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Greetings, Dreamers!!

Here in Colorado, we just finished experiencing a huge downpour and the sun has starting to peek out. We’ve had lots of rain this May and the grass is suddenly very green! Luckily I’m indoors at the moment.

We are excited to announce that our first on-line dream interpretation course has been launched and is now available! (If you are a donor or bronze member of PropheticDreamers.com, you will be getting a coupon code via email shortly.)

Also, we are renovating our site and we hope it will serve you well! If you’ve subscribed to our blog posts, you received several new post notices today (sorry- just modifying the site). If you haven’t subscribed to email notices of the posts, subscribe here.

Please note that you’ll have to reset your passwords (sorry for the inconvenience). Once we finish the site tweaking, we’ll be concentrating on adding entries to our dictionary! Follow us on social media to see what they are.

Also, we’ll soon be changing our personal dream interpretation policy, and will once again be able to comment on your dreams. Subscribe for notice and details.

Here’s what you can expect in our new course.

Keys Title 2

Course Description

This practical course unlocks many of the mysteries surrounding dream interpretation. The principles and techniques shared will jump-start you in accurately identifying, interpreting and managing your prophetic dreams.

Course Structure

– Over 9 hours of video teaching by the author
– At $39.95, that’s less than $5 per video hour!
– 55 video-based lessons
– Power-point-based instruction
– Unique and exclusive
– Brief focus time after each lesson
– Focuses: Recall, Remark, Reflect or Rehearse
– Assignments, midterm, final reviewed by course author
– Interactive Forums
– Unlimited time to complete course
– Certifications for 79%+ scores
– Certificate entitles access to Ongoing Dreamer’s Forum

Course Content

In this course you will learn:

• The features that distinguish a prophetic dream from an ordinary dream
• The primary factors in obtaining an accurate interpretation
• The 5 steps to interpretation and how to deal with the 1 that most trips us up
• How 21 dream element categories and 10 classifications unlock dreams
• How the theories of the most influential dream interpreters jive with the Bible
• About obstacles that stand in the way of full interpretation
• Techniques to help you avoid the most widespread dreamer mistakes
• How to determine a dream’s beneficiary and theme
• 5 keys to managing your prophetic dreams

Coupon Codes

If you are a donor or bronze member of PropheticDreamers.com, you will be getting a coupon code via email shortly.

So looking forward to hearing from you and joining you in the interactive course.

Should you have any questions, issues, or requests concerning the site or new course; please email me at lyn@propheticdreamers.com or utilize the comment area below.

God Bless you all and hope to see you on TheDreamersInstitute.com!

October 30, 2015

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