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Imagine a newspaper’s front-page- headlines and paragraphs here and there, but mostly blank space. And, it’s written in a familiar but foreign language. Now imagine the newspaper is tomorrow’s newspaper, but arrives at your doorstep today.

This is what it’s like to be prophetic, that is, to have the prophetic dream gift.

Everyone has spiritual gifts. And everyone has the prophetic dream gift— that is they receive God-given dreams. It’s just a matter of the extent. TAKE THE TEST

Making sense of these is a whole different matter, because like the parables of Jesus, they are riddles!

The most complete way to learn to interpret you dreams with biblical methods is to TAKE OUR COURSE.

Short of doing that, you will find a miriad of resources on this site that will help you make sense of your dreams… starting with this category!



Non-Scriptural Dream Elements

When I started taking courses from a biblical dream interpretation school, I was well aware that they looked at it from a …

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