Wish I Were Living the Dream



Don’t Just Stew

Dreams that take place at a turning point in a person’s life— especially recurring dreams— most likely have long-term implications. That is, they may be more about decades than days or weeks. Did you have impressive dreams as a child or teen? ... God sends us letters through dreams. When we make sense of them, we are prepared for whatever season we are in, even the stewing seasons.

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Living a Double Life

02.24.16 by Jordan S. You always hear people tell you to just trust God. They say, you just have to have faith. I have faith and I totally and completely put my life in God’s hands… or that’s what I told myself 8 short months ago. My name is Jordan. I am 29 years old and I have been a believer since I was young. I’ve always loved God and tried to be the woman of faith He wanted me to be. Sure it’s easy to have faith when the road is smooth, but what about when things seem to …

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Get What I’ve Got

You know that tone of voice; the defeated one. You’ve seen that facial expression, a kind of animated question mark. She was saying that we have absolutely no way of having even an indication of what God has to say about it, what plans He has concerning it, or how we could impact it. We simply can’t know what God’s going to do or what’s going to happen even in the vaguest sense. And we have no power over it apart from personal manipulation. We could try a few worldly tactics; but other than that, we just have to throw up our hands, keep praying, and HOPE for the best.

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While You Wait

In the last post, Lyn discussed BITTER/SWEET PROMISES, those sweet promises we receive (through Prophetic Dreams, Prophetic Words, or the Scripture) that don’t look like they’re going to come to pass, but eventually and with significant testing and battle… do. Sometimes the Lord promises us something sweet, and a season which could be termed bitter stands between us and the fulfillment. So how do we handle those seasons… those seasons of waiting? Waiting is something most of us hope to avoid because we’re not naturally equipped to actually get into the “waiting” mode. Why? Well, it defies what we’re all …

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Bitter/Sweet Promises

Sunday, 4/13/2014 God continues to teach me about “Bitter/Sweet Promises”. By that term, I mean “exceptionally clear and repeated revelation coming through prophetic dreams, prophetic words, or both”. Our daughter’s recent series of dreams fit the definition. We knew that, because there were so many; they included parabolic symbolism; they were impressive; and they prophesied something quite positive. This week, our daughter was honored to receive a special award and be placed in the Top Ten Contestants of the Mrs. Colorado Pageant, yet the dreams had prophesied her winning the crown. How do we make sense of that? When a …

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