Dream Pool Winners, Runners-Up, & Quick-Picks

This new and ongoing platform is crafted to boost readers in dream interpretation.
The best of the pool ─ MONTHLY DREAM POOL WINNERS ─ enjoy highly detailed interpretations which are posted the first of the following month.
DREAM POOL RUNNERS-UP ─ nearly as detailed ─ pose questions for readers to comment on, and are posted at random times— days, weeks or even months later.
Brief dreams may be selected as QUICK-PICKS and enjoy brief interpretations on a frequently updated post.
DREAM POOL WINNERS, RUNNER-UPS and QUICK-PICKS will be taken from dreams that: follow the submission guidelines.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES include: that the dreams are not too lengthy— 125 word suggested— that they provide a platform for teaching, and that they include vital information such as info regarding people (their first names, relationship to the dreamer (and possibly their profession or outstanding feature).
If you submit a dream to the pool, continue to keep an eye out for it!

All Rights Reserved © PropheticDreamers.com

All Rights Reserved © PropheticDreamers.com