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I Know!

Friday, 4/11/2014 In the last post, Blindsided, I discussed some possibilities as to why we sometimes find ourselves surprised by the way life goes, having been completely off in expectations due to inaccurate prophetic perceptions. I occasionally hear folks say, “We can’t know the future.” I bite my tongue but beg to differ. I will concede that much of the time, even with prophetic insight, we don’t know HOW something will play out, but we CAN know generally THAT A PARTICULAR EVENT WILL OCCUR. Through dreams, God may give us the general idea, but we don’t know exactly what course …

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If you are into the prophetic, can you think of a time when you believe you’ve heard from God, but your real life didn’t match up? Ever found yourself blindsided? You hoped for and maybe even expected a positive outcome, but when the battle was over, you had been creamed? A big-time loss like the Denver Bronco’s Superbowl loss against the Seattle Seahawks this week (Feb. 2014). Why does this happen? Why are we sometimes OFF in our expectations? Assuming we are right with the Lord, there are several reasons I can think of: 1. Perhaps our personal hopes have …

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A Ferris Wheel Anointing

LET’S TALK ABOUT PROPHETIC TEAM MINISTRY Filled with hope and surrounded by 7 women, I sat awaiting words of insight to encourage, comfort, and challenge me. Receiving and providing prophetic ministry has changed my life, and once again this week, I had the privilege of participating in the flow of the Holy Spirit. The week before I had contacted a beloved Pastor friend to sign off on some verification documents for an advanced counseling course I was completing. When we got together for coffee, she mentioned a Christian Writer’s Conference she was attending in a few days, and suggested I …

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Eleventh Hour Cow

I go crazy with dreams like my daughter goes crazy with quilting. Dreams seem to impact every area of my life, and my family’s life for that matter. When my kids are seeking direction, I always say, “Pay attention to your dreams!” But what if we don’t receive insight on a topic of concern through a dream? Aside from God-given dreams, how can we succeed in hearing God regularly? Especially when we’re at an intersection in life facing a critical choice? You know as well as I do that we’re talking about GOD and that with Him, there are no …

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Right Time Right Place

Let’s talk about divine encounters Sometimes the dream is only part of the story. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time and listening to the Spirit leads to a divine encounter that makes all the difference. This was the case with Sabrina. One evening in early fall, she headed for church as usual hoping to get a close-to-the-front seat in order to get a good view of the guest speaker who was coming all the way from New York. A well-known pastor and singer for decades, he had recently been in the spotlight more than ever. Desperately …

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The Early Edition

Sometimes my dream life reminds me of getting tomorrow’s newspaper today. If you’ve ever watched the television series EARLY EDITION, you know what I mean. Being prophetic is sometimes a trip! In the show, a kind-hearted bar and grill owner begins finding the Chicago paper on his doorstep each morning. He soon discovers that this newspaper that he never subscribed to is the one that will hit the stands the next day- unless someone intervenes. During a typical day, he attempts- on his own and with no compensation- to save lives and reduce impending pain. After doing what he can …

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Who’s That Talking to Me?

I was recently passing the time in a waiting room when the topic of dreams came up. The woman told me her dream and then analyzed it herself explaining how it fit into a current situation in her life. The problem with her interpretation was that the message was clearly prophetic and dealt with a future which she herself couldn’t possibly know. Last I checked, we humans, awesome creatures that we are, are not omniscient. This encounter brings up the topic of where dreams come from, which I believe is a significant issue when it comes to understanding our dreams. …

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Psychic Readings and The Prophetic

My husband and I were in the midst of teaching a series in a church several years ago when a woman I had invited to the class attended and maintained a pleasant smile during the meeting. One of the objectives that night was to stir up the prophetic gifts among those attending. Soon thereafter, I received a copy of an email that the pastor had sent to her in response to her complaint about us. She had accused us due to her lack of exposure to the prophetic, assuming that prophetic ministry and psychic readings are one and the same. …

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Non-Scriptural Dream Elements

When I started taking courses from a biblical dream interpretation school, I was well aware that they looked at it from a Christian perspective, so I expected the symbols they spoke about to be from the scriptures. “How could they claim to interpret the dream elements such as bulldozers” I thought, “that weren’t included in the Bible?” Experience answered the question more than anything else, and here’s my take: How do I know what a component in a dream means if it’s not specifically mentioned in the Bible? From front to back scripture is filled with symbolism. And the imagery …

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Does God Still Speak Today?

An associate of mine has set up booths at flee markets and fairs offering free dream interpretation. He does this without advertising his religious beliefs. Those who are non-religious, new age, or spiritual without aligning to a religious system are delighted to receive his interpretive comments. But interestingly, it’s the Christians who interrogate him as to the beliefs behind what he is doing, and attack him when they discover that he is a follower of Jesus. They do that because they’ve have been taught that God stopped speaking prophetically after the Bible was closed. They ask questions like, “If prophetic …

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