Online Course Announcement

We’re delighted to announce the posting of our Online Course “15 Keys to Interpretation”
in 4 Modules!

We have broken the Full 55-lesson course into 4 Modules for several reasons:

Attainable Completion- manage only a reasonable amount of content and challenges in one chunk

Better Retention- engage in quizzes and finals closer to applicable content

Easier Success- take shorter quizzes and finals for faster retakes

Smaller Sample- enjoy a typical course for only $19.95

Each Module- $19.95. Module package- $69.95.


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Module 1

• *1 personal dream interpretation by the instructor
• the difference between secular and scriptural dream interpretation
• the origins and history of secular dream interpretation
• the beliefs and backgrounds of the founders of secular dream interpretation
• the tenants of secular dream interpretation
• the foundational distinctives of Biblical dream interpretation
• the origins of dreams and their distinctives
• how to determine the origin of a dream
• the most widespread mistake dreamers in general make
• the first mistake prophetic dreamers make
• what to ultimately do with the prophetic dreams we receive
• how to shift your mind-set to gain understanding the language of dreams

Module 2

• how to shift your mindset in order to open yourself up to this amazing language of God
• reasons why God chooses to speak through dreams
• how to break down a dream to begin processing it for gaining understanding of its meaning
• why Jesus used parables so much
• how so much of Old and New Testament content factor into dream interpretation
• the primary factors in obtaining an accurate interpretations
• the 21 dream element categories and their significance
• what many of the elements in dreams actually mean
• what the most common and dangerous element to take literally is
• how literary perspective in a dream determines the subject of the dream
• how the role of the dreamer in the dream determines who or what God’s speaking about
• how to tell if a dream is about the dreamers or someone else
• the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic dreams
• what pastors and highly prophetic people can expect in dreams
• how to determine who is the beneficiary of the dream

Module 3

• the 3 primary factors in obtaining an accurate interpretation
• when to utilize a “prophetic sense” in dream interpretation
• when to employ decoding principles in dream interpretation
• handling prophetic dreams like prophetic words
• seeking additional help from the Holy Spirit
• distinguishing between element categories and element classes
• how to utilize the 10 element classes in interpretation
• determining how many element classes apply to a dream
• the classification that trips us up most often
• dream element subclasses and their purpose
• how to tell which subclass a dream element belongs to
• determining if an element is positive or negative
• how to tell if a dream element is significant or not
• how to factor in the 4 dream components
• utilizing the 5 steps of dream interpretation
• the most persistent prophetic dreamer’s mistake

Module 4

• the role of “grace” in dream interpretation
• Biblical expectations concerning interpretation timing
• what to expect concerning “specific interpretation”
• what to expect concerning “general interpretation”
• the role of “faith” in dream interpretation
• how the age we live in makes interpretation more challenging
• 4 clues within a dream which bring understanding
• angels within dreams
• 2 activities that helps us understand our dreams
• 9 pathways to making sense of our dreams
• the main prerequisite of taking dream-based action
• responsibility concerning prophesy accuracy
• 3 things to be certain of before taking action on a dream
• 6 ways to confirm a dream’s commission
• 5 ways to respond to partial or full supernatural insight
• 6 assignments that dreams may be urging
• 6 strategies to use in managing our dreams

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