New Move of God in Music


We’d like to tell you about a Move of God going on world-wide reaching the younger generations!

The Lord is reaching young people for Christ through a new sound— especially in Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. There’s a small company of musicians from various nations, untilizing Electronic Dance Music to get youth’s attention, speak to them, and keep them thinking about Jesus.

Produced by electronic musicians, the music resembles what we hear on car commercials. It’s upbeat, trendy, and fun to listen to for all ages, but the kids especially love it. Some songs have mimimum but spot-on Christian or positive lyrics; other tunes revolve around traditional verses and choruses; while others simply employ intriguing titles. You’d enjoy grooving to it on a road trip.

Young people come out of the woodwork to attend concerts and praise God by dancing, jumping, shouting, clapping… AND they bring their friends who are reached for Jesus by the ministry of the musicians.

One such group, TRANSFORM DJ’s, ministered to thousands of young people in 10 countries on 4 continents in 2016!

Our Son, known as Taylor Franklyn, is on the right.

Explore to view videos & the size of the crowds they’re reaching!

Their latest album, Never Alone, can be purchased on itunes.

The groups states their mission as: Jesus, Worship, Life– focusing on the Pro-life message in each and every performance.

Transform DJ’s Recently Provided the Music at the National March for Life in Washington, DC!

Kudo’s to our young people! Let’s hear about you or your kids!

November 19, 2017

2 responses on "New Move of God in Music"

  1. This is so good. I love how creative God is. I’m going to show my kids. My oldest son who’s 12 tinkers with creating EDM on his laptop.

  2. Please pray for Transform DJ’s as their radio promoter is currently working on getting them national radio play.

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