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Understanding the symbolism of the elements in your dreams isn’t everything, but it’s essential in making sense of your dreams.
And it’s critical to keep in mind that at least 90% of dream elements are symbolic… hence the dictionaries and posts.
Did you know that the principles of accurate interpretation are as important as the elements and their symbolism?
Many of these principles can be learned in the 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers course series.

From Orlando, FL, Tanby asked about- endless shirts

Posted June 1, 2020

OUR TAKE. Shirts speak of what you’ve been through, your experience. So, it generally refers to the past.
Endless shirts speaks of experience so great that the experiences can’t be numbered.
Look at the dream context to see how this is an encouragement, because the Lord surely loves to use those with experience for his glory. Let your experience help others!

From Wilmington NC, Carissa asked about- a parrot

Posted May 14, 2020

OUR TAKE. There are numerous birds mentioned in the Bible which carry a variety of meanings depending on the bird.
It’s significant, however, that birds are connected to a principle concerning darkness. Proverbs 26: tells us “Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, a curse that is causeless does not alight.”
If you have a parrot looking at you (through a window or from a distance), the bird is most likely SIZING YOU UP as a possible prey. So, the ball’s in your court… don’t, by way of sin, give spiritual permission for attack!
That parrots are colorful is also significant. It indicates the dark-side may be working through a “colorful” individual, possibly a person disguising him or herself to look very good. Be warned!

From Orlando, FL, Tanby asked about- tools

Posted May 14, 2020

OUR TAKE. Tools are essential in the practice of a vocation, profession or endeavor. With them, we create, build and repair.
So tools in dreams are connected to an activity you are involved in, most likely associated with a vocation, profession or endeavor.
You say that in a dream they were scattered and lost until they were found washed by rain. So expect what you need to proceed in what your’re working on to appear to be removed and lost. But don’t fret, God is renewing them so you can continue your work better equipped!

From Tampa, FL, Maureen asked about- lice in hair

Posted April 29, 2020

OUR TAKE. This will be added to the Creatures Dream Dictionary!
This symbolizes a “multiplication problem” possibly having to do with the mind.
Something needs removing or it will increase rapidly. It could refer to a practical situation in life or an attitude that tends to grow when fed (like greed or pride).
It can be negative, but could also be something neutral, but negative if there’s too much.

From Jersey City NJ , Lauren asked about- a group of people on a weird outdoor cobble stone stairway

Posted April 22, 2020

OUR TAKE. These elements describe the situation the dream is addressing. A group of people can symbolize a group of ANYTHING… ideas, aspects of a project, etc.
Stairs is listed in our dictionary: upward transition or downward possibility.
Cobblestone symbolizes an earlier time or similar to an earlier time, somewhat like an dress from an earlier century would.

From Jersey City NJ , Lauren asked about- Hamsters chasing me

Posted April 22, 2020

OUR TAKE. What stands out about hamsters is that they tend to be put in cages where they run on a circular treadmill indefinitely.
Circles speak of continuing cycles, so two things stand out about this: running incessantly, and running without stopping.
Note they are chasing you, but haven’t caught up with you. So,
you are being tempted to “continue an activity until it wears you out”… not what God wants for you.

From British Columbia, Ray asked about- Ring on said persons wedding finger with big diamond

Posted April 6, 2020

OUR TAKE. Whoever the said person is, whoever the person symbolizes, or whatever the person symbolizes is apparently engaged in some way.This element indicates a commitment.
Keep in mind that one person may actually be depicting another person. If you know the first name, it could be another with the same first name… or someone similar in some way. Another possibility is that the name of the person may be a clue as to what this is about… try looking up the first name.

From Atlanta, GA, Jamila asked- What if you dream that the wedding was canceled?

Posted April 6, 2020

OUR TAKE. This is a simple one— someone or something you are planning on partnering with will not end up in a partnership with you.
It’s less likely to be a literal wedding than another type of partnership such as a business or ministry partnership, or anything you plan to link with, fasten with, attach to, combine with, associate with, or join.

From Christchurch, New Zealand, Rachel asked about- a pet store

Posted June 1, 2020

OUR TAKE. You’re right, Rachel, that’s a new one! We have dictionary entries on circuses and zoos, but not pet stores!
This has to do with provisions concerning pets, but not literally pets.
A pet is most likely something we like having around. It’s optional, but we just have to have it and keep it. We enjoy it, and it’s important to us.
So the pet store in your dream symbolizes provisions concerning something you desire or enjoy.

From Sydney, Australia, Carolyn asked about- a wasitcoat (some places called a vest).

Posted May 14, 2020

OUR TAKE. This dream element speaks of something which “completes” the picture. One could do without it, but having it is much better!
The symbolism is similar to jewelry, which can depict spiritual gifts. But as opposed to jewelry, this can’t be missed by others! It’s so many times larger!
That you were searching for a FLORAL waistcoat emphasizes that this “addition” looks and smells very sweet!
That this is a waistcoat and not an apron, AND that you had it before indicates God is referring to something you have EXPERIENCE in, but have set aside for a while. I believe you’ll find it!

From Cincinnati, OH, Scully asked about- a parking lot

Posted May 14, 2020

OUR TAKE. Yikes- this needs to be added to the dictionary! Parking lots depict a season of waiting for something that may or may not manifest.
Whether is will manifest or not may be surmised a couple of ways. One is by the type of parking lot. If the lot is specifically connected to a building such as a strip-mall or home, then the manifestation of what you are hoping for is promising.
You noted that in your dream, what you hoped for needed to quickly drive home and back, and left you in the parking lot to wait.
Something needs to be attended to; something isn’t ready. That sounds promising. Keep the faith.

From Christchurch, New Zealand, Rachel asked about- bedrooms and people coming into my bedroom uninvited

Posted April 29, 2020

OUR TAKE. Hadn’t realized “bedrooms” wasn’t listed on the Rooms & Their Contents Dream Dictionary! It is now.
Since bedrooms are a place of intimacy, they symbolize a “personal issue,” often having to do with what’s in a person’s mind or heart.
All our actions originate from there, so attacking this is a focus of the demonic.
People coming into a bedroom uninvited indicates that, somehow, Satan has access. Insight into how he has “permission” is the key to getting the victory. Look in dreams, your heart, the scripture. This CAN be resolved!

From Chicago area, Karen asked about- dolphins and what it means to manage a dock with dolphins.

Posted April 22, 2020

OUR TAKE. Two features of dolphins stand out as applied to dream symbolism. 1) well-developed hearing which is adapted for both air and water (some can survive even if they are blind). 2) a layer of blubber under the skin which keeps them warm in cold water.
Dolphins symbolizes strong prophetic gifting, so strong that the person is immune to doubt in hard times.
You and who are what you are partnered with (your husband?) are called to manage prophetically gifted people!

From Cincinnati, OHIO, Scully asked about- a treehouse in a dream.

Posted April 9, 2020

OUR TAKE. This is a very positive dream element. A treehouse symbolizes a place of refuge, protection in the form of a shelter, a secure haven or hideaway, a protected place.
It’s no wonder that this element would be in a dream during our shelter-in-place lifestyle. It sounds like this is a “timing” element, meaning that the Lord is speaking to you about this COVID-19 season we are in!
The treehouse is likely not the main point of the dream, but the setting which then helps you discern the message in the dream.

From British Columbia, Ray asked about- Person hugging from behind

Posted April 6, 2020

OUR TAKE. The two most likely possibilities could function separately or in combination.
1. This depicts a person receiving great encouragement and support. Think of a person receiving a pat on the back… accompanied by “at a boy”. A hug from behind could symbolize a very large pat on the back.
2. Things behind a person my symbolize things unknown to the person… things which might be a surprise when revealed. Since we’re talking about hugs, this element is most likely positive. It could be hidden support of some kind prayer, such as prayer.


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