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The activity you find yourself doing in a dream (activities in dreams) may reflect how God sees you, or may be directing you to actually do what you experience in the dream. In contract, it may warn you of what your spiritual enemy wants you to look like.

Interpretation depends a lot on the context of the dream, and the standard factors must weigh in as well. Below are some examples from our dream experiences.

And note that a prophetic dreamer’s activity in a dream can be carried through the dreamer’s prayers. My husband dreamed that he had to get my father alone in order for some important spiritual business to take place. The dream was fulfilled when my mother became temporarily bed-ridden and I had time alone with dad.


Dream Description: So you are being chased, most likely by bad guys. They may have you cornered temporarily, but you get away to run some more . . . around corners, down alleys, through tunnels, up flights of stairs. You may even take off and begin flying higher and higher. But those bad guys are still behind you. You have trouble losing them and you may awaken before you do.

Interpretation: For some reason, you are a target and your enemy wants to incite fear. Fear not!

Details: This may be a spiritual enemy or force rather than a literal person. Or both since a spiritual enemy can be influencing or working through a literal person. And you may know just who that is. But take heart. If darkness has you targeted, it’s because the light in you is a threat to it.

Personal Experience: This dream theme was repeated regularly after a couple of years of marriage. It turned out to be a significant life struggle- not with my husband, but with dark forces (further details in our EXPLORING DREAM INTERPRETATION course).


Dream Description: Without the aircraft. You are the aircraft. This may be in conjunction with the fleeing dreams where you run and then eventually take off into your own personal flight (the breast stroke works but it’s quite a struggle to get air to do what water does and you don’t move very fast).

Interpretation: Congratulations! You are learning to soar over the circumstances! Or you are called to higher spiritual levels.

Details: It might be tough going, but you’re ahead of the game if you’ve moved from running to flying!

And, if no one is chasing you, that’s different. You are being told that you are called to soar in the spirit. So do it. Seek out places that stimulate that, train you in it, empower you.

Personal Experience: Fortunately, the fleeing dreams always turned into flying dreams for me. The bad part was that those guys could fly too so we were just taking it to another level. Decades passed before I understood what these dreams meant followed by more years of the struggle.


Dream Description: You are falling or someone you know is falling. (And then there’s the age old question: if it’s you, do you die if you hit bottom before awaking? Who thought that one up?) It may be falling down stairs or into what may be a bottomless pit. These dreams are especially disturbing.

Interpretation: The person falling may be facing a loss of support.

Details: Remember, we fall here on earth because of a thing called gravity. What we are standing on serves as support for us.

Personal Experience: I dreamed this about my daughter who was 2000 miles away at the time. It was a dark dream where she was in the back seat of a car with 2 guys in the front. The car simply backed up into a massive hole and was absolutely gone! I was unable to adjust my viewpoint and look down into the hole. I awoke very disturbed.

I guessed it may have referred to a loss of college financial support and that we’d overcome it somehow. I was way off. A highly devastating dream like that carries a heavier meaning. I should have taken to prayer like never before. Unfortunately it was fulfilled with the sudden and complete loss of support from her boyfriend who was killed on a motorcycle months later (further details in our EXPLORING DREAM INTERPRETATION course).


Dream Description: So you dreamed you were lost, couldn’t find the place you knew you were supposed to go. Maybe there were detours, too much traffic, or a river between you and that place. Maybe you tried various streets only to find you just did not know how to get from where you were to where you were supposed to be.

Interpretation: There is a place you are supposed to be. Identify it. Move toward it.

Details: If you were trying to get to a new job, then know that a new opportunity will present itself to you and you belong there! If you are considering a new church and you dreamed you were persistently trying to get to a church with an identifying factor in the dream, that’s where you belong- at least for this season.

The “place” you are supposed to find doesn’t have to be literal either. It can be a school meaning you need to or will be learning something.  It can be an attitude.

Personal Experience: The most impressive dream I remember was a dream where I could not find my way home. I’m talking about the place I grew up. By the time I had the dream, the home had been sold. Since home represented a safe and secure place for me, it also represented a place I belong. I was being called to be a peace with something that also was in the dream beyond the stream me and home.


Dream Description: It’s an Alice in Wonderland dream. You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date!

Interpretation: If LOST dreams mean there is a place you are supposed to be, LATE dreams mean there is a time you are supposed to be there.

Details: LOST and LATE dreams tend to go hand-in-hand. When you dream one, you may dream the other. This may be to emphasize the point. Don’t miss this place and time!

LATE dreams may also be given to encourage you just when you are feeling discouraged about something in your life not coming about in the timing you think it should. Not to worry; there is a set appointed time for this in your life.

Personal Experience: I dreamed I was in college taking a couple of courses. I was particularly frustrated since I knew I was late to science class, lost the book, and didn’t know where the class was. It was made clear the next day by the literal fulfillment of another scene in the dream that the science class was biology, specifically the biology of death. And after it was too late, I realized it would have helped had I read the hospice book.

These dreams indicate a need for education in an area of your life involving maturity

You will be learning some foundational issues that you should have already learned

High level learning

A test will provide an opportunity for promotion, but may be longer and more difficult than you’d like

Your spiritual enemy is working to ensure your failure. Don’t get discouraged.

The end of this educational season is in sight


ROMANTIC ENCOUNTERS may concern an attraction to something that may or may not be good for you, but that something may not be a person.

PAST ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS may refer to a coming temptation in an area of past failure

SEX WITH SPOUSE may indicate a need for increased intimacy or communication


The primary meaning of this is biblical, having to do with unfaithfulness, but most likely not to a spouse, because this is a more literal interpretation that God generally uses.
This is unfaithfulness to a COMMITMENT. The first possibility is one’s commitment to the Lord, for this is the most important commitment.
Additionally, adultery may have to do with someone or something a person is partnered with or a business or ministry partner.
This symbolism, for instance, has been used by God to urge a person to keep up their financial giving at church.

Something new is under construction either in an earthly or heavenly sense.

Concerning creativity, cooking up something, new ideas, new plans

1. Covering as in protecting from harm as in keeping warm or keeping an activity going
2. negative such as hiding something
3. Covering the face- what is on the face is what can be seen by others.

Craftiness, scheming

Processing Information

Dreams of dancing may have to do with joy. One person, who dreamed of giving dance lessons, was later called into ministry to teach the joy of the Lord.
The meaning of dancing with a partner depends on who the partner is, what kind of dancing, and how well they are doing at it.
A woman dreamed that she was slow-dancing with her beloved deceased father, which meant that her Heavenly Father was very close and joining her in every move.
Another dancing dream depicted a couple stepping on each other’s toes. Clearly, they needed to focus on their marriage.

Processing Information

Removal of something

Be sure to focus on this

Attending to something that has been neglected

Taking in information

Expect promotion

Good news! The birth of something new is eminent. It could be a new job, project, hobby, website, relationship.

Your spiritual enemy wants to inactivate you

Two things will collide. A conflict will reach a peak. Someone may be hurt or put in their place.
Not necessarily to be avoided; some folks need this kind of adjustment to awaken them.

This indicates behaviors that are out of bounds or breaking the rules. Discontinue them as continuing them will not serve you well.

This symbolizes either a celebration OR someone caught by surprise.

This person is or will be involved in a situation that includes a lot a waiting

You are in a season of battle. Find out how to get the victories.
Basketball tells you that this type of battle involves a lot of back and forth conflict, that is that the ball changes hands rapidly.

This is a contact sport– you are in spiritual battle. Find out how to get the victories.
This also may indicate that you and your enemy each have the ball for longer periods of time.
A good example is a legal battle where there may be various motions filed over a period of months.

A rebuke or correction is coming

Discomfort ahead, but don’t fear, you’ll make it. Notice you haven’t driven off a cliff.

Skating in a dream indicates smooth easy movement as in “skating by”.

ICE SKATING speaks of smooth and easy movement on something that is not ready yet or it’s time may be for later. A person doing this in a dream indicates the person is either ahead of schedule or preparation of something that has a long way to go to achieve the goal.

SKATING ON THIN ICE is different, simply meaning the your activity is dangerous.

ROLLER SKATING OR ROLLER-BLADING are positive elements indicating that progress is being made in a smooth and easy fashion.

Skating in general indicates smooth easy movement.
Skateboarding, then, symbolizes this type of forward movement, but EFFORT is continually required to keep it going. Therefore, skateboarding in dreams may be speaking of the “maintenance” of something, keeping something going.

Clearly, however, the main feature of skateboarding is the TRICKS one can do, so alternatively, this element in dreams can have to with tricks being play on a dreamer or by a dreamer.

Being unable to speak or scream indicates that your spiritual enemy wants to incite terror

If you wake up from sleep but weren’t dreaming, this symbolizes being unprepared or not alert about something

Expect easy and fast forward movement in an area of your life

Your spiritual enemy’s plan is to slow you down. Don’t allow that.

If you are going over the limit, beware of getting ahead without looking for signs.

Your behavior deserves a reward. Expect to see it or take it by force.

Someone trying to strangle a dreamer means someone is trying to silence that dreamer

If the water is clear, the swimmer is not just led by the Spirit, but immersed, dominated or overwhelmed by the Spirit.

If the water is murky, the swimmer is not just led by the Spirit, but immersed, dominated or overwhelmed by the Spirit.

Discomfort ahead, but don’t fear, you’ll make it. There’s no crash on this ride.

Indicates discipline, strength, and stamina of spirit.

In addition to element symbolism, dream interpretation is based on a myriad of factors which should be considered before drawing conclusions. All dictionary entries are for suggestion purposes only, and we cannot guarantee that the information on this post -including comments- applies to your dreams. We believe, however, that we do an exceptional job of vetting dictionary entries through actual dream experience. Comments may be used in posts and for training purposes.


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