What Church Is That?

Churches in Dreams- Part 3
Ever dream of a church that you’re not given the name of? How can you be sure what or who God is talking about?

church flood sq2This type of dream is very parabolic. God is asking us to think for ourselves, to ask ourselves, “What do you think I’m describing here?” I’ve had many of these, perhaps a hundred.

Here you see a flooded church facing 2 directions. Prayer needed!

Before I share one of these dreams, it’s important that you take note that the Lord tends to speak to us about things that need resolution, things that are in danger or have problems. And when it comes to church, God is glad to provide insight to direct our paths, warn us, challenge us, comfort us, OR encourage us.


Dreams about a church can be for the purpose of:

  • Encouraging us to attend or continue to attend
  • Calling us to pray for the church
  • Deploying us to an action
  • Inviting us to leave

A Dream Deploying Us to Action

As the dream began I found myself in an unfamiliar and empty sanctuary. The pulpit was all the way to the left and there were countless candy wrappers scattered about beneath the pews.

I retreated to the foyer where I was quite stunned to find vendors selling stuffed animals and serving dishes. My thoughts went immediately to the janitor. What a mess he had to deal with.

The few people who were in that area exited and I laid down on a bench and waited for the janitor to arrive so I could bring him some encouragement. He arrived shortly, laid down on top of me, and the dream suddenly went black.

In the darkness a deep and commanding voice spoke as if to provide a moral to the story, “My house shall not be made a den of thieves”.

The Parabolic Dream Elements

  • Pulpit to the left- preaching not of God or by the leading of the Spirit
  • Candy wrappers beneath the pews- congregation hearing only what sounds good
  • Stuffed animal vendor- someone is selling things that immature folks cling to
  • Serving dish vendor- someone is selling a service
  • Janitor on top of dreamer- husband of the dream who is called to clean up the church
  • Final comment- God’s clear call to the dreamer and husband

The Background Situation

A Bishop in a small denominational African-American church had fallen ill and regretfully placed a “minister” in the church in charge while he remained bedridden (clearly never to return to the pulpit). The Bishop called on Frank and I to serve on their board, increasing its number to 5.

We had not previously attended the church but took the positions. Before long, we could easily perceive conflict. One night I asked the Lord if we were really supposed to serve on this board and what to expect. Hence, the dream.

The Interpretation

The meaning of dream elements made the interpretation of this one were pretty obvious. Clearly, God was speaking to my request for clarification on this church. Additionally, God had injected His sense of humor: nobody gets to lay on me but my husband! Through this amusing component, I knew Frank was called to lead the cleanup.

The Outcome

We, of course, responded by obedience and saw actions from so-called believers we never could have imagined. Long story short, the bishop’s attorney became involved, and he and Frank obtained bank statements revealing that one of the daughters of the bishop was a thief.

She had managed to position herself as the financial officer, and with that, counted, deposited, and accessed the funds as she pleased. On top of that, she advertised the building for weddings and funerals, ran those as enterprises and pocketed the profits. There were other discrepancies involving the pastor in charge as well.

Each of the four children of the bishop ended up representing a different seed from the Parable of the Seeds in Matthew . We eventually succeeded in stopping the thievery and replacing the pastor with a minister who was a grandchild of the Bishop in accordance with a prophetic dream. But along the way, Frank had to testify at the DA’s Office to defend himself against attack from the perpetrators.

All Have Sinned

Under no circumstances think that corruption in today’s church is limited to a particular race (if the race in this example is different from yours)!

church nazis sqFrank and I have witnessed impure motives, compromised decisions, and ungodly actions from the leaderships of a variety of types of churches. And these were accompanied by explicit prophetic warnings including scenes of floods, paper dolls, ground-beef dresses, lip service, car crashes in the pews, tornadoes, Satan revealed when skin was blown off pastor, rape… even Nazi’s!

church orbs 150But we’ve also experienced the state of churches and/or its leadership depicted by such elements as orb angels, tall or stout ministers, lush foliage, white walls, burning lamps… a golden piano descending from heaven.

More Church Dream Symbolism

Just last week the Lord used two unnamed churches in a dream scene to reveal the current mindset of a couple of family members we are at issue with.

In one area of the kitchen was a church band with a bleached blond woman on the left who ordered others around. It was noted that she had no anointing because of her pride.

From another area of the kitchen a different woman who was enticing me to join her in her classical church choir. When I asked what type of UNITED church she attended, she couldn’t say, but I knew it was one of the denominations that taught reaching God by good works and was liberal in the stands they took. I knew I couldn’t go there.

The meaning of the dream and its application couldn’t have been more clear to me!

Shake The Dust Off Your Feet

Ever feel like the Lord has a different church for you than the one you’re attending? Want to know if your thinking is on track? If it’s God’s will for you to head for the exit?

Ask God. And take note of your dreams.

The Lord has provided us quite a tour of a variety of churches over the years.

In one instance, after accepting a call to a pastorate, I had a dream of my husband lying dead in the street with the woman next to him. And dream clearly identified that it was about the church. God was telling us that the call wasn’t from Him, that our season there would suddenly end. Time proved that to be true.

At another point in our lives, we were intrigued by a church and visited for a few weeks. One dream showed the pastor driving a hearse to return our baby to us; while another utilized one of our site members whose name means “Who is like the Lord?”- the implied answer was of course “Nobody”.

Then there was a dream of sawdust to my knees; God saying, “Shake the dust off your feet”

Come Unto Me

Don’t get the wrong impression. We’ve had an equal number of dreams beckoning us to churches by a pastor-midwife, a locomotive going the right direction… even a brown cow.

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of PropheticDreamers.com

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November 15, 2020

6 responses on "What Church Is That?"

  1. In my dream I was facing a church from across a field and the sky was pink and very beautiful. I was next to a fence and using the fence to “play” a lovely piano tune, except the music wasn’t coming from me (Playing the piano is my wish) but from above. I looked up and there was a mosque, a man was standing on top and he threw a snake at me! But it was the shedded skin of a snake. Behind me was a crowd of angry people but there was an invisible barrier.

  2. Sorry, I just wanted to add on. The mosque in my dream looked very much like the dome of the rock in jeruselum.

    • God in this dream looks to be confirming your call to evangelical ministry to Muslims because the Islam community is growing. The Lord says that your words are as beautiful music, so play! He will bless your work. There will of course be opposition, but the Lord is protecting you. What say you?

  3. Woah! Never saw it that way! Coincidentally (or maybe not) I just bought a few books on Islam and Christianity recently. Well, thank you for the interpretation. I’ll pray for His guidance on this matter.

    • Of course it is not a coincidence! 🙂 God saw your purchase and is commenting on it. He’s telling you to study on this, and He will make use of your knowledge. No need to look for ministry. I’ll bet God will send some your way. Wonderful.

  4. I found myself in a school that was part of a church. My dad (a retired pastor) told me that the son of the owner of the school had a company that made playground equipment. He didn’t make the equipment for this school as that would be a conflict of interest but for the school located behind this one, Grace Covenant. I looked out the window where my dad pointed and saw a large brick church and playground. At that moment, the son walked past us out through the glass doors into the parking lot, turned and faced us.

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