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Our Categorical Dictionary organizes dream elements to help you do
research on your dreams and request additions to our dictionary.


To view a category- click on a link in the categorical dictionary to the left. Then, click on entries of choice to view the symbolism.


This dictionary combines some of the most common dream elements with some of the most intriguing and surprising! Entries are more extensive than CATEGORICAL DICTIONARY entries.


This dictionary consisted of the most popular dream elements, and provides the most information on each of them! We are currently building this.


If you find no results within the categories, try looking for an alternative name. Still not seeing it? Submit a Dream Element Request. Link included on dictionary page sidebars.


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We provide free access to a Top-50 Dream Dictionary and extensive Categorical Dream Dictionaries, all faith-based with all entries personally verified.

We at want to provide you with the tools to help you understand the meanings of your own dreams, and it’s our opinion that along with understanding key Biblical dream interpretation principles, symbolism understanding associated with various dream elements can be immensely helpful.

*What makes our dictionary unique is that we primarily include listings of elements that we have personally confirmed the meanings of through feedback from dreams played out in real life.

Please keep in mind that our Dream Symbol Dictionary is just one of the tools. Searching out the meaning of the elements in your dreams is just one of the steps involved in accurate dream interpretation. (If we could just match up the stuff in the dreams with their symbolic meanings, it would all make sense, right?)

Dream Dictionary 150Experience tells us that a little knowledge in this area can be dangerous. Numerous concepts must be factored in before jumping to interpretation conclusions. Correct interpretation and confirmation can prove priceless, while misinterpretation can prove disastrous.

Ask an untrained prophetic dreamer who offered a friend some unsolicited but ”inspired” advice… or a Christian counselor who dreamed that one of her clients was unfaithful and suicidal. Then there was the time I prepared a daughter and husband for the significantly premature birth of a child which came 2 births later!

Bottom line, we’re committed to helping you avoid the tragic mistakes. We all make enough of those without help from misunderstood visions of the night! Understanding our dreams can be challenging because often times, the dreams are complex.

You may be asking the question: but why do we think dream interpretation can be so complicated? It seemed pretty simple in ancient times or in scripture records. Check again; look into the Old Testament; simplicity wasn’t always the case. It’s easy to play arm chair quarterback when the game is already over! But what if you’d dreamed of the sun, moon, and 11 constellations bowing down to you? What’s the moon symbolize? (Remember your mom died while birthing your little brother.)

So here are a few aspects of dream interpretation that should be considered. How do I know if the positive or the negative symbolism apply to a particular element? Does my emotion mean anything? If the dream is prophetic, does that mean it’s definitely going to come true? How important are the details? Where’s the dream coming from? Is it emerging from my inner self? Is the dream a way of processing of the information I’ve recently been exposed to? Is my heart speaking? Is it God speaking? The devil?

Because we truly care about you, we have in mind the classic Hippocratic oath, “First, do no harm”. So we considered making the dictionary feature on our site only available to those you had taken an initial course . . . but thankfully, our faith in you overruled that idea!

Bottom line, before responding in real life to what you believe is a correct message in a dream, get confirmation. And take advantage of the other tools we are making available to you as well!

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