Dream Element Meanings

Understanding ELEMENT SYMBOLISM in dreams isn’t everything, but is critical!

In fact, MOST dream elements are SYMBOLIC! Hence our dictionaries and posts.

Applying INTERPRETATION PRINCIPLES is just as important, though, and many
of these principles are provided in the 15 Keys series.

The POSTS below demonstrate the value of recognizing applicable symbolism
in dreams through fascinating testimonials of how dreams have played out
in real life.



What Do Pies, Hot-Tubs and Flower Pots Have In Common?

Ever had a dream about ice cream? Or pies? Since they’re desserts, you might think those dreams are “pizza dreams,” that is, that they’re not from God… just junk dreams or soul dreams revealing your fleshly desires! But that may not be the case. Since we’re talking holiday foods, I’m going to share a few brief dream scenes focusing specifically on the meaning of pie and ice cream.

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Woody Down the Toilet?

One of the most interesting recent dreams involved a character from a movie. In this post, let’s talk about that: characters from movies. I would describe this particular dream as bizarre… one of the words I typically use to describe one possible feature of dreams from God. Dreams from God are often bizarre because they are so symbolic...

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New Dictionary Entries

Dreamed of any of these? Adultery, Dancing, Possums, Ladybugs, Backwards Hat, Unibrow, Skating and Skateboarding, Piano, Drums, Award Ribbons. Here are the meanings, with more new elements on the way.

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Baby Steps

Hello and how are you all? Rev. Frank and I have been busy completing our doctorate degrees in Christian ministries. Not quite …

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What Church Is That?

Ever dream of a church that you’re not given the name of? How can you be sure what or who God is …

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You Know That Church

Let’s look at the meaning of dreams where you’re told in the dream what church or what kind of church it is. …

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Snake Trio Doubled

Let’s explore the meaning of snakes in dreams from a Biblical perspective and through the interpretation of two submitted dreams, each including …

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