You Know That Church

Churches in Dreams- Part 2
Let’s look at the meaning of dreams where you’re told in the dream what church or what kind of church it is.
So— Childhood Churches, United Churches, Named Churches.

1st christian galesburgLast summer I began having dreams focusing on my childhood church denomination.

In one such dream, the head pastor of a Disciples of Christ Church walked out of his office and said that a leadership position had opened. I was intrigued and slipped into his office to interview, leaving my good friend Karla around the corner.

Wow- an unexpected promotion? Sounded promising.

Time went on and more dreams came about involvement in a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), my childhood church’s denomination.

Later came a dream about a United Methodist Church.

church gatheringThis scene showed a large group of people gathered facing each other from 3 directions.

At the front was an old fashioned puffy-looking refrigerator and a five-foot-tall juicer, also from the 50’s.

With the sanctuary nearly full, I tried to find seats for my husband and I in order to save one for him. I watched and watched for him and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t arrived.

Meanwhile I was told there would be prizes as several people who were present would be chosen. Sounded like a raffle. What the prizes were not obvious. Naturally, I hoped I would be a winner, but I knew that just remaining in the meeting didn’t guarantee that.

bread counter2

Next a large bakery counter appeared before us with a number of items under glass. I knew these were for distribution and was particularly drawn to a lovely loaf of bread made in the shape of a tiger, and I selected it.

Through that dream, God clarified what He had been speaking of in the childhood church dreams.

He was talking to me about a belief system from my childhood and encouraging me to return to it.

Identified Churches Dream Symbolism

I am using this term to describe churches that are identified by name, denomination, or location and the dreamer is confident without question as to this.

The building structure itself or the leadership or congregation in the dream may of course be unfamiliar to the dreamer, and most likely IS in these Identified Church Dreams.

Dreams of these IDENTIFIED CHURCHES can definitely speak of:

• A school of thought or mindset, possibly a religious belief.

    We’re talking about belief systems, and not necessarily spiritual belief systems. God may be using this dream element to speak of a political ideology or educational philosophy, evolution or atheism, parenting or relational approach.

• Having to do with God’s work

• An organization or gathering of people

Childhood Church Dream Symbolism

I will talk about more Literal Church Dreams in this series as well (these tend to carry a different meaning), but let me address Childhood Churches here.

A dream of your Home Church when you were growing up holds a similar parabolic meaning to dreams of the house you grew up in. These places often symbolize “home”, that is, the place you belong and need to get to, a place of rest, safety, or relief (may be spiritual/emotional).

Putting home and church together, a childhood home church most likely symbolizes a belief system connected to a place you belong and need to get to, a place of rest, safety, or relief.

These dream themes may have additional personal meaning, or of course, may be more literal.

United Church Dream Symbolism

• If you dream of a church with the term United in its name, the dream may speaking of a belief system many people hold, even though those people might have nothing else in common.

These folks may be democrats or republicans, for instance, or live in a variety of countries around the world. They may be racially and culturally diverse, and have completely different perspectives. But this one thing unifies them in some way.

• A second symbolic connotation of dreams of United Churches may focus on the bringing together of people in relationships or restoration of relationships.

Church Names in Dreams

Recently I had a very short dream in which one of my daughters and I visited a church together. The setting was completely unfamiliar, but the name was clear. It was the Arizona Texas Church.

God was telling me to expect a dry isolated season in my relationship with the daughter of mine that is somewhat of a celebrity (star). This was simply confirmation of what I already knew.

Arizona- a dry arid dessert state
Texas- the Lone Star State

Interpretation of My Church Dream Series

juicerAmazingly, through the above dreams, God had been encouraging me to get out my dad’s 50-year old juicer that we used daily when I was a child!

God was calling me to utilize the refrigerator and juicer to store and juice fresh vegetables and fruits regularly.

My friend was left aside because she symbolizes the Spirit of God to me, and this was about earthly things.

The Lord was calling me to once again embrace this juicing belief system because it would be like ingesting power [tiger] food.

Faithfulness to this system would have rewards to those chosen to receive.

I was to join the global congregation “united” around this belief and habit. And I should expect my husband to take a while to get fully on-board.

Unexpected Interpretation?

And why now?

church dreams part 2 fatFirst, God had noticed (He always does that) that Frank and I had watched a documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and we were considering how we might respond.

Secondly- NOW because we are at a point in our lives where we could use the extra boost to our bodies to fulfill our ministry destiny. That’s surely why He led us to watch the documentary in the first place. A great site to learn about healthy juicing is

It’s been a full 6 months since we began juicing, each month getting more and more regular at doing it. Our results will improve, of course, as our faithfulness improves.

Frank did finally buy in 100%, and he calls himself “King of the Juice”, always a jokester.

Now, five days per week or so, we take in at least 20 times the nutrients we could by a total chewing diet. Additionally, I’m committed to avoiding food on those days until I have downed all 32 ounces of the fresh juice. We both have more energy and stamina; Frank is sleeping better; and I’ve dropped a couple of pounds.

In Conclusion

I’m not saying that your dreams about an Identified Church have an application anything like that, but they may surprise you and be referring to a belief system. Makes sense then that my husband, when asked if he has a Mac or iphone, says, “I don’t belong to that church”.

Literal Church Dreams, Unidentified Church Dreams, & Liberal Church Dreams are different matters, and I’ll cover that next time… along with more unexpected church dream stories from God.

If you’ve had any church-themed dreams, let’s hear from you in the comments!

Remember: Each of us hears from God, and each of us knows our own state of affairs. Dreamers are intended to make the best interpreters of their own dreams as they grow in understanding of the parabolic language of God.

I’m not you, but that’s my view!

Every Blessing!

Pastor Lynmarie Squire Burg
Co-Pastor of Spirit of Hope Christian Church
Founder of

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November 15, 2020

11 responses on "You Know That Church"

  1. Real: A once healthy church suddenly took a wrong path. I prayed for almost 3 years -many left. I then dreamt an angel piloted me in a helicopter, letting me “see” the main campus from about 25 feet in the air. The sanctuary & admin wings were completely obliterated – black & smoky. The kitchen & choir room were the only things still standing Before I left, I shared the dream at a meeting. Anything not of God will be ‘burned up”. The kitchen & choir remained because they symbolize the heart – where relationship & worship take place.

  2. I had no anger but I did have overwhelming grief, which stayed with me a long time. During the same meeting I knew for a fact some of the elders spoke outright lies. I did not address all of those details, but shared the dream and it’s meaning for those who had not yet woken up and also to give hope to those who were deciding what to do. After that I never went back, and God graciously led me to another church where worship, truth, love and the supremacy of Jesus are front and center again. For everything there is a season.

    • I am so glad you found the right fellowship, but it’s such a shame when God’s leaders are not pure. I have seen this numerous times as the Lord has taken us on what you might call a tour. One of my friend’s current church, an elder raped someone, and the pastor knows and tolerates the man’s continual leadership there. That’s one of the churches I will be wring about in my next post (keyword- sawdust).

      We should all be praying for God to cleanup or root out the leadership in His churches.

  3. I had a dream last fall, actually the same night I had that dream of the 5 small tornadoes. I was in a big room or dining hall with a lot of other people, and it was some kind of church. I asked someone there what denomination it was, they said “charismatic.” There was singing and several women in long dresses with white caps on who were servers. The town was coming against the group to kill them. I just took this dream as about the general opposition to the charismatic community and specifically from certain key people in my life.

    • Thanks for sharing your dream of an identified church! Interesting church dream, and it was important that its type was named. When you mention opposition from certain key people in your life, you are onto something. We feel that in our lives as well, even though we weren’t raised in it.

    • Here’s how I’d put the interpretation: In involving yourself in the charismatic movement, you have been targeted by hell. Expect persecution and know that “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”- Matthew 5:10, and “Even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed”- I Peter 3:14.

  4. I too grew up in a mainstream church, so my immediate family are very skeptical and sometimes downright horrible to me about the gifts. Also G. It’s interesting to me that while the Lord has called me to do warfare against demonic forces and thus I’m a special target, through dreams the Lord lets me know ahead of time the enemy’s plans and also through dreams and prophetic words lets me know He has surrounded me with extra protection. When He asks a lot of us, He provides the tools and other means to accomplish it. The blessing for persecution is also awesome!

  5. I had 2 cool dreams recently, one where I was being introduced to a smiling bearded man named Bruce (meaning “thick brush” = hedge) and one where my father’s company was called Joe Alvarez (Joseph = may Jehovah add/give increase, Alvarez = all protection!!!).

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