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Crafted to boost readers in dream interpretation, dreams posted were submitted by INSTITUTE students, dreamers receiving national/international prophecies, and those submitting to previous guidelines. VIEW SUBCATEGORY VIEW SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

Eavesdrop on interpretation ministry to 39 dreamers from around the world. Most posts include dreams and interpretations only, providing readers straight-forward Christian dream interpretation models. Makes for fascinating reading! VIEW SUBCATEGORY

Travel back beginning a decade ago to visit dreams from the US and across the globe. Each of the volumes includes several remarkable dreams submitted by dreamers. Enjoy the DREAMER FEEDBACK to our interpretive comments! VIEW SUBCATEGORY



From Phoenix, Arizona “Pounding Hearts”

13701from Phoenix, Arizona “Pounding Hearts” Username: The_First_Muse THE DREAM- I dreamt this for a week and a half in a row every …

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Follow the Yelllow Van

Once again, a post for you to test your dream interpretation skills on. This time, read the DREAM and OUR INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS …

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Out-Foxing a Wolf

This week, we’re posting another dream for you to test your interpretation skills on. This dreamers has already provided feedback. The dream …

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3 Spoons – 1 Pencil

This week, we’re posting two more dreams for you to test your interpretation skills on. These dreamers from Maryland and Alabama have …

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