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Creatures and animals in dreams can be very symbolic. They may indicate what is going on in your life in dramatic terms. Don’t forget that many of these animals may reveal to you the general plan your spiritual enemy is plotting against you.

A senior citizen, for instance, dreamed that a bear cub was at the bottom of her right leg grinning. She soon found out that she had PAD (peripheral artery disease) and the blood flow in her right leg artery was significantly blocked.

Her spiritual enemy was pleased and hoped she would be afraid of this new (cub) situation. The use of the bear in the dream was an accurate depiction of the situation, a disease which may seem docile, but may suddenly and unexpectedly attack.



1. May concern something appearing docile that can suddenly attack, and could indicates your spiritual enemy’s plan for you. Fear not. You can change that plan.

2. Can indicate judgment and strength.

3. Bears are sometimes likened to possessive mothers and the emotions this could arouse. So a bear might represent a meeting with dangerous emotions such as anger or being easily aroused. This confrontation with emotions could be about an inner conflict within the dreamer, OR it could represent a negative encounter with someone or something else.

The bear is largely a solitary creature, capable of living alone and surviving. This, and its human way of standing and holding its arms out in a hugging posture, may come together to represent a particular person who can be described that way.

4. May have to do with loss or lack as in a “bear market”

Same as BEAR in general only larger and more fierce

Read the BEAR tab and you will see that the bear is also a wonderful mother and protector. We have seen brown bears symbolize a good and protective mother. See the color brown.
A brown bear could however symbolize a sudden attack, unexpected because the source’s compassion is from a human rather than godly perspective

Regarding a sudden, unexpected, cold-hearted attack

Regarding a sudden unexpected attack from high level witchcraft, occult activity or evil

Provisions for a journey (can be spiritual)

1. Concerning independence,
Possibly demonic (independent from God), but can just as well be neutral or positive

2. PET
Keep in mind that if the cat is a pet of yours, it may symbolize something you are holding onto (a belief or habit) or something you “possess”.
This may or may not be a good thing, and the context will indicate if you are to let go of it.


Demonic activity that feeds on garbage/impurities/sin
May appear good or cute

Substance, provision, wealth

Something from the past which should be dead

The two listed here are the most common
1. PET
If the dog is a pet of yours, it may symbolize something you are holding onto (a belief or habit) or something you “possess”.
This may or may not be a good thing, and the context will indicate if you are to let go of it.

Here’s why:
He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” Matthew 15:26
In contrast with western connotations, dogs in a biblical context are associated with dismal poverty and life at the bottom of the social scale. They are repeatedly depicted in terms of disgusting and inadequate diet. They are never satisfied and are willing to consume what is repulsive in their continual hunger.

Gentle strength, burden-bearer, humble or lowly

Something which should be obvious
Great impact or issue
Wisdom and strength

Lack of discernment

1. Can be positive: knowledge, resourcefulness, friendship, social relationships, communication, strength, or great force under control if the ape presents itself in a gentle manner.

2. Can be negative: overly emotional, a person who goes “ape” as in acting wild or crazy, beastly

3. Less likely unless combined with #1 or #2- something which should be obvious

Someone highly aggressive, unpredictable and threatening

A large threat

Significant power or move of God


Intimidation or Justice

Foolishness or mockery

Demonic activity that feeds on garbage/impurities/sin

Earlier demonic activity

Strongly symbolic of humility
OR may just as likely speak of someone who is approachable (not highly esteemed)

Half horse/half donkey. Known for stubbornness

Unclean, impure
Spirit of Greed

A possum in a dream is generally an alternative symbol for a deceased person, which prophecies that something which appears to be over and done with will be resurfacing. A possum is similar, prophesying that something which appears to be dead or asleep is actually not, but rather, is pretending to be. This, then, specifies that there is dishonesty in the situation being addressed in the dream.

This dream element is most likely a warning that someone is masquerading as benign when they actually have an agenda that may be intended to bring harm. And the motive stems from fear.

It should be noted that the symbolism of this element may include (or be focused on) the fact that the possum avoids putting much effort into building, preferring to utilize what others have built.

Another possibility worth noting is that this creature may represent an unusual immunity (protection) from disease/poison which can be extended to others.

Multiplication or lust

Same as elephant, but charges blindly due to poor sight


Same as mouse but larger issue or impact

Submission, sacrifice, humility

Covering or disguise

Trickster that is extremely clever and devious

Soul or fleshly power

Power over the flesh; hunger, cancer, etc.

Used as a positive nickname- meaning: go-getter, passionate, self-starter, ambitious

Same as elephant, but issues of the Spirit

Relentless thief, preys on fear, visually expressive, no patience

Prefers attacking in family lines, familiar spirits

Soul or flesh-powered


Hard-working, industrious

Painful demonic attack

May be short-lived or hold significant consequences or even be very destructive

Bringer of anointing or something sweet such as music

Having the crabs symbolizes a crabby person. Shaking them out is a call to self-control.

Occult activity or a negative that spreads

As a universal and biblical element, these creatures attack in massive swarms damaging or destroying crops entirely.

They symbolize a method of warfare.

This method has to do with biting off portions and chewing it up! Therefore, grasshoppers ultimately symbolize verbal attack.

Ladybugs in Christian dream interpretation are a sign of blessing. More specifically, they indicate the Lord’s protection in the removal of pests. Think of ladybugs in dreams as God’s angels equipped for victory in battle after battle. The implication is that the situation in the dream may involve much warfare and many battles.

Many ladybugs in a dream indicates much protection. One ladybug may indicate protection, but that there is only one situation which needs protecting.

Witchcraft or occult origin

Demonic trap/attack

A plot to do you in


Something that wiggles its way in bit by bit


Aggressive, pushy, vicious mouth, fast hidden, dangerous,
destructive attack of lies
Something that steals like a money pit

Not easy to approach/self sufficient (hard shell/armored claws)
Able to protect itself (armored claws)
Able to provide for itself (armored claws)


In the spirit
In fishbowl– easily seen

Spirit of lust (jumping)
Out of the water (Spirit) too much

Manipulation, dangerous and restrictive, entrapment Jezebel

Tail=tale. Lies, rumors
Longer or venomous is more destructive
White snake = doctrines of demons (false religion)

This tale (lie) is going somewhere, more public

Reclusive, hard to approach
Slow but persistent


Biblically, birds are often associated with uncleanness and the demonic

Negative: Fear, anxiety, cowardly motives
Positive: a woman


Prophetic calling or anointing

Facilitating the birth of something new

Carrying out God’s purposes

Preying on the weak

Ashes to beauty, ugly to beautiful

Ostriches most likely speak of ignoring obvious facts or refusing to accept advice, hoping that simply denying the existence of a problem will make it go away.

So ostriches most likely symbolize foolishness through willful ignoring of facts.

Also, the Bible associates ostriches with cruelty (and also mourning). Less likely, one of these could apply.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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