God Speaks

Though some Christians are taught that God stopped speaking after the Bible was closed, He has continued to bring encouragement, comfort and insight through the centuries to those open to hearing his voice.

Sound hermeneutics & historical evidence confirm that God never changed his plan, and continues to speak personally to individuals today.

This category is intended to bring personal testimonies, historical accounts, logic, and exegetical teaching to the topic.




Get What I’ve Got

You know that tone of voice; the defeated one. You’ve seen that facial expression, a kind of animated question mark. She was saying that we have absolutely no way of having even an indication of what God has to say about it, what plans He has concerning it, or how we could impact it. We simply can’t know what God’s going to do or what’s going to happen even in the vaguest sense. And we have no power over it apart from personal manipulation. We could try a few worldly tactics; but other than that, we just have to throw up our hands, keep praying, and HOPE for the best.

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I Know!

Friday, 4/11/2014 In the last post, Blindsided, I discussed some possibilities as to why we sometimes find ourselves surprised by the way …

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If you are into the prophetic, can you think of a time when you believe you’ve heard from God, but your real …

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Sounds Like Pizza to Me

As I meet new people I often mention dreams. Some get animated and immediately begin asking questions about their most recent or …

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Does God Still Speak Today?

An associate of mine has set up booths at flee markets and fairs offering free dream interpretation. He does this without advertising …

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A Ferris Wheel Anointing

LET’S TALK ABOUT PROPHETIC TEAM MINISTRY Filled with hope and surrounded by 7 women, I sat awaiting words of insight to encourage, …

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Eleventh Hour Cow

I go crazy with dreams like my daughter goes crazy with quilting. Dreams seem to impact every area of my life, and …

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Who’s That Talking to Me?

I was recently passing the time in a waiting room when the topic of dreams came up. The woman told me her …

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Psychic Readings and The Prophetic

My husband and I were in the midst of teaching a series in a church several years ago when a woman I …

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