Dream Element Meanings

Understanding the symbolism of an element in your dream isn’t everything, but it’s important.

The principles of accurate dream interpretation are as important as understanding the symbolism of the elements within the dream. Many of these principles can be learned in the 15 Keys to Interpretation for Prophetic Dreamers course series.

It’s critical to keep in mind though, that most dream elements are symbolic… hence the dictionaries and posts.

The DREAM ELEMENT MEANING posts— in addition to providing essential element symbolism — are full of fascinating testimonials of how the dreams played out in real life.

In addition to the posts, visit the following dictionary pages:






Woody Down the Toilet?

One of the most interesting recent dreams involved a character from a movie. In this post, let’s talk about that: characters from movies. I would describe this particular dream as bizarre… one of the words I typically use to describe one possible feature of dreams from God. Dreams from God are often bizarre because they are so symbolic...

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New Dictionary Entries

Dreamed of any of these? Adultery, Dancing, Possums, Ladybugs, Backwards Hat, Unibrow, Skating and Skateboarding, Piano, Drums, Award Ribbons. Here are the meanings, with more new elements on the way.

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Baby Steps

A Post about Dream Element Symbolism by Rev. Lynmarie Hello and how are you all? Rev. Frank and I have been busy completing our doctorate degrees in Christian ministries. Not quite there, but why not start a blog series on dream elements? We get some interesting dream elements coming to us, and some are particularly fascinating. Today, I will focus on one which recently caught me by surprise. I am confident as well, that this will minister to someone. The Lord speaks in so many ways, and those looking for His voice find it in everything from conversations with friends …

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Snake Trio Doubled

Let’s explore the meaning of snakes in dreams from a Biblical perspective and through the interpretation of two submitted dreams, each including 3 snakes. It’s not too unusual to receive 2 dream submissions about snakes within a week, but this week both dreams included 3 snakes! Sounds like a sign. Although they may be uncomfortable to experience in dreams, snakes are one of the most common dream elements and generally in the top 10 dream themes universally. While I’m on the topic, I’d better review our dictionary entry on snakes… Yep, needed revising… OK, here’s today’s updated version from the …

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Back in High School Dreams

Two nights ago I dreamed I was in school again. A common dream theme. I’m learning that a significant part of life is about learning, but it’s not always easy. Even after reaching the landmark age of 60, I find myself noticing that I still can’t get past needing education. In fact, I learn new things frequently. I’m not talking about technology, but understanding life, God, people and priorities. There are life lessons I should have learned before or “learned” but didn’t apply. At times I’ve needed a reminder of what I already knew. And occasionally, I wasn’t ready for …

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