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October 30, 2015

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November 16, 2016

227 responses on "Dream Submission Policy"

  1. Hello Rev. Lynmarie,
    Hope you are doing well! I saw a dream today morning that I delivered 3 small fish. I see the water sack n three wishes which are my babies. I see my husband lovingly kissing them. Could it mean something? Although it really disturbed me.

    • Hi Dreamer – Just for future reference, on the Home page Rev Lyn has made a notation that she is no longer able to answer dream posts due to an over-abundance of ministry obligations and asks fellow dreamers to help out with interpretation as we’re able. Also, she would like us to post on the Open Discussion thread rather than in the individual categories. You have to scroll the Home page info near the beginning to spot the Open Discussion link. That being said, here’s my interpretation of your dream, in the next post (due to 100- word limit per post)…

      • (Dreamer’s dream, cont). Far from being a negative dream or a cause for concern, this is a dream with awesome promises of blessing for you. Fish symbolize provisions or something in the Spirit, so these may be earthly provisions or spiritual provisions. That you have given birth to these indicates that they will be a result of something you’re doing or are involved in. Three means utter completeness (like the Trinity) or fulness of time. A spouse in a dream is not often meant literally but rather something you’re partnered with or can also mean Jesus. He’s kissing these fish babies, so is accepting them with delight and approval. So discern what it is you’re doing that the Lord would want to bless and persevere in it, knowing that God is pleased and abundant provisions will flow from it. Fabulous!

        • Dear Karen,
          Thano you very much for your reply. I can’t tell you how happy I am to know the interpretation for my dream. I was a bit concerned since I am in my 7th month of pregnancy. But your answer has given me hope that my saviour is pleased with me & gonna provide for all those provisions.
          Blessings! 🙂

  2. There was no scenery it was just heavy white fog. I was standing across from my husband at a complete stand still as if I was frozen and couldn’t move. He had a snake slithering around him mostly around his neck and head that was very long with a brown body, green head and no eyes. I told him repeatedly he had a snake on him but he couldn’t see it, so he didn’t believe me. I kept telling him but he kept saying he couldn’t see it or feel it. I knew I could defeat the snake, I could kill it but something wouldn’t allow me to help him. I couldn’t move. I watched this snake choke my husband, he gasped for air and eyes turned extremely red. I watched him die.

    • Welcome, LA dreamers! That must have been extremely disturbing! I felt that way once when in a dream a daughter of ours was strangled by the ropes of a tent. First, know that the dream is not about your husband. He will not die. He is symbolizing something you are partnered with or adhered to somehow. One possibility is that this is something that you currently think is in your best interest, and you would like to save, but God knows its end is a better outcome. Any ideas of what this is in your life?

  3. Rev Lyn, thank you for your words of encouragement. I fully know that the scripture given is not in the bible and that we are not to add or remove anything from the word of God but with your words of wisdom it has given me encouragement to seek always Our Lord Jesus first and He will make things clear in the end. Thank you.

  4. I has another dream that I was at a church familiar church but not my own. A lady was singing a song about being made to worship. She was wearing a silver gown almost like bridal
    Attire but not really. Then I saw myself wearing Amber dress and I was worshipping God. Not sure why it jad two part.

  5. Had a dream my ex was smelling perfume in a store. He said I like that I said when I wore it you said you didn’t like it. Then the scene changed to him going to a restroom while I waited.then it switched to him watching a video”relative/ cousin” i said see I knew it., as if he was interested. Then we had dinner atMcDonald’s from the value menu. I heard myself
    Telling my aunt why we didn’t work out. An: He is my closed friends at this time.

    • I don’t know him, but from the surface of the dream, it looks like God is speaking of the positive transformation he’s undergoing… perceiving the goodness of God and valuing Him. With that clue, maybe you can discern the meaning of the video part.

  6. FYI. It was a little green garden snake.

  7. Ok I had a dream I was about to use the toilet #1 and a snake came out from under the rug, once he saw me he fled really quickly.

    • A toilet can be a positive or negative symbol although I don’t believe that’s in our dictionary yet. Urinating can be removing things within you that don’t belong- good. My sense is that your enemy would like to do you harm, but can’t because you are clean and pure… nothing within that can be used to give Satan legal grounds…

  8. in may i dreamt i was fighting with men,they were fighting for my affection,Allan asked me why i dont love him and i told him i love another.i fight with victory and i ran towards the one i love,i kiss him and i tell him we go make a baby,he is happy about it
    .in the back seat a woman is trying to get his attention.he just laid back and smiled even when i got jealous i didnt show it to him.Dont cast aside your confidence because your confidence will be richly rewarded..this was the bible verse that kept ringing in my head after the dream uncounsiously

  9. I need some guidance . I had a dream on the night of Halloween that two snakes were fighting. One snake was more vicious than the other, attacking the other snake violently while the other snake stood there. The more vicious snake bit the other snake on its head trying to devour it’s whole body. A pharaoh picks up the vicious snake in his left hand while holding the other in his right. He splits them from fighting and before the pharaoh, I see a whole kingdom. My dream ended. I was asking to God to show me something. Reveal to me what is hidden. Then I dream this.

    • I’d say the snakes are 2 specific people. And pharaoh most likely represents the devil with his kingdom. See if that fits any current situation you see in your life. That you had it on Halloween is significant. Pray about it as well. It could also be something coming up, or God could be showing you a bigger picture.

  10. Rev I am some one who is dreaming a lot recently i had two dreams and would like to find out the interpretation thereof. The first one is in reality i am having a brother who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder,he lost everything due to the sickness and resides with our father in the village. I dreamed that he was covered in black lice (the ones who are mostly find in human hair) two of the lice were crawling on my tummy but i managed to kill it. Last night i dreamed of a black rattle snake, to get away from us he was getting into the ground with his head to re-emerge again at the other spot we first broke its tail and we killed the snake but it did not want to die after we killed it we cooked it and tried to eat it but it was still moving in the container. We are normally not eating snakes.

    • First- the dream may be about something in YOUR life rather than his, but it would be about an aspect “next to you”. Ask yourself what’s beside you. At any rate, the dream indicates ill-fortune is at hand; that there is a plot from hell launched. This will be difficult to address as it’s a moving target, but be sure to ask God for clarification as to what action “triggered” this. And be very careful about what lie you are considering swallowing. May God direct your path. Jesus is the answer.

  11. I’m outside the church.  There are a row of people lined up for a photo.  They are all in santa suits.  In the centre is Obama.  They pose for the photo.   Then i walk over to a toddler.  It has a large safety pin through the skin on his chest.   I take it out but someone asks what I’m doing.  I say i was going to put something else in there.

    • I have a pretty good sense about this, but I’d like to hear from you first. 1) I wonder if you get revelations from God of international importance? 2)Do you have any interest in America and the election? 3) Is there anything going on in your life which you imagine this could be about.

  12. Rev Lynmarie, I dreamt that I was given a scripture to read but it was in my native tongue. The scripture was from 3 Corinthians 4:1-29. I was told to read it out loud but as I tried reading someone disturbed me therefore I cannot fully remember the scriptural content.What does this mean. Its not the first time it happened also. Can you help with some insight.

  13. There is alot going on, ive been in need of deliverance and all my attempts have been unsuccessful. Ive reached the point of despair.

  14. I dreamt I was standing in my front yard and there were three snakes coming down the hill, towards my house.
    What can this mean?

    • The front yard most likely indicates the future. God is saying that a plan against you has been devised. Thankfully, it’s coming straight at you from above, rather than flanking you. Three can mean this has to do with the completion of something, perhaps the completion of an attack that’s been going on. Stay alert and prayerful. Do not fall into a temptaion if it presents itself. Watch your responses.

  15. So I did some researching about the area and it appears to be taking place in the Maldives. The nation is of Islam religion, the language is similar and the VERY BLUE AZUL waters and the seaplane that has to land in water. Are you saying that I will NOT hear God and quit ministry?

    • Let me break it down so you can assess for yourself, but I would also pray for confirmation. Fast moving rapids that were azul blue– strong move of God. Diamonds– people. Guns– opposition with some power. Foreign language– most likely demonic, could be literal. Cement wall– substantial barrier. Metal fence– boundary. Tour guide– Holy Spirit. TG’s son– what HS has birthed. Loss of TG and children– mission delayed or stopped.

  16. In this dream gaints were destroying the city, however I manage to escape. I went in to another dream where I saw my baby sister dead; she and the person who tried to rape her. Nobody wanted to inform me but I found out from people around the area of death

    • The city represents a larger community. Frank dreamed recently of city buildings, each representing the “stores’ or mindsets churches go to select church elements (such as how to facilitate offering, etc.) Giants are about attacks taking place which appear to be too large to get the victory over.

      Your sister may be about a sister-in-Christ or something next to you, or after you… like the enemy will sacrifice himself to stop this. It would help to know what you think this dream applies to in your life. Any idea?

  17. There was another scene but i do not remember it, thats the only part i remember.

  18. I had a dream the other night about being in this place full of people, i was watching and Obama or someone was telling the crowd to say “thank you satan” and then was saying “yes we can” and the crowd said it too.
    Then i was somewheres else with a friend or someone else, and i had shown them a snake, and i went out on the porch and then they let the snake go after saying something, and i ran away but was thinking it wouldnt come after me but it did then it launched at me to bite me and i fell over and the dream ended.

    • Welcome, Vermont. The dream reveals a demonic attack which has thus far been on track but is still in progress. This is about you personally because of the end. It seems you will be caught by surprise and faint, so to speak, in fear. Be sure to position yourself with God (righteousness, purity, obedience) so that the enemy has no ground to succeed against you.

  19. Hello hope ur ok . I keep have dreams where i give birth to premature babe or am pregnant and have a miscarrage . This dream always comes before my montly circle. Please help

    • Near London, huh? Our son just ministered in Cornwall… now moving about Europe. So God seems to to saying that there is something you are attempting to launch that isn’t working out. Your job is to discern what in your life looks like that, and continue to pray, asking God if you are on the right path, or what needs to be change. Any idea what?

  20. I had to cut out a lot because of the 100 word limit. My husband and I are pastors of a local church we started 8 years ago. We have been told and believe that we are called to worldwide ministry. I have received lots of inquiries to come minister in places that I normally wouldn’t go. I have lots of other things happening at once right now that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing in an open forum like this. I hope this helps.

    • I’d say this dream DOES address the calls you are receiving to minister in unexpected places and describes one. There will be a strong move of God there and God is emphasizing the great value He puts on the people there. These folks need rescuing from dark forces, and there will be opposition to the point that you will have trouble hearing from God and continuing your ministry. The tall metal fence that people were running through is puzzling. Any idea where this dream speaks of?

  21. In the dream me, hubby and 2 kids were being flown into remote area of the world & were dropped in the ocean met with tour guide & his son. He took us to a crystal waters where the ocean switched to fast moving rapids that were azul blue. the rapids had diamonds in the sand. While in the rapids tour guide said they were shooting by bushes. Men had guns & students outside & speaking a language I couldn’t understand. As we ran through the ocean to a cement wall There was a tall metal fence that people were running through. In the chaos I lost the tour guide & my children in the crowd.

  22. Note I don’t have any kids. In this dream I had a baby I was giving him a bathe however when I put him on his back he kept crying but frontwards it was fine. I had another dream where I know this is my baby but someone else has him and I had to go get the baby. The thing that puzzel me is that most time someone has my baby

    • You have birthed something in the spirit realm. You may or may not see it in reality yet, but at the very least, you have conceived of it in you mind and are thinking about it. That’s what the baby represents if it’s YOURS in the dreams. Whatever this is, you are trying to clean it up (like a job-seeker cleaning up his resume). Front/back could be literal. See if that fits.

    • If the baby is being managed by someone else, this could be speaking of a situation where someone else is actually in charge of this, that is, makes the decision… like an employer deciding who to hire.

  23. Your wife may symbolize something you are partnered with rather than her literally. If not her, God may be saying this “partner” (business, church, project, job) has regressed and is not as positive as before. As you connect, you are given an assignment, but in accepting it, you are not following the leading of the Spirit. It is not God’s will. Please give us feedback.

  24. In real life she has it painted red. And pass shoulder length.

  25. I saw a dream..it looks like my aunt’s house window.it has a arc of flowers.in front of that window I see two small land plots.on the left side there is a vineyard on the right there are olive plants. Both are plants and have small flowers on them which are going to turn into fruits of the respective plants. I stand in owe of the sight.n I am clicking a picture of the vineyard.same time my brother comes and removes the arc flowers and breaks it which I notice were artificial. I asked him why did he do that I was gonna click a picture of that too but he says I did it because I wanted to.

    • Welcome! To make sense of this, it might be helpful to know your aunt’s first name or what is going on with her or you and her… I’ll watch for your reply. Please click the REPLY text ABOVE this comment.

  26. I had a dream about snakes. In the dream i was standing in calm and clear ankle deep water with snakes floating in the water. A long, large yellowish gold snake jumped out the water and bit me on the wrist. There was another person there because i remember saying the snake bit me, but I can’t recall if it was family or someone else but I knew the person. After waking from the dream, I started to pray. what could this mean?

    • Sorry for delay. The person in real life that you are having relationship issues with has fallen into deceptions involving fear. This is the reason behind the attack on you. Pray strategically for a move of God to wash away this deception.

  27. I had a dream where I saw my wife outside of church with short black hair. I went to kiss her in the neck and then she gave me her keys and asked that I drive her car. We went inside to say bye to our moms in the back of the church and then we took off.

  28. I had 2 dreams about snakes one my house was surrounded by snakes and on the base of my house was s big giant snake just sqeezing. Second I dreamed of a poisonous snake it but a man and mad his face rott before my eyes then it but my daughter nothing happened to her. Then I grabbed it and killed it with me hands. Please help

    • Your house surrounded by snakes is a clear picture that there’s a situation in your life surrounded by lies or deception and that this is creating pressure to get you to make a bad decision.

      Clearly there is poison in this deception, but whatever you are up to won’t be harmed and you will get the victory. So what are you up to? What have you birthed that Satan would want to attack?

  29. Not to mention, now that I fully recall, it looked like the bald back had grown back, close to a half an inch, it all means something like, her thoughts and all truth is exposed and she’s embarrassed and wanting to hide, I know that much. It kinda goes with the double dream if u remember.

  30. She was gathering clothes when I approached her and after I woke up, I broke down and cried in the bathroom. Please tell me exactly what al is meant, this saga is getting deep!

  31. Then I dreamt I was at a kids sleepover with Christy in a different house. After we woke up, she got up to get in the tub. I touched her inner thigh as she walked over me in bed. I heard water run then a older teen boy said he had to leave so he tried to put her two jackets I bought in real life on, but I gave him the ohio state jacket I gave her of mine in real life, I go in a room come out and Joe walks in with food but doesn’t see me, so I walk into a bedroom closet to tell her and she’s naked sitting indian style with the back half of her head bald and say baby Joe here?

  32. I had two dreams this morning after prayer, first was, I dreamt I was helping Christy move and went in a bag and found little note written to me. I read:Dear Derris, today me and Geronimo were in Taco Bell’sdrive thru and a name beginning in M said im his and I said im neither of yours. Then I said, I haven’t touched another soul since Feb 2013 why u get with Joe, then I cried and she rubbed my head and said, don’t cry.

  33. Yes Lynmarie, Solomon is the great King Solomon from the bible. DREAM AGAIN: I was in a white robe standing on a great bridge. I have a sword on my back and I was a holy eunuch. On the other side of the bridge was a group of holy eunuchs in white robes. They almost looked like a choir. The entire time a voice was a talking. I cannot remember everything he said except a the very end of the dream he said tell Solomon thank you. Who was flying a away in a white dress shirt and khakis as if he’d already visited us. He had blue eyes and he didn’t speak.

  34. Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. I will definitely pray for insight and timely understanding.

  35. Thank you so much. The funny thing is I am trying to see which part of my life they are trying to affect and failing to get a good of it. Though there are still struggles with my getting a work permit. As well as having the marriages among my cousin struggle a lot. And the whole family having weird dreams like these. One dreamt of one boy changing into a snake and that boy keeps having episodes of fainting and eye-sight headaches. The doctors here are saying there is nothing wrong. I am in Southern Africa so our medical system I not as good.

    • First, know that the boy may be symbolic of something. After praying, I sense that these dreams are connected, and something is going on which involves the whole family in some way (this is because I had an inner vision of a spool of thread). I pray God will clarify what these dreams apply to.

  36. This one threw me off, i dreamt Christy pulled up at my house, came in and spoke with me and my mom. Then, in anger and hurt i said,”U told me all these years u hate this man and ur with him!”. She shook her head yes and i began hitting her but couldn’t hard. I remember no colors so im guessing it wasn’t from God.

  37. Hi! May you help me interpret this dream? I had a dream about me sleepwalking and it was caught on video. Everyone wanted to see the video but I didn’t want to. I said i didnt want them to because I haven’t figured out if it is a gift yet. I eventually played it and it was me sleepwalking to the kitchen and making a bowl of cereal like I normally do in the mornings. I began to cry as I watched it as if I was ashamed.

    • I’d say you are doing something without the needed understanding to go with it. May have to do with the beginning of something. Think twice about what’s doing on in your life. If nothing comes to mind, something is coming which you will need INSIGHT for in order to respond to. Pray that God will send the insight just when you need it.

  38. The next night, i dreamt Christy’s mom snuck and let me over. She was there but was quiet just watching me. I kept my cool and went to the basement and fixed something. When i came up and sat on the couch, Christy got on the phone and said,”It’s over, bring me my stuff!”. Then she sat on my lap and said,”I love u and im sorry i put u through this.”. I said,”U don’t sound like ur for real and she said but i am and i woke up.

  39. Dream Part 4/4 I sat in this chair then I heard someone call my name. I looked over and I got up went to the back and started climbing up this funny looking balcony. My friend who goes to our friend’s church told me my friend Felicia was calling me. so I climbed up some more and there were these seats you had to strap yourself to. I remember the strap to the seat being white, I remember some red and some blue and waited for the event to start.

  40. Dream Part 3/4 I turned and went back in the Apostle’s house, came back out, this time through the front way and was walking and ended up inside this church and this lady picked me up and she was someone who went to my old church.. I realized that wasn’t the Apostle’s church and broke loose from the lady and headed down the street again and reached where My friend was trying to lead me.

  41. Dream Part 2/4 He got up and said something like something was about to take place. I remember following others through his home out the back door and I didn’t remember putting shoes on and was thinking like I don’t have on any shoes it was wet in the alley and I seen a lot of water like a car wash but I looked down at my feet and I had shoes on.. They were some black boots… looked like Timberlands.

  42. Dream Part 1/4 I popped up at a friend from high school house (who is now an Apostle and has his own church)… I didn’t have any shoes on in his house. I walked to him and held my hand out to shake his hand. He shook my hand, and then got up put his plate down, sat in a chair grabbed me and hugged me and I can’t remember his exact words but he was asking how was I, if something was wrong and I said nothing’s wrong then I said okay there is something wrong.

  43. Dream 1: Part 2: My best friend tried putting lipstick on me but she accidentally put it on my nose. My dress was like a really soft gold cream color and my make up was like white/silver. I asked this lady who goes to my church if she was coming to my wedding, she said no and I told her please come and that i would drop her off afterwards. She said OK then she asked what we wanted to eat, I said it didn’t matter. I told my best friend I didn’t have gas, then she said I got you bestie. She really spoiled me on that day. Her God sister was there also.

  44. Dream 1: Part 1 of 2 There was a job me and my sister had to interview for. We had on pants and I was supposed to hem my sisters pants for work. Then it turned into me getting ready for my wedding and my mother bought me some ugly shoes to go with my dress. They were black flats and I couldn’t find the right shoe. Then another shoe was goldish orange.

    • Glad you found us. Welcome. We prefer 1 dream in 100 words as we have limited time and our ministry purpose is really to help you understand your own dreams through our resources. I will say that God seems to be speaking about a coming partnership such as a job, and that you are to take care to prepare properly for it.

  45. I was in a white robe standing on a great bridge. I have a sword on my back and I was a holy eunuch. On the other side of the bridge was a group of holy eunuchs in white robes. They almost looked like a choir. The entire time a voice was a talking. I cannot remember everything he said except a the very end of the dream he said tell Solomon thank you. Who was flying a away in a white dress shirt and khakis as if he’d already visited us. He had blue eyes and he didn’t speak

  46. Two women-one a witch and the other with the supernatural powers of a hippo were fighting. The hippo lady ran into the water, the witch followed her. All creatures ran out of the water even crocodiles. I was watching from the bank. They came out towards me & the hippo lady was tired.They wanted to hurt me. As they advanced I kept saying in the name of Jesus with hands stretched out towards them. The hippo lady began to dissolve and the witch was becoming weaker. I was every afraid and my voice was becoming hoarse. I woke up before they got to me.

    • It sounds like the Lord is revealing a war going on in the 2nd heaven for power to harm you. Both creatures symbolize dark supernatural power. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated. Be sure you are under the protection of Jesus by all means, including repentance and righteousness (most powerful weapons). The dream prophesies your victory through the power you have in Jesus (hoarse=horse). Please let us know how this plays out.

  47. I dreamt i was doing something with April and we went to her house and laid on the floor seperate. I kissed her forehead and noticed my daughter on the kitchen floor gettin into food. I spanked her but couldn’t hard then we laughed. I went home and Christy was on the couch silent and i said,”I’m glad u came”, then fell on her arm and breast weeping. Why lol

  48. Me again, i woke up and prayed at 4 am and went back to sleep. I dreamt Christina’s mom snuck and invited me over, i get there, she directs me to a room i’ve never seen and i look around to see lounge couches and wonder bad things. Christy then comes in and says she’s done with the dirt and wants to announce to me that from now on she’s all mine. I wonder why so many dreams from different perspectives.

    • Again, this matter is important! It’s life changing. And it may take a while to manifest. God wants you to know what’s going on behind the scenes so you can stand in faith. This particular dream seems to be telling you that the Holy Spirit is at work in this situation with Christy; espect it to take a while, but the outcome will be complete restoration and then some!

  49. Hello, I had a dream that i knocked on the front door of a house. A blonde girl came out. I don’t remember saying anything. All I remember is hugging her, then that turned into a straddle hug. It was probably this way for at least 10 minutes, to the point where I started walking around with her still straddle hugging me. I didn’t really recognize the girl as someone I knew. But there was strong connection in the dream.
    Also in the dream I remember moving my hands from the buttox area to her lower back, because I didnt want to touch her there, (was thinking of purity.)

    • The girl symbolizes a ministry, ministry resource, church, person in ministry, Spirit of Prophesy, or Holy Spirit… something good. You discover and connect with this for a while for good purpose as God has guided you to this. It’s as if you watch or learn for a while, and then before too long, you are ready to begin to operate in this at a higher level. Praise God, He’s equipping and deploying you!

  50. I had a dream. Huge crocodiles were falling off the sky intended to fall on me. I was wipping them off with my hand as if they were like paper. What could it be?

    • This dream reveals that Satan plans to strike against you through a massive amount of verbal attack, possibly through more than one person or reaching many people’s view of you. The good news is that the plan will not prevail or harm you. Sounds like you are saved through words as well, powerful but not attacking words. You may even be able to stop the plan in advance through spiritual warfare, and never see it manifest.

  51. On June 7, I posted a video on youtube early in the morning..then fell back sleep. I dreamed all 3 of my sisters and I were in a room and a voice said “Are ya’ll ready for your oldest sibling to come back?” He compared each of our personalities and showed mine and said “who is this?” (Let God show you like he did for Nebuchadnezzer, in Jesus name)

  52. Ok. Thanks a lot LynMarie. God bless you.

  53. Yes i did only because the snake in my dream disappeared between my thighs and as i went to touch my thigh like to get rid of the snake, that is when i woke up.

  54. Thank you LynMarie. But i do not understand when you say… You’d suggest i “touch the thigh” and relay the thoughts…. Does that mean i touch my thight and pray or her thighs or?

    • Sorry. I was speaking parable. In the dream you said you wanted to touch your thighs. That would symbolize wanting to see about and do something about this. I was saying, do what the dream expressed.

  55. Many thanks again… She has two children so far, on her 2nd one on the c-section bed they find out she had blood clots inside and the way they closed her wound on the 1st baby was not well done,so it took them more hours of cutting around the 1st scar and clearing the scar and tissues and then closing the scar so i think because of that, she was told not to have any more kids as it may open or even may be hard to re-do it again… Thats why she chose the termination.

    • Thanks! I spoke with my DIL. She says that it’s easy for drs to say terminate. They tend to lean to a quick fix. But there’s NO HURRY. It’s an important decision- we’re talking about a life! She could search out a pro-life or pro-natural doctor to get a 2nd opinion.
      That she asked your opinion is more evidence that the dream may be about her, and that this is life and death. I’d suggest you “touch the thigh” and relay these thoughts. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the Lord to speak into this situation. She has time, and He is faithful to provide wisdom. Will continue in prayer fro her.

  56. Funny thing is, that brother out of the blue started messaging me on Messenger the day after the dreams! And we’re not Facebook friends and God keeps sayin,”Expect a phone call shortly that shows the might of my hand.”.

  57. Thank you for your promp response. Ohhh?. My cousin told me she is pregnant again, though gave birth last year through c-section, the doctors told her she should not have more children because it will be dangerous. So she asked me what to do even thought she had already made up her mind about terminating it coz of the risk. Could it be anything telated to that?

    • It would be unusual if it were, but it’s possible. A dream received by someone from the perspective that the dreamer IS representing another person, the beneficiary, is rare, but I have seen it. Several elements could potentially point to this.

      Why would they say it was dangerous just because she had a C-section? This may very well be the snake. I would go with this viewpoint, and God will lead you as well.

    • If she needs more information, my daughter-in-law is training in that field and her sister is a midwife in the Philippines. I will alert some people to join us in prayer, and I would be happy to connect her.

  58. Hi. Last night i dreamt of a snake on my white beddings. As i lifted the duvet up to there was this funny looking creature like Snake. Grey or i should i say metalic- silverish shinny baby-ish snake. I tries to kill it by stabbing its end tail but it didnt die then i stubbed it again on a different place and it didnt die as it tried to escape then i stubbed it on a different place, it pretended like its dead but it didnt die and off it disappeared in between my thighs… As i wanted to touch my thights…. i woke up from the dream. I have no idea of what it means…

    • It look like God is revealing a plot against you to stop the redemption He has planned concerning your mobility. You can disable this plan through prayer and warfare. Any idea how this applies to your life?

  59. Ok i dreamt that Christina’s brother called me and said,”The guy let his wife come back and Christina is sitting here at mom’s wanting to talk to u but feels stupid.”. Then he came and got me and me and her talked. I woke up and prayed laid down and had the same exact dream all over again! Only seen it in the bible once

    • This is good. God is confirming. He does this sometimes to encourage people who will have to trust Him in something for a good while. Plan to be patient. It may take a while. Continue to live making every moment count.

  60. Thank you so much. I come from Africa and witchcraft is rife. Recently a very close woman to me died. Some prophets were fingering her for being in a group of witchcraft. Its hard to believe since she is close to me and many prophets lie.I got a job after a difficult search and even getting TB a day after I had gone to another country to search for a job. I finally got a job which is in a different country and getting a work visa is proving very difficult. Even getting into the country for me I get interrogated by immigration. Sorry for saying too much

    • Thank you for sharing. We will pray for you as the Spirit leads. I know what you are saying is real since I have some African friends who have had curses put on them. One experienced a very real sickness and nearly died.

      Your dreams indicates YOU have a good deal of spiritual power through the Holy Spirit, and that because of what you say or do- an important spiritual enemy will no longer be a problem. Do your thing! God is FOR YOU.

  61. I had a dream i was leaving in a row of apartments & in front of my apartment was a place where trees & stuff grew.it was raining all of s sudden & it look like the place where the trees were @ was flooding (it may have already been a little pond idk)but i saw a man & lady jump in the lady began w pick up a whole bunch of little snakes & do away with them.the man got a real long & fat snake & threw it on me,i was standing in my doorway watching.it wrapped itself around me but didn’t bite me i was frozen scared & was crying& screaming 4 him 2 get it off. He eventually did.what does that mean?

    • This looks like God is telling you that you will see a move of the enemy in your near future. He appears to be also saying that this will look scary to you; it will look as if you are trapped. The enemy intends to use it in your life to incite fear, but you need not fear. You have a Heavenly Father who is protecting you.

  62. This was a vision as I was going to sleep, more than a dream. (I have these often) At first I thought it was the hands and arms of a small child around a deep black hole. then as I examined it more closely I realized it was either one snake or two coiled around a deep dark hole. The snake was whitish in color. I think that my thinking it was a child’s arms, then realizing it was instead a snake points to some kind of deception, but I am confused as to what and the deep black (small) hole has me stumped.

    • The hole most likely represents a loss of support. Do you have any idea of where these visions are coming from? Any chance this is not from God? Any other dreams or visions that might point to the same topic?

  63. I dreamt of snakes hanging on the ceiling inside my house. They were covering every inch. They would fall and be all over. I remember a white snake. I then had the bright idea of putting a basin of hot water on the floor. So that the snakes would fall into the water and sizzle and die. The white snake fell into the hot water. I forced myself to wake up and asked Jesus to give me other dreams this was too scary

    • The deceptions and lies have power and authority behind them. Could even be speaking of a principality or witchcraft. You are able through the help of the Holy Spirit, however, to disarm the counterfeiter who is masquerading as something good. So God is saying he will help you through this.
      Do you see any such scenario developing in your life yet?

  64. I am at a stage where things to not going the way we desire. However a friend of mine dreamt that she saw all of her colleagues including me and herself in a pool of dirty water however she said all the teacher were going further in the water and I decided I won’t go I went another direction she decided that she will follow me and it seems we were heading out of the water

    • That dream is revelatory and seems to fit with the above one you submitted. In that dream, your husband symbolized something you are united with such as a job. Sounds like you are being led by the Spirit! Remain watchful.

  65. U have been a blessing, i’ve heard from God daily. Im posting dreams as u suggested and for the glory of God. Every prophetic word from 7 different prophets and prophetesses from across the country who i haven’t told a thing, my dreams, and his spoken word has all confirmed the dreams. Now i’m waiting on the glory to visit me, that is all.

  66. The day before that dream, i was prophesied to WITHOUT SEEKING TO HEAR A WORD, and it was as follows: God said everything you’ve prayed is finished, He separated u and your love but for a season but it’s for a greater reason, he says ur dreams shall come to pass and that he’s going to give u a dream all over again. So, i accept his will fully

  67. Yesterday, i took a nap after prayer and suddenly, i dreamt that i was at Christinas house with my daughter left all alone with her. After some time we decided to walk to the store and Bella went to her grandma. Christy then comes out, confesses again but more in detail and says, let’s make this official.

    • The important part of the dream is the end. I was initially unaware that her name was Christina. Perhaps you should consider that these dreams are about your relationship with Christ. Review them with that as the application- keeping in mind what’s going on in your spiritual life- and see if that makes sense.

  68. I had a dream I was resting in a room when I realized there was a huge thick snake curled next to me. I jumped out of the room and a man took a large knife to kill the snake that was now standing with little legs. The man cut the snakes head off. I went to view this large dead snakes body and notice there where tiny snakes running everywhere which I was trying to avoid stepping on and getting bitten

    • In this dream, God is letting you know that your enemy the devil plans to take his scheme to the next level by using rumors or publicity. Even after the Lord cuts off the source of the lies, the battle will not be over. Remember that the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  69. No, April is the mother of my ten yr old, Christina is the mother of my seven and three years old, also who all the dreams have been about and who God’s got me standing still and seeing his salvation for.

  70. After April kissed me, it wouldn’t let me type that my ex called and screamed she wasn’t coming. Then when we answered the door, it wasn’t Christy like i thought, it was the prophetess from my church that is my mom’s age and she wanted to pray with everybody.

  71. Ok, same day during a nap, i dreamt i was in some hotell and my family was there. A woman came from far in the past came and said her daughter was mine, isn’t in real life. The mother of my 10 year old was there. I left the room she left and i arrived at the queen of Englands wedding. I kissed her hand and she almost royal blue glove on, i make troyl family laugh, i leave and miss the wedt back to the room and April had a white bowl i gifted to her with my daughter, she then kisses me full tongue lls and screams she’s not coming. Door bell rings and i think its her

  72. I was a holy eunuch on throne. Kind David was being judged but was not affected by any attempts made at him, he was smiling with red eyes the entire time ( isaiah sure mercies of david). I was an unpardonable sin in the back of the dream. Eunuchs in heaven keep their castration eternally and receive an adjustment I cannot mention. Heaven in this dream is a lot like Isaiah. I was supposed to be beheaded at some point but why would I miss the rapture after seeing a dream like this?

    • Eunuch- powerless. A judge being judged. Red- war or power. Unpardonable sin- condemnation. Castration=- eternally powerless. Beheaded… Sorry, from the way you have described it, this may be a dream from the dark side.

      No worries. Satan roams about. he may be threatened by you. Keep recording your dreams. God will speak.

  73. I dreamt that my husband and I went out to a place to have fun however we had difficulty getting in because the person’s in charge looked down on us. The person putting on our bands on our hands got in a fight due to what she said to my husband. I then went in and I was walking around the facility I felt this pain in my tummy I ignored it but I couldn’t any more so I went to the rest room to my surprise I saw blood in the dream I was saying to myself but I had my period not too look ago so what is this. That’s when I woke do

    • There is a struggle going on having to do with getting accepted into a place you see as good. But God is giving you a heads-up. This one won’t work out. It’s not for the best. Know that it isn’t God’s plan for you and move on to the next opportunity.

      Isn’t God good to shine a light on our paths!

  74. I forgot to mention that the entire time, i was standing at a dock by a small lake with wooden and chain posts to keep people from falling. I felt a sense of peace and tranquility.

  75. I woke up this morning from a dream in which that same womans 21 year old son was showing me his high school friends and all 4 of them kept going into the school as i stood outside. He was happy and very accepting of me and one the 3rd or 4th time they came out, i couldn’t see the other 3’s faces but they all had bright red shirts on and Damian was smiling very hard.

  76. Well, i know there’s a wait involved, i think he said 5 months when i asked him how long about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I’m gonna be patient and wait on him.

  77. So God has fully revealed that she’s my mate to be?! Well, all that’s required of me is to wait on the Lord and continue to prepare and spend lots of time with God huh. Well, she’s known to be with an old flame so, God himself will reveal this to her and do his work. Praise Jehovah! Please write whatever he’s telling u concerning this immediately lol

    • Take caution of course. Continue to seek confirmation. And continue to pray about and ponder these dreams. I am only able to give each one a few minute’s focus. You are welcome to send any more that you feel are particularly relevant.

      In the meantime, I might mention that God often speaks clearly when there is a waiting time involved… because you may need the encouragement. So keep you peace and joy based on faith. God is good. Stand on that every day.

  78. Ok, that sisters name is Betty which means oath of God, God is satisfaction, or consecration unto God, im still a little baffled. Betty liked me first and has always thrown passes but im not that kinda guy, i’d never betray someone in that way.

  79. Well I think my husband dream is about job. He has been seeking a permanent job for a while now. However he said the two little boys were along with him in the house that the crocodiles were in they escaped first and he followed he then held their hands and the only place of the saw was to fly up in the sky he said it was like a place of safety ( safe Haven)

    • Next time, reply to my replay so we can keep this thread together. I’m glad to hear you believe you know what area of your life God is speaking to in this dream. With the pumpkins, I knew if was work related.

      I might suggest that the battle is for your husband’s faith, and the devil is using words to fight it. You will know what the boys symbolize before long. Job applications, interviews or offers?

  80. One more, I woke up in school but was surrounded by the same womans family. I had them all laughing until i arrived upstairs in a hallway where there was a huge row of books lit up bright red. I then saw her sister, we didn’t say a word and I woke up. I’m lost as to what this means fully. Please help me

    • So the Lord is using your experiences to teach you something. You have been unaware of something related to this until now. Her family is either literal, her church family, or blessings connected to her. Upstairs- moving to the next level in this situation.

      Books have to do with something permanent, and red generally is either power, the blood of Christ, or battle. Look into what her sister’s name means for another possible clue.

  81. I’ve spent the entire time away spending hours in God’s presence in my closet, worshipping and interceding at work, and not contacting her. I’m being built up and promoted spiritually and birthed as a prophet unto the nations, but i miss her dearly, just being obedient unto God and his spoken word.

    • We appreciate the background. I’m excited to hear of your calling! The dreams confirm the prophetic words. God is faithful!

      The dream? You and she are in the kitchen of the Holy Spirit! What you are cooking up as led by the Spirit has to be good! Hallelujah!

  82. Sorry, my phone was acting up, but i got confirmation in what i heard from God, they both said, Stand still and see my salvation, things aren’t what they look like so walk by faith fori am in the midst of this. But i have anothet dream, we two were standingin her moms kitchen and she was smiling about to speak with me and i woke up.

  83. To be honest at the beginning of the break up, i was prophesied to after being told by God

  84. Well, just two weeks ago i had a dream in which i was dressed to serve at a huge gala inside a basketball arena, as i began to serve, that same ex came dressed to serve and had our kids with her. She sat the kids down and said we’ve gotta talk so we walked upstair to a huge silver room with these pretty crystals or hems hanging and she confessed alot and asked me back, i felt deeper love and peace like never before.

    • Good to know! The silver room points to redemption, in other words, making good on what’s already been invested. The gala speaks of celebration connected to anniversary or years of time. Service could apply to serving each other, which is what you do in marriage.

    • So back to the first dream. As I said, there was an intention of celebration or wedding. Looks like the use of the ex defied the odds and was literal in this dream. I said the empty hotel bedrooms meant inexperience or failure. Coupled with the gala dream, I’d say that referred to times of feeling alone or lack of intimacy in the past. So are you up for re-trying your relationship?

  85. Ok, i had a dream in which my ex of 10 weeks’ facebook was left open when i logged in from my phone and i seen pics of hotel rooms but nobody in them. There was a bed that looked like a cake with blue trim and white icing. Ehat does this mean?

    • I doubt that this is not a warning dream because ex dream-themes usually are. Based on that. Expect to be lured into an area of past failure (likely involving a romantic relationship). Looks like the person’s past is being revealed. Either numerous failures or no experience at all, and celebration and/or wedding is the goal.

      Proceed with caution if at all. God may need to confirm this. Pray, and pay attention to your dreams. We’d like to hear should this surface as expected.

  86. Hello well this dream is my husband’s in his dream he was traped in a house with crocodiles, however he manage to escape with two little boys and what he did to ensure his full protection he flew up in the heavens because looked up and saw a safe place with the little boys. He went into another dream right then where he was fighting his enemies holding a pumpkin he defeated them with their own weapon and he was given another bigger pumpkin on to of the one he had before by a person he knows.
    Note the boys in the previous dream was not known to him

    • Your husband has been targeted by Satan, who wants to bring division and defeat into a situation in his life. When this comes, he will wisely “soar over” engaging in this verbal fight (not lowering himself) by clinging to his faith and knowing that this will pass.

      The 2 boys could symbolize several things… possibly ideas; I would have to know more about the dream or what’s going on in his life…

    • I LOVE that he defeated his enemies with their own weapon. It’s so Biblical.

      The pumpkins seem to convey that this is about a responsibility for productivity or prosperity which he has been given. He will advance or be promoted in this area! So, do you think this is about his work/career?

  87. In my dream Me and my wife are at home packing up to leave and suddenly a bat breaks the living room window and enters our house is flying through enters our bedroom and then spits blood on the wall… creates panic I some how get hold of it and and take it to the toilet and flush it down after many efforts.

    • God is letting you know that there is a situation in your life that is changing. It looks like the devil is not happy about it because he’s sending a small demonic attack which is empowered by supernatural knowledge. This will be personal, and cause an argument, conflict, or panic.

      Be careful how you respond because the intention is to create a bad memory which could be used against you or your marriage.

  88. True. Thank you for letting know God’s assurance. Bless you

  89. Hope your hand is getting better. I saw a dream that I’m living in village with 2 of my friends who have infants I pass through backyard of 1 friends house to go to work and always see a snake crawling I raise my concern to them. Suddenly next day I see the snake (python sized green blue cobra)entering our house premises I call out to my mom to stop it but the snake is so swift that It zips off it wasn’t attacking but trying to escape. While telling this to my wife I see it crawling from the roof and suddenly 2arrows hit the snake and it’s dead.

    • Wow. The Lord God is revealing a scoundrel nearby most likely connected to sadness resulting from greed. Keep a heads-up for such a plot, but know that God is chasing it away on your behalf. May have to do with work. You are in a good place. Are you seeing this in real life yet?

  90. We were waiting for your reply Thank you for your interpretation. We pray for your healing in the Mighty name of Jesus! I stand still for A new beginning in Lord! Will keep you updated! Please take care!

  91. In my Dream I saw, Me and my wife are in our Bedroom we decide to do away with 1 of my watch as we a new similar watch we start searching for the watch that we need to throw but get confused in watches we have finally find the watch. (I still have)My wife picks and throws it away in fear without opening the window it cracks the glass and falls 2floors down. While we are fixing the windowglass I see 2 people try to pick it up but are not able to do so either fall or break what they have. Suddenly we hear a flush in our bathroom when we try to enter we see our old wooden mop, mopping the floor itself I try to hold the mop while praying hard my wife joins me in a strong prayer.

    • My answers are to-the-point now as I have just broken my wrist. The Lord is surely speaking to you about what you are feeling, that He understands that you are so ready for a new season to unfold (we can ALL relate to that). But the Lord is cleaning up a mess which currently stands in the way of a new beginning. Just stand still and watch what He does…. And let us know!

  92. Dear Lynmarie, me and my husband are so thankful to you. Your interpretation made so much sense. Surely Lord has revealed HIS words. Please continue to pray for me and my husband as we are facing some biggest challenges of our life’s. May God Almighty bless you and your family..may you continue to be a blessing for many more. Thank you once again :’)

  93. 3rd Dream in this house is see my relatives when we are going to sleep but it’s very noisy so I go to my bedroom to sleep. I see my brother with a thick green cobra not long he says it’s his pet he puts the venom in food as sauce by squeezing it’s head I question him he says a pet then I sleep in my bed I saw my parents came and see me sleeping suddenly my bro does a trick to this snake and it falls on ground and hisses and my sleep breaks and I cry that I want to sleep. I see my father throws that snake and injures it’s face near it’s eyes I am feared that it will attack back

    • This also speaks of your Heavenly Father protecting you from poison as you wish to have REST from the unwanted. It hints a warning to avoid bitterness. Your brother could be a brother in Christ or another brother… probably symbolic that way.

  94. 2nd Dream. Me and husband are in this house there is a cage of crocodiles who are like pets the building watchman opens the cage so that they can be free for while. I see the gigantic crocodiles camafloug themselves in sand waiting to attack. I call out for my husband to check if he’s safe but he had already left. 1 of the crocodile opens its mouth big enough to gulp a man the watchman puts a big stick it’s mouth

  95. 1st Dream we are in this house and I kill 2 snakes in the kitchen and I’m fighting with my mom to kill the 3rd snake which is still alive. It’s in the food storage and I ask my mom to do away with the old things.

    • I will look at these separately. The Lord seems to be saying that there were things you were preparing (or thinking of doing) which you decided to abort. This was good. God will take care of the rest, as He has removed your sin as far as the east is from the west. Make sense?

  96. In my dream I saw a castle/fortress that was dingy white. It had snakes the size of anacondas and they were guarding this building like bees guard the queen bee. It was a diamondback snake, python (army fatigue color) garden snake, a flying snake, and all were bigger than the building. The python wanted to attack.

  97. Hi Lynmarie, I’ve been having this reoccurring dream about eating fruits from trees. I was eating mulberries which I was plucking off a tree and someone held the branch for me so I could reach them. Last night I dream I pulled down a branch from a guava tree but it had lots of different fruits like apples, pears and guavas and I picked a pear aand ate of it. These fruits are all succulent and very appealing to eat and when I do eat them they are good to eat. Kindly help with the interpretation. I have an idea but am not too sure, could these be the fruits of the holy spirit?

    • I don’t know what is going on in your life, but at face value, it would seem that you’re right thinking that God is pleased that you are taking in and digesting the value and meanings of the fruits of the Spirit.

  98. Hello Lynn,
    I had this dream that I would like you to help me interpret please. I was at a certain place with my current boyfriend and my ex boyfriend. I don’t know how that happened but the next thing I knew is that they were arguing very intensely, and I was in the middle crying and pleading with them, trying to stop them, more so trying to get my ex boyfriend to back off as he charging my current boyfriend to fight. The fight became physical and they were really hurting each other violently and not wanting to stop. Again I am pleading with them to stop and trying to separate them. Next thing I knew my boyfriend lost 2 side teeth from the fight, one from the top and one from the bottom on. He was badly injured with all sorts of bruises all over his body. While I don’t know from the dream how the fight started it later became apparent they were fighting over me. I tried to lie to my ex that I would go with him just so he would stop, but he didn’t believe me and called me a liar. I later reached out to my boyfriend and he was very angry with me, I pleaded with him to allow me to leave with him and we ended up escaping the scene together. For some reason we went to look for a place for him to stay, and we saw a house with an empty room. We asked the neighbors of that house for the owners number and I called the owner, and she said the room was taken already. I thanked her and asked her to let me know should the room become available again even in a years time. When I looked up the street from that house I saw my childhood house and kids playing outside the house where I grew up in, and I hid so my family couldn’t see me. Kinda bizarre but that was the end of the dream. I thank you for your kind assistance.

    • The dreamer is the best one to interpret since you know what’s going on in your life. Typically, the 2 boyfriends most likely would symbolize a previous temptation sent from the devil which has worked before on you. This temptation tendency is fighting what’s going on currently in your life… and getting the upper hand. God appears to be telling you that you can find your way home (where you belong) and get the victory in this!

  99. Lol so true. I thank you for helping me. I will remain prayerful and seeking Gods wisdom and understanding concerning my dreams and my life. After all He has given us all things pertaining to life and Godliness. I ask God to bless you and increase you to help many more people on this platform as you did me.

  100. Thank you for the interpretation. Im not sure what specific part of my life this refers to. I recently learned from a woman who is dating my boyfriend of 2 years friend that my boyfriend was planning to move to Italy for better oportunities since he has a sister there. He never discussed this with me. When I asked him about it he said he has no plan of moving to Italy or leave his studies and me. This caused a great deal of insecurity and sadness and doubt even right now. I am no longer chatting to the woman for fear of her knowingly causing doubt and I thought she might be the snake leaving the house. Also i have been looking for better employment and contemplating leaving my current job. Today i finally had my qualifitions evaluated something I had been struggling with for 2years and thought the dream last night of the snake leaving the house had to do with the breakthrough I had today with the evaluation. I dont know what to make of things.

    • First, I think you did the right thing in not talking to this woman further. And I would suspect that this is the application of the dream rather than your job.

      Here’s why. If she lied to you to cause doubt in your relationship, she is a “snake”. Notice that her location was under the stove. So the lie was hidden beneath (or in connection with) the oven. Like a cake baking in an oven, your relationship with this man is “baking” over time.

      Those two things seem to add together to confirm she is lying and you should have no doubts about the man. This is good to hear as so many dreams about a snake refer to a deceiving boyfriend. LOL.

  101. Good day, I only remember being in the house and knowing that there was a snake under the stove. My brother and his friend lifted up the stove and there sat the snake. They scared it and it ran out of the house. I feared that it would enter another room with an open door but it just moved straight down the hallway and out of the door. The snake was red and medium sized. Please help me interpret this dream.

    • This dream concerns something that is in the preparation stage- it may be in your thoughts, discussions, or actions. God is telling you that although this looks promising, there is a fatal flaw in it that would be seen in time.

      Such a wonderful God to warn us in advance so we can change things and avoid the heartache. The dream reveals that you understand the revelation He sent and you are successful in avoiding this problem. Does this make sense in a current life situation?

    • So the key to applying the meaning of the dream to a real life situation is in a correct interpretation of the national franchise manager. You have to discern this, but here are some possibilities.

      1) He’s literal, but this may not be the most likely.
      2) He represents another high-up manager in the company.
      3) He represents God- very possible since this is the top-level boss and Alex means “defender of mankind”. This might seem unlikely since you would be hissing at God while feeling that He is not being true to His word. Sounds terrible but we sometimes do that, so to speak, don’t we?
      What do you think?

  102. My concern i feel like i have a calling to do so much work of God in the church and in the society which i try my best. I never leave anyone troubled or in need alone. I help and pray for them. I feel like i am in a wrong church as women are undermined and we go together with my husband. My other concern is that i feel like i have failed to help my family in many ways. I am in fasting at the moment for my mother who is sick

    • Good. Thank you for that. First I might say that I have had that weird experience as well! A negative dream concluded by my hissing at someone and waking myself up. I don’t know who or what the national franchise manager symbolizes, but it involves a demonic plot. Notice you were speaking the language of a snake? That means this character is a liar. His name could be the clue as to what this dream is addressing. What’s his first name?

  103. Last night i dreamt our national francise manager coming close to my ear. I am not sure if he wanted to say something to me or kiss my ear. But when he got so close to me i was sitting down. He said nothing but hissed like a snake and i woke up.

  104. The dream was about being trapped in Baltimore I couldn’t wake up was trying to get to my family and wake up but felt I was dying…

    • God is telling you that you are stuck in the past, and doing so will take you nowhere. There is a way out to a place of beauty through the Holy Spirit who surrounds you. It’s really quite a beautiful picture.

  105. Hi I have been having some very strange dreams about snakes. In a couple of dreams always the same long, black, shiny snake and I am always standing at its tail. Whenever I try to approach it to see its head it slither off and disappear. In the last dream I was at a dinner and the table settings were all golf in cling the tablecloth, the snake just appeared and lay on the table when I looked around everyone disappeared and I tried to approach it cause I was at its tail and it just disappeared.
    The second time I dreamt that I was at a dinner and a male hand served me in a clean, milk white bowl white rice and part of the body of a green snake with a brown stripe on the side. I returned it to the person still unable to see the face only the hand and in digust said I can’t eat it. He returned the meal to me but with the cooked, steaming head of the snake.
    I had been in a relationship for the past couple of years and we have been plagued by one problem after another. Whenever we start having these problem i would encounter some stranfe dream. My family is controlling and manipulative. They have caused us many problems. We broke up but have been on an off…lately we have been off because I have been seeking God and have relocated to a different country. I have been seeking God’s guidance for restoration of our relationship when ever I pray for him and our relationship my health, finance, job, faith comes under attack we start fighting over meaningless things. Please help me as I have been told that I am fighting army generals and I have no idea how to deal with this or what it means.

  106. Thank you very much for all you have shared. I have been praying for me, my family and family tree since 2014 and the spiritual warfare has been high.

    I have not yet seen the manifestation of what the green lizard represents but it has been aborted before it even began and I am on guard in both realms in Jesus name. There is one point I would like to add that might be relevant. Presently, my husband and I are in two different countries.

    This battle is fought and won already in Jesus name. I will definitely share how it all plays out.


  107. Hello, I had a dream about a green lizard. This lizard moved very fast and ran behind my back. I caught it and slammed it down to the ground. It now quickly got up and ran away trying to hid behind like a wooden dark brown table leg??? I went after it to kill it and it ran behind my leg and disappeared. I continued to look where the green lizard went to capture it and destroy it but then I woke up.

    As a kid, I was taught to dream certain dreams over….and I did so with this dream. I continued the dream and I caught this green lizard. I then killed it thoroughly and bound every evil spirit involved. I prayed to God, uprooted, cancelled and destroyed every plan of the enemy. I also read some scriptures to break oppression such as Psalm 3, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 27, 35, 36,37, 46, 57, 91, 121 and Psalm 122:6-8.

    I sensed certain things about the dream but will you please share what you think the dream means?

    Thank you

    • Glad you’ve connected with us! This this a warning dream providing insight into the warfare that is going on in your life. Something symbolized by the green lizard has been or will be harassing you. This has to do with “greed” and “a lie going public” (public could be anything from your reputation being attacked at work, within your family, or even in the public media).

      If you haven’t seen this manifest yet, you will; and you will fight it and get the victory. Be prepared. Let us know how it plays out. It will be a testimony for others to benefit from.

  108. Ha ha ha, had not thought of that but now you mention it……. Thanks

  109. Massive Gulf of water

    Dream Nature and Transportation
    I saw this blue-green gulf of water it fills the whole horison above our heads.
    I am accompanied with an old friend
    I see people continue with everyday life without noticing this massive gulf of water coming, it seemed they are blind for what is really happening.

    I knew that when the water hits us, it will surely be the end of us all. Their is no chance that I or anybody else would survive it.
    Then we are in a luxurious bus, and the first gulf touch us slightly on the rear end of the bus. The driver drove at his fastest speed Only to get blocked at a mountain against a large rock.
    Then I see cable cars filled with people laughing extravagantly, speeding up to the highest mountain.
    And I thought by myself, If our Heavenly Father is going to close the earth under His wrath, seemingly looking like water, even all the mountain tops will be covered.

    I then stand in a kitchen with a few people. The coming gulf is still hanging in the air.
    I ask the people while looking through the window: “Look, can’t you see it?” In stead of a horison you can only see this deep green mass of hanging water, when I moved closer towards the window and look upwards, only then you could see the top of the gulf.

    I am still with my friend.
    I called him to stand beside me, so we can emotionally support each other when the gulf hits us.
    Then I am at my grandchild’s home with an unknown lady. I tried to wrote my cell phone number on a silver plate, bit failed 3 times with wrong numbers, but the 4th time I succeeded and gave her the correct number on a silver plate
    I am then outside on the grass with my friend. We are then suddenly alongside a beautiful locomotive, the oldish kind. I am surprised to see it. It is shiny black, very, very high, and quite massive, full of real golden linings. Thick ropes at the sides all beautiful in shiny gold. The locomotive is strong and sturdy on its tracks. It is much higher and larger than any locomotive I’ve ever seen before. Much better than a bus, I thought.
    The locomotive Driver called me towards him and said to me to come and sit alongside him in the front. I climbed in from the passenger side stepping on clear silver steps. I suddenly felt very safe in that train. I felt a soft warmth, it was cosy. I felt absolutely at home in that seat. It fitted me like a glove, as if it was specially made for me. I felt humble and privileged

    • Since we have to limit personal ministry time and request dreamers to share up to about 100 words (as our ultimate goal is to equip believers to understand their own dreams), I can comment on the first scene of the dream, up to “Then I am at…”. Yes. It does look like you are quite prophetic and that the Lord can trust you with important information. The big question on this is the interpretation of the gulf.

      You mention the gulf is blue-green. Even though you feared in the dream, if the color of the water is somewhat bright and clear (rather than dark or almost colorless), that would make the gulf a positive symbol.

      A second clue that it may be positive is that the bus is “blocked at a mountain against a large rock”. Jesus is “the rock” and it’s as if they are pressed up against Him. A third clue is the people “laughing extravagantly, speeding up to the highest mountain” which could be interpreted as moving higher in God.

      We often view feelings in dreams as the caboose on the train… and find them to often not be part of the “letter from God”, but our natural earthly soul response. This dream may prophesy a coming move of God concerning revival and expansion of the Kingdom. If so, what does that say about your prophetic dream gift? Large!

      If you want us to take a look at the bottom scene, post it separately on whatever dictionary post seems appropriate. Blessings!

  110. Hi,
    I usually have the interpretation of my dreams straight away but just wanted some help with one aspect.. The snake in my dream was dark brown when asleep and black when awake, it was vilent when awake and hissed like a dragon. But the snake when I looked close was made out of one very long textured feces. It looked a bit like a chocolate flake bar in that it’s skin was textured like a flake bar, almost like old bark on a tree but it was feces, possibly human. What would this mean and what does human feces mean in a dream. I’m guessing unclean for sure. There is no homosexuality in my or my husbands family so I am a bit perplexed. The rest of the dream I can interpret. Thank you

  111. i had a dream in which I am on a beach in a little shack and its night time . i see a rattle snake and i take hold of it and put it in a box bt i dint clearly see where i placed the box in the shack or somewhere outside it. Then in the same shack i am speaking to a guy who is sitting close to me (this guy was my classmate at university. I always considered him as a brother bt i guess he thought otherwise and when i came to know of this i broke all contacts with him which he dint take lightly. He lives in a totally different country i have had no contact with him since 2010 at all and i wont at any cost)
    then out of nowhere another guy comes his face was not clear and tells me that the rattle snake has escaped. I run out with him and find that the snake indeed had escaped.

    Kindly help me in interpretation of this dream

    • Hi! Glad you found us. Let me comment on some of the elements in your dream.

      The shack symbolizes a situation which could be described as shabby. Think about it: a shack is thrown up quickly; short-cuts are made with compromised materials. This dream is about a shabby situation that you don’t have authority over, but that you are involved in somehow.

      The snake refers to a lie or liar that should be pretty obvious. Check the meaning of the first name of the guy for another clue to the meaning of the dream, OR this guy may simply represent something or someone you THINK is positive, but isn’t.

      The faceless guy is the Holy Spirit telling you that all is clear or will be soon.

  112. My husband dreamed he had several splinters in his hand. When he sqeezed small bright blue snakes started coming out. He stepped on the last ones head and it died.

    • God seems to be revealing a trap that’s been set for your husband by the enemy, and giving him strategic insight on how to avoid this trap. By not allowing petty things to get the better of him, your husband will avoid an intense sadness that would result from not holding his tongue or doing something he would regret.

  113. I had a dream or a trance. I got up to look out my window the window was extremely clean and clear to see out of. I look and a python is wrapped around the tree outside my window.

    I go wake my wife who is on the couch asleep for her to come see, and when we look out the window the snake turns
    to the bush next to the tree and hits it with it head.

    Out comes these unknown flying insects that are being drawn inside the snakes mouth he does this repeatedly, hit the bush and out comes the creatures to its mouth.

    When I came to, my wife was asleep on the couch and son in the bed with me just like in the dream. Thats why I thought it was a trance.

    • May have been what we call a night vision (where you almost can’t tell if it’s a dream or real and recall it forever). Symbolic for sure. Looks like the Lord is giving you insight into a situation close to you.

      The python wrapped around a tree depicts a person captured by the enemy. The enemy is fed by things that bug the person. Bushes have to do with a boundary or potential protection. Sounds important.

  114. Gosh would not think that at all. Yes he has been attacked too much by the dark side, I try to keep on praying for him. Thank you so much for interpreting his dream.

  115. Hello there,
    Need abit of help with my son’s dream he had today….he had seen me in a house surrounded by alot of snakes. He could see my arms, the snakes were coming towards him, he was killing them.
    Then he saw two horns being chopped off by the wall. He then saw a lamb go outside the house and then saw a man inside the house killing the snakes, the man said to my son in his dream to him esa sleep. Then he saw himself in a sunny day outside. He then saw me die in the dream.

    I am still learning about the Christian faith and still trying to find a right church I am going to three sometimes and had finished an alpha course. Esa my son who dreamt this is still coming to grips with Christianity and I praying everyday for jesus to help him. Could you please help with this dream. God bless

    • Great to hear from you! I trust we can be of help. Sounds like you are on the right course and are seen as a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness. Though snakes represent deception, the dream itself may be a deception; that is, originating from the dark side. Satan and his forces would want your son to think that you are moving in the wrong direction. Here’s my thoughts after a quick reading. Look at the dream elements.

      You surrounded by snakes- deception, the opposite of the truth
      Snakes coming at him- Satan is trying to incite fear in him, to tell him he should kill the lies you are sending his way
      Horns chopped off- Horns in the Bible represent power. Jeremiah 48:25 demonstrates, “Moab’s horn is cut off; her arm is broken,” declares the LORD. Your son is being told that believing in Christ will cost him his his power.
      Lamb goes outside- Satan assures him that you will fall away from Jesus
      Sunny day- the lie that all will be well when Jesus is not in the picture
      You die- your faith will die (another you will emerge)

      Stick with finding the right church! Be sure they don’t lock out the Holy Spirit. Continue to pray for your son, as will we. Get back to us should you have a dream which seems significant. May God Bless you!

  116. If one wants to try Option 3, how/where do we do that? There’s no link provided and I can’t find a button for that choice anywhere.

  117. I had a dream of snakes fighting each other. To frighten me so much cause they hit each other an fail an ran away from one another. What could this mean?

    • Clearly the dream reveals a group of demons fighting against each other and dismantling. No honor among thieves, right? These all could be within one person, and it that’s the case, this is a good sign for deliverance of that person.
      Or this could be referring to a group, a community of some sort. Any any case, this is a good sign.

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