Secrets of a Church Mouse

A series on Church Dream Themes by Rev Lynmarie… “dream elements depicting church” 

I’m sure many of our site members are church-goers. Others grew up in church but eventually became disillusioned. A number of you attend church but are dissatisfied and question if there’s a better place for you. Some continue to search, but can’t seem to find a fit.

Others are delighted with their fellowship and are highly involved leaders. You may even be a pastor. Whatever the case, the majority who attend regularly find themselves in a different denomination than they grew up in.

Enter the church mouse!… present in the sanctuary, church office, and then some. He sees everything, holds sacred secrets, and could provide vital insight into the affairs and state of the local church.

What’s really cool is that those of us who receive and are able to make some sense of prophetic dreams, have access to the Voice of Truth. It’s like conversing with that proverbial church mouse.

There’s much to be said for understanding church dream themes. What do dreams of your church mean? An unfamiliar church? A United church? A childhood church?

What dream elements besides the church building itself can symbolize a local fellowship?

In this series, I’ll also share what kinds of things the Lord told me through church dreams, and some things I see is going on in today’s churches.

Let’s dive into those questions today. Funny I would say dive in… because a dream of diving in a lake may very well be about your church! So I’ll begin with discussing the symbolism.

Church Dream Themes- Symbolic Elements

Consider first that: just as Jesus loved to use parables to make a point, this communication style is still favored by our Lord… especially as He speaks to us individually in dreams and visions. Here are a few examples of dream elements which may symbolize a church body.

LAKES— So why would a lake symbolize a church? Well— just as the sea symbolizes the masses of people as in Revelation 13:1- And I saw a beast coming out of the sea (the anti-Christ arising out of the masses of the earth)— so a lake may symbolize a much smaller group of people… like a church.

It’s a great symbol actually. You have the water symbolism which can also depict the Spirit of God which we can freely SWIM in. Then there’s the idea of going deep, as in taking in the deep things of the Lord from the scripture.

WOMEN— The body of Christ worldwide is called the Bride of Christ, Revelation 19:7. For that reason, we see women in dreams symbolizing individual fellowships.

TREES— One scriptural symbol for the church as a whole is a tree as utilized in Romans 11:11-20. Trees are also used in the Bible to symbolize nations, rulers, and individuals. Trees, therefore, are sometimes used by God to depict local churches.

HOUSES— “The House of God” is one of the names given to the Tabernacle and subsequently the Temple at Jerusalem, the places where God dwelt with his people. Houses in dreams can represent situations of any kind, and most assuredly, a local church congregation.

AUDITORIUMS— Auditoriums hold large numbers of people. Regardless of the building style of your church, God could speak to you about the body of believers you fellowship with from the seats of an auditorium (not to be confused with a theater).

UNFAMILIAR CHURCHES— God commonly speaks of local churches through unfamiliar church buildings. You know the dream is about your church, but the building looks nothing like it. Why? A couple of reasons are obvious. 1) So we won’t get lost focusing on the literal visual details of the church. 2) So God can depict the situation with some symbolism.

SHIPS— Cruise ships, whether large or small, depict in dreams something that makes an impact on people, and churches as well as ministries and universities certainly do that. The larger the body of water and size of ship, the larger the impact and congregation.

SCHOOL BUSES— These big yellow buses generally symbolize ministries within churches or para-church ministries, but may represent a small denominational or non-denominational church.

TRAIN CARS— Trains often symbolize other things; heavy things like death or losing a home. But because they carry a number of cars, denominational churches can be symbolized by these cars.

So there you have several dream elements which we’ve seen symbolize churches time after time.

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of

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November 15, 2020

11 responses on "Secrets of a Church Mouse"

  1. In a church, a group of us were pushing a man in a wheelchair up the stairs, and were struggling. I screamed up to the second floor: “can we get some men to help us?” After we made it upstairs a ruckus started downstairs – people were coming in to fight, like a wartime invasion. I started downstairs to join the fight. Then, demons started coming up the stairs. I got rid of each one quickly. One gigantic demon was coming up the stairs and I was cursing it when I woke up. It kept coming, but I remained confident.

  2. In real life, I’ve recently seen some things inside of my church that don’t make sense to me. (They feel “off,” but are not cataclysmic). Simultaneously, I’m experiencing elevation and favor in a few areas. My interpretation was: stay at the higher elevation, and don’t get involved in fights that are below you and/or do not concern you. Am I on the right track? Thanks!!

  3. Thank you! We are definitely on the same page! I don’t know who the man in the wheelchair was, but he was part of the group. Thank to you and Frank, though – I just realized BOTH of the scenes in the dream had me wrestling things that were not meant for me. I hadn’t made that connection. What a great “heads up!”

  4. After reading your Church Mouse post, the Lord brought a dream to mind that I had 3 months ago. I was sleeping in the bed of a pickup, outside my parents’ house. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a huge mobile home/RV parked next to the house. It was new, fancy, huge and silver, but had a broken window.

    It parked so you couldn’t see it, hidden next to the house. I got my mother, scared. We investigated, and she said there was nothing to worry about. They were her friends.

  5. Could that have been about my current situation? With the RV representing the church? And mom (God) saying it was fine, and I shouldn’t be afraid?

    As always, I appreciate your thoughts!

  6. What do Airplanes represent…I saw a lady arrive on a cruise ship and then boarded underwater planes to get to the land. There were other small helicopters/planes flying in the air (for her security)

    • Here’s a perfect example of bizarre dreams, a strong sign it’s from God.

      First of all, we need to ask who the lady represents? Best option are a or you. Hopefully, you can discern the answer.

      The cruise ship may be, for instance, a local church, or ministry, and the lady may be you.

      Also, discernment as to whether the dream is positive or negative would help. Why does she need to get to land? The underwater planes may be forces such as angels transporting her. Hope this helps. What’s going on in your life?

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