Invitations from the Gates- a post on visions

Part 3 of a 4-Part series on Dreams Related to Death by Rev. Lynmarie
and discussion on the topic of VISIONS

Having just this week witnessed the birth of our twelfth grandchild (that’s her and me 3 days after her birth); I am not much in the mood to talk about dreams prophesying death.

I’d prefer to speak of life and life abundant! But let me complete this series today by sharing what I promised in the last post regarding my mother, my Helen.

First, since my mother experienced visions rather than dreams, I’m including a key defining some vision types.


Inner Visions— an internal vision like a flash or short scene viewed in the mind’s eye as with images viewed while daydreaming

Night Vision— an exceptionally and extraordinary vivid scene experienced while asleep; similar to a dream but difficult to distinguish whether the person was awake or asleep; scene can be recalled literally for many years or throughout a person’s lifetime

Open Vision— an external vision appearing before one’s eyes in real life while awake; may manifest within the surroundings of the person (such as a screen appearing before a person’s eyes at a specific distance)

Trance Visions— a vision one is completely taken into while awake or in a trance

Vision within a Dream— a vision of any type experienced by a dreamer within a dream

I’ll spare the details of the entire story, and focus on her 3 visions. My mom was not much of a dreamer (as in dreams at night), but she knew of my connection to dreams, accepted dreams as a valid way God speaks to us today, and cheered me on in my ministry. A faithful servant of Jesus, she attended mainline churches (and eventually a Baptist church) and had never been instructed incorrectly that the prophetic gifts no longer exist.

My father died four years before my mother, and dreams, prophetic words, and supernatural events surrounded his death. They were essential guidance at the time (having led to his salvation), and they brought needed comfort to me as I let go of my hero, my dad.


Some time after my father passed, my mother mentioned to me that she had experienced something that was so real that she was almost convinced that it wasn’t a dream. I knew that she was describing an open vision (while awake) or a night vision (while asleep).

In the vision, a gentleman stood at her bedroom door holding a beautiful bouquet of white roses to deliver to her. This was her favorite flower, the very type of flower she had held while marrying my father. She felt no fear of the man delivering the flowers (even though he had intruded into her home), and this didn’t seem strange to her at the time.

Meaning? By sending flowers, the Lord was expressing his deep love for her just as a suitor would. The vision displayed in a visual and personal way that Jesus had chosen her specifically, that He loved her, and that He wanted to be even closer to her, possibly to take her home to be face to face with Him— and with her husband.

My mom was already close to the Lord. She had known His presence since she could remember. As a young child, she had been in the care of loving grandparents on a simple farm in the Midwest. She carried memories of daily tending the garden with her grandfather who sang hymns to her in the coolness of the morning. Her relationship with her heavenly Father could be described the same as her general spirit could be described— dripping with authentic sweetness.

I can still hear her child-like voice as she prayed with me two or three times a day before meals in the weeks we spent together from time to time during those 4 years after she lived alone. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she would start… or, “Praise you, praise you, praise you.” If anyone deserved a floral delivery from God, it was her!


Mom had another vision when she went to the hospital shortly before her unexpected death. She shared with me on the phone that as she lay in the hospital bed, she experienced beautifully textured envelopes which kept dropping downward and hitting her eyes— pure white in color, except for the two which were a shade of purple.

When she awoke startled with a nurse standing over her, she was so annoyed at the experience that in a tone out of character for her— she demanded the woman to please stop doing that!

This vision was prophetic of her immanent death. It was as if those who had gone to heaven before her (and would meet her at the gates) were sending invitations— sterile and clean because they had been made clean by the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

This group from beyond the grave would soon be gathering at the pearly gates to greet her; and the invitations were like inviting a friend or family member to a grand gala.

Since purple symbolizes royalty, and since there were two purple invitations, these were symbolically sent from the Father and Son, also in Heaven calling for her arrival to this party.

I did not fully understand this at the time, but YOU understand it now! The last conversation I had with my mother was of the jewels she would be receiving in heaven, and how her consistent humility and faithful service to others would place her in the front row where she could, “Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him.”


While lying in the hospital bed days later, the the next vision sent to her was of a very black-skinned man dressed in a red and purple sequined costume and standing at the threshold of the hospital door.

The use of a costume tells us that the figure was deceitful, evil; and that he was masquerading as someone else. Most likely, this spoke of someone close to her, currently in her life.

The color of one’s skin in a dream can represent a variety of things. If you are a dark-skinned person— and dream of someone dark-skinned— the coloring may be insignificant or literal. If you are light-skinned, the same applies.

However, if your skin is one type and a character in a dream is another type, this can be symbolic. I, for instance, often dream of Asian people; and they symbolize my African-American church family.

Like other colors, because white and black carry universal symbolism, the color of one’s skin in a dream can revert back to universal symbolism. Orange, for instance, universally represents persistence in the positive sense and danger or stubbornness in the negative. One reason is that God made fire orange.

White, then, both universally and biblically symbolizes purity, ““Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool.”” (Isaiah 1:18)

This verse also speaks to the symbolism of red in the negative sense— identifying it with sin and the results of sin (like war and bloodshed).

In mom’s case, the man was a negative figure because he was masquerading as someone he wasn’t. So the red sequins depicted brazen (sparkling) power and battle, while the purple sequins spoke of authority— one using his authority for evil. Black, then, confirmed the negative theme of the vision. It was a warning.

Sure enough, my older brother, the sole trustee for mom’s estate, would bring deceit and war into the situation. Within days after mom’s death, the horror began— forged documents, missing records, stolen diamonds and jewelry, attempts to take over the real estate and whatever he could get away with from the inheritance. My other brother and I drew closer than ever as we discovered that our sibling precisely fit the profile of a sociopath— seeing humans (including his own mother) as only opportunities and targets for his own personal gain.


In the midst of this dreadfulness, I grieved at the loss of my mother and remained in her home to prepare it for sale. I wasn’t yet aware of the extent of the situation, though the fine jewelry had gone missing. The night after breaking my week-long fast, I experienced a ghastly vision.

While alone in mom’s guest bedroom, I saw something appearing very real. It was a night vision (an extremely realistic vision while asleep). Satan himself passed by the hallway… twice! Awakened startled, I took comfort in the fact that he passed; that is, the devil never crossed the threshold of the room I was sleeping in. But I was left with a sickening sense of the presence of evil.

Now as I look back on the disturbing year that followed, I can see something significant about that vision that I hadn’t noticed before. I was very angry that year, frustrated at the lack of justice served through the lawyers and justice system. I remember thinking at the time that if my younger brother and I didn’t get the kind of victory I was looking for, there was no purpose in living on.

But eventually that season passed, and the joy of life was restored to me. Satan had passed by me, just as in the vision. I hated his long battle with me, but the wicked one passed.

If, by the way, you are in the midst of such a time— where God has allowed the devil some room in your life— know that we are privileged to taste just a drop of what Jesus did as He suffered for us. “Beloved, do not think it strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened to you; but rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.” (1 Peter 4:12-13)


Some say that visions are to be taken more literally than dreams. As you can see, none of these visions were literal; they were symbolic, and brought messages through symbolism. Satan, for instance, didn’t literally pass by me in real life; he did so through my older brother.

So, as with dreams, consider possible symbolism with ALL types of visions before looking to a literal interpretation. I have personally experienced all of the types of visions listed in the above KEY and found symbolism in all of those types (though not in every vision I have experienced).

Inner Visions

Inner visions are the first type I look for to be literal. My husband once saw an inner vision of me in a thrift store buying a pair of shoes. Not long after, I arrived home with the very shoes he had seen and from the very store.

I know from experience, however, that inner visions can be symbolic. Symbolic inner visions are my dominate mode of hearing God on behalf of others during prophetic ministry, and I have experienced hundreds of them. I might see a vehicle off-roading symbolizing the person ignoring God’s boundaries, for instance; or a scene on the beach representing a person’s closeness to things eternal.

My husband once told a man he was ministering to that he saw him “plugging up the middle.” After ministry, the man revealed that he was a football player, and his position was a center… plugging up the middle! I don’t know what Frank saw in his mind’s eye, but it wasn’t football.

Inner visions providing words of knowledge during prophetic ministry can definitely be literal. I might see someone in my mind’s eye as a teacher and soon find out that’s exactly what they do.

While holding services, Charles Spurgeon saw in his mind vivid and specific details about people in the audience. On one occasion for instance, this theologian and preacher interrupted his sermon to point out that a man in the gallery had a bottle of gin in his pocket, which led to the man’s conversion.

Night Visions, Open Visions, Trance Visions, Visions in Dreams

Concerning night visions, open visions, trance visions, and visions in dreams; let me make four points.

  • • These types of visions may indicate that the Lord is speaking on a topic that is exceptionally important, or carries unusually long-term implications.
  • • Consider that the types of visions experienced by Bible prophets were not always identified, and therefore could have been any of these. You may actually experience some of the same types as they did.
  • •Though in my experience with these types of visions indicates that they are often symbolic, I don’t want to fail to note that some of the visions in the Bible are symbolic while others are literal.
  • • Beware. Visions can be demonic. They have been used for important sinister purposes before, especially is misguiding people to deceive the masses through false religions or cults.

If you have experienced any of these types of visions, please share your experiences below (using more than one (100 word limit) posting. We’d love to hear of and learn from your experience!

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January 28, 2018

18 responses on "Invitations from the Gates- a post on visions"

  1. Hi Sheba. Her name means consecrated to God. I want to share two other dreams with you; one before and one after snake dream.

    First dream before snake dream:

    I was preparing for my wedding. Someone brought in wedding dresses. I remember saying, oh its my wedding day and I havent tried on my dresses.

    Dream two in separate posting.

    • Excerpt from the dictionary on this site – Wedding dreams generally indicate a partnership, commitment at a new level, or increased intimacy with the bridegroom Jesus. and dresses = concerning something formal.
      One more dream from God to encourage you to stay ready for the bridegroom Jesus himself!!
      Makes sense ? Many blessings to you Barbara !!

  2. Hi Sheba. I am Barbara, not Babs. Babs is a different person. But thanks for responding. Im not sure if this is for her literally. Where can I find the meaning of her name? Thanks again.

    • Oh Sorry Barbara… You can google her name and the meaning will come up – put this in the search bar – example – barbara name meaning and replace barbara with her name

      • Hi Barbara
        something that is meant to be consecrated to God in your life is under huge attack from the enemy which can affect many different aspects in your life. Clearly you are unaware of the fact that this is happening. So looks like a warning dream because the snake did not die. Surely Victory is yours in this but God is encouraging you to stand guard against it and pray through it. Blessings and please let me know your thoughts …

  3. I saw my pastor’s daughter. She had a huge snake wrapped around her entire body, from ankles to her head, including her face. She was having a conversation with someone who I could not see. I remember thinking to myself that she does not know that a snake is wrapped around her entire body! I sensed, rather than saw, that someone was trying to remove the snake from her body as she just continued to talk. I heard the phrase, cut off the head, but the snake did not die.

  4. I dreamt of myself preparing for my marriage traditionally. I saw myself deciding to change my headgear from silver coloured to a stepped white black and brown. I therefore decided to send a friend to the marked to buy the latter headgear. Next I found myself in another scene where there were a lot of cars and my ex husband entered an old car and was forcefully taking my friend. I pulled hard and rescued my friend from his grip

  5. Not quite asleep…..I was in the woods. There was a pile of leaves in front of my feet. I scooped the pile up in my arms & took a few steps. I saw a snake wriggling near the top of the pile, so I flung the pile away from me. Then many snakes were crawling on the ground around my feet. There was a walking stick in my right hand & a larger snake was winding around it to get to my hand at the top of the stick. Then a flash of a bright blue Ford Escape! The Escape bothers me. Is it a warning that I need to flee/escape something or someone? Or is it saying that I will escape harm from whatever the snakes represent? The trees, leaves, snakes were a dull brown, but then that flash of bright blue. Any thoughts?

  6. Wow. This was a great read–much need info for me I always have these expereinces. I remember night about a year ago. I was sleep and I saw my self get up and stand over me and started flying and I could really feel the flying I could feel the wind and I felt God presence–I flew into my mama bed room and stood over her and prayed and then flew to other homes of people I knew and prayed over them-all off a sudden I was back in my room and literally jumped up..the next morning my mama told me she had a dream I was in her room..we live two hours away ..I know this was not a dream

    • Very sweet! Love it! Great testimony!

    • Glory to Father God! I LOVE this fun assignment! I too, believe you truly went to your mother & friends as a call of God to intercede over them in the spirit. It’s not uncommon that He uses us in this way. Like God, we are supernatural, without limitation when yielded to His Spirit (Acts 17:28). Reminds me in part of a man’s dream: he’s riding on a camel through a muddy ravine. After waking from the night, camel hair was found on his jeans, as well as being slightly soiled with mud. It may interest you to look him up & learn his highly supernatural relationship with the Lord: Bobby Conner (Eagles View Ministries). Blessings of infinite possibilities in God!

  7. I love, love, love the lessons I learned from this post – thank you! The past two years I’ve had a total of 4 open visions but didn’t know how to interpret them or what to do with them… why could they have possibly stopped? The last one happened 14 months ago. Similar to dreams, I now believe I am to treat them as such (for guidance, warning, calling, etc…). Am I missing something? Each time, I was face to face with someone, having a conversation with them, making it difficult for me to focus. Usually, the person is speaking & I’m struggling to listen to them while at the same time trying to pay attention to the vision passing before my eyes. Any ideas? I desire & pray for this gift to continue.

    • So glad to hear this has ministered to you, and glad you found us! The visions seem to bring insight to you concerning a “blocking spirit” at work to serve as an obstacle to progress, possibly in hearing and discerning the voice of God. Open visions like this commonly come in seasons, and are especially prevalent when we first move into hearing from God at a higher level. And remember, they can be reserved for very significant messages. Every Blessing, Marigold!

      • Wow… right… thank you. Because of my lack of understanding/discernment, I went through a very sad time recently, including another situation of being deceived by someone I trusted – horrible. Not due to disobedience but rather, lack of understanding in the messages God purposed for me. Perhaps I am to enroll in your dream interpretation classes…
        What do you make of someone spraying a smaller, white bottle of hairspray on my hair? The bottle has a white cone attachment atop the spray. I thought it was a good idea & planned on buying it. Problem is – I don’t know if I can trust these people.

        • Your hair represents the state of your glory. And since you planned on buying the bottle and the dream ended there, the white color of the bottle is pure, positive. Adding this to your hair is a good thing! And God is saying ‘things are already in place” concerning your glory! Wow! Encouraging! Could very well be about the course if you IRL have been thinking of starting it. Check the feedback to help with the trust issue.

          • Entirely thrilling to hear much needed encouragement – my heart is uplifted! This may explain the trust issue: I played with the baby girl on the hip of Ms. Hairsprayer which caused her annoyance to open her shirt & put baby on her nipple, away from me as if to say “don’t mess with my baby” & “pay attention”. She’s selling me cosmetics & I figured I would make the purchase of two items since they were affordable. The first item was something for the enhancement of my face (I think).

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