Proper Names in Dreams

It’s Not That Simple

The #1 symbolism behind people in dreams is hidden beneath the meaning of their name. Proper names in dreams may hold the entire key to the interpretation. People enter into our dreams posing not as themselves, but as what their name means.

In fact, of the 10 types of symbolism concerning people, this one applies more than any other, and more than a literal interpretation of the person.

In one of the dreams we received, a character named Ben exited, never to return. In reality, the dreamer was in a business venture based on the abilities of a friend. The name Ben means “right-hand man”. Just as the dream had prophesied, his friend walked out on the venture. Happily, they are still good friends.

A woman expressed to me repeated concern over her daughter. Then she had a dream with a man named “Alex” in her home. Alex means “protector”.

A man, who was in the middle of a difficult legal battle, dreamed that Daniel was in the courtroom. Daniel means “God is judge”.


Aaron– messenger of light
Alan– handsome, peaceful
Albert– noble and bright
Alex, Alexander– protector/defender of mankind
Amy– beloved, one who is loved &/or loves
Andrew– strong, courageous
Ann– gracious, grace of God
Andrea– strong, courageous
Ben– right-hand man
Bonnie– beautiful
Brian– exalted one
Carol, Carrie, Carmen– song of joy
Charles– free man
Charlotte– free woman
Daniel– judge, God is judge
David– beloved, one who is loved or loves
Dawn– new beginning
Deborah– prophetess, forth-teller
Douglas, Doug– dark river or stream, move of darkness
Dustin– valiant fighter
Ed– wealth, prosperity
Edna– Refreshment, Restorer
Edward– protector of wealth, wealthy protector
Eric, Erika– eternal ruler, most mighty
Esther– star
Frank– one who speaks freely
Fred– peaceful ruler
Gabriel– devoted to God
Gary– mighty spearman
George– farmer, tiller of soil
Gloria, Glory– glory of God
Gregory– vigilant watchman
Hannah– gracious, grace of God
Henry, Harry– household ruler
Herbert– glorious soldier
Irene– peace
Jacob, James, Jim– supplanter, substitute
Jennifer– stands out in a crowd
Jesse– great gift
Joel– God is willing
John, Jack– God is gracious
Joshua– God is my salvation
Jordan– move of God descending [from Heaven]
Joseph, Joe– God will increase
Joyce– joyous
Justin– justice
Kacey, Kelly– brave
Kay– rejoice
Kim– leader, ruler
Laura, Lawrence, Larry– crowned
Lilly, Lily– name for Jesus
Lisa– consecrated to God
Louis, Lewis, Louise– famous warrior
Lucy– bringer of light
Lynn, Lyn– waterfall & clear water under waterfall
Mackenzie– daughter of wise leader
Madeline– high tower
Mae– discerning, great
Michael, Michelle– “Who is like the Lord?… Nobody”
Millie– great counselor
Nadia, Hope– hope
Niki, Nicole– victorious
Odele, Odelle, Odelia– melody, song, praise
Paul– small
Peter– small rock
Ramona, Rena, Sabrina– wise protector
Raymond– mighty wise protector
Renee– reborn
Richard– rich and powerful
Robert– famous brilliance
Roger– famous, renowned
Rose– a name for Jesus
Russell– fox, sly
Samuel– God has heard
Sheila– blind
Sonya, Sophie– wise
Stephanie– crowned
Tameka– Aramaic for twin
Taylor– stitching things together
Tobi– God is good
Thomas, Tom– twin
ToveThor, Norse goddess of storms and thunder
Tristen– bold
Vanessa– butterfly
Walter– ruler of an army
William, Bill, Liam– resolute protector


The number of proper name possibilities is massive, so for now, here are some links which might help you find the meaning of a character in your dream!

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In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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