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January 13, 2017

210 responses on "Open Discussion Page"

  1. Profile photo of jamie

    hi, i keep having dreams of snakes every night. however i keep dreaming the snakes are at my parents house which is now sold.
    i dream of them being in the house when my brother and i were around with family, then i dreamt of them coming from the roof/celing and walls into the house and there were many of them and then i dreamt i was looking up at the tree in my parents yard and there was a green snake in the tree. they not biting me or anyone but they around there. i dont understand what this means. why do i keep having it every night and always at my parents house.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Please refer to Karen’s kind replies below. Also, this dream seems to have to do with a transition as the Lord takes you to where you belong (possibly in your perspective). I will suggest that the dream is about a deception that has been attempting to influence you with respect to greed, envy, jealousy, pride. The Lord is faithful and you can trust Him even when it makes no sense… difficult for us logical thinkers. Make sense?

  2. Profile photo of Terry

    I dreamt of a short black and brown constrictor asleep in a cage. From nowhere a more active silvery gray constrictor appears that stares me in the eyes and later births a small whitish snake. Im not afraid and actually want to keep the silvery snake and its baby. I dont see but the smaller sleeping snake swallows the silvery snake and apparently the offspring because the baby snake is gone. I’m a spiritual person that sees snakes as evil and do not trust even the harmless snakes. I’m in a chaotic period and i have a son 2 weeks old. I’m having trust issues with the baby’s mother.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      I am not surprised by the background you gave. Assuming the dream is about the situation you shared, it is a warning dream so you can strategically pray. The dream is warning you that Satan has a plan to remove that mother and child from your life through a person sent from the devil into her life which is a compromise for her. My prayers will be with you as well.

  3. Profile photo of S

    I was doing some obstacle course or something and a female I knew well (can’t think who it was) told me there was a diamondback underneath what looked to be a washing machine. She had a dream it was under there and was going to bite me if I didn’t stay away. I backed way far away and this blue snake (a couple shades lighter than navy) with white patches on it all over the body slithered out and just went away like it didn’t even see us. The diamondback seemed to be lying in wait for me, but I didn’t go over there.

  4. Profile photo of Karen

    I thought I’d comment on the 3 dreams above. Since these have to do with snakes, you could have posted them in the Creatures category or, even better, in the Snake Trio Doubled category if you wanted Lynmarie to reply. And if you read the dream posts in the Snake Trio category, a lot of the elements in these 3 dreams are addressed and answered. Snakes represent deception. Look up the colors associated with the snakes, that will give you clues as to what type of deception. Ceiling can be authority, washing machine can be spiritual cleansing.

  5. Profile photo of Karen

    Constrictors tend to have to do with legalism, “squeezing the life out.” Blue and white snake probably has to do with false revelation and false holiness/righteousness. That snake and the diamondback underneath the washing machine make me wonder if perhaps Satan or a representative of his is trying to keep you from the true cleansing that is in Christ, saying that you’ll be hurt in some way if you attempt to cleanse or fix something/some situation. I’m not a dream expert (!), so these are just thoughts, for what they’re worth…

  6. Profile photo of Gideon

    On August 9 2016 I was having a Dream within dream. I came under demonic assault while giving speech to some sort of class. I heard angry voice scream then a hand gripped the lower left side of my back. I remember seeing my mom somewhere in the dream but I can’t remember. I got the sense that the attack was more intimidation and scare tactics that actual danger but it was still scary. As usual your prayer would help

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      God is allowing this attack ultimately for your benefit. This generally happens for our education and it may be a test we can learn from… hopefully not the hard way. He wants to assist you in this by giving you a heads-up. It is confirmed that it WILL occur, so be prepared. …giving speech to some sort of class could be literal or played out in an attempt by you to “educate” a person or persons who will not recieve your opinion, even though you may be correct.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      I would suggest you be careful with your words, but you should always do that anyway, AND the dream indicates you can’t stop this. Know God’s allowing and protecting. I will remember this and pray for your wisdom, for the Spirit to soften hearts, and for protection. Please give me an update when you see it coming to pass.

  7. Profile photo of Angela

    I had this dream quite a while ago- I was handed over a great big flag of Great Britain. The flag wad made up with lots of individual diamonds and it sparkled greatly. I was so excited and couldn’t go back to sleep

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      This is a calling dream to a particular ministry to people in Great Britain. God will offer you a ministry of some sort there and He wants you to take the position or assignment which will effect these beautiful and valuable people. Has this manifested?

  8. Profile photo of Gideon

    Thank you very much for you prayer! I believe I am seeing this manifest in my roommate and a few of my teammates, for college soccer. Often we get into debates about issues such as “should women soccer players get payed more ” and he rapidly gets heated and very assertive of his opinion, almost as if he feels the need to dominate me and my opinion

  9. Profile photo of Daphne

    I had a dream about an Evangelist. I saw green smoke come out of her mouth and she looked extremely tired. I heard the word cigarettes. Any interpretation? She also does deliverance and just recently confirmed she is a pastor now.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      This is very interesting to me!! God may be using this evangelist to speak to you about me! It fits and speaks in several ways to me. This happens rarely, but on occasion- because God loves to use a variety of ways to speak to us. Sounds like you know the person God was using in the dream, the evangelist. Tell me more about her and I’ll share why I think I am the beneficiary of this dream. In other words, you are ministering to me and you have a high level prophetic gifting!

  10. Profile photo of ann

    I went for a Bible study and was very uneasy because reasons best known. Before sleeping I ask the LORD to speak to me regarding this as there are 2 others girls who attended / and still attending the study amongst 25 others Females/males..
    SO my dream was 1 girl and 1 boy and the color purple appeared. I just cant remember the rest but this 3 things came back to my mind. Thank you. Ann

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      So God seems to be saying that this Bible study is good. It’s based on a female and male’s leadership, so if a woman is teaching it alone, then she is partnered with Jesus. Purple represents authenticity in a positive dream like this, authority in Jesus.

  11. Profile photo of Preeti

    May the Lord’s Holy Spirit guide you & me..
    Empty beach..Dark storm but still waters..I told myself “Look up to the Lord, he is my protector” above lighter but suspicious..coil like cloud formation ( half hidden in darker clouds ) huge angry Snake came down full force..I moved but it devoured my cousin, Chanda..felt guilty that I didn’t save her..Snake was still coiled in cloud but the part which dropped to attack was straight like a on the sides & roughly golden in between..It looked like old metal..

    God bless

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Welcome, Mumbai! Wow, very parabolic. The dream speaks of a demonic attack coming your way out of a life storm. Though it’s meant to stop you, it falls into it’s own trap. Good job, God! It’s not over though, the end is symbolic of something very specific that Satan wants to use to get to you. Any idea what?

  12. Profile photo of Daphne

    I sought her out for a deliverance session and she is well known for her deliverance ministry. I believe she has been in ministry for 10+ years now. She is very much on fire for God and encourages others to stay in prayer and fight against the enemy. I mentioned the dream I had to her but she told me she is doing fine and no worries so I didn’t know what to make of the dream. I’m amazed at how God works in mysterious ways 🙂

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      This makes sense. It seems to me that God is confirming some things for encouragement sake in this tiring season, and directing us as well. So sweet of him to use you like this! It also should encourage you.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      My husband and I recently took another gifting test and Evangelist was #1 for me, and deliverance is a specialty of ours. Green smoke coming out of the mouth refers to speech bringing growth. I am extremely tired right now. Cigarettes refers to a habit that may prove harmful and should be removed. She is a pastor now would prophesy an status change within the new church we have joined; our pastor is vetting us both now to verify our pastoral/seminary credentials.

  13. Profile photo of Daphne

    Wow that is amazing! I pray God continues to bless you and your husband as well as your ministry 🙂

  14. Profile photo of Angela

    Thank you Lyn. No, it hasn’t manifested in the physical yet. I had this dream 2 years ago but strongly feel that after the tiger dream comes to an end, I will start stepping into the destiny that God has for me. Will definitely keep you posted.God has been bringing it to my attention. Xx

  15. Profile photo of Angela

    Amen, I receive it.Its so good being back on your site…I couldn’t get on it for a few weeks as my server couldn’t find it..I had another dream I believe is connected with the last stage of deliverance….I was driving someone else’s white old car and it was a struggle. Someone gave me an instruction to change the way I was driving. This is when the petrol started gushing out violently and I ended up drinking it as I could see the tank was about to explode.Last minute, someone realised that it was close to explosion and took the tank whilst I got my boys and another child??? to safety.The person emptied the burning fuel but underneath the car was my sister who was burned alive.I heard the screams, woke up and couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night? What do you think? Xx

  16. Profile photo of Daphne

    I had a dream about a two months ago. It involved many things but what stood out the most was my sister in law appeared to be doing fine and all was well but then I was able to zoom in closer to her face and notice sagging skin… Wrinkles on her face. She looked very tired and exhausted but was appearing to be hiding it?

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      The sister-in-law surely symbolizes someone else, another sister-in-law, someone similar to her, or even more likely- the meaning of her name. Look that up and see if it connects with something you are concerned about. I’d say that God is encouraging you to place all you trust in Him concerning this and watch Him show up for you!

  17. Profile photo of Archita

    Hi I saw a dream last night ( I slept pretty late ) . So I see I visit a freind at his place , and it’s all happy and friendly zone and him and his mother cater to me and suddenly while in conversation freinds face is different and he has a different face but I know he is the same person and changes to a very pleasing face I must add , and he speaks about how he chants some mantras every night and I tell me oh my god u must be having snakes in your bathroom , and suddenly I see snake right behind him , really really long lying in a zig zag form with the heads on both side of it . And in fear I kept screaming , freind nicely gets up with a smile tries to take a stick and remove or move it , but funnily he kept throwing it in my direction it didn’t come to me nothing happened as I kept jumping and fearing it and didn’t go near it . What does this mean I am curious

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      You can probably discern the general message that the snake symbolism depicts, knowing snakes generally represent deceivers. The thing to discover is what area of your life this applies to. This may be determined by the NAME of the friend.

  18. Profile photo of desere

    I own a florist and had this dream. I walk into a classroom that is panelled in dark wood and in the front is an open chair – ‘someone” says to me – we have been waiting for you. all along the sides are buckets of water but in the one is 2 white proteas but they have been painted a cobalt blue’.

  19. Profile photo of Laura77

    I had a dream last night of a large and long yellow serpent (not snake, not dragon, but serpent). It was in the basement of the house my husband and I just bought and plan to move into next week. We were trying to get it out, watching it chip off cement from the outer walls with its movements. Somehow we got rid of it, but we realized we had been only temporarily successful. We sat down and talked about how to get rid of it for good and tried again (I never saw what the methods were). The next scene was of us unpacking our household goods in an old building in the woods of our property because we were not able to live in the house. I’m new to this site and looked up “snakes in dreams” to arrive here. Does anybody know what this might be about? It seems the Lord is trying to warn me about something.

  20. Profile photo of Tee


    In this dream, my husband and I had a church (irl, we don’t have a church and have not discussed starting one – also my husband was not in the dream). We had a good amount of loyal followers. I was the First Lady and felt I had a great responsibility. People were coming to me for help on different things. I remember helping two young men who were riding bicycles. I was kind of instructing them on something.

    The church / ministry was held in a unfamiliar basement. The basement was not dark or eerie. Instead of pews people were sitting at round tables eating and enjoying themselves. I was sitting in the front of all the tables and turned around to see all of the people. I thought to myself, “Wow, there is alot of people here, more than other new churches.

    People would voluntarily give offerings. The offerings were kept in a paper gift bag. It was always filled with envelopes. The envelopes looked like envelopes you would give someone for a birthday or anniversary, you know white or blue.. Even if I forgot to take an offering there would be envelopes in the bag. I was amazed. One woman decided to leave our church. She took a “printed cloth material” she had given, out of the gift bag. There were no hard feelings. We hugged and she left. EOD Your thoughts are appreciated.

  21. Profile photo of Joyce

    It was a short dream…..I was walking through what appeared to be an old restaurant with chairs on my right and other seating places on my left. Immediately my sister n law walked in front of me from the right to the left and sat down. She was heavier than in real life (she is currently battling colon cancer). She was wearing a dress that was brown and mottled with the color yellow. She looked at me when she sat down.

    * I wish I could say that we have a relationship. I have been married 21 years to her brother and shortly after we married I began to experience severe persecution from her that had continued for most of the marriage.

  22. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi! I’m a fellow dreamer, have some ideas on ur dream. Snake=deception. Hs & husb not literal, is God using as picture. Maybe God calling u to a new opportunity (buying new hs) in something you’re connected with (husb), but a lg, long-term (long snake=time) hidden issue (bsmt) involving fear (yellow) is preventing u from entering into God’s perfect plan. Hence, living in relative poverty (shack), spiritually or in whatever area this pertains to. S/l you’ve only had partial/temp victory in this area, perhaps cuz core issue is hidden? Can ask God for more revelation. Blessings.

  23. Profile photo of Karen

    My comment above is supposed to go with the dream about buying a new house and the long yellow snake in the basement. I’m not sure if I hit the Reply link above it…

  24. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi, please see my comment at the end of the posts if it doesn’t show up right after your dream. Thx.

  25. Profile photo of Nicholas

    Desere – your dream jumped out at me b/c I tend to have a lot of school/classroom based dreams. Hopefully my taking a stab it will help.
    Not sure if you are a florist IRL or dreamt you were a florist. If you dreamt you were a florist would probably indicate a proclivity or talent towards growing/organizing/presenting for others consumption. Being in a classroom is all about learning something! (Yup, much to learn on my part too)

  26. Profile photo of Nicholas

    (cont) Also, the comment seems to indicate perhaps whatever it is you are supposed to be learning you may have been putting off (?) but you are now ready/willing to learn. The flower protea (according to google) indicates change and hope. White is purity/righteousness, and blue is communion/revelation. The addition of cobalt to the blue perhaps indicates an additional emphasis of value and importance. (Kudos for having an eye for colors!)

  27. Profile photo of Nicholas

    (cont) Water is usually the Spirit. Not sure about the wood walls. Will say the whole scene feels very organic/earthy in a growth sense. My take – – The spirit is letting you know you are righteous, and also valuable and important. (Know I tend to forget this too often) And, as a florist (if part of the dream), perhaps you will learn to share the same message with others. Encouragement to be in the business of encouragement?

  28. Profile photo of Sheba

    Archita – Here’s my take on your dream
    Someone is feeding you with lies and appears to be friendly but is actually not. Please know that this person’s attempts will fail as God is surrounding you with His protection.

  29. Profile photo of Joy

    Hi, I had a dream that I woke up and looked outside my window and saw a man on top of a truck in my driveway. Once the man noticed me looking out the window he broke into my house, came upstairs and pulled out a gun on myself and my husband. Next, we were no longer in our home but in a woodsy area and the man shot me. But it seemed like I was still able to communicate with my husband. Please help with interpretation!

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      We might want to understand what this man represents. Anything distinquishing him? Did he have a name? There’s an attack planned for you, and it looks like it is within a good-sized community such as a workplace. You make take a blow of some kind, but Jesus is available to help you through this.

  30. Profile photo of G

    Today I dreamed that I was getting chased by werewolves in a basement. I was able to get away and shut the door.
    I was later asked to take something through the basement, but I said, no, I will take it through the surface, even if it is harder so that I can avoid the werewolves.

  31. Profile photo of G

    Then I was in a warehouse and there was a Woman that would turn into a werewolf and she insisted on clinging to me. When I needed to leave I stabbed the woman with a wooden stake in the head, and left her locked in the warehouse. I woke up as I was going into the medical ward that was heavily guarded, and as I was about to put gloves on.

  32. Profile photo of Vanessa

    I dreamed i was in Paris. I rode in a taxi at peace. I couldn’t see my driver. Later i saw a mass of people running in terror. The taxi stopped. i got out. I looked up and saw jesus on the cross with a giant wall of water behind him. He said, ” i have taken the sins of Paris.”

    I woke up.

  33. Profile photo of Vanessa

    Hi, I am Pentacostal Christain. I have a very close relationship with Jesus. I am active in serving my church through childerns ministries and worship. I am also vice president of on campus bible study at college. I am studying music. The lord is calling me to study music for ministry. I had this dream awhile ago. But i think it is relevant at this point in time. I am fasting right now to see if God really does want me to go to Paris and if he wants me to study abroad and the details concering that.

  34. Profile photo of Vanessa

    Im getting confused with how replying works lol

  35. Profile photo of Vanessa

    I forgot to add to the dream that the mass of people ran toward the direction of Jesus

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Good thing you clarified. God seems to be giving you insight as to what He’s been up to in Paris. This are has been set up for a harvest. It really sounds like an anwer to your prayers. This dream seem to say, “Go and work in the vineyard”! Keep in mind, always confirm a dream interpretation before taking action!

  36. Profile photo of Vanessa

    Yeah, I was pretty sure that was the meaning, I was always so focused on the Taxi Part because I know vecheicles describe ministry. But this is not the only dream of Paris I had. God has given me multiple other dreams and i think has more. This happens to be the very first one. Some of those dreams introduced me to people I think I am suppose to meet.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Exciting to see how God is speaking and preparing you for the journey he has for you. BTW- vehicles represent activity in general rather than ministry. Example. Our son dreamed a Taxi was taking him on a ride and it went the long way and wanted to charge the excess fee. Turned out, the girlfriend was wasting his time and wasn’t the one meant for him. Not long after he split with her, dreams came of the one God had in mind, symbolized by an well-priced apartment with lots of cats!

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      To explain, she came from a cat mom and loves cats herself (her mom breeds specialty cats)! So, vehicles have to do with an activity, what’s going on, if something is parked, going forward or backward, etc. Be sure to read the Transportation dictionary. Blessings!

  37. Profile photo of Joy

    @Rev LynMarie He is not someone I recognize. I’m African American, he was a Caucasian male. No name. Seems like he wore a white shirt and was a little taller than me. He asked my husband about some computer parts or something prior to pulling out the gun on us. Not sure if that’s relevant. There is a co-worker of another race that I noticed is not very fond of me. He does drive a white truck, which is what I saw in my dream.

  38. Profile photo of Melinda

    I dreamed of a smiling snake and I wasn’t afraid of it. I was on a bicycle and it started following me fast. All of a sudden it bit into my left hand. I watched the teeth go into my flesh; however, I knew it hadn’t injected any poison. I shook it off and started beating it. I then woke up. I am a middle-aged white female who loves Jesus. I was backslidden, but I have come back to the Lord. I also have a neighbor who practices witchcraft that keeps me quite busy praying for her salvation and also praying against demonic attacks she sends my way.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Welcome, Dreamer on the Gulf! Glad you included the background because it looks to be relevant. The bike indicates this is about a personal ministry, and that fits your prayers and minitry to the neighbor. The dream indicates a strike from her that effects your relationship. It won’t harm you, but the relationship will be impaired. God will guide you in how far you should go in this ministry. God Bless you!

  39. Profile photo of Melinda

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me and Jesus bless you, sister.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      If you read this today, would you shoot out a prayer for my husband. He has an important meeting this afternoon and more than ever needs every word to be led by the Spirit, as well as the others in the meeting receiving well what he has to say! Thanks in advance.

  40. Profile photo of Vee

    I was being shown around a school with my son, as I was going to be a teacher. We got to the office with letters everywhere. There was a large parcel, the lady said it was for me. I was thinking what could it be? I remembered ordering colored paper. The lady showed me the auditorium & there was a church service. I watched it, then left through the playground & kids were coming with me. security guard followed watching closely. one little girl said his my dad & has never left me with anyone.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      This sounds like a confirmation of a call from God to teaching something, most possibly in ministry. You may have an idea what you have a desire or opportunity to teach. It would be easier to make sense of the rest of the dream if you knew this application. The package is a group of components which will equip you to teach. Could it be you want to teach dream interpretation? What say you?

  41. Profile photo of Tatisha

    I have another dream if the Holy Spirit leads you to interpret please do.
    I was holding my dog (who passed this year) and there was this sweet gentle lion following me around in the house. I didn’t want to put my dog down in fear that the lion would attack her. The lion got in my dogs bag and just laid there. The next morning my dog was safe and happy. I decided to bath her and once putting her in the water she turned in a toddler girl who said “It’s too hot” and I adjusted the water for her.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      A pet (something you enjoyed) looked like it has ended, but it will resurface in connection with Jesus. With the help of the Spirit of God, this will once again come alive into something active in your life. Be careful it’s not too much too soon or you will have trouble processing it. Any idea what this dream might be referring to?

  42. Profile photo of angel

    Please I would appreciate it if you can interpret my dreams. This is the second time I had a dream about a snakes. The first I wasn’t vivid. But last night’s was. I entered a room and saw a lot of snake, they started to hide under some clothing materials. Eventually I saw the tail of one of them being cut off by someone. I looked up then saw the same snake alive but wasn’t attacking me. I told everyone about the snakes and told them not to enter the room where they were. In my head I new how to kill of them and I was waiting for the right time to do so.

  43. Profile photo of A.j

    Slept off in the living room and in the dream I was in the living room with a basket, in then basket there were two short black snakes, they were my pets (I hate snakes real life) Someone I know gave me an extra snake, it grew really big constrictor big. it bas brown with black strips. it grew too big for the basket and ran out the door. I made attempt to stop it but was scared it would attack.

    a month later I had another dream. I believe they are both related, but comment section unable to accept above a hundred words

  44. Profile photo of A.j

    the second dream;
    I saw myself in a desolate garden from which grapes and beefy tomatoes grew off a stone wall. the grapes were in bunches and the tomato Sparsely placed. looking at the ground I saw white substance all over the floor and two dried stumps (covered in white substance, probably dry grape vine stumps). the gardener noticed the attention I was paying to the stumps and said, that’s what produces the salt you see on the floor, the salt keeps the ants away. She then handed my father who was close by some fruits of which he handed me a bunch of the red grapes and a tomato. The fruits were very plum and healthy

  45. Profile photo of angel

    I really want to thank you in advance for the work you are doing for the kingdom. May you find peace and rest through Him.

  46. Profile photo of oludotun

    old lecturer and I were on the bed he gave me a diamond ring. then it was gone. went find out why he took ring, people were there, he said he’d call. Saw the ring on a girl, she said he didn’t take the ring I took it. The girl and friends were in a wooden room. I gave her back her eye drops. I put it in her water/gave it to her. Told friends I’m returning eye drops she gave me. she was a zombie, wanted to give me we what she had. she ran after me, I threw things at her and a baby, didn’t stop her, got on a truck with friends, she was chasing us, we had woolen animals or sheep at the tires, running away too.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Wow. Many dream elements in a short amount of space. These can be looked up in the dictionary one by one. A zombie is someone unaware of something. The ring may represent a person or possibly a commitment. Tires have to do with the Holy Spirit. A key would be what the lecturer is symbolizing. Look up what his/her name means or perceive what he/she might symbolize in this context. Not sure if this is from God… may depend on how well you can still remember and visualize it.

  47. Profile photo of oludotun

    Thank you, Appreciate that. I still remember it well as it troubled me when i woke up, the lecturer is someone I loved very much in technical school, we were very close, I also didn’t mention because of the word limit that when he gave me the ring i was thinking of which to do whether or not to go back to my husband which i had separated from. Also I discovered the ring was gone i the morning. Also i and my friend were in the place where she was but she was in a separate wooden room that had a kind of wide window/opening no glass. it was after giving back the eye drop, I saw her as a zombie. it turn out the people there were the same. She wanted to embrace me and give me whatever they had.

  48. Profile photo of oludotun

    sorry i forgot to add that i thought i had made a mistake, that perhaps may be i wasn’t supposed to go back to my husband, because i recently cut off a relationship as i felt God wanting me to forgive my husband and go back to him.

  49. Profile photo of Vee

    Thank you for replying to me Rev. Lynmarie. I am truly grateful! I have a deep deep desire to teach the prophetic gifting & dreams. But I also have a hunger to teach young teens in leadership & business. You seem spot on with the interpretation. Usually I am very good and accurate with discerning what the Holy Spirit is revealing in my dreams. Lately though I am having so many dreams every night. 4-5 minimum so it’s hard to catch up. I seem to have many dreams with puppies turning to baby’s, and helping & coaching lots of celebrities. I’m not sure where to begin with the teaching aspect……

  50. Profile photo of oludotun

    I had a dream, the part I can remember is seeing myself laying down looking at the blue sky with white clouds out in the open and all of a sudden something like dust entered my eye and it was a bit red.

  51. Profile photo of Tracie

    I dreamed that I was in the bed talking with my ex husband and he showed me myself laying in the bed with some lip stick on the girl he showed me really didn’t look like me, but he said it was me I went outside to take my niece to her mom and some kind of unknown animal kept coming out of a tree distracting me as I began to walk back in the house I saw three dead black bird’s on the porch and a black bat kept hitting my knee but when it finally fell to the ground it really wasn’t a bat it was something that looked like a big turtle or something.

  52. Profile photo of meme

    Thanks in advance for your help, Can you help w/interpreting a wedding dream where the groom showed me a set of adjustable wedding rings ( do you think they have any significance?) as we were about to enter the chapel?

  53. Profile photo of oludotun

    Please could I also know something, i saw the name of a friend like a contact on white paper and in blue, please what does it mean.

  54. Profile photo of julie

    Dreamt of being driven in a new gray car by a man wearing pure white shirt that was spotless and shiny. I was with a friend and we were wearing black. When entering the car I saw three doors but refused to sit at the back or middle. Sat in the front seat.

  55. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Angel – re your Nov 4 post about the snakes dream, I have some thoughts. Snakes represent lies or deception of some sort. The colors, characteristics, or type of snake give more details about the nature of the deception (see Snake Trio Doubled category for more info). When you have more than 1 dream on the same subject, God is emphasizing that the msg is important and to pay careful attention. Sounds like you’re being warned about a situation you will be entering where multiple deceptions will be in play. The good news is that the demonic powers involved realize that you can see and recognize them and have authority over them, so they hide in fear. Praise the Lord! [Cont. below].

  56. Profile photo of Karen

    [Angel’s dream, cont.]… The demons will try to do their work in a more subtle way then, so be alert! Over time one lie will be exposed but not completely eradicated. You’re onto Satan’s plan and warn people (which is why God has placed you in this situation), and He will use you to help bring truth and freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit, in just the right way and at the right time as you wait on the Lord’s direction. Awesome!

  57. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Oludotun – I’m seeing some connections in your dreams that might be more clues… i wonder if the lecturer, who you cared about, represents this relationship you cut off. You had some eyedrops from someone with little or no awareness (who obviously needed eyedrops!), and then you have a dream about going from seeing heavenly things clearly to having a mote (dust) in your eye; see Matt. 7:5. The unaware person has taken the commitment you had with the lecturer symbol. Hmm… [Cont. below]

  58. Profile photo of Karen

    [Oludotun’s dream, cont]… Then you’re wondering if going back to your husband would be a mistake. This part is very tricky, because a wrong interpretation could have devastating consequences, so take what I say here before the Lord and ask Him for more CLARITY. The word “revelation” in the Greek means “taking away the veil,” so whatever is obstructing your sight is what needs to be removed. But I just want to point that forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean contuing to put up with the situation (been there, done that). Maybe the Lord is telling you to go back to your husband, maybe He has something better in mind for you. Take the time to be SURE what the Lord is saying to YOU.

  59. Profile photo of Karen

    One more thought for Oludotun… I also wonder if the fact that when you seek the answer to the puzzle of the missing ring (asking the lecturer about it), he says he’ll call you, could be an indication that the correct timing is important. As Lyn said, the meaning of his name or what the parallel is to your current situation is likely important to the correct understanding of this dream. May the Lord guide you to victory!

  60. Profile photo of Tatisha

    Wow. 1st thanks so much for responding!!.I have been on this website almost daily just studying reading other dreams/vision..

    I am not for sure on what this could be as I have been in prayer trying to get a clear understanding because I know God is trying to show me something. I have had more than 20 dreams within the last few months alone concerning a guy name Jason or me at supermarket of some sort, or the number 20, or a man praying and helping me..and somehow I feel like all these dreams have been related to the same thing although they have been different dreams and settings. I hope that made sense.

  61. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Lyn – I just wanted to say, feel free to edit or delete anything I post responding to another dreamer, as you see fit. I don’t want to overstep my bounds or say something that would not be edifying for the dreamer or other readers, so I definitely defer to your judgment on that. 🙂

  62. Profile photo of Bebe

    I dreamt about three snakes last night. The first snake is a black snake we get in the trees here in South Africa. It was on the roof of a house and started sailing down on to the grass next to the house. It started sailing towards the front of the house where I was standing in the street. The snake passed me and disappeared. The next snake came from my left side in the street towards me but it disappeared. It was a puffadder.

  63. Profile photo of Bebe

    This is the next part of my dream. Then I was standing on the grass next to the house facing the street. My husband stood close to an big aloe on the border between the street and grass (facing the street). He stepped back and I saw that he was going to step on a snake(I think it was a puffadder). I could nat say a word. As he stepped back, the snake rose as if he wants to bite. At that moment I saw a big fish, a golden barber, swallowing the snake and start to sail to my right. Away from me.

  64. Profile photo of babs

    Hi. Dreamed I was in a waiting room (not sure where). Someone came to the door and called my full name-I could barely hear her, but I got out of the seat and went to the door where the lady called me from and when I went into the other room I didn’t see the lady but many rows of empty chairs, and a woman seated behind a receptionist area, and she said she had no idea who called me.

  65. Profile photo of Vee

    I was wondering if i could get help on 2 dreams i think are both related. There is a urgency in my spirit to know what they mean. The first one I went to a friends house as she said there was someone she wanted me to meet. It was my ex boyfriend (who is really dead). I said BUT YOUR DEAD? he said no, he had to pretend he was dead, but now he has stayed hidden for long enough and needs us to be back together. I was happy and he kissed me. He said he has to go out, but will be back, I said ok, but if anyone sees you don’t tell them what happened to you. I was happy he was back and was always alive.

  66. Profile photo of Vee

    The second I had keys to a house and I forgot to let in the owners son (who was prince harry). My son was picking up lots of $50 bills. He had picked up shredded paper to out in recycling. I went out and looked at my hand, it had a round wound in the middle. I looked in a book to see the meaning of the wound and it said something to do with the letter L. Everyone thought I looked amazing,my hair was really long. I looked in the mirror & thought i looked tired.
    I think they are related dreams even though so different. Can anyone help me with this?

  67. Profile photo of Betty

    A friend dreamt that she had visited me and as we were sleeping I began to touch her inappropriately. She said that she tried to fight me but I managed to suck her niples . She jumped , I stopped and began to explain myself how it started. As I tell the story she began to see it in a vision as if she was watching a movie. In the vision , she saw a huge snake coming out of a closet coming to my room got into my bed and began to rub itself on me seductively and this she said happened occasionally . She said the closet was small to accommodate such a snake. She said she woke up from the dream she was all sweat with fear. Please help me understand this dream.

  68. Profile photo of Petro

    In a house (not mine). 3 Woman, including me. We get a call – a buss needs a hot flask. The lady brings a beautiful metallic red water flask with sugar bowl and milk jug. We polish it. I take it, wearing a long purple dress with burgundy cape and barefoot. Walk out the door over paving, through eucalyptus trees and leaves on the ground to the bus. Went to the bus hostess on the bus and asked her to be careful with the flask as it is worth 10 000 dollars. I go home, to find 3 men in black leather (like bikers with studs). they wanted sweets. We had none, so one guy (with an axe) told me to take them to the bus as there might be sweets.
    I woke up

  69. Profile photo of L

    A huge long red snake,its size not of this earth chased me and my friend.It tore my friend apart limb from limb,all her body parts flying all over the land like some rag doll being torn apart. When it came for me it was short and it grew very short legs, there was no tail but the huge head remained and it was walking towards me looking at me.The head was huge and I could see its eyes huge and black with brown on the sides and as it came to me I picked up a huge tank to shield myself from it but it bit me on the left hand third finger next to the wedding ring finger.

  70. Profile photo of MARIE

    Hello. May you help me interpret this dream. I dreamed I was walking in a courtyard of an all boys private school. When I saw a little boy run out the school crying “I want my mommy.” His teacher was shouting his name and running after him. He ran pass me and I could feel his pain and desparation so I ran pass the teacher and caught him. I picked him up and held him and he squeezed me tight until he fell asleep as I walked him back to his class.

  71. Profile photo of Laura

    I dreamed I was in some kind of jungle. I was running because there was a snake chasing me. It was black and it had some red spots and it was long and kind of thick. It was trying hard to bite me. I climbed up a tall palm tree and there were a few tiny and thin snakes up there and they were also black with red spots. So I started to climb down again but the big snake came after me trying to bite me and I had to climb up the tree really high where the little snakes were and even rub against them to avoid the big snake. I was worried about the little snakes biting me but they weren’t trying to. The big one couldn’t climb after me.

  72. Profile photo of Angela

    I dreamt that the prophetic leader in church was holding a mic waiting for me to speak.I wasn’t ready. Then I was asked to join a group during the service to sing and march around. The people were arrogant and dismissive.Before I knew I was leading them and I found myself grabbing an obstacle that turned into a rod.At first they pushed me to walk faster.I realised later that were all left behind and couldn’t keep up

  73. Profile photo of Michelle

    In my dream I was in Mississippi visiting my sister and her boyfriends family home. In the living room his mom asked me if Houston was cold enough for me to wear my jeans and I said yes. My sister her boyfriend and I left to go to the house his grandmother bought which she mailed 2 copies of deeds to 2 different houses. My sister and her boyfriend knew nothing about the house but they were going to move into it. Driving into the nice neighborhood I recognized the house from the back street Turned on the street and drove in front of the house I was so excited and said, This is it!. Parked but went through the neighbor house.

  74. Profile photo of babs

    Dreamed I was with Donald Trump and others in a building. We were making preparations for a celebration. I felt like an event planner. In the dream I was excited. I asked Trump if he wanted to have the gathering in the dining room With the table and chairs. He said no. He wanted it in another room and he shared how he wanted the chairs positioned. I shared that I would return the next day to complete the task and told them to pick me up at 10.00am.

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      Merry Christmas! Good to hear from you since this is a Trump dream. I’ve seen Trump symbolize several things. First, it can symbolize someone who will make it to the top of their field. Second, in addition to that or instead of it is that it symbolizes something that looked like a longshort, but will come to pass. Third, it can symbolize the meaning for his first name which is “great chief or ruler”.

      That much should help you figure out the possible application of the dream, what or who it’s about…

    • Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

      You will be a part of this person’s ministry or endeavor. Things will need to be set up differently than you expect, but you will have responsibility in connection with or leading to testimony. God is good! Frank and I were made Associate Pastors of our church on Sunday. A significant step. Every Blessing!

  75. Profile photo of babs

    Hi Lyn. Merry Christmas and Congratulations Pastors!!!

    Well, I love the interpretation. I recently had a dream about loosing a tooth, so I knew that indicated wisdom-direction. Soon after I was asked to help this start up agency get off the ground but I didn’t have peace, so I declined. A few days ago, someone reached out to me and asked if I would come on board and supervise others, and give workshops/seminars. I informed them the seminars would be Christ centered-which is also my testimony. Then, my old supervisor asked if we could meet, and talk about a partnership. I am also attending a house church which I absolutely love. I knew the Trump dream was God given; I was so happy in the dream. Thanks Lyn…….

  76. Profile photo of kiahjanea40

    Reply to 8/17/16

    The two men both play in the music band ministry. The man that kissed me is Gabriel, the other man is Anthony (we call him Tony). Tony is not the band lead in waking life. Gabe is the 2nd lead.

  77. Profile photo of chifundo

    Hi Lyn. I have twice dreamt there is a gas leaking in my kitchen. I was sleeping and suddenly woke up to see a blast, like the gas had exploded but didn’t hurt anyone. Then I put a pot of water on the other plate and suddenly the fire lit itself and the water was beginning to boil. I was worried that my kids were poisoned by the gas but they weren’t. A week later I dreamt that I was in the lounge lying in the sofabed. And I got up to check in the kitchen, the gas was leaking this time and my first daughter seemed to be too sleepy to wake up. She was lying on top of the cupboards? I was panicking that she has inhaled the gas… a black and white cat stormed into my house and hid. I couldn’t find it that’s when I found the gas leak in the kitchen. What could this mean? Am concerned as this is a repeated dream. Will appreciate your insight. God bless.

  78. Profile photo of Sheba

    In my dream Susan who in IRL has been an accusing me brought a bag full of pants as Christmas gift for me. They were beautifully lined up in a big bag . Colors were shades of blue and grey and light orange, There were two brown pants and two black ones as they would get used most by my understanding. They were all full length and Susan showed me how to wear them as at the bottom they had fancy tassels that needed tying up. I gave her a big hug and said that I knew you like me and would bring me a gift.

  79. Profile photo of Tatisha

    I dreamed on 11/9 that Trump had won the election and there were thousands of people celebrating his victory. The dream then jumped to his inauguration day and 1000’s of people were waiting on him to show up. People were starting to worry as time went on. I asked Trump why are you not going to get inaugurated and he said,” I will not be getting inaugurated nor will I become president because I am a robot”. At that moment I saw people looking at a huge screen waiting on Trump. I was pondering in the dream should I tell the people.

    • Profile photo of Rev. Frank

      We respond to Trump dreams because of possible significance or confusion. We’ve seen Trump in dreams be literal or symbolic. In this dream, we’re confident he is not literal. For instance, someone who will make it to the top of their field or something that looked like a longshot, but will come to pass.

      We’ve seen him symbolize the meaning for his first name- “great chief or ruler”, which could be a pastor or bishop. Even seen Donald refer to the devil. We’ve seen him symbolize a wealthy developer.

    • Profile photo of Rev. Frank

      A robot is like a puppet, not in control of himself, being greatly influenced by others or by the demonic.

      Take those possibilities and see if you can identify the possible application of the dream, what or who it’s about. You are welcome to reply for further assistance.

  80. Profile photo of Reverie

    I walked by a church but didn’t go in. I was a minister for 20 years but left having been very betrayed by 2 leaders. I noticed nobody had swept the porch. I continued down the street to a market. I had a shopping basket with a large rotten pumpkin. The market was filled with pumpkins.

  81. Profile photo of Reverie

    One row of pumpkins was so large and delightful. I knew even if I bought one I couldn’t get it home, even with a truck. Two men tending a display of normal pumpkins. I asked if he would please take away my rotten pumpkin to put with the store’s trash. He said something back, but I couldn’t understand him.

  82. Profile photo of Risha

    I saw a giant flat grey snake(Not Python) roaming in my house and was trying to hide under bed. Then snake came to bite me while I was sleeping, however didn’t. After that I saw my best friend in my room and snake bites her which looked like a red blade cut scar on her arms. I removed the venom by making small cut by knife which looked exactly same as snake bite scar on her arms. Then I told my mother about it and she smashed the snake’s mouth with broom tail. The last image I have was snake’s mouth separated from it’s body.

  83. Profile photo of Sue

    Hi, I have had 2 dreams in 2 months.
    In my first dream, I saw a small snake in our house and it became bigger and bigger and followed me everywhere, but didn’t harm me. Later, I was sitting next to my mum and I saw the same snake shedding off its skin and came out a small black shiny Cobra starting at me.
    In my second dream, I saw a very big snake like Anaconda coiled around my arm like a hose. I wasn’t afraid initially as it didn’t move, but after I saw it lifeless on the floor I got very scared looking at its size.
    What could this mean?

  84. Profile photo of Kay

    Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were in a hospital room and the nurses rolled a baby boy into the room. He was our baby (although there was no labor or previous portion of the dream), and the name card above his head was “Alvin Calvin.” I asked if that was his name, and the nurses said that they had named him until the time that we decided to either keep that name or give him a new one. I felt very happy about the baby. I laughed to myself about the name and wondered why anyone would name a baby Alvin Calvin. In the dream, we did not rename the baby.

  85. Profile photo of edavila

    I had a dream that I had to be fully decapitated during surgery. I was awake and aware the whole time. They fixed what was wrong and then attached my head again.

  86. Profile photo of Sonia

    In one scene of a dream, I had a baby boy & was walking in the back entrance of a restaurant. While I was entering others were leaving. I sat with baby on the floor in a narrow hall right in front of this back door, waiting patiently for line to move. I saw two men w/foreign speech leaving out this door. I looked up and one of the men (the last to leave/closest to me) was pouring hot oil on baby boy’s right back leg! His look was sinister. I was mortified, angry and wondering why but the baby boy never flinched.

  87. Profile photo of kiahjanea40

    Reply to 8/17/16

    The two men both play in the music band ministry. The man that kissed me is Gabriel, the other man is Anthony (we call him Tony). Tony is not the band lead in waking life. Gabe is the 2nd lead.

  88. Profile photo of Kim

    At Michael Jackson’s mansion (never saw his face) and he really liked me. He gave me new clothes to put on and tried to give me $500, $100 & change. He was very kind and sweet and I couldn’t do anything wrong. I was the new IT girl, dressed gangster cool, to be introduced at press conference. My daughters there and they said Mom! as they were shocked. I didn’t understand it myself! Michael introduced me, I stood there acting anything but cool but everyone thought I was. Overheard one reporter say she can dance too! I thought to myself it was funny how rumors get started.

  89. Profile photo of Sheba

    In my dream I was lying down on the exact same place on my bed while dreaming this dream in my bed – I found myself bound with rather flimsy cords across my arms and behind my back and I woke up in my dream. Then when I pushed my arms out the cords broke and I sat up then I had a conversation with the enemy asking him very casually – now where are you come out and he did and I asked him to leave my room and he did – I was so perplexed about this dream coz it happened in the exact same place where I was sleeping

  90. Profile photo of Munatsi

    I had a dream last night where l was taken to my rural home,where my father grew up and l was there with my sister.We went into the house with a long hook looking for a snake(black mamba) which was hidden and took it out and it became aggressive. It was a very long black mamba and it kept hiding when l was trying to strike its head(the snake is familiar,l have encountered it before speaking to me,maybe 3 or more year ago). l took a log from the fire and threw into the can where it was hiding and it came out fighting trying to strike me(looks like it was now me against it alone). l took another log from the fire and as it tried to bite me it got burned and got roasted.

  91. Profile photo of jlzheng

    Last night I dreamed that I was in my car with my family and we were parked outside of a house. It was starting to get dark outside, but not yet dark. I see a million rats running through the streets. My son was standing outside the car and wanted to get in for safety. I feared that if he opened the door the rats would also climb in. He opened the door and got in and no rats got in. The rats were out of control and running through the streets. My second dream about rats in a row. The first one was about two fat man made rats that know one could get rid of.

  92. Profile photo of Susan

    Jan 19th, 2017 (a short nap) 8:00 am. I prayed over myself before I went back to sleep from getting school routine finished for the morning. I was walking into a building that had a creek in the middle filled with solid colored light yellow big snakes. They were not aggressive at all but looked like that were more than a dozen on top of each other. I can close….hating snake all together. One rised up and I took and moved it away…..than I was trying to tell the other family members and people I did not know where they were and that is we crazy that they were all piled in the water in one place resting and calm. Then as people came in they were frightened off up into the corners, shelving area and ceiling portion of the building. I found one hiding but the rest were gone form the noise and people that all came in after me. My cats plus some that were not mine were playing around the up parts of the building were the snakes might have been but the cats did not catch them but playing jumping around a mess of boxes on the upper shelves that had been out of place……. could have been the cats or snakes moving that causes the boxes to be turn upside down and on there sides …but out of place. I did not see them make a mess as they left but it seems that the snakes did not like attention and left quietly with no aggression. I have no idea about what peaceful solid light colored yellow snakes mean and naps seem to be when I have spiritual dreams. Need to know how to pray if this is a warning or what is happening in my life somewhere. Thanks! Susan

  93. Profile photo of Susan

    2nd Dream, Will be Shorter: Angels flying all around the sky giving gifts to different people on earth. One angel put a gift on the ground to my right. I was excited and took it. When I did the angel said that was not mine. I immediately gave it back to the angel very willingly. The next second I then had an angel out of no where come and push a gift (not knowing what) into my upper right thigh and then I woke up with no pain in my upper leg but happy I received a gift!

  94. Profile photo of Juannika

    I need help A.S.A.P.

    In the dream a women name LaClaire and her son Juduah was sitting down at a table and she ordered vodka blue berry pancakes and I thought she allows her teen son to consume alcohol .then the scene changes to her LaClaire eating the last Bite of pancakes .Then I recall hearing my sister saying that’s his ex wife they look happy they should get back together Brian and LaClaire.And I thought wow that was hurtful of her to say that because she knows I like him .Then I begin walking and as I’m walking I over him he say to his friends my son Juduah helps me communication will for work I got happy inside .As I go to leave I hope he’ll see or notices me so as I go to leave he grabs me by the wrist and says know that you will need the light for what you need .something along those words I say what and he repeats it then I say ok before turning around and thinking he’s weird .This whole dream took place outside at southgate shopping center next to a street sign name prayner.

  95. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Reverie (dream of 1/2/17) – I think your dream might have a pretty clear interpretation. See the post under the Post Archive link called “Pumpkin Dream Breaks a Curse” for more insights on the meaning of pumpkins. But basically, pumpkins have to do with harvest time, which fits your situation. You had a rotten harvest for your work at this church, you’re moving into a new situation where there will be opportunities for a huge harvest (going down the street to the market full of pumpkins). The men tending the display may represent Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Note that you have a shopping cart, so you can do more than get rid of this stinky burden, you have access to a fresh sweet pumpkin (the harvest from new work the Lord has for you). Be watchful for new opportunities coming up!

  96. Profile photo of Katie

    Hello! I dreamed I was looking at a house I was getting ready to buy. It was in a main thoroughfare of a large town/city. Area seemed a little run-down/neglected but I thought something like “that’s ok, it will take a little work.” It was 5 stories tall and I remember there being red and green trim. There was a large front porch /sunroom windows all around. Large open windows all around house on first floor at least, could see right through to the other side of the house from outside. Porch led into bedroom with big white bed. I remember thinking something like “not much privacy, but I can just close the blinds if I need to!..”. Focused on me, I took a picture of the house knowing it was the one I was going to buy and saw I was wearing black? Leather pants., detail seemed significant. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  97. Profile photo of Katie

    I wanted to add that it felt more like there could be danger/ not the safest are of town vs it being really dumpy that I was going to have to just be “tough” about… wondered if that’s what the leather pants spoke of–need to be thick skinned, and just knowing I’m protected.

  98. Profile photo of mltch5

    Hi Lyn, I’m curious as to the meaning of being a calf-roper and Pappa Johns. I would love you insight if you get a moment.
    Here’s most of the dream for context.

    I was on the front porch of my house. Eddie drove up to the front of the house in a red truck and handed me a stack of folded blue jean pants. They looked a little too big for me. On top of the stack was blue jean outfit with a large red design on it. the red design was that of a woman on a horse. I knew it to be a calf roper.

    Becky said: Do you think we should get some Papa Johns for lunch? I said: I don’t know. I’m not hungry. But then realized that she and the kids probably were. A lot of kids were there. I went downstairs to see what kind of food I had. I found a large bag of golden pototaes but the skins were wrinkly because the potatoes were old. Shirly was in a PAC with a lady who prepared food. I told Erin to call Shirly and order 3 homemade pizzas and to get some new red potatoes.

  99. Profile photo of Nana

    In my dream i was having a conversation with two friends one i recognised the other i didn’t. Our conversation was taking place on a small park. Where we stood on the grass had green grass but apart from our little area every where else was bare sand. In the middle of our conversation a silent alert came from a man a distance away having a discussion with another group that we had a snake around us. The alert was weird because he said it more to his group than to us. But as we absentmindedly got this alert we stepped out of the grass. I was the last to step out however because apparently i had been delayed for a few seconds. After i had stepped out about 15seconds passed and another alert came that i had been bitten.But that was weird because neither of us saw the snake and i felt nothing. After the alert i believed i had bern bitten though i felt nothing and saw nothing. This caused me to panic and i rushed to the hospital for treatment all the time hopping on one leg.

  100. Profile photo of Nana

    In my dream i was having a conversation with two friends one i recognised the other i didn’t. Our conversation was taking place on a small park. Where we stood on the park had green grass but apart from our little area every where else was bare sand. In the middle of our conversation a silent alert came from a man a distance away having a discussion with another group that we had a snake around us. The alert was weird because he said it more to his group than to us. But as we absentmindedly got this alert we stepped out of the grass. I was the last to step out however because apparently i had been delayed for a few seconds. After i had stepped out about 15seconds passed and another alert came that i had been bitten.But that was weird because neither of us saw the snake and i felt nothing. After the alert i believed i had bern bitten though i felt nothing and saw nothing. This caused me to panic and i rushed to the hospital for treatment all the time hopping on one leg.

  101. Profile photo of Maaya

    This is not a dream exactly. More like a vision. I used to get this when I was between 3 to 6. I used to become blind for a few minutes and I start seeing only snakes around me. I still remember hugging my class teacher or my mom, crying and saying that I am very scared.

  102. Profile photo of Donna

    I had a dream last night about snakes…I was younger (my mom was still alive) and we were in a house and I kept going into the bedroom and there was a cedar wardrobe that was in my grandmother’s house in the bedroom (the wardrobe has since found another home). I went into the bedroom once and it was dark and there was a baby snake that pulled back into the closet when I walked in. I yelled for my mom and ran out of the room. (I didn’t recognize the room in my dream). There was a bed, and the wardrobe in the room. I went in a second time and there were two or more baby snakes that saw me and went back in the wardrobe. I again, ran out calling for my mom who seemed stuck where she was (another room) and the third time I went in there was a large snake curled and lots of smaller snakes in slime. I again ran out calling for my mom. I woke up at this point….in sweat.

  103. Profile photo of Shara

    So my mother called me yesterday morning and told me that she had a dream about a green lizard running around in her room. She stated that she kept trying to catch the lizzard by covering it with a cup but it was like it kept getting away from her and seemed as if she was playing with it, but she was really trying to catch. She stated that the reason why she woke up from this dream was because she heard my voice telling her “Mom you need to stop.” or “Mom, stop that.” The first thing that came to my mind was the color green either representing greed or jealousy, but, the fact that it was a lizzard i don’t understand. It is a reptile but it isn’t a snake. I’m not sure how to interpret this. Please help.

  104. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Shara
    if you refer to the dictionary it says – Lizard means this tale ( lie) is going public. This could be a waning dream and so you can pray about the situation.

  105. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Shara
    if you refer to the dictionary it says – Lizard means this tale ( lie) is going public. This could be a warning dream and so you can pray about the situation.

  106. Profile photo of Natasha

    I dreamed of walking at night with my husband to see a moon that rose out of water like a sun it was red and big then it became black and we couldn’t see it anymore. Started walking closer to see where it went and I suddenly felt my left leg being constricted by something. Too dark to know what but then I realized it was a bunch of snakes wound around my calf. All bright red, possibly white speckles. I grabbed a big tail to try to unwind it from my leg. Then thought it best to grab the head too, to avoid being bitten. Did so and asked my husband to take the tail to help me. We took the big one off but it did bite near my toes. It didn’t hurt. We threw the bigger one away from us and brushed the little ones off easily. They scattered in grass and into a stream. I thought to ask ppl around if anyone took pictures so I can tell if I was in trouble with a venomous bite. But my foot looked normal and I awoke. I usually do not dream things I remember

  107. Profile photo of Nolufefe

    I dreamt standing out side with some old colleagues chating (I no longer work with them). Then a big black snake came out of no where , it was so huge and the was a black huge rat that I realised later on that it was trying to catch it. The rat jumped close to me when the snake was catching the rat, it touched me on my right hand and some saliva of the snake touched my right hand and I had some wounds. My arm was so painful. Everyone around looked at me and said I am going to die but I just laughed and ask Lily (not born again) my friend to help me dress the wounds. I just told them I was not going to die at all. And people were wondering when will I drop dead which never happened. I just looked for the snake to kill it which I was rold the owner of the farm we were in doesn’t want anyone to kill it. I woke up my arm was painful as if acid was poured on it.

  108. Profile photo of Jennipher

    Hello, I dreamed early yesterday morning of receiving a huge amount of cash from a small group of young ladies (teens?) in a brown lunch-size paper sack with “Happy belated birthday, Ms. Williams” handwritten on it. (My birthday was Jan 24th)

  109. Profile photo of Jennipher

    I dreamed I was laying in a bed, praying in the spirit so hard it created such a force that it knocked me out the bed, causing me to roll all over the floor, doubled up in a ball, praying in tongues. I could not stop…it was coming out at the top of my voice SO FORCEFUL! It was so powerful that two unknown faceless persons(???) rushed to my aid to try and contain me but they couldn’t. My praying was causing HUGE bolts of lightning all over the sky!

  110. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Sheba – Re your dream of 1/16: Did you know that having a dream within a dream means that what you dream about in the 2nd dream will definitely occur, there’s nothing you can do to stop it? I had a dream within a dream within a dream several months ago, thought I’d seen that topic somewhere on this site, submitted the dream, and sure enough, that’s what Lyn said. My dream post was on 8/1/16 and more on 8/11/16, so you can check out what she said if you want.

  111. Profile photo of Karen

    Sheba – more specifics on your dream… arms have to do with strength and might reaching out, not sure if the back has a specific meaning here other than that a person would most likely be bound around to the back. But it sounds like you’ll find your strength (most likely spiritual but not necessarily) compromised in some way through the work of Satan, but you’ll easily be able to break free of it, identify its source, and deal with it. Praise the Lord! This dream could be meant as an encouragement for when you see this playing out, to not be fearful about it.

  112. Profile photo of babs

    I had a dream I was at the bus stop I let the bus go by because according to my watch it was 8:30 a. m, and then I was informed by someone that another bus was not coming and that my time on my watch was incorrect.

  113. Profile photo of Joanne

    Hi I had a dream lastnight it was one of many. In this series of dreams I was reading or more like studying a series of events about women being raped sodomized an disassembled from a paper to actually being transported to a time country an place I have never been to. I stood more like investigating a crime scene where 3 young girls were raped, sodomized murdered an their bodies were disassembled the scene was brutual an very graphic which is disturbing their bodies were cut into 3 parts the head the midsection an the bottom the girls looked more like idian ethnic. I have no indian ancestry as I am of polynesian ethnic group. I’ve been longing for a long time to share with someone my dreams to give me insight in what could God be speaking to me about through this dream. dreaming of death isn’t my typical dreaming. Thankyou for your reply in advance. In all things to God be the Glorified

  114. Profile photo of Sheba

    Oh Bless you Karen, It is playing out now and it has felt soooooo stormy this week but God is in it and that’s the greatest solace.
    I had another dream in which outside my house was flooding and the murky water was flowing like a river it started to swell and I was worried that it would come into my house but the waters started to recede as soon as they came up to the level where it could flow into my house. Only a tinsy bit of water wet my feet that I wiped off. So God has been showing this in several different ways

  115. Profile photo of Sheba

    Karen – which category did you post them under? Your dreams from 8/1/2016 and 8/11/2016

  116. Profile photo of Sheba

    JENNIPHER – Your dreams sound very positive and here is my take – You will be receiving a huge favor that is long overdue.
    And God wants you to know that your prayers and all your efforts to please HIM will bring massive results inspite of the evil ones effort to try and contain you. And this is sure to happen because you dreamed your dream in the same place you were lying down So the message for you is – DO NOT GIVE UP !! Is Williams your last name ? I thought there must be some significance for the name being shown so I googled and found out that William is composed of the elements ‘will’ and ‘helm’ and will means desire/will and helm means helmet or protection.

  117. Profile photo of Lamonica

    Hello, I had a series of dreams in regards to weddings . I am not married, I am not dating anyone so I thought it was a little strange. 2/6/17 I was at some Gala and I had a beautiful white gown and I didn’t want to get up and dance, I was very shy and someone asked to me dance and I had to get up and dance. On 2/7/17 Dream that I had this really big beautiful dress on and I was going to someone’s wedding out of the blue. It was not planned, they sent me off in a limo to get my hair done. Next dream, I was invited to a wedding and I was with this nice looking gentleman. Last dream, somehow I was invited to this big gala and I was with Michelle Obama and I had a beautiful gown on as well..I saw this one lady have on this fabulous white garment.. I have never seen it before, it was a gown that wasn’t from here on earth.. We were like standing waiting for someone important to come out.

  118. Profile photo of Micah

    Fire from the Sky
    In dream I was with my mother near one of the biggest churches in town. On the horizon I saw a huge fire growing. It grew so fast and I could feel heat coming and smoke. Then I noticed fireballs (like meteors) coming from sky and hitting all around us. I told my mom we had to go NOW and to run to the car. She wanted to get something from her home. I said no. We drove off in car through smoke and fire.

  119. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Sheba – sorry it took me so long to get back to you… re the dream within a dream, yes, the category would help, wouldn’t it? Heh heh. 🙂 It’s in the Objects category. How interesting that you also had a flood dream… I had 2 flood dreams around the same time as my dream within dream one, first where the flood was outside my house up to the window level, and then another one a week or so later where it came inside the house and we had to evacuate and move to higher ground. Both in the context of demonic attacks following God’s promises. But He saw me through. The storms continue for me, however, Satan definitely trying to stop a move of God. God bless and strengthen you!

  120. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Karen – Thanks for your reply I was waiting to hear from you. God bless. Interesting that the flood dream came to both of us at the same time and I was actually saying that I have never seen such murky water in NZ ever. So praying for Nz and all the nations specially America and Israel specially at this crucial point.

  121. Profile photo of antonin

    i dreamed that i saw my boss without a shirt only bearing his chest.

  122. Profile photo of Reverie

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write back. I didn’t see it until today, but your interpretation verifies a dream I just had last night. Your kindness in helping is much appreciated.

  123. Profile photo of Angela

    Hi all, I keep dreaming of leaving my car in a car park and the front and side windows get smashed in. The contents and personal belongings remain untouched and are not damaged or stolen.What does it mean please?

  124. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Angela – re your dream of 2/22, a vehicle represents a situation in your life that looks like the scenario presented in your dream. Being parked in a parking lot indicates that for whatever reason, you’re not going anywhere. Having your windows smashed could indicate that your vision (ability to see clearly) in this situation is destroyed by an attack of the enemy, but God isn’t allowing Satan access to what He’s given you (the contents), to destroy it. My impression is that the best way to keep your car from being vandalized is to KEEP MOVING. The fact that you keep having this dream indicates that the message is important and that you need to TAKE ACTION, don’t just sit there and don’t abandon your post. Does this make sense?

  125. Profile photo of Thobeka

    in my dream i saw a snake moving in my bed and while I am watching it, its like it wanna come bite us and we end up climbing on top to avoid being bitten

  126. Profile photo of Angela

    Hi Karen, thank you so much for your reply.Yes it really makes sense.I have just moved forward by taking action in order to move forward.Thank you for confirming this

  127. Profile photo of nissi

    I had a disturbing dream yesternight. I was getting married to someone who not only isn’t my boyfriend but my roommate’s ex. In the dream, i had no feelings for him and the wedding was poorly arranged. It was a shameful ceremony, actually. In addition, i was a few weeks pregnant and not for the one i was getting married to and i had sex with my “new husband” on my wedding night as well in the dream. Also at the wedding, i saw three spiritual depictions of a grim reaper and two angel of deaths but only I could see them.

    Can you make a little sense of this for me?

  128. Profile photo of nissi

    I had a disturbing dream yesternight. I was getting married to someone who not only isn’t my boyfriend but my roommate’s ex. In the dream, i had no feelings for him and the wedding was poorly arranged. It was a shameful ceremony, actually. In addition, i was a few weeks pregnant and not for the one i was getting married to and i had sex with my “new husband” on my wedding night as well in the dream. Also at the wedding, i saw three spiritual depictions of a grim reaper and two angel of deaths but only I could see them.
    Can you make a little sense of this for me?

  129. Profile photo of Shelvin

    Hi, I need help with my dream. I dreamt my wife and I were in our room that we no longer stay in. My friend came with his younger brother, the younger brother sat on one of the sofas and the older was in our bed half naked. My wife had her head on his chest and she was naked but had a towel around her body. I busy on the laptop then she said “these are the things I’m talking about” then I said to my friend “usually you don’t over” ,they all laughed at me. I told my wife “you are doing this in front of me don’t be mad if i do the same”. I returned to my laptop and saw a black widow spider and killed it.

  130. Profile photo of Derek

    I keep having various dreams recently. In my last dream, my wife and I were viewing a house, that is a bit running down 2 storey house. There is a small balcony, supposed to have washing machine (but I dont see it). Clear water is nearly overflowing the balcony because the water drain is blocked. I was thinking some way to resolve the situation and eventually I have figure out it. In reality, my wife and myself is trying to change house but we are struggling to sell off our current house. Please help on interpretation.

  131. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Derek,
    Here’s my interpretation of your dream
    Although this situation has been neglected in some way which is not allowing you to have a clear vision of what is ahead, an overflow of the move of the Holy Spirit and His Power is still available to you in this very situation. God is saying I am right here in the midst of all this, look to me and do not give up hope!

  132. Profile photo of Swetha

    Hi. I had a dream last night where I was at home with my parents and sister. My father was in a room and my mom, sis n me in another. We had some snakes around us…small ones. we were not too scared. Then a large..really huge one came in and crawled towards the sofa i was sitting on. i was was my family. The snake just crawled beneath my sofa and suddenly there were sounds of the snake hitting itself on the legs of the sofa and it died. Looked to me like how it happens when a human or animal is poisoned and dies after struggling.
    I was quite happy it died and tears were flowing through… i was relieved it died without harming any of us.

    what could this dream mean?

  133. Profile photo of Sonia

    Please, I really need clear eyes on this as I pursue degree–> God or Guilt? Who/What does the European man represent???

    Seated at a dining room/kitchen table. [European man] w/accent asked me if I finished my degree. I replied, ‘No’. He says, ‘Don’t be *that* girl’. If you finish I will take care of rent. I saw a balance close to, $1498…I was indecisive. He said the choice is yours.
    {In real life a prophetic voice warned me to be sure ‘it’s God’ before enrolling in school; I personally carry regret/shame from not finishing degree.}

  134. Profile photo of Paul

    Hi. I have had a dream of me leaving my present work place and going back yo a previous work. After 5 (i do not know if it is minutes, days, months or years) I will come back to my present Job.

    This dream comes after I have been fasely accused of racisim and untruths by an annominous person who works with me.
    I have been investigated by our surveillance and securty department and been cleared of all racism accusations. After this I have had a nother grievience against me and am now awaiting another hearing.

  135. Profile photo of Keisha

    Hello. I’ve been a dreamer all my life, & interested in the meanings behind them. It was not until about 3 & half years ago, did my relationship w/ Christ become more intimate & through reading/studying of His word & reliance upon the Holy Spirit’s revelation & guidance, have I come to truly know God speaks to His children through dreams, still. With that being said, I just had a dream last night, that caused me to begin searching in Spirit & online, of what it may mean, & I happened upon your page, first time. So, maybe you can help discern the meaning: I dreamed as myself & grandma walked into my bathroom…There was a big pile of I don’t know whether throw up or defecation, but since it’s in the bathroom I will go with the latter. There was a bit on the edge of my counter, closest to toilet & a huge pile in the middle of the floor. I was going to turn on the shower for my grandma, unwise, I have no clue why we are both in there at the same time. As I was disgusted, and about to try & clean, I looked up at my ceiling & one of the maintenance men from my apt was coming out, w/ water hose, just as the mess, completely disappeared. My cousin who lives in another state, was waiting in the living room, not wanting to come into the bathroom. As the maintenance man came down from the ceiling, I was upset with him for being in my place unannounced. He started to argue a bit with me as he left out. Can you help make sense of this please? I feel like all these different aspects us pointing to something spiritual.

  136. Profile photo of Sonia

    Hi Paul, sorry about your situation. You probably know already, but 5 is the number of grace.

    I wonder if you may be moved to another department for a time and then brought back or if the circumstances of your current position will be familiar to those a previous experience for a while…I don’t know, but God will give you grace for your current position no matter what it looks like. Claim victory or any spiritual set up 🙂

  137. Profile photo of mltch5

    You have the favor of someone in authority.

  138. Profile photo of mltch5

    God’s grace will bring restoration.

  139. Profile photo of mltch5

    Nissi – Regarding your dream of 3/5. Becoming married speaks of coming into agreement with a mindset/attitude/idea that the person represents. Being pregnant speaks of something you are birthing or bringing into existence. The dream seems to speak of your decision to keep private something very personal and precious to you. In fact you are willing to endure the shame of not revealing this passion/desire/hope for the future than to feel the shame of exposing that vulnerability. Does this make sense in any way?

  140. Profile photo of mltch5

    Paul regarding your dream on 3/18. The number 5 means grace. It could be a period of time before you know if favor has been restored but God’s grace will be involved with the entire situation. I hope this helps. God Bless you! Take courage and refuge in the Lord.

  141. Profile photo of mltch5

    Antonin – Regarding your dream of 2/12. The boss represents someone in authority–a boss, a minister– and sometimes represents the Lord. The bare chest is a sign of favor/affection. I believe the dream is conveying that you have the favor/affection of someone in authority over you. I hope this helps.

  142. Profile photo of Angela

    Hello,I keep seeing my wristwatch and the clock in my car going back an hour. Its leaving me with a sense of disorientation even though I strongly feel on time.Any ideas?

    • Profile photo of Richmond

      I dreamed I had been to a meeting with the panel members waiting for me. As I got to the meeting room my formal employer was in the meeting and I saw myself wearing my formal employer’s trousers (grey/ash colour) in front of the panelist.

  143. Profile photo of beautiful

    Dream I am in a car with a friend that I like alot. We are both in the back seat and he is driving from the rear back driver side seat. I am surprised and I am like how do you do that as I see him stretch himself to the front and holding the steering wheel, he asked me where I want to go (can’t recall) and I tell him and we turn in there. I am happy, content..I have my arm on the backrest behind him.

  144. Profile photo of Paul

    To Sonia and Mltch5, thank you for your reply Gods Grace is definately at work in my life.

  145. Profile photo of Sheba

    What might shoulder length hair on a man ( My husband) mean ?

  146. Profile photo of letogo

    i had a dream of little snakes, first some gentleman brought the little snake in a jar to scare off people i was with I poured boiling water in the jar and the snake died, the the owner of the snake was furious he went and get some other lady and they plot on attacking me with the snakes, while i was just relaxed the woman came with the basket full of little snakes and poured them over my head and the scatted through my body, i was furious i attacked the lady and we started fighting, i beat her up till she fell down and i started to kick her in the face until her face was crushed and she was in a pull of blood, m not sure if she was dead as i woke up immediately,
    please help me interpret this dream

  147. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Sheba – Since hair in general symbolizes glory, wisdom or anointing, I believe longer hair would mean a good amount of wisdom. A man with no hair would in general probably mean he had no wisdom. The Lord is showing you His view of your husband. He sounds like a keeper! 🙂

  148. Profile photo of Aster

    I had a dream that I was on the beach with 2 famous women and they were swimming. A fisherman came up and caught a fish and the fish was full of eggs. when he uncovered the eggs, the fish was full of diamonds. I took one and ate it as if it was ice. please help

  149. Profile photo of Tatisha

    I had a very short dream last night–have been pondering on it all day.

    I dreamed that I was looking at my hands and nails and I feel in the spirit that I needed to get paint my nails and it jumped to me putting reddish pink lee press on nails on. I remember thinking these are look pretty.
    Any thoughts?

  150. Profile photo of Grace

    I dreamt a white snake was lying beside me. I could feel it. When I started praying in the name of Jesus i just saw it’s tail as it disappeared. A year ago I dreamt snakes were in my house hanging down from the ceiling. The same white snake there. I put a basin of hot water and the snakes all fell and sizzled away. That white snake is back again

  151. Profile photo of Sheba

    Hi Karen
    Thanks so much for your reply! Bless you heaps!!

  152. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Aster – re your dream of 4/7, this is a very cool dream with lots if significance! Elements: beach = where God meets man; 2 famous women seems like it could be women highly regarded in the kingdom of God; swimming = moving in the Spirit. A fish in this context probably represents provision (see Creatures category); eggs = potential, and the potential turns out to be very valuable, diamonds!

  153. Profile photo of Karen

    [Aster’s dream, cont’d] … Ice generally means something on hold for later, but I wonder here if it may just mean that these valuable provisions are for your consumption. The fisherman is probably Jesus, who has so graciously provided all this for you. It sounds like the Lord has something truly wonderful in store for you, where you’ll be moving in the Spirit in the company of holy women of God. Does any of this seem to fit? These are some ideas, anyway.

  154. Profile photo of babs

    Hello. 2nd dream in 35 days of being shot. Dreamed someone was trying to rob me of my purse. I wouldn’t let go, and this person shot me 2x, but I wouldn’t let go. finally I called for help but they were slow coming to help, and they nvr did come, so i fought this person and he ran away. in the dream I could feel the burning sensation of the shots, but no blood. The bullet wounds appear to be purple and color.

  155. Profile photo of Tanja

    I dream very often and can usually understad the meanings of them but this dream has me puzzled.

    I dreamt that I had cataracts in both eyes and need to have an operation, On the operation table I dreamt out of the dr perspective and my perspective both. My eyes was the main focus and could not see much more than that. On my left eye I could feel and see the incision and how the dr tried to pull out the cataract but it was not very successful and only half of the cataract came loose. My right eye was less uncomfortable and very successful and could see clearly out of my right eye after the operation.

  156. Profile photo of Rev Lynmarie

    Hallelujah! Our THREADS ARE FIXED! You may reply directly to a comment!

  157. Profile photo of Carmy

    Hi, God bless.plead don’t mind my grammar.i had a dream last night that a friend of mine was getting married and I saw her on her wedding and I was there with all of her friends and guests so she was ready to throw the wedding bouquet and people were expecting for the wedding bouquet then and she threw it,it fell into my hands and I was completely surprise I didn’t expect that I thought I was the last person who will get that and I saw it was made of white flowers kinda beige so then I put the wedding bouquet on the flower and I ran I did that to make people laugh as something funny and at the same time it was the emotion so people were laughting so because I put the wedding bouquet on the floor the rest of the people were running to take it and the one who took it was my male causin and the dream end.

  158. Profile photo of Chesha


    I had a dream I was getting married to my ex boyfriend. I saw the details of the ring, cake, my dress, his tuxedo. His mom and brother was standing nearby. Him and I are then in a hallway. I am coming from my right hand side, he is coming towards me and the left and we meet in the middle of the hall. He asked “Are you ready?” I said “Yes”. It became light all around us and we can hear people talking but could barely see them. We go to sit at the reception table and you hear the clinking of glasses for us to kiss. We kiss and I rubbed his beard and said “This is my husband!” Then we go to a back room. I am walking with up the ramp with my wedding dress on and I see 3 large portals that are dark and 2 of my friends are standing near them. One of them is pulling people of the dark portals. I move around to the front of the ramp and stop in the middle to see it again. I notice 2 doors to the right of the portals on the ramp. It had people standing in white robes to be baptize. The other door had my husband behind it but the door was closed. I kept looking at the people coming out of darkness and the baptismal. I kept saying I’m trying to get to my husband, I’m trying to get to my husband.

  159. Profile photo of Jajisa

    I had a dream (it was night time ) that I was standing next to the desk in my bedroom talking to 3 ladies. I don’t remember the faces expect for one, which was my husbands cousin Lola ( my husband considers her family butt here not blood related, we are very close). As we were all talking, Lola disappeared to the bathroom. After a period of time past, I wondered what was taking her so long. When she came out of the bathroom. It was like she was possessed, her mouth was moving ( twisted – like) but I didn’t hear anything. I placed my hand in her mouth and she chewed on it but I didn’t feel any pain .

  160. Profile photo of Katie

    Hello! I’m wondering if anyone may have an interpretation for the dream I posted on this forum on 1/21? Blessings!!

  161. Profile photo of sharla

    I was at a church after what seemed a terrible disaster.They gathered in terror for security, hiding from something that wanted to devour them. A woman showed me a picture of a dark entity (demonic, but I identified it as a giant as in the days of Noah). I found myself in an abandoned apartment. I looked out the balcony to see disarray quiet on the streets, no people. A woman came to tell me to vacate the apartment permanently, and then she took my blood and left. DNA is something the woman wanted from me I believe.

    • Profile photo of sharla

      100 words was not enough for this. The church hid because of a massive disaster (end times). I felt it was after the rapture because nobody was around, or perhaps from all the deaths the Bible talks about in Revelation and other books of the Bible during the end times. I’m not completely sure, but the main part about the church is that there was a sense they were left behind. I feel I know what this means, but want others to say what they think, and also to share this with people as a huge warning to get right with the Lord!

  162. Profile photo of sharla

    Older dream:
    I (or someone I was watching from a distance) was standing in massive mounds of rubble from buildings in a city. Obviously a horrible apocalyptic disaster. I could sense the extreme panic and terror. Someone or some things were looking for me to kill me. I had the sense that I could run but I would not truly be able to hide from what was looking for me.

  163. Profile photo of Lily

    My guy friend and I are on cots in a white tent. I think this tent is set up in a garage but I am not certain. Can’t remember clearly. His is lower and behind me so I can hear but don’t see him. I think we are watching TV. I go outside and come back in. I squat down next to his cot and he starts telling me the dr said he has growths on his throat. I starts praying for himself and binding sickness. I only listen. He tells me he wants to know me. End of dream. I am spirit filled christian and he is christian in confession. Don’t know him that well.

  164. Profile photo of Karen

    Hi Rev. Lyn – I hope you see this post, I must share my good news with you!! Dawn has finally broken! On 2/14 my friend G gave his life to the Lord and on Easter he made the decision to enter a 6-month Christian rehab program, and I saw him off Saturday eve. This is a place where they live and work for their room and board, and have intensive daily Bible classes and personal Bible study. It tends to produce leaders! I hadn’t had contact with G since last fall, but the Lord had been showing me in dreams a lot of what was taking place. On 2/7 I dreamed that he and “Mara” had split up, Mara meaning sorrow, bitterness and/or REBELLION, the head of the demonic hierarchy that ruled him.

  165. Profile photo of Karen

    In addition to a number of recent dreams and a major prophetic word in January that the Lord has heard my prayers and because I had given it to Him the Lord was going to answer those prayers,
    a lot of the prophetic dreams of the last 2-1/2 years are now being fulfilled. G still is not fully delivered and he knows he has a lot of work to do, but he’s determined to give it his all and wants to win me back. :)) So now I’m waiting on the Lord to find out how involved I should be at this point. Have had a couple of warning dreams this week not to get hijacked or detoured again, and a big storm is coming at me, but there’s a big mountain on my right. Please pray for me and for G, and I know you will! You have been a huge part of this all coming to fruition. HUGS!!

    • Profile photo of Karen

      I do understand clearly what these warning dreams are about…

      • Profile photo of Sheba

        Hey Karen, I feel kind of connected to you somehow, great to hear your good news. I will be praying for you and G – rest assured God is making all things beautiful in HIS time!!
        Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 1Corinthians 15:58

  166. Profile photo of Alicia

    Hello, I had a dream I was laying relaxing on a chair in this house of people whom felt familiar. The house seemed to almost be in a dry, sandy like enviorment. The door was open , and my mom was talking to me, and the only person i knew in this crowd of people. All of a sudden i watched ( calmly) a black snake with a dark an green strip on its head run towards me as if it was trying to attack me, but once it came close it leaped over my head. At once I covered my head, and everyone tried to kill it. One guy picked it up by the head, but my mom told me she killed it and said to me, “you can uncover your head and move”. Once I did the snake came from under the chair i was laying on, but it was a black three headed cobra; with a green, yellow, and a red strip in its back… at that time it got away but was chopped up in pieces as it did. I felt safer, but a little concerned that it was not dead as I watched it crawl away then i woke up.

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