Dream Pool Winners, Runners-Up, & Quick-Picks

This new and ongoing platform is crafted to boost readers in dream interpretation.
The best of the pool ─ MONTHLY DREAM POOL WINNERS ─ enjoy highly detailed interpretations posted the following month.
DREAM POOL RUNNERS-UP ─ nearly as detailed ─ pose questions for readers to comment on, and are posted at random times— days, weeks or even months later.
Brief dreams may be selected as QUICK-PICKS and enjoy brief interpretations on a more frequently updated post.
DREAM POOL WINNERS, RUNNER-UPS and QUICK-PICKS will be taken from dreams that: follow the submission guidelines.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES include: that the dreams are not too lengthy— 150 word suggested— that they provide a platform for teaching, and that they include vital information such as info regarding people.

If you submit a dream, keep an eye out for its posting!

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