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New Move of God in Music

We’d like to tell you about a Move of God going on world-wide. Produced by electronic musicians, the music resembles what we hear on car commercials. It’s upbeat, trendy, and fun. Young people come out of the woodwork to attend concerts and praise God by dancing, jumping, shouting, clapping… AND they bring their friends who are reached for Jesus by the ministry of the musicians. Introducing TRANSFORM DJ'S.

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National March for Life Videos

This year, a fresh hope for the pro-life movement rallying from all sides. Beginning with our son's ministry- the featured music— Transform DJ's. Enjoy some exciting clips of various pro-life representatives and political leaders

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2017 Prophetic Word from Guest Contributor

Over the years we’ve had the distinct honor to have gotten to know so many of you dreamers; and it’s so encouraging to hear the depth of spiritual maturity and Godly wisdom you bring to us through the online course forums and through dreamer feedback comments. It’s clear that many of you have much to say on relevant topics beneficial to our community! Today we announce that we’re accepting GUEST CONTRIBUTOR POSTS

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Online Course Announcement

We’re delighted to announce the posting of our Online Course in 4 Modules!

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Tower Prayers – Trumpet Prophecy

Videos reveal TBN Prayer and 2007 Prophesy of Kim Clement: "It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering my name. But God said, when he enteres into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit, for I shall fill him whith my Spirit when he goes into office, and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land."

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US Presidential Election Outcome- God Has Spoken

This US Presidential election has been historical so far, unprecedented to say the least. What’s going on, we ask! Most people that I come across avoid identifying openly with either candidate, and many can’t imagine any positive outcome. I needn’t reiterate here why folks feel that way, but I will say that the next leader of the United States of America is of great consequence internationally in these end times! And God has already voted. The Bottom Line Let me go to the bottom line. From God’s perspective, what’s the greatest thing at stake? Step back and think about it. …

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Prayers Appreciated – 2 Taken, 1 Left

Just got back from a trip to our seminary and on to see cousins in Illinois. This morning I awakened to the startling news that our daughter’s husband’s brother and his wife were killed last night in an automobile accident. Thankfully, their 3-year old daughter survived. We don’t have many details yet, but our son-in-law’s family could use prayers. Our son-in-law is a wonderful man of God and model husband. He has a sweet and deep spirit, was hit unexpectedly and hard by this, and could use the ministry of the Lord at a whole new level right now as …

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Birth-Mom & Catcher’s Mitt Dreams

I am hoping the group I spoke with in a meeting room at the hospital yesterday on Tues June 14th will find this note because I would like to share a couple of details regarding the interpretation of the two dreams you shared with me. BACKGROUND- Seven weeks after breaking my dominant wrist in two places, my cast and I headed to the orthopedic department without an appointment yesterday at 7:30 am because of the continuing and worsening pain. Given the option to see a doctor and get new x-rays at 2 pm, I decided to hang out there. Eventually …

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What Church Is That?

Ever dream of a church that you’re not given the name of? How can you be sure what or who God is talking about? This type of dream is very parabolic. God is asking us to think for ourselves, to ask ourselves, “What do you think I’m describing here?” I’ve had many of these, perhaps a hundred. Here you see a flooded church facing 2 directions. Prayer needed! Before I share one of these dreams, it’s important that you take note that the Lord tends to speak to us about things that need resolution, things that are in danger or …

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