Girl’s Best Friend

Gentlemen_Prefer_BlondesThe deep blue curtains were pulled open, and front and center on the State Fair stage stood our eldest daughter, microphone in hand. I can still visualize her sleek gold dress and exaggerated jewels. on Stage Confident and sparkling, she proceeded to engage the audience in her persuasion that “a kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Fun and a flirtatious, her song managed to take the Grand prize… and then years down the road, the Broadway-style routine and the corresponding top award were duplicated by a younger sister. Fun memories from a previous decade.

Now, once again this month, diamonds seem to be on the front burner in our family. Our son, who is getting married later this month went to re-size the wedding band for his bride and ended up with an entire new set! (Doubt I’ll spoil the surprise as she’s busy with arrangements).

Then, only weeks ago, one of our happily married daughters dreamed her wedding ring was broken into pieces and not repairable.

And within the last week I had a disturbing diamond dream which I still need clarification on for my own sake. So let’s talk diamonds and add that element to our categorical dictionary.



      1. Diamonds, then, when they are in a wedding ring, may symbolize a commitment or partnership. An engagement diamond, then, would represent a pending or coming commitment or partnership.

The first question to ask with diamonds in dreams is “Was the diamond in a ring? A wedding set? On the left ring finger?” If so, this symbol is most likely connected to a commitment, obligation or partnership. In these cases the message within the diamond is related to a “marriage” so to speak, something the dreamer is currently tied to. And it’s more likely to be about a job or something you are currently involved with or committed to than an actual marriage.

2. Diamonds in dreams may symbolize human beings. We are often said to be “diamonds in the rough”!

Within the scripture, diamonds are referred to as precious stones (Exodus 28:18; Exodus 39:11; Ezekiel 28:13), and included on the garments of the Old Testament priests and of Satan prior to his rebellion in heaven. More significantly, God sees his children as precious as mentioned in Psalm 139:17. How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!

3. Putting those two together, a diamond on a wedding ring may represent a commitment connected to a particular person (or persons if there is more than one).

4. Diamonds can of course be literal rather than symbolic.

5. One remote possibility is that diamonds may have to do with the ability to make something permanent.

Even within the pages of the Bible, diamonds unique “engraving” quality are noted. Jeremiah 17:1- With a diamond point it is engraved upon the tablet of their heart.

6. A second remote possibility is that diamonds, as a type of jewelry, may be taken to mean an adornment- an exceptional adornment- something not essential but enhancing. Perhaps a spiritual gift, depending on the context.Diamond Ring

Of the diamond dreams or visions that immediately come to my mind, all the above possibilities except the last two have been utilized.

With that in mind, let’s focus on one of the dreams mentioned at the top of the post.



At the time of the dream, this daughter was assistant directer of a high school musical for the theater company she works full-time for. She also worked a part-time serving job on the side which she was unhappy with. I had attended one of the performances with her and spent the night when she told me the vivid dream she’d had. Within a day major conflict erupted throughout her husband’s family, though her marriage remained strong.


She dreamed that during the time of the current theater production, her diamond wedding ring came off and broke in so many pieces that it could not be restored. She was upset at first, but went and replaced it.


At this very time, in the spirit realm, if not in the earthly realm, a commitment, obligation or partnership will be terminated and replaced by another. We know this is about a situation in her life, because it was her ring and she dreamed it.


In what area of her life might she expect to see this? I advised her not to expect something to be repaired such as the family relationships, but that something would completely be replaced with something new, and it would turn out for the better.


We can’t say for sure if this is beginning to be fulfilled, but that fact that tonight is her last night at the restaurant might be a start.

973513_10100896954373598_590809240_nSince the dream she has also been awarded Mrs. Dove Valley and headed toward the Mrs. Colorado pageant next year to promote Williams Syndrome awareness, a little known condition one of our grand-daughters has. She and her husband are participating in an awareness walk with their niece in the image to the right.

She recently had another dream, this one indicating that while she continues to teach theater, she will have another responsibility that will keep her very busy. How do you think this will play out?

JM Headshot 1-100

In the coming weeks, we will continue this topic with more diamond dreams and the epic stories that go with them. One visions/dream combination within an amazing and humbling story shows the effort the Lord will go to in removing our fears.

In the meantime, I’m praying and pondering the meaning and application of my recent and disturbing diamond dream: two diamonds and their settings (equal in size) on my wedding ring‒ gone leaving the platform flattened and ugly. Will this be a warning, strategic insight, correction, or comfort? Stay tuned. Details in one of the next posts!

October 31, 2015

3 responses on "Girl's Best Friend"

  1. We were in church about to announce our engagement & for some reason I put her ring in my mouth and started swirling it around. I took it to the toilet to dry it, one of the main diamonds fell out and shattered on the floor I picked up the pieces & one of splinters pricked me and i bled. Then one of the little stones fell out also it didn’t smash but couldn’t be put back. When I showed her she was upset as her friends & family were going to see it and stones missing.

    • This is a warning dream and I am concerned.

      The good news is that what this prophesies seems to be avoidable. For now, watch what you say; be very careful not to say everything you are thinking.

      Would you mind conveying what situation you are in that can be described as an engagement, that is, a commitment for a future partnering or marriage of some kind? I will be looking for your reply so I can comment further as soon as possible.

  2. Sounds like her marriage will be damaged beyond repair and will end but she will (replace)/ remarry afterwards. I had a similar dream.

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