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We’re excited you’ve found us! Not for our own sake, but for yours.

Over the last 20 years, we have logged, examined, decoded, categorized, and reviewed around 5000 dreams.

Almost without exception, we either personally experienced the aftermath, watched family members live through the outcomes, or collected feedback…

Site Feedback

…from dreams received by friends and strangers alike.

We hope you’ll benefit mightily from the resources on our community
as you develop your dream interpretations skills and spiritual perceptiveness.

Pastor Frank Burg & Pastor Lyn Squire Burg

From Croyton, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much, your site made me laugh with joy when I happened upon it.”

-Patrick S

From Ashville, North Carolina

“I’m so glad I found this website and so grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge you’ve shared. I’ve really learned a lot about my dreams and I now have a better understanding what God is trying to tell me.”

-Lisa W

From Honoraville, AL

Lyn, All I can say is WOW!!!! You guys nailed this one… the dream interpretation was right on down to every detail…

My husband & I both really appreciate your help. You just don’t know what a difference this has made. Blessings.

-Cyndi W

From Columbus, OH

I just wanted thank the ministry again for the interpretation.

I’ve been looking for confirmation to make a decision for a while and prayed over the situation.

Your interpretation felt right. Thank you for your prophesy. Thank you for everything you do.

Thank you so much; I will be donating and referring to friends as well.

-Silas W

From Nashville, TN

I was very encouraged by the interpretation of my dream.

-Felicia K

From Oklahoma City, OK

Wow! Great interpretation. That’s incredible! You’re right. I had a couple in the church…

Thank you! Been praying for what to do. Thanks again!!!!

-Pastor Shawn

From Lumberton, NJ

Thank you for taking the time to read & interpret my dream which I had written down 5 years ago. I found the dream in an old journal and had no idea what it meant.

I believe it to be accurate because at the time I was very desiring to… gradually, through constant battles/trials the vision died.

I Googled and found your site, hoping for clarity.

The interpretation has stirred my heart to ask the Lord to revive that which died. Thank you for your ministry!

-Cathy V

From Denver, CO

“I was humbled to participate on the prophetic team. It was amazing to be a conduit of the Holy Spirit.”


From Ndola, Zambia

“Wow, I don’t even know where to begin… now, I know I have prophetic dreams… and I’m so grateful, how can I even thank you enough?”


From Norfolk, VA

“Thank u so much for all your help…
This ministry is truly a blessing.”

-Erica B

From Ashburn, VA

Thanks for creating such a wonderful and well needed platform, it not often you find people of God willing to go one step further and share their true passion and believes with the world.

I found this site and information so positive and knowledgeable I am recommending it to all our members. I hope you don’t mind us sharing this site.

-Pasor Micklewhite

From Baltimore, MD

Right now I am in tears; rejoicing that the Lord confirmed for me through your ministry and this dream that…

Lyn, I can’t express to you how much this means to me.

You hit the nail on the head.

Hallelujah. Thank you guys so much.

-Barbara S

From Denver, CO

THIS INTERPRETATION MADE TOTAL SENSE!! It highlighted a blind spot for me, and helped me be better prepared to meet the specific challenges I will face…

So, through your interpretation, I was spared the trauma and emotional trap the enemy was trying to set for me…

I am grateful that God is obviously ordering my steps and giving me the information I need to be safe and successful!

God bless you.

-Karla J

From Clementon, PA

I am so grateful for this!!!!! The dream interpretation is clear and I fully understand…

I have the upper hand, God is with me! I am exploding with joy as this moment.

Thank you for interpreting this dream! I’ve been dreaming since a child, I have a book full of them with no interpretation.

I’m glad I came across this website!!

Be blessed!!

-Ayana R

From Denver, CO

“My participation on the prophetic team was a life-changing experience! In the past I had been skeptical about the unseen world, but you have opened my eyes to the fact that God can actually relay accurate messages through me. Your leadership, instruction and encouragement made all the difference. I’m so glad I got involved.”


From Raleigh, NC

Thank you very much for your interpretation, it is very encouraging and affirmative.

God bless you and prosper you in all you do, it’s my prayer. Amen.

-Juan O

From Central Missouri

“Thank you for your ministry. I appreciate you and the calling God has on your life. Thank you for blessing me.”

-Pastor Marcie

From Auckland, New Zealand

“Thanks again for helping me make some sense of my dreams. God bless you for taking the time to help us.”


From Surrey, BC, Canada

Thank you… I felt God was speaking to me… but I felt very out of the loop as to what God is allowing me to experience…

You have confirmed that He sees me, I am In the midst of Him. I Know He has not abandoned me but I cry out to Him moment by moment.


-Sarah A

From Austin, TX

I really appreciate everything you do reaching out to people, to show them and guide them into a deeper understanding of what the Lord wants to show them.

I had been praying for revelation of a dream and never received it. I just stopped worrying about it and thought the time will come when He wants me to get clarification. Boom, I found this site! I will continue to pray that your love and your wisdom will guide people in the truth and I speak blessings over your ministry now in the name of Jesus! Thanks so much!

-With a grateful heart, Bell R

From Dallas, TX

You are spot on…. I am glad someone understood this dream, because I didn’t!

I just know you are correct in the Spirit because of what has been going on.

Thank you guys. -Mary

From Denver, CO

“Last night was amazing, God always seems to go above and beyond in giving you what you need at just the right time. I can’t thank you and Frank enough for your ministry. I have longed to be apart of something like this for so long.

The group has been a blessing and answer to prayer in so many different ways. I can’t thank you enough. I feel so blessed to have met and connected with you. Thank You! Thank You!”


What Others Are Saying About the Founders

Institute Logo Icon 30x75“I want to honor and appreciate Frank and Lyn. The debut of the prophetic team ministry at the church was spectacular– beyond anything we could have hoped for. This would have never happened without their faithful leadership.

I have watched them, over the course of the last year, pour themselves into this ministry. They sacrificed, held strong, and displayed humble, godly leadership as they remained faithful to God’s calling in their lives… giving tirelessly of their time and energy. I’ve watched their personal ministry change lives.”
–Karla Johnson, African-American Liaison, Denver Seminary

Frank and Lyn. What words can I use? Genuine, compassionate, perceptive, gifted, leaders. They are a major threat to the kingdom of darkness and will do much to expand the Kingdom of Light. It’s been an honor to work with them through the Seminary.
— Dr. Kay Krattli, Shalom Bible College & Seminary, Golden Glory Seminary

“Lyn’s prophetic drama ministry here is incredible and one of a kind! Frank and Lyn are an invaluable leaders in our worship team; and And everyone really enjoys her teaching style in adult Sunday School.”
–Pastor Lawrence Connelly, Exodus Christian Center, Denver, CO

“Thanks for a well-planned, well-led, well-executed evening of ministry. What a wonderful gift you are to our church family. I love serving Denver with you all…You guys are the ideal couple to handle this controversial aspect of the faith. Your non-charismatic backgrounds bring sensitivity to the perspectives of those coming from the mainstream or evangelical community. You adhere to the scriptures and lead with balance. Thank you for your faithfulness to me and the church.”
–Rob Brendle, Sr. Pastor, Denver United Church, Denver, CO

“Frank and Lyn did a great job training the team and facilitating ministry on Sunday night. Thanks again guys! Thanks Lyn and Frank for your faithful leadership. We pray that rich fruit comes forth in every area. Thanks also for continuing to be available in ministry. We appreciate all you do. God Bless you guys.”
–Justin Spicer, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Denver United Church, CO

Frank and Lyn completed my prophetic training program and ministered with us another year. They have been invaluable to the team and I highly recommend them.
— Jackie Jacobson, Led By the Spirit Ministry School Director, Denver, CO

“Known them since the early 1980’s when they ministered at my church and then my mother’s church. Good people.”
–Dr. Gordan England, Calvary Evangelical Free Sr. Pastor & Promise Keepers Staff, Broomfield, CO

“My loss is your gain!”
–Pastor Bob Kleinschmidt, First Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Lemon Grove, CA

“Lyn is one of the most talented people I know. We have utilized her to lead choirs and ensembles, to choreograph, and as a theatrical mentor. “
–Worship Pastor Jay Owens, Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge, CO

“Signs and Wonders will follow you.”- prophetic words
–Pastor Rich Harris, Golden Eagle Ministry School, Living Word Ministries Intl., Golden, CO

“Signs and Wonders will follow you.”- prophetic words
–Dr. Derek Kuhn, Sr. Pastor, Grace Covenant Worship Center, Chicago, IL

“You both have a strong and balanced 5-fold gifting, highly unusual… Don’t be discouraged with your multicultural calling. God will be using you greatly.”- prophetic words
–Doug Addison, Author/InLight Connection International Ministry, CA

“It’s all going to work out…You have sown your seeds… You will be ministering internationally.”- prophetic words
–Tim Storey, International Evangelist/Minister to Celebrities, Whittier, CA

“God will bring healing to you and through you. Lyn, I pray that God would grant you the time to carry out all those ideas.”- prophetic words
–Dr. Joelle Suel, Glory to Glory Christian Center, Aurora, CO

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