Dreams From the Library- Volume 2

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Travel back beginning a decade ago to visit prophetic dreams from across the globe. Each of volume includes:

• 3 remarkable dreams sent in by dreamers

• Our interpretive comments on them

• The dreamer’s feedback with response or outcome

  • Dream 4- Austin, TX 2014
  • Dream 5- Union City, GA, 2011
  • Dream 6- Auckland, New Zealand, 2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS, 2014— “Alligators and Rattlesnakes”


alligatorHi, recently, I’ve been asking God to talked to me through dreams and God has shown me this one guy who I don’t know at school… In my dream, he was stalking me, following everywhere I went. My dream felt so real! Around him in my dream, I noticed that there were many yellow snakes around him. Another dream I have had of him is were he was fighting with his wife and I could feel his anger. There were alligators and I saw a rattlesnake.


The majority of prophetic dreams are intrinsic, that is, about you, the dreamer, or directly about your life. There are a couple of possibilities in this dream. The guy may represent A) a spiritual attack on you. (Find out his name and check its meaning for symbolism) B) another guy in your life (very common possibility), or C) literally himself.

The elements in the dream indicate C may be the correct perspective. This sounds like God showing you that He CAN reveal mysteries to you, and a call to pray for for the fellow, with the dream giving you insight that he has underlying anger rooted in lies and fear, and resulting in verbal abuse. Minister to him only as led by the Spirit.


I really appreciate everything you do reaching out to people, to show them and guide them into a deeper understanding of what the Lord wants to show them.

I had been praying for revelation of my dream and never received it. I just stopped worrying about it and thought ..the time will come when He wants me to get clarification. Boom, I found this sight!

I will continue to pray that your love and your wisdom will guide people in the truth and I speak blessings over your ministry now in the name of Jesus! Thanks so much! With a grateful heart.

FROM UNION CITY, GA, 2011 “Staircase from Hell”


Staircase from Hell FBI dreamed that I had arrived at a hotel and as I approached the counter to be checked in I was told that my room would be on the 100th floor. As I begin to go to the elevator the clerk shouted out to me that the elevator was broken and I would have to take the stairs.

I begin to walk up the stairs and as I was going up I begin to see so much wickedness on every floor. Spirits with their name embedded on their foreheads, anger, immorality, lust, adultery, fornication, offense. I continue to climb the stairs and it started to rain in the staircase.

I woke up the next morning with Deut. 31:16 and Judges 2:12 in my heart.


This dream appears to be about your coming opportunity for personal testimony arising from your response to a significant test.

Hold firm to your faith and expect a noteworthy struggle against evil of all sorts. Deliverance is the goal, and deeper spiritual understanding and authority the byproduct. Your testimony after this experience will impact others, but more importantly, it will move you to a whole new level of faith.

This makes me think of a person entering jail or inner-city ministry. Don’t concern yourself with the magnitude of evil; it will be judged out of your sight. The experience may cost you something, but stay focused and be encouraged knowing that the duration of the challenge will be short.


God bless you for bringing clarity my dream for I am grateful to God for allowing me to find this site. So I do agree with what the Lord has given to you to share with me. What you have given me has brought so much encouragement to me and I am so so thankful.

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, 2012— “Landscaper Fixes Car”


LandscaperI was in a past house upstairs. I hear my Dad calling me from downstairs. I feel irritated and jump down the stairs to see what he wants.

My Dad is smiling and happy, at the doorstep is a man I recognize as the owner of a landscaping company. Seems he has fixed something for my Dad and is holding out a brand new silver key.

Behind him it is bright daylight whilst in the hallway where my Dad and I are, it’s quite dark. It seems this man has fixed my Dad’s vehicle and put on new tyres. (I don’t see this vehicle, but know this in the dream). My Dad then tells me to take the key and put it away.


Sometimes we have to maintain a couple of interpretation possibilities. My first inclination is to suppose that dad in the dream represents the Heavenly Father with the landscaper representing the Holy Spirit because the pieces fit well together this way.

With that scenario in mind, the dream would be revealing to you that although the Lord has been with you, you have been in an uncomfortable transition in which you have had to simply hold on to blind faith because it looked like nothing was going to change for the better.

I suspect that the dream is bringing good news: Things WILL change, and you hold the key!
It may be that God is telling you that 1) humility, 2) moving in a direction that seems backwards, or 3) reaching downward somehow will take you where you want to go- bringing a desired redemption in an area of your life.

What’s exciting about this dream is that it seems to say that the Holy Spirit has been working behind the scenes to bring you strategic revelation and power for a positive and active future as led by the Holy Spirit! You now hold the key to a new life!


Thank you for the interpretation, I did believe it was also a message of hope and I have been in a place for some time where it seems I am not moving forward anywhere. There have been many times I have doubted God is doing anything but this dream does give me back hope that I need to continue trusting the Lord even though I don’t see much changing in the natural. Thank you for taking the time to interpret this dream, it makes a lot of sense now.

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