event someone i knew who was a strong beleiver video called me to show me what she was doing, in the dream my friend said to me, look at her doesn’t she look like a witch, but suddenly ..continued below

          • 16th December 2017, Continued…, the doors of the waiting room or common room or office i was in with other people i worked with , burst open and in walked the people in charge wearing white gowns, they sat down and called me by name together with other people to get our passports ready and that we will go on the trip, and that they will pick up the passports on tuesday or wednesday, and in the dream i made a conscious decision in my mimd to renew my passport on monday and it seemed it would be a one day process. Today is Saturday and The days TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY and MONDAY stood out to me. Pls help me understand.

  322. Early this morning the 24th of November 2017, I dreamt I was holding a chubby, bouncy baby boy in my arms , he seemed about 3 months old or so, and he was laughing and smiling and waving up at me and I was supposed to name him, he was my baby, I was thinking of baby names , my mum told me to name him properly as his name would be his identity ,and I woke up.

    • Hi Lady
      You are going to birth something new – it could be anything to do with you ministry Or work Or some situation. It is going to be a healthy situation (Baby bouncy and chubby) but the Holy spirit is reminding you to name it the way you want it to operate. It may not have played out yet but if it has let me know. Blessings !!

      • It is a work project I’m about to launch this week that I will be MC ‘ing ,this will be my first project to MC, it has undergone many changes and now i have felt i need to take away a lot of the elements and keep to the initial identity i had for it, i started planning this project in September first week, so its been 3 months in the making, I have been praying for Financial provision and for God’s favour so i execute it properly on the day with my public speaking, and also to put on an outstanding event.

  323. I asked the mom which floor she would like to go to. Then she told me “4”. I remember saying the numbers verbally(1, 2, 3 and 4) while my index finger was pointing at the buttons showing the respective numbers.

    Could someone help to interpret this dream? Thanks a lot!:)