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There are a few posts which fall outside of the perimeters of the other three “Your Dreams Interpreted” subcategories.

These interpretations continue to be posted, and tend to be highly detailed.

Well worth exploring.



Follow the Yelllow Van

Once again, a post for you to test your dream interpretation skills on. This time, read the DREAM and OUR INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS before clicking on the DREAM ELEMENTS and further clarification to see how the parabolic symbolism works together to form the message from the Holy Spirit. THE DREAM- FOLLOW THE YELLOW VAN In this dream, the dreamer is driving a car accompanied by her boyfriend (name not included here) when she is told by the Lord that she is to follow the yellow van with bumper stickers on it. She follows until the van pulls up to an apartment …

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Out-Foxing a Wolf

This week, we’re posting another dream for you to test your interpretation skills on. This dreamers has already provided feedback. The dream was prophetic and has been fulfilled. Test your interpretation skills by reading the dream and proposing an interpretation before clicking on OUR INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS on the dream. THE DREAM- OUT-FOXING A WOLF This dream was almost like a vision in that it was really short and simple. In the dream, I saw out of a window a wolf kill some kind of prey. While it was hovering over it, the wolf didn’t notice as a fox came along …

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3 Spoons – 1 Pencil

This week, we’re posting two more dreams for you to test your interpretation skills on. These dreamers from Maryland and Alabama have already provided feedback. As with last week’s post, the first dream one appears to have already played out while the second may or may not have. Time will tell. Both dreams with feedback will be posted later on our YOUR DREAMS FEATURED page, with notices going out on Facebook and Twitter. LIKE us on Facebook. FOLLOW us on Twitter. Test your interpretation skills by reading a dream and proposing an interpretation before clicking on our INTERPRETIVE COMMENTS on …

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Bus Rides- An Interpretation Example

In order to help you gain insight into your own dreams, we provide real-life interpretation examples from recent submissions. Here’s one from this month. DREAM I dreamed I was on a bus with my ex-wife and a woman I also know in real life. I went to my ex-wife then stopped and turned around and hugged the other woman. Next dream I’m on another bus with the other woman and three unknown people. My ex-wife is not on the bus. The scene changes and me and this woman are standing in front of a crowd and I am praying for …

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