Pregnancy, Childbirth & Children in Dreams

What do babies generally symbolize?

Babies in dreams generally represent something we have birthed or begun. We begin relationships, endeavors, quests etc. etc.

Note also that we can begin thing not only by what we DO… but also by what we pray, desire, speak, share and so on.

Are pregnancy and baby dreams literal?

Will I actually birth a new child?

This category is similar to the WEDDING AND MARRIAGE category. The main key is to not take the dream literally! It most likely does not mean you are actually going to become pregnant and birth a child. If you are hoping for a break-through in that area, and you are a prophetic dreamer, you will probably receive a dream about something else which will symbolize the child. Most of us will not receive an angelic visitation like Mary. But then, we won’t be birthing Jesus.

Pregnancy, childbirth & babies in dreams tell us that dreamer has or will birth something new.

Dreams depicting the dreamer as pregnant are symbolic. The dreamer is about to birth something new. It could be an invention, an album, a book, a website, a ministry, a hobby, a boyfriend, even a career.

And, if you’re a guy dreaming this, you know it won’t be literal!

What does how far along I am in the pregnancy mean?

If you’ve dreamed this theme more than once, you might have experienced being in different points of the gestation.

A dream where you know you will have the child that very day indicates that something new is imminent, and the other elements are especially important. Maybe you are trying to get to the right place to deliver the child. Maybe you haven’t told anyone yet. Maybe you receive a phone call while in the delivery room. Pay attention to those clues.

Dreams where you are about 8 months pregnant don’t literally mean you have a month to go. They indicate it will still be a while, but not terribly long . . . so most likely months rather than years.

Then there are dreams where the pregnancy is just getting started. These are to encourage you to be patient and not expect things to change tomorrow. This process is going to take a while. Relax.

What do the details of the childbirth or child symbolize?

I have dreamed I was very pregnant and pulled out the child in advance to discover that it was a postage stamp! Then there was the watermelon I gave birth to in a gymnasium!

A classic is that the child is immediately larger and more mature than is possible in real life. One can hold it up or converse with it. I dreamed once that I was teaching the babe to sing before it could talk. Another dream showed a newborn actually playing with toys rather than just taking them to his mouth. Sometimes the infant grows into a toddler right before your eyes.

These are all individually symbolic. They speak of the type of thing we are birthing, its origin, its ability to mature quickly, etc.

What does the midwife or doctor symbolize?}

I once dreamed that I was pregnant and went to a midwife near downtown. I made arrangements to birth the child there. As it turned out, the midwife was a perfect representation of the pastor of the next church I attended where I was allowed to teach dream interpretation. Rather than feeling threatened by those in his congregation with gifts and callings, he encouraged them and made a place for them!

Recently I was told by a pastor in Florida that she dreamed she assisted in the birth of a beautiful baby. She fervently cheered on the lovely woman who moved out to her carport to deliver. (Then the child was born more mature than normal). In reality, she and her husband had started a bilingual church in their home and were being directed to take it out to their large brick-paved carport and expect a sudden expansion after the conference they were putting on the following week!

What if the mother is someone besides the dreamer?

You’ll need to explore the PEOPLE category, but briefly there a couple of things to remember. If you are a pastor or involved in the leadership of a church, an unknown woman may symbolize the church is said to be the bride of Christ in the New Testament.

A recent example addressing an observer symbolism was when an assistant at a hair salon found out that I knew something about dreams and told me of a dream earlier that week involving just that thing. The woman birthed two newborns and handed the larger one to him and told him to pull open the membrane. I immediately knew that I was the woman (having just launched two websites) and that I was to tell him of PROPHETICDREAMERS.COM for him to “open” and browse!

What does it mean to be caring for a child or children?

By now you may be getting the idea. You or someone else has birthed something that you now have responsibility in. Pay attention to the details, for they’ll clue you in on what that situation looks like, how to manage that responsibility, or whether you are supposed to even be involved at all. The same principle can apply to a dream where the dreamer is a nursery worker.

And what about the birth of grandchildren?

My first dream involving grandchildren totally threw me! Since it was extremely impressive, and the symbolism didn’t come to me right away, I jumped to the conclusion that it was literal. My daughter was pregnant and I prepared her and her husband for what I thought was coming: a significant premature birth! This caused all kinds of chaos since she planned to deliver totally naturally in a birth center!

The dream was fulfilled later and I learned another lesson the hard way. Grand-babies probably indicate that something you have birthed will have a child. An example? You start a business and the business births a website, etc.

And what about nursing a baby in dreams?

These dream themes are also classic and I’ve experienced them numerous times and in various versions. Successfully nursing a baby is a good dream; it’s meant to encourage you in your mentoring and nurturing of another person. Your motive is pure because it’s love, and what you are providing is valuable. You are helping to build up the person in a positive way as you feed them with the knowledge, wisdom, or understanding.

A dream may show you trying unsuccessfully to nurse an infant. The child may not latch on or like the taste of it. Depending on other factors in the dream, this would indicate either that the person needs prayer or he/she is wasting your time. Other factors will point to which one.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed that you had a let-down and there was no baby there at all! The milk went all over the floor and you had to clean it up. Watch out, there will be a temptation to give out information which is private and not for other’s ears. If you do slip up and spill the beans before you realize it (gossip), plan on back-tracking to clean up the mess you’ve made.

What about dreams during pregnancy?

Can your dream-life be influenced by the change of hormones during pregnancy? 

Our thoughts are that such a massive change of hormones can definitely affect a woman’s dream-life, just as testosterone can affect a man’s. While a hormonal build-up or shift within a man may result in sex dreams, what kinds of changes can be expected for a pregnant woman? 

We would suggest that the content of the dreams might shift, that is, the focus or subject of the dreams. Looking to the medical field to see what specific chemical changes are triggered by pregnancy hormones might be a clue. There may be a correlation to the content of dreams.

To explore that question further, you might want to read this post on

Beyond that, our opinion would be that the clues as to the origin of a dream would still be consistent. What distinguishes prophetic dreams from others is that they tend to be vivid, impressive, and possibly even intense and disturbing— as well as memorable.

Dreams in general tend to be like bubbles. They pop pretty quickly, so if you fail to take note of them on paper, you may lose your chance to recall them at all. The prophetic ones, if recorded, can be recalled later that day, week, month, or even years.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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