Clothing & Nakedness in Dreams

Clothing or nakedness in dreams can bring significant insight into the meanings and messages. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Connect it with the dream context and factors, and you’re on your way to understanding this riddle!


Beware of overstepping your boundaries, authority, or calling. You may be stepping into something you are not called to do or to a level you are not ready for!

You have outgrown something, you need to be moving on or forward to a greater task or position. You can handle more than this.

You are In need of more complete covering. You are somehow prohibiting rather than utilizing the protection available to you. This is most likely spiritual protection.

This dream is revealing a transition for you. Things will be changing. Get on board with change.

Choices are before you, consider carefully. Do what you can to assure the correct and best change for yourself and expect a transitional period.

You are supposed to be involved somehow in the meaning of the items


This may relate to your assignment, gifting, or purpose.
It may be speaking of having or lacking protection.
It may indicate the essence of what you are going through or believing.
(In a dream, a person who recently lost a loved-one wore a black coat)

This indicates the role you are to play

In spite of what others say, you’re a good guy

Since hats in dreams indicate a ROLE that the person wearing it is playing, a backwards hat most likely indicates that the role being addressed in the dream is BACKWARDS. If the person wearing the backwards hat is the dreamer, the concept is simple: the dreamer is carrying out a role in an opposite fashion to God’s will.
If the person wearing the hat is not the dreamer, the dreamer must discern who or what the person wearing the hat symbolizes, because this person is most likely not literal.

This indicates the level or type of protection you are carrying

This indicates an earned reward and possibly the authority that goes with it
(Proverbs 17:6, Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 62:3)

Pants speak of the complete fulfillment of your calling or purpose rather than a preparational season

This may refer to your current assignment, but not your long-term calling

Shorts symbolize a partial fulfillment of your calling or purpose

Same as shorts

The belt holds up the fulfillment of your call or purpose, such as provisions allowing us time

You are caught by surprise or unprepared for something that will occur

There will be a transition in your life which will bring cleansing, healing, removal of the unprofitable

Swimwear indicates your ability to move into deeper spiritual things

Expect to be moving fast in the spirit

See weddings and marriage element category

You are being called into a more formal role or position
Business attire may indicate the dream is speaking of business or career

These speak of the everyday. I dreamed I gave my new daughter-in-law her denim vest (she rather than I would be with my son on a daily basis).

Concerning small tasks. I dreamed that someone gave me a bundle of underpants (I was soon given new duties to perform).

This speaks of what you have been through, your experience (I have the T-shirt).

Shoes speak of the condition of your walk. Is it a walk of peace or conflict?

Your protection is minimal in this the activity of the dream

You may have a spiritual authority in that culture as an intercessor or in your activities

God is speaking to you about another culture

Interpret according to the name


This indicates that you will soon be transparent or vulnerable- not always bad, but not always good. If you have something to hide, that might be telling you to expose yourself before someone else does.

Consider what is coming up in your life to see if this is a warning or a calling.

I have dreamed this many times, once, the night before a prophetic minister picked me out of a crowd to minister to (his eyes saw beyond what showed to others).

This may be highlighting your nurturing assignment

Nakedness below the waist exposes your reproductive area indicating fertility or ability to multiply, but most likely the reproduction is not physical

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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