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From the dream submission form at the bottom of this page, MONTHLY WINNERS and RUNNERS-UP are selected for monthly and random later interpretation-training posts (respectively), while the short dream QUICK-PICKS are updated frequently on this page and re-posted.
Did you know that the principles of accurate interpretation are as important as the elements and their symbolism?
Many of these principles can be learned in the 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers course series.

DREAM #15— 10-19-20 Blaire from Glaslyn, Wales

THE DREAM─ Someone bought my son glue for $1200 and he had to pay them back. I was a passive watcher.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ It looks like something you have “birthed” will be STICKING, either as in “sticking around” over time, loyalty, or as in sticking to something in particular.
This is apparently in connection with a sacrifice on the part of an authority (which could be Jesus or someone else).
I’d say a show of gratitude is warranted and expected.
Please provide the readers some feedback by commenting at the bottom of this post referencing dream #15.

DREAM #13— 10-19-20 Becky from West Salem

THE DREAM─ In my dream, there were three churches that I visited. One I attended regularly. My son Sam and I went to visit a friend who also visited these churches.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ I’d say the Lord is showing you 3 options or possibilities to choose between, as if He wants you to discern for yourself the best choice for you in the situation you find yourself in.
I see a couple of ways to interpret the presence of Sam and a friend.
God could be saying that He has heard your prayers, OR alternatively, the situation looks to be connected to something you have birthed.
Check the meaning of the name of the friend which could bring further insight.
Please provide the readers some feedback by commenting at the bottom of this post referencing dream #13.

DREAM #11— 8-7-20 Kaaryn from Arlington, VA

THE DREAM─ I keep having the same recurring dream about my college friends hating me and I cannot understand why. It leaves feeling hurt in the dream and baffled as to why. This last dream was about other people that were my friends but they disliked me as well.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ My take. May I suggest that the message in this dream is similar to dreamers being chased in dreams. Running away from bad guys in dreams reveals that the devil is trying to intimidate the dreamer into thoughts and behaviors the dreamer would not otherwise engage in.
Friends hating you in recurring dreams may be disclosing the scheme of the enemy against you. He chose that tactic because he believes attacking your security is his best attempt to get you to think, say and do things which will lead to negative outcomes.
The college friends carry several possibilities… you revere them, they are an important circle of friends to you, or they represent education.
Feed your spirit by meditating on the scriptures that tell you who you have been adopted into the family of God and have the righteousness of Christ.

DREAM #9— 7-15-20 Christina from Alabama

THE DREAM─ I was in a grassy area near a small body of water. I saw a small alligator on his back and got on a bicycle to get away from it. The alligator caught up to me and I then tried to scare it away with a white 5-gallon bucket.I’m not certain but I think my husband then showed up and rescued me from it. That’s all I can recall at this time. I usually rebuke things that attack or approach me negatively in dreams but this time I only tried to scare it away and was unsuccessful until my husband showed up.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ The setting seems to indicate this attack is connected to a small group. This could be a church, a small group within a church, a work group, extended family, a club… etc.
A great verbal attack was at first unable to proceed. But when you tried to flee this attack by earthly means (rather than by the leading of the Spirit), the attack was enabled. We do this often when threatened, don’t we?
The ”scaring it with a white 5-gallon bucket” most likely symbolizes an attempt to give the person grace, in the hope that this would jolt the person into stopping the attack. This sounds like a godly idea, doesn’t it? But it didn’t work. Thankfully, the Lord intervened on your behalf. I bet this has already played out. Let us know by way of comment.

DREAM #7— 7-14-20 Katavian from South Carolina

THE DREAM─ I had a dream I taught a group of people the word of God and at the end, I did a salvation call. All of the people got up and we moved from a classroom to a park. Almost to the end of the salvation prayer for some we were interrupted by men with mask and forced out of the park.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ This dream reveals how you are making a significant difference in the Kingdom of God.
The Lord seems to be revealing and interruption in the means by which you minister which would be a challenge for you, as ministry would be weakened for a time. No worries. This is temporary. God will be using you mightily… and soon!

DREAM #5— 5-19-20 Anquinette from Charleston, SC

THE DREAM─ I’ve had 3 dreams concerning numbers… #451, #30, #20. In this dream, I was with my mother at a Benny Hinn service. He called my mother to the front to sign and date a document. My mother asked me to come up with her to sign and date it for her.
As I walked to the front, a young man whom I didn’t recognize, walked up with me. As soon as he and I got near the front, we both fell on the floor under the power of God twice. Then, I wrote the date (6-6-20) on the paper.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ It looks like healing is in the atmosphere, and that the Holy Spirit will “sign off” on it. We can’t be sure this is “physical” healing, and you may not even need that. It may be inner healing, the healing of a relationship or healing of a business, for instance.
Know that the Lord is going to step in and rescue you. Redemption is on the way by the blood of Jesus! Whatever is going to be “redeemed” and “healed” will happen all at once and suddenly! Excitingly, this appears to be confirmed!
I would suggest that this will take place when all spiritual forces come together and come after the enemy. And most likely, this year… but even if late in the year, it will be on time.
Please comment below and tell us what needs “healing”!

DREAM #3— 5-4-20 M from rural South Carolina

THE DREAM─ Reoccurring dream of laying/getting in bed with my best friend of the same sex. I always hesitate to get in bed with her but I always end up doing it. Also, my best friend had an explicit dream about me having sex with someone of the same sex, a woman.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ Normally, I would point you to the People Dream Dictionary as homosexuals are listed there. However, you seem disturbed by this, and that it’s repeated and dreamed also by a friend reveals its importance.
Homosexual activity in dreams speaks of a person’s acceptance of a disposition/orientation/perspective/attitude or even a literal spirit other than the Holy Spirit.
In particular, we have seen this refer to a spirit of independence, that is, an attitude of no need for a partner of the other gender. If you’re married, you most likely need to deal with some pride issues, because you may be under impression that you are superior to your spouse.
If you are single, look for a disposition/orientation/perspective/attitude that you give in to. Ask the Lord to help you deal with it from the inside out.

DREAM #1— 4-23-20 Kristy from New Orleans, LA

THE DREAM─ My dream was my ex committed suicide. I’m currently leaving a narcissist and I never dream until now. Last dream was him and the new girl attacking me with words and money. And the next day I had a dream about him committing suicide.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ I have much personal experience with a narcissist. You are not name-calling. This is a person who compromises for the sake of how he looks to others. He’ll do anything to maintain or boost his image.
The dream about him and the new girl attacking you with words and money is most likely pretty literal, and you’ve probably seen that come to pass.
The suicide is good news, however. I’m sure it’s about time. Don’t expect him to literally do it─ and we wouldn’t want that─ but do expect him to leave you alone. He will no longer be a part of your life!

DREAM #14— 10-19-20 Petra from Phoenix, Arizona

THE DREAM─ A doctor I work with was teasing my hair and making it really big and braided it into the shape of a flower. He told me I have lots of gray hair.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ This appears to be a dream sent from God to encourage you in your journey and ministry to others.
He seems to be saying that He will be bringing you increase, promoting you and putting you on display because you are ready to share your great wisdom in a greater way.
Time to believe in yourself and step forward seeing yourself the way God sees you… a beautiful, wise and fragrant woman of God.
Please provide the readers some feedback by commenting at the bottom of this post referencing dream #14.

DREAM #12— 8-7-20 WiseRN from Asheville, NC

THE DREAM─ This dream took place in a store. I saw a glimpse of a man and mother was telling me to say hey. I told her if he wanted me, he would say something. I started walking out the store and I notice I didn’t have my purse. I asked my mother did I bring in with me. So, I walked back to the fitting room and there was my purse sitting there. I looked in my purse and noticed my wallet was missing. I went to report it to this man, but it is like he wasn’t listening to me. I saw two wallets sitting there but I couldn’t tell if one was mine.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ Hello again! This dream seems to be advising you about your focus. When we focus on how we appear and whether we are “a good fit” or if we “fit in,” our identity is compromised.
Shift your focus to how God sees you. His love for you dresses you beautifully, and He will provide regardless of all that.

DREAM #10— 7-15-20 Sandra from eastern Florida

THE DREAM─ I am wearing a green tee-shirt and going for a meeting at my daughters’ schools. At the gate, the receptionist says” I look full”. I smiled and said I realized not long ago that I am pregnant even though my pregnancy looks advanced. I then looked at the left side of my stomach and saw the hand of my baby as I could see through my body. I took the elevator and went upstairs. I thought to myself in the dream: “I need to buy bigger clothes and be strong, so the people at my job don’t think I can’t continue working because I am pregnant”.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ The Lord has intended to use your experience or preparations, and the time is coming soon for you to be blessed by birthing what you’ve begun. In fact, I’d say the time is “at hand”! Be prepared for more blessing than you’ve expected. You may need to expand what you’re doing, and as things proceed, you may even feel like God is asking more of you than you can manage. Know that He will not only bless, but provide what’s needed. Get us some feedback by way of comment, please.

DREAM #8— 7-15-20 Carolyn from New South Wales, Australia

THE DREAM─ I have had this regularly recurring dream for a few years now: I have a pet budgie that I have forgotten to feed and clean out its cage. I always remember it with a sudden panic and think, “Oh no, it’s not actually a dream this time”. It’s usually under a cover and when I take it off, I see the bird is still alive. I breathe a sigh of relief but feel appalled at myself for forgetting it again.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ I can identify with this one as I’ve have had similar recurring dreams. God is reminding you that there is something in your life that has been neglected and is needing attention.
Perhaps you feel you are too busy to get back to it and continue what you started. Maybe you feel it won’t be successful or worth investing the time and resources. Or you may think it’s getting along fine without attention. I wouldn’t be all surprised if it’s in regard to a ministry.
Discern what God’s speaking to you about, and find a way to reinvest in it! The Lord is saying that this IS important… you CAN fit it in… that your time WILL be productive. He is saying He will bless this. Praise God. Dreamer, what do you sense the little parakeet represents? Let us know by commenting below.

DREAM #6— 5-19-20 Mbrakuoane from Kingston, Jamaica

THE DREAM─ I dreamt that I was sitting on a sidewalk by the road waiting. My dad came in a truck and picked me up. I remember being surprised that he came to pick me up. This dream repeated 3 times in one night, I was surprised each time. He was at the front seat and I was at the back seat.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ It looks like there’s an area in your life that seems to be on hold. You are waiting, but not really expecting what you’re hoping for to manifest. Know that your Heavenly Father is on the way, and much sooner than you expect! He is “delivering” you somewhere!
This is the time to rejoice in the Lord and live day to day with confidence that He will see you through. You no longer need to fret… so don’t. Remember, the dream He sent depicted you at the roadside, not in a garage or parking lot!

DREAM #4— 5-19-20 Grace from Atlanta, GA

THE DREAM─ I came in the bathroom – bright daylight through the window. I noticed a tiny spider on small web. At the toilet, I noticed a huge black spider-nest in the web. Scared, I left the bathroom.Peeking in the door, I saw a small bird or mouse eat the spider. Then a green snake ate that animal. Then (my real life, black) pet cat was taunted by the snake.
Too afraid to help, I mustered up courage to prod the snake with something. The snake stopped for a min, then an animal with monkey lips gripped my cat.Still frozen with fear, I called down to my husband. He came upstairs. I urgently shared what was happening. His hair was longer, 80s style jaw length.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ The Lord is pleased with you and wants you to know that there has been elaborate scheme on the part of satan to prevent the removal of something from your life that doesn’t belong. It looks like it began with a small temptation to be spiritually fickle. This would lead toward unfaithfulness, a road you will not go down.
Because of that, satan intensifies the attack. With no results, he gets greedy and seeks a greater victory than originally planned. The plot focuses on something you enjoy keeping around (Your husband? Your education?… you should be able to identify what the cat depicts).
You refuse to stand by and let it happen, as foolishness is being spoken about what the battle centers around. As you cry out to Jesus, know that the key to victory has to do with something in the past. Now is the time to deal with it.
That’s my take on a quite complex dream. Does this mean anything to you? Please comment below with feedback!

DREAM #2— 5-4-20 Choco from Cleveland, OHIO

THE DREAM─ What does it mean to dream with teeth killing my already deceased husband? Teeth where just flying killing people and the teeth just sank into my husband stabbing him to death. He passed on of a heart attack 6 years ago.
INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS─ The deceased husband symbolizes something that has resurfaced, that is, it has come up again, most likely unexpectedly, and for a brief period of time. More specifically, he may also represent something involving how he passed (suddenly).
So, God is likely telling you that something will resurrect, but only last a short while.
The meaning of elements that are exaggerated (like teeth is in this dream) is intensified. If teeth represent foolishness, then flying teeth represents madness.
This is a pretty revealing description of what may be COVID-19. If so, it suggests that “foolishness/madness” is associated with COVID-19.
If this is the correct application of the dream, one of two things may be true. Either the coronavirus was man-made (not an accident) and designed specifically to do great harm OR allowed to let spread through man’s foolishness.Though the husband may represent a sudden illness, this dream prophesies healing.
The dream, however, may have a different application than that. We would need to know WHAT ELSE your deceased husband could represent. The teeth flying killing people also could apply to the current unrest in the streets of America, as that symbolism describes it well. Then again, the dream could be speaking into something in your own personal life.

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October 18, 2020

14 responses on "Latest Dream Pool Quick-Picks"

  1. Dreamer #4
    Pastor Lyn, thank for the encouraging lens. Yes, I’m 100% in a removal process from a stubborn, decades old, stronghold. I receive your interpretation as it seems to fit a battle I’m coming out of—hallelujah! I still have some blurriness:
    • Which dream element points to the spiritual fickle temptation? Just curious.
    • I’m not entirely sure about the cat’s depiction. Possibly marriage, possibly a job offer I never after internship.
    • Key to victory: [Something in the past]—I have ask God; so many possible events I’m not sure where to begin with this.
    Thank you ?

    • The fickleness has to do with a small struggle to stick with something, and is connected to the tiny spider. If it’s connected to doubts, it would manifest through negative thoughts and behaviors. The application of the cat you’ll have to discern, but remember also that cats can have to do with independence or a struggle to lean on God… or again, something you prefer keeping around. I know what you mean about the past. I’m praying for someone right now who is struggling with an oppression, that she is led to the event that started it all, and can then deal with it with the help of the Lord. Still praying for you, woman of God!

  2. Thank you for replying. I’m taking it all. Many many thanks, Rev. Lyn!

  3. Thank you so much for my dream interpretation. It is powerful. You are absolutely correct about me needing an inner healing. I find myself still struggling with rejection issues anger and hurt. Also, I do need physical healings as well for arthritis in both hands, acid reflux, (PCOS) polycystic ovarian syndrome, hair loss, and hypertension.

    God Bless,
    Anquinette Gadson

  4. Dear Lynmarie, Thank you so much for your response and for your encouragement. This makes a lot of sense. There are a number of possibilities for the symbolism of the parakeet, and it’s hard to discern which one. Your comments about feeling too busy, thinking it won’t be successful or worthwhile narrow it down. I guess, as it’s been a recurring dream over years, I should consider something that has been neglected for a long while. Your comment about it being a ministry fits, but surprises me, as I thought birds were generally a negative element.

  5. Could a budgie, because they chatter so much, be to do with communication? The option I think most likely, after setting this before God, is painting/art. Since I read your response to this dream submission, I have committed to getting back to painting – and absolutely loved it. It actually has been a battle to do this on a few fronts, and I suspect this is spiritual opposition, although it’s hard to know why, other than I’m following God’s will and trusting Him.
    With thanks and much appreciation, Carolyn

    • Awesome! Yes, I think you’re on to something with picking up painting again. Though birds in dreams are often negative, they can be positive depending on the dream context. That this was your pet leads us to believe it may be positive. And I think you’re right, that it chatters constantly speaks of something that “speaks” a lot. Works of art speak a lot. That it’s colorful could depict art! God is saying this is important and He will bless it! This is so exciting! Keep it up… in faith!

  6. Dream #12

    Thank you for responding. I do need to be more confident in myself and stop worrying about how others view me. I know that God loves me and I am beautiful in his eyes.

  7. Dream #14-I do recall that while He was teasing my hair, He kept bumping into me from the back

  8. and I was getting a few pushes and slight shoves, as I was sitting on the chair at my work desk, trying to scoot in.

  9. So I’m not sure if that means He will be literally pushing me into my ministry? Thank you Reverend Lynmarie!

  10. #15 I am sorry for the late reply. THank you so much for your interpretation. If I am trying to see who I need to pay back, I am unsure. If I am trying to relate this to my son’s life, I have an idea (not that it’s me he needs to pay back or show gratitude to especially). Very helpful

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